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bi-submissive, smooth, pantied, & plugged 24/7 cd TV/ submissive slave slutvery obedient mal
Bisexual Male Submissive, 46,  N. Calif, California
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Last Online:


 Submissive Male

 N. Calif 


 6' 0"

 160 lbs






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A Poly Household

bi-submissive, smooth, pantied, & plugged 24/7 cd TV/ submissive slave slut

very obedient male boibitch cd/tv sissyslut shemale maid seeks fully (functional) Trans M2F TG SHEMALE ladyboi Mistress (non-op) - SHEMALE DOMINATRIX CD, TV, TS or STRAPON FEMALE FEMDOM MISTRESS OR MALE MASTER (who is looking for a male to feminize and train as shemale sex slave sissy  maid) to collar me for domestic and sexual slavery.  Dress me as your sissy boibitch maid, control me with shemale chastity, use me for strapon and train me to suck cocks for you.  BDSM and D/s is a sexual turn on for me and should be for you.  It totally turns me on and it should turn you on as well.  I am very hot to do a forced bi-femme roleplay scene.  The idea of my oral and anal submission in this way is a huge turnon.
Locked in chastity and forced to take stiff man cock in both my slut holes at once.  Gangbanged by horny bulls and turned in to a real sissy.bitch cock and cum slut.

I am so drawn to the BDSM lifestyle as a submissive.  For so many years I repressed it, kept it hidden, but always masterbated to thoughts of me dressed femme in tight bondage and being dominated and used as a submissive sexslave and slut.  I was intensly attracted to dominate women and had many relationships with very dominate women.  Only eight years ago did I finally decided to come out of the closet and seek openly BDSM relationships.  My first Mistress turned me into her strapon sissyslut and sexslave. These are the things that go through my mind.

I have been owned, collared, trained and used by several Female Strapon Dommes.  I love to be controlled and used for oral and anal penetration.  Love giving oral sexual pleasure.  Serving another and giving them pleasure.  I have not yet sucked my first real cock, but I do look forward to this experience with great excitement.  Dressed, placed in bondage and blindfold and introduced to my first hard horny cock to suck, or even several cocks if you wish Mistress. 

I have not had a bi-sexual experience yet.  I am immensly attracted to the idea of a smooth, shaved, straining, erect, hard, horny circumsized slut hungry cock I must obediently serve, suck and worship.  I want to know what it feels like to lick it and stroke it with my tongue.  To moisten my lips and wrap them around the head of a real cock and feel it slide into and fill my mouth.  To feel hot cum shooting down my throat.

Suck it slowly, feeling it slide in and out of my mouth before I let my lips slide down the full length of it till I feel hot cum shooting into my throat as I eagerly massage and milk it with my lips and tongue.  Hands holding my head down, hips forcing hard hungry cock deeper and deeper into my submissive throat, not letting me go till I swallow hot cum like a good little sissy cum slut.  Enslaved to give forced bi-blow jobs.  Milking hard horny bull cocks for every drop of hot cum.  Bent over, panties ripped off and hot hard cock shoved up my slutty virgin rosebud asspussy, fucked hard and used as a cock slut.

I would consider serving a Male Master, horny, hung, shaved and cut a plus.  One that seeks a submissive, obedient cock sucking shemale cd sissy cum slut milk maid.  Please be trim, no gut.  Please be advised I have never served a male Master before so this would be a new experience for me.   One I am not adverse to though.  The right male Dom could make me his sexslave, barbie doll back door slave asspussy slave bitch and sissy slut cock sucker cum slut.  Lock me in a shemale chastity belt and make me his fully feminized sex slave bondage bitch, cock slut, and whore. 

Will you keep me dressed as your female slut, locked in chastity and make me your submissive, obedient slave bitch Master?  Train my mouth and ass to be your WANTON slut holes, available at all times for your lustful perversions and pleasure.  Make me your force femmed cum slut sissy bitch and cock sucking cum milking maid.  Make me orally pleasure your male friends while you watch.     

Would also consider serving a Dominant couple.

