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I'm not a switch. I'm not a dominant, nor am I a submissive.
I am ME.
Nothing more, or less.
I do not define myself by labels that have been determined by others.
I am not interested in trying to cram myself into a LABEL.
I am who I am, I have no problem facing the woman in the mirror.


I am not looking!!
If you want to invite me to your friends list, then you should spend some time on the message boards and allow me to get to know you. I will not spend time doing the email thing back and forth.

Stella *smooch*


And SaintIntensity has my back
I am owned by CATS, I love to read (most anything), I love music (even if I AM way behind the times), I am damned good at my job, and I enjoy what I do (so I am way ahead of the game, IMO). I don't have a lot, but I don't NEED a lot...
Yes. I am also on FL , but really I don't spend much time there.
BTW: guys in uniform are generally HAWT.. yes, I am a military brat.
Guys in KILTS (and that can wear them well!!) get extra points!

Merry Christmas.
So - it seems that a couple of women at my workplace (GFs/wives of guests) want to kick my ass.

I have NO idea why.  I've been nice to them (despite the fact that I stopped asking for proof that that have access to room keys after the 5th time they asked for copies - and then ONLY when the BFs/husbands vouched for them ... yanno.. like I am supposed to verify?).

Happily, I have my boss's OK to call the local PD if they show up tonight, AND I have a good relationship with the local PD such that one of the officers is going to meet me there tonight to be sure that the chicks vacate the property (as the subcontracting company has required - since they are not paying for the chicas to BE THERE).

If it wouldn't be bad press for my employer, I'd happily bash the bitches with my car.  But, hey - job security, yanno?

Forgive me if I take a few days to respond to emails,  I suck at this.

Drama.  I don't give a flying fuck unless it affects my ability to visit the forums.




I need some aerosol hairspray.  Srsly.

For the first time that I can recall in AGES, I was happy to be woken up early!  My friend/ former roomie arrived here in SAV unannounced (from CA).  TOnight she is signing on a new house here, and will be moving within a few weeks!  I AM SO HAPPY!!  Love her to death (even when she annoys the shit outta me!  LOL), and am looking forward to having her local to me again!!

fucking humans. I almost wish I was a cat so that I wouldn't have to deal with teh stupidity that seems inherent to homosapiens.

if you WANT A RELATIONSHIP in BDSM, then the steps to having such are no different than in the so-called "vanilla" world.  WHY is this so difficult to grasp?

If I HAVE actually reported you, CBTwhatever, it's because you violated TOS.  That's on YOU, idiot.

NO, you fucking wanktard asshole, I am NOT going to meet you for some random hookup because you have (annoyingly) emailed me a few times.


I don't give a flying fuck what fleabag motel you're staying in (especially if you claim to live locally - CHEATER much??).  Nor do I give a rats ass if some random thing is bringing you to Savannah.




WHAT, in my profile, would lead you to think that this kind of shit is even marginally ok with me?



Oxygen thief!!!

YAY FOR FLU MEDS!!!!!  I a m going to bed no9w.  Hopefully that6 will not involve a bunch of bouncing off of hard objects like counters, desks, and washing machines.  Not to mention the bed (I swear that fucker has it in for moy toes.....)


*NOTICE: tyopgraphicla errors are do to serios wonk,y ness from the NIGZHTIME meds, not anything related to my 9isspoor typ9ing shills*


wow,hey, I had focus t6hrer for a om,ment!!



My neighbor is from South America.  He has a garden in front of his house.  I think he is a closet sadist.


While I was admiring how lush the garden looks, he suggested I try one of the peppers.  He said it was HOT.  but he did the finger thing indicating "a little".



I fell for it.


My mouth is STILL on fire despite a 1/2 quart of half and half, bread, any other ready to eat absorbant food (on the hunt for more!).


I suspect I will be regretting it even more, later tonight.

FFS, people!  It is NOT "bare with me" (unless you are using it as a double entendre - and frankly, given the profiles I've seen it used in, I doubt that it is THAT).  It's BEAR with me, as in BEARING THE LOAD.

If your primary profile pic is of genitals (yours, or someone elses..) I will gleefully report it, since it IS a TOS violation!  Not to mention that if you think your dick, or some chicks twat, is the best you have to put forward, then you are what you present in your photo.  Are you a dick? are you a pussy?  or are you a fully realized HUMAN?

Just looking at my pics and commenting on me being on a roof with a broom is NOT a great conversational gambit (not like I haven't heard it umpteen times already).  Neither is commenting on any of my other pics.  If you haven't actually read my profile (and I KNOW it is long enough so that you'd have to click "view full profile" in order to have read it all), then these attempts at convo based on my pics is doomed to fail.

"hello there"


"hi there"




those types of initial emails WILL be reported as spam, and deleted.




seriously?  that's all you've got?  how about reading my profile, and finding something we may have in common to start a conversation about????  Is that so HARD?



I still won't be looking for anything, but FFS, at least make an effort!!  I do enjoy conversing with folks that have some kind of creativity.

YES!!  YES!!  SHOW YOUR GENITALS, despite the TOS telling you it's not ok as a primary pic!!  I will be happy to report it!! 

Sad.  Gotta leave the beach in the morning to return to cold/hard reality.


Sad also.  a potentially cool new person on the forums I am skeptical about due to a recent douchenozzle who made another account just to try and prove a point (which she disproved by altering certain input).  I hope to god this new person is NOT a sock account...

At the beach!!!   With friends I have been at the beach with for the past 4-5 yrs., at this time of year.  Much needed, and happy making as always!

Just discovered, via FB, that a guy I have known for 20 yrs or more, that has been my concert buddy, that we've shared messy relationship breakups with each other, who has cheered me on, and I've cheered him on during our life travels...



is apparently a homophobe.  he is SUPPORTING chick-fil-a's anti-gay stance.



this makes me very sad. 

YAY!!  5 days off, with no pay lost, to spend at the BEACH with my darling friends!!  *iz a happppppppie gurl!!!*

I wish I could have seen this:


Graceland is one of my favorite albums (that's what came way before CDs, for you youngsters...) of ALL TIME.

Why is it that the "isolated thunderstorms" almost invariably land over my house when I AM TRYING TO SLEEP?????

YAY! the car is officially mine now!!  

touch pad = devils curse combined with ill-wishes and technological evilness.



Good stuff:  my former boss/good friend is back at the hotel!!


bad stuff:  my car is getting worse.  Anyone in the Savannah area got a decently running vehicle for sale REAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLY cheap?  It doesn't have to be pretty, as long as it is mechanically sound!! LOL

I wanna be like Lady P when (if?) I grow up.

RIP, Mookitty.  I will miss you.  I AM missing you, and the way you would come to greet me each morning when I got home from work.


I hope whoever harmed you dies in the ugliest, most lingering manner possible.

Three times in my hell would profile, in BIG LETTERS, I state that I am not looking.  WHY in the HELL would you think that just because you "look good in a kilt" (according to YOU, anyway...) that is negated?

another 20-40 mins until the TORNADO WARNING passes.




This is probably one of the few times since I left the NE that I miss having a basement.

I am going be taking a posting break, and/or a reading break, from kink sites. I'm burning out. It has gotten to the point that much of what I see posted has been rehashed countless times, and frankly, I just don't feel like playing nice anymore (this means that my snarkiest, bitchiest side wants -no, refuses - to be silent).

So, in order to continue liking myself to some degree - it is step away time.

I will check my email here and elsewhere. If you are on my friends list and don't already have it, feel free to email me for an offsite email addy.

hugs and loves to my usuals

YAY!!! got my state tax refund.  not much, but it'll help with gas this week.

5/8 of a tank burned in 84-89 miles.


fuck my car.

YAY!! My boss gave me my check at 11am yesterday (I guess when he walked in at 1045am and saw me sitting there in the back office with bleary eyes, frazzled hair and yawning, he decided to take pity on me)!


and I KNOW I shouldn't have, but since it only happens once a year, I spent $15.00 on Girl Scout Cookies (after making sure that the troop were about inclusion -ref: the transgender girl in CO that a few leaders got all bent outta shape and quit over).  I now have 2 boxes of Thin Mints, and a box of Savannah Smiles.


I *shall* be rationing them!!!


oh, and to the lesbian that journaled about me (after slinging racist and childish insults at me when I had been nothing but polite), I do hope you seek therapy.  Your issues are your own, and until you recognize that rather than projecting them onto others that you randomly contact, you will always be unhappy.  Remember, like attracts like.

outta smokes.  pinching pennies until payday, cause I still gotta put gas and steering fluid in the 5&10 POS.

