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Old-guard Leatherman, born 1950, looks like born in early '60's. Brn/brn, glasses, moustache, weight proportional to barefoot height of 5'9" However, I am rarely barefoot; almost always in my Carolinas (military grade boots.)

Entrepeneur, MENSA member, Militant Atheist (religious/spiritual need not apply) Work-aholic, plays HARD! (And when I do, it's "Safe, Sane, Consensual" or RACK = Risk Aware, Consenual Kink.)

I am rational, drug-free, honest, and have a great sense of humor. HIV neg. Ideal Person: Yes, SIR! attitude delivered by man with mustache (required - Goatees/beards WILL be shaved off.) No 'stache? Easily solved. You'll be tied down until you grow one. LOL!

Your weight should be proportional to your height which should be less than mine. Employed is a MUST! Rational, drug-free, honest, sense of humor. Prefer HIV neg.

NOTE: If the two numbers 16611 and 80216 together mean something to you, respond IMMEDIATELY! For all who asked, those two numbers are clues to a puzzle. If you know the puzzle, I want to meet you. I am NOT looking for people guessing the solution! Let me put it as clear as I can. Someone solved the puzzle a very long time after the puzzle was written / published. YES, they came to the exact location and time specified in the puzzle. It was a VERY long time after the puzzle had been written on a BBS (Bulletin Board System.) Since it was such a long time after, I had stopped looking for a solver and passed him by. That is one of the big regrets in my life. So, I need to make sure you know the PUZZLE - not the solution. OKAY?