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Experienced old school gentleman sadist and Master of M/s style House. A leather family with immediate and extended family members. Owner of slave samdarella. We play well with others. Open to more if bi/fem/slave/maso.
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Power is like being a lady. . . if you have to tell people you are, you aren't. - Margaret Thatcher

The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. -Jim Carrey
I am a gregarious intellectual, passionate, outgoing, charming and open minded. I lead a well balanced life. My alternative lifestyle is as much a part of my world as the world is part of my alternative lifestyle. A simple trip to the ice cream parlor, movie theater or the beach can be as thrilling as scuba diving, as romantic as a candle light dinner or as kinky as an evening in the dungeon if you do it right. I do not have a vanilla alter ego, perspective or lifestyle. I am who I am, all the time… even in grocery stores and gas stations.
Crying is romantic . . .
Have you ever seen a slave love her Master so deeply that she cries from the emotional release after a good beating? Have you ever seen a slave feel so passionate that she crosses the pleasure/pain threshold and cums so intensely that it makes her weep? Have you ever seen trust so deep and complete that tears flow when she follows Master faithfully and overcomes her fears? Crying is sexy . . .
Tear filled eyes big as saucers, looking up at you. Cheap mascara stains trailing down over her cheeks. A tear hangs precariously in the balance from her pouting, swollen and quivering lips. A trickle of blood and cum leak from the corner of her mouth as a testament to the violent sex. She is sex personified and her face and the tears upon it bear evidence as proof to the sacrifice she has just made for passion. She is someone that gave it all until she cried. I like it when they cry . . .
I thrive on the connection, the bonds between a Master and slave and between a sadist and masochist. I love seeing the look on my slave's face when I see that I control her and what she is feeling. I like to cross Masterism with sadism while I explore emotional fears, expand physical limits, break mental boundaries and fulfill forbidden desires. I passionately mix love, torture, sex, fear, pleasure, pain, anguish, lust, trust and I test faith. I want to see tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of love, tears of pleasure and tears from fear... I like it when they cry. Cry for me.

I've been with collarme long before it became collarspace.  I haven't updated my profile because it will take my profile offline for human review and no one knows how long that will take... for example, the forums were offline for years.