ANNNNNNNNNND now there's a new policy that no paychecks are to be disbursed until after 2pm on payday.   WAY to fuck up my sleep schedule, dude!!!


This means that not only do I get to double my gas usage on payday, I also get to get home and into what is normally my wind down period, then have to get up/out and do the check pickup, go to the bank, and the other errands that must be run on Friday (so I don't get hit with NSF fees).


Guess I can plan on napping at work on Fridays.

I want to meet Eddie Izzard.  I want to lick his brain.  Having sex with him would not be off the table either...

of necessity, I have been driving my car to and from work.   So far, so good.  I gotta keep it in neutral, with my foot on the throttle to keep it at a high idle when I'm at a stop light, but once I get it above 35mph, it sounds and runs a bit smoother.


Of course, it has also taken me about 3/8 of a tank of gas to travel about 36-40 miles over the past 2 days...

if something goes BANG and shoots flames for a moment under the hood of the car, that's a BAD thing, isn't it?



OK, posted with permission, here is a profile VERY much worth a look!!

oh yes. comcast.  my internet is down at home.  Earliest appointment is Fri.  They'll *TRY* to get someone over sooner.  So if you email me be patient.  I can access my email on my phone, but the damned screen is so small, and I get frustrated trying to type on the damned thing.  So, mostly, I will be waiting until I get to work.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sick of being half deaf from an ear infection.  

Merry Christmas!! 

If I have never said so before, publicly.. I adores me some Bunnykins!!!

aww.. Harshflogger.. I bet you say that to ALL the girls... you charmer you.

I don't CARE if she is "cute and bubbly"... this is the THIRD FUCKING TIME in the 2-2.5 months she has been working here that she has NOT SHOWN UP, (or had to leave only an hour in) for her shift!!   and today was a NO-CALL/NO-SHOW!!!


If your husband really DID take your keys because he doesnt want you working the 3-11pm shift...  why did you agree to work it? and ffs, call a womens shelter!  get that info NOW, little girl, cause that qualifies as ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR  (unless you were NOT actually lying about an abscessed tooth over the LAST -oddly enough- holiday weekend), in which case taking your keys makes sense if you were chomping down on painkillers to excess. 


but if the pain was THAT bad.. why didn't you call in the morning to let someone know you mgiht be unable to work?? INSTEAD OF WAITING UNTIL 10 minutes INTO your shift???


stupid fucking cow.


but I will say thanks for this: I got some overtime today!!


(I still hope your sorry ass gets fired TODAY)

nick change doesnt CHANGE anything.. so I am FLUFFY on the forums?  yeah.. where folks I care about in RT post. and even folks I HAVENT met face to face but have developed a relationship that ISNT co-dependant.. .. btw.. how many of the folks YOU kiss ass to are folks you have spent time with?  I do NOT kiss ass.. just ask anyone that knows me... I *will* tell them they are being a twat and I dont care if it is a face to face connection, or not..


 but yanno what?  I DO CARE ABOUT THEM!! and I will offer supprt on the forums(and via cmail..and via phone calls.. and via FTF meetings, oh, and not to mention VANILLA emails)  Dont like it?  ya think I am being all happy happy joy joy?  well,so the fuck what.


get over yourself, you self-righteous cunt.

oh so friendly. yet.. you spout yer judgemental attitude ion the forums.. (on the forums you espouse your happy happy joy joy.. unless it doesnt meet YOUR standards)


fuck off, cunt.   and I am NOT theonly one to take note of this..


I am not/will.not be theonly one to erase your sorry, hypocritical bullshit ass from friends lists..

and what makes me laugh is that you wil come on to the forums, amnd ask WTF? why dont people like me anymore??


(too bad winter comes next...)

YAY!! I get to go wireless, at home, tomorrow!! 

with permission:



If you are new to my profile and have enjoyed reading it - I thank you! 


If your name begins with 'K' and you are repeatedly viewing this profile because you have nothing else going on in your sad, lonely, pointless little life...then do the world a favour and remove yourself from the gene pool.  


You know it's the right thing to do.

Sometimes... ok, OFTEN, there are folks on the forum side that remind me why I am generally a misanthrope...


of course, it happens just as much on THIS side.



some people just are simply nothing more than oxygen thieves..



(and yes, I am pretty sure there are some that feel the same about me.. )

Blessings to those that were lost, or lost someone 10 years ago, today.

Reposted from the message boards with permission from BritCrucio:


Now - many folk sit in their Y-fronts in front of their computers boring the world with stories of how they can't meet lasses and when they send 'em a message they get nowt back or at best a simple bugger off.

I dipped me toe in and out of the scene for a few years now and i've nowt but good times, so tha thought it best to share some of me experiences with mucky lasses.
One thing that thee can be pretty sure of on this site that the lasses are as filthy as poo. or they are weird blokes - pretending to be lasses playing with their little man tails because they don't have any social skills. Or they are just a bit odd.

Nowt wrong with odd though....again, summat we all have in common. And I suppose it’s subjective.

Now the first rule, when you’re trying to talk to lasses, it’s pretty simple; Don’t be a cock. You wouldn’t go up to a lass in’t pub and say “suck me plumbs ya daft numpty”. You might, but I’m guessing you success rate is smaller than an umpa lumpas todger. This can be summed up with the acronym DBAC “Don’t be a cock”

Second rule is have summat to say. If you send the same shit to 300 lasses you not gonna impress them, I would liken this to standing outside the Ladies...or the ladies Bathroom for our American friends....and saying “hi, do you come here often”.....

Don’t send em a picture of your cock. It’s not big and it’s not clever. You wouldn’t turn up on a first date with a bow round your chopper, a bunch of roses and a daft grin on ya face.

Txt spk mks u luk like a cnt.

So if ya get chatting to a lass, there’s no need to talk about thee genitals, as proud of them as you are, it’s nice to get to know someone before you meet. Then when you do, it’ll be a much better experience for all involved.

Don’t send ‘em a picture from 10 years ago and not expect to be a little surprised by your middle aged spread.

Don’t wear a wig or have a comb-over. It’s just a good rule to have in life.

Safety first, safety second.

Just a few tips to help those in need of a bit of help.



My friends who have been in Irene's path.. please touch base and let me know you're ok...

Gotta find a new car to buy.  cheap.  mechanically sound.   Mine is still running, but it's doing the 'nickle and dime death approaches" dance...


thought I'd found an Explorer, but when I took it to the shop for an inspection, within 5 minutes (even BEFORE they put it on the lift), I was STRONGLY advised to not get it.


oh well.  the search continues...

friggin car.  


May I PLEASE have a paycheck or two when some kind of unexpected expense (usually the friggin car) doesnt come up??

It would be lovely to have enough in my bank acct to get through 2 damn weeks for a change!!

*hides from VAA*



jeez.. most women would be HAPPY to hear "good girl"



*ducks n runs*



why is it that the men I am most intrigued by are almost always overseas?  and the ones that aren't are generally unavailable for some reason.  the ones that do NOT fall into the above categories are invariably WRONG for me.


heh.  long ago I decided I would be an old lady with lots of cats...


self-fulfilling, or prescient??

Are you a DOMINATE?  watch this:

I think it is worth mentioning that GENERALLY I detest humans.  the ones that I DO like know who they are...

had a GREAT weekend in FL, hanging with mah girlz... looking forward to doing it again  NEXT year!


Friday night, on my way to work, my POS car decided it didnt want to run anymore... I'd been having issues (too many to detail, here).

I managed to nurse it into the parking lot of 3GG.

in the morning I called, gave the owner a rundown of WHY it was there, and told him I'd get there as soon as possible (I was waiting for my boss to get in so I could hit her up for a ride).

He sent one of his guys to pick me up and take me to the shop. We discussed the problems, and within an hour I had the estimate ($581.00).. fuel pump/filter...

Had to call Mom (at that moment, I had about $20. in my account), and he told her that the cost might change, depending on if they found something else causing/contributing to the problem...

he then had one of his guys take me home.

roughly 4 hrs later, I got the call telling me the POS was ready, and he sent a guy to pick me up and take me to the shop.

I totally expected to hand Mom (by phone) a bill around $700 or so.... I mean, he'd put that caveat in there!!

total bill: $472.

so... estimate high, cost low, over and above by giving me rides...

oh, and when the call came about it being ready? I asked what time did they close...

they had officially closed an hour or so earlier, but had stayed late to get my POS running for me..


