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Pan Male Submissive, 41,  HoustonSpring, Texas
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Hello to all who View and take time to read my profile.

I have been on here for years when this site strated before the current name.

well i am 44 ut turned that on March of this year 2020.

I am open minded male, i am married (wife knows i am looking, No she is not involved) so those who look and ask please dont waste my or yours time.

We have a open relationship and This is my profile not hers. again please dont ask you know who you are.

I am your normal person that has a Home, Job and car. I am always continuing my Education in IT.

If you have Question just send me an email and ill answer. I dont bite. well I enjoy to be bitten and other things but that can be a get to know me emails. IF your Local in the Houston or Greater Houston area then we can do that in person.

I have a lot of fetishes lots of kinks. I am unowned and looking but at the same time will know when the future owner pops up.

So everyone during this Covid-19 deal ( if you know what hat is then you must be real) I hope all is staying safe and if your like me and have to work the n I hope your health hand safety are well.

Have a Blessed Day.











Last Online:


 Submissive Male



 6' 0"

 210 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Friends Only


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Corsets (Beginner)

 Diapers (Beginner)

 Local BDSM Community

 Massage (Getting)




 Comedy Shows

 Horror Movies

 Science Fiction



 Amusement Parks


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining






 Anal Play (Beginner)



 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops


 Collars (Beginner)

 Electrical Play

 Genital Punishment (Beginner)


 Hair Pulling

 Knife Play

 Massage (Giving)


 Pantyhose Fetish

 Plastic Wrap

 Public Play

 Sensory Deprivation


 Stockings (Beginner)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Vibrators (Beginner)

 Arcade Games

 Board Games

 Card Games


 Online Chatrooms

 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games

 Simulation Games

 TV News

 Web Surfing

 Online Auctions

 Female Supremacy

 Goth Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Alternative Music

 Country Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music


 Pop Music

 Punk Rock Music


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Auto Racing














 Curious About:

 Corner Time

 Enemas (Beginner)

 Fire Play


 Gas Masks


 Housework Service


 Masks (Wearing)

 Needle Play


 Orgasm Denial

 Serving as a Butler

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish


 Theatrical Scenes


 Wax play




 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
9/28/2017 8:30:43 PM
hmm well I have been through a lot of Wanabe females who say one thing and mean another, for those who I have met off this site your still genuine and true to who you are. Hugs to you.
If your Serious about talking to me and the fastest way is probably use KIK. I know this is a long shot so just shoot me a message and ill reply back.   KIK: crapitsme
Yeah I know original but funny too LOL

7/1/2017 8:53:38 AM
I have a room for rent  IF your in the Houston area i want a change of pace, kink friendly home, 500 a month ALL BILLS PAID.  Bedroom Upstairs, Shared full bath.  No Pets WE have 3 dogs and a Cat.  WE have a pool but a work in progress.  IF you know how to fix/repair In-ground Pools we can work out something.
People in the home are 40 and up, Age is not an issue as long as you can take care of your self, aka keep a clean room/bath, just have common since.  WE are fun and friendly dont have many rules.  The ones we have is , Guest are no problem as long as we are home and we meet them,  Only people who get Keys to home who actually live here.  Trust me i have been asked for others who dont live here.  Common since and respectful.

We have had roommates come and go over the years all Long term. From Females, Males Crosdressers of all sexual orientation, we dont discriminate.
IF interested contact me here

6/29/2017 5:33:52 PM
Change , that is all

3/15/2017 1:51:36 AM
Happy Birthday to me. I am now 41

3/8/2017 5:25:38 PM
New Fetish or need or whatever, Photo 13.

12/30/2016 7:45:52 PM
Well i thought i write this just in case i don't get a chance to log in On NYE,

So I want to wish a  Happy New year and 2017 to all.

6/18/2016 9:36:47 AM
Room for rent in My Home

Hello everyone, 
If interested let me know

Upstairs Bedroom $500 All Bills Paid
Available in a home that’s 2 stories at about 4K sqft total

Kink Lifestyle Open minded (hence why we post here LOL)
15ft 2 inches X 10ft 9 inches 163sqft room
12-15 ft. ceiling Vaulted
Internet Access hard wire and Wi-Fi ATT U-verse.
Has a set of Chester Drawers in room for furniture.
If you have a TV and want to watch TV I can get a Box for room (optional)

Shared Bathroom Full upstairs across from Room.
Access to W/D and 2nd Fridge in garage
NO PETS we have 3 Dogs and A Cat already be Pet Friendly

Have Pool Sorry Not ready for use it’s been an ongoing battle.

Contact me on here so Wife and I can schedule a time to meet and talk to you.