I am seeking a Mistress / Master who will totally control, regulate or deny my horny carnal urges for self satisfaction with chastity control and channel my lusts to serve her/his pleasures, demands and commands.  Keep me in a deleriously horny state of constant erotic arrousal.  Total Power Exchange.  One that will forcefully take command of my body and soul and turn me into a submissive pussy boibitch, sexslave slut and  cd sissy maid.  Make me your obedient submissive pussy boybitch.

Dressed as a hot sexy Maid to serve your deviously delicious depravaties and perversions. Make me go down on my first cock for you. I want to be dressed as your hot sexy bitch, blindfolded, tightly bound, cuffed, hooded and collared, forced to suck my first real cock for you (my first lipstick fellatio head kiss and blow job).  My wicked fantasy cum true under your strict control and supervision.  Required to swallow load after load of hot cum till I crave it and beg for it. 

Maybe as a group of your friends watch me suck my first real cock.  Blindfolded bound, unable to see them I would only be able to hear their comments and laughter, me blushing as they watched me egarly suck my first real cock as I am being mounted and doggie fucked from behind.  A hard hungry bull cock grinding deep in my bottom.  Yet feeling the thrill and excitement of such humiliation, knowing I want it, desire it, crave it and live for it.  Knowing others are watching me get gang banged and used as a cock sucking cum slut and doggie fuck bitch. 

Take me to fetish events or parties dressed as a hot sexy shemale slut locked in the steepest stiletto high heels and publically display me as your trophy bitch.  Locked in chastity with a large remote control electric butt plug stretching my rosebud to the limit.  Cuffed, collared, gagged and led on a leash by my Mistress or Master.  My collar says "COCK SUCKING CUM SLUT" on it so everyone knows how you use me and what I am willing to do for my Mistress/Master.  

I am ready and willing to be trained in the art of cocksucking and cock worship. I am a fellatio virgin but dream of what it feels like to have a real - hot, hard, horny, slut hungry cock shoved in my mouth.  Forced to lick, suck and swallow hard cock like a good little submissive cum hungry slutagain and again.  Your whip on my flesh will encourage ever more egar suplication and obdience to your will.  Trained as your blow job bitch. 

Tightly bound and helpless to resist becoming your obedient cum sucking slut.  Trained to obediently suck cock on command and swallow hot cum.  My lips wrapped around the head of a hard horny cock bobbing up and down till I feel hot cum filling my mouth and then you command me to swallow it all.  Training me to accept the biggest of cocks deep in my throat without gagging.

Dressed as your pretty maid on a leash, make me your slave bitch pussy boy in garterbelt, cuban heel black seamed nylons, black lace crothless panties or thong, 6 inch stiletto high heels, silk, satin, ruffles, petticoat, corset and lace under your total control.  I am slim with long sexy legs and tight virgin butt to real cock.   

I am fully shaved and smooth 24/7.  Strapon and dildo trained to a thick 2 inches by nine inches long.  Love to dress in tight, sexy, slutty, restrictive clothing, lingerie, severe corsets, long gloves and feminine fetish attire.  Love to wear the steepest, nose bleed stiletto high heels.   Ballet boots are wickedly nice too for severe foot bondage.

Sissyslut maid training, corset training, forced bi feminization, and fellatio training.  Love roleplay and force play, electrical toy play (tens or PES).  Make me your sissyslut slave bitch.  Locked in a neosteel shemale chastity belt to give my crotch that flat feminine vee will ensure that I serve as your sexy, submissive, obedient, oral and anal sex slave bitch and slut.  Locked in steep stiletto high heels for as long as you so desire.

Bend me over bound, gagged, blindfolded and push it into my tight horny rosebud.  I just love to be anally penetrated and like it rough.  Only able to squeal and moan in my gag, I must submissively accept the full length of your lustful thrusts.  A mouth filling inflatable cock gag strapped tightly to my face only allows me only to moan and squeal. When the straps are tight and my ass is right, I will take it all just for you Mistress.  Hmmmmmmm ooooooh I do like to bend over and take it rough.  Make me your bitch and use me as your fuck and suck slut doll and sexslave.
Lock me in chastity for the ultimate in total erection/orgasm control, tease and denial.  Large butt plug strapped in place with a tight black leather thong.  My hands taped over my thumbs in a fist and locked in tight leather fist mittens and cuffed behind my back, totally helpless.  