I now have my new auto shop....

someone suggested that rather than taking it (the POS) in for a fuel pump replacement, try the little things first..


GAH!!  I'm an idiot! 


SO... I got new plugs (and the socket), as well as a Chilton manual.

Went outside this morning, and realized I cant even SEE a couple of the plugs, due to all the other crap above them.


Maybe I can find someone who will change them for me for a 12 pack..... 

completely flaked on that meeting...LOL  but so did everyone else, so I am not too distressed...


the POS car has gotten worse, I had to take a taxi to work the other night since said POS would NOT start!!


Of course, when I called the recommended mechanic, and said "lemme take the phone outside so you can hear what I am talking about".. the SOB car started right up... *sigh*

Wed... 5pm... meeting the GM and SD for margaritas!  WOOHOO!! social time!!

almost a month at the job and in the new place.. and still happy, seriously not regretting the move!  and payday is Friday!!  YAY!


I just wish I could be sure of a day off to attend a local event.. being the newbie kinda skews the 'request time off' thing..

I am honestly happier now, in Savannah, than I have been in more years than I can recall.. I have a job I love, a home I am WAY comfy in, great co-workers, decent pay..


Teh Kittehs are happy too, well,mostly.. no screened in porch for them to wander.. BUT!! I have a landlord who is willing to build one for me!!


No man in my life, but I am SO ok with that.. I long ago decided I'd be an old lady with lots of cats (ok, 2 doesnt equal LOTS unless you hate cats)...


If a guy worth my time appears (and frankly, my track record on 'worth my time' sucks even worse than my investment skills), then I'll reconsider..


Life COULD be 'better', if I allowed myself to be sucked in by the "$ = happiness" thing.. or the "not a woman until you're COMPLETED by a man" attitude.. snerk


fuck that.


I LOVE the person I am, and if I have made errors in judgements.. then it is just a lesson, right?


I am not unhappy looking in the mirror. and while I may post stuff that doesnt make sense in the whole, I think taking each bit separately may cause things to coalesce.


ok, sleep time, apologies if NOTHING makes sense./. I'll get back to it tomorrow, after I have slept/worked./slept....


I am honestly happier now, in Savannah, than I have been in more years than I can recall.. I have a job I love, a home I am WAY comfy in, great co-workers, decent pay..


Teh Kittehs are happy too, well,mostly.. no screened in porch for them to wander.. BUT!! I have a landlord who is willing to build one for me!!


No man in my life, but I am SO ok with that.. I long ago decided I'd be an old lady with lots of cats (ok, 2 doesnt equal LOTS unless you hate cats)...


If a guy worth my time appears (and frankly, my track record on 'worth my time' sucks even worse than my investment skills), then I'll reconsider..


Life COULD be 'better', if I allowed myself to be sucked in by the "$ = happiness" thing.. or the "not a woman until you're COMPLETED by a man" attitude.. snerk


fuck that.


I LOVE the person I am, and if I have made errors in judgements.. then it is just a lesson, right?


I am not unhappy looking in the mirror. and while I may post stuff that doesnt make sense in the whole, I think taking each bit separately may cause things to coalesce.


Moved in.. not ORGANIZED.. but still!  LOL Loving the new job.. the different suystem was nowhere near as scary as I had thought it might be, and after only 4 days of training, I seem to have the intricacies of the friggin spreadsheet sorted out..


obviously, I now have internet (YAY!!).


Met a guy from NC who was staying at the hotel this week..  he made a comment about floggers when he was checking in.. *grin* 

Thank God for Mom!  She came down for a few days, and the majority of stuff is either packed or trashed!!  Still more to do, but it's not so overwhelming now...

I seriously DETEST packing for a move.  Especially since I am having to sort through crap left by former roomies.  I wish I could afford to hire someone to do it all for me, but truly, I need to do the sorting myself (who else would know what is important to me?)..and the breakable stuff I dont trust others to handle..

allergies plus poor air quality.. FML!!

I admti that I am baffled as to why I am suddenly being viewed (in some cases, frequently) by VERY YOUNG femdoms from Australia..

$390. for a truck and trailer... ugh...

YAY!!  I gto the place!!  now I just gotta come up with $100 earnest money, and the funds to actually MOVE.....

YAY!!  not only will my car insurance rate go down, I will be eligible for RENTERS INSURANCE!  *happy dances like a maniac*!!!

Looks like I've found a place to live... will know for sure early next week.  I am looking forward to the job:  the staff there is outstanding, and it's a fantastic property.  Now, just gotta figure out the logistics and finances for the actual move.. yay.

Off to Savannah later..


GOTTA find a place to live this week.. *sigh*  I HATE HATE HATE moving.. and I've run out of boxes...

Iron Maiden KICKED ASS!!


of course, I expected no less..LOL



Somehow, the slumlord/boss found out I am leaving.  His reaction was TOTALLY not what I expected:  "good luck, do what ya need to.  BTW, when will you be moved so I can ready the house for the next tenant?"




oh, and I am looking for a cat-friendly place to live in the SAV area..  with cheap rent..

Today I heard (through the grapevine) that Jay doesnt think I am actually leaving.


I admit this broke my heart, and I cried.





going up at the end of this month to house hunt.. YAY!!


but some sadness involved:  I hate to leave Jay (my much adored Gen. Mgr), and I will miss seeing my reg. guests...


but getting away from the slumlord/boss will be a GOOD thing!!


oh.. that reminds me.. I gottaget him to sign the car title over SOONEST....

Hmm.. is Savannah in my near future?  I'm about 98% sure it is!

*happy*  Big Audio Dynamite is touring again!  (the band Mick Jones of the Clash formed after he left them)


*sad*  No tour dates anywhere near me :(


  Much to my surprise, I get next Sat. off so get to go to Faire again!  YAY!!

I should sleeping.. but I am caught up in watching the last temptation of christ, again.

time to clear off my desk again.. *sigh*I've GOT to find a better method of keeping my recpt's and such

Not sure how I feel about the new schedule with the part-timer.  It appears to be taking hours off my schedule, but we'll after it gets itself into shape (and I get the first paycheck after she's been there a few weeks!)


7am.  Was awakened by the sound of leaf blowers,  lawn mowers and weed wackers... RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW!!   I mean, literally, less than 5' away.


Fucking slumlord.  HE scheduled this.  Bastard.  ON a day I am scheduled to work a 12 hr shift.

YAY! Tub cleaned and now is draining properly, toilet is flushing in it's normal manner  (which means it usually takes two tries..but the plumber said thats because it should really be replaced..he estimates it's about 30 yrs old), and kitchen sink doing just fine :)


*happy dance*

WOOHOO!!  It is DONE!  Now I just gotta clean the tub of all the gunk that came up through the drain...  



The elusive septic tank has been located (after the plumbers snake got caught in the pipe). 


The septic company has to come pump out the tank, and hopefully, that will fix everything.

company came out, were unable to find the septic tank..  GAH!!  I suspect it is under the porch, which I think was added after the original build.. 


so.. still no bathroom.

According to the slumlord.. a septic tank service co. will be out either Sat. or Mon. to drain the septic tank.  HOPEFULLY, that will cure the problems.


of course, I am not counting on this happening.


gawd, I want to shower in my own house..

it is officially 28 Jan.  slumlord actually lands here tonight.  I wonder how much longer I will have to wait to get the plumbing fixed?

29th.  Thats when slumlord returns.

resume writing (or even refining) SUCKS!!

A family member sent me to a link to a possible job in MA.  I'll send my resume, but I dont think I have a chance.  The job requirements have 2 things listed that could be deal-breakers for them.

while I do appreciate well thought out emails from locals...  I AM NOT LOOKING. 


AND...  I am moving away from Florida as soon as I can...   so please, save your typing fingers :)

I have a dear friend that used to work professinally re-working resumes, and she has generously offered to take mine on (since I was at a total loss).   Since she is doing it as a favor (and she is very ill.. as in cancer), I am extremely grateful that my resume will give her some distraction.  I'd happily trade my job opportunities for her good health, though..

yay! I get today off.  too bad I've got a cold beginning the process of kicking my ass.. dammit, I'm congested and achy.

a day I had planned to be somewhat productive is going to turn out to be a day of trying to nurse myself back to some semblence of healthy...

A forum post I did earlier today:


I admit I got a cmail this morning, from a guy 10 yrs younger than me, that said something along the lines of " Crave the darker side do you?"

I admit I said no.

