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Pan Male Submissive, 40,  New York, New York
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sissyjenny4 - submissive

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Dear Master and Mistress I am sissy jenny 4. I want to be used by dominant couples, dominant women and dominant men. I am very obedient. I must show proper respect for my superiors.

My slave life I would love to meet a Couple who are members of a local fetish group and are looking for a sub TV to train as your sex toy and plaything. As a successful candidate I must be completely subservient to them and obey their every instruction without hesitation never mind how humiliating or degrading it was. Their slave would serve them both sexually and also entertain and serve their friends and any one else they decided.

Once this slave has been sufficiently trained I will be expected to serve and perform as instructed at gatherings of the fetish group. They were financial secure and could provide accommodation and equipment to act out various scenarios and where also prepared to invest in clothing and toys for their slave.

I am a white male new to the scene and although inexperienced I have long fantasised about serving a dominant man or woman and acting as their plaything. I have often experimented in dressing in my sisters clothing, before I moved out to a place of my own, but I has never had the courage to do it front of anyone else. I beg to be Your slave I want to be used, humiliated, punished in any way Master wishes. My body belongs to my Master and Mistress. My body will always be available for Him or Her to use as He or She wishes. I'm going to be trained to please Master or Mistress by suffering pain for Him or Her. If I'm given to another Master or Mistress to please, I have no say in the matter as I'm only a slave to be used. I won't speak unless to answer a question from Master or Mistress, or Master or Mistress wants to talk with me. If I want to ask Master or Mistress something, I must kneel and lick His or Her feet first. I'll not speak to any other slave I'll meet unless given permission. I don't sit unless instructed to, my place is on the floor like any other animal. I must lick my Master and Mistress clean. I must be gagged with Mistress soiled panties in my mouth and locked in a cage of a cell for as long as they like. I must kiss and lick Mistress and Masters shoes. I beg to worship your underwear Please make me hand wash all our underwear, worshiping each bra and panties, begging on my knees for its permission to let this slave wash the holy underwaer of Mistress, kiss and worship every strap, lace edge, clasp, bra cup of my Mistress underwear. I must collect the wash leavings under the sink and swallow, showing my slave gratitute to be allowed to worship these holy things, each of which is worth so much more than this pathetic slave. Slave maid training I deserve The Mistresses girl friends teach me how to act like a girl, and a dog, and a maid. I am taught to clean and cook and basically how to be a good servant for them and any that they deem would be my master. Apparently the whole building is in on my humiliation as I am passed from apartment to apartment to learn my new trade, my new position in life. I am forced to cook and clean for everyone in the four story apartment building; man or woman, young or old. I am beaten on a whim, and forced to satisfy all of my new owners sexually whenever they wanted. I am bound and gagged in every position possible, sometimes left for days on end. I am raped over and over again until they are satisfied, both orally and anally as well. I lick and kiss every foot in the building, sucked every cock and lick out every pussy and ass. I am trapped by Mistresses commands, and beaten by my owners. I am broken-

I hang my head as I had been trained, staring at Master and Mistress's shoes as I step aside to allow them into the apartment. Mistress friens is watching from the sofa and snapped something out in Spanish. I dropped to my knees and kissed their feet in greeting. I hear Master groan-

"Jesus..." he gasped and Mistress giggles-

"I told you so. This is what he wanted all along. He loves it, don't you
slave?" I say nothing, but lap at Mistress's feet all the harder.

"He's wonderful!" Mistress says as she strolls up beside us. I swiveled about on
my knees to kiss Her feet and thank Her for the praise. They all laughed.

Master crouches down and grabbed a handful of hair, jerking my head up so that I
am forced to look into his face. I whimper, worried that he has knocked my maids
cap loose. I'd be beaten if he did, later. I tried to hold back the tears as I
stare helplessly into His face.

"Is this what you want, slave?" he finally asksd sincerely. I nodd at Master,
forcing a smile. It was all I could do. It was what was expected of me now-

"Yes, Sir!" I say meekly, and as soon as Master releas my hair I bow down to
lick His boots clean. I was his slave as much as the rest of them. It was my

As Your Slave It is my slave life... There are people in this world who rule, and those that serve, and I am one of the servers, the pleasers. I must keep my head bowed in Your presence. I am Your slave, Your servant. I will do whatever I am told, without question. I must wear panties and a bra at all times, and a slave collar locked around my neck. I must serve Mistress and Masters friends in any way they choose, and be humiliated in public and private. I must wear a locked steel slave collar, tiny cock chastity, steel but plug, camisole and French knickers, and locked stilttos at all times, including serving visitors and guests. I must so all the housework and only eat scraps and leftovers, and may only drink from the toilet.

