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Mistress, NEVER Miss or Ma'am. If you want to know more, Google 'Mistress Cara Sutra'.
So collarme is back, as collarspace... interesting!
I wonder if it's still full of the same old timewasting rejects as it was previously. Always a laugh to pop in every now and then to read some of the outlandish claims and promises of the fantasists and uninitiated...

Everyone is welcome to attend the launch party for my brand new bondage range: Fantasy by Cara Sutra.  Held on 21 February 2014 from 12.30pm til late, this party is one that you definitely shouldn't miss.

It will be held at La Boudoir Boutique adult store, Unit 26, 1 Sparrow Way, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 4AL.
Contact: Freephone: 0800 033 7003

Find out more about my new bondage range here:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Mistress Cara Sutra

A couple of new photos added, plus a new sub owned - check profile update.

Unlike some so-called 'dommes' on this site, My profile has been here since 2007. I am not about to disappear. If you don't want to serve, that's your prerogative  If you do, then you have to obey. Make the choice and stick with it. No negotiation, I am not willing to yield to whining and sulking. 

Read My erotic writing... 

 You may enjoy

 I do have a Mistress website as well which has taken a backseat recently unfortunately... but you may like

 Mistress Cara x

Brand new website!

 Go take a look... new photos too

Mistress Cara

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Still the same on Collar then, send an insult to a Domme, run away, hide behind the block button before a reply. Been the same for years here. Like little boys playing knock n run. Grow up losers!

You think I care what you think? All you've done is proven why no-one wants you and no-one ever will... ~smiles~

Meanwhile, I will enjoy My life with My not one but TWO life partners, My child, My unborn child (I'm 6 months pregnant right now) and My home and heart full of happiness and satisfaction.

~blows you one last kiss~


It is My birthday this Thursday!!

Anyone who sends Me a message containing anything even mildly irritating, will be blocked in the first instance. I have no time for it, I do not have to put up with it and you will be forcibly sent away if you cannot show respect. 

Be warned.

Who knew? If you require some remuneration for your time, that could otherwise be spent either earning money freelance copywriting, using personal skills to further the household or with slaves that wish to fully submit and be of use in a practical, arousing and finanical way, you must be a fake. 

I'll tell that to minnie, my live-in slave of 5 years. He'll be very disappointed to discover what a 'scam' I am! ;) lol

Curious how many subs message Me, yet cannot obey a simple instruction as laid out in My profile. Not asking a lot, really...

I hate when subs state they have read My website yet prove the lie by revealing they think I only 'do' online. I have a full time live in TPE slave for fuck's sake. 

Reading doesn't = wanking off to pics.



I despair at the profile pictures of the subs that beseech Me. 

My thoughts on said pictures? >>>

Cock out = oh wow, it's huge.....! What a shame I'll have to trim you down without anaesthetic in order to get you into this spiked chastity cage. 

Washboard tummy & pecs out = oh great! That is bound to give you stamina for the days and nights I'll suspend you from the ceiling beam by your wrists. Let Me put a few more lines on that tummy for you, in My favourite colour.. RED.

Arse being strap on/Mistress dildo fucked = fantastic. That's what I want to think about first upon becoming aware of your existence, the sticky brown inner lining of your anus winking up at Me. Thanks for that.

Disrespectful picture of a woman = zero interest. Why are you bothering?



Just hugely amused Myself with the realisation of the fact... any males pretending to be lesbian or a bi girl in order to converse with Me is going to be disappointed with My reply. I don't accept female submissives, I have My one girl already and am here for male submissives... LOL

Moral? Don't lie, be fake, or be someone you're not. Be yourself, be honest, sincere and just want to serve Me. Simple, isn't it!!

People who try to play silly little games on the internet - yawn...

I have a REAL life... you merely have My pity.



Pregnant - so roll on all the preggo perverts and lactation fetishists out there I guess! Already been asked for my 'naked pregnant pictures' ...

Not letting the man fuck my pussy until I'm sure we're safe for it, he does tend to be the more violent type, mmmm

So sadly it's only blow jobs and anal sex, usually both and in that order.  

I do however sadistically enjoy getting off mentally (and clitorally) on the fact I can rub him up in just the righy way, making him moan for me and really ache to be inside my pussy, just to make him wait. I think he *really* desperately wants to be back inside my pussy now, but it's just tough....

Despairing at 'subs' that want to serve 'Mistress' - then go on to prove that in fact, they just mean any Mistress around at the time. 


What a turn-off.

I have decided to get My nipples pierced, My clit hood pierced horizontally, then insert a little silver ring into each.... 

FUN :)

I live with another Mistress who is my life and sexual partner, and we are available for realtime and online sessions. 

Contact Me. 

Having fun playing with the mice that occasionally scurry past. 


I like to dole out what they think is crumbs of the finest cheese, but it's really just a trail of bait leading to their certain guillotine style execution.


*sharpens claws*



I am amused, somewhat wryly. 

When I first joined here... YEARS ago now, scary exactly how many years, it used to make me annoyed when people would send either abuse then block me, or attempt to steal my photos, or they wouldn't like my instant rejection of their poor, yawn inducing messages - and they would block me. 

Like a child playing knock and run.

'I don't like what the grown up said... I'm so gonna get you!!! ooh just watch me, watch this!! This'll get em!'

[frantic typing of something endeavouring to communicate vitriol but falling far short, into the murky waters of ignorant and possibly inbred insults]

'Ha! Now I'll block Her from any reply to me!' [childish giggles]

Or at least, that's how the scene plays out in My head. 

Unfortunately for them, I am FAR too busy and FAR too bored with 99% of this site/the scene to even muster a slight angst. It's very much ~sigh~ move on. 

I have written this blog post merely to communicate my amusement at these practices still taking place on this site. How small minded and petty are some people here? 

Get outside, into the real world. I log on here maybe every 6 months or so to clear messages? Meanwhile in the real world - slaves that fall at My feet, kissing My boots and My whip both with the same eager level of enthusiasm and love for Mistress.

I pity those that stop themselves from living a fully satisfied and fulfilled life, whatever their Fetish orientation.

Fare well 

Mistress Cara



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Going to make a concerted effort to be on here a lot more than I have done recently - been a busy time the last few months, working for the largest UK distributor of Fetish supplies as well as other adult products, and I am the Fetish Buyer now.
If you wish to serve - drop Me a message. Make it a good one, I am arranging videos mto be shot with The English Mansion and in touch with Mistress Sidonia (My friend Lucy) - so do not underestimate Me.
Start your grovelling, sluts.
Latest journal from minnie ... from this past weekend... ----------------- What a wonderful weekend! I celebrated the first anniversary of becoming the property of Mistress Cara with her at her fabulous Manor House. Although Mistress had indicated that she would continue Ownership of me, I wasn?t at all certain that she would, given several unforgivable mistakes I have made in the past few months. I would have been utterly devastated if Mistress had disposed of me, as is her right. Thankfully, for reasons best known to her, Mistress Cara has decided to keep me as her pathetic chattel. I arrived at her new home at midday on Saturday and was immediately put to work ironing and sorting out all the clothes which were still in packing cases. I was delighted to carry out such a menial task as it also gave me the chance to listen to Mistress as she chatted and brought me up to date on her latest developments. In recent months her life has been turned upside down and she has made a new start in a new part of the country with new friends and lovers. I am just so pleased and relieved that my beloved Mistress is safe and well and enjoying her new start in life. Mid afternoon Mistress Cara brought in 2 glasses of rum and lemonade and, to my surprise and delight, toasted her slave on the occasion of our first anniversary. We also exchanged gifts to mark the event. Finally the ironing was done and while Mistress Cara relaxed with a glass of wine her sissy slave was set to work in the kitchen, washing up and tidying after supper. I finished my chores at about 9.00 pm and was permitted to sit at Mistress Cara?s feet and enjoy a small glass of wine with her and her new found friends and lovers. Around midnight, tired from a hard day?s work, Mistress Cara prepared for bed, with her real man. I was permitted to sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed. Before retiring the three of us had another toast to celebrate the start of my second year as slave to the most perfect Mistress imaginable. We started to reminisce about the previous year, when Mistress Cara had mark the occasion by giving her new property the thrashing of my life. She was prompted to do so again, ordering me to strip naked in front of her real man so that they could both laugh at the size of my tiny shrivelled little clit. I was then ordered to kneel on the floor, ass pointing up while Mistress selected her favorite whip, cane and paddle. She then began to rhythmically beat me, determined to leave marks on her property. The strokes increased in severity and I gritted my teeth, determined to endure as much as I could. Though not as severe as last year, they certainly were painful. Just as painful was the verbal tirade of abuse and humiliation that accompanied the whipping. It was this, as much as the pain, which finally reduced me to tears and uncontrollable sobbing. After a few more strokes to remind me that Mistress is always in control, she relented and, as always after such a beating, comforted me and soothed me. I crawled to my sleeping bag while my Mistress joined her real man in bed and proceed to make use of his hard cock for her pleasure and enjoyment. I looked on, ashamed, humiliated, cuckolded and frustrated. Yet I felt so turned on, to see my beloved, perfect Mistress naked, enjoying such pleasure with a real man, pleasure that I will never be able to give her, or any woman. Her smooth, milky white bottom hypnotised me as it rode up and down on the hard cock. I desperately wanted to worship it, to worship my divine Mistress, even while she was impaled on her man. Instead I could only watch in awe, hoping that I might be ordered to lick her clean afterwards, to taste her sweet juices, albeit mingled with the taste of a real man?s cock. Their lovemaking seemed to last forever, until finally satiated, they fell asleep, leaving me feeling frustrated, humiliated, cuckolded and extremely turned on. I felt like a dirty pathetic peeping tom, I also felt like the luckiest slave alive, to be allowed to witness my Mistress, my Owner, in such intimate and private moments. In the year that I have belonged to her, I have become totally, utterly devoted to her. Mistress has even called me besotted, obsessed. I take that as a compliment. Mistress Cara is without doubt the most amazing person I have ever met, the more I learn about her, the more I suffer for her, the more I adore and respect her. Quite why she bothers to keep such a useless, pathetic creature is completely beyond me but I am so proud and grateful that it amuses her to do so.
I wish to officially welcome DigitalHarlot to the site, as My fellow Domme friend - make sure you welcome Her with due respect, sluts.
Looking for a chastity device? How about an internally spiked one or the traditional Houdini?

Get them here in the UK with Free post, lowest prices guaranteed....
My website/fetish blog is now pointed through

and My hetero & newly lesbian sex life/toys/shoes/lingerie blog is
My website is now pointed through

and My vanilla sex/toys/shoes/lingerie blog is
Don't forget to keep up with all My latest news on My blog at
Lovely Sunday Morning... reading the SUNDAY MIRROR SUPPLEMENT [cough celebs on sunday cough]
What a gorgeous message I just received about My latest profile picture....! So lovely I just HAD to share.



Respectfully i don't know if You remember me? You kindly permitted me to communicate with You last year?

i regularly look at Your profile and preserve the beautiful pictures of You, but i felt i had to on this occasion write again in comment on the latest.

The prime one, that which is in close up, like ALL that are close into Mistress show You at Your most beautiful and enthralling and this one is not only no exception; it is exceptionally effective.

It is something to do with intensity and that intensity is conveyed by the size and impact of Your eyes. Your eyes are always magnificent; utterly beguiling and their beauty, their ability to engage the intended is itself about their lure, a fateful lure of course, combined with something intimidating, but at the same time very SEDUCTIVE; overwhelming, disarming and immobilising. The intended victims mind spread out like a captured moth, the captor ready with needle in hand to pin impale the prey as yet another prize on Her trophy board of enslaved males.

But as well there is Your mouth, full and so, so sensuous and one can only dream of the tone of pure dominance that emerges, and i am sure You never have to raise Your voice unless it simply pleases You to do so for i am certain even at its softest and silkiest it simply commands and controls without effort any male within its reach rendering him helpless and has him falling powerlessly at Your feet and Yours to do what You will with it.

All of Your other photos without doubt display Your beauty and power, but that first has an especially powerful effect upon this mere male and all are of a most divinely beautiful and powerful Female and one who can when ever She pleases so whatever She likes with males. i have no doubt what so ever that if i was privileged to be in Your company, summoned to present myself before You i would be rendered utterly helpless and totally compliant by those eyes. You would simply be able to deal with me in any way You wished (not Mistress that such a statement has any sort of expectation in it, for i know You don't deal with slaves directly - just stating what for me would be the obvious).

Though i have not been in communication with you for some while Mistress i admire and adore You immensely, and grovel and grovel helplessly at Your beautiful feet, a slave to Your desires and pleasures.

Update from My slave about our Saturday session.... Thank you CarasMinnie


I had been eagerly counting down the days until Mistress Cara could spare the time to see me in private. Although I am blessed and spoilt with frequent and regular vanilla visits to serve her, it is true to say that both Mistress and I look forward to private sessions.

Saturday was no exception and Mistress Cara had some unfinished business with me. I had disgraced myself at Christmas and this was the first opportunity for me to receive my just punishment.

Mistress Cara had even allowed me to buy her a new crop for the occasion as she had broken her last one the previous time that she had thrashed me.  So it was with great anticipation and nervousness that I called at her house at the agreed time on Saturday afternoon. She let me in and once again I marvelled at her beauty, her new hair style really accentuated her classic looks, her generous red lips contrasting with her pale complexion.

I busied myself with doing the washing up while Mistress went upstairs to get ready. I waited patiently, kneeling on the floor of her sitting room until she came downstairs. I was dumbstruck, I could hardly believe my eyes. Mistress Cara looked stunning, so powerful and dominant. She was wearing a tight black pvc corset, a short pvc mini skirt with fishnet tights and pvc thigh boots. I could hardly speak, to tell her how beautiful and awesome she looked. From my grovelling viewpoint she towered above me, looking down at her pathetic little sissy slave. I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her, drinking every detail of her perfection.

Mistress allowed me a few moments, enjoying herself as she read the hopeless lust and desire in my face.

I finally managed to stand up and we drove to my home. Once there Mistress made herself comfortable and ordered me to change into my black sissy maids dress. I crawled on my hands and knees and hurriedly changed, crawling back with a glass of wine for her to enjoy.

Mistress was keen to carry out my punishment so without further ado she ordered me to kneel down and lift the back of my dress to expose my quivering arse. Without further warning she started to crop me, using hard strokes on each cheek in turn. All too soon I was begging for mercy, begging Mistress to use gentler strokes. This only served to anger her and the beating continued. I counted each stroke and thanked Mistress each time, but not quickly enough. She told me how useless I was, how I couldn’t even count properly as she continued with the beating. By now I was choking back tears, tears of pain and humiliation, tears of joy as well. Despite the pain I was so glad to be with my adorable Mistress, so glad that she was enjoying herself at my expense.

Finally she relented, but only to admire her handiwork and to take some photos of my striped arse which was already glowing red. I was instructed to lick her shiny thigh boots, taking the sharp heels in my mouth and sucking on them, licking the soles clean and tasting the grit and dirt on them.

Now she brought out her new crop and began to crop me with that, but disaster struck! On the first stroke the crop broke! Mistress Cara was livid, blaming me for buying her inferior gifts. Instead she set about me with her suede flogger, once again reducing me to tears. Finally she stopped and allowed me to compose myself while I fetched her a fresh glass of chilled wine.

While she relaxed and enjoyed it, she told me to fetch my butt plugs and dildos. I crawled back with them and started to insert the small plug while Mistress watched with amusement. Next I had to use the prostate massager, which slid in easily. I had to sit on it with it vibrating while Mistress verbally humiliated me yet again. Seeing her 7” black strap on amongst my collection, Mistress prepared it for use and, taking the massager out promptly fucked me with the dildo. She rammed it in and out until I squealed with pleasure. I was overjoyed at being fucked so hard once again by my Mistress, my Owner. I could feel her warmth behind me, hear her humiliating me once again as she fucked my tight hole once more. It felt so wonderful to submit totally to such a powerful, beautiful Mistress. My pleasure did not last long, she is determined that I will learn to take the medium sized butt plug and soon prepared that for my tight hole. Taking out the dildo she pushed the plug until I screamed for mercy. I have tried countless times myself, but it just won’t go in the final amount. It is not that much wider than the dildo that I love so much, but despite Mistress Cara’s encouragement I simply could not take it. I felt so upset, humiliated and ashamed. I desperately want to be able to take ever larger plugs and dildos, for now it seems I can’t.

Relaxing once more, Mistress Cara now made me edge myself while she once again berated me for my pathetic little clit, which is so small it cannot even be locked in a chastity cage. I tried to make it hard, looking at Mistress Cara, admiring her beauty and sensuality, but after the beating and the fucking my little clit failed me once again. I was left in no doubt as to her thoughts about her pathetic, useless sissy slave. Mistress then decided to change out of her tight corset and mini skirt and I helped to remove them and help her into a looser fitting black pvc dress.

Deciding to tease me remorselessly, I was instructed to lie on the floor while Mistress Cara slowly lowered herself onto my face. Her black lace thong pressed tightly onto my nose, making me struggle to breathe. I felt her smooth powerful thighs gripping my head as she proved her total control over me. She alone would decide if I should breathe, if I should see, if I should hear. My submission was total, complete. I was unable to move, didn’t want to move. I could feel her hot wetness, smell her intoxicating musk, hear her mocking voice. Occasionally I could catch a glimpse of her, her magnificent breasts trying to spill out of her tight corset, her smiling face looking down in disdain and contempt at me. She reached for a small bullet vibrator and proceeded to pleasure herself, using me as a cushion. I felt so frustrated, so humiliated, I desperately wanted to taste her juices, to use my tongue to please her. But I knew that Mistress preferred to use the vibrator than my tongue. Eventually she was satisfied and stood up, still mocking me, flicking my useless clit with the tip of her boots.

As she relaxed on the sofa I cleaned and tidied up and all too soon it was time to return to her home.

My arse was glowing red and was painful, but I didn’t care. I had had an amazing time with my beloved Mistress, I had been humiliated, punished and rewarded beyond all measure. Most important of all, of course, my Mistress had greatly enjoyed every minute, relishing being able to give me such a sound thrashing, knowing that I will bear the scars for days to come. Knowing that makes all my pain and suffering worthwhile. Thank You Mistress Cara for giving me the chance to serve You!  


During last Saturday’s session with Mistress Cara, she chose to introduce me to a new for of pain and suffering. Pulling me close to her as she sat on the sofa, she grabbed both my nipples between her fingers and thumb. She then proceeded to pinch them ever tighter, at the same time twisting them and pulling them. The pain was excruciating, her finger nails digging deep into my tortured nipples. At the same time it was a wonderful feeling, a shock running through me. I gasped for breath and gritted my teeth as Mistress tightened her grip.

Suddenly releasing me, Mistress Cara produced a pair of evil looking clamps which she carefully placed on each swollen nipple, pulling them to make sure the clamp gripped tightly. Once again the pain was intense. Mistress used her crop to lightly flick each clamp in turn, causing me to cry out in pain. I was so close to my beautiful Mistress, I could look deep into her eyes and see the pleasure and enjoyment she was having at my expense.

After several minutes of teasing and flicking she removed the clamps. What had become a dull aching pain suddenly became unbearable as the blood flowed again. Before I could recover Mistress Cara used her crop on my swollen tender nipples. The pain was almost too much, but it felt so good, I loved it. I loved feeling her fingers grapping me, twisting and pulling me, her face so close I could see her laughing and smiling at my pain and humiliation. What a wonderful introduction to nipple torture! When Mistress Cara has my nipples pierced in a few weeks, I am sure that I will become used to the feeling.


Also during the session, only the third real session that we have had, Mistress Cara showed her total dedication and sense of responsibility towards her slave. Without my having to use the ‘safe’ word, Mistress knew instinctively how close I was to my limit of endurance. She pushed me to that limit and then held me there before stopping. She was attuned to the tone of my voice, my breathing, my trembling and shaking and so could work out precisely how much more pain, humiliation and suffering I could truly endure.

I have never felt so safe, so confident before. It is easy for a Mistress to deliver the thrashing of a lifetime; it is completely different to do so in an utterly controlled manner. Of course Mistress Cara controlled me, she always does. She also controlled herself, and still left me beaten and bruised, close to tears of pain and joy, even more devoted than ever. I would willingly trust her with my life, indeed, she is my life. Thank You, Mistress Cara, for everything!

New update from My slave, CarasMinnie. Beautiful sentiments, little one. Thank you.

PS In case people are wondering why I'm not here as often, I am mostly on facebook as Domina MistressCara or Tweeting at as TheMistressCara. Find Me. xx


On being Owned by Mistress Cara

I first applied to serve Mistress Cara in July last year. I had seen her profile on collarme and had studied her profile and website to gain as much information as possible before plucking up courage to contact her. She seemed to offer a slave exactly what I was hoping for, the chance to serve a beautiful, experienced Mistress in any way that she wished. I had preciously only served pro-Dommes and although I enjoyed the sessions I knew I longed for more.

After a short series of e-mails and texts, Mistress Cara set me some tasks to prove myself to her. I was instructed to buy ladies knickers, to take them into public toilets and wank myself off in there. Other humiliating tasks followed and with each one I was more and more certain that I had found the Mistress of my dreams. I could only hope that Mistress Cara felt that I could be of use to her. Finally, in early September I was able to meet Mistress Cara, albeit in less than ideal circumstances. I felt so nervous, so overjoyed at meeting my Mistress, I was sure she would not wish to see me again. However the next week I was permitted to visit her home and during the course of the evening she humiliated me, making me strip naked while she inspected my tiny useless clit. Later she gave me the thrashing of my life with her crop and flogger. Despite my pain and suffering I was determined not to use my safe word, not just because I wanted to impress my Mistress, but because I could see how much she was enjoying herself. She looked magnificent as she rained down blows on my ass and back, verbally humiliating me at the same time. The verbal humiliation was like nothing I had known before, as was the harsh beating. It was apparent that both Mistress Cara and myself had been waiting for a long time for such a session and I was determined not to bring it to an end. Eventually I was sobbing with pain and emotion, my arse was red hot and burning and reluctantly I used my safe word. Immediately Mistress stopped and gave me time to compose myself. As I have now come to expect, she was kind and caring, gently touching my glowing behind, comforting me. She whispered in her soft voice that she was pleased with me and smiled at me. That alone was reward enough, her smile can light up a room, lift my spirits, her soft voice is beautiful to hear.

I was allowed to spend the night, sleeping downstairs on her sofa bed while she slept upstairs with her real man, who had witnessed all of my punishment. He takes no part, but without his tacit agreement I know I would be unable to visit Mistress Cara as often as I do.  The next morning my ass was black and blue and I carefully drove home. The marks lasted for days, a fitting reminder to the most incredible session I have ever had, and to my new Mistress.

A few days later, on September 11, of dreaded 9/11 fame, Mistress Cara took formal Ownership of me and renamed me minnie. A slave Agreement was jointly signed outlining our various responsibilities and the foundation of my enslavement. Since that day Mistress has progressively taken further control of me, as outlined in my previous journals here, and has set me further humiliating tasks and intensified my sissification.

I now do not wear any underwear at all, I have to wear a bra at all times, my little clit is kept in permanent chastity. I have to sit down to pee, wear feminine perfume even at work and paint my nails at weekends. I am permitted to visit Mistress at weekends and one evening during the week and once a month she arranges to see me alone when she can humiliate me, punish me and ridicule me to her hearts content. On one memorable occasion she fucked my tight arsehole with her black strap-on dildo, an event I will never forget and one which I long for her to repeat. I still remember squealing like a stuck piggy as she pounded away at me, feeling her warm breath on my neck, feeling her hot thighs slamming into me.

Mistress Cara has explained to me that with my pathetic little clit there is no reason for me to cum, or even to have ruined orgasms. Instead she has told me to learn to milk my prostate in order to drain my sissy slime from my tiny balls. To date it is nearly 7 weeks since my last ruined orgasm. I also train regularly with my butt plugs, Mistress is keen that I should be able to take ever larger ones, in case she wishes to fuck me again with a man sized dildo.

I have never been happier of more content, she is the Mistress of my dreams, so kind and caring, cruel and harsh. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about a whole range of subjects, her knowledge of Domination and FemDom is amazing. Her dominant nature is completely natural and indeed it seems quite normal for me to submit to her every wish. She has effortlessly taken complete control of me and yet enriched my life beyond compare.

She gives so much time and effort to all of her slaves, online and real time and yet asks so little in return. As a result of that I begged Mistress Cara to be allowed to decorate her lovely home. I don’t enjoy painting and decorating, but knew that Mistress wanted her home repainted. It seemed a nice way to repay all of her kindness without any benefit or reward for myself, except for pleasing my Mistress. That is all my life consists of now, pleasing Mistress Cara .  

She has recently told me that she wishes to have my nipples pierced. It is not something I have ever thought of doing, or wanted doing, but I know that as sure as night follows day, I will have them pierced in the next few weeks. Mistress knows how sensitive they are already, no doubt she will make them suffer even more when they have been pierced. I can’t imagine ever refusing her request.

I admire and respect Mistress Cara immensely, both as my Owner and Mistress and as a person, she is simply charming, she makes submitting to her such a pleasure. Even the worst humiliation is worth the smile she smiles when pleased. She is unique, magnificent. I have grown to worship her, adore her and to love her. Thank You, Mistress Cara.

My slave minnie [see, Carasminnie here] has been serving Me this past 5 days... I will attempt to make time to post a journal of My own, but in the meantime you can all hear her words of gratitude and submissive fulfillment.


5 wonderful days spent in complete service to the incomparable Mistress Cara! On Friday I called on her in the morning and kept her company while snow bound. It was a wonderful way to pass the time, I would make her hot drinks, clean and tidy her home and do the washing up while Mistress was busy with her online would-be slaves. In between my chores I was permitted to sit at her feet and chat with my divine Mistress, about a variety of subjects. Mistress Cara is very well informed and has intelligent opinions which are fascinating to listen to. Later in the day we ventured to the local supermarket to witness the mindless panic buying public at large. Returning to Mistress Cara’s home I began to prepare her bathroom for decorating. Mistress Cara has kindly permitted me to redecorate her home, as a small way of repaying her kindness and generosity to her useless sissy slave. I do not enjoy decorating, but it is so rewarding to be able to give something back to Mistress Cara, who gives so much to all her slaves and yet asks so little in return. Friday evening was spent informally relaxing, Mistress Cara paying attention to her real man, who satisfies her in ways of which this little sissy can on dream. Without his kind understanding none of my frequent vanilla visits would be possible.

I spent Friday night sleeping on the floor of the living room, while Mistress Cara enjoyed the delights of her real man…

Saturday morning and I began to decorate the bathroom, determined to make as good a job as possible. I still had time to supply Mistress with hot drinks while she kept a close eye on my progress. Apart from minor finishing touches I finished by lunchtime and once again we ventured out into the snowy wasteland. A short drive to a local pub was a welcome break for Mistress and once again I noticed the other customers casting envious glances at her. I felt so pleased to be in her company, no-one could possibly imagine that we were a couple, that would be laughable, but simply to be seen in public with my beautiful, elegant Mistress is a rich reward for her useless slave.

Saturday evening was again spent relaxing with Mistress Cara and her family. I feel so unbelievably lucky, not just to be Owned and controlled by Mistress, but to be permitted to join her and her family is an amazing reward. Although a relaxed atmosphere, I never forget my true position and remain respectful and polite to all of her family at all times. Mistress Cara makes sure with a steady flow of humiliating remarks and keeping my busy pouring drinks etc. It feels so natural, so normal to submit to her in front of her family, albeit in subtle ways. I know Mistress Cara could take her pick from dozens of slaves, all desperate to serve her and yet for her own reasons she has chosen to take complete control of me. How unbelievably lucky I am. How unbelievably wonderful, kind and caring is Mistress Cara.

On Sunday I applied a second coat of paint to the bathroom before again carrying out chores and keeping company with Mistress.

Mistress was spending much time texting and Tweeting a potential new submissive who had caught her attention. It was fascinating and arousing to be able to watch the enjoyment and sheer pleasure that Mistress Cara gets from a keen and eager submissive. As the evening wore on it was apparent that Mistress was herself becoming extremely aroused by the exchange of texts, at one point becoming very red faced and breathless. I could only wonder at the content of the texts and marvel that they could arouse my Owner to such a state. It was a rare privilege to be able to watch, one I will never forget.  


I had been looking forward to Monday even more than the previous few days as I would be alone with Mistress Cara all day. It is such a rare treat to have time alone, to be able to discuss openly topics which cannot be discussed in front of her family. It is also a chance for me to be openly submissive in her home and in public. During my vanilla visits I long to be able to kneel before my Mistress and show my devotion, to call her ‘Mistress Cara’ openly and out loud. We left her home to go shopping and I enjoyed following her dutifully round while she browsed and I pushed the shopping trolley. Mistress kindly chose some more feminine shower gel for me to use and having decided that her sissy’s pathetic clit and baby balls should be completely bare she also selected some hair remover for me to use.

Mistress Cara is hugely enjoying sissyfying me and already demands that I wear a bra and no knickers every day. I also have to use feminine deodorant and perfume. I do not particularly enjoy the process, but gladly submit to her wishes, simply because pleasing Mistress Cara is all that matters to me.

For lunch we went to a nice cosy pub for a snack and to warm up from the bitter cold. Again I saw envious glances from other customers, wondering what such a beautiful young woman was doing with such an obvious loser.

All to soon it was time to return Mistress to her home and the needs of her young family. At least I had one more day alone with Mistress to look forward to, before I had to return to work.

The final day of my 5 day stay with my Owner, my beloved Mistress Cara had arrived. It had been a wonderful break from work and not for the first time I wished I could spend all day, every day, serving Mistress Cara. Damn the National Lottery, where are my missing millions?

As on Monday we set out in the morning for the nearby shopping centre, intent on finding a new bra for me to buy, both to humiliate me and to add to my collection. Mistress Cara also had a list of items for her own needs. We walked quickly from the car park to a café for a much need cup of coffee. It was bitterly cold outside and I hurried to get Mistress Cara into the warm. She planned to visit the Ann Summers shop, where she had sent me the previous week to buy bras on my own. They had a reasonable selection and seemed friendly as well. After the coffee we visited a couple of other stores before going to Ann Summers. I pointed out the bras I had purchased and mistress began browsing the others on display. I stayed close beside her, looking at the various items that took her interest as well as pointing out others that I thought would interest her.

Nothing caught her eye and we left empty handed to continue shopping. Once again I hurried along, eager to get out of the cold as quickly as possible. In the next shop it was apparent that Mistress Cara was upset and she told me that we would leave immediately. Mistress told me that I was forcing the pace, as I clearly wanted to go to my own home for a ‘session’ with her. I was so distraught and upset, I tried to explain why I had been hurrying but Mistress was adamant. We were to leave at once.

I had indeed hoped to visit my own home at some time during the day, and hoped that I would be permitted to worship my beloved Mistress in privacy. I am afraid that in turn I became deeply upset at the thought that I ‘expected’ Mistress to allow such devotion. I have always known that Mistress Cara does what she pleases, not what her slave wants. That is the cornerstone of my submission to her. Despite my pleas Mistress would not accept my explanation.

We arrived at my home and went inside. Mistress ordered me to strip naked and kneel before her. I did so and she administered a hard stinging slap to my face. I could tell Mistress was deeply upset by my behaviour and I was mortified. I crawled miserably to make a cup of tea and crawled back. I grovelled at her feet and she ordered me to kiss her stocking clad toes. I gladly did so, holding back the tears that were welling up.

Mistress then told me to move away and took a short suede flogger from her handbag. She had used on me previously and despite its small size I knew it could hurt. Methodically Mistress began to use it, at first on my ass cheeks, then my thighs. She took particular delight in flogging my back, knowing that my bra straps would make it even more uncomfortable later.

Mistress was relentless, increasing the force of each stroke, making me count each stroke, making me thank her for each stroke. I gritted my teeth and was determined to take as much punishment as Mistress wished. I had upset her and that is unforgivable. As the flogging continued I felt devastated, ashamed and miserable. I had dreamed of this day for weeks and of course I had hopes and wishes as to what might happen, but I knew that Mistress would decide, as always. I could not believe that my hopes had betrayed me and made me spoil a lovely day with my adored Mistress. I wished that she would thrash me as never before, but that would not turn back time, nothing could. Instead I choked back the tears of misery, not of pain.

Finally Mistress Cara relented and sat back down to finish her cup of tea. She ordered me to crawl to her and used my back as a foot stool while she watched tv.

As a final humiliating parody of what Mistress knew I longed for, she ordered me to lie on my back as she sat astride me, fully clothed and taunted me with her heavenly body, spat in my face and smothered me with her perfect ass, proving her total control of her useless slave by controlling my breathing, my vision, my sight and hearing. In other circumstances that would have been a wonderful reward in itself. Today, Mistress Cara contrived to make it the most humiliating time imaginable. Thankfully her clothes covered my face and so Mistress could not see the tears that were once again welling up in me. Tears of misery, frustration and despair. How could I have upset my Mistress, whom I adore with all my heart, whom I submit to gladly and proudly, whom means all the world to me. I felt so useless and pathetic, ashamed that my innermost wishes had betrayed me. In a final act of humiliation Mistress ordered me to edge my useless little clit while she watched. It was all I could do to make it hard, I felt so miserable and desolate. Thankfully the sight of my adored Mistress stirred it into life and much to her amusement I was soon on the edge. Naturally any form of release was out of the question, as it has been for over 5 weeks now.

Mistress ordered me to dress and the drive back to her home was awkward.

I carried out some final chores and packed my belongings into my car before taking my leave. As I apologised once again, Mistress Cara smiled and said quietly ‘It wasn’t that bad. You did upset Me though.’

As always her kindness shone through like a ray of sunshine, the fact remains that I have failed my Mistress, I have upset her and although the beating has stopped, I will continue to punish myself for a long while yet. Now I have to remove all the hair from my little clit and baby balls…..


So you can all catch up with My slave and I...

the latest few entries from CarasMinnie...
... journals I mean!!!

Journal entry posted on by carasminnie on 1/1/10 at 8:52:06 PM:

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful festive time, spending many days with Mistress Cara, always such a pleasure to be able to serve her, especially at this time of year.

We were able to spend some time away from her family and have a very useful talk, with Mistress telling me how she felt my training was progressing as well as the areas where I need to improve. In return I was invited to comment on my shortcomings as well as my hopes for the future. It is so typical of her thoroughness that Mistress Cara likes to probe my mind in order to extract maximum humiliation and frustration at a later time. I willingly open my heart to her, in order to be able to serve her better.

Today, New Years Day, Mistress has been texting me details of my new training regime. It is clear that Mistress Cara intends to increase the tempo of my service as she leads me to a new level of submission, humiliation and devotion. I am feeling nervous and excited as I still do not know the full extent of her intentions.

I do know that over the Christmas period I have become even more devoted to the most beautiful, elegant, intelligent, kind and caring Mistress it is possible to imagine. Mistress Cara effortlessly combines a cheerful friendly manner with a harsh and at times cruel and demanding attitude. I could not imagine life without being her slave. She is my Mistress, my Owner and my friend and I am unbelievably lucky and privileged to be able to call her any one of these, let alone all three.   

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will have to go into a shop and ask to be measured for a bra and then buy it. I now have to wear feminine perfume at all times, and go without any underwear. When at work I will have to edge every lunchtime. This is just the beginning; I can’t imagine what else my Goddess has in store for me.
Journal entry posted on by carasminnie on 1/2/10 at 3:21:55 PM:

Mistress Cara has made it clear that she intends to intensify my training and has already hinted at various ways in which she will do that, without lifting the veil completely.

My first task this year has been to go and buy a bra, in the right size for me to wear, and to ask if I can try it on in the shop. My heart sank when Mistress gave me my instructions. I have bought knickers and a bra before, but without the need to ask if they were my size, let alone ask to try them on. I knew I had to do it, I have no wish to be sissified, no interest in it, but it is Mistress Cara’s wish and that is all that matters. All I care about is pleasing my divine Owner.

So I went into town this morning, nervous and excited, enjoying the feeling of inevitability, or hopelessness.

Mistress Cara has kindly allowed me to visit the local Ann Summers shop as they are friendly towards pathetic males. Even so I was trembling like a leaf when I walked towards the shop. Mistress has also instructed me to use some body spray that the kindly gave me, so I was smelling very fragrant and feminine. Mistress has also forbidden me to wear any knickers and my poor little clit had shrunk to nothing in the bitter cold. I went inside the store and looked around. Thankfully there were only 2 or 3 other customers and I started to look at the various bras on display. Mistress had measured me and suggested a size 42 or 44 would suit. I found a lacy pink bra that seemed suitable, though it was marked XXL rather than the usual bust size. I took a deep breath and tried to control myself. I looked round for an assistant and saw one nearby. I stumbled over to her with the bra and said I was looking for a bra in my size, would this be suitable? My heart was pounding, I felt so embarrassed and self conscious. I longed to have Mistress Cara by my side, supporting me and humiliating me in person. The assistant was in her twenties and looked up at me. She didn’t seem to concerned as she asked me my size. I told her my Mistress had measured me and thought 42 – 44 would be right. She said she would check, and walked to her colleague at the checkout. Halfway there she called out and asked if a XXL would suit me. Her colleague looked up and said  yes. She handed the bra back to me and in a faint voice I asked if I could try it on, to be sure. She smirked at me and led me to the changing room. Once inside I hastily tried the bra on. It seemed to fit ok, not too tight or loose. It was a peephole bra though and I knew Mistress would die laughing at my slutty appearance.  I remembered to take a photo as instructed by Mistress, before hurriedly dressing again. At the checkout I asked if they had a similar style that was not peephole. Again the assistant smirked and said they didn’t. they had been very friendly and helpful, though as I walked out I heard a fit of giggles from them. I didn’t care. I had completed my task, Mistress Cara would be pleased and would humiliate me further. I felt so turned on by her control over me, so frustrated, so utterly devoted to the greatest Mistress. I wonder what’s next?
Journal entry posted on by carasminnie on 1/2/10 at 10:06:28 PM:

I had thought that buying my bra and trying it on in the shop was humiliating enough and that Mistress Cara had finished with me for the day. Wrong! When I returned home and was ironing her laundry she humiliated me further via twitter, (TheMistressCara), so everyone could follow my shame and frustration, my pathetic begging for release. She posted humiliating photos showing me in my bra and with my useless little clit hard. I was astounded to be even more turned on than before. As Mistress Cara posted each tweet I felt more and more submissive, more and more devoted to my awesome Owner. I was instructed to complete her ironing while wearing my new pink bra under my fluffy pink babygro. By now my little clit was dribbling with excitement and desperation.

Later in the afternoon Mistress Cara reverted to texts but did not cease to humiliate me and dominate me and thoroughly mind-fuck me. Like a surgeon with a scalpel Mistress probed my weaknesses, took advantage of my fears and longings, leaving me close to tears and exhausted. I felt wrung out, drained mentally, but not my baby balls!

Finally Mistress Cara stopped and as always, she took great care to comfort me and reassure me. She even rewarded me by saying how proud she was of me. That text alone made all my suffering worthwhile. I have never felt so dominated, so controlled, so helpless to resist. I have never felt so devoted, so determined to please whatever the cost. I have never felt so frustrated and desperate to cum.

Mistress had one final sting in the tail. She has just told me to wear my bra to bed tonight. Just the bra, nothing else. Mistress spent New Years Eve at my home and slept in my bed while I slept on the floor. My bed still has her scent on it. I know I will not sleep at all.

Journal entry posted on by carasminnie on 1/3/10 at 9:31:18 PM:

I was due to visit Mistress Cara at 1.00 pm when I received an emergency tweet from her at 12.00. Mistress had run out of washing up liquid! I was shocked, she had no reason to be washing up! Undaunted, I leapt into my car with a bottle of Fairy and sped over as fast as I could. The crisis was averted and after completing the washing up myself I was able to take Mistress Cara into the local shops for some much needed retail therapy. I spent a very happy afternoon carrying her shopping and we even had time for a coffee and a relaxing chat about the events of the past 2 weeks. I treasure these times with my beloved Mistress, there are no vanilla influences and we are able to talk freely on a range of topics. Mistress is always kind enough to allow me to speak freely, though always respectfully and deferentially of course. I find it invaluable to be able to ask for her advice and comments, where she draws on her experience and knowledge of all aspects of life.

All too soon it was time to return to her home and after a final cup of tea I took my leave to prepare to return to work.

At home I waited eagerly for an e-mail from Mistress, outlining my training instructions for the week. Mistress has decided to up the tempo of my sissification and has told me she has a long list of ideas for me. I am feeling nervous and excited, keen to progress and to please Mistress Cara. The last 2 weeks have made me realise just how devoted and dedicated I am to her, she is simply my whole world now. Her natural ability to dominate and control are awesome to see, as are the imaginative ways in which she humiliates and teases me.

One welcome chore given to me is to do some laundry for Mistress, including her satin bed sheets, bath towel and used knickers, all deliciously scented with her heavenly aroma. I will keep them all on my bed for tonight at least, before reluctantly washing the heady bouquet from them tomorrow evening.

I have now received my e-mail instructions, it will be an interesting day at work tomorrow, but more of that anon.
Journal entry posted on by carasminnie on 1/4/10 at 9:47:43 PM:

Mistress Cara has issued me with a set of Instructions designed to increase my sissification and humiliation. Although individually they are not onerous, combined they have left me feeling very submissive and under her control. In brief they are:

No underwear at all

Wear a bra at all times

Wear feminine perfume at all times

Edge my little clit morning, noon and night

Practice milking with her 7 inch strapon

Wear my fluffy pink babygro in the evenings at home

Mistress will also tell me each night what I may wear in bed

So the first day back at work was rather stressed, I arrived early as usual, but wearing a bra and no knickers and smelling fragrantly of the body spray which Mistress Cara had kindly given me. I felt very nervous and self conscious, certain someone would ask about the perfume, or see my bra strap. The first meeting of the day went without incident and I began to relax a little. I kept busy at my desk most of the morning but had to venture outside briefly. It was so cold without any knickers, my little clit and baby balls were frozen and even smaller than usual. I hurried back inside and tried to thaw them out before my noon appointment in the toilets.

At lunchtime I went into the toilet cubicle and began to edge my still cold clit. With a little encouragement it began to thaw and get hard as I thought of my divine Mistress, for whom I suffer gladly. I thought of how beautiful she had looked over the holiday period, how awesome she had been over the weekend when she had tested my devotion and obedience to the limit.

With those lovely thoughts my pathetic clit was soon oozing slime and I had to stop, not wanting to risk even an accidental discharge. I felt dirty and humiliated, I love to edge at home, but in the toilet it felt different. I hurriedly dressed and went back to my desk.

Mistress Cara had made me buy my bra on Saturday, and was so amused by how I look wearing it that she told me to by matching ones in red and black. I managed to leave work a little early and went straight to the Ann Summers store in town. Thankfully they had the same style in the colours that Mistress wanted so I took them to the checkout. I felt quite comfortable this time, no sign of the panic I had felt on Saturday. The assistant was friendly and didn’t even bat an eyelid when I said how pleased my Mistress had been! Even so I was quick to leave and head off home.

In the evening I combined my final edging with my ongoing butt plug and milking practice. Mistress Cara will not allow me any further orgasms, not even ‘ruined’ or ‘spoiled’ ones and so I need to be able to drain my slime by milking my prostate. It has been 4 weeks since my last draining so I need to learn quickly. I slipped the small plug in and eased it in and out to loosen my tight hole in preparation for the 7 inch strapon that Mistress Cara had used when she fucked me some weeks ago. I relaxed as I felt my hole stretch as the plug slid in and out so easily. After several minutes I prepared the strapon and eased that in. I was surprised how easily it slid in, and felt ashamed at my hungry slutty hole. I love feeling the strapon inside me, it will forever remind me of Mistress Cara pounding me for the first and so far, only time. I loved it, feeling her warm body so close to me, her breath on the back of my neck as she forced the 7 inches of black cock deep inside me. I remembered how I had squealed in pleasure, begging for more. With that single fuck, I surrendered completely and totally to my divine Mistress. I long for her to fuck me again.

Despite my happy memories I was unable to milk myself, at least help will soon be at hand in the form of:  If I can’t milk with that then I never will!

I went to a dinner party last night, where I and other guests enjoyed copious amounts of alcohol.
I awoke this morning not feeling well, with what could be described as
 flu-like symptoms; headache, nausea, chills, sore eyes, etc.
From the results of some initial testing, I have unfortunately tested
 positive for what experts are now calling Wine Flu.
 This debilitating condition is very serious - and it appears this is not an
 isolated case.
Reports are flooding in from all around the country of others diagnosed
 with Wine Flu. To anyone that starts to exhibit the aforementioned tell-tale
 signs, experts are recommending a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down.
However, should your condition worsen, you should immediately hire a DVD
 and take some Nurofen (Nurofen seems to be the only drug available that has
 been   proven to help combat this unusual type of flu). Others are reporting a
 McDonald's Happy Meal can also help in some cases. (I think a Marmite Sandwich does wonders) If not, then further
 application of the original liquid, in similar quantities to the original
 dose, has been shown to do the trick.
Wine Flu does not need to be life threatening and, if treated early, can be
 eradicated within a 24-48 hour period.
NOTE: If you find you are complaining a lot, it may be that it has mutated
 into Whine Flu. This is particularly common in men and can quickly spread
 to  their partners where the symptoms are detected as a serious case of

Well I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, helped by My sissy slave Carasminnie. I received lots of wonderful presents and I'm as always deliciously spoilt.

I particularly love the huge egyptian cotton towels set, My new luxurious three piece suite with recliner and My sumptious king size bed with deluxe mattress, satin sheets and feather duvet. Mmmm.

Plus more shoes, clothes, books, DVDs, music [including iPod Hi-Fi], treats, sex toys, lingerie... than you can shake a glass dildo at.

New Years Eve was a hoot with My real man and I invited to My slave's quarters to indulge ourselves with the contents of his drinks cabinet and kitchen... with the slut of course serving us dressed in appropriate attire.

I took photographs of the scene as it unfolded.

I did break My riding crop later though. My slave is a hard ass. LOL

Forcing the slut to sleep on the floor My real man and I enjoyed the slave's bed all night.

mmmmmm wonderful times. I do hope she enjoys being fitted for and purchasing her bra today. I have such brilliant humiliating plans to herald the New Year for her.