I admit that there were several reasons for my short reply:  (a) he's in CA, (b) he's 10 yrs younger than me, (c) I dont consider what I like to be 'darker' - just different than most, and (d) what part of "I AM NOT LOOKING" was unclear?

ok, granted, for that last bit, maybe he WASNT hitting on me, but c'mon, this is a kink site.. a one-liner like his has (IME) ALWAYS been a prelude to the "on yer knees, bitch" kinda stuff.

My heart goes out to a sweet lady who is in the unenviable place of having to take her furbaby to the Rainbow Bridge today.


*hugs C*


please, god, let 2011 be a major improvement over 2010.


Thank you.

happy friggin birthday to me.

Fed up with everything.


ignore me.


I'll get over it eventually.


Kitten has decided that my hair = toy.


if he wasnt so damned cute, he would DIE



Forgot about the bank.. so I still need to get the bank returned to my maiden name, and my passport.. then I should be back to normal... why did I change all these things , anyway?

Day off.. YAY! (right?)


I get to spend the day running errands.  Renewing my driving liense and registration, working on my resume, sorting through stuff I dont want/need to take on my move.


Shit.. sound like a rougher day of work than my paid job! *sigh*

Well, looks like it's time to move back to GA.  Barely making a living wage, the slumlord is putting off repairs to the plumbing issues that have been ongoing for about a month, and I have had it.


I hate the idea of leaving a job I love (despite the crappy pay), but I can NOT continue to live like this..


Plus, Mom is getting on in years, and is living alone..  so she could use my help around the house.

On well lit roadways, WHY do people insist on driving with their highbeams on.. especially when they are either right behind another vehicle, or coming at another vehicle>!!  Do these twats not know how to operate the switch??


BASTARDS!! I am SO tired of being blinded!!!

OOPS!  Forgot to mention the goof I made:  I packed up my nice camera, expecting to take lots of pics.  When I got to NYC, I discovered that the lens cap was missing,...


ok.. not HAPPY but can live with it.  THEN realized that during transit, the camera had accidentally been turned on.. and by the time I got to the destinantion, the battery was dead.. and I HAD NOT PACKED THE BATTERY CHARGER!!  GAH!!!!


So I was stuck with TRYING to take pics with my phone.  *IF* any of those turn out worth a shit..... heh.

What a GREAT weekend in NYC!!  Didnt do much of anything except hang out with some lovely women, eat lots of yummy food, laugh like loons, and RELAX@!!  *JUST* what I needed!!

Starting about 4pm, Eastern time I wil be gone for a few days.  Please don't load up my inbox, as I will most probably not be checking it.


Know that assorted hugs, kisses, etc are a given to my usuals, and I will address stuff when I am home again.... as long as it isnt filling up the in-box (I tend to just delete unread stuff that piles up when I am not on the computer...)

Just curious:


is there anything about the name GreedyTop that is unclear?  IS the name NOT self-explanatory?


I was accused of the name being confusing (ok, by a 20 something male.. who, given his behavior I would guess is not even a neophyte, but strictly a troll).. but it did make me think.. IS there confusion by those within WIIWD as to what my nick means, at least generally?


I wouldnt think that 'top' was unclear.. and greedy? well, hell.... according to I certainly fall under def. 3 of THAT.


of course, this child refused to read the links I had posted for him to get clarification..


]but still..


IS there and confusion by veterans about what this nick mmeans/implies?

4 days in a row of 12 hr shifts.. FINALLY DONE.  I get to sleep late tomorrow.. if my body will let me!

I hope that those that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday all enjoyed it :) I was at work.. (hey, thankful I have a job!!)

I just laugh at all the people posting in their journals about FAKES!! TIMEWASTERS!! etc.. if they would just hang out on the forums, respectfully/politely/with humour...they would probably get MUCH better results.

computer glitched.. lost my stored passwords.. Now I am scrambling to get resets etc.. I HATE that! grrr.

BUt in other news.. the kitten has been spending time on my lap or on the desk, next to me, being totally adorable *haz a happy*

the 'reverse alarms' on vehicles ought to be illegal.

250.00 to fix the damned car.  I need a new car!!!

I set my alarm.. got up at 4:30.. went outside to see the leonid meteor shower.. amd it was too damned cloudy.

*haz a sad*

I love Tim Burton movies..  :)

Thanks to all Veterans .. and all those currently serving.

YAY!! a DAY OFF!! 

for soem reason, my ex has appropriated my former username on .. VERY stalkerish, IMO. But hey.. whatever blows his skirt up.  agonyisecstasy is NOT me, it's him.  Add a 1 to that name and thats me.

So I try to pay one of my bills online, and the damned site has changed it's nav.. now I can't figure out how the hell to PAY THE FRIGGIN BILL!!


*sigh* kilts.. yummmmy

I love that the nights are getting cooler, so I can sleep with my windows open.

OK.. I am totally convinced that the kitten wants death by mama.. he just destroyed soem blinds.

I cannot believe the narcissim of some people..

allergies.  they suck.

WOW!  That was fast.. got teh final papers today!!

I'm doing a West Wing marathon.. GAWD I wish there was a candidate liek Jed Bartlet!!

Damn.. I thought after yesterday that my headaches would diminish... *sigh*  So maybe they ARENT just stress headaches...

I haz a HAPPY!!!!! 

YAY!!  got to watch the ISS for almost 5 minutes tonight!! 

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

3 hrs sleep.  get to work on time.  then work SIXTEEN hours because the night guy wants to go do soemthing.  and then he gets pissy because I was LATE to work the next day?/ WTFH????

3 12 hr work days ahead. woohoo.

is it Tuesday yet?

some guy from AUS viewed my profile.  He had a picture that was ALMOST awesome.. except for his penis being in plain view.  WTF? why ruin a potentially good first impression by wagging the willy?

I love when a dear friend signs up for the site and finds me!  YAY!!  
I am looking forward to 10/26 :)

It really BOTHERS me that so many stores are displaying Halloween items.....RIGHT NEXT TO Christmas items!!  WTF?? 

The damned mini fan I was using to bring in the cooler air from outside has died.   DAMMIT!!

October is designated as Domestic Violence Awareness month:

I need a vacation...  somewhere far away from here.  *sigh*  Dream on, girl....
Since when are Great Danes considered an 'aggressive breed'???  Every Great Dane I have ever met has been an oversized lapdog!!!
I love Mel Brooks!
Roger Hodgson, of Supertramp, will be at Epcot next month.  I wanna see that show.
the kitten has taken over the household.. *sigh*
It amazes me sometimes how one person can take a random remark made by someone else and INSTANTLY assume that the remark has anything to do with THEM.
I had words with the slumlord today, and he's finally relented and authorized me to get some estimates to get the bathroom working again. he had the audacity to get pissy when I told him it was a good thing I had access to the front house.. at which point I asked him what would he have me do? Start using the overgrown bushes in the yard as my toilet? (well, I said it a BIT more crudely than that).
grrrrrrr.. screen door is seriously high on my annoyance list..
Toilet stil not fixed.. hopefully former neighbor will be over to help on Sat.
I love my FRIENDS.. but may still be removing some of them so that I dont have to see posts/comments from estranged ass.. erm, person.
Loving the cooler temps.. I can open the windows to sleep!!

Oh, and the dude didnt show up.. no idea when he WILL.  So I am now at a week without use of my bathroom... SO not loving this.
so.. day one of plumbing repair... total waste.  dude needs to return today to replace the gasket/ring whatever under the toilet.  No guarantee that it will work, but I am hopeful.
Anything calling "itself" "pirate" I must laugh at. ... Chomp Chomp. (spits)... toddle off NOW... while you still can

hot flashes SUCK.. I cannot recall teh last time I did NOT have a nights sleep interrupted by sweating profusely.. mom TOLD me getting old sucked!

ok, the slumlord is draggin his feet on gettign the plumbing issues at my house taken care of.  This having to go next door to shower, use the toilet, etc is getting OLD.
CROSBY, STILLS, & NASH.. tonight!! LIVE!!  I can hardly wait!!
if you dont want to be reminded, why bring it up?
I used to think that 'sleep masks' were affectations.. I have come to realize that they ROCK!!
OK, so the chanter is a LOT harder to do than I thought it would be!  LOL
So, I've decided to start learning to play a chanter (the part of bagpipes that ya blow into and do the fingering on - minds outta the gutter, ya pervs!)
my stepdad sent me a cd of pics from my youth.  it was burned at costco.  I can NOT make it play!  Pissig me off.
CROSBY, STILLS and NASH!!  Sept 29!!  WOOHOO!!  Fucking ticket prices, though.. OUCH!!
YAY!! a day OFF!!
YAY!!  It's installed! 
I currently have a washing machine and dryer sitting on my porch..  while I appreciate that my neighbor is giving them to me for free, I'll be really happy when they're installed!
despite my ignorance of the mechanics of building a vacuum cleaner, I managed to get mine put together tonight.  YAY ME!!
I just found out that one of the most awesome new posters on the forums is the husband of one of my favorite folks elsewhere!!  YAY!!

life is good :)

heh.. so much for regular schedule. 