All are Welcomed


Thank you

4/24/2016 9:45:57 AM
Star date Year Twenty sixteen of the twenty-third of April,

So i been on here for 12 years hence the screen name.  I know i get a lot of FAKE Wannabee emails on here they all say the same,  But for those who i have met at least 7 people on here i know are real. This site has potential but finding that one person who wants to step from behind the monitor and keyboard and actually meet in person is like finding a Needle in a haystack, i know i been to Local Munches and Parties in The Houston Area but they are a fun time meet my friends and people i can hang out with almost everyday,

So can you PROVE to me and yes i use that word in a Heavy TONE PROVE to me that your not just another pretty face behind a keyboard and monitor and actually want o meet in person.  I do not want you to  send me a link to VERIFY i am real you know you want CC info thats supposed to give me your Number where i can call you, FUCK do i look that stupid to you. Damn i am in IT i can make your info go NUTS or crazy, If you have not done that already.

So anyway enjoy the April Showers if your in Houston I hope you stayed dried If you got flooded i hope you get all that taken care of soon from replacing items to rebuilding.  
Take care Yall

2/9/2016 7:24:46 PM

Arriving in McAllen, TX Hotel unknown once i find out ill let you know, Arriving 2-11-16 and leaving 2-19-16 back to Houston, Would like to Know what else is going on like to meet new people,
I am Bi and a CD, ill be up there for work. look at my profile write me on the CS email to know more. Love making new Friends.

1/21/2016 12:40:37 PM
A new year and hope for new friends that I can meet in person who are not talkers and fake people. You know those who promise and can't dish out. At least I'll try to keep my word. I am your everyday type guy don't be afraid take a chance you never know. Happy new year to all may 2016 be good to you

6/19/2015 8:20:20 PM
So i get an email from a DOME FEMALE  on this site,
asking me to read her profile and send my email.
So i did in my way to see if they could be legit or not.
She replied back says its invalid, well i knew that, so i ask if she was local to me or in the state she says she is in, she comes back says no and insults me, so either way poof

4/8/2015 12:27:20 PM
Posted email with out names on Other Site (FL) got my friends and true people on that side. One of them said this.
You are totally not wrong in this. They approached you in a very rude manner without discussing anything and then got mad when it's not on their terms. Dodged a bullet, I say.
Well interesting email i got, mostly my fault i got it or is it.

simple someone messaged me on here in Houston female and age 25,
Sending a what i think is your typical nice cut and paste email that start off genuine. i reply back saying this and stat of the bat i want to meet in real life and no domme stuff.
well so user wrote back got all mad and said no one said anything about pro domme stuff.

I wrote back and said sorry for my assumption and to see it from my point of view trying to make things right but nope it did not she wrote back and say don't contact me again,

so what are you the Other People on this site thoughts.
I will not give out the name

5/4/2014 5:29:39 AM

May the 4th be with you.

Happy Star wars day to all

8/28/2013 12:33:47 PM

Going to be in Conroe TX today on 8-28-13 at 4pm doing a job please email me if your in the area love to meet real people

3/15/2013 6:38:31 AM

turned 37 today

2/23/2013 6:38:49 AM


On March 1, 2013

80S night party  I am going to pump this shit out and pimp this party, come on lets crank this place up and pack it like never before. with yours truly spinning tunes


Liefstyle at a local place in Houston. IF you are on FetL then shoot me your screen name

2/17/2013 5:43:44 AM

Question. Do you know what you want and what you are looking for.


Answer I know I do.


2/13/2013 7:02:45 AM

update, wanted to thank everyone i have wrote that wrote back. Thank you. may you all have a great day


1/21/2013 6:25:27 PM

this site just sucks most of the time. i am tired of writing being nice saying hello how are you and say something about my self not to even get a reply back say thanks or no thanks. for those who do thank you. i mean i see who is viewing me. off well at least the FL site is more real then this one

1/19/2013 6:04:44 AM

Going to Huntsville TX this afternoon on 1-19-13. anyone like to meet me coffee lunch?

10/16/2012 6:48:21 PM

bored in greenville SC in hotel

10/15/2012 5:56:08 PM

made it to greenville, SC

where i am at till wedensday 10-17-12

10/1/2012 2:18:05 PM

Well folks,
i just got selected to go to Wichita, KS for McDonald's Training working on there registers and Kitchen Display systems.
company flying me there getting me a Hotel and rental car.

then once i am done ill be supporting 2 McDonald's in Houston


this is from 10-10-12 to 12-12-12

8/24/2012 3:54:18 PM

Wife and I are in San Antonio, TX from 824-12 to 8-27-12

7/1/2012 9:27:23 AM

love it someone viewed me today and i went to go say hello and they blocked me. wtf grow up and i met this person in person before

1/30/2012 8:16:22 PM

I could change my Name but Why just easier to change status and explain in journal then changing name and starting over.