So much goes on in My life it's impossible to fit it into journal entries!!

licks and bites. Later losers!


How wonderful is modern technology!

Follow Me on Twitter and you can have My tweets direct to your mobile phone. You can carry Me in your pocket all day, right next to your heart.


I tweet daily so its the best way to stay updated on news about My Dominant life and My slaves.

I'm TheMistressCara on there xxx

How humiliating! I LOVE it!

Mistress Cara has said that for this week, I am to edge only in the morning and continue my anal training each evening.

With this in mind I prepared the small plug and as is now usual, it slid in readily to my hungry hole. While I eased it in and out, I re-read the various tweets that Mistress had posted today. There were several about me, to another sub. I briefly felt ashamed as Mistress described my tiny clit and inability to wear any form of chastity device. Then, as is increasingly the case these days, I just felt so pleased and proud to be Owned and controlled by such a wonderful, powerful dominant woman. I kept these thoughts as I swapped the small plug for the big black dildo and pushed it deep inside. It felt good, stretching me, reminding me yet again of the time my beloved Mistress had fucked me with it.

Mistress Cara controls me completely now, I have given up any pretence otherwise. I am sure it will only be a matter of time before Mistress dictates which clothes I wear to work and orders my weekly shopping for me! I think of Mistress Cara constantly, at work, in the car, every evening and dream of her every night. Apart from moving in and living in her home, I feel that I am under her control 24 hours a day. When I leave her home after a visit, I miss her the minute my car moves down the road. My pulse quickens when I am driving to see her, my heart jumps for joy when Mistress opens the front door and graciously allows me inside.

I still have much to learn and I know that I am completely useless at tasks that even most slaves could complete. My pathetically small clit is a great disappointment to Mistress as is my lack of balls of any size. Mistress Cara has decided therefore that there is simply no need for me to cum, or orgasm or even have a ruined orgasm. She does allow me to milk myself occasionally in order to drain my slime, but not to derive any pleasure in the process.

One of the reasons for my anal training is so I can learn to milk myself, the others being so that Mistress Cara can fuck me with ever bigger strap-ons and also so that I can take ever bigger butt plugs, which Mistress enjoys.

To date I am still struggling with even the medium size plug that Mistress kindly bought for me. Sadly tonight was no exception, try as I might, it would only go in halfway.    

Another lovely journal from My slave, Carasminnie

Oh god it feels good!

After a break of 10 days, Mistress Cara has kindly agreed to allow me to resume my anal training. I have missed the feel of the butt plug inside me, especially the feel of the 7 inch black dildo that Mistress used to fuck me. I have yet to be able to take the medium butt plug, hence the need to resume my training.

As usual I prepared the small plug, using some extra lube in case my tight hole had forgotten how good it felt. I felt ashamed when it slid straight in without any resistance. Mistress Cara is right, I am an anal slut! At least it gave me hope that I would be able to take the medium plug one day. For now I relaxed a while, getting used to the feel of the small plug once again. I had the vibrator on slow speed and loved the tingling sensations. My thoughts turned to Mistress Cara and how incredible it had been to feel her fucking me that one time. I long to be fucked again by my Mistress, my Owner. I quickly prepared the dildo, eager to feel it inside me. I used extra lube as well, but once again it slid in with as much resistance as the French in 1939.

Oh god it felt good!

I eased it all the way in, and nearly lost it as my greedy hole sucked it in. once again my thoughts turned to my Mistress. Recently in a session she had pushed me onto my back and straddled me, leaning down on my shoulders. It felt good to be overpowered, to be pinned down, unable to get up. Mistress then moved close to me. I stared up at her beautiful face, smiling at me, her dark brown eyes penetrating me. Without warning she spat at me, right in my face! Then leaned back and laughed at the look of amazement on my face and promptly spat again. It felt wonderful, to be pinned down, helpless and then spat on. I felt humiliated, ashamed, defenceless but very much turned on by it. Mistress Cara laughed more and then leaned forward and allowed a large gob of her precious spit drop into my eager mouth. It tasted fantastic, warm and light. I swallowed it hungrily, wanting more. My Owner kindly obliged, like a bird feeding its young, She fed me several more drops before finally spitting in my face a final time. What a fantastic experience! I loved it!!

I had spent the last weekend serving Mistress Cara at her home, and it marked a turning point. I don’t know exactly why, or what, but when I was back at home I felt different. Something had changed. I felt helpless, no longer in control of myself. Unable to decide what was happening. Mistress Cara had me, totally, irresistibly. Perhaps it was the long talk we had had. Perhaps it was the wording of a couple of texts that she had sent me, expressing her delight in owning me.

One thing is for sure. I am no longer in control of myself.

I wear women’s underwear all the time.
I sit down to pee.
I wash using female shower gel and shampoo.
I paint my nails at weekends.
I wear a fluffy pink babygro.
I wash up and tidy every time I visit Mistress.
I’m forbidden to cum.
I have to edge my little clit twice a day.
I practice with a butt plug.
I have been fucked by Mistress.
I long to be fucked again by Mistress.

I am not in control.

Oh god it feels good! 

Thank you puppy for My gorgeous poem...

I love it... and you.



Blown into space in a white suit cocoon
Air running low meaning death will flow soon
So peaceful in drifting alone through the stars
A dying thought of a beach and a Cuban cigar
Smiling in delirium from oxygen low
Eyesight is blurring the mirage that's aglow
Heading towards him, or him towards it
Relativity lost with the rest of his wits
The stars fade away
As enveloped in grey
He approaches the cloud
Until bathed in that shroud
One part of him feeling begins now to stir
Like a cat in his lap with a low level purr
Feeling naked but safe, straining manly reflex
Reaching down to assist with some strokes to his sex
But the mummy style suit which keeps death at bay
Ensures Michelin man is unable to play
A welling frustration builds up in his core
Which hardens still further his untouchable sore
Focused sensation
Tearful frustration
Blind, deaf and dumb
Yet aching to cum
Even in his frustration there’s a sense of release
The air seems to flow freely. He feels more at peace
His body invigorated. Osmotically sustained
Even as... or BECAUSE... his raging sex is contained
A wave rushes over, drawn from nose and from toes
Swells at his centre... he’s SO very close
Another wave builds, more profound than the first
Wrenching his insides. He’s desperate to burst
Electrical ants
Scurry inside his pants
Swarming over his snake
Leaving frustrating wakes
Stimulation just fails to tip him over the brink
A prisoner dying of thirst strains his tongue for a drink
That remains out of reach though he yanks at his chains
Rational thought gone, need has addled his brains
Agony rides on the next of those waves
Renewing vigour and rigour and air to this slave
His joy stratospheric as about to explode
But he falls into a vacuum, with nothing to unload
Total shock
His aching cock
Into the void
His soul destroyed
Over and over the cycle repeats
Denial slowly bleeds his will into defeat
Away from the edge, the air is too rare
On the fine edge of cumming, in sexual despair
He falls less far each time, ever closer apex
His suffering groin boiling and aching yet vexed
Alive in denial he's soon craving the torment
Until he feels he has turned his suit into a tent
Everything slowed
Unbearably so
Just to be DONE
To die or... AND... to cum!!!
Astride the peak of desire he vibrates in need
His cock feels enormous, denied his ball-boiling seed
And through tear streaming eyes his cloud changes hue
Becoming more psychedelic with his torment its cue
Pulsing and ebbing  around its trapped mate
Having achieved the ideal though it took time to create
And before the next stage, savoured what she'd acquired
That finely balanced blend of fear, need, tears and desire
Carnal rapture
Soul mate captured
Colours pulse
They both convulse
She seems less like prison and more like his saviour
He can't help his need and his maddening behaviour
The cocoon becomes gel-like but all he feels is want
Want for release... and to drink... from her font
His need for him turns to need to please her
Alchemical love over sexual pleasure
She sustains him like nothing he has known in his time
And as she kills him he truly feels love is sublime
Crushed. No air
No help from prayer
His body screams
Hers boils and steams
He awakens in softness, as his limbs slowly stir
All he knows is a need to be Hers
His eyes slowly open to take in Her glory
A surreal, womanly creature from a fantasy story
Shimmering, curves, kindness and mischief
A glint in her eye sends him craving relief
His hands slide down his torso to fondle his joy
Desperate groping finds nothing but a senseless clit of a toy
The tears well again as she cradles her soul
He is shaking in loss from no longer being whole
She gently guides him til he lies at her feet
And curiously he feels that he's almost complete
He looks up and his eyes fix in desire at her sex
Straining to reach, craning his collared neck
Everything natural now, as though life has begun
He catches Her desire on the tip of his tongue
And though he cannot sate himself when Her fingers connect
With his clit he explodes, Her completed subject
On each climax his breasts swell in joyful desire
Pleasuring Her gives him all he requires
And if not for Her joy, that ever-present need
Which increases in pain with each drive to spurt seed
Would consume and destroy him so he thinks just of Her
And everything else is a meaningless blur
Added a few festive treats to My photo gallery!

In The Darkness


As I lay my weary head to rest

Exhausted by the lies of yet another day

I enter a place beyond the unseen boundary

The place forbidden by day, filled as it is

With hateful memories and self-loathing

I stumble amogst the dark edges and corners of my mind

Fearful shadows cast by eerie flickers of light

How the silence roars within my brain
It is tormenting me always, those deafening accusations

For here in the darkness is where my true self is recognised

I must confront that reflection which I know but cannot see

Yes I know you are there, True Self

You are there to haunt me and taunt me everynight

Mocking me as I dare to reach out only in the dark

As if you are somehow safer then, softer, kinder

But still knowing you will not, for you cannot be so
I lie with my face glued to the pillow to block out the remnants of light

Waiting for that glorious day - for it must come soon

When I have the strength to defeat my enemy in the dark

And finally rest in peace.

Friday was the day. I trained My slut for a few weeks prior, as you have all been reading. Tiny pathetic plugs at first to train her virgin arse. Up to what I think is a medium plug but we needed an inbetween size as the pathetic useless whore couldnt take it.

The slag still cannot take the 'big' plug, only gets it 3/4 of the way in before squealing like a stuck pig.
Anyway, Friday I was looking forward to finally reaming her arse. 7 black inches to fuck her with, popping her anal cherry in the process and possibly milking her tiny button balls that are not allowed any other form of release now.

Enjoying a morning filled with luxury coffee and shopping in from the rain, we headed to the slut's home where I made Myself comfortable at her expense, drinking hot drinks she crawled to bring Me. Soon I was bored and instructed her to close the curtains [we don't want slut thrown out onto the street, she may have to pester Me by living in the garden shed if that happens!]

After some foot worship while I verbally humiliated her, I finally allowed the pink dressed sissy slut to undress Me from the waist down until I stood before the lucky whore half naked.. bare shaven pussy ready and glistening with anticipation. Slut wasn't allowed to look directly at anything but the floor without permission of course. Lol

My double ended strap on pants were comfortable to step into, easing the 5 inches inside My waiting cunt I took hold of the external 7 inches.

This is the 7 inches that would fuck My virgin arse slut senseless.

I made her show Me, entertain Me by inserting her plugs once more before I took her. She needed her tight hole stretching anyway. While this was in process, I allowed her the great privilege of sucking My strap on, forcing it deep down her throat til she gagged on it.

I laughed.

Once satisfied she was as close to ready as she would ever be, I moved around to the back of her kneeling form. Pushing My tip to her entrance and using more lube than strictly necessary, I shoved the tip into her hole.

Oh god she squealed.

I loved it.

Fucking deeper and deeper til My skin met her arse cheeks.

7 full black inches buried deep inside her tight man cunt.

What a fucking whore.

All that whinging and whining for weeks and now it slips in and is hungry, greedy for more!

I'll never believe her again when she says its too much. She didnt hardly seem to notice it was inside, I think next time I'll try for 10 inches. And an inch more girth.

Fucking slut.

I fucked her fully letting it come almost all the way out before pounding it deep inside again for a while, until I tired and bored of using My sissy slut in this fashion with My black cock.

She was a quivering squawking gibbering wreck of gratitude, as is only right.

I didnt feel she deserved to be fully milked, after lying to Me about how it would be too much to take, and also being so lucky as to have all the treats I let her enjoy.

She must stay chaste.

I might fuck her again once she can take the largest widest plug she has.

We'll see.
An overview of November so far for My slave, carasminnie:


5 November

I’m glad to be back home after 2 days away on business. Last night I was able to keep in touch with Mistress Cara  while in my hotel room. When I got home tonight I read my e-mails from Mistress. She has now instructed me to write all my journals in pink!

Well, pretty pink print and pretty pink panties are a paltry price to pay to pamper a perfect Princess!

Home again and back to my anal training. As is now usual, I easily put the medium plug in and then began to ease it in and out, trying to stretch my still tight hole. The clock is ticking before Mistress Cara  fucks me with her strap-on and I desperately need to be able to take the big plug first.

I updated my profile while sitting on the plug and did some other chores. Finally after several minutes I prepared the big plug. I quickly took out the medium one and tried to push the big one in, hoping my hole would still be stretched. As usual, the first half went in fairly easily, but again I could not make slide all the way in. Mistress Cara  had advised me to try sitting on a hard chair, to try to force it in. I did this but despite intense pain it would go no further. As before I sat for a few minutes with the plug half in, hoping it would slowly sink in. the only thing to sink were my spirits, as the plug would not go in. I will keep trying, I have to keep trying.


6 November

I am so, so lucky. I will be spending most of my weekend with my Owner, the divine Mistress Cara! What a great honour, a privilege for a useless sissy like me. Tomorrow, Saturday, Mistress has allowed me to take her shopping and other vanilla events then on Sunday I have been permitted to re-decorate her living room as a sign of my devotion to her.
Right now I am sat writing this journal with my medium plug deep in my slutty hole. I have already tried again to take the big pink plug, to no avail. This time I sat right down on it, on my desk. I pushed as hard as I could, until I gasped with pain. I added more lube and tried again, and again. I was staring at the strap-on dildo that Mistress Cara  will use, knowing that if I can take the plug, then when Mistress fucks me in 2 weeks, I will be able to take the dildo.
I feel so frustrated, humiliated that the big plug won’t go in. I can hear Mistress laughing, mocking me, taunting me.
I feel so on edge, desperate to see my Mistress, desperate to milk myself, desperate for Mistress Cara  to fuck me, desperate to surrender completely to my Owner.
My regular vanilla meetings with Mistress are so wonderful, so rewarding, so unexpected and yet so frustrating. I long to be able to grovel naked at her feet, to feel the lash of her crop, to worship her feet, to hear her verbal humiliation of my pathetic clit, to bury my face in her divine bottom and worship her endlessly. I cannot complain, I know how amazingly privileged I am, how honoured I am, how unworthy I am. Perhaps it is just a measure of how completely Mistress Cara  has taken over my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


8 November

What a wonderful weekend it has been, spent serving my Owner, the amazing Mistress Cara. On Saturday I called on Mistress mid-morning and accompanied her on shopping errands. At lunchtime Mistress chose a suitable pub for refreshment and we sat chatting and relaxing. During the course of conversation Mistress Cara  paid me an amazing compliment, a sign of her trust in her useless sissy. It was so unexpected and so special, I was lost for words at the time. The impact is still sinking in and has made me more determined than ever to serve my Mistress in any way she sees fit. I feel so unworthy, so useless serving such a wonderful Mistress. I felt very privileged to be her property.
Later I drove Mistress to my home where she relaxed and enjoyed a cup of tea, and inspected my humble home!
In the evening I accompanied Mistress and her real man to a firework show. As predicted it rained heavily while we waited for the show to begin. Thankfully I had an umbrella and stood guard over my Mistress, ensuring that she escaped the worst of the downpour. I think that if she had instructed me, I would have gladly knelt in the mud so that she could sit down! During the display, thousands of people were watching the fireworks while I gazed at my Mistress, seeing the pleasure on her face, watching her enjoyment. Once again, I felt very privileged to be her property.
After the fireworks I drove her to her home and spent the rest of the evening contentedly sat at her feet, rubbing her feet, legs and back.
Mistress Cara  had permitted me to spend the night at her home, as on Sunday I was to decorate her living room. As Mistress helped me to prepare the sofa bed, she once again rewarded me, telling me that I may once again edge myself twice daily. Mistress had forbidden it for a week, as I had become over-excited and close to losing control of my little clit. To be able to resume edging was wonderful news, especially to be able to edge while in my Mistress’s home, a perfect end to a perfect day.
On Sunday, after a late breakfast, Mistress Cara  and her family left me alone to start the decorating. I had begged to be able to do this, as I desperately wanted to show my devotion to my Mistress, to give something back for all the time and attention that Mistress has so kindly given to her useless sissy. It is too easy to simply send a gift from her wishlist, I wanted to work hard to please my Mistress, to do something purely to please my Owner. So I set to work, preparing and painting the walls. Mistress returned home while I was halfway through. She then made herself comfortable, watching TV, answering e-mails as well as keeping a close watch on her perspiring slave. I’m not sure if I was perspiring from exertion or from nervousness. I finally completed all that I could, and thankfully Mistress Cara  said that she was pleased with the result. What a relief! I still have to finish small details, but I went home feeling very happy and content, knowing that I had pleased my Mistress. That is more than enough reward for this little slave. I still have my anal training to complete tonight, knowing that it is now less than 2 weeks before my beloved Mistress intends to fuck my ass, whether or not I am ready for it.   


9 November

After the wonderful weekend spent with Mistress Cara , I was keen to resume my anal training. As soon as I got home from work I prepared the medium plug. As is usual now, it slid in with little effort. Mistress Cara  had given me some advice about how to milk myself, which is how she intends to drain my slime in the future. Despite the need for me to be able to take the large plug, I was keen to try again to milk myself. It has been 6 weeks since I was last permitted to drain my baby balls and I knew Mistress Cara would be pleased if I could drain myself.
Following her advice, I edged my little clit. Following a week without even that pleasure, it felt so good to be stroking my pathetic little nub once again.
As soon as it became hard I stopped stroking and turned the plug vibrator on, slowly increasing to full speed. By carefully moving the plug I could vary the sensations I felt. Sometimes by my ring, then up inside me. I kept doing this, lightly holding my clit but not stroking it.
After several minutes I began to tremble, felt my tight hole clenching the plug tightly as the vibrations went through me.  I stopped looking at the photos of my Mistress, closed my eyes and thought of her, how good it felt to be at her feet, how natural, rubbing them and her legs, how beautiful and kind she is, how harsh and cruel she can be. I thought of how much she means to me, how desperate I am to serve her and care only for her pleasure.
I began to breathe deeply, trembling more and more. I looked down and saw that about a teaspoon of slime had oozed out of my useless clit. I didn’t stop, I kept the vibrator going, still thinking of my divine Mistress, how pleased she would be. After several more minutes I felt another dribble of slime seep out. My clit was quite soft now, only the plugs vibrations and thoughts of my Owner had caused the leakage. Reluctantly I turned the plug off and paused to regain my breath. In all about 2 teaspoons had oozed out. It looked vile, yellow and rancid after 6 weeks. I gritted my teeth and began to lick it off the towel. Mistress Cara  is keen on recycling. I had hoped that the milking may have relaxed my ever tight hole, so after a few minutes respite I again tried with the big plug. It went in halfway as usual, but no more. I was pleased to have milked, but very disappointed that I still was unable to take the big plug.     


10 November

On my way home from work I stopped off at Mistress Cara’s home to complete the decorating I had started on Sunday. Mistress is away for a few days, so I let myself in with the key she had given me. What an honour that is, to be entrusted with the keys to her home. I felt so proud, so pleased that my Owner trusted me enough to complete my tasks unsupervised. I carefully went round the room, touching in areas that I had left on Sunday, careful not to spill a drop of paint on the carpet. It felt strange being in my Owner’s home without her. I kept turning round, expecting to see Mistress standing at the door, watching her sissy at work. I could smell her perfume all around me, I looked wistfully at the sofa where Mistress Cara would relax as I knelt down, rubbing her feet, listening to her soft sensual voice.

Once I had finished I tidied away all the paint, brushes etc and started to wash and tidy the kitchen, as I have been trained to do every time I visit my Mistress. Satisfied that I had done my best, I returned home. Later in the evening I prepared my medium butt plug for my nightly training session. As is usual now it slid in without any problem.

After last night’s milking session, tonight I concentrated on expanding my tight hole. In only 10 days Mistress Cara  will fuck me, whether or not I am ready, so I desperately need to be able to take the big pink plug that she bought for me. I kept the medium plug at its widest part on my tight hole, hoping to stretch it enough to take the big plug. I held it in place for several minutes, slowly easing it in and out before removing it and quickly trying to force the big plug in. it went in so far, about halfway as usual, but no further. I sat on it on my desk, hoping to force it, but it would not move. I tried twisting it and pushing at the same time, turning it like a corkscrew. Nothing. Why won’t it go in? the medium one was impossible at first, but after a week it slid in easily. Surely it will be the same with the big plug. It’s not big by any means, less than 2” diameter. I know many people can and do take much larger plugs with ease, so why can’t I? It’s not particularly painful trying, it just won’t budge! I will try again tomorrow.  


11 November

With the clock ticking before Mistress Cara fucks my arse next Friday, I am becoming increasingly worried that I still cannot take the big plug. I know that this is bigger than Mistress''s strap-on, so I need to be able to take it to be able to enjoy Mistress Cara humiliating me and proving her full control of me. With this in mind, tonight I decided to try to relax my tight hole, to try to feel what it will be like to have her deep inside me. I slid the medium plug in as usual and turned the built in vibrator on. I''m getting used to the sensations, but tried to relax and enjoy them rather than fight them. I sat cross legged on the floor, not quite sitting directly on the plug. I gently squeezed and relaxed my hole, feeling the different sensations moving up and down inside me. I tried to relax my hole, letting the plug begin to slip out before clenching again to pull it back in again. I repeated this for several minutes, slowly beginning to feel at ease with the movement and changing vibrations. I moved position, lying on my side, still clenching and unclenching.

After several minutes in this position I again moved, this time lying on my back, my knees bent up. I gently moved the tip of the plug with my finger, feeling how the slightest movement changed the vibrations. I then resumed clenching and unclenching, as well as moving my hips up and down. That felt good, but I felt such a slut and imagined Mistress Cara with her strap-on looking down at her sissy slut as she pounds away, making me beg for more, pleading with her to fuck me, watching as her pleasure grows and grows.

Anxious to make the most of being relaxed, I quickly took the medium plug out and once again tried the big plug. As always, it slid in half way and then stuck. I rolled back onto my hands and knees and kept trying to force it in, still thinking of Mistress Cara and how I must do everything I can to please and obey her. Was it me, or did it go in a bit further than before? If it did it still was not enough. I know that once it goes in the first time it will only get easier subsequently. I''m beginning to lose hope, thinking that Mistress Cara will have to force it in before she uses her strap-on. I have just over a week to learn how to take it and will keep trying every day til then.  


12 November

Mistress Cara has been staying up north for a few days and is driving home tonight in torrential rain. I hope she has a safe journey. I know she will be tired when she arrives home, I wish I could be there to greet her and to have a bath prepared for her. Mistress had instructed me to turn on the heating and hot water on my way home from work. I took the opportunity for a last check around to make sure everything was neat and tidy. I put some fresh milk in the fridge and left a loaf of bread out as well.

Back home, my thoughts still with my Mistress, I prepared once again for my anal training. I have almost given up hope of being able to take the big plug, but will keep on trying. With barely a week to go before Mistress Cara fucks me, I have been trying to prepare myself for the ordeal. I desperately want to submit to her, my Mistress, my Owner but I know how humiliating it will be, whether or not I can take her big strap-on. I can’t decide which will be more humiliating, being able to or not. The shame of not being able to please Mistress will be too much to bear. In any event I am almost certain to break down in tears, either of joy and relief, or more likely of frustration, failure and abject misery.

At the moment the prospect of the pain, the shame and humiliation seem almost secondary to the desperate need to please my wonderful, beautiful Mistress.

Once again, the medium plug slid in like a rat up a drain pipe. I eased it in and out, stretching my hole as much as I could. After several minutes I prepared the big plug and tried to quickly slide it in. as always it went in halfway then came to an abrupt halt. Nothing seems to make it go in any further, sitting on it, twisting and turning it, changing position. No effect at all. Time is running out….


15 November am

Once again I was excused anal training on Friday night, I had begged Mistress Cara to allow me to provide supper for her following her long, tiring journey the night before.

Thankfully Mistress seemed to enjoy the shop bought meal that I had brought, together with the wine. Mistress Cara very kindly allowed me to sit at her feet all evening and rub her tired feet and back. It is such a great honour and pleasure for me to be able to serve my Mistress in this way, I would never have dreamed it possible, just a few short weeks ago. In that short time I have had my dreams realised, submitting totally to such a beautiful, kind caring Mistress.

I don’t think that I have ever been happier in my life than I am now, being Owned and used by Mistress Cara. I have learnt the joy of wanting to do something for someone very special, without any gain for myself. No ulterior motive, no reward except that inner glow of having pleased a very special, unique woman. I wish that I had been brave enough, or confident enough to surprise Mistress Cara on her return from the North.

On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to drive Mistress on some errands before asking permission to leave her to the delights of her real man and return to my own home.

With less than a week remaining I resumed my anal butt plug training with increasing desperation. Mistress has been very supportive of my efforts so far and has offered advice and encouragement but I know that on Friday I will be humiliated and abused more than ever before.

Being on such an emotional high, I hoped that finally the big plug would co-operate! The medium plug slid in as usual and after applying large amounts of lube to the big plug I tried again to make it fit. I sat on it, I wriggled around with it in as far as it would go. I tried with the vibrator on, with the vibrator off. I clenched and un-clenched, hoping it would go in. I am beginning to fear that Mistress will have to deliver the coup de grace on Friday before impaling her helpless, useless sissy on her fearsome strap-on.   


15 November pm

I feel such a dirty slut. I slipped my butt plug in and then did my weekly ironing, with the plug in and the vibrator on low. As I moved around so did the sensations that I felt. I tried to concentrate on the ironing, on the tv programme. I felt my tight hole slowly relax as I became accustomed to the feelings. I finished the ironing and remained standing, varying the speed of the vibrator, slowly moving around. By now my little sissy clit was wet with precum oozing out of it. my sissy pink knickers were wet with the slime. I felt such a dirty slut, ashamed and wanting to continue until I milked myself. Instead I tried to take advantage of my relaxed state and prepared the big plug for yet another attempt. The medium plug almost fell out of its own accord, giving me hope that the big one would feel right at home. It slid in easily to begin with but as usual came to a full stop halfway in. I tried and tried to push it the final way in, and it seemed to move in a bit further than normal. But not far enough. I am so afraid that Mistress Cara  will have to force her way in on Friday, despite my being desperate to feel her deep inside me. Four more days to try, four more days until Mistress Cara will overwhelm me with her control of me. I’m such a dirty sissy slut.


16 November

With only a few days remaining my nervousness and anxiety are growing by the hour. So too is my love and devotion to my Owner, the divine MistressCara. I know that Friday will be brutal and harsh, degrading and painful. I will be humiliated and shamed more than ever before. And yet, even as Mistress Cara strips away any remaining self respect that I may have, even as I break down and cry like the sissy slut that I am, I know, I KNOW, that afterwards, Mistress Cara will comfort me and care for me and piece me back together again. I couldn’t wish for anything more than that. I couldn’t wish for a more perfect Mistress.


19 November

Having spent Tuesday evening with Mistress Cara, I now only have 2 nights left to practise taking the big plug. Mistress Cara has kindly sent me some sensational pictures of her wearing the huge strap-on that she will be using on Friday. It looks massive, I started trembling as I looked at it. Mistress looked fantastic, dressed in a pvc corset with her huge cock sticking out. She looked so powerful, so Dominant, so sexy and desirable. I wanted to wank my little clit and spurt my slime just looking at her pictures. She looked so formidable, utterly beautiful. The pictures brought the reality home to me, no more time for fantasy, in less that 48 hours Mistress Cara will fuck me with her huge cock. With panic beginning to creep in, I quickly put the medium plug in and kept holding it at its widest part on my tight hole, hoping to loosen up for the big plug. I edged at the same time, hoping it would relax me. I dare not get too close, knowing I would lose control. Instead I quickly took the plug out and tried to push the big one in. it went so far, then stopped. I pushed and twisted, to no avail. Breathless with the effort, I took a short break. An hour later I tried again, first the medium plug, which almost fell in. I added extra lube to the big one, covered my hole with more lube and tried again. It went in a little further this time. Roughly pushing and twisting it, I managed to push it in even further. It was almost in, so close, the pain was incredible, try as I might I couldn’t push it in the final inch or so. Breathless, I sat with the plug still in, hoping to stretch that last little bit. While I was getting my breath back Mistress Cara texted me, threatening severe punishment if I failed again tonight. I begged her to be patient a little longer. I knew now that on Friday, if not before, the big plug would go in. I felt sure that Mistress Cara would be able to force it in, without damage! I still wanted to be able to do it myself, as ordered, but at least I was a little relieved. The dildo is slightly smaller than the big plug, so I knew that I would be able to take that at least.

Determined to succeed, I tried yet again, even though my arse was so tender. I used much more lube than normal, it was dripping off my ass cheeks. The medium one fell in again and after a few minutes stretching I tried again with the big one. With tears of frustration and pain, I pushed and twisted as hard as I could. It went in again, just not that final inch. I sat, resting my weight on it, waiting for it to slide in. I kept looking at the photos of Mistress Cara and her strapon. To my shame, my clit started to get hard just at the sight of her. Mistress looked awesome, she had taken the photos from a worms eye view. My view, as I kneel in front of her, sucking her cock before she fucks me with it. Her beautiful face looking down, a worms eye view of her cleavage in one picture. Her soft white thighs framing her rampant cock, so much bigger than my pathetic clit. I longed to stroke it, to make it spurt my sissy slime as I looked in awe at my supreme Mistress. Waking from my reverie, I tried one final time, with the same useless result.  

Loving this, from My slave:

Fact or fiction?
minnie waited nervously outside the door. Waited until it was precisely 09.00, then knocked 3 times. Her Owner, Mistress Cara insisted on punctuality from her slaves, not early, not late, not even by a minute.
It was different for Mistress of course. She enjoyed making the nervous wretch wait, letting the anticipation build. Eventually the door opened just wide enough for minnie to enter and drop to her knees, head bowed to the floor at the feet of her Mistress. No words were spoken, Mistress Cara busied herself, getting ready to go out with her slave.
minnie had only been her property for a few short weeks. In that short time minnie had become devoted to her beautiful Mistress. Although she had previous experience with pro-Dommes, minnie had been searching for a real life Mistress for years, had almost given up hope of finding a powerful dominant woman who would know how to make the best use of this pathetic specimen.
Mistress Cara had set some simple tasks at first, to test her potential slaves ability, obedience. Humiliating tasks, buying girlie pink knickers and telling the shop assistant that they were for her. Wearing them and wanking in a public toilet. Slowly Mistress Cara had tightened her grip on minnie. She now had to wear girlie knickers at all times, had thrown out her old men’s pants. minnie no longer thought of herself as ‘he’, always as ‘she’. Mistress Cara had already conditioned her to that. Just as Mistress had taken control of minnie’s pathetic clit and forbidden her to cum, forbidden even ruined orgasms. It had been weeks since minnie was last permitted to spill her filth. Now all she was permitted was to milk herself with a vibrating butt plug up her tight asshole.
That was the reason for today’s visit. Mistress Cara had a special treat in store for her sissy, one that minnie had been training for for weeks.
minnie remained kneeling on the floor. She was familiar with her Mistress’s home as she was granted the privilege of visiting  several times a week, to clean and tidy, or simply keep Mistress amused. Most visits were ‘vanilla’, with Mistress Cara’s family present. Even so that didn’t stop minnie being subtly humiliated and reminded of her lowly status. A softly spoken word from Mistress, a look from her deep dark eyes was all it took.
There had been a few heavy sessions. Mistress could be extremely harsh and brutal when she wished, leaving minnie’s pale pink ass black and blue for days. Or trembling in the face of a torrent of savage verbal abuse, demeaning and degrading the little sissy until tears flooded out.
Despite that, because of that, minnie had become totally devoted to her saviour, her Owner, her Mistress. However harsh and brutal Mistress Cara may be she was equally kind and caring, tender at times, when she knew that her sissy had given everything she could endure to please her Mistress.
So to the matter in hand. Mistress gathered up her bag and indicated that minnie could stand and lead the way to her car.
They drove to minnie’s home, a few miles away. That was another unbelievable bonus, the Mistress of her dreams lived a few minutes drive away! Once again minnie counted her blessings. Mistress Cara  chatted while they drove, in her soft sensual voice that minnie had come to love.
As they pulled into minnie’s home, she helped Mistress out of the car and showed her inside, carefully locking the front door behind her. minnie had been nervous enough before, now she was almost shaking with trepidation, her hands sweating, her pulse racing at the thought of what lay ahead. She knew what Mistress had in mind, desperately wanted it, was terrified of failing her beloved Mistress.
Mistress Cara made herself comfortable while minnie hastily made a cup of coffee for her. Mistress had taken off her long coat, to reveal a figure hugging red and black pvc corset, and impossibly short mini skirt and lacy black hold-up stockings. And a pair of the highest heel stiletto’s imaginable. minnie dropped to her knees again and offered the coffee to her Mistress. As Mistress Cara drank the coffee, minnie drank in the wonderful sight before her, her beautiful Mistress, so calm and confident, so elegant and serene, so obviously enjoying her slaves shredded nerves.
After what seemed to minnie to be ages, Mistress Cara spoke. ‘Go and prepare yourself, slut.’ minnie crawled out of the room, sweating with fear and dread, into the bathroom and prepared herself for the ordeal ahead. She felt sick with nerves, excited beyond belief, trembling with anticipation she thought she might pass out. She forced herself to calm down, washed carefully and put on her sissy pink maid’s dress and frilly pink knickers before crawling back to her Mistress.
It seemed at first that Mistress Cara had not moved, until minnie was at her feet. She gasped as she saw that her divine Mistress had removed the impossibly small mini skirt and was now wearing a pair of black latex pants with a huge black rubber cock sticking up, pointing directly at minnie. She could hardly take her eyes off it, but managed to glimpse Mistress Cara’s beaming grin. ‘Suck it bitch.’ Not daring to hesitate, minnie bobbed her head down and began to lick at the huge phallus. She had been trained to suck strap-ons before, but none this size.
Mistress Cara laughed and shoved her sissy’s mouth far down the cock, making her gag. ‘You had better make it good and wet, or it will hurt all the more.’ She laughed, relaxing on the sofa as her slut went to work.
minnie felt her face turn bright red with embarrassment and humiliation as she tried to fit all of the black cock in her mouth. Her mouth felt dry, she had no spit to wet the phallus, it stuck to her lips as she bobbed up and down. This was the moment she had been waiting for, longing for since she had become Mistress Cara’s property. She was desperate to please, desperate to submit to anything her Owner wanted. She didn’t care about the humiliation, the emasculation, the shame. She only wanted to please her Mistress.   
‘Stop. Turn round. Head on the floor.’ Mistress still sounded soft and caring, but there was a hard edge to her voice now. minnie did as ordered and waited, trembling with fear, fear of failure. She sensed Mistress moving off the sofa, leapt as she felt her sissy knickers being torn off, squealed as Mistress applied some cold lube to her tight hole. Mistress Cara pushed minnie’s knees further apart and moved closer to her target. minnie could feel the warmth of her Mistress behind her as she gritted her teeth in readiness. She could feel the tip of the cock on her hole, resting lightly, teasing, tormenting. She sensed Mistress applying more lube to the cock and held her breath.
Mistress Cara started to verbally humiliate her slutty slave, telling her how useless she was, how pathetic her clit was, no use to anyone, all the time slowly increasing the pressure on minnie’s tight hole. Mistress ordered her to beg to be fucked, beg for the cock. minnie tried her best, in a thin quavering voice that was no more than a whisper. ‘Louder!’ minnie tried again, imploring her Mistress to fuck her like the slut she was.
Finally after weeks of anticipation, of training with butt plugs, minnie felt a sharp almost unbearable pain as her Mistress rammed home the big cock. It could have been a red hot poker, the pain was so intense. minnie gasped and felt tears welling up, tears of pain, tears of joy. Mistress Cara then began to rhythmically pound away, forcing the cock in and out again and again. Somehow minnie kept breathing, started whispering ‘thank You Mistress, thank You’ over and over. She barely noticed that her Mistress’s breath was getting deeper and deeper, that her Mistress was hunched over her so she could feel her breath on the back of her neck.
Her useless little clit finally came to life, grew hard and started to dribble slime onto the towel on the floor. Mistress Cara had stopped verbally humiliating her sissy, there was no need now, the deed was done. Instead Mistress continued to pound away, the double ended dildo inside her bring her satisfaction as she fucked her devoted slave into total submission, fucked her into total obedience, fucked her for her own pleasure. Fucked her sissy just because she could. 
minnie could hardly see through her tears, could hear and feel her Mistress’s pleasure, could hear her own voice still begging to be fucked by the Mistress she adored and worshipped.  
Mistress Cara withdrew and sat back on the sofa, a light sheen on her brow the only sign of her pleasure. ‘Go and clean yourself, minnie, and take this with you.’ She gently placed her end of the dildo in minnie’s mouth as she crawled away.

The Premature Ejaculation Society's annual dinner is Friday.

No paticular dress code, just come in your pants!


Things that are difficult to say when drunk:

1/ Innovative
2/ Preliminary
3/ Proliferation
4/ Cinnamon

Things that are very difficult to say when drunk:

1/ Specificity
2/ Anti-constitutionalistically
3/ Passive-aggressive disorder
4/ Transubstantiate

Things that are down right impossible to say when drunk:

1/ No thanks, I'm married.
2/ Nope, no more booze for me!
3/ Sorry but you're not really my type.
4/ Kebab? No thanks, I'm not hungry.
5/ Good evening officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
6/ Oh, I couldn't! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke!
Like I said previously... they always come back. This was a particularly good apology but I hope the submissive in question doesn't take that to mean I will be any less severe while chastising him for as long as I want, and reducing him to tears for the insult of cowardly running off in the first place!


Mistress Cara,

i don't know where to start. Okay... i'm just going to attempt a stream of conciousness here to get things across to You as clearly and honestly as i can.

You intimidate me. Greatly. i find myself thinking about You a lot, and it comes with a mixture of fear, lust, and spellbinding entrancement. i date girls, i comb through collar me for someone special, i live life waiting for something to provide meaning.

i don't know. i really don't. i keep getting this feeling rising up in me that i should have worked harder to stay at Your feet. that when You told me to go away that i should have protested, begged, fought it with all my might. but i didn't, i did as i was told, and i left two months ago. i was hurt. my emotional state was still fragile from the previous arduous stretch, and i was hurt by You and i just tucked my tail between my legs and ran.

i feel like i am on the verge of tears, You provoke such powerful emotions, such powerful responses. i haven't even done that much with You and yet i am like this... it's terrifying! i'm just 26, i don't really have any idea where all this could go, but i think maybe, just maybe that there is a higher purpose to all of this, that there is a golden key here somewhere.

i love the way You write, the way You conduct yourself, the way You can cheer on Pink one minute and discuss grammar the next. i love that You enjoy poetry, that You have a great sense of humour, those chats where we were rolling with the laughs and i could tell that Mistress Cara really truly liked me! it was bliss. i love that dynamic, Your view on life, on men. i love that you represent and embody everything that is good about life that people are afraid to say, and on top of it all You are amazingly gorgeous and achingly sexy. it's too much. it's crazy. it envelops.

and yet there is a disconnect somewhere between You and i. i can't quite get a full grip on the domme/sub relationship. Yes, i am still a neophyte, and yes most subs are older than I, but this disconnect is troubling to me, and i feel that it is all my fault.

so i move on. to vanilla, or to easier safer kink.

i run, i hide and i tuck the yearning core away.

You just shine brighter and brighter, somehow growing more beautiful with each week.

i can't take it. You are so god damn amazing. But You scare me so... i am scared to death of half of the things that You are into, and desire from such a relationship. i have great fears, and have great trouble in reacting to these things. My boundaries are as steep as they are plentiful.

so i lay am on my knees here, torn. Torn up and ravaged by the tears that shoot through the very fibre of my being. is this the right path? can i do it? will i be able to be what i want to be for You? will i be able to please You, to impress You? Or will i be unable to comply, be scared, be too proud and too arrogant?

i know deep down that i am nothing compared to You. that i am just another sub in a long line of subs. But my pride is clashing with my desire to serve You. i remember when You made me write that message where i talked about how pathetic i was. i am still pathetic. i am scared of women, the ones i really like i always run away from so i end up with less. i haven't made enough of my life and i fight with denial and pride constantly.

when i see You, i see meaning, i see beauty, and i see someone i need to follow.

wow... i'm sorry i just kind of went on a rant there, i'm not going to edit it and i hope that it wasn't too annoying to read it all. When it comes down to it, i really can't get you out of my head. Vanilla won't do, cheap imitations won't do, my life won't do. i need You.

Please, please, please Mistress Cara, may i come back to You? i would love to serve You again, it would mean so much to me if i could serve You. i am determined to impress You and make You happy! i offer all that i have to You, in body and mind.

Please. There is only You.

i see You, and i see a great Woman who knows what She wants and how things should be. meanwhile, i am perpetually at odds with myself, stumbling around in the dark. undecided on my future, on my romantic life, on my family situation, on my passions, hobbies, and even the nature of my very core.

the fact that at 25, moving out of my parents basement and into a one room bachelors apartment was a big deal for me should say it all. i am pathetic.  i am Mistress and it is about time i said it. i have been told over and over that i have so much potential, that i'm smart, that i'm handsome, athletic and all that, but in actuality i am still a scared little boy who doesn't know what to do, sucking his thumb and eyeing the candy aisle. i have basically bluffed my way into any good thing that has come upon me, and they never, ever last.

for the longest time, i even bluffed myself into thinking i had a 7 inch penis when in reality it is a hair below 6. i talk with my friends, give them tips on how to make love to a woman, when at best i have been an average lover. in reality i spend most of my sexual time fantasizing about sucking on Your toes, or having my face sat on by Your perfect ass. when i think about You sexually, i don't picture us having sex, because i know i'm not good enough for that. i know that things just didn't work out for me in that way. and i know how lucky i am that i can please You in other ways, ways that i can actually excel at. i can serve You in whatever way You see fit.

it feels good to say all this. i just need to get it through my head. i'm a bitch. i have to let You take control of me, clearly i have sucked at that so far.

i submit myself to chastity, because You are what means the most to me. You will change my life, and i will learn what it means to submit. i will do this for You, and i know that it is only the first step. i am determined to make it work.

i just crave to be told what to do by You. i have been wandering around in a daze since childhood ended. following the groups here, parting on some wayward trail there, and all the while yearning for something.

i'm just a boy. Just a boy playing adult and i know when its time to give up control. Thank You so much for helping me to this point... wow...

will you take me back? Please?


Having sold 2 million tickets to date on her current worldwide Funhouse Tour, P!nk has announced via her Twitter that she will be returning in 2010 with The Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour to break new ground at six stadiums across the UK, kicking off on Saturday 12 June in Bolton at the Reebok Stadium. Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Monday 9 November.

Her astonishing and record-breaking Funhouse Tour will be transformed into a Carnival-style spectacular with a visually stunning new production. The Carnival with roll into six cities, six open-air stadiums across the UK and it will, without doubt leave hundreds of thousands of fans across the UK stunned with P!nk’s special brand of high octane and dazzling performance.

The Funhouse Carnival Tour will be arriving into Bolton, Swansea, Coventry, Glasgow, Alton Towers and Ipswich in June 2010. P!nk is an unrivalled live performer, not only demonstrating her incredible showmanship but unlike most artists today P!nk has the songs and the voice to go with it, proving that she is the ultimate artist of a generation.

“…It would be difficult to find a better pop show than Pink’s.” - THE TIMES

“Pink can out-sing almost anyone out there. She can out-crazy Gaga or Lily. She's the total pop-star package, everything you'd want in a singer/entertainer/icon” – MTV.COM

The Funhouse Carnival will be unforgettable and a must see for 2010. Special guests to be announced. Stay tuned!

The Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour 2010:

Saturday 12 June      Reebok Stadium, Bolton
Wednesday 23 June       Liberty Stadium, Swansea
Thursday 24 June        Ricoh Arena, Coventry
Saturday 26 June        Hampden Park, Glasgow
Sunday 27 June        Alton Towers, Staffordshire
Tuesday 29 June        Portman Road, Ipswich

Ticket Info:
Is it too much to ask to want to have a full time real slave that is there on call every second of every day, for stupid little tasks to make My life better and more enjoyable, to be able to rely on them for anyting and everything, to use them as an object and a help to My life without expecting anything back, to just receive joy from bringing happiness to Me and My family, making My life better. I need some slave that I can use as an object, that I can manipulate and use and mould into exactly what I want without any moaning, whining or whinging, just to help Me be a personal hand maiden and slave. But noone will adapt and adhere, what a shame :(
So five slaves became three... half term spring clean!

Thank you to minnie, My domesticated little house pet, who I enjoyed a lovely weekend with and who I have today promoted to secretarial status. I loved the journal...


My planned second anal training session on Saturday was cancelled, for the most delightful of reasons! I was due to call on Mistress Cara  to install some pc software for her. As I was preparing to leave, I received a text saying that I could stay the night at her home. I was due to return on Sunday morning to carry out cleaning duties for my Mistress and staying the night would mean less travelling and more time to serve her. I was thrilled, delighted by Mistress Cara ’s kind offer. I replied to her text, accepting her generous offer and asking if I could cook dinner for her. Luckily I had already bought the ingredients for her favorite meal.

I couldn’t believe that I would be spending so much time with my divine Mistress, it was beyond my wildest dreams. Mistress has been so generous of her time with me, I treat  each occasion as if it were the first, and the last! Even in a vanilla setting I am able to serve her, and Mistress manages to discreetly humiliate me. It is wonderful, just wonderful.

I quickly drove to her home and managed to successfully install the software and demonstrate it to Mistress Cara ’s satisfaction. The rest of the afternoon passed quickly, making drinks for Mistress, chatting normally. Mistress took delight in showing me some sissy maid dresses on e-bay and instructed me to bid for them. Mistress has made it clear that she intends to sissify me, amongst other humiliations. The outfits looked very girlie, and I am sure that I will be utterly humiliated when made to wear them. For now I was so happy to be with my Mistress, hardly able to keep my eyes away from her, drinking in her beauty, her elegance, listening to her soft voice, her lovely laugh.