BUT . looks like I'll be sailing in Mexico in January.. Mazatlan, La Paz.. the itnerary isnt carvedin stone yet.  I am lookng  forward to it.  I am so grateful for friends who know I need a vacation from EVERYTHING.
YAY!! Back to my regular schedule!  Looking forward to Sunday.. Brunch with an old friend :) We're planning a trip for next year.. :)
oddly, I am getting multiple views from random people in the UK.
work work work.. at least I am gainfully employed, so I shouldn't bitch.  I miss my regular naptimes though....
I hate when I am tired, but cant go to sleep when I want to, so that I dont screw up my sleep schedule.
YAY!! almost like a day off!  I dont have to go in until midnight, tonight!!
Got a phone call today.. one of my best friends is coming to Tampa next week for business! YAY!!
back after a couple of days of helping Mom get settled into her new house.  I ache all over, but the house looks great (if you ignore the boxes we DIDNT get unpacked..LOL).  Sad, though.. the Dog has gotten OLD.. his face is almost all white now, and he is blind in one eye, hard of hearing, and CREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAKY in his movements.  He used to be my dog, so it is sad to know that these past few days are probably the last I will ever see him this side of the Rainbow Bridge.

It is Sunday.  YAY! That means that tomorrow morning, I get out of town for a couple of days!!! YAY!!  Damn that 8am flight though.. *ugh*

just had an email from a lovely lady I know who has stage IV non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I am (as always) just awed by her strength and sense of humor.  She has been battling this for a couple of years.  Please, pray for her. 
Harley Davidson may be moving their plant out of Milwaukee!!!
YAY!  my sunburn is mostly gone, the itching is managable, and now I have a lovely tan!!
ok, the sunburn has diminished enough I was actually able to wear a bra to work again (YAY!), but my NOSE! OMG, it looks awful with the peeling..LOL And damn  the itching on my back and shoulders.. ah well, nobody to blame but myself!  :D
Why do others concern themselves about how much time I am logged in here? Especially folks I am totally unaware of? 

three 12 hr days at work ahead... repeating to myself "at least I am employed, at least I am employed"

almost $100. to replace my car battery.  OUCH.  And the systems test indicated that the starter is on it's way out too.  Joy. 
GAH!!   If it isn't one damned thing with my car, it's another.  I was late for work today, because I had to wait for roadside assistance to give me a jump start (my neighbor wan't home).  Then, before I left work, I had to get a jump AGAIN.  Off to buy a new battery in the morning.  Yay.
long day at work.  One of the regulars came in, and I found out her brother had passed away.  *sad*
bra straps on a sunburn seriously SUCK.
A day at the beach with friends.. I am a crispy critter. But it was worth it :)

Next on the agenda:

figure out a way to make the kitten QUIT attacking me while I am attempting to sleep.  I tired putting him in another room (listen to him YELL!! VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY LOUDLY), kennel him (see above), ..ummmm..ok, at a loss here..

dammit, I want to..nay, NEED to sleep!!

grrrrrrrrr............  a swarm of bees has decided to hive on the potted palm tree outside the front door at work..
Today, I said some cruel and hurtful things to someone I don't particularly like.  I was way out of line, and I regret it.
YAY for the US Judicial system!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant wait for July!!!   Ok, I could do without the ungodly humidity that is bound to be present, but I get to hang with mah girls again! Well, most of them..
one of the most excellent songs EVER:
gah.. theres a guest at work who has been hitting on me.. which, while flattering, is also kinda creepy since he is old enough to be my Dad.

Then, today, I kept getting calls for a guest that wasnt answering his phone. Military guy... seems he hadnt made it in to work today.  So I had to go check his room.  Later, I find out that during PT he'd had a heart attack, and was in the hospital *sad*.  His CO asked me to put a DND sign on the door until the Sgt was able to come back and get his stuff.
yay1 the bank corrected the acct without me having to do anything!

is it next week, yet? I have SO much to do on that elusive day off!

I deposited my paycheck the other night.. and it wasnt until I got home that I realized that I had miskeyed the deposit amt. at the ATM.  Shit.  So now I gotta deal with that on Thurs. morning.

oh, lord.. do I LOVE flight suits!

Thank you, my darling friend, for telling me what I needed to hear.....

Today, I get alleged email from a guy I had exchanged emails with a while back (**************). When I tried to respond, I got the "blocked" msg.  Ok, but when I backtraced (I thought - since I had been trying to msg from my cellphone, it had screwed up).. When I got home and checked recvd mail.. NOTHING from him. NO hint that there'd been any contact.. SO.. I went to sent mail...

I notice that there are at least 5 guys I've never been in contact with (to my knowledge).. ALL in the UK.. who have suddenly blocked me from contact (I had sent them emails commenting that I never got any email they may have sent).


Let it go. 

to the person that emailed me earlier and blocked me.. I was trying to answer (from my cellphne. which wouldnt let me respond.. I wasnt ignoring you..)
Yay!  It's been said that I now get a day off... EVERY OTHER WEEK!!
In less than 2 days, the kitten has managed to kill the squeaker in the new toy.  I dont know whether to be relieved, or concerned (I can find whatever the squeaker is.. )
I need a vacation.  I also learn to set the alarm on my new phone properly....
O!M!G!   Yes, I am totally regreting that kitty toy.,... 

IN CONFIDENCE should mean just that.  I know who you are.  

yayfor more fodder!!

boykitty is home, and driving me batshit crazy with his new toy (it hangs from the top of the door, and makes mousie sounding squeaky sounds each time it is moved..GAH!!  WTF was I thinking?????).

Reading profiles, I have to wonder.. what is the point of 'protection'?  Under the protection of? protecting?

heh.. If it works for you, fab.. I just don't get it.
Today, the kitten goes in to be neutered.  Of course, the girl kitty (who was long since spayed) is suffering the lack of supper while the kitten is not allowed to eat...
hypocrasy (sp?) sucks serious ass..
gawd. I made a mistake and I hate that so many of my friends were made unwitting parties to it.

Susan,  Lsa, and all......... *hugs*
YAY!!  A day off in the near future!!
waiting for the paperwork to get here so I can fill it out and send it on.

I am sad that this has caused some people to follow their cock rather than stay on the fence where they insisted they would remain.  You know who you are.
yes, I am filing for divorce.  No, I do not wish to answer questions about WHY.  Suffice it to say that things didn't work out.

I *reallllllllllllllly* want a day off.  I truly can not recall the last day off I had. 
I'd love to have a day at the beach, or maybe go to the zoo.  Or maybe even just spend the day sleeping on and off, reading, and keeping the kitten from aggravating Amos.,....

so-called straight dom, being mentored by a gay male switch, who is under protection by a female submissive (at least a continent away), and who is also protecting a female sub, fairly locally?


Note that the last one is the only one that is remotely local....

Please... Prayers for my friend Veva.. she was just diagnosed with cancer.. liver, uterine and stomach.

Prayers for all of those who are suffering from cancer.

insane hours at work.  at least my bills are caught up.  Bon soir, mon amies (forgive me if I spelled that wrong..LOL)
I hate stoopid drivers.
I am done. Jekkyl/Hyde is a hard limit.
I have been essentially ORDERED by my immediate boss to get new trousers(pants, for the Americans) for work.  The best part is that I was told to give him the receipt!  YAY!!
Time zone differences SUCK.
Jeez.. I stopped at the gas station by my house on the way home tonight, and half their parking slots had been torn up.  I asked the manager why, and he said he had been told (by the concrete company) that the corp. office required it to be done because .. (wait for it)...  there were pebbles in the concrete...

DUH!  WTF is concrete MADE Of, you twits?
GAH!!  If there is a change in policy, TELL ME!! How the hell am I supposed to KNOW if ya don't tell me?  And FFS, dont YELL at me if I violate a new policy I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!!
ummm...  read the last line on my profile before you email me...

