So, hi!


I'm 55 (chronologically), but in my head I'm still in my 30s.

I'm new to the community, in more ways than one lol. I've dabbled with super light bdsm in my personal life and have explored and researched quite a bit about sexuality and the human experience. I think I'm a switch with a new Dom leaning, just like I'm pan with a more het leaning.

I have a strong desire to learn more and experience more. At my age (shudder) it feels like I'm running out of time to explore and experience life. I'm tired of letting it pass me by as I lose more and more time to my depression andself-isolation.

Other than being pretty overweight, I'm kind of pretty. I'm definitely attractive, if nothing else. (Working on that self-esteem and self-image.) I want to explore. I want to learn. I want to make new friends and potential lovers.

I'm not certain what's supposed to be in this, sooo other than the above, I'm intelligent, well spoken, fairly empathic, funny, sweet, kind, and an ambivert. (Figures I'd ride the fence just like in most things!)

12/23/2023 2:03:56 AM

Computer Log 2023/12/23

Well, first time has gone well. Met several men, no women in sight.  Oh!  Not true. I met a lovely lady that is part of a partnership who runs a bnb and sponsors play events on the coast. That is a dream!  I would give a lesser favored digit to attend one of those weekends. 

I am so very eager to learn both sides of Dom/Sub relationships. I'm a natural Switch with Dom leanings. I think I might make a feisty sub, unless I employed my pretty strong self-discipline. 

I don't know. I'm eager, so eager. But tonight, too many messages to respond to and I've lots to do before we move. 

If people would like my friendship, and possibly more, disclosure is helpful. One new friend is married, and to that disclosure, I applaud. I'm very faithful, honest, open and open-minded. I do not wish to engage in play with persons in "monogamous" relationships, without the knowledge and approval of both parties. I'll be friends with anyone, as long as my boundaries are respected. 

I think you could call me an Earthy type. I'm just the girl next door who just happens to enjoy having fun in new and creative ways. 

I consider myself a neurd. I'm neuro-atypical, intelligent, creative, and "disabled" because of chronic pain conditions. I'll tell you more if you want to know. 

I'm versatile in life, as in sex. If I had the proper clothing, you could take me to a symphony one day and I'd fish with you the next, cleaning and fileting my own catch. 

I'm looking forward to my new life in a new city. I'm working on myself in myriad ways. 


Life is for growing, not stagnation. 

 Age: 27
 Ask i might tell, Arkansas