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Ive been in Chicago for a while now, and Ive really enjoyed the city. Im now on a quest to find specific spots and would love to have someone join me. Im currently partnered, so Im looking for one or two secondary partners. Possible scenarios would include casual dating and submission, serving as my stud, being a guinea pig for new skills and experiments, or other arrangements. This, of course, with the right person - trust and chemistry are essential.

Ive been around the BDSM lifestyle, learning and playing, for over a decade. Im passionate about sex education, very open minded and highly curious when it comes to things of a sexual nature. Ideally, Im looking for people who understand the reality of Ds dynamics, but knows how to have a complex and fun relationship. I want someone with intelligence, a sense of humor, and the ability to communicate.

I have a Masters in Public Health Education. Im enjoying working and having time for other things, like wine tastings, geocaching, and going out with friends. I like finding new bars and places in the city to have a beer or a drink (either Gin or Mezcal). When Im home, I spend my time reading Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy, playing video games and board games, or spanking my partner.

Im always up for a chat and meeting like minded people, so feel free to get in touch. However, I wont respond to Hi or messages begging for ownership. If youre willing to be owned by the first Domme you find, then you can make do with the second.

7/28/2022 3:20:33 PM

Adding a journal entry because updating my profile takes forever. I might add or update these as I go. Also, I hate the formatting here. 

I get a lot of messages from potential submissives, so I thought I'd make a little FAQ to help all of us out. Please read before messaging. 

  • Can I be your sub?
    • If that's your first message, no. I'm looking for local or nearish subs for real time interactions. I'm also looking for a specific arrangement. Most importantly, I'm looking for subs I can have a vanilla connection with. If me being human is a turn off for you, then I'm not the Dominant you should be talking to.
  • Do you have a screening process? 
    • I do. I can provide more information if you're interested. If you're not willing to screen, don't message me. 
  • Why haven't you answered my message?
    • There are many reasons I won't answer a message. Your profile has no picture and your bio is empty. Your message is a request of some sort. Your message is just "hello". You've said something I find offensive. 
  • But my message was a compliment! Why won't you answer that?
    • Very likely because you've sent something like "you're beautiful" or "I love your feet". And that's it. It's what I call a bait message, where you throw out a one liner statement and I'm meant to respond either with a compliment or by starting the conversation. If you can't be bothered to write a thoughtful message, I can't be bothered to respond. 
  • I'm not on here much, can we talk elsewhere and get to know each other better?
    • I will not give out any information about my socials or other profiles until I feel like there is a connection and I'm interested in getting to know you better. Until then, yes, you will have to log in here to talk to me. If that's too much to ask for, well.  *shrug*

3/30/2022 7:40:18 PM

Hello everyone! 


I'm glad the journal function is back, although sad that I keep getting the same messages. If your message is a laundry list of the stuff you're into, don't bother. If it's an ode to what a lowly, pathetic worm you are, don't bother. If you think you're an alpha and want to try to "turn me", don't bother. I will not reply to messages unless they are respectful, thoughtful, and show that you're a real person and not a mindless, submissive drone. 

In other news, I'm starting a new venture selling all sorts of personal goodies and experiences. Wish me luck! And if you're interested message me with a joke! Maybe I'll share the link with you. {#emotions_dlg.wink}

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 Age: 29