As evening approached it was time to prepare the meal. Although it is one of the few meals I can cook, I was so nervous, anxious not to spoil it and face the humiliation of going out to buy pizza. Thankfully Mistress declared herself pleased with the result, washed down with a glass of wine and enjoyed with her real man. He is a wonderful person, he tolerates my presence, and is very pleasant to speak to. I know that without his agreement my visits would be few and far between.

The evening was very rewarding as I knelt at Mistress Cara’s  feet and massaged them endlessly as she watched tv and chatted with her real man. I felt so lucky, so privileged, so honoured to be able to serve my Mistress in this way. Mistress has previously told me that it feels so natural to her to have me at her feet, so natural to have a slave to do her chores. I am simply glad to serve such a wonderful woman in this way. I cherish each and every chance I have to be close to my Mistress, the Mistress of my dreams, who offers so much to those slaves who are prepared to devote themselves to her. To my mind it is an obvious, natural choice.

Eventually it was time for Mistress to retire to bed, with her real man to satisfy her in ways that I can only dream about. I felt humiliated, cuckolded almost as Mistress kindly helped to set up the sofa bed for me before wishing me good night. I knew that Mistress would have a good night!

I quickly fell asleep, surrounded by my Mistress’s aura, her perfume, knowing she was in bed just a few feet away. I quickly edged my little clit in tribute, until it began to ooze its sissy slime.

I slept late the next morning, snugly cocooned in her old bed linen, feeling very happy, very lucky to have such a fantastic Mistress to serve and worship. Why she chooses to use me I do not know, I am simply eternally grateful that she finds some use for me. Once again I edged my little clit, feeling a little guilty for doing so in her home.

The morning passed quietly and then Mistress prepared to go out for Sunday lunch with her family and friends while I carried out my cleaning tasks. Mistress was wearing tight stretch jeans that showed of her lovely legs and bottom so beautifully and a black lacy top which revealed a sexy bra underneath. As she prepared to leave Mistress gave me a long list of chores and told me that she would lock the front door while she was away. I watched wistfully as she left, wishing I could accompany her, but quickly came to my senses and began to clean and scrub, tidy and wash. That’s my position in life, not an escort for Mistress.

I was determined to make a good job of cleaning, although the list was long I wanted to clean as much as possible as well as possible, rather than rush and do a bad job of everything. I worked steadily, hardly pausing for a brief snack. Mistress sent me a few texts, telling me how she was enjoying herself, warning me of the consequences if she felt I had been slacking. Spurred on I continued to work my way through the list.

All too soon, Mistress sent a text to say she would be home shortly. Thankfully I had completed all but one of the tasks, so I took a final critical look around to see if I had missed anything. I knew for sure that Mistress would be checking carefully. I felt like a little puppy, eagerly waiting for my owner to return, hoping for a pat on the head and “Good boy” from my Mistress. She looked so relaxed and happy and had obviously had a good time with her friends and family. She critically inspected my work and seemed pleased until the last minute when she found a coffee stain on the top of her filing cabinet. She seemed delighted to find fault and quietly humiliated me for failing her. I was heartbroken, I had tried so hard, worked so hard and still overlooked and obvious mark.

Shortly after, her wonderful real man tactfully said that he would be going out for a walk for a couple of hours and once again I was alone with my Mistress.

Mistress ordered me to follow her upstairs to help her change out of her tight fitting clothes into something more relaxing. I followed her on hands and knees, crawling up the stairs after her. My heart was pounding, my head in a whirl. The thought of helping Mistress to undress was overpowering. I was shaking as I knelt obediently in her bedroom, hardly daring to look as she ordered me to undo her black lacy blouse. My hands were shaking and sweating, I fumbled with the small buttons, being careful not to touch her wonderful breasts which loomed directly above me. Mistress turned round so I could remove the soft material. Turning to face me again, Mistress softly told me to undo her tight jeans and remove them. I could feel the blood pounding in my head, my mouth was so dry I could hardly croak “Yes Mistress”. My face was level with her navel, as I carefully eased the jeans down I could see the tiny thong she was wearing, one that she had allowed me to buy on Friday. That seemed an age ago, a lifetime away. The thong was so small, barely covering her intimate area. I felt dizzy, hardly able to concentrate on my task. I desperately wanted to press my face into the thong, to smell her, to taste her, to worship my Mistress with my tongue. I glanced up at the wonderful sight, my divine Mistress towering over me, her wonderful pussy inches from me, yet a million miles away. I just had to drink in the sight, burn it into my mind, etch it onto my eyelids! I felt so submissive, so devoted, so grateful to my Mistress for all the rewards that she has given to me, her useless sissy slut. I could have stayed in that position for ever.

I woke from my reverie and removed her jeans before she became impatient. I instinctively knew that Mistress would have known the thoughts going through my head, and I felt ashamed for being so base. However, Mistress simply selected a pair of loose fitting bottoms and then lay face down on her bed. Once comfortable she instructed me to remove her bra and to massage her back. Once again my sweaty, shaking hands fumbled with the bra catch and then began to rub moisturising cream into her. I stared intently at her shapely back, the gentle swell of her bottom looked enticing and inviting as I concentrated on my task.

I hoped my massaging was having the desired effect, Mistress seemed relaxed and almost asleep. After several minutes her hand slid off the bed and found my clit. Mistress was surprised and angry that it was not erect, she demanded to know why I did not find her attractive. Surely any man, even a sissy like me would have had a hard-on by now. I was mortified, I tried to stammer out an apology, to explain. My pathetic clit had failed me, when it should have been as hard as it could get. Instead it was its normal shrivelled, tiny self. I was distraught, I wanted to die of shame. I didn’t understand it myself, so how could I explain to my Mistress?

Understandably, the mood was broken, Mistress got off the bed and, putting a casual top on went downstairs, with her pathetic slave miserably following on hands and knees.

Making herself comfortable on the sofa, Mistress ordered me to strip and show her my sissy red panties. The panties that she had bought for me on Friday. God that seemed an age ago!

She then ordered me to show her my insult of a clit, again demanding to know why it wasn’t hard. I tried to mumble an apology, but Mistress was furious. She launched into a long verbal humiliation session. I reeled physically at each new insult, flinching at each new humiliation. I felt myself shrinking, withering, until I felt as small as my little clit. I simply couldn’t find words to explain my failure, which only seemed to incense Mistress all the more. I felt sick, I wanted to crawl away, to escape from the tirade of abuse. What made it all worse was that every insult was true, my clit is useless, I am useless, worthless, pathetic. Mistress made me go through the dictionary to describe myself. I was so humiliated, so belittled.

Finally Mistress tired of verbally abusing me and decided instead to use her favorite crop on my sissy pink bottom. I felt relieved at the sting of the crop, which mercifully was not as severe as the last time Mistress had used it on me. Even that would have been preferable to the verbal abuse. Though both were thoroughly deserved.

With her real man soon to return, Mistress allowed me to dress and we returned to a more vanilla situation, though Mistress continued to tell me what she expected of me, if I am to remain as her slave. Despite my best efforts, I fail to please her too often, forget my place, become too familiar.

Feeling suitable chastened, all too soon it was time for me to leave, laden with ironing to do for Mistress, parcels to post. As a final surprise, and yet another example of her generosity, Mistress presented me with a pink butt plug, smaller than the large one I had bought last week. She wanted me to use it to get used to being milked, and eventually being fucked by Mistress with her strap-on.  At that moment I knew that I would succeed in taking the large butt plug, knew that I would renew my efforts to obey and please my amazing, wonderful divine Mistress. You mean the world to me, Mistress, in so many ways.   

All bow down and herald men, for their intelligence and charm is awe inspiring...

[especially note the spelling... 'sucksesful'? Those who know Me will know how pedantic I am. I really warmed to this guy... single perchance?    lol ]

ARE U BEING WALKED ALL OVER ON BY WOMEN...THATS PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU ARE A MORON...!BUT If you are young and its happening to you,then you are a fuckin jackass.!
women are objects,plain and simple.why would you give a damn if the t.v is not working.fix it or get a new one.if you want to fix it,know how it works.if its a sucking  brand,dismantle it ,take out the gadgets and do some elcrtreical experiment.Women are simple creaturtes that need to be understood.some want love others want money,most want both.dont be a sucking looser.fuckin idiot,go get that bitch and fuck that pussy if you want.that will make her mad and you probably wont get it,but it will register in her mind that you want it,and some day ,if you feed this creature with the goodies that it likes,it will open up like a flower and let you in.youo dont need to break in.women are sexual objects,social and romantic objects.dont waste time "feeling" her needs,and filling her ass with chocolate.you8 need to be feeling hew boobs and feeling her pussy with you thats a MAN.and how do you do this,understanding that she wants her needs to be felt and chocolate in her dont need to pester her with calls,'honey i love you' -bullshit.just do what this creature wants(except if shes a gold digger who doesnt blow your dick after after getting paid,-better a prostitute).even if it were you trust me,you would either belittle or take for a eide a 'sweet',caring,loser.thats what they do,either consiously or unconsiously.women are just OBJECTS.dont get high blood pressure because of them.just keep them happy.slap their ass .fuck a little and have fun with your life.and remember,dont give your strentgh to women...behind every sucksesful man is a woman...thats a blackmailing sayingt invented to suck the blood of men.behind every successful man is a respectfull thtas a syinga for wmeon who suck sperms from their husbands.and they aer hte ones who haev scceusllfu marriages.mman,be a MAN,not a loves woman,woman respects man.and dont get me wrong,i dont advocate for prostitution.but if your woman isdruging you into prostitution by not giving you your manly emotional or sexual needs,man fix a man.
Material from the public domain


Oh how I love the power, it's so wonderful to trade.
I spend no time with cock in hand. I'm too busy as her maid.
I was attracted to her power, like an insect to the flame.
How I hate it! How I crave it! Groveling in my helpless shame.
I have no say in what comes next, regardless of my mood.
Oh so humbly do I suffer, deeply mired in servitude.

There's beauty in my torment, her whim is my decree.
Oh how I strive to please her. She's the keeper of my key.
I think I gave it willingly, this power to unlock,
this harness that enslaves me, so imprisoning my cock.

I swear I'm not complaining, but I thought it just a game.
I didn't know she'd own me, change me, punish me til tame.
I'm sure that I deserve it, treating women like the pits.
But I'm not begging for my freedom, just parole for a few minutes.

I think one day she'll free me, if I can convince her that
she owns my soul, my future, she controls the ball and bat.
At first I begged and threatened, even said my balls would burst.
She laughed and shook her head and said, "You've earned another month."

So now I eat her daily, for why should she go without?
She's not the one who cheated. Causing pain? Fair turnabout.
Besides, she likes clean toilets, so shiny porcelain abound.
And 'cause I have to sit to pee, the toilet seat's always down.

I'm not allowed erections. My plastic cage always sees to that.
I no longer pant to rubbing flesh, nor feel the gooey splat.
I humbly do the house-work; mop the floors and iron her dainties.
An endless list of nasty tasks, my week's a string of Mondays.

I paint her toes and brush her hair and tongue her fore and aft.
She mustn't lift a finger. She's the Goddess of my shaft.
And should I make an error, which often seems to be my way,
my harsh sentence in the harness seems to lengthen day by day.

Should I in any way not please, or be so bold to sass,
she commands I wear a large black rubber butt-plug up my ass.
So I no longer own myself. I serve as slave and slut.
She says I'm easy to control; just keep my cell door shut.

She loves humiliation, mine, sometimes mixing it with pain.
She determines when I'm naked, wearing panties or a chain.
Teasing me's her passion, as she says it makes her hot.
My frustrations make her climax, her just knowing I cannot.
We're both experts with our brushes, I use mine to clean the john.
Hers she splats against my ass and thighs until I moan.

My Mistress finds it humorous, to put me on display.
Her friends all think it precious, that their word I must obey.
They love to snap their fingers, make me satisfy their whim.
Blush-red is now my color, silent suffering my hymn.

When they command, I show my stuff, except for what's now hidden.
They have the right to make me cry, to serve as I am bidden.
They're not above some tickling, or some teasing of my balls.
They love to watch my cock attempt to squirm against its walls.

My prison's made of plastic, and allows me no respite.
It retains me and restrains me, helps retrain me to live right.
What's right? Only the Mistress knows. I really can't be sure.
She said it has something to do with seeing I stay pure.

Giving her my gonads, and the sperm they used to make...
Submitting to her dominance, succumbing to my fate...
Bowing yielding, persevering, learning to anticipate
her stern commands, her manner, which always humiliate.
Writhing, lusting, as I suffer, paying homage to her twat.
Praying she'll show mercy. She said, "Mercy! What is that?"

This pressure's always building, never quiet, never calm,
If only I could touch it, it'd explode like a time-bomb.
Still I adore her deft control, her power to curtail.
The torment's so delicious. Am I addicted to my jail?

Spent a lovely day Monday with My little sissy slut minnie [pegman].

Really enjoyed Myself shopping all morning and afternoon and being pampered and spoiled!

minnie has written a journal so I will share it with My dear readers...

On Monday I was so honoured to spend the day with my beloved Mistress Cara , she had graciously allowed me to drive her into town to do some shopping. I arrived at her home at 9.00 promptly and she opened the door and invited me inside. As always, Mistress looked wonderful, dressed in tight fitting jeans with knee boots and a white sweater. I immediately fell to my knees and waited for her instructions. I was so excited to be spending so much time with her, the most beautiful Mistress imaginable.
Mistress ordered me to my feet and I rushed outside to open the car door for her. We made good time in traffic, Mistress chatting casually while I tried to concentrate on driving safely. Once parked, I again opened the car door for Mistress and we headed for the shops. Mistress said that she wanted to visit M&S, as she had been sent some gift vouchers she wanted to use. Once in the store Mistress browsed happily while I dutifully followed her around. Eventually we were in the women’s underwear section, and I imagined that Mistress would be choosing something suitable for her to wear. I immediately turned bright red with embarrassment when she started looking at ‘granny’ knickers – she declared that I needed new sissy panties to wear. Several other customers looked in our direction and Mistress mischievously held up the worst pairs imaginable. Eventually she relented and selected a modest pack of red and black panties for me to wear. I had to take them and her other selections to the till and pay the assistant. I dreaded Mistress making some loud embarrassing comment, but she stood to one side, enjoying my humiliation.
We left the store and Mistress Cara  said we would visit the Ann Summers store nearby, as she wanted to select a larger butt plug for me. Mistress is determined that I will learn to milk myself by prostate massage, and that I will learn to take a large vibrating plug. I had previously begged Mistress to allow me to progress from a small plug to progressively larger ones but she was adamant: Go for the large one. We browsed the shop, looking at plugs, dildo’s and naughty undies, again getting looks from other shoppers as Mistress held up a selection of unfeasibly large plugs. My face was bright red, my heart pounding, real fear growing. Despite wanting to, I knew I couldn’t take the huge toys Mistress was gleefully showing me. I also knew it would be useless to resist. Finally we left the store empty handed. I felt a wave of relief, which was short lived as Mistress said we would now visit a sex shop, who were bound to have a better selection. We went inside and again began browsing, this time Mistress took delight in loudly pointing out the gay porn dvd’s on display, as well as the monster dildo’s and strap-ons. Mistress has told me that she intends to fuck my arse when the time is right, and I feared that as well as a butt plug, she would also select a strap-on. She pointed out a brightly coloured pink vibrating plug and said that I should buy it. It seemed huge, far too big for my tight hole. There was a smaller version on display, and I begged Mistress to allow me to buy that one, to get used to having my arse stretched. Mistress Cara  was adamant; Buy the big one!
Hands trembling, I took it to the till, where the bored assistant took my money. Clearly he had seen it all before!! I still felt humiliated and ashamed, and frankly very nervous. We left the shop and returned to the car.
After a brief stop at her home to change we left for lunch. Now Mistress was wearing a very tight fitting low cut blouse, with a very short black mini skirt and black tights. I waited, kneeling, at the foot of the stairs while Mistress changed and when she came down, she looked a vision of beauty. I longed to worship her there and then, to prostrate myself in front of her. That would have to wait however, as I had begged Mistress to allow me to buy her lunch at an excellent pub nearby. During the short drive I could hardly keep my eyes on the road, as I kept trying to gaze at My beautiful Mistress, her long slender legs teasing me and tormenting me.
The entire pub fell silent when Mistress entered. We made our way to the bar and I ordered drinks. I could feel everyone looking at Mistress, wondering why such a beautiful young woman would be seen with such a useless old man. I am old enough to be her father, in fact I am older than her father, and I have no idea why she chooses to allow me to drive her around and to be seen with her. It was so wonderful to be spending so much time with my Mistress, I didn’t care what anyone might think of me, I was in heaven, with the most wonderful, kind, caring Mistress I could wish for.
After lunch I drove Mistress to my home, as she had said that she wished to inspect her slaves quarters. I felt more nervous than normal, as I knew that Mistress would inspect everything closely. So it was, although she kindly said that my home was better than she had expected.
As she relaxed on the sofa I offered a glass of chilled wine and she allowed me to remove her shoes and massage her feet. Before I could start the massage Mistress ordered me to go and put on my pink sissy maids uniform, which I had bought some weeks ago on her instructions.
I crawled out of the room to my bedroom and hurriedly slipped on the silky pink dress, before crawling back to Mistress. She had removed her tights and now she gave me a jar of cream for me to massage into her feet, and I eagerly began the task, even as Mistress began telling me how pathetic I looked, how the people in the pub had sneered at me, how useless I was. I felt ashamed and humiliated, but I enjoy massaging her feet so much, it didn’t seem to matter. Despite concentrating on my task, I could not help snatching quick glances at the lovely slender legs in front of me, so elegant and soft. As Mistress settled in the sofa her mini skirt rode up, and I caught a glimpse of black lacy panties. My heart was pounding, my little clit began to get hard. Sensing this, Mistress told me to lift my dress up and show my little clit. She burst out laughing at its pathetic size, reminding me yet again that I would never satisfy any woman with it, that it was only good for pissing with.
To my horror, Mistress ordered me to edge while she watched and mocked me. I began to stroke my little clit, desperate for it to get hard. As I did so Mistress put on a pair of elbow length pvc gloves and then reached forward and grabbed my pathetic stub. Twisting it and pulling it she continued to humiliate me. Despite that, the feel of my Mistress’s hand on my clit had the desired effect and it grew hard. This made Mistress laugh even more, fully hard, it is still a useless piece of flesh, no good to anyone.
Tiring of this, to my shock Mistress ordered me to prepare the butt plug. By now I was trembling, shaking with fear, fear of having the plug up my arse, fear of failing my Mistress. I applied plenty of lube to the plug and to my hole and began to carefully push it in. despite my best efforts I could only take an inch or so, despite eventually sitting on it. Mistress was still laughing at my pathetic attempts, telling me to get on with it. Eventually she grew impatient and ordered me on all fours. Getting up from the sofa she moved behind me and, applying more lube to the plug she pushed it firmly into my arse. I gritted my teeth, desperate to please my Mistress and take the plug as she wished. However hard I tried I couldn’t relax enough. I felt totally humiliated and ashamed, kneeling on all fours with my arse in the air as a beautiful sexy woman attempted to shove a butt plug in me. More than that, I felt devastated that I could not comply.
After a few minutes of firm pressure, Mistress relented, and I thought that was the end of the ordeal. I then felt her finger probing me, pushing into me, at first one finger, then two. I was stunned, shocked and very excited. My Mistress was fucking me with her fingers! I felt overwhelmed with emotion, humiliation and shame were pushed aside by excitement, pleasure and a desperate desire to be milked, drained of all my sissy slime. In fact some droplets of my useless sissy slime oozed out by her expert probing. I wanted to push back onto her fingers, to feel her deep inside me, to become her total slut. Anything to please my divine Mistress. I could feel her fingers probing me, wishing now that she had told me to buy a strap-on earlier, so that I could feel her fucking me, showing her total control over me, showing my total devotion to her. I wanted her to fuck me until my slime stopped dribbling out, and then fuck me again, just because she could.
All too soon my pleasure turned to pain as once again I felt the butt plug being firmly pushed into me. Yet again I was unable to let it in and eventually Mistress gave up in disgust.
I felt devastated, I desperately wanted to obey her wishes, and had failed yet again.
After a few minutes to recover, and Mistress’s calming, kind words, assuring me that I would learn in time, she sent me out to buy a Chinese take away.
The meal was enjoyable and a great way to relax with my Mistress after a traumatic session. My heart was bursting with love for my remarkable Mistress, who effortlessly, seamlessly, so naturally combines kindness, caring, elegance, intellect with total Domination, cruelty, harshness and a demand for total obedience and respect.
I dreaded having to drive her home, but I knew I had to, I knew that she had a real man, her partner, waiting for her, and that he would satisfy her as I never will. But what a wonderful day I had, with my divine Mistress, who seemed so happy and pleased, even though I had failed her. She kindly said, at least I had tried. I couldn’t have hoped for any kinder words. Thank You Mistress, thank You.
from christina about Thursday morning




As I wrote in my last journal, I had displeased my Mistress with the length of time it had taken me to complete my last task. I had begged, pleaded and apologised and waited nervously to see what the outcome would be.

Eventually the text arrived. I was to serve Mistress on Thursday morning, and also collect some packages that Mistress required to be posted.


I was very nervous. I knew I had displeased Mistress and did not know what to expect. Though at the same time I was excited that Mistress had given me the opportunity to make amends and please her.

The Wednesday night Mistress and I exchanged several texts. I was desperate to please Mistress in every way, and checked what I should wear, the time of arrival, and if there was anything special Mistress would require.

During the course of the evening my attire became clear.

I was to wear no panties and remain naked under my jeans. I was to wear a black bra, and worse, I was to wear black stockings with suspender belt so Mistress could laugh at me.


I awoke on Thursday filled with nervous energy and anticipation, and after showering took my time to make sure I was neatly dressed exactly as Mistress required. There was no room for error this time.


I drove to Mistress and although traffic was busy, I arrived on time. My clit was aching. Mistress had made sure to torment me on the journey, sending me pictures of her legs and telling me that I had better make a good job of rubbing and kissing them and making sure they felt relaxed.


On arrival I texted Mistress and was told to come straight in.


I nervously opened the door and crawled into the lounge and immediately knelt in front of Mistress to kiss her feet wrapped in stockings. My body was trembling, partly through fear and partly through excitement of seeing my wonderful Mistress.


Mistress kept me waiting before commanding me to look straight ahead.


I raised my head, and like a bolt of lightning Mistress connected her hand across my face. I rocked back in shock and pain, and Mistress just laughed. With laughter in her voice Mistress commented, “You said you have never being slapped before. Well now you have and hopefully it will teach you not to displease me again.”

I thanked Mistress for my punishment with the handprint fresh on my face, and my body in shock.


Mistress then had me strip. Keeping the bra on and took delight at my suspenders and how small my clit had become. I was made to kneel on all fours in front of Mistress while I was inspected. I was reprimanded for being stup0id as my bra was too small, and also how ridiculous I looked in the suspenders with such a tiny clit. Mistress asked about my edging, when the last time I had being allowed release and how my clit felt. All the time whilst being asked questions Mistress took delight in teasing me, touching my clit and pulling it and twisting it to emphasise her points. After watching me squirm in discomfort, Mistress decided she was still displeased with me, and promptly delivered ten sharp blows to my exposed buttocks, making sure I counted and thanked her for each blow.


I was then reminded that the purpose of seeing my Mistress was for her pleasure and to please her. I was commanded to remove Mistress’s stockings and to fold them neatly. I was then told to kiss her glorious feet. I set to this task with enthusiasm, making sure my tongue cleaned and worshipped every part of Mistress''s feet. Gently sucking, nibbling and kissing their divine presence.


After some time Mistress decided she needed a drink and sent me forth to make her a cup of tea. This I dutifully did, but it was when I went to add milk that I realised my error. I had used the wrong tea bags. Hoping to cover my mistake I tipped the tea down the sink and quickly set about making a fresh cup. However nothing fools Mistress. Before I knew it Mistress had entered the kitchen and I was forced to tell Mistress of my stupidity and humbly apologise.

I made the fresh cup and crawled back into the lounge to present it to my Mistress. Mistress did not look pleased, and I knew the morning would be torturous.


I resumed the kissing and licking of Mistress feet, whilst Mistress raised her other leg and used my pathetic back as a foot stool. I was so nervous and scared my clit was shrunken and Mistress laughed as she could not even see it. I felt humiliated and scared and could barely get my words out. Fear gripped me in every way, and yet at the same time I strived to make sure I did not make any further mistakes. This only made matters worse as I could not answer the questions I was asked properly, looked at Mistress without permission and generally made matters worse for myself.


Mistress reached for her crop and flogger and tormented me whilst I adored her feet.


On finishing her tea Mistress ordered me to stop and to kneel in front of her on full display. Maybe Mistress had had enough of searching for my clit and wished to se if I had anything at all. Although not much there was a tiny bud and Mistress simply laughed and joked at how pathetic my clit and I were. Mistress then continued to torment me, raising her feet and crushing my clit and grasping it in her gloved hands.

When I thought my morning could get no worse my tiny clit made its error, and leaked pre cum over my Mistress glove.

Mistress was not happy and after making me lick my scum from her glove, warned me that I would be thrashed severely if I leaked onto her carpet. I grabbed my shirt and quickly placed it underneath me so any leak would foul my clothes and not my Mistress’s precious carpet.

Mistress tormented my clit using her hands and flogger and took great delight in making me lick my scum from her possessions. I was reminded that I was Mistress’s toy and my purpose in life was only for her pleasure and amusement.


I knew Mistress was correct and that as her slave I had not performed well. I remade my vows of devotion to my Mistress and promised that it would never happen again. I would always place her first, and I would never dispute her command or delay an order ever again.

Mistress had me lick her crop again, before making me kneel straight up and showing no mercy edged me in front of her.

My body had not known torment like it. Every touch had my body screaming out for release. My skin was so ultra sensitive and with each touch it felt like 10,000 volts were coursing through my body. As my body built in intensity to the point of release, Mistress jerked her hand away leaving me gasping and screaming in desire. I fell to the side, with my breathing laboured and sweat pouring from me. Mistress sat back in her chair and laughed at such a pathetic slut. So utterly dependant on my pathetic clit. I was under no illusion. I suffered because Mistress wished me to suffer, and I did not deserve release.


I took a couple of minutes to compose myself and get back into my rightful position at my Mistress’s feet. I was then handed some lotion and told to continue with my directed task of rubbing my Mistress’s aching legs. Making sure I did this well was difficult as I was still gasping for my breath, and my body betrayed me with each touch Mistress made. It is difficult to explain, but every time my Mistress touched me, it felt like someone was sticking needles through my skin and twisting the needles around. I groaned, squirmed, bucked and shook. Mistress enjoyed the torment she was causing and took delight in my suffering whilst laughing at my pathetic desires.

I simply lost track of time and suffered to please my Mistress.


Then Mistress again had me on all fours whilst my final punishment of 24 strokes was delivered. The state I was in, it was difficult to count after 18, but Mistress showed no mercy. Only a perverse sense of pleasure to see me suffer and debase myself.


With my buttocks still red and sore I was commanded to crawl to the hallway.


Once in the hallway I received the parcels Mistress required me to post along with some rubbish and was reminded not to fail my Mistress again.


With my body sore and aching for release, and in a state of torment I thanked Mistress for my lesson on obedience and vowed not to fail her again.


I then knelt, kissed my Mistress’s feet and made my exit till my next summons.

My reply to Minnie, placed here at her begging request:

I really enjoyed last night, it feels natural to Me to have a slave at My feet while I enjoy time with My real man and/or guests, family, whoever really.
My feet feel a lot better for your attentions and tender administrations, thank you. I am getting used to having a rub daily! You warmed up My cold feet and soothed them while I relaxed with the hot drinks you made Me I felt contented.
Having a slave attend to Me is when I feel most completed. I love My man and we are a perfect couple, he is amazing, everything I could possbly want from a man, but its like having a relationship and really wanting a kitten. Or a puppy. Lol. Your presence just feels right on that level and Im not sure how or why, because I think a lot of 'normal' people dont feel this way... a fetish scene would be something unusual for them. It felt totally natural to have My slave at My feet when My guest arrived. Why should it be any other way? My life is directly out of Sardax lol.
My, you really were a naughty little slut thinking such thoughts!! Thank you for explaining to Me in detail.. I enjoy knowing about your suffering, humiliation and desires. The torture you go through when close to Me. But like I said to you, there is no way you could gain relief from your frustrations in any real way, you simply do not have the equipment or the skill level. I so enjoy teasing you knowing you are either audibly or merely mentally whining in torment.
Towards the end of the back rub I had to concentrate hard on answering questions in the conversation, I just wanted to remove My clothes and lay down flat and let you massage all My stress and cares away while I writhed contentedly under your 'massage maid' hands. :)

I am looking forward to being taken out all Monday and the fact I will get the chance to be without the 'vanilla' element while Im making you pay for all the nice times you have had in the last couple of weeks. Won't that be fun! lol
I will place your email on My journal now so everyone can see what a good little cucked handmaiden slave you are for Me.
Mistress Xx


A lovely evening spent with minnie...


Mistress Cara,
Thank You so much for such an enjoyable evening of teasing, humiliation and frustration. As soon as You opened the door I knew I was going to have a wonderful time. Your clothes were perfect, You looked like a dancer, dressed in tight figure hugging black, which outlined Your perfect slim figure, Your long slim legs, Your magnificent breasts and yet revealed nothing! A perfect vanilla outfit for an evening of Domination and teasing!
It feels so natural now for me to sit on the floor at Your feet, I had to remind myself to sit on the sofa until later in the evening. I also now automatically beg to make You a drink, and do the washing up! I was glad to be able to finish cleaning Your kitchen.
I was finally able to sit at Your feet, but was shocked to see the state of them, You must have walked miles, they looked so painful and raw. I hope my rubbing made them feel better, I admired Your toes without any nail polish on them and nervously looked forward to painting them, as You had warned me!
Thankfully my hand was not shaking too much and I hope I was able to paint them to Your satisfaction. When Your neighbour called in I felt so proud to be seen to be Your slave, pampering my Mistress while You chatted away as if I were not there. It was humiliating, but my heart was bursting with pride. I concentrated so hard on rubbing soothing cream into Your feet, I scarcely heard the conversation You were having. I was devoted to soothing Your poor tired feet.
My heart nearly stopped when You casually swung Your long slender leg over the side of the sofa so I could concentrate on Your other foot. My face was now just inches away from Your inviting thighs, I desperately wanted to press my face in to You and to inhale Your scent, to feel Your warm dampness. I could make out the outline of Your heavenly pussy and felt my little useless clit grow hard and my face turn beetroot red.
Thankfully You sent me out to the local shop to buy more drinks for You. It was a welcome break for me, time to calm down and compose myself. It had been a wonderful evening so far, being teased and humiliated by my beloved Mistress, I was floating on air as I walked back from the shop.
When I settled at Your feet once again, You chose to sit on the floor in front of me and told me to rub Your shoulders and back, casually slipping the straps of Your bra off Your shoulders.
It felt so wonderful to be sat so close to You, to be able to study Your slender elegant neck so closely, to feel Your soft warm skin under my hands as I massaged You. By now I was concentrating 100% on my Mistress, I didn’t hear anything that was being said as I did my best to soothe Your back and shoulders. As I rubbed harder, I felt You lean back and I could feel the warmth of Your body touching me. By now my clit was oozing slime, so desperate to spurt it all out. I longed to release Your bra clip, to reach round and hold Your magnificent breasts, to feel their soft firm weight, to feel Your nipples under my fingers. I wanted desperately to lower my hand and feel Your hot dampness, to rub Your clit through the tight black material. I longed to lean forward and press myself against You. When You spoke to me in Your soft sexy voice, I had to lean forward to hear You, and caught a glimpse of Your enticing cleavage, before continuing with massaging You. It was heaven and it was hell! It was so frustrating and so rewarding. I wish I could have stayed all night like that, I felt as if I had been edging all evening,
As I drove home, the reality hit me hard, I would be alone in bed with Your used panties for company, while You would be in bed with Your real man, who would please You in ways I can only dream of! I felt so sad and self pitying until I took comfort in being the proud property of the most wonderful Mistress imaginable.
Your text when I got home made me drunk with joy, I can’t believe that I will now be able to spend all day on Monday with You, out in public, what a wonderful day it will be for You, Mistress! I am sure You will find ways to make Your devoted sissy suffer, to make me pay for all the priceless rewards You have given me.
I never dreamed that I would ever find a Mistress as perfect as You are, You are everything I have ever wanted a Mistress to be, kind, caring, intelligent, witty, beautiful, naturally Dominant and cruel. Thank You Mistress, thank You!

What a busy week!

Monday and Tuesday I was attended to by My minnie. I'm sure you have read the journals, the indepth accounts that I so love, that give Me an insight into My property and their pleasurable tortures.

Then Thursday morning, christina came over for a lovely fun filled morning of torment and chores :)
I wore My black PVC corset, micro skirt and lace topped stockings, which she enjoyed peeling off with her teeth.

Then last night minnie came to collect the handwashing, my underwear, gloves and stockings had become very dirty indeed! [innocent look]

I, of course, made the most of My slave, forcing her to endure scrubbing the filthy kitchen floor as fair and justified payment for being able to give Me a long massage.

Finally carried to bed by My real man, soothed, relaxed and ready to be serviced all night too!
Now that's a perfect day.

Thank you My little toys for enhancing My life with your desperate frustration and willing service.

Now I must run... minnie will be round soon for more housework, to paint My nails, for more teasing and maybe a bowl of food if she is a VERY good girl... oh and the neighbour is coming over to watch the entertainment...
A study into submission and chastity by MY denied puppy


Blown into space in a white suit cocoon

Air running low meaning death will flow soon

So peaceful in drifting alone through the stars

A dying thought of a beach and a Cuban cigar

Smiling in delirium from oxygen low

Eyesight is blurring the mirage that's aglow

Heading towards him, or him towards it

Relativity lost with the rest of his wits


The stars fade away

As enveloped in grey

He approaches the cloud

Until bathed in that shroud


One part of him feeling begins now to stir

Like a cat in his lap with a low level purr

Feeling naked but safe, straining manly reflex

Reaching down to assist with some strokes to his sex

But the mummy style suit which keeps death at bay

Ensures Michelin man is unable to play

A welling frustration builds up in his core

Which hardens still further his untouchable sore


Focused sensation

Tearful frustration

Blind, deaf and dumb

Yet aching to cum


Even in his frustration there’s a strange sense of release
The air flows more freely. He feels more at peace
His body invigorated. Osmotically sustained
Even as... or BECAUSE... his raging sex is contained
A wave rushes over, drawn from nose and from toes
Gathering in his core. Oh he’s SO very close
Another wave builds, more profound than the first
Wrenching his insides. He’s desperate to burst

Electrical ants

Scurry inside his pants

Swarming over his snake

Leaving frustrating wakes


Stimulation just fails to tip him over the brink

A man dying of thirst strains his tongue for a drink

That remains out of reach though he yanks at his chains

Rational thought gone, need has addled his brains

The air seems to thin as he falls back from that edge

His body starved of life by a hard driven wedge

The sense of loss overwhelms then the next of those waves

Renews his vigour and rigor til again denied what he craves

Minnie's latest:

I have been so lucky to enjoy two evenings with Mistress Cara . I had previously begged her to allow me to redecorate her living room, as I desperately wanted to give something back for all the kindness she has shown me. Mistress very graciously agreed, and on Monday evening instructed me to drive her to the DIY store to choose paint and pick up the other items required. I drove to her home straight from work, as always my heart was beating faster in anticipation. Mistress opened the door and invited me in, she looked stunning, dressed in an elegant low cut dress that showed her beautiful figure to great effect. She kindly offered me a drink, but I remembered my manners and asked if I could make a drink for her.

When Mistress had finished her drink we went to the store and she selected the paint colour that she liked. I quickly grabbed enough tins to do the job and the other sundries needed. After some further browsing Mistress was ready to leave and I escorted her back to the car, making sure she was comfortably seated before loading the paint into the boot.

I was expecting to be told to drive her home, but to my delight Mistress gave me directions to a nearby pub, where she said we could enjoy a drink. I was so thrilled to be taking my divine Mistress for a drink, I could hardly concentrate on driving. My task was made even more difficult, when Mistress teasingly adjusted her sexy black stockings. I caught a glimpse of her slender white legs, nearly crashing the car in the process. That rare glimpse must have unsettled me more than I had realised because despite a fruitless search I was unable to find the pub!! I was mortified, sensing Mistress’s displeasure, and had to head back to her home. Eventually Mistress found somewhere suitable and I quickly pulled into the car park. We entered the pub, which looked to be fairly busy for a Monday evening, though as Mistress gleefully pointed out, everyone was even older than me!! I quickly bought drinks and sat chatting with my Mistress, hardly able to take my eyes off her. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, Mistress kept me in my place with casual references to my lack of navigation skills, my incompetence in general.

After a while, there was an announcement that bingo tickets were on sale and the session would start soon. Mistress burst out in a fit of giggles, here we were, chatting about S&M, chastity, cuckolding in the middle of a bingo session! Quite bizarre!

The excitement was too much and we quickly left for her home. It was only when I was unloading the paint that I realised that I had bought twice as much as was needed. In my haste to please my Mistress, I had picked up 3 large tins instead of the smaller ones. Again Mistress burst out laughing at her senile useless slave, as I gallantly said now there was enough to decorate other rooms as well.

On Tuesday I was working close to Mistress’s home and again she very kindly allowed me to call in after work. Again, I offered to make Mistress a cup of tea and sat drinking in her elegance, her beauty, listening to her soft voice. She must have noticed, and told me to make myself useful and do the washing up in the kitchen. I cleaned and tidied, glad to be of some use to my Mistress. I returned to her side and she told me of the time wasters she has to deal with online. They show no respect, expect a cheap thrill for nothing. Clearly not true subs.

When Mistress had finished her drink she announced that we would go out to eat, as she had been home all day and felt the need for a change of scenery. I couldn’t believe that I would be seen out with my Mistress for the second time in two days! What an unexpected pleasure, what a reward for an undeserving useless sissy.

Once again we set off, this time I knew how to find the pub.

Once seated, I ordered the food, though Mistress insisted that she would pay! Another unexpected reward! While waiting for the food we chatted again, until Mistress saw there was a child’s jigsaw puzzle left on the table. With a smile, she instructed me to complete the puzzle. I was so nervous, so thrilled to be with my Mistress, I only managed to put a few pieces together. Mistress Cara  kept mocking me, saying a child was better than me, that I was useless. This all made me even more clumsy and eventually Mistress completed the puzzle without hesitation. It felt bizarre to be humiliated in public over a child’s jigsaw puzzle, but I was so pleased to be with my Mistress I simply didn’t care.

After the meal I drove her home and after disappearing upstairs Mistress re-appeared in casual clothes and proceed to relax on her sofa. I was permitted to sit next to her and she swung her lovely long legs up into my lap and instructed me to rub her feet. What a delight, what a pleasure! My hands were shaking, my palms sweating as I began to rub her delightful feet and toes. I longed to beg to be allowed to suck her toes, to lick her feet, but I did not dare risk upsetting my divine Mistress by being greedy. I knew I was already being greatly rewarded, far more than I deserved. Instead I continued to carefully rub each foot in turn, trying hard to avoid staring once again at my Mistress as she relaxed and watched the tv. She looked so serene, so relaxed, my gaze followed her long slim legs to her divine body, perfectly outlined by her clothes, and on to the enticing outline of her shapely breasts, rising and falling slowly as she breathed. I felt my little clit grow hard underneath her feet and start to ooze its sissy slime. Mistress continued to chat, making occasional humiliating comments about my abilities, or lack of them. She mentioned it so casually, so offhandedly, as if it was quite natural to discuss my tiny clit and my almost total lack of sexual experience. I felt humiliated, but also so very, very contented. I silently marvelled at my great luck in being owned by such a supremely beautiful Mistress, who is so kind and generous, so elegant and intelligent, so confident and Dominant. Without doubt she is my perfect Mistress. Thank You Mistress Cara , thank You.

Finally! christina obeyed My instruction and completed her task. Being a slut, she needed to show she could act like a slut. For taking so long over obeying Me I am still mulling over a suitable punishment! We will see when you visit Me tomorrow won't we slave!
But yes, little one, I love the description...

Mistress set me the task of describing me giving the perfect blowjob.


This does not seem too bad at all, but in reality it was the worst task I have being set.


In terms of background can I say that I am completely straight. I have never had any thoughts of being with another male, let alone do anything with another male. Although I am not homophobic, the idea repulses me.


I begged for a different task, and tried to plead my case and explain my feelings. All to no avail. Once Mistress has decided, then she is true to her word and nothing will change her mind.


So what is the perfect blowjob? I could have thought about being put into position, of simply following orders. But none of this would tackle the real hub of the problem. What would it be like to push my feelings to one side and give a perfect Blowjob.


Thinking to what I enjoyed when I was allowed to receive this privilege I tried to put myself in the other position.


The cock would no doubt put my tiny clit to shame. To perform this task Mistress would ensure I had to pleasure a real man, to further humiliate me.


I think I would be on my knees, with the real man looking down at me. My head would be on a par with the real cock directly in front of me. I would start with not using my tongue at all. I would raise my hands and gently stroke the length of the cock. I would cup the testicles and gently stroke and caress them, before sliding my fingers onto the sensitive part between the testicles and the anus.


After 5-10 minutes of  ensuring the cock was hard and true, I would gently raise my head and softly kiss the end of the cock. Once started I would make sure that I kissed the cock all over. The complete length of the shaft, the balls, even lifting the sack to kiss underneath, and then back to the head, showing true devotion.


I then open my mouth and gently take the head inside. I would not take it all of the way in, but move my head back and forward quickly, gently sucking on the head whilst flicking my tongue across the head.


After several minutes I would then alternate with moving my tongue inside. Moving it across the slit and under the foreskin and ensuring that my tongue massages the sensitive area. While my tongue performs in the sensitive massage, my hands continue to stroke and caress the balls and the area to the anus. Never stopping and always moving.


I then open my mouth wide and take the full length into my mouth and hold it deep inside me. Although limited movement I try to flick my tongue from side to side to keep the stimulation whilst my hands caress the sack. I then start to move my head up and down ensuring that my tongue slides up the full length of the shaft flicking over the head at the top, and before the shaft leaves my mouth gently sucking at the end.


I fall into a good rhythm making sure my mouth and hands work in unison to create the ultimate satisfaction.


Before long I can feel the man tense and then the cum hits the back of my throat. I make sure I do not spill a drop and tease the most from the shaft. I then let the shaft soften inside my mouth while I gently stroke the balls with my hands.


Once the man has cum I turn towards my Mistress and show the deposit of cum inside my mouth and wait to be told to swallow the cum.


This I duly do, and taste the bitter salty deposit as it slides down my throat.

For all My sisters out there...
I did not write this but I wish to share.

One Flaw In Women  
 Women have strengths that amaze men.  
 They bear hardships and they carry burdens,  
 but they hold happiness, love and joy.  
 They smile when they want to scream.  
 They sing when they want to cry.  
 They cry when they are happy  
 and laugh when they are nervous.  
 They fight for what they believe in.  
 They stand up to injustice.  
 They don't take "no" for an answer  
 when they believe there is a better solution.  
 They go without so their family can have.  
 They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally.  
 They cry when their children excel  
 and cheer when their friends get awards.  
 They are happy when they hear about  
 a birth or a wedding.  
 Their hearts break when a friend dies.  
 They grieve at the loss of a family member,  
 yet they are strong when they  
 think there is no strength left.  
 They know that a hug and a kiss  
 can heal a broken heart.  
 Women come in all shapes, sizes and colou
 They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you  
 to show how much they care about you.  
 The heart of a woman is what  
 makes the world keep turning.  
 They bring joy, hope and love.  
 They have compassion and ideas.  
 They give moral support to their  
 family and friends.  
 Women have vital things to say  
 and everything to give.  

Update from minnie yesterday

Despite the great start to the weekend, it all fell around my ears on Saturday morning.
Mistress Cara  is in London for a private social engagement and had kindly said she would send me some photos to show how gorgeous she looked. I replied with a carelessly worded text which was less than respectful.
Naturally Mistress was furious and demanded that I apologise and beg her forgiveness. Despite my best efforts Mistress was unrelenting and quite rightly disgusted at my poor attitude.
For my part I was truly distraught that a moment’s lapse had caused my divine Mistress to become upset, and I feared I had spoiled her trip to London,

Knowing that I had to work Saturday morning Mistress instructed me to go into the toilet at work and edge while looking at the photo she had sent me earlier.

I felt dejected and depressed, utterly ashamed and humiliated sitting on the toilet with my sissy pink panties around my ankles, rubbing my pathetic clit while thinking of my perfect Mistress. What made it worse was the fact that it was such a simple basic error that I had made. I really should have known better. I felt I had let my Mistress down, just when I felt I was beginning to make progress as her slave.

I reported my feelings to her but she was in no mood to pardon me. Instead Mistress announced that I had been awarded 1 demerit and that 10 demerits would result in a thrashing. My depression grew even deeper.
I have been searching for years for someone as perfect as Mistress Cara , she is my idea of a perfect Mistress. Kind, caring, intelligent, elegant as well as totally Dominant, experienced and harsh. Her beautiful body is perfection, her soft sensual voice can strike fear in me or arouse me at her will. Her eyes are so deep and dark, I feel them boring into me, reading my very soul. Her smile is like a shaft of sunlight, lighting up all around. Her full sensual lips, bright red with lipstick would melt an iceberg. I long to see her smile, to know that I have pleased her in some way.
And now I am in darkness, I don’t know when I will see her smile again.
I am so sorry Mistress Cara , I beg Your forgiveness.
Latest from My little minnie


As luck would have it, I had a business meeting that was within a mile of where  my Mistress, the divine MistressCara lives. I set off from my office and drove to the meeting, wishing I were visiting her instead. Like a little homing pigeon, my little clit seemed to know where I was going and started oozing slime the nearer I got to her home.