I will beg to please you Mistress as your hot sexy, obedient, sissyslut slave bitch (pussy and cock sucking bi girlyboi slave bitch).  Your slave slut to orally pleasure you or those you desire I pleasure for you while you or others watch.

Extreme fetish feminization, bring out the sexy female slave slut in me to serve your every delitefully devious and depraved pleasure. Collar, train and enslave me to your will Mistress. M2F sissyslut maid training bound on my knees your pretty pet on collar and leash.  Turn me into your obedient hot sexy submissive sissyslut slave bitch.

I love tight extreme bondage, sensory deprivation, blindfolds, full hoods (leather or rubber yummy), posture collars, pussy collars, arm binders and I just love to be gagged and butt plugged.  Love leather, rubber, latex, PVC, fetish, strapon worship and penetration, NT, enemas, CBT, cock plugs, chastity control, erection control, orgasm tease and denial, forced masterbation, anal probes, TENS UNIT, hot wax, electrical toys, cock plugs and gags, muzzles, face dildo's, etc.  Love ladies that like to wear masks.

If per chance I meet my ultimate Domme, I will give her the ultimate gift of my total submission.  I will allow her to decide if she wishes to have my nose, nipples and msissy cock/clit pierced for slave rings.  Then she will truly own me body and soul. Then require me to get breast implants, ones big enough that I must always wear a support bra to further my ultimate feminization. 

Love to be taken to that fine line between erotic pleasure and pain.  Spanked till my bottom is red and sore, my eyes filled with tears and then used as a slut for your sexual pleasure.  Perhaps bound and helpless at the mercy of your fucking machine. 

I yearn to be kept hard....teased to distraction....completely enmeshed in a web of desire, passion and pain....caught between wanting desperately to cum....and desperately to stay on the knife's edge of cumming?  To be disciplined when I transgress..or simply when the urge hits my Mistress.    To serve her pleasure with my submission and obedience to her will.  That lovely exchange of power, my total submission to her total Domination.  Controlled with a chastity device, Mistress keeps my goodies under lock and key as her property.  Love mouth filling cock gags that leave me only able to moan and wimper. 

Very bi-curious,  seeks training as oral bull milking feminized TV sissy maid, make me your cum sucking sexslave sissyslut.  Perhaps your carnal cuckold for creampie, cleanup, cock sucking and worship.

Plugged front and back when not being used as your pleasure slut.  Please train me to serve your pleasures, desires and needs Mistress.  I have been previously collared and enslaved as a cd sissy slut to several different Dominant Ladies.

Sweet Surrender (serve, service and obey Mistress or Master)  garterbelt pussyboy sexslave and slut

 LIMITS - scat, pee, marks, blood, tats, branding, abuse, kids, animals, piercing (except as noted)

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Journal Entries:
4/16/2018 11:48:31 AM
A good little sissyslut gurl always swallows " good gurl " She learns how to take it deep Licking your balls as you shoot cum down her throat. Loves to be mounted from behind with mouth full.

9/25/2017 5:45:18 AM

8/31/2017 7:40:28 AM
Are you looking for a pleasing sissy cunt sex pet to collar and leash. Train to suck cock on command or bend over and take it like a good little bitch.

10/8/2016 8:40:50 PM
No your wife doesn't know I am dressed as your sissy bitch on my knees sucking your cock. She doesn't like oral sex and you can't resist a blow job from a cock sucking sissyslut that loves to suck cock and swallow your hot cum. She doesn't like bondage or anal sex so you need a kinky sissy cunt to submit to all your deviant desires. She refuses to learn how to deep throat your cock. You need your submissive obedient sissyslut cock whore for that.

8/9/2015 10:05:47 AM
I love it rough doggie style bound, hooded, gagged. Don't forget to plug me when you are done.

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