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Please note -

At present I am not looking.� The description below is for reference only.

I am a Female Dominant looking for male,�female, and transgender
submissives and switches.
I am Pagan, bi-sexual, polyamorous,
and a combination of Gothic and Tribal influences.� My passions include art, music, theatre, and literature.�� Personal tastes run to fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other forms of imagination and creativity.��

I treat my submissives and partners with courtesy, honesty, and respect and expect the same in return.� You are expected to be between the ages of 21 and 50, single,�be in good health, well groomed, have a good attitude and a willingness to try new experiences.� You should also be a good conversationalist,level-headed, even-tempered, and able to remain silent, patient, and attentive when the situation calls for it.� Must respect other players boundaries and confidentiality if attending a munch,
party or workshop.�

If you are a smoker, then outside smoking is required, light social drinking is fine on your own time,
not during a Scene.�Whether you are�
male or female or�transgender; a submissive or a switch; you are welcome to be�feminine,�androgynous, or

I also enjoy communicating with people
about shared mutual interests.� I have
met some wonderful�individuals here and�look forward to�making new friends.� The message boards are a
good place to learn new Kink information and�get to know�the other folks on this site.�

From The Chicago Tribune, "Multi-love, it's complicated".  Thanks to Dom Ken for posting the article.,0,4413481.story

"Civilization" by Marco Brambilla

Amazing video on Vimeo

"Civilization is a video installation we created with artist/director Marco Brambilla for the elevators Standard Hotel in NYC. It's comprised of over 400 video clips and it takes elevator passengers on a trip from hell to heaven as they go up or from heaven to hell as they go down. Pictures of the installation and Q&A with Brambilla and Crush is posted here"

Quoted with permission from Orion, who heard this proverb originally from Master Chen,  
 "Fire determines right and wrong, if you are too close and it burns you, then you are wrong. If it warms you when you are cold, then you are right. If it blinds you, then you are wrong, if it guides you to contentment, then you are right."
A great quote from one of my favorite movies,
Shadow of the Vampire.

"F.W. Murnau: Our battle, our struggle, is to create art. Our weapon is the moving picture. Because we have the moving picture, our paintings will grow and recede; our poetry will be shadows that lengthen and conceal; our light will play across living faces that laugh and agonize; and our music will linger and finally overwhelm, because it will have a context as certain as the grave. We are scientists engaged in the creation of memory... but our memory will neither blur nor fade."
If you wish to send a "friend" request you need to be someone I know either in real life or from the Forums.  Complete strangers sending "friend" requests will be denied.
The Kinsey Institute has a wealth of information on human sexuality.  It makes for fascinating reading and research.
"Loose Woman"

They say I'm a beast.
And feast on it. When all along
I thought that's what a woman was.

They say I'm a bitch.
Or witch. I've claimed
the same and never winced.

They say I'm a macha, hell on wheels,
viva-la-vulva, fire and brimstone,
man-hating, devastating,
boogey-woman lesbian.
Not necessarily,
but I like the compliment.

The mob arrives with stones and sticks
to maim and lame and do me in.
All the same, when I open my mouth,
they wobble like gin.

Diamonds and pearls
tumble from my tongue.
Or toads and serpents.
Depending on the mood I'm in.

I like the itch I provoke.
The rustle of rumor
like crinoline.

I am the woman of myth and bullshit.
(True. I authored some of it.)
I built my house of ill repute.
Brick by brick. Labored,
loved and masoned it.

I live like so.
Heart as sail, ballast, rudder, bow.
Rowdy. Indulgent to excess.
My sin and success--
I think of me to gluttony.

By all accounts I am
a danger to society.
I'm Pancha Villa.

I break laws,
upset the natural order,
anguish the Pope and make fathers cry.
I am beyond the jaw of law.
I'm la desperada, most-wanted public enemy.
My happy picture grinning from the wall.

I strike terror among the men.
I can't be bothered what they think.
Que se vayan a la ching chang chong!
For this, the cross, the Calvary.
In other words, I'm anarchy.

I'm an aim-well,
loose woman.
Beware, honey.

I'm Bitch. Beast. Macha.
Ping! Ping! Ping!
I break things.

Sandra Cisneros, Loose Woman

Major turn offs in no particular order -
#1 Poor hygenie
#2 Bad attitude
#3 Bad manners
#4 Lack of respect for themselves and others
#5 Arrogance
#6 Stupidity
#7 Laziness
#8 Lying
#9 Lack of self-control
#10 Not taking responsibility for their own behavior
Major turn ons in no particular order -
#1 Good grooming and hygenie
#2 Good attitude
#3 Good manners
#4 Respect for themselves and others
#5 Being self confident, neither arrogant nor selling   themselves short
#6 Intelligence, both street smarts and book smarts
#7 Being hardworking
#8 Being honest and forthright
#9 Self-control
#10 Taking responsibility for their own behavior