If I *wanted* to contact you away from here.. I would.. (you know who you are...)

"If you love something, set it free."
there are always 3 sides to each story.. this, that, and the truth.
I hate it when the kitten is too quiet.  I dread to think what he is doing, and what I will find later.
To my friends:  I'm sorry. 
2 perspectives.  
I hate when a tune gets stuck in my head.. friggin earworms!... and I KNOW what it is but for the life of me I can NOT recall the artist or title!!
GAH!! I despise paperwork.  BUT, it must be done.
Tampa Police Department ROCKS!!
why do things the hard way when you can do them the easy way?

A question I have asked myself for YEARS...
yay for kittehs!!
I despise headaches.
I'm so glad we had this time together...

I do so love Carol Burnette....
It amazes me how much poop and pee two cats can produce in one day.. I really need to invest in Tidy Cat.

What are YOU thankful for today?
Many things, for me.
Penni is getting through her chemo.
My car didnt break down
I have a place to live and a job (as sucky as it is in some ways).
My immediate boss RAWKS!!
"Dad" is celebrating his 85th b'day (I just wish I could be there!!).
Mom got her house sold at a decent price, and because of the arrangements, doesnt need to vacate any time soon, so she has the leisure to find a place she WANTS.
I accepted the fact that I am NOT infallible.
I have some awesome people touching my life (even if they are just passing through).

As of 22 March, there is a new kitten in town.  A little orange and white boy (approx. 16 wks old) to keep Amos company.. she is NOT fully pleased..but he does to her the same things SHE did when she first arrived,  to Gracious (turn about it fair play!!).  They are finally coming to ... adjust.. to each other. 
Finally got Gracious' ashes back. 
The job market in Tampa SUCKS.  I signed up for 2 different job search sites this week, and ALL I am getting is emails from insurance companies... *snort*  ME? Sell INSURANCE>?>?  what a fucking joke.  I couldnt sell water to a man who had been lost in the desert!
EXCELLENT bumper sticker spotted today:

"Republicans for Voldemoort"
R.I.P. Gracious.  2/27/2001 - 2/19/2010
Today, I have to bid my Gracious girl kitty goodbye.

This is truly the hardest, most painful decision I have ever had to make.

She's 11 yrs old.

But she has lost so much weight that she is skin and bones, having trouble breathing, dehydrated, and has taken to hiding under the bed.

It's time.

At 1:30pm, we're off to the Vet's office.

GOD!!!!!!!!!  I HATE THIS!!!!!

I cant be selfish, as much as I want to be. 

YAY!! He's HERE!!!!!!!!!!
Less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to the 30th!!   A girls day out in Orlando... YAY!!!
I despise my co-worker.
GOOD GOD!!!!!   WHo turned the heat off in FL????   fuckin' hell, I do not own enough clothing for this weather!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I head back to FL.  The plus side:  I will be with the furbabies again!!  GOD, I've missed them!
The minus sides: I'll miss my friend here in CA. We were roomates for over 2 years, and aside from the addition of a VERY ENERGETIC 5 yr old, it was almost like old times (except the house is light years better than where we lived). The other minus is that being back in FL means I have to return to my job.  How can I hate the idea of going back to a job that I actually LIKE?
WOOHOO!!  I now have a shiny new lense for my Canon20D!!  *happy dances*  Too bad the camera body is 3+thousand miles away at the moment..LOL
I hope everyone had a great Holiday (whatever it is you may celebrate at this time of year!)
Tomorrow, I head to California for a week, to spend Christmas with a dear friend.. I am totally looking forward to it (except that Gracious will be boarded at the vet during that time... with her health issues, I didnt want to ask any of my friends to be put into the position of having to 'make the call').  Amos will stay home, with a friend coming in every day or two to make sure she has food/water.
I like the way this cat thinks!
Just a few more days until I go to Cali!!  YAY! (Shit, guess this means I need to think about what to pack...)
Almost $300 to fix the car.. rotor/distributer etc ($75.00 LABOR!! GAH!)

Gracious is going to be boarded at the Vet while I'm gone to CA over Christmas.  With her health as it is, I don't want to put it on my I KNOW the vet will be honest about things, if the need for a decision comes up.
If it's not one thing.....

On my way to work today, I stopped off at Walgreen's.  As I was leaving, I got in line to exit the parking lot, my car stalled out.  Then it wouldnt restart.  It SOUNDED like it wanted to, but the engine wouldn't quite catch.  SO, it's STILL sitting in their parking lot, and I have to figure out where to have it towed to.  AND where the hell I'm coming up with the $ for repairs.  I just hope to god that the repair is relatively cheap.
I love my job.  I hate my schedule (which is evidently carved in stone right now).  It's making it impossible to find a second job.
I wonder why, after 3.5 yrs., the fact that I'm in the flight path for the airport is suddenly annoying me?

Just saw them tonight (last night?) in Orlando...  AMAZING SHOW!!

Life and the internet vagaries HAPPEN.
Yes, I DO know that Tampa is not in the UK.  Having my location set up like that DOES NOT make me a "fake" (you know who you are, fuckhead) and will be perfectly clear upon reading my full profile.
Palliative care.  I don't want to lose my furbaby, dammit......
Well.  Tomorrow, I take her in for the ultrasound.  All prayers and wishes that whatever it is that is causing Gracious to lose weight so drastically is something easily treated are welcomed.
who knew that ultrasounds on a CAT were so expensive?
November is fast approaching... YAY!! November 3rd I'll be going to Orlando to see Blackmore's Night!!!!!!  Check them out on YouTube...  Ritchie Blackmore KICKS ASS!!
OK, if your first few emails to me (after not having read my profile) consist of asking me what I am seeking, and letting me know your marriage/parenthood status..

trying to say you just want to be friends after quoting my profile back to me isn't really believable...

I had the BEST time!!  Did lots of touristy stuff, saw the ISS four nights in a row!  Spent some quality time with the loved ones.. it was awesome :) 
YAY!!  Tomorrow I fly out to WA to spend a week with my mom and stepdad!  We were going to go camping, but maybe not.. but thats ok..  just being able to spend time with them ROCKS!
Please....  CM tells you when someone has viewed your profile.  So don't send me email telling me you've read my profile, and then prove you HAVEN'T by saying stupid shit that proves you haven't. 

And SRSLY?? calling me a "hot momma"... do you REALLY think that's somehow appealing?    I mean, maybe in a 1970s era porn film, but COME ON.... really, now!

WTF is up with the cock pics, guys??   SERIOUSLY???

Rare is the cock that is pretty enough to be memorialized in pics... 
MOST women think cock pics are boring at best.. usually they are fodder for comedy... (think guys talk in the locker rooms? you should hear women...)

YAY!!!  In just a day I'll get to see the "Subbie Mafia" folks again, and some new folks as well!!  I'm going to dom my car into taking me down there (my schedule is whacked, and I don't want to trouble anyone to get up up at 0'dark 30 to make sure I get to work on time on Sunday).  I wish my husband could join us....
GAWD!!  I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing about michael jackson!!  
So I've noticed that when I sign into this side of CM, that there is a goodly number of doms in the UK that seem to think that their bums are ultra-attractive, and that this would be the first thing a prospective submissive/slave would want to see of the dom.
Granted, a few of them are clothed (in spandex or such), but many of these guys are naked.

Seriously?  C'mon, guys, I get that a face pic may not be feasible, but really...
HOLY SHIT!!  approx. $4500.00 (and thats just a ballpark figure) to ship my stuff overseas!! 
I despise people who play on sympathy...

and then LIE about what someone says....when no such statements were ever made
So... a FANTASTIC weekend in the DC area!  Daddysredhead's b'day bash at the Crucible (great space!)..  met some more of the CM contingent...YAY!  Spent Sunday doing the tourist thing (if you get the chance to see the War memorials... do it.  Powerful stuff).  My legs STILL hurt from the DCnovice Death March (*tm).
Love you, ya pervs!!
I'm so excited! IN just a few days, Wandersalone will be coming to visit!!  Of course, this means that I gotta get off my ass and do some house cleaning.. I wonder if I could pay one of the housekeepers from work to come help me?
it's a beautiful day... the Cats are out on the porch, absorbing sunlight.  I'm tired enough that I think I might actually get a decent nap this afternoon...

and Gracious just brought me one of her toys (a fuzzy bug thing), yowling in pride about her 'kill'...... I love my girls :)
I hate witnessing NASTY car accidents.
Headaches suck.
Why is it that just when I'm getting caught up on bills and such that SOMETHING always happens to put me behind again???
WOW!!  AMAZING how much my car insurance dropped when I told them I'd gotten married!!!!!!
I miss my husband.  Friggin' immigration!! 