Thankfully the meeting finished early, but late enough so I did not have to return to my office. I sent Mistress a text, explaining why I was so near to her, and begging that I be allowed to visit her, even briefly. I was delighted when she graciously agreed and said I could call round. I quickly made my way to her home and soon found myself waiting for the front door to open.

Mistress invited me in and once again I found myself drinking in her elegant beauty. Though only casually dressed, Mistress looked wonderful in loose fitting comfortable trousers and a low cut top that sent my pulse racing. Mistress offered me a cup of tea, but I asked instead if I could make a cup for her as well. I took her drink through to the living room where Mistress was relaxing watching tv. She indicated that I could sit and we started chatting about my work, Mistress’s plans for the weekend. Despite the completely vanilla setting I was thrilled to be with my Mistress, I enjoy visiting her in any circumstances.

After a while she gave me a stern look and said I should make myself useful. Pointing to a pile of laundry, she told me to fetch the iron and set to work. Mistress continued to chat, relaxing while her sissy did her ironing. I felt so pleased to be able to do even menial chores, to save her the trouble. That is surely what slaves are for.

I confess that, standing close to my Mistress, I had a wonderful view of her amazing milky white breasts, barely contained by her tight low cut top. My hands started shaking, my clit grew hard and I nearly scorched one of her delicate blouses. I longed to worship them, to kneel at her feet and beg to worship her divine body. I longed to remove her shoes and socks and give her a foot rub.

Thankfully I soon finished the ironing and sat down again, hoping that Mistress had not seen me staring intently at her beautiful figure.

To calm myself I asked if she would like another drink and also if I may wash up in her kitchen. She again agreed and I spent some time cleaning and tidying. I was elated at this lucky visit and grateful to Mistress for seeing me at short notice.

All too soon it was time for me to take my leave. Mistress stood up and showed me to the door. On the way she indicated to a box of empty bottles. “Take them with you and get rid of them for me.” She told me. I hurried outside, thanking her profusely and taking her rubbish with me.

I drove home, feeling happy and contented at having seen my beautiful Mistress. The more I see her, the more I fall under her spell. She is captivating, charming, witty. But she is also always in control, always Dominant, ready to punish and humiliate if I step out of line or become cheeky. Perfect in fact. Just perfect.

A final reward waited when I got home. A text from Mistress “Thank you for keeping me company. I enjoyed it.” What a reward!! What a perfect start to the weekend.

Lovely journal from My secretary slut, Tiffany...


Today is a special day, it is an other anniversary. 5 months ago exactly i was accepted by the Divine Mistress Cara as one of Her slave, on the 7th August was my last relief date after 3 months of being denied ...and teased of course.
Therefore today it is 2 month since my last relief. i said many times before that orgasm denial is one of the finest elements of Female Domination. it controls the mind, the soul and the body of the man slave.
for me it is hard and difficut of course to be in continual denial, but at the same time it gives me a proud sense of belonging to Mistress, make me feel keen, alive and truly devoted.
i belong to the Divine Mistress Cara, even more my pathetic male thing and my even more pathetic masculine desire of relief. Women are not just superior because they are undoubtedly more beautiful and smarter than men, but because they can seperate at all times the rational and the emotional desire. By being intellectually and physically smarter, They can exploit men in many ways and when They wish. of course when Women are then amazingly beautiful, smart and acute like Mistress is sufficient to just exert a little gesture ....either being through the mind or a little teasing sensual act...for us men, or i should say sluts, to fall at Her feet begging for servitude and hoping, praying to be kept as part of Her property as long as possible
Thank You Mistress Cara
from Minnie today..... lol


Mistress, I was thrilled to get Your text while I was at work. I was surprised when I read it. “I want you to go and edge for me. NOW.”

Of course I always enjoy edging for You, but at work? I felt my pulse quicken, and my face start to blush. And my clit start to throb.

I made my way to the toilet, thankfully it was not in use. I quickly entered the cubicle and locked the door.

I took down my trousers and sissy pink panties that I always wear now. I settled myself and began to stroke my little clit.

I hoped no-one would want to use the toilet while I was there, I began to blush even more and feel ashamed and dirty, wanking in the bog at work.

I was so nervous I wasn’t even sure if my clit would get hard. I closed my eyes and thought of You, my beautiful Mistress. You had been teasing me, telling me how Your real man satisfies You with his huge cock, and I thought of that as I stroked. I thought of Your perfect body being pleasured by a real man, Your slut waiting on the floor to lick You clean afterwards.

That did the trick, it always does, my little clit was soon throbbing and oozing slime. I continued for as long as I dared, then pulled up my sissy panties and prepared to leave. Of course even though it was hard, my clit didn’t show underneath the pink material.

As I returned to my desk, I felt humiliated, ashamed for wanking in the toilet. I was sure my colleagues would know what I had been doing. As I sat down I felt relieved and pleased that I had obeyed You. Thank You Mistress for once again proving that You have full control over Your useless slut.

Thank You also for once again preparing to soak Your panties with Your juices so that I may sniff them when I sleep at night. You are such a wonderful Mistress, it is such a pleasure to be Your slave.

excerpt from My writings to My slave... Enjoy


.....find Myself thinking of strapping you down gagging you with a large penis gag [internal and external dildo obviously], your arse already filled with remote controlled large inflatable vibrating plug, the shock collar around your balls, another button controlling this on my remote control, the filled balls on the external part of the dildo gag are filled with your saved milkings from weeks of training... ready to be squeezed down your throat at any time I choose...
strapped on a gynae chair, comfortably padded. buttons to control raising or lowering you in any part are by the side of your head, you can peripherally see them but your restraints allow you only to look straight ahead. At Me.
your collar holding your neck securely to the ring behind on the chair
legs strapped to each 'leg' of the gynae chair. stirrups high above making you nervous.
arms strapped down to the arms of the chair you can barely move fingers to make pre arranged signs to me. wiggle little finger if you want to cum. wiggle index finger to stop and have me leave entirely.
things like that
nipples pierced ringed chained to collar too tightly
balls made blue. cock and balls shaven so smooth and bare... but nothing soft about them at all. the tip glistening with pre cum and the shaft glistening with My saliva...
my spiked heels echoing and reverberating in your head as I do what I wish, when I wish, how I wish. teasing you and telling you how you are Mine, only Mine. perverted old man who needs to cum so bad.
I laugh at you often
I inflate the butt plug a little more and turn it up one notch from the low ebbing pulse its been throbbing on. it feels like your world has been turned upside down and that Im raping you from the inside out.... which I am, of course
I straddle you and you feel My heat as my knees settle either side of your stomach, leaning over you... my sex on fire with the lust echoed in my eyes as I gaze into yours at all your pitiful pathetic desperation.....
'I'm going to give you a blow job...'
twitch twitch throb leak
I lean over and smile a horrible sadistic smile directly at you as I gaze into your eyes and start licking up and down the shaft.... of the external dildo on your gag... popping the head into My mouth and eyes fluttering moaning as My cherry red ripe lips work their way around the collar and you can see every excruciating detail
your own little pathetic clit waving urgently for attention, trying to strain and reach out for My pussy which is mere inches away... you can feel the heat and every few seconds a drop of pussy juice drops onto the head.... a fine version of water torture indeed
My hands are stroking your sweat mopped brow and raking over your head as my mouth is slowly delicately travelling the journey down the rubber phallus.. the envy is latent in your eyes and burn with not just a little anger and need. perfect mixture
Im enjoying the way your nipple chains play against My breasts as I move and writhe over you, My soft curves calling to you, your cock screaming throbbing desperate
I lower slightly as My mouth does the same and Im now full of the dildo, looking straight into your eyes, your soul
My cunt lips are parted ready and sopping wet. My clit erect and looking for some friction, some action. The first touch of your flesh against Me gives you a jolt, you would have leapt up but of course you remain immobile except for one important part of you
Im teasing, so teasing. A soft giggle gurgles up in My throat and you realise Im laughing at you once again. you also realise that at this point you are whining
I inflate the butt plug fully and you try to gasp against the cock in your mouth.. the thobbing is insistent against your insides, completely utterly fucked and violated
I raise my head and my cherry lips travel back up the phallus. My mouth no longer against the rubber gag barrier to your face. My cunt slides a little further over your cock as I raise Myself...
'I think that dildo is suitably lubricated for Me now...'
a tear escapes from the corner of your eye as I lift Myself from your cock and get off you entirely.
I laugh
'Oh were you enjoying that puppy? what a shame. Well don't worry Ill put you inside Me again in a second.'
I lower your head slightly while raising your legs and cock on the chair and walk around to stand over your head. you can see straight into My gaping desperate pussy and at My hard clit.
I raise your head again... until the dildo is entering Me and you get to see it fill and fuck Me...
I lean forwards ...
' I said you would be inside Me again.. I seem to have made you all dirty, puppy..'
... and start licking your cock all clean... grasping you by the base of the shaft while enjoying having My pussy filled ....
I want to cum...

carasbootworm's cocksucking attempts.... amusing


Mistress Cara giggled sadistically as she pulled her worm along by it's leash, it struggled to keep up watching her boots march rapidly ahead of it, every so often she would tug the leash "Keep up!" she would command, her face was ruddy and hot, her breathing was rapid, she was definitely excited about something but what? Occasionally she would glance rear and downwards to the creature at her heels and laugh loudly...oh boy!
She led the creature to a room where there was another naked male, was he a slave? Difficult to tell, he's naked like a slave, but he is seated in a normal position, not abased on the floor like most males in Mistress Cara's world, slave couldn't help being impressed by his manhood, even in its soft state it was way larger than worm's pathetic erect penis.
"Stop! Kneel!" commanded Mistress Cara, and of course it obeyed, but like all worthless creatures it sensed an air of danger, an air of unfamiliarity. Mistress stood in front of her creature "Now worm..." she sneered "tonight instead of kissing licking and sucking boot leather you're going to have the privilege of using your mouth for something else..." slave's eyes were in line with Mistress's crotch, it smiled inside, oh boy worm must have pleased Mistress, the ultimate pleasure which he surely thought was forbidden to all slaves. Mistress grabbed it's hair, and pulled it's face towards her, she sneered down at it, it smiled outwardly, but as its face was millimetres from Mistress's leather thong, she skilfully stepped aside and pushed worm's head forward, its eyes were met by that huge penis, now semi-erect.....
The slave gasped and squealed and pulled away, but Mistress Cara is too skilled, too expert to let a slave escape that easily, she flicked the leash which caused the slave to fall clumsily on the floor, before he could regain his composure Mistress placed her left knee on the small of its back and her right boot on its neck, it wriggled under her like a hog attempting to escape slaughter, she grabbed its wrists and tied them round its back. With the creature subdued, she maintained her victorious position on it, placed her hands on her hips and sneered down at it, like she had just ensnared a piece of elusive prey. Her sneer broke into a smile, then a laugh as she stood up off the slave.
The leash which is attached to his collar was then wrapped around the waist of this other male, and Mistress stood next to the abased worm, and slowly but firmly started to pull the leash.... the effect was the worm's head was pulled slowly but surely towards the Male's manhood, it closed its eyes, OMG noooooo, all too soon slaves was face to "face" with this huge manhood.
"Kiss!" commanded Mistress Cara.... the worm hesitated, but a well placed crop across its shoulders reminded it who was in charge. Quivering and sweating the slave kissed the cock, it grew larger, OMG. On seeing the testicles he kissed those too, and it seemed natural to take them into his mouth, the large testicle sack almost filled his mouth, the male moaned as he felt this slut's hot wet tongue massage and suck his balls, they grew larger, slut knew they were filling oh no.
slut was aware of the ever growing cock, his tongue licked up the lower shaft up to the glands, and down again to the root, where it meets the sack, up and down the shaft, but slut avoided taking the whole cock into its mouth just yet, in a bizarre way it felt good teasing this cock, he could hear the male moan, it felt sure he would beg were it not a slave licking his cock.
Mistress grabbed the slave's head, and rammed it onto the cock, the super size hard went deep into its mouth, it gagged an spluttered as the glands touched his throat, it felt the cock pulsate in its mouth, so slut continued to use that hot wet tongue, sliding it in and out of its mouth, the male felt the cool air on it as sluts mouth released it, then deep dark and wet again, he felt the cock pulsate, the Male's respiration increased, he is being turned on by slut's actions, this egged it on even more, licking and gobbling hungrily on this huge cock, teasing it, sucking it, licking it....
Suddenly slave's mouth was filled to capacity with hot thick cream, oh my it had never seen so much, it spurted out from it's mouth all over the males lower abdomen and the floor, and again, a second jet, how much cum can come out? but then worm realised it was a real man it was satisfying...
The male collapsed.... slave turned to look at his Mistress, she smiled sadistically. "Now.....lick up the mess....."


My slave minnie [pegman] has a secret fetish. Well not so secret anymore.

Oh she will beg and squeal that she hates the idea Im sure, but lacking her own cock and not even having enough nub flesh for a clit, what else could she possibly be good for?

minnie sat and pondered on this awhile and obediently send a full and in depth description of how she would please a real man.

her only use, Mistress's fluffer and whore.  Well not even fluffer as it's unlikely I would need help to get a man aroused is it *laughs*

So minnie your only use is to be entertainment by your own pathetic shows of inadequacy and fulfilling all the revolting humiliating tasks I set.

good little girl, lol


Mistress Cara ,


As instructed, I will try to describe in detail how I will suck a real man’s cock to pleasure him.

It is not something I have ever done before, though as You know I have wondered about it, wondered whether I would even be able to. So I have to assume that You have trained me to obey You completely, without question and that I am now desperate to suck cock to please my Mistress.

I am sure that You will have me dressed in my sissy pink maids uniform with my frilly matching panties. I will already be feeling humiliated and ashamed, nervous about what I have to do to please You.

I am kneeling on the floor, my head on the carpet and my ass in the air as You walk in the room with a real man. I don’t know who he is or why You chose him, except that he is a real man and undoubtedly will have a large cock.

You will slowly circle me, verbally humiliating me, pointing out to the man how pathetic I look, telling him how tiny my clit really is. You order me to tell him how it is so small it will hide behind a 20p piece.

By now my face will be bright red with shame and embarrassment, and my ordeal has not even begun. I hope I will not have to display my nub for You to mock even further.

While You settle Yourself on the sofa and make Yourself comfortable You will instruct me to lower his trousers. With trembling hands I will undo his zipper and buttons and carefully pull them down. Trying not to touch his cock I cannot help but notice the bulge in his underwear. Unable to put off the inevitable any more I carefully lower his underwear and his cock springs free, already so much larger than mine, and not yet erect.

Up close it seems huge, I’m sure I won’t be able to take it in my mouth even in this state.

Sensing my hesitation You unleash a further barrage of verbal humiliation, threatening to use Your crop on my ass.

Gingerly I take it in my hands and begin to stroke it, clumsily and haltingly. I notice his balls seem huge as well, hanging down from his scrotum.

You notice me looking at them and tell me to hold them. They feel so heavy, so full.

Tiring of my reluctance, You stand close behind me and grabbing my hair, force my mouth towards his cock. I start to lick up and down his shaft, still trying to avoid taking his knob in my mouth. You allow me to carry on licking as this makes his cock fully erect. It is huge, at least ten inches, far, far bigger than my clit. You are still firmly holding my head close to him so all I can see is his cock, balls and hairy scrotum. All I can hear is Your mocking voice, keeping up a non stop tirade of abuse in Your wonderful, soft persuasive voice.

Feeling You so close to me gives me the strength to carry on, to please You however humiliated and desperate I feel.

Taking a deep breath I finally flick my tongue over his knob, tasting a man for the first time. I circle the end with my tongue and taste the first taste of precum. Closing my eyes I finally take his hard cock into my mouth, trying to take as much as I can. My lips are dry from nervousness and it is difficult for it to slide in.

You have trained me to suck on Your twelve inch strap on and I try to believe that that is all I am doing now. I lick my lips and take him in my mouth again, further this time, but still only halfway down his massive shaft. Its only a strapon, a piece of plastic I try to convince myself.

Hesitatingly I begin a rhythm, the thumb and forefinger of one hand circling the base of his shaft while my other hand cups his balls. You relax Your grip on the back of my head and I am able to move more freely, still trying to take all his cock. The man has been relaxed until now, when he begins to tense and breathe more deeply.  I feel his hand on my head, next to Yours.

I can taste more precum now, it covers his shaft and makes it easier to take it in my mouth. With Your hand prompting me I increase the speed of sucking him, now taking his cock to the back of my throat until I gag. You hold my head tight against him, his cock stuck in the back of my throat. I am helpless, I cannot swallow, or even gag, I dare not move and cannot even make any noise except a deep gargling sound which You find most amusing.

You allow me to continue, still lightly holding the back of my head. The man begins to tense and I sense he is about to cum. I hope You will not make me swallow his load of hot spunk, hope You will allow him to shoot his load over me.

The man manages to control himself and so for what seems like an eternity I have to keep sucking, keep gripping the base of his shaft, cupping his balls in my hand. Finally I feel You ease my head away from him, and suddenly he pulls his cock out of my mouth and I feel his hot cum spurt on my face. I hear You burst out laughing at Your little slut, telling me what I cheap whore I am, with hot salty spunk running down my face. I heave a sigh of relief, but too soon. You scoop up some of his cum on Your finger and order me to suck it off, telling me that even Your finger is bigger than my sissy clit. As a final act of humiliation You order me to lick a drip of cum from the end of his cock.

Still laughing at Your sissy cumrag, You sit down next to the man and demand I fetch You both a glass of wine. I crawl out on hands and knees, utterly humiliated, ashamed, disgusted with myself, close to tears and wanting to retch. I also feel a sense of relief that it was over, that I had not let my Mistress down, that I had pleased her. That will always be the most important thing to Your useless cumrag, to please my divine wonderful Mistress.



Can you believe someone wasted their time reviewing a packet of sweets [midget gems] online?

No it wasn't Me, before you ask.

[shakes head in despair]


During my last trip to the Asda I picked up a packet of Sweets in the form of Midget Gems. I guess when I spotted the 175g on the shelf for just 27p I remembered my childhood and just couldn't resist giving them one more try.

There are several different manufacturers of Midget Gems, the most well known ones being made by Maynards and Lyons. My purchase was Asda's own smartprice brand which were considerably cheaper than the Maynards ones, which were on sale on the same shelf for 98p, albeit these were in a slightly larger 225g bag.

It has been quite a few years since I last subjected my teeth to these Sweets but as soon as I opened the bag the memories quickly came flooding back.

Inside the bag there are about 100 tiny little Sweets which are in six different colours, each one representing a different flavour. The first thing that I noticed and something that I had actually forgotten about was these Sweets were not all the same shape, some were round, some more oval, some slightly thicker than the others, and so on.

The one thing however that they all had in common was that they were all very tiny, midget sized in fact, and they all had a hard, slightly tacky texture with a surface coating that glistened under the light. Each of the colours is surprisingly different in taste and therefore for the purpose of this review I resisted the temptation to gulp down a handful all at once and instead ate one of each of the different colours individually.

Black - This was actually a little bit of a shock to me. I was expecting the sweet flavour of blackcurrant but instead I got liquorice. It is quite a bitter, slightly medicinal taste that lingers in the mouth with quite an unpleasant aftertaste. Since I am not a huge fan of liquorice I have given these the lowest rating of 1/6.

Red - Again my taste buds were slightly confused but this time in a more pleasant way. I was expecting the sweet flavour of strawberry but I quickly realised that these were raspberry flavoured. I actually like the raspberry flavouring that you find in Fruit Gums and I would describe the flavour as being quite akin to this. It is however slightly more perfumed and synthetic. Rating 2/6.

Deep Yellow - Now I am beginning to expect the unexpected and I am not too startled to discover that these yellow ones do not taste of Lemon. In the world of Midget Gems Yellow equals Pear flavour, which is a nice refreshing change. If you are a fan of Pear Drops then you will love these. I did enjoy these but found that they made my eyes water slightly and I wanted to cough. Rating 3/6.

Pale Yellow - Now I did wonder for a silly moment if these might just be Lemon flavoured but I suddenly discovered a very sweet, fresh taste of Pineapple. A very refreshing change indeed. Rating 4/6.

Green - Just to confuse things a little further the green ones do taste of Lime so no fooling my senses here. These are slightly bitter and very citrus. Rating 5/6.

Orange - Finally onto the orange and in line with the green ones there's no fooling anyone here. Yes, these do taste like orange. These are certainly my favourite flavour with a long sweet, refreshing aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for a very long time. Rating 6/6.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed these Midget Gems but I must point out that unless you want to spend the rest of the day picking tiny bits of them out of your teeth then I suggest that you try to resist the temptation to chomp or chew them, but instead try to suck them. This way I find that theyl last for ever and must certainly represent one of the best value bags of Sweets that I have ever bought.

Thank you for reading.

A lovely journal from Minnie about service last week


Mistress Cara has posted a very generous review of my service to her last Saturday. It was such a pleasure to be allowed to visit her and to drive her around town. I had little idea what lay in store for me. Despite my nervousness and anxiety, I managed to cook the meal to her satisfaction and was rewarded by being permitted to kiss her exquisite feet and to suck on her toes, each one of which, as Mistress pointed out, is bigger than my pathetic clit. I simply wasn’t prepared for what followed! Suddenly Mistress Cara  was in her element, humiliating and punishing me as never before. She was awesome, totally Dominant, totally in control of her pathetic slave. I gritted my teeth and endured the pain and humiliation, being comforted by knowing how much Mistress was enjoying herself. Just as suddenly, like a summer thunderstorm passing, Mistress reverted to her usual kind caring self, gently feeling my red hot ass, advising which cream would be best to soothe the pain.


I thought I had been rewarded enough but on Monday at work I received a text: “! I may let you drain your baby balls tonight slut”. I couldn’t reply due to work, but when I got home she sent another text. “At 7.00 tonight you may wank and have an orgasm”. I couldn’t believe it, for years I have been trained to spoil every orgasm when I drain my balls. Now Mistress was ordering me to wank as a real man might, not to let go and spoil it. At 7.00 I was kneeling naked in front of the photos of Mistress on my pc and began edging, as I do twice every day. When I felt I was about to lose control, instead of letting go of my clit I kept on stroking, feeling my slime spurt out for the first time in years. It felt so wonderful, I had forgotten the pleasure of an orgasm. All too soon it was over, and my limp clit subsided, spent.


Mistress Cara  is such an amazing Mistress, it is such a pleasure to be her property. The pain and humiliation is more than rewarded by her generosity. Without doubt, the more I am prepared to suffer, the more Mistress is inclined to reward me. Thank You Mistress, thank You.  

I like sissies that aren't sissies, cock suckers that aren't gay, cucks that aren't cucks and slaves that aren't subs. Cocks that aren't cocks, but rather clits. Nipples that tingle when you don't want them to.
I'm difficult. I like the desire to please Me to always be just marginally ahead of the fear and loathing for the tasks I set. The motivation to obey just fractionally higher than the revulsion you feel at the humiliation.
I don't think many will understand this, but then you are not supposed to. If you are right for Me, it will happen anyway. Don't worry about it.
Well, not until I want you to.
carasbootworm is very pleasing lately.

It's profile is sincere and rightly worshipful.

Instead of wasting photo space with pictures of it's own useless and disgusting maggot body .....

it submissively shows more lovely pictures of its Mistress instead.

Thank you little worm.

I had a lovely Saturday with My slave minnie. She was to come over and take us out for the afternoon, acting once again as driver. We visited a local eatery and had drinks and snacks and chatted awhile, talking both vanilla and M/s. Minnie was delightfully respectful at all times and we exchanged experiences/stories etc.

After a while we decided to make our way back to My home where she would cook for us the food she had brought round earlier, as My real man and I were hungry. I thanked her for the little gifts she also brought with her, to please her Mistress. My man and I made ourselves comfortable as Minnie prepared the gorgeous and sumptious seafood risotto and refreshments.

I enjoyed lounging and relaxing watching My TV programme whilst she hurried around nervously answering every request I made and promptly fulfilling them.

With instructions to leave Me awhile to allow dinner to settle before dessert, she was finally allowed to eat her own food. In a suitably submissive position of course! lol

What a pleasant surprise I had for dessert! Minnie had brought My favourite ice cream, Bailey's Haagen Dazs. I did administer a little admonishment that she was trying to make Me fat, but I enjoyed every spoonful just the same. I even allowed her to lick some of it from My spoon, as a taste.

As she was hungry for more dessert but I had finished My ice cream, I allowed her to give Me a foot rub, then lick and suck My toes. She said I taste sweet! How cute.

Later on in the evening after Minnie had fixed My PC speakers [some small detail only a minion would pick up on] I fetched My new flogger. Time to finally see if it was functional as well as pretty!

Forcing her to kneel on all fours excited Me greatly, and My man was amused as he watched Minnie's punishment ensue. A session developed where I was mocking her for not being anything like a man... I brought in the use of My favourite crop and gave her quite a brutal and harsh punishment, first stripping her to her pink knickers in front of My man, then having her crawl around naked for us. I admit I got rather carried away! Well, its not often I have free rein with My slaves! But she dealt with the pain and humiliation like the best little slut in the world and Im very proud of her.

I allowed her respite finally and she had a bed ready on the sofa in My used bedsheets, to soothe and comfort.

Thank you My little minnie for a wonderful weekend and for an unforgettable experience and session. Your rewards were richly deserved ... xxx

christina [MistressCaraslut] has completed her journal about serving Me on Friday. I'm very pleased.

I should also note that she has only been allowed to touch herself and cum [I'm in a rare good mood] upon completion of this task.

Very happy with My little sissy slut, well done christina.



Morning of Torture


I knew that Mistress was having a very busy week.


As every good, loyal slave knows it is only proper that they should offer their services to improve the life of their Mistress. This is exactly what I did, and was delighted when Mistress replied saying that she had use for me.


I had the great pleasure of being allowed to go shopping for Mistress again, and then to provide amusement for Mistress in her home, before posting a parcel for Mistress. I was so excited when I was told the news, that for a brief period my mind forgot about the torment I was in. The torment was punishment from Mistress for an earlier mistake when I played with my clit without asking permission, and had now not being allowed to touch it for 5 days.


As I have now become accustomed to, Mistress directed how I should dress. I was to wear nothing underneath my trousers so my naked clit would be constantly stimulated, and under my shirt I was to wear a dark red lace bra.


I set off early in the morning to go to the supermarket. The trip around the supermarket was torture. With every movement my clit rubbed against my trousers and although the colour of my bra did not show through my top, the bra straps were clearly visible. I moved as quickly as I could and tried to avoid any attention, but unfortunately waiting in the queue to pay there was no escape. Two ladies came and stood behind me, and although I twisted my body sideways I could tell that they had noticed the straps. It was a horrendous situation where I could see them out of the corner of my eye, whispering and looking at me, and as I paid and walked away I could feel their eyes following me, and laughter.


On arriving back at the car I quickly unpacked and then sat in the seat for about 5 minutes trying to calm myself down. My cheeks were bright red, my clit hard and aching and my humiliation replaying in my mind. I thought of Mistress and knew that this was what she wanted and eventually I came to terms with my humiliation knowing my Mistress would be happy.


I then drove the short distance to Mistress house, and arrived about 10 minutes early. I quickly texted my Mistress to let her know of my arrival and waited nervously, hoping that I had done everything correctly.


“You may come in and put the items in the kitchen. I’m in the lounge watching TV. With dirty boots on.”


I took a deep breath and walked with the shopping to Mistress house. I quickly placed the items in the kitchen, before crawling through to the lounge. Mistress was sitting watching TV looking stunning. Mistress had her red, shiny boots on, that made her legs look sublime.  I knew what was expected of me, and quickly crawled over and started to worship her boots. Mistress laughed seeing how keen I was to please.


Mistress raised her foot and kicked me away, then told me to strip. Mistress laughed when she saw my bra. Mistress tormented me by placing her hands into the cups and mocking the size of the cups. Mistress asked if I was desperate to have breasts and I agreed that I was. Mistress laughed at how stupid I looked. I then removed my trousers and Mistress continued to laugh at my tiny clit. I was reminded that Mistress had a real man, and that I was worthless as a man, and pathetic as a girl. I knew that Mistress spoke the truth, and reminded myself what a privilege I was having, to be able to be at the feet of my Mistress licking and kissing her boots.


I knelt again at my Mistress feet and proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of the boots.


Mistress asked about my punishment and I explained that it was torment not to be able to touch myself. My clit was always semi hard or hard, leaked my filthy seed and was so sensitive to the touch. Mistress laughed at how pathetic it was and then had my on all fours in front of her. I was then introduced to Mistress crop. It bit into my flesh and although my clit was on fire along with my arse, I remembered to thank my Mistress for the pain she was causing.


Mistress ran the crop across my tiny clit, and I was embarrassed to notice that my filthy pre cum was oozing out onto the crop. This disgusted Mistress, and I received several hard smacks to warn me against spilling my filth on her lounge carpet. I then had the crop thrust into my mouth and was commanded to clean the filth from the crop. This I did and felt humiliated to be leaking my seed. It also became very clear that my pathetic clit was ruling my thoughts and Mistress was correct, I was pathetic and worthless.


I then remembered that although I had placed the items in the kitchen, there was frozen food amongst the items that I had not placed in the freezer. I reminded Mistress of this, and was sent immediately to put the items in the freezer. I crawled to the kitchen and performed my duties, and as I was finishing Mistress entered the kitchen. I remained knelt in the middle of the floor not daring to move, whilst Mistress put the remaining items into their places. I then followed Mistress back to the lounge, crawling behind her, making sure my head was lowered and kissing the carpet where Mistress had walked.


Back in the lounge I continued to worship Mistress boots, before Mistress decided that she needed a cup of tea. I could have kicked myself. How stupid of me not to think of that and offer to make Mistress a cup. I was bent over again, whilst Mistress worked her magic with the crop on my arse. I made sure I thanked Mistress for every stroke I received, before I crawled back to the kitchen.


I filled the kettle, prepared the cup, and then knelt dutifully waiting for the kettle to boil.

I never heard Mistress enter the kitchen, but the command to bend right over as Mistress wished to photograph me was very clear. I bent and Mistress laughed as she photographed her handy work. Once completed Mistress left and I busied myself preparing Mistress’s tea.

It was difficult to crawl back to the lounge. My clit was hard and sensitive, I held the tea in one hand, and my arse was red and sore.

I made it to Mistress and handed the tea over.


I was grateful and relieved when Mistress said the tea was nice, and I had performed my task well. I remained on my knees whilst Mistress drank her tea, and Mistress discussed that her garden needed work to tidy it up. I crawled over to the window whilst Mistress pointed out the work that needed to be done. I made sure I took note of what Mistress said so I could perform this task well when told to do so.


I then resumed my position and made sure I continued to lick and kiss Mistress gorgeous boots. I made sure that I took the heels of the boots into my mouth and performed a good blowjob making sure the whole heel went into my mouth. On two occasions I did touch Mistress leg with my head and immediately apologised to Mistress for my poor performance. Mistress was not pleased and called me a filthy whore. I admit that it did excite me further, but it was a genuine mistake and all I wished for was to perform my task well and please Mistress.


Mistress then had me kneel on fours again and took great delight in teasing me and administering swats with the crop. It was pure torture. Every time the crop touched my clit or was stroked across my ass I yelped and begged. My whole body felt like it was on fire, and so sensitive to the touch. I was oozing pre cum knowing I could not control it, and knowing I would be made to clean the crop. The crop also vibrated and the touch of this against my tiny clit was too much. I was desperate to come, but was never allowed. The tensions built up inside me, and it is more than I could endure at times. This was mixed with the sharp pain if I did not please and desperately tried to move my worthless body away from the torment. Mistress enjoyed this punishment and seeing me so helpless, and so in her control.


After some 15 minutes of pure torture in this way I was commanded to get dressed and complete the cleaning of Mistress shoes. In some ways it was a relief to hide my clit and to move away from the punishment, but not for long. The rubbing of material as I moved against my clit only confirmed the feelings inside me, and the lack of release.


I crawled and begged at Mistress feet for release and mercy. But Mistress explained very carefully to me. I was here for her amusement and punishment. I was being tortured as I had made a mistake and needed to be taught a lesson. No matter of pleading would make Mistress change her mind, and in the end I understood what I had always known. Mistress knows what is best for me, and it is my place to always serve her, without mistakes and keep Mistress happy and amused.


Mistress then tired of me, and commanded me to get dressed and crawl to the hall.


I was handed a parcel to post and some bottles to be taken to the recycled bin.

I crawled from the house in agony and frustration.


Although my service had ended and my physical state was shot to pieces, I drove home with an enormous smile on my face. I live to serve Mistress and make sure she is amused and happy. In achieving this, I was happy despite my body being in agony and despair.


Thank you Mistress for sparing your precious time to allow me to serve you

Christina xxxx

limitsless, who apparently has NO limits [yeah, check it - a twue subby! awww how naive]

states, and wants everyone to know, that I did not respond to his lovely compliment that I am '1 hot babe' very well.

Apparently I am now a 'nasty bitch' and he will make sure everyone knows. great! I'll be even more popular, if that is possible.

The 44 year old short guy from the north with a chip on his shoulder who cannot even communicate using full words has now blocked Me, like the coward he is.

Any 'submissive' male who starts his profile 'hey girls Im really submissive' has NO chance in this world.


PS. I'm a nasty bitch *sob sob* now who will ever want to talk to Me in this bouncy sparkly lovely world of dungeons clamps and whips? *sob sob*


I want to add to My collection:

A leather collar with D or O rings which locks on...

an attachable leash

a paddle

ball gag

Oh I so so so enjoyed teasing poor christina [mistresscaraslut] this morning for over an hour at My home.

After a week of not being allowed to touch herself as a punishment for unpermitted edging last week, the vibrating crop over teeny tiny 'clit' and balls really made her dance and yelp on all fours, and the intermittent spanking with the crop made for some lovely piercing squeals and begging ...

My lovely shiny boots are now lovely and clean, slave bj'd the heels satisfactorily and licked the rest of them all over... making Me very very wet indeed and very pleased.

All other tasks were carried out efficiently and promptly... not that I let that stop Me from administering punishment for the fun of it.

A full account will follow shortly from My slave...

I cannot wait to read her feelings and thoughts after this lovely session.

Thank you My little christina...

PS Looking forward to minnie [pegman] serving Me here tomorrow, cooking, cleaning and foot rubs! Delicious. I have a new flogger to use and its at the ready!


A recent email update from My slave, pegman aka minnie

I spent last night alone in my hotel room, thinking of You pleasuring
Yourself with Your toys, Your divine body wracked with pleasure, Your
juices flowing freely.
I pressed Your worn panties to my face, inhaling Your scent, longing to be
able to be Your cumrag. I dreamed of removing the sexy lace thong You have
so kindly sent me with my teeth, carefully removing it from Your perfect
body to reveal Your womanhood in all its glory.
I pathetically put the thong in my mouth and sucked eagerly at Your dried
juices that had soaked into the soft silky material. They tasted like
nectar, and left me feeling even more frustrated than usual, knowing that
the delicate scrap of material in my mouth had been so close to my divine
Mistress, closer than I ever will be.
I kept hoping that You would show some compassion and allow Your slave to
have a brief moment of pleasure and permit me to drain my slime. But my
phone remained silent, there were no texts from my Mistress. I spent the
rest of the evening looking at the wonderful photos You have so generously
sent me, worshipping Your beautiful, perfect body, inhaling the scent from
Your panties, feeling my frustration rising, my longing to serve You
I woke this morning with my little clit hard and leaking slime onto the
bedsheets. I had placed Your panties on my pillow as normal and dreamed of
serving You. I lay in bed and edged as close as I dare before having to
dress in my pink panties and go to work.
Your devoted minnie
I have really been enjoying denied being scared and wriggling himself deeper into My knickers.

Latest journal from My property, pegman, also now named Minnie  [haha]



I have had another unforgettable weekend serving my Mistress, the divine MistressCara. On Friday night she instructed me to practise ‘milking’ myself. I carefully, gingerly inserted the small butt plug into my tight hole and slowly stroked my clit while rocking back and forth on the plug. At first nothing happened, but after a few minutes slime leaked out of my clit. I stopped stroking and continued the rocking motion. More slime dribbled out for several minutes. I felt humiliated and ashamed for having to fuck myself, but pleased that I had managed to obey my Mistress. She has indicated that once I am proficient at milking it will be the only way I am allowed to drain my useless balls. She has also warned me that I will be expected to take larger butt plugs than the small one I have at present.


On Saturday night I made the mistake of practising milking without her permission. Despite my best intentions, Mistress left me in no doubt that I must ask each and every time I wish to drain my slime. I felt suitably humiliated and had to ask permission to fuck myself, to which she graciously agreed. 


I also had the great pleasure and honour of accompanying MistressCara today on a social visit. Mistress is amazingly generous and kind with the time she spends dealing with her many slaves. As beautiful as her many pictures show, Mistress is so much more beautiful in person, witty and charming but never letting a slave forget his lowly position. It is chilling how a quiet word or stern glare can reduce me to a nervous wreck.

Thank You Mistress for another memorable weekend.
Last picture on My profile shows one of My slaves serving Me.


A lovely tribute from My little cumrag this morning



May I say that, as far as I am concerned, Your kindness, beauty and
intelligence have made it all to easy for me to submit to You and to
become Your plaything. You are also very sexy, elegant and dominant and it
feels the most natural thing to become totally submissive to You.
I enjoy the control that You already have over me, knowing that this is
just the beginning and that eventually You will undoubtedly control every
aspect of my pathetic life.
As You know I have been searching for years for a Mistress who would know
how to use me and humiliate me. I never dreamed that I would be able to
meet such a person, but You have already exceeded my wildest expectations
and dreams.
Apart from enjoying the control You have over me, which really turns me
on, I enjoy not knowing what You have planned next for me, either in the
short term or the long term.
You have already shown how inventive You can be when humiliating me,
whether it is making me wear pink panties or go for weeks without being
able to drain my slime from my useless balls.
From the start I have tried to give You as much freedom with me as
possible, I truly want You to use me for Your pleasure, ignoring my wishes
and needs.
In fact I have given up hope of ever having a full orgasm ever again, at
best I can hope for 'spoiled' orgasms and may have to face prostate
milking in the future. Having to edge twice a day in worship to You only
serves to increase my frustration and humiliation. However You have taught
me that although I may want to cum, I do not need to cum, so I try to keep
my feelings under control and not whine and moan to often to You. In any
event You have been extremely generous in allowing me to drain my slime at
regular intervals. In some ways I would prefer to wait longer between each
draining, as, like an alcoholic with one drink, it is never enough and
serves to remind me what I am missing.
Please believe me, I truly wish I could wear a chastity device for You,
sadly my little cock and balls have conspired against Your wishes.
I was so thrilled when You kindly agreed to sign the Slave Agreement that
I had drafted, You may think it foolish and trivial, but I intend to abide
by its terms, and use it as a frame work for my long term devotion to You,
for as long as You wish.
Equally I have been amazed at Your willingness to allow me to visit You at
Your home and with Your family. It is almost unheard of in my experience,
and I value the visits immensely.
I honestly have no idea what plans You have for me, You have hinted at
various scenarios, but just as I try to get used to one, You move me in
another direction. As a result I am kept guessing at all times!
I always wait expectantly if nervously for Your next text or e-mail,
waiting to find out how You will humiliate me next, what task You may have
in store for me. I feel a knot in my stomach every time the phone
announces a new text has arrived. My heart beats faster as I open the text
to find my fate. Even when You only wish to 'chat' with Your slut, I
always try to show my respect to You, even if some of my replies may verge
on cheeky.
It seems hardly a day goes by now that You don't humiliate me in some way
or other.
I have the utmost respect and admiration for You, not only as the best
Mistress I could wish for, but also as a beautiful, friendly captivating
young woman.
Thank You Mistress, I worship You and am totally devoted to You.

Christina was lucky and allowed to serve Me in person for the second time this week. Her ensuing journal entry tickles Me... It is good to know how humiliated, pathetic and desperate she now feels - I hope it is truly agony.


Journal entry posted on by MistressCaraSlut on 9/17/09 at 11:15:52 PM:



The phone beeped and with trepidation I opened up the text.


“What are you doing this evening? I need washing up liquid more fruit and yoghurts and multi vitamins”


I could not believe how lucky I was. The honour to serve my Mistress twice in one week. I quickly replied that I had no plans for this evening and would purchase what my Mistress needed.


I clarified exactly what was required and asked how I should present myself.


“I quite like you crawling and licking lol”


I knew that I had made this mistake last time, so was determined that it would not happen again. However I was also determined to make the best impression I could so quickly texted


“Yes Mistress. I will make sure I crawl and lick. Do you require me to wear anything special for you Mistress? Xx”


“Wear one of the PVC things I gave you”


The rest of the day I spent in turmoil. I kept running through the items I needed to buy making sure I remembered exactly what they were. I was in a constant state of arousal and longing. I was completely distracted from my work as all I could think of was the pleasure of seeing my Mistress and bringing her pleasure.


That said, despite my best laid plans things did not go to plan. Work overrun and I realised I did not have time to make it home to put on the PVC thing and still make it to Mistress house by my agreed time. With nervousness I texted Mistress and explained the situation and offered to keep on the matching black panties and bra I was currently wearing.


The reply was blunt from Mistress as she was not amused.


“Go naked. Rub it up for me so you’re almost whining lol”


“Yes Mistress. I will touch myself as I drive. Do you wish me to remove the bra as well as the panties Mistress? Xx”


“Lol leave the bra on so I can laugh at you”


I called into the supermarket and quickly bought all the items that Mistress needed. It did not take long and I was soon back in the car and making good time. I kept looking at the clock and unlike last time, time was not going slow. 20 minutes form Mistress, 15 minutes from Mistress, 10 minutes from Mistress. Then disaster. The longest traffic jam I could have imagined. I quickly texted Mistress and at this point Mistress was understanding. However time seemed to accelerate. I kept Mistress updated by text, but it was a good 30 minutes later that I pulled my car into Mistress''s road and sent a text telling Mistress that I had arrived.


“Finally! Ok come here.”


I jumped out of the door, collected the bags and quickly walked to the opening doorway.


Mistress was standing looking stunning in the open doorway. Her beauty would have put anything to shame and I nervously entered the house.


I was quickly told to place the bags in the kitchen, and having done this I remembered my mistake from last time and quickly dropped to my knees and kissed my Mistress feet.


Mistress sent me to kneel in the corner whilst she inspected the bags and unpacked. I waited nervously hoping I had managed to get everything correct. Time passed slowly and I guess I must have passed, as I was told to kneel in front of my Mistress while she sat on a chair.

I was commanded to start licking her boots which I did. Making sure my tongue took long strokes and covered the whole of the boot from the toe to the heel and across the top.

Mistress I could tell was laughing at me, whilst she answered her phone and then took a picture of me in worship.


I was then ordered to remove my jacket and tie, and told to concentrate my efforts on her other boot. Whilst worshipping the door opened and Mistress partner walked in. I was quickly told to only speak if spoken to and not to miss a single lick or I would be punished. The humiliation was intense as I dutifully carried on worship knowing I was being watched.

I was then ordered back to the corner and to remain kneeling whilst Mistress busied herself.


Some time later Mistress approached from behind me. Mistress laughed as she bent over and plucked my bra straps through my shirt. Mistress then kicked my upturned ass and asked if I had followed all her instructions. I replied that I had. The torment did not end there, as I was kept kneeling facing the wall whilst I had to describe how pathetic I was. Although I know I am very pathetic and not fit to worship a superior person like my Mistress, saying it out loud was still humiliating.


I was then ordered to turn round and prove my compliance to my Mistress. I quickly turned round and dropped my trousers. My pathetic tiny clit was hard and pointed up and Mistress simply laughed at it. She commented on how small it was, how think and how stupid I looked. With each comment Mistress raised her boot and kicked my tiny clit to emphasise what she said was true. I blushed knowing what Mistress said was true but was obedient to know not to look directly at my Mistress and kept my head looking at the floor.


I was then told to dress, and next to show Mistress my bra. I quickly removed my shirt and Mistress fell about laughing when she saw my bra. Mistress pushed her fingers into the cups and taunted me by asking how much I wished I had something to fill them. It was true I did. Mistress also commented on how pathetic I was and I had to agree. I am pathetic as a man and pathetic as a woman. I am so grateful that a superior individual such as Mistress spares me any of her precious time. Without hiding the smile on her face, Mistress told me to dress and handed me my tie and jacket.


I crawled humiliated and beaten to the door before turning to kiss my Mistress feet and thank her for the pleasure of serving her. I was told to stand and then allowed the tremendous pleasure of kissing my Mistress hand.


Mistress then told me to leave handing me a bag of rubbish to take to a recycling centre and a treasured gift. A pair of her old worn boots so I could cherish her even when not with her.


With such small gestures my life is complete and I walked to my car with a big smile and feeling of elation to begin my journey home.


I started to drive and immediately sent a thank you text to Mistress.


“You amused me. Im all wet now from kicking your pathetic clit lol”


“Did you like me toying with your clit? Lol”


Several texts followed where I understood that I must have pleased my Mistress.


“Laughs at you. You are so funny. Just a toy.”


But Mistress knowing the effect she had had on me and continued to have continued to tease.


Meanwhile I have stripped off and im now leaking down my legs lol good job I have a real man seeing to me soon.”


My mind was in turmoil. I was pleased to have amused Mistress but felt worthless as I knew I would never be able or man enough to pleasure my Mistress. Simply being in my Mistress presence sent my world into a spin and knowing Mistress was tormenting me made it even harder to concentrate.

I begged for relief but Mistress simply laughed. I knew where Mistress was coming from as I had already had release once this week, but the effect Mistress has on me, makes me ache and dribble.


My whole world is consumed with thoughts of Mistress and how I can serve her.


My final text was to tell me to write an account of my night for my journal so other people could witness my servitude, and I hope that release comes if Mistress is amused.

I was pleased this morning to wake and make My way to My emails where I found a lovely update of service from My slave pegman.

Which reminds Me, I must instruct him/her to always piss sitting down. Honestly, that clit/cock is so tiny I forget it even exists, never mind that it can do things such as piss or leak filthy slave slime. Lol!


Journal entry posted on by pegman on 9/17/09 at 6:44:09 AM:

I am away from home this week on a business course, staying in an hotel.

Of course I had asked Mistress Cara for her permission before I left home.

Mistress had instructed me to drive up without any underwear,which was particularly embarrassing as she knew I would be visiting my sister on the way.

