Male Dominant, 75, Teesside, United Kingdom 
First of all, I am married. I know this will immediately put a lot of you off but I think it as well to be honest from the off. I am sane and sensible by which I mean all your limits will be respected and I am as happy training a nervous newcomer as dealing with someone who is an experienced sub and wishes to be tested. If all you are looking for is to be spanked, that is fine by me as well and I will administer a mild hand spanking upto a long, hard thrashing, depending on what you want. I will domspank men or women (or both at the same time if desired) of any age and any size. I cannot accommodate but will travel within 70 or so miles of Teesside.

I have also trained subs online so if you are outside the travel zone or are perhaps thinking that being sub may be for you but are nervous about taking the first steps, please contact me. I am always happy to chat.
Diane T, enough is enough.  I have instructions for you.Sir.

This is for the one who knows it is meant for her and she is the only one who will understand it.I am disappointed that you chose to leave without a word of warning.  I can think of 2 reasons.  First, in the new order of things in which you find yourself, you were ordered to leave.  Second, you knew my last messages to you were 100% accurate and you felt that the only way to avoid that outcome was to leave.Whichever of these it was (or for any other reason) I had hoped you knew me well enough to realise that if you gave me an honest, genuine (and you know why I say genuine) explanation, I would not stand in your way.Even so, whatever the way of life you have now chosen D, I do sincerely hope you find it fulfilling.Sir. 

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