So many errands to run and places to go... culminating in my Pirate getting on a plane back to the UK.  With no idea how long it will be until we can be together again.
Today, we went to the tattoo shop, and Pirate got a wedding band (well, not quite a BAND...but an awesome design) tattooed on :)

I love my husband :) 

I love SAYING 'my husband'!!  lol

We are now officially married!  a few minor glitches here and there, but it's done :)  

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and participated, even if it was being there only in spirit!
Just a few more days!  I *think* everything is sorted...  
The dress will be finished tonight, I've been told.. I just need to get over there to try it on again :)  
Less than two weeks until the wedding!
It's 3:45am here.  He arrives at 2:50pm on Thursday.  Now, I know I suck at math, but to me that adds up to LESS THAN 36 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The waiting is driving me NUTS!!!
Less than a week to go... My Pirate will be here on the 22nd...  I am so excited!  Today I finally made it to Gwyn and Soft's place (thanks Tulip and M!!) for the initial dress fitting. Gwyn said she can make it work (I wasnt sure, since it was my Mom's dress and I am a lot wider across the back and shoulders than she is). The neckline and back will be different, but overall the dress will be the same.  Mom is giving me and the Pirate the wedding band set that she had for her marriage to my Dad. All that remains to be sorted for the wedding is finalization of the vows, and the music for after the bagpiper.  Oh, and flowers.


11 days!!
32 days until we get married.... holy crow! what have I forgotten to take care of????


People keep asking me if I'm nervous about the wedding...

Why should I be? I've never been so certain about anything :)
It's my birthday!! YAY ME!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  And all bright blessings for the new year!
oops.. I just realized I screwed up the date on the previous post!  it's meant to be February SEVENTH!!  Thats when my Pirate and I are getting married :)
February 6th, 2009.

I cant wait until January! 
Aforementioned friend is currently staying at my place while on vacation.

I think THE CATS have taken him prisoner.  I cant be sure, as I am at work, but he hasnt posted since early this morning.

I'm almost afraid to go home......
Thanks to a friend, I now have a computer.  Now, to get an electrician out to check that things are right here.  The electric company had to change out my meter,,*sigh*

Wales.  Moving to Wales.
Damn it all.. a few days ago there was a lightning strike very close to my house. My computer is now a doorstop (so is my telly). Thank god I can check email (and play here! LOL) from work....
I just spent a FANTASTIC weekend, hanging out with a bunch of CMers, down in Ft. Myers.. I love you all, and you know who you are!  Too bad distance means we cant do it frequently, but we should start planning our next gathering!!
In talking with a few people, I guess I should clarify:  since my plan is to (eventually..depending on job stuff for the timing) move to the UK, I am interested in talking with people from the UK.. friends now, since I don't know WHEN I'll be able to move.. but I am open to more when the move comes about.
I am not going to get seriously involved with someone stateside, because I think it's unfair to everyone involved, due to my plan to relocate.  In the meantime, I *MIGHT* be open to play.. but for gods sake, dont COUNT on it...
and if there is to be play.. FFS , BE LOCAL.. my time is limited..
Today I spent over 10 hours helping a friend move. I adore her, absolutely love her.. but tomorrow, when the aches set in, I imagine I'll be cursing her name soundly!  (all in complete affection, though!) And you want comedy?? You shoulda seen us trying to get a king sized mattress up narrow staircase, and around a corner into the apt.  3 women, and one elderly (semi-drunk) landlord..LMAO!!
Eventually, I'll describe the scene, probably on the forums.. or Gwyn will.. lol
YAY!!  in just over a week, a friend is visiting me from the UK!!  Of course, this means I gotta clean/organize my house... hmm..maybe I should ask my neighbor to keep my computer for a few days, just so I don't get distracted..LOL

*grease up your asshole, whore*

and blocks me.. what a friggin wanker... and I hope if this dipwad reads this he gets that I think he's a TOTAL waste of sperm, and anyone I know in FL that asks me for refs (and quite a few DO) that his nick is in the shitlist :)
"I am very real and very wanting to converse with you. I am a Master who lives in **** with a live in slave...I am seeking another who is an equal...I love what you offer and what you appear to be.....see if you can be what you wish to be to Me".......Um, what makes him think I'm not ALREADY what I wish to be?
Another day in paradise.  Woohoo.  On the bright side, I've been talking with some really interesting people the past few days. Not that I am looking to become involved (especially long distance, since god only knows WHEN I'll be able to relocate..), but it is nice to 'get to know' some people over there that I hope to meet eventually..:)
Just to be clear - I still have every intention of moving to the UK. Due to immigration restrictions, I anticipate it will take a year or more, unless I get REALLY lucky.
"eat my penis pls"?? WTF kind of intro email is THAT??? *snicker* (and there's no way I could have taken THAT wrong..LOL)
Oops.. my error. The last referenced email was actually a response to my "I'm bored" comment.  My apologies to the guy that sent it.
Yet another email from some guy who, it seems, was offended by my profile.  This one told me to "GEt a life!!!".  Once again, I asked if he felt better now.  *grins*  I guess I am dense or something, because I've never understood the need that some people have to send emails like that.  If a profile bothers me for whatever reason, rather than making snide / insulting / snarky comments to the person,  I simply don't look at it again! *gasp* what a concept!

In the past 18 hours I've had 3 offers from guys that want me to relocate to various parts of the US to be their slave.

ok, the guy referenced in the last post 'deleted unread' my query about if he felt better.. friggin puss/....

In other news... Riff has decided that he and I are better off as friends.

So all I can do now is wonder about what it is that makes me not 'good enough'.. since this has happened not so infrequently.

fuck it.

I'll be an old lady with lots of cats.  At least CATS always let ya know where ya stand from the gate....

some male sub, quoting my profile:
NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! (he increased the font size and bolded it, as if I don't know what my profile says...), then added "You got that right!"

*snicker*  I asked him if he felt better now.
I'll be in Atlanta all weekend. Get back MOnday afternoon. Since I'll be at Mom's ya'll won't be seeing me until  Well, HippieKinkster will be seeing me..LOL  WOOHOO!!!  Sauerkraut!! *grins*
physical rollercoasters are fun..emotional ones aren't.
I am an idiot.  Why, in gods name, shoud I think anything is going to be DIIFERENT this time around, regardless of my being painfully honest or not?
This must be my week for idiocy.  First, I almost threw away a good thing with Riff because I jumped to conclusions. Then I was all excited about a job fair that might lead to a job that will allow me to transfer to the UK. I THOUGHT it was today.  Good thing I re-read the ad.. it's not until NEXT week! sheesh. 
yeah, I did.  things are back on track, mostly.  We still need to talk more, but I recognize that I overreacted to perceived things, and missed some actual things.. meh, I'm human, and he knows that..thank god.
I hate when I over-react, which I think I have done.
communication via text sometimes sucks.
changes. sometimes they are good. sometimes they are not. sometimes, it's hard to tell which it is.  sometimes, they just hurt like hell.
I miss Riff
LOL Just got an email from male sub (who, as so often happens) hadn't read my profile.

One line: Why are you on this planet?

My response: because commercial space flight isn't feasible yet, and even if it were, we havent developed suitable habitats on any other planets.

Trying to find work in the UK is proving difficult.  The listings I find all require one to either be a resident or have a work permit. In order to GET a work permit, I have to have a legitimate job offer.
SO... who knows someone in the UK that could offer me a job and get me A permit??
I miss my iPod Shuffle :(

oops..just realized I didn't explain that before: While sitting at the gate in Atlanta (before we had to disembark for the search), I had been listening to the iPod.. then I started talking with a really cute girl across the aisle from me.  I took the iPod off and tucked it into the 'amenity bag' that Delta provides their international passengers (it includes a sleepmask, toothbrush and paste and such).  Then I put the bag into the seatback pocket. When they told us to get off the plane, I didn't even think of it (hey.. sorry.. I was distracted by the fact that there MIGHT BE A FRIGGIN BOMB on the plane!!!!!!!!).  It wasnt until we reboarded that I thought of it.. well, when they searched the plane they threw out all the bags..

bye bye iPod *sob*

I tried to file a claim.. but they pretty much told me I was SOL.