On arrival at the hotel on Sunday I texted Mistress to inform her of her slut's safe arrival.

It felt strange being in the hotel, far away from my Mistress. I felt as if I had gone abroad, not just to Coventry. Thankfully I have my laptop with me, so I can at least worship her photos while I carry out my twice daily edging.

Later in the evening Mistress sent me a text saying that I was to stop wearing normal underwear and that from now on I will only wear pink girlie panties from Primark.

I quickly checked online and found I would not be able to visit their Coventry store due to my work schedule. I desperately begged Mistress Cara to allow me to buy some Tesco panties, as I knew they had a store near-by.

Once again displaying the kindness and understanding which makes her the finest Mistress imaginable, she graciously agreed to allow me to wear Tesco until the weekend. “Cheap panties for a cheap slut” she commanded me.

On Monday during our lunch break I went to the store and looked for suitable panties. There was not much choice, and I began to panic, desperate to please my Mistress.

Finally I found a multi pack of ''granny'' knickers which were my size. I sighed with relief and steeled myself for the ordeal of the checkout.

Thankfully the store was not too busy, and the basket only aisle only had one person waiting. The girl on the till gave me a strange look, but said nothing. Even so I could feel myself turning bright red. I quickly paid and left, feeling ashamed and humiliated.

Back at my hotel that evening I tried on the panties. They were a little large, but otherwise they fit me well.

On Tuesday I dressed wearing the pink panties and left for my training course.

Thankfully most of the day was spent sat in the office, but whenever I stood up to walk around I felt the panties starting to fall down. They must be too big, or the elastic too weak.

They weren't too uncomfortable otherwise, but I felt acutely aware of them, and dreaded having to visit the Gents. When I did, I used a cubicle instead of one of the urinals, for fear of being overlooked.

At the hotel that evening I sent Mistress a brief text which she enjoyed and ordered me to write this fuller, detailed journal. Mistress also very kindly chatted via text during the evening, keeping me company in my hotel room. Humiliating and teasing me, but I was grateful to her as always.

Today I dressed again with a pair of panties. I was already becoming used to wearing them, but looked forward to buying some that fit me better, if I am to wear them from now on.

Mistress made an early start, sending me a suggestive and demeaning text before I even left the hotel and continued throughout the day with particularly provocative and arousing texts. How could I concentrate on my work when my head was thinking only of my divine mistress? My tiny award-winning clit was also thinking or her divine beautiful body and started leaking slime onto my new panties.

Again much of the day was spent in the office, but then we spent time in a workshop, when I had to constantly try to pull them up. I hoped no-one noticed.

Then my worst nightmare happened, I went to the Gents, but the cubicle was occupied, I would have to use a urinal after all. No-one else was in there at first, but as I was in mid-stream, a colleague walked in. I hoped desperately that he would not notice the pink panties peeking out of my flies. I could again feel myself blushing, with fear and shame, and quickly left, my heart pounding. As always, I was thinking of my beautiful Mistress, and how she would enjoy my humiliation.

Mistress Cara is rapidly gaining total control of every aspect of my life, having already placed me in permanent chastity, with only occasional releases permitted. Even then I am to drain my sissy slime as quickly and with as little pleasure as possible. Mistress has also told me she intends to find a chastity device that will fit my tiny award-winning cock, as she so enjoys holding the keys.

She has already shown me that, while I may want to cum, I dont need to cum. Slowly I am coming to terms with that fact. And as always, the more effort I make to please and obey Mistress Cara, the more likely she is to reward her useless cumrag.

Today I have spoken on the telephone to My cunt, carasbikerslave. cunt loves being MY cunt. cunt is to deliver My shopping for Me as arranged and be a good little cunt for Mistress, doing everything exactly as I command otherwise cunt will get a boot in the face and not just to lick clean.

I have also reconnected with My slave Tiffany, darling little secretary who has the perverted filthy sissy slut side, addicted and totally obsessed by My Divine feet. Her journal pleased Me so I will place it here for everyone to enjoy.


Journal entry posted on by caraspet68 on 9/16/09 at 6:20:07 PM:
Today whilst I was exchanging messages with Divine Mistress Cara, we started talking about an interesting topic that is 24/7 relation.
I have told MIstress Cara that maybe if we had met some 10 years ago, (since we now have both committed busy lives)...maybe we could have developed the the relationship in something more intense. So i have started fantasising about it and imagining how life with Mistress Cara on a 247 basis would have been. I d like to stress that this is my thinking, that it is not pure fantasy but it is something that i would have liked to try if ever possible. I would see first at all the collaring cerimony, where MIstress Cara would place Her collar on my neck and a tattoo with the slave regeister number on my body, maybe just above my "thing" or behind my neck or maybe both.
I can then imagine the life together....with me going to work every day whilst Mistress Cara enjoying Her life at home or with Her friends or shopping...of course using my credit cards. Then coming back home, i would of course greet Mistress and proceed witht he household chorse, unless directed otherwise. Of course i would wear my chastity device all the time, surely when Mistress is not around. As well as i would probably wear female lingerie to suit my status of slut. i would therefore prepare a warm bath to Mistress then the dinner and the evening pampering. Or maybe i would bring Her shopping or to see Her friend or drive Her out for an evening out with Her friend.
Or, why not, entertain Mistress Cara and Her friend in our home, serving Them food and drinks and be used as an object, a slag.
I would work harder and harder in order to provide Her with nice shoes, clothes, and whatever She desired. Going on holiday with or without Her, depending on Her decision. All my money straight on Her account excpet for the money needed for bills and food. She would administer the house, i would be working. And i can see myself not getting much relief, since i have been owned on 7th May, i have been allowed once on 7th August, now i dont even have a release date yet.  And i am starting to get desperate. So i can imagine my device almost permanently locked on my thing, except when in Her presence, with Mistress Cara teasing me....playing with it with Her divine feet...making me edge...then applying the device again....driving me insane....and yet keeping me keen, enslaved and devoted.
Mistress Cara, if only 10 years ago...
I am selling a small bundle of the sexiest thongs you will see... and a lucky lucky winning slave will be able to own these, after I have worn them and marked them with My scent of course! I want to see them safely treasured and adored as they should be.

They are gorgeous - too good not to share...

I have placed a picture of them as the last one on My profile, it should show up soon.

Contact Me for how you might be able to own and sleep with at least a small part of Me *laughs*

I allowed My little slave christina [mistresscaraslut] to visit with Me this morning with some things I required. I am so pleased with her service and also the journal she has written to document this event, that I am placing it here for other lowly sluts to read with envy *smile*



 I was talking to Mistress via text yesterday and through the texts Mistress mentioned how busy she was. I immediately responded that if Mistress was busy, was there anything that I could do to make her life easier.
"Get my shopping?"
I did not need to think about this and immediately replied, "If that would help Mistress I will do that tomorrow if you send me a list of what you require. xx"


"How will you get it to me?"


I replied that I would deliver it.


It then went quiet for about 5 minutes before I received, "I will e-mail a list"


My heart missed a beat. I was to serve Mistress and at the same time I would get to meet my Mistress too. I had a big smile on my face, and could not wait to get home to check my e-mail and prepare myself for my shopping trip. I was so excited.


I started to drive home and on my way my phone went again. My heart sagged thinking Mistress had changed her mind to tease me, but nothing prepared me for the message.


"You will not wear any underwear while shopping or delivering"


I clarified my understanding of the text with Mistress, and it was true, I needed to be completely naked under my clothes to amuse Mistress. I was so nervous, but also elated that I was happy to obey any command my Mistress decided.


Later into my journey I was given the ultimate gift from my Mistress when she named me. I could not believe how lucky I was. The text I read over and over again, "I like christina"


I arrived home with a big smile and although nervous was so excited to be able to serve my Mistress. I rushed to check my e-mails and as promised there was a shopping list waiting for me, with instructions of where to deliver the shopping to, and what store to use. I printed the e-mail out, and took it to bed with me, feeling so grateful that Mistress had bestowed this honour on me.


That night I slept very fitfully and kept waking up. My clit was permanently hard and millions of thoughts rushed through my head. Would Mistress be pleased with me? Would I manage to amuse Mistress? What would the consequences be if I failed in my task? What if I could not get all the items on the shopping list?


Before long the alarm bell rang and I realised that my day of servitude was upon me.


I sent a text wishing my Mistress good morning before showering and getting dressed. It was strange not wearing underwear, and my little clit was hard and poking into my jeans.


I drove to Sainsbury''s and busied myself with making sure I bought every item on the list. I was not sure which Shower Gel to buy, but used my initiative to choose one worthy of my beautiful Mistress. I also spent a long time looking for satsumas but alas Sainsbury''s did not have any. I bought Clementine’s and hoped that this would be acceptable to my Mistress.


I checked my watch and it was fast approaching 10am, so I paid and jumped back into my car to drive to my Mistress house.


The journey was torment. I was elated and happy to be meeting my Mistress, but also nervous in case I had failed my task. The drive seemed to last an eternity. Funny how when you are so looking forward to something the clock goes so slowly.


However I eventually arrived at my Mistress house, and saw I was actually 5 minutes early. Mistress had left strict instructions to arrive at 11am, so I decided to text my Mistress.


"Mistress. I have arrived but will wait till 11. Christina. xx"


I sat nervously in the car desperately trying to compose myself. The silence was shattered with the sound of a text.


"You may bring me my things slave."


I gulped and with trepidation opened the door and retrieved the shopping bags. I walked towards the house, and the first thing I saw was Mistress standing in her doorway. The image will stay with me forever. Mistress is more beautiful than any of the photos I had seen. It is hard to compare her to anything, but rest assured seeing Mistress standing in her boots simply blew my mind. I walked up to the door and Mistress took a bag and then directed me where to place the remaining bags.

This I dutifully did, and on turning round I sank to my knees and kissed Mistress boot. I wished to remain on my knees longer, but also knew that Mistress was busy and I needed to leave.

I stood and thanked my Mistress for allowing me to serve her, when Mistress spoke.


"Did you follow my commands?"


"Yes Mistress, of course" I replied.


"Show me"


I stood in the doorway with my back to the street facing my Mistress and pulled my jeans down.

I was embarrassed as my tiny clit was standing erect, and I could see a smirk on my Mistress face. I felt humiliated to stand before her with such a tiny clit in the presence of someone so beautiful and superior. Mistress looked at my tiny clit before directing me to get dressed.


This I did before thanking Mistress again and kneeling to kiss her boot.


"Lick my boot"


I set to the task with vigour. Allowing my worthless tongue to slide across the toe of the boot and desperately wanted to make sure it was clean. After a little time, Mistress pushed me backwards with her foot, and told me to leave.


Then Mistress gave me a very unexpected reward. Take that bag with you, there is a present inside. I picked up the bag as directed and asked permission to look inside. Mistress said I could, and my heart nearly stopped. Mistress had presented me with some of her underwear. I could have pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. Matching panties and top in black lace, and two things sent me wild with longing, and I could barely speak.


I immediately fell to my knees in gratitude and thanked Mistress for the gift. It was something I will always cherish and always be grateful for.


Mistress then told me it was time to leave.


I grasped the bag and hurried back to my car. It felt like I was floating on air and nothing could wipe the smile from my face.


I started to drive home when the phone beeped.


"You were a very good girl. Very excited i see. Lol"


Praise from Mistress was beyond my wildest dreams. I kept re-reading the text and replaying the meeting in minute detail. I was such a lucky slave.

The phone went again, "Next time you will only crawl in my presence"


I kicked myself. How stupid I had being not to honour my Mistress in such a way. I immediately apologised for my stupidity and a tear passed down my face for not thinking of this earlier.


Time passed slowly as I drove with tears running down my face, and this was broken about 5 minutes later with the phone.


"You pleased me. How do my boots taste, you horny little slut"


Forgiveness from Mistress.


I was elated and immediately replied.


"Your boots tasted wonderful Mistress and wish I had been allowed to lick them for longer. You are so kind to give me such a treat. xx"


"Next time little christina. As it is I''m off out now with slave drool on my lovely boots"


The rest of my journey passed in a daze. I was so happy that I had both pleased and amused Mistress, and I kept touching the underwear she had given me. I asked Mistress permission to wear her underwear and this was also granted.


I arrived home and immediately texted Mistress to inform her.


I then asked permission from Mistress to cum. The feelings inside me were pushing me to breaking point, and I had noticed that my pre cum had leaked to provide a wet spot on my jeans. I did not care. This was probably what Mistress had intended, but I was desperate for relief.


"How desperately do you want to cum little christina"


I begged and pleaded my case to Mistress. This was difficult as with every movement my clit ached and the smell of Mistress came to me with the feel of the underwear against my skin.


"You can kneel in the corner and edge for me. Then tell me again how desperate you are. Laughs"


I ran to the corner and immediately started to edge. This only took a few strokes I was so near the edge. It was so difficult to prevent myself from cumming the state I was in. I could barely stand up and there was a pain in my stomach from denial.


I begged again. Pleading for Mistress to take mercy on me, to put me out of my suffering.


"Then you can write me a good long journal first. Then you may cum for me"


I started to cry. I could not even stand never mind think to write.


I started to type my journal with tears running down my face, and hope that now it is finished I may be granted my relief.


Your obedient slave




Welcome back to slave 68 aka Tiffany who apparently has spent a lovely summer ogling topless Italian ladies. Lucky slave! At least you stayed chaste little one and kept up [!] with daily edging. A good job for you. Looking forward to having you knuckle down and serve closely once again.

In other news I met again with My slave pegman last night. You were so nervous little one! Trembling in My presence, despite the regrettable vanilla air. Ah well, in time we will see how you can serve Me properly. The gifts were lovely and your deference in the presence of My family was respectful and fitting.

Yes My knickers were in a state because I have been enjoying a real man all week, something you would know nothing of, being a chaste horny cucked filthy whore. With a 20p prick. lol

Looking forward to our time together once again next week. Study hard this week and remember, no drinking! you don't want to fail again do you?

My slave pegman's new photos highly amused Me.

They are now on his profile and show him desperately trying to please and amuse Me.

I'm sure you will not be disappointed... at least with the amusement factor. How pathetic his attempts were, enjoying the fantasy of how he would be fucked by Me if I could bear to touch him in such an intimate manner.

I should also note at this juncture that he was the proud winner of the smallest cock competition I recently ran! I mean, it hid behind a 20p piece, for fuck's sake!

The slave grovels at My feet and stoops to ever increasingly low levels to be of some purpose, some entertainment for his Divine Mistress.

There's a good bitch. Mistress is pleased.
slideshows now updated ...

My website is nearing 10,000 hits!

how exciting. Thank you little slaves ...

Amusing email regarding a challenge set for My slave..... which was followed by some private but HILARIOUS photographic evidence.


Mistress Cara ,

I am so pleased that You liked my entry for the Tickleberry challenge. I do hope I win the monthly prize for You, they do have a lot of toys to choose from.

I wasn’t quite so pleased when I learned of Your plans for the items I had bought!!

I had also stopped off on the way home from work to buy a butt plug from Ann Summers. Luckily they had quite a small starter size, I thought there was more chance of me being able to take that than the cucumber!!

The staff must be used to perverts visiting the shop, they didn’t bat an eyelid when I went to pay!!

I got home and washed, changed into my frilly pink sissy dress and set up the camera.

I carefully peeled the wrapping off the cucumber and put one of the condoms on it as You instructed.

I practised sucking on it, trying to take as much as I could into my mouth. The condom and lube didn’t taste very nice, oily and greasy, I’ll have to buy some flavoured ones next time.

After several minutes I remembered to take some photos, which I hope You will enjoy.

Well, even if that was the easy part, I felt ashamed and humiliated having to suck a cucumber like a real mans cock. I fact I measured it, it was about 12” long and 1 ¾” diameter, so it wasn’t even as big as Your mans huge cock. I’m sure You will have strap-ons that are as big.

Now came the really difficult part, that I was really dreading. I wanted to text and beg for mercy, but I have already learnt Your views on that subject!! In any case, it was so little You were asking of Your slut I was desperate to please You. And I knew what was at stake!!

I carefully put the KY on my tight hole and then smeared it liberally on the cucumber.

My heart was pounding now, my hands sweating and together with all the lube I could hardly grip the cucumber.

Try as I might, I could not get my tight hole to relax enough to even allow the tip of the cucumber in. I wiped my hands on a towel and tried again.

I was getting desperate now, I had to push it in, I had to carry out Your instructions. I tried thinking of my beautiful Mistress, how pleased You would be, how angry if I failed You.

 I tried to relax, to let my hole relax before trying again, this time trying to sit down on the cucumber to force it in. I could feel it bending under my weight, but try as I might it would not go in.

Reluctantly I took a few more photos before admitting defeat.

I was determined to salvage something to please my kind, divine Mistress, so I ripped open the butt plug and covered that with more KY.

Fingers crossed, praying for success, I carefully pushed it against my un co-operative hole. My prayers were answered!! The plug slid in without any problem. I felt so relieved!! I hadn’t completely failed my Mistress.

The plug felt strange, uncomfortable but not painful. My tight hole had drawn it in and at first it felt ok, if a little strange. I quickly took some final photos as evidence.

It was just as well in I did, it seems the moving about activated something inside me and I felt myself trying to eject the plug. I tried squeezing my buttocks, but to no avail. After just a few minutes the plug shot out. I was dismayed to see that my little cock had grown hard and a little dribble glistened on the tip.

I felt so relieved, I had managed to obey Your instructions, if only for a few moments. I know You have plans for me and that I will have to get used to being fucked in my hole by You, but at least I had made a start.

Once again, any feelings of humiliation and shame were overwhelmed with relief at having been able to please my Mistress, which is truly all that matters to me.

I love and I laugh every day
with those sending chatter My way.
To those spouting bile,
envious and vile... will never be able to play!

I joined shinykicks today.....   *smiles*
I am intensely pleased by My slave pegman.
Thank you little slut.

 Just goes to show you don't need a cock to please a Woman.
Exciting news!


Hi Mistress Cara,


We are very happy to announce that you are the first of our LoveHoney Top Models!


Thank you so much for uploading all of your photos – there were so many, it was hard to pick a favourite!

You’ve won yourself £100 worth of goodies from our lingerie, stockings, costumes and shoes range! When you have a spare moment, please let us know what you have chosen and the corresponding sizes/colours and we’ll get them shipped out to you ASAP!


Would you be happy for us to use your photos in a blog post and maybe get a quote from you too? As our first winner, and with so many amazing photos, we think you’ll be a real inspiration for everyone else who is thinking about uploading photos and we’d love to do a blog feature on you.

Let me know if this is ok and as soon as you’ve picked some prizes, we’ll get them sent out.

Thanks for entering, gorgeous!

Carly x
LoveHoney Staff Writer

An email from My slave this morning ... yes it was fun, little one.


Mistress Cara,

Thank You so much for allowing me to spend so much time with You yesterday.

It was so very kind of You to allow me to collect from where You had been staying in Leicester and drive You to Your home on the south coast.

On the journey up my mind was in turmoil, I could hardly concentrate on driving. I was so thrilled at being able to spend so much time with my Goddess, it was a dream come true.

Thankfully the traffic on the motorway was light and I made good time, arriving at the agreed time to collect You from Your hotel.

I parked the car as close to the hotel and walked into the foyer. My stomach was churning in anticipation, my heart was pounding and of course my little clit was aching.

I recognised You instantly, as You waited patiently in one of the armchairs.

You looked up and saw me and slowly got to Your feet. My head was pounding, I thought I would faint.

You said nothing but indicated that we should leave. I took Your suitcase and showed You to the car. I opened the rear door and You elegantly lowered Yourself onto the seat.

I caught a brief smell of Your perfume as I placed Your suitcase in the boot and started the car.

I had to concentrate on finding the way back to the motorway at first and You sat quietly in the back, occasionally texting. Your other slaves no doubt.

Eventually we were on the motorway heading south. I kept glancing in the mirror, trying to catch a glimpse of my Mistress.

I can confidently state that Your photos, wonderful though they are, do not do You justice.

You looked so amazing, sat in the back of Your slut’s car. As You chatted idly with me, Your voice was soft and deep. But even so it carried a hint of authority.

I tried to concentrate on driving, on trying to find something intelligent to say, but always fearful of over-stepping the line and becoming too familiar.

And always trying to look at You in the mirror. I have worshipped Your photos for weeks, longed to grovel at Your feet, but to have You in my car was an honour beyond my expectations.

For once I wished for a traffic jam to delay our arrival, so that I could spend more time with You. But as luck would have it, the journey was smooth and all too soon we arrived at Your home.

I ran round to open the rear door for You and as you stepped out I studied Your long slim legs and elegant shoes, and dreamed. Reluctantly I carried Your bag to the front door, and turned to leave.

As I did so You caught my arm. “You may hug me, slave.” I put my arms around You, and felt Your warmth, the full force of Your scent, felt Your long silky hair brush my face. I could have stayed there all day. I wanted desperately to fall to my knees and kiss Your shoes in worship, but did not dare to embarrass You in view of Your neighbours.

 What an unexpected reward, what a wonderful end to a perfect day. All too soon I felt You forcing me away, and I came to my senses again.

“Thank You Mistress, thank You so much.” I mumbled as I got back into my car and slowly drove away. My stomach was still churning, my heart still pounding and of course my little clit was aching more than ever.

What a day, what a day.

Thank You Mistress, thank You.

slave report from this morning..


Mistress Cara,

I spent hours yesterday dressed in my sissy pink maids outfit, worshipping Your divine photos.

I have quite a collection now, thanks to Your generosity. They make my twice daily even more enjoyable as I study them while dreaming of serving my Mistress in person.

Your beauty and elegance is breath-taking and I long to be able to worship You and grovel at Your feet.

I have grown used to wrapping Your panties around my little cock while I edge. The rough lace material makes my clit harder and more frustrated than ever, knowing that Your panties have been impregnated with Your divine juices, knowing that Your divine pussy has been inside them. I know that is the closest my useless cock will ever get to You, but it still makes it even hareder.

I also put Your knickers in my mouth, so I could taste as well as smell Your divine femininity.

I sucked eagerly on the silky material, dreaming of lapping Your juices with my tongue as they gushed from You.

With a pair of Your panties around my clit and another in my mouth I so nearly lost control. Thankfully I managed to stop from spilling my sissy puss just in time.

I had timed my worship to coincide with Your hairdresser’s appointment. I can’t imagine that any hairdresser could make You even more beautiful than You already undoubtedly are.

Your hair looks so lovely, soft and silky. I have even imagined having it gently teasing my clit as my tongue worships You.

I have attached some photos for Your amusement, I hope You have received the others I sent yesterday,

Your devoted slut.



This is too funny - I still have tears in my eyes-

A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak.

After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done.

The monsignor replied, 'When I am worried about getting nervous On the
pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get
nervous, I take a sip.' 

So next Sunday he took the monsignor's advice.

At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink.

He proceeded to talk up a storm.

Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note
on the door: 

the vodka, don't gulp.

2) There are 10 commandments, not 12.

are 12 disciples, not 10.

was consecrated, not constipated.

Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass.
We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C.

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not referred to as Daddy, Junior and the spooky.

8) David slew Goliath, he did not kick the sh*t out of him.

9) When David was hit by a rock and was knocked off his donkey, don't say he was stoned off his ass.

10) We do Not refer to the cross as the 'Big T.'

11) When Jesus broke the bread at the last supper he said, 'take this and eat it for it is my body.' He did not say ' Eat me' 

12) The Virgin Mary is not called ' Mary with the Cherry'.

13) The recommended grace before a meal is not: Rub-A-Dub-Dub thanks for the grub, Yeah God.

Well what a busy week.

Latex distractions, new boots, new sites, fun with chaste whining slaves.

I now have slideshows on Look for Me.

I am also auctioning a pair of black patent stiletto shoes that I have worn ... Very Domme...

Should you require pictures ask politely and I will provide.

Kisses & bites
Mistress Cara Xx
A little bit of research, mixed with a smattering of curiosity, blended well with a cauldron full of amusement.

I am seeking the smallest cock I can find. Is this you? Are you hiding a tiny flat button of a cock that would be useless for anything but for Me to laugh at?

Send Me your measurements, both soft and hard, in a message on here. Attach a picture as evidence.

I will feature and humiliate the winner.

Submissives have to be useful for something.

I will enjoy laughing at your peanut pricks and baby button balls that will only ever be able to produce a thimbleful of dribble slime.

Obey... Now.

A lovely journal from My slave this morning. I really did enjoy his day of nervousness and worry!


I awoke in the hotel room and looked around whilst I came to my sense. The apprehension hit me immediately and I lay in the bed thinking of what I had to do today.
I was attending a senior managers meeting in Manchester, and the commands of my Mistress rang in my ears.
It had started with a statement the day before.
"Lol just need to get you out in fishnets and heels now lol"
But had soon led to the direct command, "You should wear them under clothes tomorrow for me"
I stepped out of bed and sent a Good Morning text to my Mistress, hoping that a reply would come back to save me from my day of humiliation.
"Are you dressed like the slut you are?"
So no pity from Mistress.
I walked into the shower with a heavy heart and took my time to wash and dry myself. I then opened the draws and laid out my underwear as directed.
Red lace suspender belt, with red lace panties, and black fishnet stockings. I could feel the knot in my stomach growing and sat at the edge of the bed staring at the items. It seemed like eternity, but I knew there was no way out, and started to dress. Despite the nervousness and the aprehension I also had a smile across my face, as I was thinking of the amusement I was giving my Mistress. However with every smile I also had a look of despair when I thought of the consequences should I get caught.
It took some time but eventually I was ready. On the outside I looked very normal, wearing a nice suit, but as I walked across the room, the true horror hit me. With every step I took my suit leg would ride up slightly and my fishnets were flashed. I tried different ways to walk, quickly, slowly, pushing the trousers down with hands in my pockets, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I decided to make the most of it, and keep my fingers crossed that nobody would notice.
I texted Mistress, "I am all dressed in my slut clothes Mistress. X"
I explained in text to Mistress how nervous I was, still clinging to the hope that I may find redemption, but the reply I received said it all
"Lol I will think on that, and you today. And really enjoy it"
I closed the door to my room and began my day of despair.
With every step I took I could feel the lace rubbing against my clit, making my clit grow and become prominent in the suit. I was tugging at my trousers to stop my fishnets being revealed, and I could hear the laughter of my Mistress in my ears. Things soon turned from bad to worse, when I sat down around the meeting table, and the straps of the suspender belt also became prominent through the trousers. I edged further into the table and busied myself with the meeting ahead. There remained a dull ache in my stomach and the need to release my clit. Every second I was aware of hat I was wearing, how my Mistress wanted me humiliated - but did Mistress also realise how much this made my clit ache? Was this the intention?
The first 2 hours of the meeting went by in a flash, and I barely remember what was said. I escaped at the coffee break and sent a text to my Mistress telling her how I felt.
Mistress merely laughed as I explained how low I felt. Mistress commented about ways she would like to further humiliate me, "Shame I am not there to push up against you. Maybe snap them against your legs. Lol"
"I would check to completely embarrass you and shame you. Relish your humiliation. Do it near people so you worry. Slap your slut arse like the owned chattel you are. And laugh at you."
I hid in the corner. Desperate not to move in case I flashed my underwear, aching with sexual tension, humiliated by my Mistress yet deep inside smiling knowing I was serving such a wonderful Mistress and giving Mistress amusement.


The rest of the morning passed by in a daze. All I could think about was my Mistress. I was permanently hard within my panties, humiliated and nervous with every movement in my chair, and it was a surprise when lunchtime came.


Lunchtime brought the next stage of my debasement.


"When you get a break I want you to edge in a toilet cubicle like the dirty little cunt you are"


Oh God - what was I to do?


I waited till I knew the toilets were empty and quickly stepped into the cubicle. I pulled down my trousers and saw what a pathetic sight I looked. I quickly started to play with myself hoping I could complete it quickly before I got caught. I was hard, gasping and moaning when I heard the door open. I froze - terrified, and continued to edge, biting my tongue to prevent any noise escaping. It seemed like hours, but must only have being a couple of minutes till I heard the door swing open again.

I completed edging, and dutifully licked the pre cum away from my clit. I then sat on the toilet seat and cried. Cried out of desperation, humiliation, longing for my Mistress and utter despair.


The afternoon passed by with permanent thoughts of my Mistress and my debasement flashing through my head, and eventually it was time to depart.


I have never moved so quickly to get into my car and begin my drive home.


The drive home was torment. I have never known living 24/7 on the edge. Filled with desire, with longing, yet at the same time feeling so low and worthless.


The day ended with the final command.


"You may remove them after one more edge for me. :)"


I edged quickly. It did not take long as I was so close to the point of no return and I lapped at my pre cum with thoughts only of my Mistress.


I then replied to my Mistress and removed the underwear that was stuck to my body.


I lay on the bed and cried. I must have stayed that way for ten minutes whilst the whole day washed over me, and my defences finally cracked.


What kept me going through the long day?


It was simply my Mistress. To suffer for my Mistress in this way and know it amuses her fills my pathetic body with pride and longing. To serve a wonderful Mistress is to break through my limits and this was exactly what I had done today.


I slept fitfully that night and will await with awe my next command.




from little slave 60


Mistress Cara
In this email i am going to attempt to explain and describe Your beauty, this is going to be the hardest things i have ever done, as there is no comparison to Your beauty. You are truly Divine, a Goddess crafted from the Gods themselves. What makes it worse is that You are fully aware of Your beauty and its intoxication to all males and subs alike, this makes it worse when as i am placed in chastity by You unable to touch my pathetic excuse for a cock at all, not unless You give me permission. Then when i log onto my computer i see there are new pictures of You and Your amazing body and stunning physique. This makes my cock throb and i ache to simply touch it. But i have felt Your wrath and know not to disobey You, so instead i reach for the power button on my laptop, but i simply cannot bring myself to press it. i physically cannot do it! You are like the strongest narcotic, completely addictive and You make me hopeless and stuck in this vicious circle. i imagine You laughing to Yourself at all Your pathetic subs being in the same predicament as i am. Stuck with the knowledge that i cannot release and cannot bring myself to simply stop looking at those amazing pictures. i thank You for sharing Your beauty with us, and thank You for letting me have those brief but precious moments of Your time to bring some light in my dark and pathetic submissive life. Knowing that i serve someone that is a true Dominant Goddess of the highest calibre is a sigh of relief to me. Your beauty cannot be copied and mimicked You are amazing Mistress Cara.
Thank You for Your time Mistress Cara
love from Your slave and property
slave 60 xxx
a slave report I received this morning


Dear Mistress,
My torment actually began yesterday and has steadily built over the last 24 hours, to the point where I now write down my feelings of desperation.
As always it began with a text.
"Just think how frustrated you would be wearing a butt plug for me all day under your girly little thong. Laughs"
I did not know really how I would feel, and I have never worn a butt plug. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat re-reading the text. I could feel the red lace of my thong rubbing against my swollen clit, and I could not understand why I was becoming excited about such a humiliating act. I sat for ten minutes before I could take no more, and went to the nearest toilet. I pulled my trousers down and  edged in the toilet, making sure I licked the pre-cum from the end of my clit.
I did not hear anything further from my Mistress all day, but the thought of the plug inside me, contrasting against my pathetic clit dressed up in red lace never left me. I moved through several emotions from excitement, to humilation, to a need for release, to utter despair at how low I had sunk and how worthless I had become. On one hand it was everything I craved, to serve my Mistress without question and completely, whilst on the other it was so humiliating, and made me feel so worthless I questioned why Mistress would spare her precious time on such a pathetic slave as me.
The night was difficult. I kept waking up with thoughts of my Mistress, her beauty, her control racing through my mind, though I must have managed some sleep as the alarm crudely awoke me.
On waking, as always my first thought was of my Mistress and I immediately sent her a morning greeting text.
I was surprised when I received a reply so quickly, but on reading, I wished I had never sent it.
"Morning whore. I had a great night enjoying riding my man and his delicious cock. Not like you, who doesn't have anything he can call a cock and isn't a real man at all."
Wha Mistress had written was true. I do not have a real cock, never mind a delicious cock. My pathetic stub of a clit is insignificant whilst it lies deep inside my thong. I know also that I am not a real man. I am pathetic, worthless and my only purpose in life is to serve my Mistress.  I thought of Mistress in bed the night before, being taking to the limit and satisfied by a real man, and my heart was in turmoil. I could never give Mistress what she desires, and she knows it. She laughs at my pathetic nature, of my trying to impress her, to my torment she delivers to me. I got dressed knowing that I need to try harder to please my Mistress to save me from the torment. I should count myself lucky that Mistress even bothers to torment me, as I am so far beneath her, and really serve no purpose in life, except to amuse her.
I edged dreaming of Mistress with a real man. Her cries of joy and passion. Her willingness to climax and seek release. And when I licked my pre cum I thought of how low I was. A worthless, pathetic slave licking cum from his clit dressed in a thong, and I cried.
I dried the tears away and understanding my purpose, smiled knowing that despite not being a man, I was very lucky.
I was still owned by my Mistress, and I should take joy and pleasure out of serving Mistress. Knowing she is so superior to me, is a pleasure to be owned by her.
A lovely email from one of My slaves this morning      *smile*


Dear Mistress,
Please find below the effect you have on me.
The sun was shining and it was a lovely day. I had woken early and dressed in shorts thinking I would go to the beach.
I checked my e-mails before I left and saw an e-mail from my Mistress.
I opened it quickly with nervous anticipation and gazed lovingly at the pictures it contained.
Mistress had sent through the pictures of her getting ready to go out the night before. The elegance of my Mistresswas stunning. Perfect legs encased in her stockings. A beautiful dress that highlighted my Mistress beauty. Perfection in every way.
I could feel my clit start to swell and bit down hard onto my tongue. I tried to pull my head away from the pictures, but such a mesmerising sight held me, yet at the same time myclit pressing into my thong reminded me that I was not worthy to even look at such a beautiful lady.
I knew Mistress had forbid me from touching myself, and although it would have being very easy to have stayed and gazed at the pictures I wrenched my face away and shut the computer down. I opened my shorts and  dutifully used my finger to collect the pre cum that had leaked from my clit, and as my Mistress expected licked it away to clean myself.
I spent some time also looking at my pathetic clit, and the words of my Mistress rang in my ears. You are so pathetic and will never satisfy any woman. I knew it was true, and I thought how lucky I was that Mistress even spent any of her time tormenting me.
I pushed it to the back of my mind, and doused my clit in cold water, hoping to take away the feelings of longing and desire.
I made the effort to get ready and was determined to go to the beach where I could disappear amongst the crown and hide my shame.
I started the drive to the beach and whilst driving my phone beeped. I checked the text and my heart sank again.
"My tight black lace knickers are rubbing up against my pussy lips and right on my clit making me so horny...I just have to have sex!"
My mind went into a spin, and whilst I could feel my thong rubbing against my swollen clit it gave me no pleasure. I ached for release, yet at the same time I knew I could not. I thought of my Mistress and I cried as I knew I would never be worthy to give her what she craved. I was not man enough to satisy her, and yet was a failure as a woman. I felt so worthless and humiliated.
I cried my way to the beach and people driving past me must have wondered what was happening.
On the beach I could only think of my Mistress, her beauty, her superiority, her gracefullness, at the same time highlighting my worthlessness, my pathetic nature, my feelings of longing.
It seemed with every movement I was reminded of my need to cum, my need to touch myself, yet at the same time it also highlighted how inferior and pathetic I was. I constantly looked at the phone, hoping it would sound a release, yet at the same time fearing the noise of an incoming text.
My afternoon was spent in longing and lonliness, and it was a relief when I finally left the beach to come home.
I could imagine my Mistress laughing at my discomfort, and laughing at how pathetic I was. I knew this was true, but I clung to the hope of pleasing my Mistress and being able to serve her well.
On arriving home I could not take my despair anymore. I stripped and lay on my bed, dressed only in my thing and cried like a baby. Knowing my Mistress was right in everything she said and finally I realised that my life was chained in to pleasing my Mistress and rather than fight my feelings of despair, I channelled my suffering into realising that this was what made my Mistress happy.
I should be grateful in providing such pleasure to my Mistress when I am so inferior and worthless.
This finally brought a smile to my face.

No reproduction without permission. Been finding My favourite written submissions and enjoying them all over again...


He was awake for most of the night as images and memories of her suffused his dreams and initiated swellings that were painfully constrained. He’d made one too many jokes about his inclinations the day before and although he hadn’t told her outright, he saw the spark of suspicion flare in her eyes as she sat behind the desk in her office.

Looking for fuel to fan that flame, she stood up and moved round the desk towards him, pressing him for details; now his fantasy of telling her didn’t seem like such a good idea. Her initial inquiries were easily parried with clever wording, something upon which he prided himself, and which he wrapped in a smile but he hadn’t been prepared for her enthusiastic persistence. The smile left his face and fear took root in the face of her determination and he momentarily lost the ability to breathe when he realised he had unconsciously backed up against the closed door to her office. As she stepped towards him, his pleading confession escaped as a strained whisper, though the words were powerful enough to carry a silence of their own in their wake. The greatest shock to him, however, was the lack of any judgement in her response. His relief was so palpable that it was almost a disappointment.

Her persistence returned immediately. She was, at first, gentle with curiosity but that gave way to delight and they were both soon swept up in their inexperienced enthusiasm. At the end of the day, they walked to the station and she stopped in a shop to buy set of travel locks. As they parted on the platform, she unwrapped and unlocked one, put the keys for it back in her bag, and handed the opened thing over to him. He didn’t want to run the risk of giving in to temptation and losing any of the sexual tension he was feeling so he locked himself in as soon as he was home and dropped her a quick text to let her know.

The thrill of taking her lock and finally being able to surrender his sexual freedom to the will of another meant that he was now having to get up several times in the night to soak his tube-bound sex in freezing cold water. He had never slept in the device before and when dawn finally came, he felt as though he had been awake for a month, though it was at his strained and tender balls where he felt that rash enthusiasm most keenly. Texts and calls went unanswered so he tried to see her as soon as he got to the office - he had to get the infernal thing off - but she was locked in a meeting for the whole day. He thought 5pm would never come.

When he was finally sat gingerly opposite her in the bar that evening, the words spilled chaotically from his mouth.

“It’s too much. I’m really grateful that you gave me that lock yesterday. This sort of thing must be new for you... I really need the keys for it... I can’t go through another night like that!“

Most of all he focused on telling her how painful it had been.

Despite having to meet another friend that evening, she listened patiently to him. The kindness in her eyes was evident and his pleading words fell over themselves in appreciation. When he had finished, her voice and her response were calm and understanding.

“I had thought you were too ambitious and that you’d need to see that keys before the weekend. I do have them with me and I am happy to do that for you but will it be ok if I enjoy having you locked up a little longer, at least until we finish our drinks?”

He nodded sheepishly and she continued.

“Good. Because I do like the idea of having you locked up… “

She stood up, the heels on her knee-length boots made an attention-seeking click on the wooden floor of the bar which unsettled this private man enormously. She moved around to his side of the table and leant down towards him, gently taking the back of his hand in hers. Her sudden brazenness surprised both of them.

“… and I know all those quips you make about stockings aren’t just a joke…“

With his balls still sore from the previous night's ordeal, it took next to nothing to pain them now. When she firmly pulled his hand and pressed it forcefully to the top of her thigh, he tried to pull away. The effect on feeling her suspenders through her skirt was akin to having his hand placed on a hot metal plate. The immediate swelling strained his balls and when she finally released him, he felt as though both his hand and his preciously tender jewels had been branded. He sat there stunned and gasping, looking at his palm in disbelief as she headed off to the bathroom. He fearfully looked around the bar to see if anyone had seen his overt and embarrassing display of submission.

When she returned, she stopped next to him, went into her bag and pulled out a large, sealed, brown envelope.

“Are you sure you couldn't last another night, just for me?"

Her eyes were kind and hopeful as she watched him genuinely think about it. He wanted to be able to and he wanted to please her, but eventually he nodded up at her and she reluctantly handed him the package. She continued, sympathetically.

"I understand. But at least refrain from opening the envelope until you get home, I'd like to think of having that power over you just a little longer… it really excites me... and hopefully we can see each other tomorrow. Everything you need for the trip is inside, along with the key.“

“Thank you. Thank you... I'll stay locked up longer next time. I won’t do anything - much though I want to. You can trust me… It’s just that I need to be able to get a good nights sleep. See you tomorrow evening…“

On his way home, he followed her wishes and resisted the urge to open the envelope and free himself immediately. He wanted to enjoy feeling her power over him for as long as possible as well but it was all too intense, and too much too soon - and he really needed to play again. Reality was much more difficult than all those fantasies.

When he got home, he tore the envelope open and pulled out the papers. His airline tickets for the following day came out first, followed by the instructions on how to get to the hotel, which had been written on a piece of card. He threw them down on the coffee table and peered into the envelope. His heart sank. His fingers slowly snuck back in and he pulled out her lace panties. He rolled them in his hand - they were still wet at the crotch. Instinctively, his put them up to his nose to inhale and his groin immediately suffered further as a result. He needed to get free. Now.

He tipped the envelope up and waited for the key to fall out. Nothing happened. He ran his fingers through the knickers again to see if it had got lost in there. It was a painful and fruitless search. She had lied! He stood there for a moment before re-examining the tickets and the instructions. He flipped the instruction card over to find a large yellow post-it note on the back. She had written on it,

“I love knowing you can’t touch yourself unless I let you. It really excites me. Did you even have time to play? If you knew me better, you would have because I enjoyed myself so much last night that I’m going to do it again. But you do know one thing: I did make a promise about the keys and I do keep my promises…“

He tore off the note to find a photograph of her hand holding them up for the camera.

Part 2

The following day, he checked in, sore, and with very little luggage. A reservation had been made in his name at a hotel close to where her business meeting was being conducted. When he made his way into the three room suite, he casually cast a glance over the main living area before wandering into the bedroom. The door to the en suite bathroom was open but what caught his eye was the small holdall on the bed with a letter on top which had been addressed to him. He quickly ripped it open.

“You need to be ready by 10.15pm. Take a shower and when you’re done, open the bag and use the blindfold and cuffs inside to cover your eyes and secure yourself to the bed. When I arrive, I expect to find you clean, naked, bound and blind!


The shower was restoring and he languished as long as he could before emerging into the bedroom. He unpaired both the leather manacles, dividing them into four so that he could affix two cuffs to the sides of the headboard and one to each wrist. He lay down on his back and managed to clip his left wrist to its twin before pulling down the blindfold over his eyes with his free hand. Repeating the process with the right wrist was a struggle and he feared he might fail before he finally heard the reassuring click. He found himself panting at the surprising exertion before he adjusted his position to something more comfortable.

He lay there, pensive, and had half drifted off to sleep when he heard the door to his room open and close. He was suddenly very nervous. What if it was someone else. Fear of being ‘outed’ gripped him and he immediately had second thoughts. His hands moved to free himself, when the door to the bedroom opened and he froze. The person walked around the bed, made sure the blindfold was secure and then rigorously checked his manacles. He was stretched down the bed by his feet and his ankles were secured to the bottom corners of the bed with rope. It HAD to be her. Yet she said nothing and that unsettled him.

She sat on the bed next to him. He was too apprehensive to be the first to break the silence. There was a pause before a fingernail traced its way down the inside of his arm to the side of his torso. He flinched and tried to squeeze his arm shut at the tickling sensation but the manacles prevented much movement and he was left with little option but to go with it. His muscles tensed across his body. Somehow, the slightest contact from a solitary fingernail was transmitting a signal directly to his bound prick. His poor balls ached so very much.

Her position shifted and he felt that nail making its way up from his instep and along the inside of his calf until it was travelling up his thigh.  His prick responded once more and yet it was the one part of him that wasn’t being touched, bound as it was in its prison.

The tracing nail continued to explore him and he felt his excitement building, painfully slowly, with each tantalising motion towards his sex. His nipples were gently pinched and he felt them harden. The nail eventually moved much nearer to his groin. It seemed to head straight for its prize before veering away - getting ever nearer with each attempt but failing every time. It was too much now and he began to beg.

“Please… it HURTS!”

Moments later, he let out an unconscious whimper. That seemed to be the cue to ease his pain because he felt the device being removed and although the securing ring remained snug around the base of his prick and balls, he was out of the cursed tube and the freedom almost made him faint with bliss. The instant and uncompromising erection of his prick was a perfect contrast to his tender and vulnerable sac… but the teasing continued.

He wasn’t sure how it was possible but each stroke with that infuriating nail seemed to send more blood flooding to his groin until he was afraid his prick would burst from over-inflation before it could explode in orgasm. He felt a rush of fluid arrive at the tip, followed by a young woman’s gentle laugh. She sounded like a stranger but despite the uncertainty, he remained as hard as ever. He felt the lightest of fingertip touches wiping the droplet from his end. That finger was soon at his mouth which was still framed in an “Oooohh” from the sensations he was being made to endure. The finger tip pushed into his mouth and wiped itself across his tongue. It was almost as though it travelled straight through his body because a moment later, it seemed to reappear at the end of his prick.


A warm scarf was wrapped around his blindfold and over his nose. It carried her scent and he could imagine it being worn around her neck. His senses were filled with her and he could feel that drop on the end of his prick spilling over and running slowly down his tip as another dislodged it from behind. He was in rapture.

She toyed with him for a few more minutes, just to make sure he was flowing nicely before he felt her get up and he heard her walk into the bathroom. The water was running and he wasn’t sure what to think about what she might be doing. Momentarily, the taps were turned off and she re-emerged.

“Looks like there was a bit of an accident in there.”

He had no idea what she meant. She sat on the bed again and he heard 4 beeps.

“Hello Room service… I’m afraid we’ve had an accident in the bathroom… Will you be able to send up a maid with a fresh set of towels as soon as possible… Yes tell her to let herself in.“

Somehow he knew immediately what she planned. He had been too open with her about his fears. “You BITCH! Let me out!”

She grasped him firmly by the neck and he froze. She kissed him roughly and he felt another drop pour from the end of his prick.

“Let yourself out… if you can. I’m going to the bar for a drink. See you later.”

She put on some music and he felt her get up off the bed to leave. He was thrashing around even before he heard the bedroom door close. He knew the manacles could be freed - he had gotten himself into them. It took a bit of doing but when he finally got his right hand’s forefinger and thumb where they needed to be. His heart stopped dead. Where had that padlock come from!? He checked the other side - the same.