I am nothing but a slave body to work for and be used for Master and Mistress pleasure. Toilet Slave I get down on the shower floor and swung the bottom door to the side. There was also a second door behind it. This door was aluminum and has an opening in the bottom, cut out in the shape of a half circle. The edge of the half circle had rubber trim around it. I realize my head would not fit through the opening. Mistress flips a lockable latch on top and slid the door up on the two tracks secured in the tile. She then looks at me and then the opening. Without a word spoken I lay down and put my head inside. I then hear the aluminum door sliding back down and the latch being snapped closed, trapping my head inside. Even though the door didn't touch my neck, there was no way my head could come back out. I realized Mistress could put a small padlock on the latch making me a prisoner in Her toilet. I hear Master and Mistress coming into the bathroom. I know I was reaching a new plateau of submission. I feel Mistress's nylon foot pressing down hard on my cock. Mistress steps up on top of me. Her weight was evenly distributed between my cock and stomach. She starts walking up my body with slow deliberate steps. She stops with both feet planted on my chest. She bent down from her waist, placing her hands on each side of the toilet seat. Looking up at her beautiful smiling face, I felt wave after wave of submissive bliss running through me. I know there was no turning back. I would be her slave for life. I would make sure I did everything possible to please Her; to make sure She would never want to release me.

"Are you ready for this," Misrtress asks seriously. "Yes Mistress," I say without hesitation.
She then turns around on my chest. She slowly lowers her beautiful naked ass toward the seat. I could see the sock was still in her pussy. Lower and lower her ass comes towards me. Finally she is seated. Her feet still rest on my chest. The light lit up the top half of the cavity. I can see everything. I watch as her hand reached down and removed the sock. A huge glob of cum lands on my face. I hear Her moan, and then grunt. I can see her pussy twitching and opening as she put pressure on her bladder. Then it comes. Her golden nectar. At first slowly, then with more and more force. My face and hair were being soaked. I even opened my mouth to swallow some of it. I wanted to taste and smell all of it. At that cherished moment, I am her toilet. It just keeps coming and coming. I don't want it to end, but it finally tapers off to just a dribble. She even squeezes a couple of last squirts out, making sure she was completely empty. I lay there at the bottom of Her toilet, drenched in her pee, smelling her entire aroma. I am Her slave. She sits there for a moment, without moving. Master has not spoken a word. I could picture Him taking in this scene in awe of his beautiful wife. Finally she stood up. She steps off me and sat on the bench, next to the
seat. She looked down at me. Her face was oddly content, smiling, and radiant. When She speeks, she is relaxed and confident. "I just want you to know that was one most fantastic things I have ever experienced. I have never felt more powerful and whole. I truly do appreciate your sacrifice." I just look up into Her eyes, probably looking like a drowned rat to Her. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

"There was one thing I wish I could have seen though," She continues. "I wish I could have seen the pee actually splattering on to your face. Watching your expression as it sunk in to you how low you have gone for us. Do you realize how far you have come in less than a week? She didn't wait for my answer. I saw her head turn towards Master. "Come here hon," She says softly. I see Master's shadow looming over me. Mistress returns her gaze to me. "Even though I can't see my pee splashing over you, I can see the next best
thing." She reached out and grabbed Master's cock. He stands over me with a foot on each
side of my shoulders. He comes into view as he stepped up. Mistress, smiling down at me, directed his cock at my face.

"He's all yours, hon," is all She says. Master looked down at me and smiled. "Ready for part two slave?" "Yes Master," I humbly answer. Then with Mistress holding on to his cock, He moaned out lustfully. His pee starts jetting out on to my face. Mistress is moving his cock all around, making sure the piss catches every part of my face. His aroma is much stronger than Hers. My nostrils are filled with His smell. His bladder had to have been full, as he seems to pee forever. Finally the last squirts come out. Mistress even shakes it for Him, watching the last drops hit me. I know I will never be the same again. My mind goes back to my previous life; work, playing pick-up basketball, fishing, drinking a few beers with my friends. It all seemed a million years away now. I am not that person anymore. I am slave. I am their property. Mistress Shoes My Mistress's friends also humiliate me as I deserve. "Do you like my feet and shoes, slave?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"How much?"

"Very much..."

"Show me, slave. Show me how much you like my pretty feet and shoes."
She adjusts her stance, rolling my head so I was facing up, then placing her
foot so the front half of her sandal was over my mouth. She held the camera,
getting me in focus again... "Kiss the sole of my shoe, slave." I do, and she
takes another picture.