It had been a christmas gift from a dear friend. 
Thanks to Darcyandthedark for the new pics on my profile!  YAY!!!!  *smooches*
Seriously: I do understand the EU mandate about hiring.. but if there is anyone that reads this, and recommend someone for me to speak to about hotel (or any kind of reception?) jobs in the UK (location open), I'd appreciate it.  I'm damned good at what I do..

Luggage didn't get lost (YAY!)...but the flight out of ATL got delayed by two hours - it seems someone called Delta's London office and threatened the aircraft.
The trip was AMAZING!! Now I have to find a job in the UK... anyone over there know someone who is hiring and can get me a work permit?? *grin* Here's my posting on the forums about it:
Less than 24 hours and I'm on my way to London!  *happy dance*!!!!
I just hope to god my luggage doesn't get lost..LOL
YAY!!!  I'm going to the UK!! I'll be there for a week! WOOHOO!! 
Thanks to a dear friend *smooch*
OK, which part of NO CHAT REQUESTS is unclear??
I'm gonna miss Baby.  But he's 13, and on major pain killers.  It's better for him, even though those of us who love him will miss him beyond words.
LMAO!  Ok, no names but this got me laughing:

First email: Would you fuck me in the ass?
My response: No
2nd email: I'd really love to be tied up and fucked in the ass by a woman.
my response: good luck with that
3rd: I'll be happy to be your submissive bitch.
my response: move along (followed by a quick trip to my profile to make an adjustment)

you're listed as a switch..but in light of what you're looking for..wouldnt the part of my profile that says NO MALE SUBMISSIVES / SLAVES give you a friggin clue?

Congrats.. you are the reason I just added SWITCH to that.
4th: OK bitch!
me: I'm a bitch...cause you have reading comprehension problems??? LMAO!!

what a fuckin wonder you cant find a woman
5th: Nice attitude cunt. Sit on it! me: why, thank you! Charming Unique Naturally Tasty.

And in your wet dreams, pencildick :)
6th: Your pussy stinks!
me: you'll never know, will you?
Amazing... to think that out of all those sperm... YOU made it to the egg
7th: And would make it up your butt if you just would say "please."
8th: Why are you so fucked up?


From another site, where my profile basically says: I'm not looking, male subs don't waste your time, and don't send pics of your genitals (ok, maybe not phrased quite that way.,..LOL).
Today I get this email:

> Would never put up with that attitude-might have shot  that shit. Little lady-bad tude. Very attrocious, rude & ill mannered

My response:
>and you had to write me..crappy spelling and all- to tell me this? Wouldn't it have been easier just to move along? or are you so pathetic you have nothing better to do because no self-respecting woman will have anything to do with you?

well here's another one for ya, skippy.. **** OFF :)

have a lovely life.

I mean, really.. if my profile is so offensive, why even bother to write????

gawd.  Hard to believe HIS was the sperm that got there first...

FINALLY!!  I have my PC back!!  *happy dances like a maniac*
Ok... the hard drive is smaller than the original (40 gig instead of 60..)  but after this experience I have vowed to put all the important stuff on CDs... I still have the old HD, but not the money to get the files pulled, so who knows when / if I ever retrieve them.. *sigh*  Not to mention, there's stuff on there I don't really want the Geek Squad seeing...LOL

BUT... I have a working PC again! YAY!
I finally gave up trying to fix my own computer.  It's now at a shop where the guy will attempt to install the OS onto a blank HD, then slave my existing HD to it so that I don't lose all my pics and stuff.
I had tried doing that myself, with no luck.  I figure this guy has been working on computers for over 20yrs., so MAYBE he'll be able to save my poor, old PC.

(ok, before you folks in the REALLY REALLY REALLY cold places start laughing at me, just bear in mind that only a few days ago it was in the 80s here!... and I am a complete wuss when it comes to temps below 70)
NOTE TO SELF:  don't wait so damned long to clear out the in-box here! 

Cripes, it took me almost 45 minutes to clear it! I have no idea how many pages of emails there were when I started, but now it's empty!

(I'll hold off on clearing the out-box until another day..LOL)
Last night I spent my birthday with some wonderful friends. He is a musician, and had a gig, so he and his sub invited me (and a GF of mine) to join them at the club where he played.
I had a great time! The best birthday I've had in ages :-D
My birthday is this Friday (28th). If anyone is feeling generous, I could really use a new computer..LOL I kinda feel guilty using the work computer to visit this site (and others like it..LOL)  Sure would be interesting explaining it to the boss!!  LOLOL

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Merry Christmas!  
Ok.. male subs... why do you keep emailing me? What part in my profile that says "thanks, but look elsewhere" is hard to understand?
I am NOT interested.. please move along...nothing for you here!
Amusing... since I changed my status/orientation on my profile, MORE doms/femdoms are looking at my profile, and fewer submissives are... hmmm....makes ya wonder!
My house is on a service road for an expressway.  Normally, at this time of day, the traffic on the southbound side moves right along (the northbound side carries the afternoon rush hour).
As I sit here and type, the southbound side is at a standstill.  About 15 minutes ago a total of 3 fire trucks, 3 ambulances, and heaven knows how many police (local and state patrol) all headed south. 
Obviously, it's a terrible accident.
So I'm offering some prayers for those involved, and their loved ones...
and being thankful that my loved ones are safe.
Remember to tell your loved ones that you DO love them... I have an awful feeling that someone on this expressway tonight will never have that chance again. :(

I hate being the one at work that gets to do the signing and addressing of the Christmas cards.

bah! humbug!
WHAT PART, exactly, OF MY PROFILE where it states that I'm NOT LOOKING, IS UNCLEAR?

Ok.. I am (soon to be) 45 yrs old.  If I am old enough to beyour MOTHER.. please dont bother trying to hit on me.  I am NOT a MILF (I have no kids) and frankly, the idea of being topped by someone I could have theoretically given birth to just SQUICKS me BIGTIME.

Nothing personal, just my preference... deal with it.
To those who emailed me before I went out of town: sorry I havent gotten back to you yet, but I am working on it.. feel free to drop me another note and remind me that I still owe ya an email..LOL
I wish people wouldn't just leave their profiles BLANK... c'mon, say SOMETHING about yourself! 
New York was great! Spent the weekend with a bunch of girlfriends celebrating the birthday of three of them! Two of us went down to Ground Zero.  Very intense.
I'll be out of town this weekend, with no internet access, and I'm hustling now to take care of last minute details before I get on the plane, so if you've emailed me and I haven't yet responded, I promise I will when I get back, sometime on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!
I can hardly believe it's the holiday season already... yuck.  It wouldn't be so bad if the stores hadn't started putting up Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.
It seems to me that when I was a child nobody (including the stores) would have dreamt of putting the decorations up until about a week after Thanksgiving!

master4aslave1 (not the person I was referring to in the previous post) hasnt got the balls to read an email pointing out that his steroid use has affected his reading comprehension skills.... LOL 

deleted unread??  WUSS!
Just because I exchange emails with you doesn't mean I'm going to be submissive to you ...
If you cant handle me as the PERSON that I am, then you sure as hell wouldnt be able to handle me as a submissive (and you know who you are)

Why do people keep asking me if I'm going to BlackRose??  Folks.. just because I happen to live on this end of the country doesn't mean I have any interest in attending these large, overpriced events.
If you're going, have fun... but I won't be there this year, or any other. I have better ways to spend my money, I have friends who can do 'workshops' for me to learn different skills, and I just don't like being jostled by crowds.
Since I keep getting emails asking me about my username, let me explain (and this will also sort out who has actually bothered to read the profile..LOL)

When I joined CM, I was in top mode. At that time I was involved with someone, and we were searching for a submissive girl to serve us both.
He and I are no longer together, and I'm not feeling especially toppy now, but since I'd already established correspondence that I wished to continue with several people under this name, I saw no point in changing it.
OK, class is dismissed, there will be a quiz on this lesson! *grin*
Things I don't 'get':

T/typing L/like T/this... to me it is the equivalent of deliberately stuttering.

Speaking in the third person... ok, I understand that many people are into the objectification thing - fine, not my kink but if it works for you - but HAVE MERCY on those of us who are LISTENING to you! Personally, when someone speaks in 3rd person, I tend to want to look around and see who the hell they're speaking about.


Folks... DOMINATE is a VERB (i.e. I dominate my submissive)

DOMINANT is an ADJECTIVE (i.e. I am a dominant person in all aspects of my life)

PLEASE!!! adjust your profiles accordingly! It is a crying shame to see so many profiles that are otherwise beautifully written ruined by that one little thing.