Vertical Line


Largely silent these days Im afraid, but still a little bit active if I know and recognise you.

I am mainly on here just to maintain contact with friend made over the years.
Impromptu holiday this weekend, brill! :D

Back in the UK - let the year begin! :)

Today, I shall be mostly in Las Vegas.


In fact, I'm here until the 12th :)  Woo!!

I've recently been considering relocating myself to London for a few months, hoping to lead onto a few years.

Could be good for work and social life - what do people think?

Just updated my profile with my current age - I keep forgetting I'm a year older now - gah!

Wooo!!! I'm in Austria this week on a splendid holiday with the lovely lady!

So far, port has happened.  Soon, wine will happen!


I'm somehow still at work!   This simply won't do!

I have fitted a door today and created a new room - which is rather useful,  but now I fear I must make my way home to sleeeeeeeeeeeep

Alton Towers waterpark today with the good lady - ooooh yeah ! :D :D :D

Gosh - after about 2-3 years on here, I never noticed that one of my "interest" pages wasn't filled in! - shocking!

Have resolved this problem now, splendid! :)

Well bollocks....

Apparently, I am now 26 :/

BBB this weekend - utterly brilliant :)

Treated myself to a new hood courtesy of the nice folk at Rubber55.

And due to a fantastic querk of fate, I was able to try it out at Beyond Bizaare that very evening with a newly acquired latex catsuit - along with the good lady who was trying hers out.

All in all, the whole evening was rubbery goodness and my thanks to the organisers :)

Tragically, the evening ended with the death of my good lady's catsuit - on it's first outing!!! However, libidex have been kind to us and shall be replacing it - so many thanks to those kind folk also!

My my my, thanking many people today! But all in all, it was a kick-ass weekend :)

I went to a fantastic pie shop today - called "Pie and Ale" - brilliant! - Pies and real ales!

Anyway - tomorrow morning (Sat), heading to London for the rest of the weekend where I have an extensive to do list including Libidex, Camden town and with any luck, Sundays Femdom munch.

Plus - our hotel is next to an awesome bar!!! Yay!!! \o/
Another day done.

Sat on my arse at home seeking inspiration to tidy the house - bah! Hungry, tired and bored.

On the plus side, myself and the good lady have now got a bit of a budget to spend :)

If anyone is in Birmingham at the BBB in the near future, I would recommend 1st Bondage Blacksmith - they supplied me with some fantastic shackles - wrist and ankle - for what is to be a pretty good deal!

Also, if you want chain - sod b&q - go to Wickes.... 2m, very thick, shiney - £15 (unless you know of a good trade supplier, in which case, i'm all ears)

Have a good one all!