Perversely, he found himself even more turned on but he was still desperately hoping that this was a joke - that she would come back into the room and blow him off after a mind-fuck. She did do mind-fucks! Didn’t she?

He was still pondering that when he heard someone come into his room next door and a stranger‘s voice muffled through the walls.

“Hello! Room service... I have your towels!”

He lay stock still, wishing with all his might that he could make himself invisible. The EMBARRASSMENT! The door to the bedroom opened and he heard a young woman’s gasp before it slammed closed immediately. All his wishing had failed. All the blood had left his prick.

A few moments later, the door to the bedroom opened again, slowly. He heard the maid going into the bathroom to change the towels. He heard her re-emerge and she seemed to have paused at the foot of the bed. Nothing happened for an age.

He jumped violently when he felt something soft touch his limp prick. It was so fleeting that he almost convinced himself it hadn’t happened but when he was still once more, it happened again. He shook, but less extravagantly this time and he was rewarded with a swift return of the sensation. Blood began to engorge his prick and he felt terribly ashamed. Within minutes, he had opened his knees as far as his bondage permitted. Carnal need was winning out handsomely over embarrassment.

He imagined some dancing silk scarf being used to torment his prick and he was soon pushing his hips up to chase any kind of feeling. He felt like a slut for doing so, but he had to have release. The teasing was incessant and when he found himself with only his shoulders and heels on the bed, he really knew shame… and he didn’t care.

A short sharp slap on his delicate balls brought him up short and his whole body fell back to the bed like a sack of spuds. This wasn’t her. She wouldn’t do that. Would she? No it HAD to be her. He was still pondering... and recovering… when he finally felt a proper contact with her and his hopes soared. The bed gave a little as it took her weight and he felt nylon-covered calves at his chest as she knelt astride him, facing away. She shuffled forward until she was in the right position and he imagined the location of her sex before he strained up to meet it with his prick. One warm hand on his thigh had given her the signal and she rose up with him;  his prick made no contact but she did deal another short sharp slap to his balls to send him back down to the bed with a grunt.

She slowly lowered herself and it was all he could do not to push into her. She stopped right at the entrance, taking the base of his prick in one hand, and used him to tease herself as though he were no more than a living dildo. The torment was unbearable and he wasn’t even thinking when he tried to rise up into her again, hopelessly failing to learn his lesson. He knew it immediately and tried to squeeze his legs together to avoid his punishment but her hand was too fast and pulled her prize out from between his rapidly closing thighs with frightening speed and dealt a slap to his gathered balls that felt sharper than before.


She slid right down on him fully, swallowing him whole. If his groin hadn’t still been in pain from her slap, he knew he would have cum.


She rose up off him entirely again.


She went back to using his tip to teasing herself at the entrance to her sex. He wasn’t enjoying it any more, he was just enduring whatever she did. A moment later, he felt something and there was a long, long pause. Had she just cum? He actually began to cry when she went back to using just his tip.

His misery was broken by the sound of the door opening and closing. There was a raised voice.

“I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. I hope you’ve been good!”

It was HER voice!

The stranger’s body above him leapt off the bed and a moment later, the bedroom door opened and shut. He heard female voices outside the room before the main door closed.

It was a short while before the bedroom door opened. When she walked in, he was visibly shaking - an intoxicating mix of need and embarrassment - his raging red raw prick was shiny and slick. She rushed over.

“Oh my god! Are you ok?“

“You don't seem to be in any condition for what I had planned so I think the best thing would be if we get you back into that chastity device." He looked down at her in acknowledgement. She moved back to the side of the bed and reached for the tube which she had placed on the lamp table as she continued. "… which is a shame, because I was looking forward to finally seeing how good a fuck you were... of course you wouldn‘t be able to cum until I let you.”

Something in him snapped. He shot off the mattress and threw her onto it in one motion. She had landed at an angle and he swept to the foot of the bed and managed to grab her ankles and flip her onto her stomach with a supercharged strength. She half struggled as he pulled her down towards him. It caused her skirt to ride up and his prick responded to sight of her suspenders bisecting plump, naked buttocks. He was angry that she had been downstairs enjoying herself but doing so whilst knickerless infuriated him. The SLUT!

He threw one arm under her waist and thrust himself inside, not caring for frivolities like contraception, nor even what hole he found himself in. The SLUT was actually enjoying it, he could tell by the noises she was making and the way she thrust back onto him! He could only imagine what was going on in her, who she had been with, and that made him angrier but the anger only made it harder for him to release into her. He finally felt her contracting him around him in her own climax and that was his cue, as though he had been waiting for consent from her sex before he could release himself. He tensed further he didn’t NEED her consent!

This was what she wanted; to control a man so deeply, that she could turn him into a sex-crazed animal. His desire for her had been evident for a while but to be able to turn up the heat on that lust to a boiling point, where he was totally overwhelmed with a need to fuck her senseless and explode continually inside her, was intoxicating. But having looked forward to this point for so long, what happened next surprised even her.

He yelled as he emptied himself, thrusting repeatedly. When he pulled back from her soaking hot core, exhausted and covered in sweat, she slowly stood up and turned around. She looked a mess. He skirt had ridden up to look like a bulky belt around her waist and her blouse was up at her chest, one breast had popped out underneath and she looked completely ravished. What stunned him most of all were the copious gobs of his cum that he saw on her skirt and even under that protruding breast, but largely between the tops of her thighs, just below her sex. He looked into her eyes in confusion. He had been too lost in need to feel her flex her hips just enough to pop him out of her cunt as he was about to cum. She had seemed just as hot and wet between her stocking tops.

"I didn't say you could cum inside me, did I?  You have until the count of  FIVE to get yourself back in the tube and lock it up or I’ll see if I can find another maid or two."

She went straight for the emotional jugular. He was too off balance and too short of time to frame a response and his fingers worked frantically to slide his sex-slick prick back into the prison she held out for him. He was secured by the count of 4.

“… and if you want to be let out of it again, you’ll start by cleaning up the unwanted mess you made... using your mouth.”

He looked at her, dumfounded... and disgusted. It was only now that he was locked up again and desperate for a way out, that he could look back and see that her threat of exposing him to another maid had been no threat at all. His head snapped down to look for the key in the lock but it had never been there. He looked to her purse and then at her to see if he had noticed but she read his mind and smiled as she slowly shook her head. His shoulders dropped and it was with quiet distaste and a painful swelling that he allowed her to draw his face to her slimy breast as she lowered herself back onto the bed. She held him firmly before his initial reluctance dissolved in the pleasure he was clearly giving her. She guided his head firmly and slowly until she finally let his now eager tongue find the apex of her cum-covered thighs.

He was too resigned to his fate to go through her things the following morning. He would never have found the key but he might have found a tape recorder with a track, recently played by an unsuspecting member of housekeeping, of her voice yelling “I’m baaaaaaaaaaack…” She was sure that maid would enjoy having received such a large tip for her troubles, just as she herself had been enjoying his.
As promised to My pathetic little sissy cuck pegman, I am outing him to the world to show what a filthy little sissy cumrag he really is.

His latest journal entry was his task for last night. It shows how far from being a real man he is. His tiny stub button clit useless for anything but to amuse Me with how desperately it twitches and how frustrated I can make it.

A little glimpse into our world... in the email exchange this morning that I found highly amusing:

From: pegman
To: Mistress Cara
Sent: Saturday, 15 August, 2009 8:24:36
Subject: Friday night is humiliation night!!

Mistress Cara,

Thank You so much for humiliating me last night. Not once, not twice but three times in the space of a few hours.

The first instruction, to kneel on the floor for five minutes was a surprise reminder that You control me at all times.

I quickly stripped naked and knelt by my pc, worshipping Your photos. I did not edge then as I felt You wanted to punish me, to prove You control me.


Your second instruction, to write a journal entry, left me shaking with fear and anxiety. So many people would read it, would know how useless I am.

What if I couldn’t write enough for You? I have read Your other slaves journals and I knew I wouldn’t be able to match their eloquence and style.


Still naked, I began to compose a rough draft, and then I received Your final instruction, to edge myself at the same time that You would be indulging Yourself with Your mans huge cock.


My mind was in a spin, I could hardly concentrate on composing the journal as the clock ticked round to 10.00.

I have tried to make the entry as honest as possible, describing my shortcomings in detail for all to read.

It was so humiliating to have to put into written words what I already knew, that I am just a useless cumrag, that You have a real man to satisfy You more in one night than I ever could.

I had not touched my cock while writing my confession, but even so it had begun to harden, perhaps in anticipation of the edging, perhaps because of the humiliation I felt.


At 10.00 I stopped writing and began to edge, watching Your pictures in a slide show, but in my mind I was in Your bedroom, grovelling on the floor.

I could hear Your moans of joy, see Your divine naked body as You aroused Your man.

I could hear You gasping as he penetrated You as You struggled to take all of his huge cock inside You.

I tried to edge for the full hour but had to stop several times for fear of losing control and spilling my filth at my feet.

As it was my dicky was oozing sissy slime the whole evening, feeling so humiliated and frustrated.

Knowing You had his cock deep within You made me feel so useless, so pathetic. My little dicky will never be able to please any woman, I will never experience the joy of being inside Your tight pussy. I felt worthless, not a man, but not even able to act as a woman either.

My only hope is that You will allow me to be Your cumrag, to clean You and prepare You for Your man.


I re-read my journal and posted it on my profile, before crawling off to bed. I could not sleep, my clit was till aching and throbbing and my mind was thinking only of my beautiful Mistress.

I finally dozed off into a fitful sleep and woke up early to find my cock had oozed slime during the night.


Last night was so humiliating, not least because I was not expecting it. You demonstrated so perfectly the control that You already have over me, that I am unable to resist.

And yet despite my shame and humiliation, I felt pleased, pleased that I was able to obey Your instructions without question, pleased that my suffering enhanced Your pleasure.

Most of all, I was so pleased that my sexy young Dominant Mistress should even spare the time to toy with her slutty cumrag.

Thank You Mistress, it was a night I will remember. And now some early morning humiliation! I feel so honoured that You wish to tease me so early in the day.

From: Mistress Cara
To: pegman
Sent: Saturday, 15 August, 2009 8:51:02
Subject: Re: Friday night is humiliation night!!

thank you cumrag whore
I really enjoyed reading your honest feelings, emotions and humiliation that you have described rather eloquently for a pathetic useless little sissy slut.
yes I really did enjoy being licked flicked and played with by My man, sucked and nibbled and fingered before climbing onto his huge cock and feeling it ramming right into Me balls deep, right up to the hilt, so I felt in that pleasurable zone just the brink before pain as it is so large. It isnt only long but its so wide too and really fills Me and stretches Me completely. Every time he fucks Me it is like Im being fucked for the first time, My tight pink smooth pussy shocked but eager as it takes him in inch by glorious inch.
Im moaning loudly, squealing and gasping as he is pounding me, My juices are eager and quick to lubricate our pleasure... building to our climax when he fills Me with his hot cum, so much of it, gushing into Me and flooding Me entirely.. filling Me like a real Man should...
It just excites Me that millimetre more to think of you edging pathetically not even able to see Me or be in the same room yet still so aroused and wrapped in desire for your Mistress, not just the thought of Me but at the thought of another man fulfilling and fucking Me... knowing you would do anything just to taste Me and clean his delicious cum out of Me and from off Me if I let you. Telling you how he pleases Me in all the ways you never will and how you will never be able to please any woman.
Just had an image of Me sucking on My mans huge cock til he nearly cums, then he empties his cum all over My breasts then making you lick and suck them clean, hearing Me moaning at your tongue cleaning Me both at the sensations of your tongue over My young pink erect nipples and at the thought of you willing to eat up all his cum just to have your tongue against My aroused flesh...
I will post My journal now so everyone will know and see what a ridiculous example of a male you are, Im going to let everyone in My circle know how you can't ever hope to please a Woman in any way, that you are just a cock sucking cum cleaning cockless little sissy slut cum rag.
Mistress Xx

for being submissive, you are a competitive lot!


i had been summoned to Mistress Cara's that evening, i sat in the Portsmouth rush hour traffic anxiously gazing at the clock in my car, i must not be late as it is universally understood that slaves must always be punctual when visiting superiors, and conversely they must not arrive too early either. i had an AtoZ book balancing on my knees, unfamiliar with the city i must not get lost. As i neared the address given, my heart rate quickened, my mouth went dry, my respirations increased, my nerves were showing. The reason? Mistress Cara had ordered i drive to her naked, my buttocks rubbed against the course cloth seats, the seatbelt rubbed against my right nipple, my bare feet were cramped pressing the pedals, i felt that every other motorist was looking at me, why this man was driving a Discovery V8 topless, thankfully they could see only my top half, but a few wolf whistles from passing lorry drivers added to my humiliation. "Please please please don't break down, my trusty trusty car" i stammered as i tapped the dashboard. i had never visited Mistress Cara's abode before, and i was trying to visualise in my minds eye how her home was laid out, did she have a long drive? off road parking? slave in his own selfish way was hoping to lessen my humiliation when i arrive.


i stood on the doorstep in the bracing drizzly Autumn weather, feeling sure everyone in the neighbourhood was watching me, the weather had worked it's magic on my manhood the already small cock had shrivelled to something more like a little maggot, it was 7pm sharp, the appointed time where i was instructed to knock the door of the address given, three loud consistent knocks.




Initially nothing, should i knock again? Did Mistress hear? He was in a state of unsurety surely Mistress would be angry if i didn't carry out her orders to the letter. Ah! I could hear the sound of footsteps approaching on the hard wooden laminate floor, they were slow footsteps, Mistress was prolonging my agonising humiliation standing naked on her doorstep, even her door opening was prolonged. Even when the door opened i did not immediately enter, i understand i must be invited over the threshold. i averted my gaze to the floor immediately, but my tiny male brain had enough time to take in what Mistress Cara was wearing. A white shirt with a frilly collar, a pair of tight jeans and a pair of knee high ever so shiny black stiletto boots, furnished with strapped features around the ankles, and if i'm not mistaken a small pair of spurs. She also wore short black soft leather gloves and a thick black leather belt, the belt was laden with bondage instruments, cuffs, a collar, some chain, rope and the most viscious bullwhip i'd ever seen. Tucked neatly in the outer aspect of her right boot was a riding crop.


Mistress looked at me, her pretty face twisted into a sneer of pure disgust, immediately i felt degraded. "Enter!" she said firmly. i stepped gingerly over the threshold and immediately dropped to my knees. Almost gagging at the sight of this damp cold withered creature she said "we can't have that on show" pointing at his withered cock. "No Mistress" i replied, voice still quivering "i have a pair of pants in the car" Still sneering she smiled, "Oh no slave, I have something far more interesting" Mistress reached into a draw and took out a chastity pipe and offered it against my withered manhood. "You'll have to grow into it...." she purred, "Lie down slave" Immediately I lay on the floor on my back, and using the banister to steady herself, she placed a cold harsh bootsole on my scrotum and pressed lightly whilst making circular motions. The effect of the cold bootleather was soon very apparant. "Yuk!" she said as she snapped the device onto me. "Now... I control your cock.... forever slave!"

She removed her boot and used it to turn me onto my belly.


"Now worm....follow me" i started to slither on my belly, the hard chastity device digging into me as i followed Mistress Cara's boot heels into a darkened room.


Best written submission of last week


The email simply stated:
"Get Dressed slut!  panties, bra, garter belt, and stockings, All Pink!"
"and come Over!!"
My heart immediately skipped a beat, and my stomach knotted up.  So this was it, Mistress actually wanted to meet me, in person!  i jumped into the shower to reshave everything, and after rubbing the scented lotion Mistress had instructed me to buy, began to dress.  My hands were literally shaking as i stepped into the panties.  It took me several tries to get the stockings on.  But finally, i stood before the mirror wearing the lingerie.  i then slipped on a pair of loose fitting sweats, and headed out the door.
Mistress had previously given me Her address, and made sure i had proper directions.  Her words were "just in case I ever need you slut".  i drove as quickly as possible, very nervous of the traffic laws as i did not want to get pulled over like this.  The drive seemed to take forever, but finally there i was, pulling up to Her house.  As i pulled in, the garage door began to open, and the light flicked on and off.  Seeing this as a sign, i pulled into the garage.  As i stepped out, i could see a piece of paper taped to the door, it read:
"Hello my sweet little slut, tonight is your night to become my whore.  Close the garage door.  Remove any clothing except the lingerie, drop to your knees and knock 3 times!  Mistress"
i almost turned around and ran, knowing this was acutally going to happen.  i did as commanded, and waited.  After what seemed like hours, i heard the clicking sound of heels approaching the door.  As it open, my jaw dropped as i gazed my Mistress for the first time.  She was dressed in typical Domme gear, all black.  As i looked Her over, my eyes went wide as i noticed She was wearing a very realistic looking strap-on.  She noticed my shock, and chuckled.
"that's right my dear slut, this is for you"  Mistress motioned for me to follow Her indoors, and i swear i heard Her say "and its not the only one, either".  As i crawled behind Her, i could smell Her perfume, all i can say is it was intoxicating.  Mistress stopped at the foot of the stairs, and turned around.  She reached a gloved hand down to my face, and pulled me to a kneeling position.
Producing a pink collar, Mistress began putting it on me.  "Thank Your Mistress for the collar, slut"
"Thank You Mistress"
"You are here for My Pleasure Only slut, You will do what I say, when I say it, and to whom I say to do it to."
The last part worried me, but i was soo nervous all i could manage to say was "Yes Mistress!"
"By following me up these stairs, you agree to obey Me!
"Yes Mistress"
And Mistress was heading up the stairs.  i slowly began to follow Her, step by step.  The room was dark, but the candles burning allowed for some vision.  As i crawled to Her, She simply stood in the middle of the room, pointing at the floor before Her.  Once i was in place, Mistress hooked a finger into the ring on the collar, and pulled me up again.
"Hands behind your back, slut"
i did as told, and waited.  Mistress began to circle me, very slowly.  Rubbing her gloved hands all over my body.  Across my face, my lips.  After a couple of passes, Mistress reached down and started to fondle my nipples.  Rubbing them, pinching them.  Harder and Harder.  i began to moan, which only made Mistress pinch harder still.  my cock was hard now, and Mistress laughed as She noticed it making a wet spot on my panties.  Mistress reached into my panties, and said "this is My cock now, even if it is small"  After pinching the head, Mistress brought Her fingers to my mouth, and began pushing them against my lips.  Instinctively, i opened my mouth, and soon Mistress was sliding them in and out, slowly.
"Such an eager Cocksucker, huh slut?" She asked.
"Yes Mistress"
With that, Mistress stepped in font of my, and began stroking Her Cock.
"Well then, slut, show Your Mistress"
i leaned forward and opened my mouth, letting my tongue slip out.  as i began to lick around the Head, i heard Mistress let out a moan.  After a couple of minutes of this, i opened my mouth and leaned in more, allowing the Cock to slide into my mouth.  As i sucked, Mistress put a hand to the back of my head and started making me bob up and down.
As i did this, Mistress began lightly whipping my back with a soft toy.  i felt the strands sliding up my back, going between my panty covered cheeks.  Slowly, the strokes of the whip became harder.  i moaned around Mistress's Cock and She whipped me.  my jaw was starting to hurt when Mistress told me to stop, and to get on my hands and knees.
Doing as i was told, i watched as Mistress walked around behind me.  Mistress then placed a blindfold over my eyees, and told me to wait.  i heard a door open, and some rustling, but was unable to make anything out.  i then felt hands on my ass, rubbing, spanking, teasing.  my panties were pulled down and i felt someone kneel behind me.   Wet fingers started to probe my ass, and then something was at my hole.
"Are you ready to be my whore, slut?"  Mistress asked.
"Yes Mistress"
"Are you ready to be my Cock whore, slut?"
"Yes Mistress"
With that, She pushed forward, and i felt the Cock enter my ass.  Slowly, Mistress began to move back and forth.
"Beg for My Cock, slut!"  Mistress Commanded.
"Please Mistress, Please fuck Your slut with Your Cock"
"Louder!" She said.
"PLEASE MISTRESS!, Please fuck Your slut with Your Cock!"
"Louder!!" She said.
"Louder!!!" She said.
"Good girl", said Mistress.
and then She stopped.  i felt empty as She pulled out.  Slapping my ass a few times.
Mistress then Commanded me to crawl forward, 3 steps.  As i did, i could sense someone on the floor below me.  Mistress yelled "Stop!"
"Now slut", She said, "lean down a little and kiss what is there!"
Slowly, i did as told, and felt a pair of lips.  As i did, Mistress Slapped my ass and told me to Kiss.  i slowly kissed the lips, not knowing who they belonged to.  Mistress again Slapped my ass, telling me She was unimpressed, and again told me to Kiss the lips.  As i opened my mouth, the person below me started kissing back.  We were making out like crazy, and Mistress kept telling us to Kiss more, "More tongue, I want to see slobber, slaves!!"
After several minutes of this, Mistress told us to stop, and for me to take one step further.  i did as i was told when Mistress reached around me a pulled my nipples from beneath the bra.  Pushing my head down, She told us to start licking and sucking each others 'titties'.  The mouth on my nipples was exciting, and i began to lick and suck with ghusto.  Mistress then knelt behind me again and began to slide Her Cock back in.  As She fucked me, She kept calling me names, "Whore", "Slut", "CockSucker", "Faggot"
Mistress then pulled my head back by my hair, and said:
"Are you ready to be a complete whore for me now, slut?"
"Yes Mistress", i whimpered.
Using Her legs, Mistress pushed me forward even more, and then pushed my head down.
"Then prove it slut, suck this Cock for ME!!"
i couldn't help it.  by this time i was so entraled in the scene i just started to suck it.  As Mistress began fucking me again, i felt the mouth below me take in my cock.  Mistress continued to fuck me until i exploded into the other slaves mouth, and when i did that, i felt the Cock in my mouth expand, and a gush of warm fluid fill my mouth.  Mistress then pulled out and stepped back, but order us to keep sucking.
After a few more minutes, Mistress instructed me to turn around and lay next to her other slave.  As we lay arm in arm, Mistress told us to Kiss again and share our flavors.  and i quote Mistress
"and get used to it, it won't be the last time!"

Two slaves had the following questions for their Mistress recently on a forum... and My slave begged Me to share My thoughts also...

Slave 1: “ Hi Mistress

I would like to know when you have one of your slaves lick and clean your boots for you with his tongue while you are wearing them do you consider this as an act of worship from the slave and do you feel that your slave is worshipping you.”

Slave 2:  “Hi,

What a great question. I hope you don’t mind but I wonder if I could hijack your question and expand it a little further by asking Mistress what it feels like to be a Dominatrix, and what She feels when “abusing” slaves. I doubt that this is an easy answer, I know trying to work out what it feels like to be a submissive leaves me struggling.

This question really flows from me trying to work out why I like watching FemDom videos, and why visiting Mistress for a couple of sessions has been such a thrill for me. My analysis of what makes it good for me just seems to go round in circles. Yes I found it humiliating to kneel and kiss Her boots, but I really enjoyed it. Yes being whipped hurt, but I wouldn’t want to have been anywhere else. The emotions are clearly complex.

I suspect that for me the underlying “issue” is I have never been any good at spending time with women outside the workplace. I just never understood the rules and games that they played. Submitting to a female allows me to enjoy the company of a woman, within rules that I just about understand. Submitting to a woman such as Mistress is the only way I could ever dream of being in the company of such an Alpha female. Someone as all woman as Mistress is way out of my league.


Ok I will answer the first slave's question as best I can, they are right that it isnt easy. Firstly I get more enjoyment when I have built up some rapport with a  slave and I thoroughly feel that I own them body and soul. Just having some 'body' worshipping and licking My boots would not conjure the same feelings as having My own actual property doing it. Its more fulfilling knowing that they truly mean it, and that its for ME< not merely any Top that happens to be around. A Mistress likes to feel special you know ;)
When My slave is doing this its empowering obviously. The physical positioning of the slave at a lower level that Me is a very tangible and evident sign of his submission and My superiority, and it encapsulates his acceptance of this M/s bond. Feet and shoes are known in our culture to be dirty, they walk on the ground, in contact with filth all day, even in historical times, Biblical even. I studied Philosophy/Theology and Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show that even the greatest can show humility. And Mary Magdalene washed his feet with a very expensive lotion to show he was worth it. This symbolic submission and humility is a powerful sign indeed and incites feelings of devotion from the bottom to the Top... but also inspires feelings of 'love' and respect from the Mistress to the slave that he will abase himself in this way. A Mistress must have some measure of respect for her slave for why would she speak to him otherwise? I certainly wouldnt/couldnt do the things that subs do.
Also seen in the far Eastern culture, womens feet were bound to physically trap and enslave them, the feet there are a sign of freedom, literally walking around, and keeping them barefoot or feetbound was an indication of ownership and dictatorship over them. The footlicking and boot worship of FemDom celebrates Womens freedom, independence, yes the domination of males but also the empowerment of Women as a whole and the fact we can do what we damn well please. Even now in Eastern culture shoes are to be taken off at the door because they are known the be dirty and bad karma will result from having them indoors etc. And in some cultures it is deemed impolite to show the soles of your feet.
So having a persons mouth so close to something that as a human we generally try to avoid, not just something dirty but someone else's dirt, its a powerful symbol and makes the Mistress really feel powerful, in control, worshipped, like the slave will do anything, this very extreme thing in order to prove devotion.

The second slave has a lot of questions lol I will try and answer bit by bit for you...

What it feels like to be a Dominatrix? It feels like I am a Woman. Strong, independent. It feels right and natural. It feels like I am in the right place over My slave and in society. It makes Me happy and fulfilled.

How do I feel when abusing slaves. Im happy because they are happy. On those rare occasions where I can sense the slave really DOES feel out of control, I get so tingly and turned on and excited that it actually affects My vision... I do not feel I am a true sadist, there is a lovely myth that slaves like to believe amongst themselves that these Women are evil sadistic demonic devil abusive monsters that will destroy and ruin them, but honestly when you think about it, in that case why would the slaves like what is happening to them? A true sadist would not take on board a slaves particular fetishes, or try to make the slave feel fulfilled in their M/s or D/s experience, or have any respect for limits etc. I think dominating one who wishes to be dominated is a lovely sign of friendship, love, compassion.

M/s really fulfils both parties on a plane much higher than mere sexual relations, its is a cerebral and psychological celebration of humanity.

Personally I believe all Women are superior to men and dominant, they just go about getting what they want in different ways. Mistresses are no different to any other Women, they are just aware of what power they have and have gained the knowledge and researched extensively. Some women have the interest to pursue it, some women will go through life not knowing what it is to be Domme, but despite this, still somehow 'knowing' how to get what they want from men in particular. Its the way of nature.

Punishment/sensation play: you are all should know in My opinion, what it is that you are experiencing- and why. I do not punish a slave for instance without them knowing why. Whether it is because they misbehaved or simply because Im in that mood, there is still a reason and that reason will help the sub or slave withstand My attentions. A sub/slave's mental state must be tended to at all times so that they are fixed in submissive position where I can take the most advantage of them. Without a mental link and bond, any physical activity is not only meaningless but ineffective and a waste of My precious time.

Kisses and bites, as always,

Mistress Cara Xx


I do not have to fight and compete for a position that is already Mine.

I simply claim it.
Oh My god I have a MILLION and one new pictures ... so many new outfits... and toys...

plus one very special video....     mmmm such fun making THAT!
***Birthday week***
I can't wait to be even more spoiled and pampered than usual!
I really must trim down My stable by culling a lot of unnecessary, boring, selfish and pathetic slaves to make way for those who really do know what a privilege serving Me is.. and who will make a bit more effort.

An example of the standard of writing skill I demand [no reproduction without permission]:

He shifted awkwardly next to her in the cab. Finally she turned to him.

“Will you sit STILL!”

He stopped immediately. She looked across to watch the suppressed discomfort play out across his features until the bite of the suspender clips against his arse and thighs, and the swollen butt plug under the thin fabric of his dark linen trousers, became too much for him and he began fidgeting once more. She reached into her purse and he tensed until her fingers emerged with a lipstick. He closed his eyes in relief.


The sharp pain round his balls and in his arse took the breath from his lungs. He opened his eyes in panic to see the cab driver looking back at him through the rear view mirror. He turned to her to see her smiling as she fingered the small plastic box innocuously attached to her house keys. The driver’s gaze moved back to the road.

When they stepped out of the cab in front of the bar, the taxi left them and she turned to him. “Are you ready slut?” He looked up at her with tears welling in his eyes. “Don’t worry pet. I’ll look after you.” She wiped his face with a gloved finger and took his hand to lead him inside and downstairs to the party.

He took some comfort in the dim lighting as she led him towards the bar and the large cordoned off area where her friends were chatting. She made the introductions before the group rearranged themselves, leaving the two of them standing there. She pointed over to a woman sitting at the other end of the bar, near the partitioning ropes.

“That’s Chloe. You’ll like her. She used to be your type.”

The band on her wrist contracted in response to its twin, snug at the base of prick, being forced to expand with his erection. “Did I say you could get hard?”

“No Mistress,” he whispered. “Please may I get hard for You.?”

“Of course pet. Always. In fact you MUST! But you will NOT get hard for her.” She didn’t tell him that she and Chloe were not on speaking terms.

He looked across at the girl sitting alone. Fully curved and in a short dress, the drink she was sipping seemed somehow nestled between the heavy breasts that were barely contained by the thin fabric of her attire. Amanda pulled his chin back so he could look up into her eyes.  She held his gaze for a time so he could take in the anger before her free hand moved down to massage one of his ringed nipples. It moved down further to rub his hardening prick. The new, lower gauge PA piercing had him on edge and as the band on her wrist contracted, she smiled.

“Now go and spend the night talking with Chloe while I have some fun. I want you to find out as much as you can about her sexual history - I will test you. And don’t you DARE get hard for her.”

He watched her walk off in her long black boots, the short skirt flaring out from under her red and black corset barely hid her stocking tops. He felt a droplet emerge from his prick at the thought of her naked sex before he turned towards Chloe.

“OWWW!” He bent in half.

He looked sharply to see his Mistress holding the house keys. She winked at him before disappearing into the crowd but when he looked up, he found himself almost staring up the short dress towards a pair of breasts. Chloe’s face emerged from behind them. “Are you ok?”

Amanda had manoeuvred herself so as to be able to watch him while she caught up with her friends. Her sudden outburst of laughter as he dropped to the floor caught them unawares but rather than embarrass him, she claimed it was a sudden fit of hysteria at finally getting out for a drink and a dance.

The band on her wrist contracted intermittently throughout the evening as she exchanged stories and recounted shared experiences in her enclave. Whenever she felt the contraction, she casually looked over to see what her pet was up to. She knew the Chloe of old and if she was true to form, she would be doing everything she could to get him back to her place.

There was only one instance where his face and body language indicated he had forgotten himself, where he clearly wasn’t trying hard enough to avoid hardening, and so she sent a short shock to his balls and arse; she couldn’t decide if she was delighted or upset when he slipped off his stool and his face brushed against Chloe’s breasts as he stumbled for balance. From what she could gather, Chloe had taken it as a positive signal. She went back to her conversation and her drink.

A little later, she intercepted him on a trip to the bathroom. “How is it going slut? You seem to be having fun. I forgot to say, Chloe has a particularly embarrassing sexual story. If you can find out what it is, tonight, I’ll let You fuck me.”

She felt the band tighten. She smiled. “Good slut.” She cupped his hardening prick before giving the ringed end a short caress through the thin fabric of his trousers. “Now don’t forget to soften before you get back to her.” She smacked his arse to send him on his way as she moved past him.

Amanda looked at her watch. It was nearing ten o’clock and she badly wanted to dance but then she looked across at her slave. There would be other opportunities - she was sure. The band on her wrist was tight. Not HAPPY! She’d give him five seconds.

.. 4.. 3.. 2..

If anything, that band was tighter. When the painful shock to his balls arrived, the events happened in slow motion as his full glass of wine went flying over Chloe, dousing the thin fabric barely containing her tits. Both participants were mortified but Amanda had no time for his fawningly profuse apologies to that slut. There would indeed be other opportunities - to dance. She had made her decision.

The vibration which began immediately in his arse was her signal to call him over. When he didn’t leave his partner for the evening quickly enough, she sent another shock. He departed so quickly that Chloe and her wet tits bounced closely after him in worry. When he reached Amanda, the gathering around her opened up a little. She wasn’t happy... but he was terrified.

“Please. No.” His voice was barely a whisper.

The crowd around them fell silent, curious to find out what was going on.

“Please-no… WHAT!” She cut back at him.

“Please. No…..” His fear was evident to everyone and behind him, Chloe was about to interject when Amanda had up a firm hand to forcefully block her inquiry. Her eyes bore into him as he completed the sentence. “Please. No….. Mistress.”

She said nothing but her gaze hardened. One more desperate ’please’ left his lips as her acid gaze dissolved the resolve of his foundations and his legs slowly crumbled underneath him until he was kneeling in front of her.

She didn’t take her eyes from him but she felt the gaze of everyone around them watching the show. He looked up at her with tears bubbling up in his eyes. She pressed on; it would be more cruel now to stop, having come so far. It would also be cruel to deny herself; she felt a pulse of excitement surge in her sex and a trickle of that joy begin a short journey down the top of her thigh. She looked down the length of her leg before her will, as uncompromising as an avalanche, slid to his face where the tears were running more freely. The vibrations in his arse increased and he slowly, as though straining to pull against a great weight, bent himself to plant a kiss on each of her boots. As he did so, the choker at her neck felt as though it was throttling her. She waited for the mild panic to pass, as it always did, before another surge of excitement and another pulse of joy leaked from her naked and hairless sex.

His eyes were pinned to the ground between her feet in total humiliation but when her finger moved under his chin, she could see that he was more unencumbered, more resigned, more accepting of both himself and her, even if he was too consumed with emotion to see it for himself.

“Well done my slave.” She smiled down at him. “Now empty your pockets.”

She watched another outpouring of misery play out across his face as she kept him tossed around on that sea of fear. He passed her the collar from one pocket and the leash from the other. That sea was now his protection as he dived below it, trying to drown himself. He spun on his knees, as he always did for the ceremony, so she could affix the collar - wide in black leather with white trim. His neck was too bent for the show so she lifted his gaze until his neck was open and until he was staring directly at Chloe’s horrified face.

Just then, the lights went out and the entire room around the circle of friends cheered. Loud music began as the black lights came up. There was an audible gasp from the assembled throng.

He was in direct line of site to gaze at Chloe’s white thong, glowing ultra-violet under the thin fabric of her short dress. He, in turn, seemed naked to them all, but for the pair of white lines framing his collar and the white fabric of his stockings and suspenders under his thin dark trousers. When Amanda moved back around him to clip the leash, she was pleased to see that the talc she had used to dry his prick just before they came out, had mixed with his excitement to form what seemed like a large cum stain on the front of his trousers.

“Got to go everyone; I need licking. Come, slut! HEEL!” As she headed off with her slave in tow, she didn’t turn to see the reactions of those she had left behind.

He was still softly sobbing when they got home. “You did well my pet. Very well.”

She cuddled and kissed him. He was almost inconsolable but the longer she held him, the more the balm of her love and warmth soothed his raw pain until he was finally able to return her affection with a little strength.

“You will sleep next to me tonight. And every night from now on. The basket will be now be used a punishment.”

As they lay together in bed, she opened her legs and he lowered himself until his tongue could tenderly lick at her sex. The phone rang. She wasn’t going to answer it but something told her to.

“Hello?” Her voice was breathy from his attentions but her inquiry was only met with silence. She was about to hang up when she heard a soft voice.

“It’s Chloe.”


The caller mistook her genuine inability to hear for something else.

“It’s Chloe… mmmMistress.”

She felt her slaves nose finally brush against her clit. She gasped as she spoke.

“Where are you, whore?”



Again, there was confusion over how to interpret the single word question.

“Outside your house Mistress. I followed you. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” She sounded like she was about to cry.

“Listen to me.” The voice calmed down a little. “I will be downstairs in a moment. When I get down there, I want to see that you have posted all your clothes, your cards, money and house keys through my letter box. When I open the door, you will be on your knees and trying to make yourself cum. You will NOT cum though until I say so.”

Amanda hung up sharply and then lay back to enjoy her pleasure. Her first orgasm began as she heard the flap of the letter box clang downstairs.

It was about twenty minutes later when Amanda opened her front door, dressed as she had been at the bar. Her new slave was shivering, her elbows tight against her body as she pinched a long, hard nipple with one hand and slowly fingered her sensitive, wet sex with the other. Amanda was impressed with the girl’s obedience, all the more so because a small group of teenage kids had silently assembled at the foot of the garden path to watch the spotlight show in her porch. The slut in front of her clearly liked humiliation; the humiliation of her slave in the bar was probably the very thing that had called to Chloe. Amanda began a mental list of trigger points and limits for her new possession.

“Get in here!”

Chloe shuffled forward eagerly, thrilling in the soft carpet under her knees and in the warmth afforded by a heated home. Amanda shouted at the kids to put their camera phones away and to fuck off and she shut the front door before turning sharply on her heel to pull Chloe by the hair to the downstairs bathroom. Chloe scrambled after her in panic. Amanda made another mental note but was unsure if the nature of the slut’s reaction was down to aversion or pain or something else. When they reached the bathroom, on instinct, she grabbed a large pair of scissors and made as if to cut through her fistful of Chloe’s long thick blonde hair. The girl burst immediately into tears.

“No no. Please! No…..”

Amanda pulled the scissors away from where they were an immediate threat but held on to them, knowing the importance of keeping the new slave on the edge of uncertainty.

“What is that?” She pointed at Chloe’s beautifully trimmed sex with the scissors.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t like your attitude, whore. That sounded like a challenge! If you don’t understand then you tell me you don’t understand, you don’t accuse me of being unclear! Second, get used to the word ‘Mistress’. I expect to hear it at the end of everything you say. And finally, for fucks sake capitalise Me when you speak!”

Chloe leant further and further back as Amanda loomed ever more menacingly over her to drive home each point.

“Sorry Mistress.”

“You will be. I don’t know what you want.. yet. I’ll find that out but for now, I want a sign of how far you’re prepared to go for me. Hold out your hand, palm up.”

Chloe did so and Amanda squeezed out some cream onto her manicured fingertips.

“Use it. Take that shitty hair off your sex, whore. I will decide what looks attractive on you!”

Chloe recoiled from the horror at being denuded in that way and began to slowly shake her head and mutter to herself. “No, no, no, no…”

With her eyes filling, she looked up to Amanda for mercy but found a gaze that was unflinching and as uncompromising as an anvil. Chloe began to shake from the inner turmoil until, in the battle between the irresistible force and the immovable object, Chloe’s hand slowly began to make its way to her sex under the weight of Amanda’s intransigence. As Chloe’s reluctant hand connected with her sex, she began to cry and Amanda felt it all at her sex and throat.

Chloe couldn’t believe her eyes. Pat was knelt on all fours in the middle of the room like a dog on show. A black cloth bag made of a thick material covered his seemingly deformed head and a lead emerged from underneath it to a D ring bolted into the floor below his neck. He was still dressed in the stockings and suspenders she had seen him exposed in at the party.

She did as Amanda instructed and padded around directly behind him in her bare feet to watch the show. As she did so, she saw that he was sporting giant fake breasts that hung pendulously below him and a short stubby butt plug in the shape of a dog’s tail which had been thrust into his arse. The presentation was completed with a humbler that held his full and heavy balls pulled back painfully between his legs.

“Show your Mistress how happy You are to have her back, puppy.”

Chloe watched intently as, retaining his poise, the muscles in his arse began to twitch and flex. The butt plug positively wagged in response.

“You don’t look keen enough.”

The flexing increased and he began to grunt both from the strain and from the pain he was causing himself in his balls. The tail wagged more eagerly.

“That’s better.”

She strode before him in her high heeled boots and removed the bag to reveal his tortured face and the high posture collar that held his gaze forward towards his Mistress and also allowed his neck to be leashed to the floor. What caught Chloe’s immediate attention, however, was the head harness that sported a pair of pointed leather Alsatian ears and a dildo gag that seemed to protrude like a snout.

“Do you need to piss for me?”

Amanda waited but nothing happened. Chloe was confused but remained silent.

“Show your Mistress what you do when You want to piss.”

The bound slave cocked his right leg in the air. He held it there until the leg shook. As the muscle strain began to tell, his leg slowly lowered until Amanda, walking behind him and just in front of Chloe, took a stinging crop to his vulnerably exposed balls. His leg lifted again, holding it until the painful winces turned into moans.

“Lower your cocked leg puppy slut and stop slouching.”

His knee fell to the floor in relief with a grunt, his head and gaze pressed ever more keenly forward and his back was straighter. She moved round to his left hand side and toed his dangling prick with her left boot.

“I love it when you cock your leg, puppy. It’s the only cock your leg is getting close to now that you no longer have a cock of Your own. You much prefer it that you have a clit rather than a cock, don’t you?“

Chloe was rapt as the tail began to wag.

“I ought to call you bitch puppy then really. Do you want to cum bitch puppy? Show me how you tell me you want to cum.“

Thoroughly degraded, he began to hump her boot. Amanda curled an index finger to call Chloe over. She shuffled silently forward and Amanda held her right hand down, palm forward, just in front of Chloe’s sex. Amanda nodded firmly down to her hand before returning her piercing gaze to Chloe’s miserable face.

The Domme’s quietly spoken words came out forcefully. “Show me what you do when you want to cum, bitch slut!”

Still with no idea there was anyone other than the two of them in the room, the kneeling pup took the words as a cue to hump more eagerly, despite the pain induced by the humbler. Chloe looked down at him and when eyes fell back on Amanda, her Mistress nodded. She’d never had anything approaching a lesbian experience before and Amanda watched the tears building in her eyes as her need for shame fought with distaste at what she was being asked to do. Amanda’s angering visage slowly turned to granite in the face of Chloe’s conflict until finally need, as it always does for a hedonist, won out.

Chloe sex pressed gingerly against her Mistress’s hand and she slowly began to grind her needy cunt against it.

“Harder, slut!”

Amanda’s left boot and right hand simultaneously felt the renewed pressure from Her desperate slaves.

“Well done my beautiful little bitch.” She cupped Chloe’s tear soaked face with her left hand. “You’ve earned the right to cum.”

Amanda directed Chloe over to an observation point behind and to the right of Pat.

She turned and watched as Amanda placed a metal dog bowl under Pat’s freshly iced and flaccid prick, removed his tail plug and even the dildo gag from his mouth and sat down on a stool behind him before thrusting latex fingers inside his arse. Within minutes, she was siphoning 2 weeks of pleasureless cum into his dog bowl. After about 10 minutes there didn’t seem to be any more.

She cleaned herself up, put the stool away and reinserted the tail. “You’re desperate to lick up your cum, aren’t you, bitch slut.”

True to his conditioning, the tail began to wag but Chloe had not been expecting the barking and woofing that didn’t stop until Amanda put the bowl down in front of him so he could snaffled down its contents.

While he did so, she handed Chloe back her dress and she quickly threw it on, desperate not to miss any of the show. The empathy she felt for Pat’s humiliation was tremendous; her sex was a constantly dripping tap with her excitement pat, pat, patting onto the floor between her feet. Amanda stood in front of her and pawed the slut’s juicy cunt before holding up Her soaking fingers.

She called out right in front of Chloe. “Lick it all up slut!”

They both heard the metal bowl moving around on the wooden floor with more enthusiasm. Chloe’s resistance had been decimated and she barely paused before leaning to take Amanda’s fingers in her mouth. Amanda slowly lowered her hand to her waist until Chloe was bent in half trying to lick herself off of Her Mistress as her hair was being tenderly stroked. Amanda’s thoughts and feelings were racing.

When Pat finally looked up from the dog bowl, he was mortified to see a clothed Chloe standing in front of him. The scene in the bar had been shameful enough but only his Mistress knew the extent of his descent. Misery didn’t come close to conveying the sense of abandonment and betrayal. Amanda immediately realised that this was too much, even for the strength of bond they had together. She walked over to him and petted his cheek.

“My pet... My beautiful submissive little puppy.” She was about to tell him Chloe was one of them when she realised she wanted him pushed this far. If he could be this far gone and if she could still bring him back…

“My puppy, have I ever done anything to harm you?” He shook his head through his tears. “Have I ever abandoned or betrayed you?” He fought a little more with that one as a sense of betrayal was exactly what he had been feeling and yet he still shook his head. “And you know I love you?” When the tail began to gingerly wag, she knew she had rescued him, just enough, and without giving away more than she needed about Chloe. Yet.

“I’m going to ask you to do something that will please me enormously. So very much.” Amanda produced a large, hollow dildo. She stroked his soft prick a few times to give him a little more reassurance before she pressed it into the unfeeling dildo and strapped it to him. She re-inserted the  protruding dildo gag and then moved back between him and Chloe. She turned Chloe to face away from him and then kindly pushed the girl first to her knees and then to all fours.

“Now sniff her arse like a good dog, get the dildo nose in her cunt and if You do well, I’ll let you rut her like a real dog and not a bitch puppy.”

The look of horror on Chloe’s face was enough to send Amanda over the edge. Amanda came just from watching her reactions as Pat’s dildo gag was used to lift the hem of her short dress up over her arse. The dildo slid in easily as his face began to hump her. Amanda couldn’t stand it any more, she needed to cum. Again. And hard! She retrieved the stool and placed it directly in front of Chloe. With her knees open, and sex bare, she looked directly at the rutted slut in font of her and commanded, “Show me how badly you want to serve Your Mistress.”

Amanda watched the degradation fuel the need in Chloe’s eyes. The intense aversion to licking another woman out was slowly eroded until Chloe’s mouth opened, her tongue stuck out and she closed her eyes as she leant forward to connect with the back of Amanda’s hand. She pulled back in surprise. Having fought such a hard inner battle to prepare herself for the taste of another woman, she was overwhelmed with disappointment. She looked up pleadingly at Amanda whose face showed no emotion, though internally She was delighted.

“Not anywhere near keen enough bitch and besides, you haven’t earned it. I think my other puppy slut is probably a better pussy licker than you anyway.“
Amanda stood up and straddled Chloe’s back to the point where Her puppy's dildo gag was within reach of Her cunt. She revelled in the attention and the power as She made Chloe's endure a pleasureless rutting beneath Her.