"Lick it, slave. Lick the sole of my sandal clean." I do, while she
snaps pictures. "That's it, slave...Keep licking...Show me
some tongue...Harder! Let me hear it...That's it..."

"How does it make you feel, slave..." she asks, "licking the sole of my
shoe. The lowest part of my body. The part I walk on in the filth and grime of
the streets. God knows what I step in, slave. Dirt and mud...old gum and spit.
I have dogs, slave, and I've probably even accidentally stepped in their shit and
urine. Doesn't that bother you, slave?" I look up at Her with pleading eyes as I lick the
sole of her sandal for all I am worth She raises her foot a bit, and I followed with my tongue
straining to reach it.

"What was that, slave?"

"No, Ma'am. It doesn't matter. I want to lick your shoes clean.
Please..." Master and Mistress before Bed Master orders, " Get down on your knees in front of me girl and pay homage
to your master." I am defeated and sink down to my knees in front of him. "
Good girl." he praises me. "Now take my cock out and suck me hard so Mary and I
can have sex." I beg him, " Please sir, don't make me do this. I'm not gay."
Mistress chimes in, " Go ahead dear, it was fine with you for me to suck your cock,
why is that beneath you?" The stern look on Master's face tells me that I have no
choice and that I had better get to my disgusting chore. I unzip his fly and
reached in and take his cock out. It was huge. I put it to my lips and taking
a deep breath took the head into my mouth. Master orders, " Now suck it bitch
and take it deep." My eyes are closed as I try to pretend this wasn't
happening to me. He commands, " Open your eyes bitch and look at me. Keep your
eyes on mine." I open my eyes and have to tilt my head back to look into his
eyes. I suck him for only a couple of minutes before he is hard as a rock.
His giant organ fills my mouth and is choking me. He makes a thrust with his
hips and shoves it down my throat, causing me to gag. He then withdraws leaving
me gasping for air. He says, " Not bad for a first effort bitch, but you will
get better with practice." With his erection sticking out in front of him, he
takes Mary by the hand and goes into the bedroom. Mistress tells me," Get up slave and
follow us. I want you to watch how a real man makes love to his lady." I crawl on my hands and knees behind them worrying about the pride in her voice when
she says," His lady."

Once in the bedroom Master stripps off his clothes while Mistress is getting
undressed. He does have a well developed body. Mistress pulls back the covers on
the bed and lies there anticipating the sex to come. Master tells me, " Get one of
her nighties and put it on bitch, I want you to stand by the bed and watch." I
ask, " A nightie sir?" He says, " Yes a nightie, you aren't a man so you
might as well be a girl." I shudder, but go to the dresser drawer where she
kept her dainties, pulled out a short pink nightie and slip it over my head.
I went to stand by the bed. Master laughs at me standing there in a pink
nightie adding to my humiliation. He raises Mistress's legs and shoves his cock
into her with no warm-up. My humiliation had been foreplay enough for her.
When she startes moaning with pleasure, I understand what she saw in this man.
They make passionate love for over an hour and I lost count of the number of
orgasms she has. When they were finished, Master tells me, " Get over her and lick
her clean sissy." I was surprised by this and hesitated. He demands, " Do it
now bitch and get used to it, it will be one of your duties from now on." I
knew he is serious and that he would back up his demand with force, so I get on
the bed crawled between her legs and began licking away like a slave. Mistress
softly praised me, " That feels so good dear. I know all of this is a shock to
you but you'll see that as soon as you learn to accept your new role, we can all
be happy." After she is satisfied that I had licked and sucked up all his
semen, she pushes me away. She told me, " Thank you slave, that was so sweet of
you." Master tells me, " Now come here and lick my cock clean too." I am beyond
having any pride left so I lick her juices off of his cock. He is smiling by
the time I finished. He told Mary, " You were right, he is a natural
submissive and it will be easy to turn him into a sissy." Please may I serve You Please may I serve you and your friends, please change me so that I can never have a normal relationship as a person again but only serve Others as their slave. Please take all your aggression out on me and please don't care if I've done anything to deserve it. Please use me as your punching bag, your torture doll, your fucktoy and sometimes also as your toilet. Most of the time I will be bruised and battered and you'll expect me to smile nonetheless. You'll give me nothing but pain and humiliation and in return you expect absolute love and devotion and absolute perfection in complying with the orders you give. I am a worthless shit. A useless, pathetic and disgusting piece of slave-meat and you have chosen me because I not only deserve the worst treatment possible; I want it.

I crave to be abused and beaten for no good reason and this is exactly the place for me. Please use and abuse me. Hoping to become your permanent slave, SissyJenny4










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