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Sadistic, dominant, ethically poly, married, pansexual, demisexual, sapiosexual, geeky, little, kitten, Asian BBW princess seeks masochistic and or service oriented s type who are intersectional feminists. A switch who does not switch with me is possible. I do not switch in power dynamic even though I sometimes do bottom to a short list of activties. I have a soft spot for masochistic geeks who will go the extra mile to make my smile brighter, service oriented daddies who will do their best to make my life easier, or the likes. My prize is a TPE slave to share my life and love of travel and food with. I do not get off on being a service top and will only play with folks I have a connection with unless you are looking for branding or cuttings done in NYC. I am NOT a fetish delivery service. Pay a pro if you just want to get off and do not bother me. I do NOT fuck people I am not in a romantic relationship with, including pegging, oral, and body worship. Not a good match for new to kink or poly folks. Chemistry always matters more to me! You will not pass go if your profile is near empty or only filled with kinky stuff. I stay within a plus or minus 10 year age range. Be safe, sane, discrete, communicative, socialized, trustworthy, dependable, empathetic, compassionate, adulting capable, creative, imaginative, honest, open, non-smoking, and local to NYC. That means you need to either already be in NYC or are located within 25 miles from either JFK or LGA. If not, you need to state that you either already visit NYC on a regular basis or are willing to do all of the travels till you relocate in the near future in your first message to me. I only hang vaccinated and boostered folks who are on point with their social distancing, testing & quarantining protocols, mask wearing, and hand hygiene game. While I am up for doing some stuff IRL, they often come with some covid adjustments. Call it RACK or PRICK. I am immunocompromised and I am not trading my life or health for a bit of fun. Trump supporters, racists, misogynists, anti-LGBTQAIS + consent folks, Islamophobes, fascists, pro-lifers, right-wing folks, cheaters, xenophobes, ableist, entitlists, etc. just move on. When you have a problem with this line and think you should tell me how you feel, do stop yourself because you are the reason why this line was written. BTW Liberals, I lean heavy on the Progressive end. We're not gonna get along that great either. NO cheaters. I will meet your significant other over dinner before we play. You can meet mine before we play if you want to. My partners will know of each other at the very least. Being cordial with each other is expected. Playing well together will be hotter. No, my husband will never be involved in our play time as him and I are not into cuckolding. Do not ask for my messenger id, Skype, KIK, phone number, email address, or whatever. I do not give out my contact info and you don't need to know what part of the city I live in. If I want you to have another way to reach me, I will give it to you. Asking will result in instant block since you either cannot read or respect my boundaries.

Just some side notes:

  • I am 47 as of spring of 2023. Not interested if you're less than 35 or older 60. Seriously. No.
  • If your message resembles a cat call, is asking me if I'm into xyz, reads like a copy pasta or have almost no content/effort, is asking me for my number/photo/messaging id somewhere else, is disrespectful, etc. No and/or blocked.
  • If you are 15 miles or more from JFK or LGA airports, do consider how you will be doing ALL the commuting before messaging me. 
  • Also, I am NOT a sugar mommy. I will not reimburse you for your travel expenses or put you up unless we are in an established relationship. If and when we are in a long term relationship and travel is required, I'd expect that expense to be shared fairly. Something about fair energy exchange. 
  • Oh, before you message me, you might want to check out my fetlife profile with the same userid. Most of it is a bit dated, I am not terribly active there. However it will give you a better sense of who I am. Let's not waste each other's time shall we? 

Cross posted from my FetLife account, a scene involving two of my play things.. just as a glimpse to how my mind works.. 

So a bit of background... For some reason my partners are mostly Brits these days. *shrug* dunno how that happened. It just did. Their existence have completely ruin the (stupid) algorithm for my google news and twatter feed... I'm now getting soccer, that's right SOCCER, 8-p on my news feed. Last night was Arsenal v. Manchester City. Apparently I was supposed to cheer for one of them.. As if I'm even into sports. But I digress.

My thought of course goes to how to leverage my ruined news feed for my fun. One way would be to let the supporter of the losing team serve the supporter of the winning team in my choice of methods.. (muhahahaha!!!) hm.. but what else... What else can I do to make the loser hurt just a bit more.. other than having the loser to wear the winner's jersey / team colors for a week or have them declare the winning team is better than the losing team for month... wooo or have 'em cheer for the winning team for the rest of the season.. ponders

Then I saw this pic of a woman trussed up into a rocking horse toy on Fet..

Suddenly Arsenal needs to kick Manchester United's ass like yesterday! So I can truss MU supporter up into the same tie since he's always wanted to be an useful horse.. And such a good lil' horsey he'll be for my lil' girl / princess side... Esp w/ a large remote butt plug inside I'll be controlling. Then I'd reward to the Arsenal supporter with a nice ride on the rocking horsey toy that has a lovely dildo on the saddle.. Sure I'll be whipping the horsey to make sure he keeps rocking.. So sad both will be locked so neither can come. And gagged so one will just drool on the MU supporter while the MU supporter continues to drool on himself. To add to the torture.. I'll pop on a Disney Princess Film (oh fuck you Brits for making me say film instead of movie nowadays!) instead of the Star War series that we all love so much..

Alll this will just be the beginning... 

Oh this will be such a fun night in! 8-)

Oh, if you are only interested b/c I'm Asian or because you're looking for a free wank session... dude, you're a racist or a cheap ass or both. So that block button has got your name ALL over it. 

I'm NOT a free fetish delivery service folks.

Had a thought last night, what if dd/lg didn't stand for dominant daddy / little girl but dirty daddy / little girl instead? 

That I can get behind, on top of, under,... ahem. grins

Below is a cut and paste of a partial response to someone who asked me "where am I from?" I told them to google why asking a POC that question is racist. For a change, they did. My response explains not only why one should not ask where I am from, but also why I require my potential anything to be an intersectional feminist. 

I will also point out that it is not my responsibility to educate you, it is your own responsibility to educate yourself.


If we simply look at the stats from last weeks international mother language day, English is the most spoke language in the world. The reason for that is because of the colonization by the British empire. Which leads me to point out how not homogeneous the population of UK is as during that time, the colonists literally kidnapped from every corner of the world then forced (the kidnapees) to reside in the UK. The "barbarians" were regularly brought back and exhibited then dumped to live in the worst conditions if not as slaves. The white majority forced all these minority to erase their rich culture in order to survive. And not just in the UK but at their homeland. Simply research into chicken tikka masala - not a dish that existed in India before the British invasion. One also simply has to trace the development of rice as a cash crop around the world to observe the change abolition had the Chinese diora. There are many examples in the history to demonstrate the diversity of UK's population.


This is why in my profile I clearly state I am looking for partners who are intersectional feminists. People who have at least attempted educated themselves about how different factors in the world that have affected peoples lives, specifically that of disadvantaged individuals. Because while I do not expect my partners and I to share common life experiences, empathy and the willingness to understand where each other comes from is an important thing to have in every relationship. Being supportive and an ally is another.

sigh I miss dishing out some genital needles.. *pouts* Just sayin' #BoreInTheHouse



I will have it all.
My dreams realized;
My sparkle found;
My desires fulfilled;
My life brilliant.


To happiness, love and light.