When She was done, She led Her frustrated slaves to opposite walls, had them clean up and bound them facing one another. She turned first to Chloe.

"Beg to cum, slut."

Amanda hadn't touched her yet. Chloe looked perplexed until the words began to emerge.

"Please may I cum?"

Amanda tweaked one of Chloe's nipples and the poor slave tried to squeeze her legs closed. A spreader bar between her knees held her frustratingly open.

"I said BEG!" Upon delivery of the last word, Amanda pinched the nipple painfully. Chloe yelped even as the shock sent a jolt to her cunt.

"Please. Please can I cum... Mistress."

Practice truly does make perfect; the more she begged, the better she became until Amanda was leaking once more merely from hearing Chloe's words dripping with her own need.

Amanda racked up the tension when She inserted a small plug in Chloe's arse and turned on the electric signal. As the pleading continued, She applied further electric pads to the flesh either side of Chloe's cunt and to her now raw nipples. Finally the begging was genuine. So were the tears.

"Oh god pleeeease Mistress i need to cummmm!!!!"

Amanda put a latex glove on Chloe's left hand and then freed the shackle from the St Andrew's cross. The shackle was bound to a chain with only enough slack for Chloe to reach her face.

"Hold out your hand, slut!"

Chloe did so and the fingers of Amanda's right hand finally entered Chloe's frustrated cunt as She held up the tube of Veet with Her other hand. She squeezed the contents into Chloe's hand. Chloe's eye's closed and she moaned.

"I don't think You want to cum badly enough." Amanda slowly withdrew Her fingers and Chloe's sobbing gained new energy even as She tried to drive her hips forward to keep Amanda's fingers inside her greedy cunt.

"Then apply that cream to your head. I want you bald, slut!"

The horror on Chloe's face was everything Amanda could have wished for and shook her completely from her need. Amanda had been ready; the electric signals upped several notches just as Her thumb brushed across Chloe's clit. She bit gently on one of Chloe's nipples as She continued to work her. Finally Chloe was crying again.

"No, no. Please no. I need to cum but..."

Amanda was calm. "You said 'no' to me. Three times. You will pay for that. But if you want to cum, if you want me to humiliate and excite you, if you want me to completely own you, you WILL remove your hair right now."

Chloe's shaking hand moved towards her scalp and finally connected. Amanda continued to stimulate her and after a few minutes of reluctant wiping, Chloe  stopped.

"Hold out your hand, slut." Amanda squeezed some more cream out onto her open hand. Within minutes, Chloe's matted hair was covered.

"Now to make you pay for saying no."

Chloe felt like she was watching from outside her own body when the needles went through each of her nipples. Amanda locked on the rings. When the third no was paid for with a needle through her clit, She screamed in wracking climax and continued to sob in relief, pleasure, pain an total exhaustion as Amanda removed the hair from her head. She wheeled a long mirror to Chloe's side and then turned Her attention her other slave.

The memory of his last climax was still fresh in his mind as Amanda took  him to the edge. In fact the memory had been scorched there.

“Do you want to cum? Do you want me to drain you?”

Pat said nothing, terrified of giving anything away but also hopelessly unable to make a decision. Watching what had just happened to Chloe had him in tears. The pain of cumming last time had been almost too much to bear, surely the torment was the better option. Maybe she’d make a mistake.

Amanda didn’t make that mistake. She slowly worked him, taking him to the point where a slow leaking began and she kept him there, moving him in tiny motions back and forth against his edge, pushing him ever further over the precipice but never enough to let him fall into an orgasm.


“Do you want to cum? You know it will hurt. Do you?”

He burst into tears.

“I don’t knooooow…… Do what YOU want…..”

His misery was total; tears were streaming down his face.

“I AM doing what I want. You begged to cum last time. Are you saying you don‘t want to cum right now.”

He really had no idea which was worse, the torment of her teasing or the pain of climax. His sobbing drowned his face in another wave.

“Tell me Mistress please…. Just end it somehow please……”

“Hmmm. IF I make you cum, you will dress how I wish when I have my guests around at the weekend. You will do EVERYTHING I say. And we will begin with getting your ears, nose and nips pierced. Not your clit though - this is going to be punishment for cumming and a clit piercing is actually something you want.”

“No. No please.”

“You want the teasing to continue then? Think you can last another 5 minutes this close to the edge.”

“Aaaarrrgghhh.” He continued through his tears. “Too much…. Please… Not 5.”

“Ok. 8 then?”

He wailed, careful not to protest anymore. After a minute she was fed up and added a gag to his immobilizing bonds. She placed a buzzer in one of hands before she resumed her work.

“Do NOT drop it or I‘ll cut one of your balls off! If you want to cum and be my pierced, cum-licking maid slut at the weekend, then buzz for Me. I will continue the teasing until you do.”

His frustration was agony but the pain of such humiliation was worse. His whole body was shaking to such an extent that he lost sensation in any part of his body other than his sex; in fact all his never endings seemed to have been channelled there. Panting. Screaming. Shaking.

She had a clock next to her which she turned around to face him. He had been about to buzz. He just wanted it to end, pain and all. But he felt hope - thirty seconds to go. He was still in agony but he knew he could last thirty more seconds. He thought he could.

“You’ve done well my puppy. I’m SO proud of You not wanting to cum. I did say that when you stop telling me you need to cum, I’ll let you cum whenever you want. I will give you such a wonderful reward for this. I know you’re desperate to fuck me. To put yourself inside my hot, tight, needy cunt…

He could barely see the clock through his tears. 8 minutes of the worst hell - he’d have been better off enduring the pain of climax but he was so close to freedom: 14... 13.. 12..

She paused for a few seconds to moan and writhe, using her free hand to finger herself. She came in a series of small shudders. Time slowed for him. Her pleasure so close to him completed his misery.

“But I love that you’d give up the chance to put yourself inside me forever. Just a few more seconds and you’ll have earned the chance to begin the hormone treatment I keep promising before we line you up for surgery.”


“Oh puppy! You endured all that torment for nothing?”

She flicked the underside of his end with a fingernail and then sat back to watch. It took several seconds but she could see the tidal wave building inside him. It never reached his sex. The climax occurred deep inside where he could barely feel it but the momentum from it was enough to push his cum out in a continuation of pleasureless pulses. She caught it all in a vessel for later, siphoning it all for him before she began to rub him firmly on his over-sensitized end.

“You had three more painful orgasms last time  and it was an hour before you were dry. I’m not sure it will be more this time but those 8 minutes of teasing beforehand might make it a weensy bit more uncomfortable.”

He screamed into his gag, the drool falling down his chest in gobs as She attacked his groin with her slippery wicked hands.

This will shock a lot of you... but I will accept decent writing skills as a form of tribute.

I can tell who will be a good slave for Me through their writing.

If you do not have the skills, then it will be tribute or gift through the usual methods. Of course gifts are welcome whoever you are.

But I have a soft spot for the ones who can stir My emotions and passions with the power of language and articulate expression of the D/s art.


My postman has been bringing a smile to My face in the best way a man can...bringing Me gifts from My super little submissives and slaves!

In the last couple of days I have received a gorgeous PVC dress with suspender clasps to attach to the thigh high boots I will soon receive. I will take pictures of this very soon but only post them here when I have the complete outfit... wouldnt want to be underdressed would I!

Also received a 'Bitch' towel and cock ring for some fun with My REAL man.....

A silver toering which is adds the finishing touch to My high heel shoe collection!

A beautiful black sexy lingerie bra and thong set...

A black silk lace up back corset, edged with black lace.... It is wonderfully Divine.

Thank you wonderful servants, I love My new presents!

PS. Since the arrival of increasing amounts of gifts for 'Mistress Cara' in the post, I have been amused almost daily by My postman thrusting packages into My hand and practically running down the drive... with a call over his shoulder 'Don't worry Ill sign for them for you...!'
Poor cute little thing lol god knows what he thinks Ill do to him if he stays too long in My presence LOL

What is it with slaves thinking that they can demand anything? Usually, due to the shallow and superficial nature of submissives on this site, this means demanding I 'prove' Myself in some way. A phone call or cam session. I have no problems with calling a submissive or going onto camera for those who I feel are respectful enough to Me to motivate Me to reward them with such a treat.
If you want to see horny sluts on camera stripping off for you either letting you wank or not, there are sites out there that you can visit.
I will not tolerate demands from bratty foot stamping submissives who either because they are an arsehole or because they think their wallet dominates the pair of us, think they can have a complete tantrumming sulk because I do not hop onto camera and strip off in the first five minutes.
Listen up, I have a partner and a child. Im a real Woman. I am not some machine or bimbo airhead tied to My pc all day and definitely not the type to be hauled back into 'place' as the dominatrix on cam sessions with red lipstick plastered, breasts teetering on the verge of bursting out of My leather cat suit all day.
My finger is on the button 24/7, sometimes the button is My clitoris... mostly this means I am in control of you and should I wish to see you hurt yourself, I will say so. If I want to reward you for good service and respectful obedient generous nature, I will also do so.
If you would like to see Me horny geared up and in full swinging Domme mode then act in a manner suitably motivational to get Me that way. YOU are here to serve ME after all!! 
I am turned on by your submissive attitude, respect, worship, first of all. I adore intelligence and submission through your own initiative, however do not confuse this with being an arrogant ego on a stick. 

After this has been established I will be asking this surprisingly lovely mannered and natured submissive to do some tasks for Me. I will decide whether I want to see more. If I do, I will want to humiliate you and verbally abuse you. Possibly hurt you a little bit. If you survive then I will be suitably pleased and impressed and we will move towards rewarding you.
If you wish to connect with Me on Yahoo or MSN whether this be cam to cam or not, you will have the good fucking manners to arrange this with Me so it can be at a time I am ready to be available for this.
If you do not have the good sense to arrange an appointment, you cannot then complain you never connect with Me or see Me. If you arent around when I am, its tough luck and your own stupid fault.
My new bull whip arrived! [see last picture].

Been practising this morning and I have to say... Im a crack shot. Must be innate lol.

Ah takes Me back to My session/dungeon days..... nostalgia lol

collarme is definitely run by males. My pictures got an instantaneous approval!

New pictures on the way, finally got My PVC outfit & Houdini device ones sorted!!

There is a sneak peek of naughtiness at the end but to see more you must be My property...

Hope they get approved soon!
Mistress Cara's Dial A Whip for Wankers Service:

Hello one and all, big cocks, little cocks, hardly any cocks at all, welcome. Or cum, should I say.

This is your friendly whore in leather with a whip. Well I say whore, but as its all for you, Im obviously free. Yes thats right you lucky fuckers, Im sat here practically tied to My PC all day just drooling lasciviously at the mere thought of you getting your knob out on camera for Me - turning on My natural wanton womanly urges when you touch that oh so erotic piece of flesh hanging deliciously between your legs. Not sweaty and like the last turkey in the shop at ALL.

Just a quick message to Me and Ill give you my IM details, and when added which of course will be instantaneously, I will magically appear on cam and mic, or if you prefer, via telephone, to talk you seductively and strictly through your wank. Barely clothed to begin with, soon the sheer fabric covering My pert and nubile breasts will be peeled away so you can see Me massage My tender quivering flesh, pinching the nipples so delicately and giggling in an almost girlish manner.

Telling you sternly what a naughty boy you are and threatening spanks and canings.

Rub oh so much harder as I reach down to taste the honey seeping profusely from My lustful sinful slit, which cannot bear the thought of your cock not filling Me for a second longer...

Laughing gleefully when you spurt your heavy load everywhere and you feel that sweet if rather premature relief.

Yes. I will provide this service for everyone, because this is of course your friendly, free Dial A Whip service.

Did I mention Im a sarcastic cynical bitch?

Today's post news!

Pair of gorgeous and pointy deliciously devillish stilletoes in patent claret red colour, from My darling 68

History of SM book, Womens Fantasies book and P!nk documentary DVD from My sweet slave 66

plus a heatwave and I lost some more weight!

Im a very very happy Woman today indeed [see, it doesnt take that much....]
Remember Animaniacs?

GOOD IDEA: Using Nivea post shave balm. Which I have to say, is FANtastic.

BAD IDEA: Using cooling peppermint foot balm to spice up your love life. OUCH!
My new slave, surreyslave, bought Me a full PVC Miss Whiplash outfit, sexy. And matching full length black gloves!

Looks Divine with My new high heel buckle boots.

Pictures may come later in the week, when the weather calms down slightly!

Thank you to My new pet.
What a wonderful day. I am very happy this morning due to the early arrival of My gift from 68, My new shoes!

They are high heeled, sparkly, evening silver shoes.

I love them! Im planning on taking some pictures of My lovely feet wearing them when I get a few moments...

Thank you little slut - many kisses all over for you xxx
To the big bad doms/men wannabes who try so obviously to be condescending and patronising to the 'little girl domme'...   *chuckles*

I don't know why you are laughing at Me when the joke is right there in your hand.

Come back to Me on that one when you finally get it... oh but you don't, do you?

This goes out to all men who are here to insult Women from a distance purely because they can't 'pick up' a Woman who will let their filth touch Her in real life.

By mid-week it was exactly as she had planned it. He no longer knew what day it was. He no longer knew what time it was. The room had been totally darkened, not a single beam of light could enter through the blacked out window. Even the space around the door had been attended to. He spent his life in total soundless darkness. Straining to hear the footsteps in the hall that would herald her appearance.

Her entrance was the only light in his day. She would stand in the doorway, framed by a shimmering light that near blinded his unsettled eyes. Like a Goddess in a Tintoretto, something hazy, pre-Raphaelite and gorgeous. A vision in spike heels and corset. Long gloves, a whip in one hand, her cigarettes and lighter in the other. A demon from a sensual yet unremittingly cruel hell.

It was Wednesday and things were progressing as planned. He had eaten no solid food since his arrival. Heard no sound but that of her voice vilifying, demeaning and instructing him. 50% of his fluid intake consisted of her piss, which she had seen him slurp thirstily from the dog bowl, much to her satisfaction. She could feel that he was close to the level of submission she required, close to being ready for re-moulding him. She had always known he had potential. His wit, his strength, his success and ability all attracted her, and soon she would have remoulded him. A totally submissive man, whose sole purpose in life is her happiness and her sexual pleasure, even if he must bleed and cry to achieve it. Both men existing, and her constant choice as to which one would be visible. Mmmmmmmmmm

She knew he was weak from hunger. She knew he was mentally weakened by the darkness and solitude. She knew a few days more of physical pain and humiliation and the job would be done. Patience was important because she knew in her heart of hearts that only a perfect slave could make her fulfilled, and no matter how long it took, or what lengths and means were required, she would achieve absolute success. It would not be a case of a submissive man acting out his fantasies, it would be true and total submission to Her desires.

Time for today’s work. She smiled as she slapped his face twice, very hard. Her traditional greeting.

Recoiling from the slap, he fell to his knees, and began grovelling at her heels, she smiled and stepped back, his crawling pursuit was brought to an abrupt halt by the chain around his neck. She dropped her lighter on the floor and placed a long white cigarette in her burgundy lips. She leant forward a touch, ensuring that the slave must stretch to his limits to light it.

She strode past him, snatching the lighter back, and lit the huge candle beside the bed to which he was chained. She snapped her fingers and indicated the bed. He crawled upon the bed, lying face down submissively. She closed the door with her spike heel and it slammed with a satisfying thud, which made him flinch, much to her amusement. She sat beside him and nonchalantly added another burn to the ongoing brand on his buttocks. Soon that would be finished too. He winced, but did not flinch. He had been punished so severely for flinching that he never did so anymore. Behaviour modification was such a joy.

Holding the cigarette between her lips she ordered him onto his back and swiftly attached the chains to the cuffs he wore on his ankles and feet, strapping him spread-eagled to the bed. The chains had been designed to make sure he was stretched to the maximum. She knew that about 30 minutes was about all his muscles could take before they started screaming. She put the cigarette out on his groin, close to his prick, and smiled. What she had planned for him would ensure he never even noticed those screaming muscles.

She began with the dildo, larger than the one she last used, and penetration quickly and cruelly achieved without lubrication. He was struggling to accept it. It was, of course, made more difficult by his position. She thought briefly about re-chaining him so his knees were up on his chest and his rectum more open and accessible, but she loved his stretched out vulnerability so much. She commanded him to relax, but he was too freaked out by the enormity of it. As she had known he would be. She moved to phase two.

She attached the pads of the tens machine to his genitals and gave him a quick spurt of power. He screamed and spasmed, and she managed another inch of penetration while he did so. She smiled.

"Michael, I want you to know, this will last a long, long time. There is no point holding back total surrender, you will just prolong your pain!"

She lit another cigarette and turned up the machine to maximum, suddenly and for just a second. His scream was awesome and erotic, but she decided the ball gag would be a good idea at this stage. The time for enjoying his screams and begging and pleading would come later.

She then settled down to a steady process of alternating increasing the level of electrical torture and increasing the penetration of the massive dildo. Occasionally pausing and smiling and stroking his cock to bring him back from the edge of pain filled insanity.

"Michael, you hate being left alone and locked up, but as long as you relax your arse and let me train you to surrender, I will be here with you….."

He nodded, she could tell he wanted to surrender, but his ego was fighting it, maybe not just his ego, physiologically the dildo was very demanding, maybe just more than he could take. But, take it he must. She smiled again and penetrated deeper, using a smoother and more loving technique. As she started to make love to his arse instead of raping it she sensed he relaxed more, so she too k maximum advantage, easing it in deeper. Half of its fourteen inches would soon be inside him. She paused for a cigarette and admired the way her inhalations made his cock grow and throb. At the intense height of her longest deepest drag he started to seep pre-cum and so she zapped him with maximum on the tens machine. His back arched. Well as much arch as he could manage with the awesome restriction of the chains, and in mid arch she rammed in another couple of inches.

"Relax, and let it all in, slave!" she said, and, taking a last drag, put out the cigarette in the middle of his chest. Dropping the crushed butt on the floor with the others she remarked:

"You have a lot of tidying up to do slave. You won’t be able to do it until I unchain you, of course, and that won’t be for hours yet."

"OK, then, let us see how you like this. The dildo stays where it is, the tens machine stays on – like this", she turned it up to where he spasmed and just left the controls there. "I am going out now. I don’t know when I shall come back!" And with those words she clicked out on her luxuriously expensive heels.

He attempted to attract her attention, but he was stretched too tight to move. His agony was extreme. He wanted to surrender with all his heart. He wanted to gaze upon her again.

She left him for a further hour or so. She listened to the radio and read. For him every second was agony. He starved, he ached, he spasmed and his rectum stretched.

When she returned he was desperate for release, but knew from her lock that she was in no mood to release him. He was panicking, but brought himself under control he knew he needed to take it all. He must.

She was pleased with his response. Within a few moments all fourteen inches was buried in him. It was only then that he realised it was not just a dildo. It was attached to a leather harness and in seconds she had slipped it around his pelvis and padlocked it in position. Until she unlocked it, all fourteen inches would remain buried inside him. The harness had a hole for his cock, and the pressure of the dildo had given him and incredible erection. It was bigger, thicker than she had ever seen. She had not intended to allow him any penetration of her, but this was too good to miss. She removed the tens pads and hurriedly climbed on. As usual torturing him had made her dripping wet with excitement, but even so the thickness of his cock was remarkable and brought a half wince half gasp from her as she slid down it. Christ he was enormous. For all of these reasons it did not take long for her to reach climax, and he had not come, she resisted the temptation of another orgasm and climbed off, leaving him seeping and throbbing with desire. She removed the ball gag so she could enjoy his whimpering, sobbing and begging while she lay back and wanked ferociously. She never tired of the erotic effects of listening to his pain and discomfort verbalised, and it was a long while before she completed her self-pleasures. She was feeling soft and cuddly, but she knew the job was not done. She knew to make sure it was completed to perfection she must be yet patient.

She lit a cigarette and paused, she pondered the next stage.

Finishing her cigarette she put it out on his stomach, dropped the butt on the floor and re-attached the tens pads. He whimpered, and she slapped his face. "Enough! Keep silent or you will have a higher level than ever!"

As it was she turned it up a notch further than that of earlier, and his scream was uncontrollable. She replaced the ball gag, and leaned close to him, caressing him and purring in his ear. "Slave, I am going away now, and I will be away a long time, if you are good, when I come back, I’ll release you." She stood up and left, her spike heels clicking erotically on the floor. The slamming of the door was the beginning of the end of him. Even though he did not know, and would never know how long she was gone, she was gone longer than she needed to be, and sometime before she returned he finally snapped. He was lost. There was no longer any Michael. Just a broken humble, ego free male, a blank sheet of paper for mistress to create whatever she wanted.

When she returned she could immediately see it in his eyes, and the excitement of having totally broken him nearly made her orgasm. She paused and lit a cigarette, gazing at the wondrous look of total submission, feeling her sexual juices awaken. She untied him, released him from the chains, the tens machine, the gag but not the dildo harness. She blew smoke into his face and held up her cigarette. Unbidden he opened his mouth wide and she tapped in her ash. He swallowed and she smiled. She got up and dropped his clothes at his feet.

"If you wish to leave me forever, I will release the dildo and you are free to go," she said, softly.

He fell to the floor and grovelled at her ankles, "No, please keep me Mistress".

"If you remain, I will have the full dildo inside you for as long as I choose."

"Yes Mistress"

"Good boy," she paused, "there is one other thing, if you stay." He looked up at her and she said softly, "A chastity belt. If you stay you will wear it whenever and for as long as I choose, beginning now".

He nodded, and she dropped her cigarette on the floor and left. He put out the cigarette and tidied it with the other discarded butts in the bin in the corner.

When she returned she was carrying the belt. It looked harsh, complex and permanent. He stood at her command and she fitted it, it fit over the top of the butt plug harness. His cock was held facing downwards at a slight angle. Clearly he could piss at an appropriate angle. Clearly it was designed for long-term wear. It was held tightly by a small sheath or band, which felt as if it had spikes, which would bite into him if he got erect. Over the pelvic area was a chain mail "V" which was held in place by three leather straps, one passing between his legs to meet the other two behind his back. The fixing joint required a key. In a couple of minutes she stood back and looked at him. A fourteen inch butt plug was trapped inside him by a harness, his cock was permanently restrained. Masturbation would be impossible, even touching it was not possible. He could piss, but would require unlocking and un plugging to shit. That should ensure a lot of begging and pleading. She decided to demonstrate the full utility of the equipment and attached his wrist cuffs to two "D" rings on the hips of the leather straps of the belt. He was helpless, plugged and chastity belted. She felt a trickle of juice on her leg. She needed orgasm, but could not be arsed to un-strap him. She went to the bedside draw and removed the strap-on she had been using on him. She fitted it to his pelvis quickly, pushed him back on the bed and mounted him.

"I don’t need your cock, slave do I?"

"No Mistress." She rode the dildo slowly to a truly wondrous orgasm. Then lay back and felt good for a while.

She arose and ordered him to the floor. Then she stood over him and released her bladder, unbidden he raised his mouth to attempt to capture as much as he could.

She looked down on him, sodden in her piss, still aching, still showing a submissive twitchy fear in his eyes. "Clean the mess up, slave"

Again she strode from the room. But this time she did not close the door. She knew, however that he would not leave the room, not without permission.

... My pictures are back up...

on a side note... I find it interesting how many toys come crawling back weeping and begging once they realise you aren't actually missing them one bit.

...changed just one picture so the photos have disappeared again, what a tease this site is! Lol
addendum to previous entry... caraspet68's journal entry has also made Me pleased and proud!

Dear Me, I think we do have a fight on our hands to be My most favourite slave...

*eyes sparkle*
caraspet66's new journal entry made Me immensely pleased and proud.

Im pleased to have found one who can serve Me so amusingly...
Don't panic, My photos have not gone forever... I am updating My profile and you will just have to be patient as the new photos are added.
Jealousy and ignorance is the foundation for the mass of malice and spite both here and life in general.

Another genuine Mistress is vindicated, supported by many darling messages of love and submission from the constant tide of waiting toys.

Plus: Good news! I got new boots yesterday... just right to walk all over YOU with.

If you want pictures, you will just have to behave yourself and ask nicely, won't you?

...and so rarely I do come across submissives for whom some evidence of sincerity or tribute token becomes altogether unnecessary.

Be consumed with serving Me and I will rake you over hot coals, but your screams will be ones of pleasure. While I leak incessantly at the peak of sexual tension and desire.

Invest only in yourself and your own sexual needs and My presence becomes an investment on My behalf, of time I could otherwise spend with submissives bringing Me joy, for which I will seek due recompense.
slave 66 is now on this site under another name due to an unfortunate but highly amusing, no actually hilarious mishap in his personal life.
Ask Me...
Thanks to slave 68, I have a brand new shiny website!

It is still in the creation process but I love it already.

Details will be given upon completion.

Kisses and bites as always,
Mistress Cara Xx
iowaab - known merely as 66
naiveslaveboy - known as 67
caraspet68 - known as 68

Im still waiting for 69 to return

Much easier with numbers and no long pathetic and unnecessary names to remember, lol
Mistress Cara's Life Lessons

*Give a man a fish and feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish and feed him for life
Call a man a fish and fuck off

*More foresight - Less foreskin

I didn't write this - but enjoy anyway:

It was just another Tuesday evening. A boring day at the office was over and Ian was surfing the net for some entertainment. Ever since he could remember Ian had been drawn to the darker side of his desires and fetishes but as for so many others, they had remained just an idea. The erotic displays of power and submission he scoured the internet were as close as he got to realising his fantasy.

While browsing his usual sites, Ian came across one he hadn't seen before. The series of photos drew him in, Just the way he liked them. A beautiful sensuous Dominatrix and her harem of slaves. Ian's hand slipped down between his legs and took hold of his by now very aroused member. This was good.

Ian scrolled down the page searching for yet more of these delicious images to feast his eyes upon and came to section at the end entitled "Free Download." By now a very aroused Ian was not thinking straight at all and he quickly clicked on the button. Anything to keep this fantastic feeling going on and on.

A pop-up message appeared asking him to plug his mp3 player into the computer. Slightly puzzled, Ian did as he was asked. Any slight doubts he had disappeared as he stroked his fully engorged cock beneath his trousers. He needed to satisfy himself badly now.

Abandoning his computer, Ian staggered into the bedroom and proceeded to relieve himself of the unbearable pressure that had built up inside him.


He was late for the train as always. Grabbing his keys Ian was heading out the door when he spotted his mp3 player sitting beside the computer. The packed commuter train was bad enough at the best of times, but without some sort of music it was hell. Without even thinking about it, he thrust the player into his suit pocket and ran out the door.

Today was Ian's lucky day. Somehow he had even managed to find a seat on the train. Sitting himself comfortably in the seat he produced his music player. Only then did he remember last night and that strange website. What had he downloaded? Scrolling through the menu he could find nothing new at all. Everything appeared unchanged.

Dismissing the thought, he put on the headphones and pressed play. Relaxing comfortably in his seat, Ian was more than willing to let the scenery and music wash over him as he closed his eyes and tried to catch up on some sleep.


It had been a fantastic day at work. For some reason Ian had been on top of the world today in the office. No task was too difficult, nothing was too much trouble for him. His colleagues had been amazed at the transformation in their usually taciturn co-worker. A feeling of harmony and wonder filled him throughout the entire working day.

Ian had listened to his music player all the way home, not even taking off his headphones while entering his apartment. The sweet sounds continued to work their magic and keep his mood very happy indeed.

After discarding his coat and the few papers he'd brought home with him, Ian strode quickly over to his computer and booted it up. For some reason he couldn't help himself. Not that he wanted to stop himself. Somehow in the back of his mind, Ian knew that this amazing feeling was tied up to what he was doing and there was no way he was going to stop it.

A couple of mouse clicks later he was back at the same site he'd viewed last night. The display had changed somehow. The text and images were the same, but the background had been updated. Some sort of swirling random pattern behind the screen. Ian's cock suddenly sprang to life at seeing the leather clad Dominatrix who had been the source of his dreams last night. She was stunning. A vision of perfection. Ian was overwhelmed.

A few more clicks brought him to the members section where without a moment of hesitation he filled in all the information the beautiful Goddess asked him. Ian held nothing back. He told her everything.

Finally Ian came to the comments section which invited him to tell the wonderful Domme about himself and why she should choose him as a slave. Slave? The word spiked a slight anxious moment in Ian's head but the throbbing of his cock soon put paid to that. Instead he found himself typing without thinking.

'You are the most beautiful woman in the world! I worship you! You are my Goddess. Please Mistress Cara, allow me to be your slave. My body and mind are yours to command. I yearn to submit to your power and become your devoted slave. Being your slave is all that I want to be.'

He was on the cusp. He had to cum. It was so intense, so arousing. The feeling was amazing.

Ian pressed return.

He moaned in pure ecstasy as Ian spurted his sticky load all over the inside of his pants. Overcome by orgasmic bliss, Ian didn't even notice.


After changing his trousers, Ian had managed to pull himself together enough to fix a meal and watch some tv. The wonderful feeling that had filled him throughout the day was still there but it seemed dimmer now for some reason.

But as he sat on the couch his eyes kept on being drawn to the computer. The vapid drone of the inane television celebrities were beginning to get on his nerves. Without much of a struggle, Ian soon found himself back at the computer and back at the website he so enjoyed.

To his surprise, Ian discovered that his membership application had been accepted and a password had been given for the members area. Already his cock was beginning to throb in anticipation. Quickly he accessed the secure area of the site and was immediately assailed by a new screen containing the same swirling patterns as he had seen previously, only much more powerful.

Ian felt himself being sucked in by the rapidly flashing screen. The gorgeous face of the most beautiful woman in the world was in the centre of the swirling, ever changing patterns. Without taking his eyes from the screen, Ian reached for the headphones and plugged them into the computer. He fitted the inky black headphones over his head and quivered in anticipation.

A voice, the sweet melodic sound of the perfect woman filled his ears: 'Welcome slave. Welcome to the beginning of your journey.'

Ian's penis was rock hard. His dilated pupils never left the computer screen. He was completely transfixed, sucked in by the mesmeric power of the whole effect.

Ian listened and watched. He sat in the chair and let the raw power of this gorgeous sensuous woman reach into his mind. By now he couldn't stop himself. Like a sponge Ian sat in front of the computer as Mistress Cara set about installing the first of many new wants, desires and goals within the helpless man's head.

With every moment that passed more and more of Ian's willpower dissolved into emptiness. Every word, every swirl of the spiral brought him deeper and deeper under the spell of this most seductive Goddess.

By now Ian knew that Mistress Cara was a Goddess. His Goddess. She was the only deity he could worship. Every passing second strengthened his Goddess' hold over Ian's rapidly weakening mind. Ian was being taught. Taught to serve his supreme Goddess.

For the second time that evening, to the detriment of his laundry bills, Ian found release. The earth shattering orgasm of earlier paled into insignificance compared to what happened now. It was the cum to end all cums especially since his Goddess, Mistress Cara had permitted him to cum. Ian knew now that this was Her reward for his obedience. He understood fully now. From now on all the pleasure he was permitted would be granted by his Goddess. His Goddess, Mistress Cara would decide all.

Ian's eyes never left the screen as his sweat drenched body spasmed uncontrollably on hearing the commands given to him.

Ian was speaking aloud now. His voice shook and quivered with lust as he uttered the words aloud. Words that now meant more to him than anything else in the world. They were at the core of his being. Every thought, every decision he made from now on would revolve around this simple statement.

'i submit my body and mind to the service of the Goddess of Darkness, Mistress Cara!' Ian proclaimed to the computer screen.

A loud scream rent through the apartment as his Goddess finally permitted ian to explode.


It had been a week since Ian had become a slave and he had never been happier. Work was going well. His new attitude had impressed his employers and he was being considered for promotion to section head of his department.

The following Wednesday evening found ian back in his apartment after another days work. His commute was no longer a chore. He basked in the chance to glow in the radiance of Mistress Cara's words as she spoke to him through the MP3 player. The initial subliminal recordings that his Goddess had installed in his original download had served their purpose. They had opened up his mind and brought him down the Dark Path to slavery. Now ian spent his train ride completely enraptured by the voice of his Goddess.

He closed the door and locked it behind him. The time for pretence was over. He marched into his bedroom and quickly took off his clothes. The bed was still neatly made. In truth, ian had not slept in it for almost a week. The sweet path of Darkness was painful.

From the cupboard, ian removed the items Goddess had sent him. These were Her gifts to this lowly slave designed to bring him to ever greater perfection. ian's engorged member throbbed with anticipation.

Firstly he manoeuvred his cock and balls into the series of tight black rubber rings that gripped them tightly, careful to position the small metal device attached to the rings between his scrotum and penis base. He moaned in pleasure at the tightness. It symbolised the pressure of the grip his Goddess wanted him to feel.

Next he produced the small evil looking black vibrator. At first he had needed to lube it generously but by now ian was easily able to slide the slick dildo inside him. His entire body shivered as his mind registered the presence of this intruder buried within him and the thought of what was to come.

Finally, ian slid a pair of glistening latex briefs up over his legs. He carefully slid his shuddering cock into the greasy latex sheath of the garment before pulling the briefs us to his waist. The moulded latex was thicker in the places beneath his balls and at his rear. These were the contact points. Reaching inside the snug rubber pants, ian ensured that the smooth metal devices embedded within the two stimulators were plugged into the circuitry of the briefs.

At last, ian produced the wide, thick leather collar. He looked at in wonder. A symbol of his unswerving devotion and submission to the Sweet Darkness and his one true Goddess. Pressing the leather to his lips he kissed it in reverence before buckling the thick band around his neck. the high posture collar ensured that he couldn't move his neck at all. Bound as a slave should be, ian made his way to the brainwashing chamber for the night.

His brainwashing chamber had been, until last week, a small guest bedroom. But since becoming a servant of the Darkness, ian had made some changes. All the furniture was gone leaving a small blank room. He had put up blackout curtains to ensure complete darkness and to keep away from prying neighbours.

Closing the door behind him, ian padded over to the far end of the room where he had set up the equipment. A digital projector was affixed to a sleek silver coloured laptop computer. ian quickly booted up the computer and entered his password. His Goddess, or one of her many devoted servants had direct control over his training. The familiar swirling screen of Mistress Cara's website appeared on screen. he gasped in wonder. It never failed to shake him to gaze upon her wondrous face.

As a slave should, ian immediately sank to his knees before this vision of beauty personified.

Whatever programme Goddess had designed for him tonight was loading. ian plugged two long thick black wires into the rear of the laptop. Then he plugged each wire into the jacks located in the latex briefs. As well as controlling what he would see and hear ian had surrendered control of his body to Goddess to do with as She wished.

ian proceeded on his knees to the centre of the small darkened room. He quickly slid on a pair of thick black headphones which were linked to the computer. Kneeling, shackled completely in both mind and body, the slave awaited the commands of his Dark Mistress.

Patterns swirled on the wall opposite. A voice oozed through the headphones. Whatever conscious thought remained evaporated in a haze of pulsating bliss as he succumbed to the pleasures granted by the corruption of the Darkness.

The constant stimulation from his cock and ass pounded his body all night long, locking the words and visions granted by Mistress Cara deep inside his slavish mind forever.

Mistress Cara was teaching him to become a better and better slave. Even though he knew that he was a slave, ian recognised that he needed a lot more work before he could properly serve and obey his Goddess properly. For far too many years now he had been undisciplined and lazy. But now, at last, his destiny was being fulfilled. Every tiny crevice of his mind was being filled by the inky corruption of the Sweet Darkness. ian embraced the path. He was the property of Goddess now.

ian loved it.
Please note:

I am VERY difficult to please, I get bored EASILY, I'm pedantic, selfish, greedy, vicious, harsh, brutal, honest, damning but above all


so make it good you pathetic little cum suckers!
Pleased My slave made the right decision....

Im feeling rather cynical to how long it can last - this is no flaw in him, rather the nature of the world itself, coupled with experience.

Guess I get to enjoy it while it lasts

Im happy today, anyway.

Will I ever find My 24/7 long term slave? :(
My ex- slave is on extended vanilla leave [coward]

so I am accepting applications from many more to fill the gaps [as it were]

Those who survive initial intense training will soon appear on My profile - once the honour is deserved

'The only reason I'm letting you back into My life is because I know you'll fuck it up again...
    and frankly, things have been boring lately...'
Doing a lot better...

Loving Lily Allen's 'Not Fair' - the lyrics are hilarious!

Hoping My slave gets back on Monday but not holding out much hope to be honest... think this may just be a way to ease out of this whole thing gently.


I even thought of a new name!
and I have all these pictures.. and stories... and clips and..

oh well I suppose I will find some poor eager sod to destroy soon enough :D
So what to do now? I miss him and I find Myself pacing restlessly, mental whip at the ready.
Im better off being depraved than deprived.
This is My therapy, I need it like air, food, water.
How can you stop being who you are, choose to simply turn off what turns you on.
Not satisfied with being denied and loving it, turning to denying yourself instead for a needless lifetime of torturous vanilla innocence.
Even I could not put you in that cage.
Why do I always have to choose those that think deeply, that reach a certain point and start the soul searching, the reflection and complete turn around of life.
I seem to soothe, train, ease these ones to a place where they feel able to assert they no longer have need of Me. Can there be any other way though?
If this is truly life therapy does there have to come a time when that therapy has 'worked', the subject no longer requiring untangling and calming from life?
Am I destined to permanently walk a temporary path, enjoying progress through the maze that this is, but forever hitting walls and still never finding My way out? Not that I want to.
I only know that I cannot be any other way, this is in My blood, My DNA, this is who I am.
How can I ever hope to possibly understand those for whom this is all guilt ridden and shameful? Isn't that a cutting insult to those of us who see this as normal? What am I, some sort of freak?


I miss your soft sensitive flesh upon which I expound My need and soul.
I miss your guilt ridden, shamed conscience that I enjoy shocking and terrifying into pure submission...

A Tease

"Hello Drina," she says as she pulls his head from between her thighs. He sits back on his haunches, licking his lips waiting for her phone call to end. "So you'll be here? Wonderful! I'll need Brett here by noon. Yes cleaned up and ready to play." During the long pause of her listening to the receiver she dips two fingers into her pussy then offers the juice slicked digits to him which he sucks eagerly into his mouth. "Yes it is early, but there has to be time to prepare for the evening. Of course I'll take care of him as well as I do my own." She pulls her fingers out and caresses his cheek while nodding into the phone. "Yes, you know I will. Alright see you then. Good-bye."

He watches her expectantly, waiting for her to speak. "So everyone has confirmed now, it will be a full guest list." She smiles, hooking her finger in his collar, pulling him close enough to feel her breath across his lips. He gets lost in her eyes, unblinking for fear of missing a fleeting expression. "We're going to have an unforgettable evening My sweet." she purrs before tugging him into a deep kiss. He can feel the heat churning in his body from her simple touch, boiling over when her lips meet his. Pulling back she looks at him, her mouth tugged up on the side in a satisfied smirk. "Come now, lets get to bed and get some rest for tomorrow." He groans softly, the pressure in his balls throbbing, a constant reminder of his duty to her.

She leads him to her room and he kneels expectantly by the foot of her bed watching her every move. She sits at her vanity, her back to him, looking at him occasionally through her mirror's reflection. Casually she begins to clean her face, wiping away the light make up. "You know that I expect you to set a example for the others." she says matter of factly.

"Yes Ma'am," he nods never losing her from his sight. When her face is cleaned she picks up her hair brush and holds it out to him. He crawls over and takes the ornate wooden handle from her hand. The smooth side feels cool to his touch, it's weight a natural fit for his grip. His thumb runs over the rose carving on the back, the intricate design has been left on his skin many times, its one of her favorite toys.

She grins looking at him, knowing the memories of each evening's erotic torment crosses his mind whenever he holds that brush. In fact it is one of the main reasons she has him brush her hair with it nightly. She flips her ebony locks over the back of her chair and he shakes off his reverie. Raising up on his knees he carefully smoothes her hair, his fingers gently working through any tangles. He slowly drags the brush through her mane, her head tilting back, eyes closing. She sits there, letting him comb out the stress of the day, relaxing with each pass of the bristles.

His fingers tingle as her silken hair slides across his skin. She leans her head back, resting it on the chair back, the curled tails of her hair just brushing his thighs now. It takes all of his self control not to moan, to bury his hands in her tresses and wrap them around his aching cock. As well as he knows her he can tell she does this deliberately to taunt him, to tease him almost innocently. He focuses on the brush gliding through her hair, but even that has its hazards. With each stroke he sees his flesh sliding along her midnight locks, can imagine his thick cum spattering in her mane like pearls on a sea of mink.

She opens her eyes to watch him, a bemused smile on her face as if she could almost read his thoughts. She shakes her head, the ends of her hair wavering across his swollen cock and he forgets himself, a groan escapes his lips. Immediately his eyes fly to hers, the emerald green depths glimmering with a measure of triumph. A serene smile painted across her face as she runs her fingers through her hair. He gingerly lays the brush on the vanity, moving back to kneel again by the bed. She gets up from her chair and begins to undress, casually as if he wasn't there. She crosses into the bathroom, leaving him holding his breath wondering what she will do to him.

A faint snap of fingers, almost inaudible, but his ears perk and he scrambles to get into the room with her. He moves to his spot on the tile floor and looks up at her, the natural beauty causing him to tremor. "What may I do for You Mistress?" he asks politely.

"How long has it been since you've cum?" she asks and he knows that he is in for an uncomfortable night.

"It's been 9 days Ma'am." he says, his cock twitching as if knowing its being spoken of.

She smiles, "Oh yes, I remember now." Leaning in she turns on the water to the shower, holding her hand under the spray to gauge the temperature. "I'm sure you're quite ready to burst by now," she purrs gesturing towards his crotch, "I think you've got a couple of tennis balls down there for me." she chuckles. He can feel his skin flush in embarrassment as he nods silently.

Satisfied the water is right she steps in, letting the drops roll down her curves. "Stroke it," she orders, "Don't stop until I allow it and do not cum."

"Yes Ma'am." he moans wrapping his fingers around his cock. She doesn't even look at him as he begins to jack himself off for her, ignoring him she washes her body. His eyes follow her every move, watching her fingers dip between her legs, seeing the lather building on her skin. His hand flies over his cock, he can feel the tingles in his balls, the need to spill his load driving him mad. Squeezing his cock hard, wincing even as he keeps stroking, thankfully the urge subsides a bit. Leisurely she showers, glancing at him now and then but otherwise disregarding him. The steam builds up in the tiled room, the heat sweltering, he feels a bit light headed but manages to keep to his task. Finally she turns off the water and stands dripping in the stall, watching the strain on his face.

"Get me a towel." she says and he sighs half relieved, half disappointed.

Grabbing her thick towel from the rack he begins to dry her off, the tight swollen feeling a constant throb in his balls. His hands move over her body with the towel and he can't help but be aroused even more. She steps up to him, close enough that a drop of water falls from her and lands on his chest. Her fingers slide into his hair and she pulls his face between her thighs. "Clean me up," she purrs. He sticks his tongue between her slick lips and finds the proof that she wasn't ignoring him at all, she was watching his every stroke. Eagerly he presses his face deeper into her parted thighs, his lips nudging her clit before he sucks it into his teeth. Her nails rake the back of his head as she thrusts her delectable pussy onto his hungry mouth. He nibbles on her clit, sending sparks through her. His tongue delves into her honey pot, searching for her nectar, scooping it out greedily.

Her other hand finds his head as she steps closer, bending him back farther so she is straddling his head. He grips her thighs in his strong hands, his balance completely in her grasp tangled in his hair. She rides his face, grinding her pussy on his willing mouth, feeding him her pleasure juices. He sucks hard on her button and she screams, her thighs clamping tighter around his head. "Oh fuck!" she wails humping his head so hard he is seeing starbursts behind his closed eyes. Her body goes soft over him, little post orgasmic quakes flitting through her as she pants trying to catch her breath. She eases off his face, stepping back so he can right himself again.

He laps at her lips, cleaning all of her cum from her pussy and thighs. Looking up at her, even the twinges of pain pulsing through his cock and balls don't matter right now. The satiated look on her face, the after glow radiant in her eyes make an even more beautiful image for him to behold. She purrs, her legs shaky so she leans back against the sink for a moment. He licks his lips, watching her quietly, waiting for instructions. "Come along lover," she says hoarsely, "We need to get some sleep." She wobbles ever so slightly as she walks back to the bedroom, him following close behind. She pulls back the covers and crawls in, sinking into the plush mattress. "Get the lights and get into bed with me." she says turning her back to him and snuggling into her pillow.

He grins, "Yes Ma'am." Hurrying he turns out the lights and slips into bed with her, cozying up to her back as she likes. Just as he is thinking that he's gotten off easily for the night she reaches back and her hand encircles his cock. She looks back at him, mischief shining in her eyes as she guides his still hard cock into her moist pussy. He groans, his hips thrusting forward with a need of their own. She smacks his ass sharply and he stops himself from moving.

She blows him a kiss, "Sleep, no sex, just sleep." she coos, "And if you're good and hard still come morning I'll let you fuck me until we both cum." Wiggling her ass, his lips nuzzling her neck as his arms slips around her waist. "Of course if you cum during the night I'll have to deny you even longer." she says sleepily, "So behave yourself." He lays there, the heat of her body inviting him, every now and then the muscles of her pussy contract. Her breathing steadies, deep long sighs of a sleeping Goddess filling his ears. All he can do is lay there and listen for he knows sleep will never be his this night.
An old journal entry - from nothing more than a passing acquaintance from some time now long ago... I wonder where this poor creature disappeared to.

I have been sorting out old emails and this one touched Me somewhere.
I think we can all guess where.

Precisely... directly at the heart of My cruelty.



Dearest and Most Worshipped High Mistress Cara,

What better story than the truth? And i hope my saga of self abuse will indeed amuse You.

Living by myself as i do, i practise self-bondage and this last week my fantasies have revolved entirely around You.

Every night i sleep in chains. This is a poor approximation of the way i want to live but it is all i have for now. In reality i would want to live my life in chains, as a slave should, and for those chains to be locked by Someone else so that they are inescapable and my commitment to slavery irrevocable.

Now, one of the sad things about self bondage is that the hapless victim must always leave himself a means of escape, which only parodies the true desire. However, even in accepting the parody, the slave soul demeans himself and, by writing about it, adds confession to his humiliation.