1/12/2012 5:53:58 PM

Photo 4 is a current ass pic of 2012 in my panties

1/12/2012 5:51:58 PM

Photo 3 was taken January of 2012. thanks to a Local Mistress. good friend of mine.

12/25/2011 7:37:16 AM

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!


11/24/2011 6:26:24 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!!  {#}

10/31/2011 12:37:29 PM

Happy Halloween!!{#}{#}

10/26/2011 2:13:56 PM

just a little funny note those who use the tab in internet explorer or what ever you use to view the www do you find after wahile you have the same page loaded more then 3 times i know i do LOL

10/25/2011 7:07:42 PM

what a a night day 15 hr work day got some sleep. awake now but going to crash again soon.


hope all had a good tuesday

8/10/2011 10:09:41 AM

Get ready for Renaissance Fairs at "A Corset's Binding" All swords, jewelry, ladies costumes and men's costumes are 50% off. Till the end of the month.


403 w.main st. Tomball, TX 77375


come out and see what we got.



8/10/2011 6:17:25 AM

I have google voice now.

If you want the number let me know.

8/7/2011 1:07:15 PM

Lazy sunday, ok iam bored, Borke and no gas. fuck


well i played some mortal kombat on ps3 and Duke nukem as well

6/21/2011 7:33:36 AM

Good Morning everyone,

You know i had a Great friend of mine tell me something last night.


She said " Switches makes Good Dommes / Doms because they know whats it like to be a Submissive" I agree with that. Also i know i heard this too from al ot of people. To make a Good Domme/Dom they used to be a Submissive at one point.

Now all this makes you go hmmm. Just thoughts to share.

6/11/2011 3:19:41 PM

Meet and Greet tonight address already posted, New picture posted Number 13 is how to find me

6/10/2011 4:35:11 PM

The Group I runn elite suite is having ameet and greet.

date: Saturday, June 11, 2011
time: 06:00 PM to 03:00 AM
where: Pecos Grilling Company
address: 28900 Tomball Pkwy Tomball, TX 77375


be in the BULL room we have room for 25 people. If your comming let me know.Thanks

5/25/2011 4:31:25 PM

Why do All if not Most Dominate Woman have a Problem playing or collaring a submissive male who is married that the wife is also in the lifestyle and knows all about it.

Sometimes it’s sad you never know who you find and pass up till it’s too late.


5/9/2011 1:52:10 PM

well work calls either tonight or tomorrow night in Katy TX for another conversion Yes an well almost an all nighter.

4/25/2011 4:17:00 PM

I will be in Conroe Texas tonight from 9pm till about 3 or 4am for work.

If your in the area message me maybe after work we can chat

4/12/2011 7:34:03 AM


just did a massive clean out of journals from 2010 back to  2006

I been on here too long.

well that's all the cleaning ill do for now

4/12/2011 7:17:57 AM

Well happy Tuesday everyone,

Its been a while since i wrote.

Here is what i been trying to do or have done.

1. help a friend find a place to live and another job as of yesterday.

2. Still here in the lifestyle enjoying it. just have not been as active as i like to due to work.

3. looking for a "GAS SAVER" car i can drive so i don't have to use my truck as much.

4. for about 4 months now been released from the ex Mistress. which was a choice we agreed upon back in January. now well i do wish her luck in her happiness and future adventures.  If anyone who knows her and doubts she is not real i can vouch for her that she is. IF your male and looking for sex then you can forget that. IF your domestic and female then well she be happy to talk to you. Her and her Dom are the greatest people to ever know.

5. I am happy where i am at today. with work and friends and people i care about.


Other then what i listed so far just too many to list.

But always looking for friends.... If your a sub looking for a Couple then feel free to contact me or the Wife who is listed in my profile..we would be happy to talk to you and get to know you in a public place.


Hope everyone is having a Good 2011.


3/14/2011 3:01:04 PM

well ill be 35 on Tuesday march 15th.

2/24/2011 10:05:15 PM

fount this on another site and thought about this. i think this is true.


1. Emotionally compatible
2. Spiritually compatible
3. Physically compatible

4. Sexually compatible

And if all of the first 3 are all there, the forth will come naturally; I believe if any of those are not there a good foundation cannot be built; then the relationship will have its issues and most likely not work.

2/24/2011 7:38:09 PM

help if you can

lost soul wondering n the graveyard at midnight under a full moon.

2/21/2011 8:38:06 PM

Hey Everyone, If you love corsets contact me i help organize a shop where i live that sells great corsets.  Why wait to get yours online when you an get it Today. contact me for the info.



2/20/2011 9:17:34 PM

OK i see you view me but do you say anything  NO YOU DONT!!!!!  Why?


Afraid? well say something.


2/19/2011 7:51:30 PM

Hello all i will be the big 35 on march 15th. we are having a special party on the 12th at the elite suite house come join if you like.

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