Nevertheless, in order to prolong the self bondage, when i chain myself at night i use combination locks. These make it quite impossible to escape in the dark for the dials cannot be seen. Even if i want to escape, even if i need to use the toilet, i cannot free myself until the morning light. To add to the reality, i make no provision for toileting. Of course, i empty my bladder before i lock myself up, but if ever i cannot hold back, my sheets and mattress would get a soaking and i would have to clean then myself, under the imaginary orders of a stern Mistress of course. To date i have had no such accident.

In addition to the chains, I have a butt plug which i insert before laying down and which must remain in position all night. It was quite big at first but my slutty anus has expanded to accommodate it quite comfortably now. However, because of You, Mistress, and my imagined dealings with You, i bought a new one this week, which is about 50% wider at its base. It didn't go in easily. In fact it hurt. Nevertheless, i forced it as i knew You would have. You will be delighted to know there was blood on the sheets after the first night. It hurt even more the second and third nights, but i knew there would be no mercy from You, High Mistress. It bled then too. It is sore even now where i sit but it is a delightful pain because it is the pain of my horrid, filthy lust and i deserve far worse.

This last weekend i also tried something new, and once again it was at Your imagined orders, High Mistress. In times past i have sometimes frozen a key into my urine. This key is the one to a lock that is chosen to be fundamental to opening all the other locks. Escape is not possible until access to that key is gained. A string passes through the head of the key but is not tied. In this way the string is frozen with the key but does not prevent the key from falling if suspended by the string and once enough of the urine has melted. This means i can chain myself, even during the day, and not be able to escape until the iceblock is melted, either by it being suspended above my head and dripping its contents upon me until the key falls, or else by me sucking on it to thaw it quicker.

This last weekend i prepared in advance by freezing a dozen keys to a dozen locks into a dozen blocks. Come the Friday night, i then selected a lock at random from the twelve to be the fundamental one. The other eleven locks i did not even use because i did not want there to be the possibility of opening a different lock with a key that did not fit the fundamental. Instead, i used different locks and their keys i put in the sole of a thick rubber boot. This boot i put on my right leg and wrapped a chain tightly around the ankle, crossing at the instep and looping around the sole to prevent any chance of dislodgement. It was padlocked into place and that key placed in the sole of the second boot on my left foot. This i also wore and chained in place. The fundamental lock was placed on the second boot. This meant that in order to escape i would have to find the right key from the dozen possibilities, use it to unlock the boot on my left leg, remove it, fetch the key from it, use that to unlock the boot on my right foot, remove it too, and only then would i have access to the keys to free the rest of myself.

The twelve iceblocks i suspended in a circle from the ceiling of my bathroom. They hung down to a little over a metre from the floor, a distance i have measured in the past and from which i know i can reach with my mouth.

In addition i had bought a big plastic bag; big enough to hold myself inside, but of course i left my head outside so that i would not suffocate. Naturally i also put all the chains and padlocks i would need in there. Using wide packing tape, i managed to tape around my neck so that i could not wriggle out, nor would my head disappear into the plastic bag. It is not easy to do this while one's hands are inside the bag and one's head is outside it. Nevertheless i managed because i had partially taped it while still free. It was only necessary to seal the taping once in position.

Finally, inside the bag, i inserted the butt plug, sat upon it, locked the two chains around my ankles together, fastened chains around my wrists and fastened my wrists to my ankles... opposite ankles (left to right and right to left) and in front of my legs so that i could not touch my cock.

Now begins the wait. There is no possibility of escape until the right key has thawed and i have it in the bag. It won't be too hard to get them in; i've done this in the past. When a key falls to the floor i must roll down, pick it up with my tongue (which it sticks to), hold it between my lips, sit up again and let it fall onto the open part of the bag where it falls through the hole. It is at this point that i realise that every wrong key i get will still be in the bag. If i let them fall after using them then i will still have to randomly select keys by feeling for them until i have tried them all. One key the first time, two keys the second time, three keys the third... each time holding them in my spare hand until all have been tried, and then letting them fall for next time.

There will be a long wait and now is the time to fire up imaginings of You. How would You act in a situation like this? Would You stand above me and mock? Would You spit on me? Would you squash my balls beneath the sole of Your shoe? Would You stab them with Your stiletto heel? Would You slap me, kick me, beat me, whip me, cane me while i was helpless and unable even to protect myself? Would You piss on me? Not like the cold piss that drips on me but would You piss on me with a deluge of that hot, wet, golden nectar that comes from Your Sacred Bladder and the Body that i worship? Oh that i might feel that now, hot and wet, cascading upon my face, filling my mouth, gulped down my throat not simply out of greed or desire but also in the knowledge that i must not spill a drop.

Some time later and i am aware of my cock. It is hard and erect, it aches to be implanted, to be buried in flesh that desires it as much as it desires. But that is not to be, that is never to be. The only thing that has a grip on my cock is destiny. Pathetic me, i cannot even touch it, but i draw back my legs enough so that my cock rests between the rubber folds where my legs cross. How i wish that was You; i know i am unworthy to touch Your flesh but maybe in Your desire to see me conquered You might touch me with some fetish garment and order me to cum. The rubber feels good and warm and my cock nestles within it, nuzzles against it, oh Goddess, is this the only way i can express my desire? Is this my fate? If this pathetic act is all i have then let me at least do it with all my soul and all my heart. Let the passion explode in the same way that the semen ejaculates. It moistens the rubber and i feel it wet and slippery, dribbling over my cock and over my balls, dripping to the ground, more wasted seed, a metaphor of my wasted life, my wasted passion and indeed my wasted love. (For i did love once, You know. However, i know that i shall never be permitted to love again, much less to be loved in return.)

And now i am depressed and lonely. It had all seemed so real, and yet there was never anybody here but myself. Such a pathetic, wasted creature. If You had seen it, if You had felt it, then it might have been worthy of something. Now it is worth nothing and i must wait here, bound by my own foolishness, a slave to nothing but my own foolish desire, wasting time, a waste of time.

Later still, and i don't want to be here. But that is a slave's lot, is it not? It's not about just doing what you want to do, it's not about doing what you want to do at all. It is about doing what Someone else wants you to do, and that doesn't mean i have to enjoy it. Maybe in some way this is what You wanted me to do. That would make it worthwhile, if i could believe that. And again You are there in my mind's eye, towering above me in thick rubber boots (for i am not worthy of leather), that mocking laugh, that sneering grin, You thrust a boot in my face and order me to lick it clean, to lick from it my own semen. And because it is You, i do so with relish. Perhaps You will see my cock again as it rises to attention. It does so for You, High Mistress Cara. Even if You do not accept its potential then perhaps You will recognise it as a compliment to Your beauty and Your desirability. Again, the touch of rubber; the feeling of acceptance if only for moments....

A block of iced urine falls on my face and onto the floor. As i turn to see where it has gone, i see that it has a key embedded in it. All i need to do is take it in my mouth, melt off the ice and drop the key into the bag. It is uncomfortable though and i can't get my face to the floor. This is a predicament. Surely i have to be able to get down there. All the keys are here but if i am unable to get them off the floor then i will be stuck here. Maybe i'll die here. They'll find my body like this and my private secret will be known. They'll know what a pathetic, useless, lonely wanker i was. Ok, time to make a decision: i can try to contort myself and get each of the keys off the floor one by one, or i can accept the 11 in 12 chance that that key is not the key to freedom and try something different for all the others. Even as i think, another key falls and my chances now are reduced to 5 in 6; the roll of a die. If i position myself under the keys so that the neck of the bag is spread out like a collar then maybe it will catch them as they fall and i'll be able to wriggle them down through the neck.

Another falls. It hits the flap of the bag, bounces off and falls to the floor. There is now a 25% chance that my key to freedom is lying on the floor where i will not be able to reach it. Panicking now. But there is still a 75% chance that it is one of those hanging above me. Which is going to be easier? To get the keys off the floor or to get them off the strings? They're melting now, they'll be easier to get down. One of the nine is about to fall, so i reach up and take it between my lips. The urine quickly melts into my mouth and i drop the key into the neck of the bag where it falls down my body and within easy reach of my fingers.

Of course it doesn't fit the lock.

By now though i am wanting to get out of here, so i'm not going to play any games where i have to sort out each new key from the old ones. The one that didn't work i continue to hold in my other hand.

A certain pressure has been building up in my bladder too. This time i deliberatly did not empty it before i began. If the need became too much, i figured, it's only me and this metal equipment inside the plastic bag. Nothing that can't be washed if i am forced to urinate, or even to defecate.

Six more keys i try and none of them work. There are now two keys left suspended and three on the floor. The chances are now better that the key i need is on the floor than it is within easy reach of my mouth. It will be very difficult if i have to get keys off the floor. It may be that i could allow my body to fall sideways so that i could at least get on the same level and suck them into my mouth, but i don't know how i will sit up again if i do that and i will need gravity pointing in the right direction to get the keys down through the neckhole.

Sometime during the trial of those six keys the pressure did become too much and so i am now sitting in a pool of my own piss, which i thoroughly deserve. Of course i imagined that it was You who came and urinated into the bag and that the nectar that is soaking my skin is actually a divine gift.

Key 7 ... what am i going to do if neither of these work? What am i going to do if i manage to get all three keys off the floor and none of them work either? Could i have made a mistake? Could it be that none of the keys are right?

While i struggle with the seventh key, the final key falls onto the floor. Damn, that's it now. Why did i ever do this idiotic thing? Because i am addicted, that's why, and because i wish it were all real. Because i am a foolish and pathetic waste of breath that probably deserves to be put out of its misery. But how much better if someone would only keep me in misery. This is the life i desire, the life of a slave, but how i wish it were real.

The seventh key fits and i am finally released from the first stage of my self enforced imprisonment. All that means for now is that the boot can come free. It doesn't come off easily and i have to use not only my fingertips but also the other foot to make it slide down past my ankle. As it drops flat to the ground a little splash reminds me that my boot is now partly filled with urine which is soaking into the cloth lining inside. That's the least of my problems though. Using the key that was stored in the boot, i unlock the other boot and remove it far easier this time to give me access to all the other keys.

Though it is a process trying each available key in each lock, i am much relieved now to know that freedom is within my reach. Soon i have all the chains released, i slide myself over the bathroom floor and into the shower recess where i rest before freeing myself and cleaning myself and my soiled equipment.

So there You are, High Mistress Cara. A true story and also a depiction of the way i have abused myself for You this last week. It was a trial to endure and it was a work to write, but if it has amused You in any way to think of what this insignificant soul has been prepared to do to his body for You half a world away then it has been worthwhile.

x x

Latest submission from My cum slut puppy...for My delectation and amusement. Enjoy as I did.

No reproduction without My permission...that includes the story.


“Spit roast time!”, You scream in delight. "I feel like a good filling is in order. Front AND back!”

i’m secured with chains from ankle cuffs to the heavy leather belt locked around my waist keeping me kneeling. With my wrists cuffed to chains hanging loosely from the ceiling, You push me back by grinding Your cunt against my chin. The posture collar keeps my chin up and head back and so my tongue snakes out through the ring gag to try to taste but You keep pushing and i have no choice but to shuffle ever backwards, my chin never losing contact with Your sex as You sway Your hips a little with each step.

The bud of my arse hits something and You keep gently pushing.  Eventually, my journey back continues, more uncomfortably, penetrated, filled. A series of hot panting breaths fans Your wet cunt lips as my arse has to accommodate a series of ever wider ridges. You stop and step back to see me bound and impaled, and hard as a rock pointing straight at You. i'm huffing and snivelling in the discomfort.

"I did say spit roast .. and that means both ends."

You take the hollow Prince's wand in a latex hand, lubricate it and slowly slide it inside my clit hole. i thought i was full before but this is TOO much. i'm so sensitive. You fuck my clit hole with it as You slide it inside. When its in far enough , You rotate it inside me until the holes are aligned then screw the bolt though the holeof my PA piercing and into the wand itself. A padlock prevents removal by anyone but is largely symbolic in my current position. A tube goes into the hollow end of the wand before i feel a pulsing in my arse. i can feel the cum beginning to empty from me and into a jar that You're sure to keep for later.

my hard locked filled prick is wrapped in Your hand, slick from Your cunt. You stroke it twice then let go, stepping away before pressing back against my chin. i have never felt so vulnerable and so filled. i'm almost at breaking point but You know my limits better than me. The grinding of Your cunt gets stronger, pushing me back even more yet i have nowhere to go. my arse is stretched further than ever before until another ridge enters me and i enclose around it. You'd had to push to so firmly that Your sex has ridden up onto my face where my rapidly panting mouth breathes hot desperate air against Your sex. i hear the noise of a machine, and then i am lifted off the ground. The tears You've been looking for finally begin to flow.

i've barely moved, but whether an inch or a metre off the ground would make no difference. The emptying pulsing inside me is joined by a fucking motion and my hips are swung gently back and forth between You. i feel occasional contact with the nylon of Your stockinged legs. They are not pressed close enough to satisfy, just enough to torment and to send a surging message to my clit, my tear glands and my tongue.

i poke the tongue out of the ring gag more urgently in protest as the thing seems to go on and on up inside me. It occurs to me that You want the thing to come up my throat and out of my mouth so You can fuck it with me skewered underneath You,  to provide no more than a rest for Your body and a flapping tongue for Your clit.

You've begun to cum and yet i have no more to give - drained of both energy and cum like never before. my tongue begins to fail but then a vibration begins in my arse. Ten minutes ago it would have been enough to make me cum but emptied as i am, it merely increases a desperation and frustration that i had thought could go no deeper. my flailing tongue is pressed against Your sex, partially inside You and sends another wave of contractions through Your body, starting at Your throat and working down, wringing the moisture from Your being and out through Your sex into my gaping mouth. my hands hanging useless bound above me are pulled to Your breasts, and with own Your hands free, You pull the back of my head into You, grinding Yourself as if to take my entire face inside Your hot wet sex.

With You sated, i am lowered to the floor. You retrieve the jar of cum. i can't believe how much is there. You begin to pour it over my terrified and frozen face.

"Don't forget, you're not to swallow until I say so."

You don't care for accuracy or waste as the vile stuff hit lips, nose, cheek and even pours down my chin. You've barely begun and You haven't hit my mouth at all.

"Lick your lips, slut!"

The pouring resumes, now into my mouth and continues until i am overflowing and i fear i might choke. The expression in my eyes is enough and You cum again just from watching me but can't hold out and straddle my face once more for Your own juices to mix with mine in my mouth.

"Swallow slut, then lick me again! Who ever says you need to orgasm when denying you like this feels SO good."

Sadly, sallylittlegirl has been dismissed and deleted.

She was to enter her third year of service but unfortunately did not serve to a high enough standard, leaving many tasks unfulfilled and many orders disobeyed.

No one is safe... do not get complacent. If you do not serve, you leave. I will see to it.

Let this be a lesson to all submissives, slaves and toys.
Stroke one, then the other
And watch them both fight
Competing for Mistress
What a beautiful sight!
Go and watch the music video for P!nk's new song:

Please Don't Leave Me

Go watch NOW!

Oh My God :D
My shopping arrived!

New black PVC shiny boots, stretch skin tight mini dress, zip front lace back corset, and 11 inch long micro skirt.

My weekend's sorted ;)

PS. Oh dear, did I forget underwear again?
'Well!' thought Alice to herself, 'after such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down stairs! How brave they'll all think me at home! Why, I wouldn't say anything about it, even if I fell off the top of the house!'

Down, down, down. Would the fall NEVER come to an end?
from wikipedia:

Machiavellianism is also a term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. In the 1960s, Richard Christie and Florence L. Geis developed a test for measuring a person's level of Machiavellianism. This eventually became the MACH-IV test, a twenty-statement personality survey that is now the standard self-assessment tool of Machiavellianism. People scoring above 60 out of 100 on the MACH-IV are considered high Machs; that is, they endorsed statements such as, "Never tell anyone the real reason you did something unless it is useful to do so," (No. 1) but not ones like, "Most people are basically good and kind" (No. 4). People scoring below 60 out of 100 on the MACH-IV are considered low Machs; they tend to believe, "There is no excuse for lying to someone else," (No. 7) and, "Most people who get ahead in the world lead clean, moral lives" (No. 11). Christie, Geis, and Geis's graduate assistant David Berger went on to perform a series of studies that provided experimental verification for the notion of Machiavellianism.

Machiavellianism is one of the three personality traits referred to as the dark triad, along with narcissism and psychopathy. Some psychologists consider Machiavellianism to be essentially a subclinical form of psychopathy.

I took the test...

I scored 96 out of 100.

Even worse, Im proud of that fact! LOL

When I call you 'pet' ...'s short for 'petrified one'
Amusing passing thought:

What is it with men?

The vanilla ones haven't the balls to be kinky...

The kinky ones want their balls removed.. or at least bound tortured denied and in pain...

The vanilla ones spend so much time [and/or money] trying to find any woman who wants to fuck them or at least tease their cock and balls a bit.. then complain when they are used as mere sex objects [despite the fact that they have been searching for a woman for just that purpose themelves - hypocrites]...

The kinky ones can't decide whether they hate it or love it.. love to hate it... or hate that they love it all...

...and they all say that Women are difficult creatures that don't know what they want!

I despair, LOL

Not seeking any new slaves or submissives at this time.

I have the ones I want.

you may approach Me but to be honest I've given up any hopes of finding any more slaves with the submission, communication skills, initiative, intelligence and creativity that I demand and require.

you will never impress Me enough.

you are all pathetic.
Confession of the Day


I just want him to fuck Me.
Isn't it a shame that there are some people who need to be leashed as they will never have the courage to stay and obey of their own accord..

and yet others will always hold their own key.

No surrender?


subs fall into two categories for Me:

'sit and serves'

'play and stays'

Is the ideal actually somewhere between the two?

possibly a 'stay and obey'


Terrified and humiliated, forced to obey
Yet desperately loving, begging to stay

Wincing and fearing each new command -
A stroke or a slap from My mischevious hand?

Enjoying mental contortions that show on your face
Wriggling and writhing under black lingerie lace

I prod, poke and probe causing tumbling thrills
I laugh in your ear as you lick up your spills

We say our goodbyes and you cry at the 'click'
It hurts being alone with your caged throbbing prick

Im considering loaning out My slave. Please message Me should you wish to borrow him for a little while.

freshly shaven with a cute tiny button clit

enthusiastic 'woof's given to most if not all commands to debase himself

begs to bark in order to earn relief

tongue ready to lick up any of his mess, on command... and always eager to pleasure Mistress of course

says no a lot when he means fuck yes please

scares easily [amusing]

needs a good public

adores wearing his slutty red thong with stockings and suspenders

and being filled and fucked in the arse

currently being trained to sleep with a chas cage over his little clit, so that all of him will eventually be completely controlled and obedient, submissive entirely

emasculated broken and reshaped

an interesting subject for either amusement, entertainment or service.

Let Me know.

message from a 'dom' this morning, after initial introductions [the usual articulate and expansive 'hi' from a male], he threw back:

'stick insect - id break you'

then blocked Me.

1) I LOVE being called a stick insect! Better than being obese. Aw does that mean I look fragile, delicate, small, tiny, tinkerbell pixie?
All the better to contrast to the physical brute strength of the 'male' [arg beats chest]

I love irony. Being small skinny thin and having a huge strong man on bended knee weeping in front of me, for Me, is a powerful scene. That happens often.

2) does this 'dom' think then, that dominance comes from physical strength and size? What a narrow minded and uneducated view. Perhaps, if such dominance were to be that of the beasts of the jungle.

Apes still don't rule the world though, do they.


*walks off chuckling*

A beautiful honest goodnight thought from My slave, that I just had to share:

'I suspect You're asleep and I don't want to disturb You. I went onto [the site] and edged to each of Your pics. Locking myself up is the last thing I want to do. I want to explode in Your mouth. Instead You are having my clit securely locked up where I am unable to give in to temptation. I love and hate You in nearly equal measure. My clit is aching for You. Right now I'm fucking desperate to bark for You so I can help You cum.  '

A story written for Me: although I do not smoke, I appreciate the thoughts in this... see if you do too.


By mid-week it was exactly as she had planned it. He no longer knew what day it was. He no longer knew what time it was. The room had been totally darkened, not a single beam of light could enter through the blacked out window. Even the space around the door had been attended to. He spent his life in total soundless darkness. Straining to hear the footsteps in the hall that would herald her appearance.

Her entrance was the only light in his day. She would stand in the doorway, framed by a shimmering light that near blinded his unsettled eyes. Like a Goddess in a Tintoretto, something hazy, pre-Raphaelite and gorgeous. A vision in spike heels and corset. Long gloves, a whip in one hand, her cigarettes and lighter in the other. A demon from a sensual yet unremittingly cruel hell.

It was Wednesday and things were progressing as planned. He had eaten no solid food since his arrival. Heard no sound but that of her voice vilifying, demeaning and instructing him. 50% of his fluid intake consisted of her piss, which she had seen him slurp thirstily from the dog bowl, much to her satisfaction. She could feel that he was close to the level of submission she required, close to being ready for re-moulding him. She had always known he had potential. His wit, his strength, his success and ability all attracted her, and soon she would have remoulded him. A totally submissive man, whose sole purpose in life is her happiness and her sexual pleasure, even if he must bleed and cry to achieve it. Both men existing, and her constant choice as to which one would be visible. Mmmmmmmmmm

She knew he was weak from hunger. She knew he was mentally weakened by the darkness and solitude. She knew a few days more of physical pain and humiliation and the job would be done. Patience was important because she knew in her heart of hearts that only a perfect slave could make her fulfilled, and no matter how long it took, or what lengths and means were required, she would achieve absolute success. It would not be a case of a submissive man acting out his fantasies, it would be true and total submission to Her desires.

Time for today’s work. She smiled as she slapped his face twice, very hard. Her traditional greeting.

Recoiling from the slap, he fell to his knees, and began grovelling at her heels, she smiled and stepped back, his crawling pursuit was brought to an abrupt halt by the chain around his neck. She dropped her lighter on the floor and placed a long white cigarette in her burgundy lips. She leant forward a touch, ensuring that the slave must stretch to his limits to light it.

She strode past him, snatching the lighter back, and lit the huge candle beside the bed to which he was chained. She snapped her fingers and indicated the bed. He crawled upon the bed, lying face down submissively. She closed the door with her spike heel and it slammed with a satisfying thud, which made him flinch, much to her amusement. She sat beside him and nonchalantly added another burn to the ongoing brand on his buttocks. Soon that would be finished too. He winced, but did not flinch. He had been punished so severely for flinching that he never did so anymore. Behaviour modification was such a joy.

Holding the cigarette between her lips she ordered him onto his back and swiftly attached the chains to the cuffs he wore on his ankles and feet, strapping him spread-eagled to the bed. The chains had been designed to make sure he was stretched to the maximum. She knew that about 30 minutes was about all his muscles could take before they started screaming. She put the cigarette out on his groin, close to his prick, and smiled. What she had planned for him would ensure he never even noticed those screaming muscles.

She began with the dildo, larger than the one she last used, and penetration quickly and cruelly achieved without lubrication. He was struggling to accept it. It was, of course, made more difficult by his position. She thought briefly about re-chaining him so his knees were up on his chest and his rectum more open and accessible, but she loved his stretched out vulnerability so much. She commanded him to relax, but he was too freaked out by the enormity of it. As she had known he would be. She moved to phase two.

She attached the pads of the tens machine to his genitals and gave him a quick spurt of power. He screamed and spasmed, and she managed another inch of penetration while he did so. She smiled.

"Michael, I want you to know, this will last a long, long time. There is no point holding back total surrender, you will just prolong your pain!"

She lit another cigarette and turned up the machine to maximum, suddenly and for just a second. His scream was awesome and erotic, but she decided the ball gag would be a good idea at this stage. The time for enjoying his screams and begging and pleading would come later.

She then settled down to a steady process of alternating increasing the level of electrical torture and increasing the penetration of the massive dildo. Occasionally pausing and smiling and stroking his cock to bring him back from the edge of pain filled insanity.

"Michael, you hate being left alone and locked up, but as long as you relax your arse and let me train you to surrender, I will be here with you….."

He nodded, she could tell he wanted to surrender, but his ego was fighting it, maybe not just his ego, physiologically the dildo was very demanding, maybe just more than he could take. But, take it he must. She smiled again and penetrated deeper, using a smoother and more loving technique. As she started to make love to his arse instead of raping it she sensed he relaxed more, so she too k maximum advantage, easing it in deeper. Half of its fourteen inches would soon be inside him. She paused for a cigarette and admired the way her inhalations made his cock grow and throb. At the intense height of her longest deepest drag he started to seep pre-cum and so she zapped him with maximum on the tens machine. His back arched. Well as much arch as he could manage with the awesome restriction of the chains, and in mid arch she rammed in another couple of inches.

"Relax, and let it all in, slave!" she said, and, taking a last drag, put out the cigarette in the middle of his chest. Dropping the crushed butt on the floor with the others she remarked:

"You have a lot of tidying up to do slave. You won’t be able to do it until I unchain you, of course, and that won’t be for hours yet."

"OK, then, let us see how you like this. The dildo stays where it is, the tens machine stays on – like this", she turned it up to where he spasmed and just left the controls there. "I am going out now. I don’t know when I shall come back!" And with those words she clicked out on her luxuriously expensive heels.

He attempted to attract her attention, but he was stretched too tight to move. His agony was extreme. He wanted to surrender with all his heart. He wanted to gaze upon her again.

She left him for a further hour or so. She listened to the radio and read. For him every second was agony. He starved, he ached, he spasmed and his rectum stretched.

When she returned he was desperate for release, but knew from her lock that she was in no mood to release him. He was panicking, but brought himself under control he knew he needed to take it all. He must.

She was pleased with his response. Within a few moments all fourteen inches was buried in him. It was only then that he realised it was not just a dildo. It was attached to a leather harness and in seconds she had slipped it around his pelvis and padlocked it in position. Until she unlocked it, all fourteen inches would remain buried inside him. The harness had a hole for his cock, and the pressure of the dildo had given him and incredible erection. It was bigger, thicker than she had ever seen. She had not intended to allow him any penetration of her, but this was too good to miss. She removed the tens pads and hurriedly climbed on. As usual torturing him had made her dripping wet with excitement, but even so the thickness of his cock was remarkable and brought a half wince half gasp from her as she slid down it. Christ he was enormous. For all of these reasons it did not take long for her to reach climax, and he had not come, she resisted the temptation of another orgasm and climbed off, leaving him seeping and throbbing with desire. She removed the ball gag so she could enjoy his whimpering, sobbing and begging while she lay back and wanked ferociously. She never tired of the erotic effects of listening to his pain and discomfort verbalised, and it was a long while before she completed her self-pleasures. She was feeling soft and cuddly, but she knew the job was not done. She knew to make sure it was completed to perfection she must be yet patient.

She lit a cigarette and paused, she pondered the next stage.

Finishing her cigarette she put it out on his stomach, dropped the butt on the floor and re-attached the tens pads. He whimpered, and she slapped his face. "Enough! Keep silent or you will have a higher level than ever!"

As it was she turned it up a notch further than that of earlier, and his scream was uncontrollable. She replaced the ball gag, and leaned close to him, caressing him and purring in his ear. "Slave, I am going away now, and I will be away a long time, if you are good, when I come back, I’ll release you." She stood up and left, her spike heels clicking erotically on the floor. The slamming of the door was the beginning of the end of him. Even though he did not know, and would never know how long she was gone, she was gone longer than she needed to be, and sometime before she returned he finally snapped. He was lost. There was no longer any Michael. Just a broken humble, ego free male, a blank sheet of paper for mistress to create whatever she wanted.

When she returned she could immediately see it in his eyes, and the excitement of having totally broken him nearly made her orgasm. She paused and lit a cigarette, gazing at the wondrous look of total submission, feeling her sexual juices awaken. She untied him, released him from the chains, the tens machine, the gag but not the dildo harness. She blew smoke into his face and held up her cigarette. Unbidden he opened his mouth wide and she tapped in her ash. He swallowed and she smiled. She got up and dropped his clothes at his feet.

"If you wish to leave me forever, I will release the dildo and you are free to go," she said, softly.

He fell to the floor and grovelled at her ankles, "No, please keep me Mistress".

"If you remain, I will have the full dildo inside you for as long as I choose."

"Yes Mistress"

"Good boy," she paused, "there is one other thing, if you stay." He looked up at her and she said softly, "A chastity belt. If you stay you will wear it whenever and for as long as I choose, beginning now".

He nodded, and she dropped her cigarette on the floor and left. He put out the cigarette and tidied it with the other discarded butts in the bin in the corner.

When she returned she was carrying the belt. It looked harsh, complex and permanent. He stood at her command and she fitted it, it fit over the top of the butt plug harness. His cock was held facing downwards at a slight angle. Clearly he could piss at an appropriate angle. Clearly it was designed for long-term wear. It was held tightly by a small sheath or band, which felt as if it had spikes, which would bite into him if he got erect. Over the pelvic area was a chain mail "V" which was held in place by three leather straps, one passing between his legs to meet the other two behind his back. The fixing joint required a key. In a couple of minutes she stood back and looked at him. A fourteen inch butt plug was trapped inside him by a harness, his cock was permanently restrained. Masturbation would be impossible, even touching it was not possible. He could piss, but would require unlocking and un plugging to shit. That should ensure a lot of begging and pleading. She decided to demonstrate the full utility of the equipment and attached his wrist cuffs to two "D" rings on the hips of the leather straps of the belt. He was helpless, plugged and chastity belted. She felt a trickle of juice on her leg. She needed orgasm, but could not be arsed to un-strap him. She went to the bedside draw and removed the strap-on she had been using on him. She fitted it to his pelvis quickly, pushed him back on the bed and mounted him.

"I don’t need your cock, slave do I?"

"No Mistress." She rode the dildo slowly to a truly wondrous orgasm. Then lay back and felt good for a while.

She arose and ordered him to the floor. Then she stood over him and released her bladder, unbidden he raised his mouth to attempt to capture as much as he could.

She looked down on him, sodden in her piss, still aching, still showing a submissive twitchy fear in his eyes. "Clean the mess up, slave"

Again she strode from the room. But this time she did not close the door. She knew, however that he would not leave the room, not without permission.

Mistress’s New Table

Mistress has a warm large inviting sumptuous bed - too bad this girl would never sleep in it. The white cotton sheets, freshly pressed and crisp are newly laid every day by this girl and the down filled cotton covered pillows luxuriously padded and thick to ensure Mistress rests in peaceful slumber all night.

This girl had been extremely naughty recently and Mistress decided it was time for an all night reminder of the girl's true place.

Now every bedroom needs a bedside table and Mistress's room was no different.

Something to perhaps place a light on for Mistress to read by, or to steady Her hand as She rises during the night should She require something and of course in the morning before travelling to Her important slave training work.

Mistress decided that this girl would serve as Her table that night, the night of almost unendurable agony both physical and mental, the pleasurable bliss of the torture and aching muscles and chastised heart and soul still felt a long time afterwards.

The evening had started like all others, Mistress had returned home from Her important work in the stable and this girl had ensured that the house was spick and span, dusted -polished -hoovered- cleaned, bathrooms bleached and pristine and shining, the kitchen surfaces glimmering and almost reflective after the long hours scrubbing. Mistress's daily evening TV had been selected as She had explained in previous training and a bottle of both red and white wine lay open and ready in the decanter and fridge alternately with several crystal goblets on a tray nearby. Dinner was ready in the oven to be served when Mistress saw fit and was suitably ready.

This girl met Mistress at the door in her usual manner dressed to please oiled up and in harness ( a leather strap piece with metal rings for suspension and bondage attached all over, but allowing no covering for pussy or nipples) and her uncomfortably high boots in order to maintain the correct level of submissiveness throughout the day, not that this girl will have any need now of reminding, not since that night, the night this girl was truly broken.

Mistress was led to Her hot bubble bath relaxingly deep and with oils to moisturise and caress Her into a relaxed state of bliss and harmonious feeling. Serving as Her handmaiden is one of this girl's favourite tasks and when She commanded it, this girl got to work cleaning Mistress's hair, caressing and soaping Her breasts, washing Her feet and preening and scrubbing and washing Her all over, including Her perfect pussy. In order to complete this thoroughly it was necessary (Mistress said) to remove my high boots and stand in the bath in just my harness so this girl could correctly complete all of these fully and to the expected high standard.

Then it was off to the bedroom as Mistress lounged for a while - to dry feet and replace boots of course but also in order to prepare the bedroom - but that would come later - now it was time to make ready Mistress's tea.

The evening passed uneventful really - the same as every night in Her service, the glorious honour of serving Her weighed heavily on my mind rendering this girl, as usual, at times almost speechless with love emotion and tender care for her Mistress.

Allowing this girl to follow Her upstairs after the evening's meal, wine and television this girl was feeling bewildered that it was not the usual basket in the kitchen where she would be spending the night. But experience had taught her never to be arrogant or cocky and this would prove true once again....

The bed was pushed against the centre of the far wall with fully mirrored wardrobes all along the sides. There was a television and entertainment system on a high cabinet in front of the bed for Mistress's usage and enjoyment at any time She was here.

Mistress ordered this girl to remove her boots once we were both in the bedroom. Immediate compliance, fully eager. Harness also removed. 'Not necessary tonight', She told this girl.

A full massage for Mistress with the oils previously placed was given gladly to Her Mistress, part of the daily evening routine to fully prepare Her for sleep or whatever adventures the night were to bring. After it was finished She said it was then time to find out what She had prepared for her.

This girl was to serve as Her bedside table all night in order to realise her true place as Her inanimate object for Her usage and enjoyment like any other piece of furniture in the house.

Kneeling on all fours on the floor by one side of the pillow head of the bed, naked, humbled, facing away from the bed so pussy (lubed as usual - another part of training and also in this girls slutty nature to feel wet) and ‘lubed correctly ready to serve 24 hours’ ass on head level with Mistress when She would be lain there. When this girl hopes She would lay there. The reflected image that stared back at this girl was submissive, positioned for Mistress's enjoyment, head not cockily raised or arrogant but respectful and in agreement with any request to be thrown her way in the past and also many years to come.

Mistress first applied the collar, which had not needed to be used in a while. The girl’s hair was then plaited through the leather band passing the nape of the neck so that the girls head was forced back uncomfortably, eyes raised to the ceiling and chin facing the mirrors where eyes had rested a moment before. Trembling she tentatively attempted to lower slightly and felt sore metal prods from the inside of the front of the collar that would leave lasting bruises and scratches if she was determined to let her head rest even slightly.

Immediately after this Mistress clamped something cold and metal to the sore throbbing hard clit - which made her squirt juices and earned a sharp hard slap on the flanks. 'That's one of the reasons you require constant training you filthy slut!' Mistress roared in sudden anger. This girl cowered as best she could and determined to remain silent throughout this increasingly strange new routine in order to gain back Mistress's favour.

The clamp was given a vicious heart stopping tug and attached to another chain this time with two clamps at the end, these were not ordinary clamps though. Oh no. These were specially designed to ensure continual pumping on the breast tissue and working them all night long. ’To aid your growth as My slut’ was all Mistress said.

Humiliated this girl mentally rolled and twisted in anguish at the thought of her pathetic tiny tits. Since Mistress took her into service in Her stable she constantly agonised that her male birth had not provided the desirous large breasts that Mistress deserved in Her slut. They would be worked and pumped bigger tonight though. The clit clamp tugging also would ensure that they were pumped up freely and eagerly. Her pussy and clit (fully functional in all ways except for procreation, probably a blessing) was the first surgery Mistress had determined when She had taken this girl into Her stable. Pussy and clit torture were now high on the list of Mistress’s favourite pastimes, to teach her a lesson for desiring them so much beforehand.

Mistress knows everything about this girl.

'Did you think you could keep your conceited nature from Me? You should have known I know you better than you know yourself silly girl - I can see the selfish slutty desires you have and your constant vanity. Now you will pay being so selfish and slutty My girl.'

Mentally this girl winced. Wrong decision to be so selfish and think only of herself while in Mistress‘s service. This girl should have known better. It was going to be a surprise alright, hers when she found out what the night ahead held for her.

A pulsing bullet was placed inside the wet pussy and left on a mind alteringly low constant buzz - designed to create insanity. A sharp quick thrust delivered a feeling inside her ass, that was unusual as it hadn’t been wanted by Mistress in a while, she expected it was to make this night of filling even more unpleasant for her. As the feeling grew it became apparent that it was an inflatable dildo with metal circular pads all over, controlled by remote access to an electro machine, as was the bullet in her pussy, she would soon find that out later.

A small weight was placed on her back and the click of a lighter could be heard. 'Relax my girl - just a light on my bedside table, nothing to worry about as long as you do not move'.

So, a candle then. To be lit all night and balanced upon the girl's back. Any movement would render hot wax all over her fleshy rump and filter down over and round both holes and more importantly stain Mistress's deep carpet.

The girl's arms were already becoming tired. Thigh muscles trained from years of service still flexed uneasily at the task of remaining upright all night. The clit pulsed on the clamp. As did the nipples. The electro buzz was already felt in both pussy (with the vibrations making it all the worse) and on the ever expanding dildo in her tight ass.

Mistress rose to turn out the main overhead lights. They were unnecessary now She had created Her little table and light stand. A tickle on the back of her thigh indicated that Mistress had picked up some sort of leather strap. A tug told her it was attached to the ass dildo and it was only leather where She held it, bound around the metal chain which was helping to provide the disconcerting electro sensations.

A snap and Mistress’s metal wrist cuff, one of the two thick metal gauntlet bands She always wore for unexpected training of Her slut, was now in possession of the lead of the ass dildo. All night. On what felt to be a very short range judging by the pull of the inflatable against her ass opening. But she was unable to move of course and could only sit and internally whimper.

'You may come in now Cathy.'

Unable to see from her kneeling position this girl knew the girl that Mistress now bade welcome to. The sissy au pair had been hired a few weeks previously and had had her eye on Mistress for some time. Looked like Mistress had some other training in mind for the night as well as Her table.

If you have written nothing in your profile and you do not keep an adequate journal, I won't want you
Im also thinking of setting an upper age limit
or maybe a lower age limit
I don't know. Suggestions?
Got a new dog.

It answers woof when its happy and whimpers and whines pathetically when its afraid or unhappy.

It wags its tail for Me enthusiastically and runs around in circles amusing me as it chases its own tail in excitement.

I know it desperately wants the leash and to be walked outside but first it must be fully housetrained.

Its a bit slow but makes up for this slightly with its enthusiasm, tongue forever out and drooling as it pants over me fawning and licking My boots at My heel all day and night.

Im rather cruel as when it upsets Me and sometimes even when it hasn't, I enjoy delivering sharp kicks to it, especially in the bitch's clit and up its arse sending it yelping sprawling to the other side of the room.

When Im training My slaves or I have guests or visitors I just ignore the pathetic animal. Either that or put it out to its kennel in the cold, its collar locked via an extremely short chain to the ground.

My dogs name is nolimitsboy.
New pictures are being added. Be patient! 

The filthy dirty fantasies you have, I give them to you

The things you fear you desire and need, I present them to you

The hidden vices and abandoned longings, I resurrect in you

That buried deep streak of raw submission I find it lurking deep within your heart and soul
I reach in and grab hold of your submission in a determined fist and rip out of you to lay claim to and own completely

Call Me evil, a bitch, sadistic

[no honestly, please do]

Im giving you what you want

you hate Me now? *laughs*

get down on your knees and give thanks, pray to Me

I am the Ultimate Goddess - I do answer prayers

I bring you your heaven and hell and make it one world - Mine

Cocks up all those who think I should place a whole load of new pics on here... I have some ready - but I think the lot of you are ungrateful scumbags who dont really deserve it... ah well maybe one day...

All supplications, begging and pleading, grinding of chastity cages.. readily viewed at My entrance.

possible prospects: wishcrave & mario87

interesting chats: jroland & naughtiboy

wailing at the door: pleaseruinme [tiny cock pathetic loser] and nolimitsboy [virgin child who can't spell]

random mysterious vanishing sub from years ago who recently sprung back to mind: wimp123 [the proposal was cute, dearest]
New Wedding Vows

for 'men' to promise to their Beloved Mistress on that special day:

Do you, lowly male slut, agree that its actually not about you at all but rather what this Superior Female wants and desires?

Do you, crawling worm, agree that you have no rights and only the limits that this Superior Female sets for you?

Do you, unworthy pig, agree that this Superior Female is able to dictate, should She wish it, as much of your life as She wants and desires?

Do you, newly collared slave, submit with all devotion and adoration to this Superior Female and pledge your chastity into Her trust... your heart into Her sharp red tipped talons?

I want a really really straight guy to suck cock for Me... and prove he has done so... for Me...

is this really too much to ask?
Once again My garden of slaves, subs and toys needed pruning... weeds grow between the beautiful fragrant blossoms of Mine so quickly!

Three more have been cut out mercilessly today and cast aside like the waste they are.

Mistress Cara's bronchage service strikes again....

Mistress Cara's Stable Rules

In the following, the terms 'slaves' and 'slave' refers to those slaves, submissives and mere toys in My possession

slaves will always address Me as Mistress, or My proper title, Mistress Cara.

slaves will never address Me as merely Miss, Ms, or Ma'am. I HATE these appellations, they sound stupid, distanced and uneducated. And possibly American and we all know how they have bastardised this great language of ours.

slaves will strive at all times to present their communications to Me with nothing less than the highest standard of English, in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Im allowed to make mistakes, Im the Mistress.

slaves default setting will be chaste/in chastity unless I inform or instruct you otherwise. This means NO touching other than for washing, dressing, toilet etc.

Should a slave desire or need something that Im able to grant, they will BEG for it

slaves communicating with Me shall be on their knees at all times while typing on IM [this means MSN and Yahoo, for you stupid ones], on hands and knees should I wish to view you on camera, and will strive to retain a worshipful attitude both during and while away from communication with Me at all other times.

I will be addressed using a capitalised M for Mistress/Mistress Cara, and a capitalised You for when slaves refer to Me in conversations.

Addressing Me merely as Cara is grounds for instant dismissal.

Punishments that slaves desire, are rewards. Punishments that are warranted as punishments may include removal of communication for a predetermined amount of time until I feel that you are worth communicating with. Although this time will be predetermined, slaves might not have the privilege of sharing this knowledge. Should the crime warrant a dismissal, the slave(s) will be made aware of this in no uncertain terms.

slaves will use their own initiative.Total reliance on Me to come up with enthralling ideas and titillation will be seen as viewing Me as entertainment, which is NOT submission and will NOT be tolerated.

Once I take a slave into My stable and possession, they will mark that they are owned on every kink profile online, stating who they are owned by. Communications with other creatures, dominant or submissive, is permitted. Its rude not to answer messages. However, slaves will make that person aware at the first opportunity that they are now owned property, again stating who owns them. slaves behaviour will also reflect this.

I expect regular journal entries on slaves collarme profiles to show their thoughts, feelings and events for the duration of My ownership of them. I enjoy reading and this will not only please and entertain Me, but is an important part of the bonding process and serves to bring both the slave and I a more fulfilling D/s or M/s relationship.

slaves will realise that at all times My Dominance and Ownership of you is completed and fulfilled through kindness, empathy, compassion and understanding. At times this will show with a cuddle or an affectionate pat to a slave in their basket/kennel. At other times this will show through the violent sadistic, cruel, evil and sick torture that slaves sometimes require and desire.

I may add to these rules at any time.

I was thinking recently about the nature of limits. Are those slaves who have very well defined yet intensely annoying strict limits those slaves who actually realise and recognise the true dominance of the female gender? Are they in this way actually paying the best copmpliment to the Female creature?

Are those young subbies who tantalisingly and confidently state 'no limits Mistress', 'Ill do ANYthing, Mistress' only saying that because they cockily believe that a mere woman cannot harm them? A 'girl' couldnt cause any serious and real anxiety and disruption in their life?

Does this announcement that they have no limits in fact stem from ignorance and the fact that they somewhere, either in their subconscious or actual awareness, feel that Women are somehow inferior not just in physical strength but in mental presence and intelligence?

That they won't actually have to fear being taken completely, abused, used, hurled against a wall afterwards for being pathetically useless and left fragmented and shattered into a million tiny little fake subby pieces?

Hmmmn, I wonder
To the many subs and others [you Doms know who you are! ;)] viewing My profile, I do not have time to hunt you all down personally, drag you out from under your respective man rocks and ask what it is you want... so if you would care to send a message I will talk to you... and Ill try not to bite TOO hard.

Mistress Cara Xxx
thank you denied... you are cherished, adored, abused.... denied :)

Im sorry.. I hurt my slave today and Im sorry.. I cant wait for this Xmas to be over, its an absolute nightmare, Im going through hell at the moment. I need a cuddle. I need to be told its all going to be ok. I need someone to take all this stress and responsibility off my shoulders. but no one can, or will. I need a break from things here, an escape. I need to relax and feel good about things again. I need to stop crying. Im tired, so very tired.
I just want to talk, is that ok? will it be enough? what will be enough? I dont know. Am I enough? too much? too little? not good enough? too good but too fake? questions, questions.
Need to stop, sit still. Be calm. Breathe.
Renegotiate, begin again, start afresh?
Talk to me, please...
Well done to cute little sissy slut sally on finally completing her profile, you deserve a special making and dressing up day in pink frills and white lace!

I own you. I break you. I remould you in the style I want you to be. You kneel between My leather clad calves and lean your head on My thigh, licking the hand that firmly clasps the end of the chain attached to your collar.

The same hand that at any time can provide harsh discipline, pain, humiliation, discomfort, extremes of torture mental and physical.

The same hand that you know can also give affectionate fondling rubs, stroking you, uncovering your soul and caressing you intimately, pulling you ever closer to Me and being one with My will, My desires, lusts, needs, wants, dreams.

You sit on your heels, kneeling for Me. There is a choice you must face every day. To obey and submit, or flee. You do have this choice, you always have this choice. You have this choice because I ALLOW you to have this choice. This choice exists because I allow you to remain in My presence and do not simply abandon you to the roiling storm of possibility you found yourself in until we connected, I do not neglect you in so far as keeping you on a short leash of control and discipline is concerned.

Every day when you choose to submit to Me and obey Me you provide your reason for being, you show your worth to Me, you submit and commit with every fibre of your being to Me. When you uncover your soul and show yourself, slut, I see that you are Mine and you have no reason to fear, for I will guide you through your torments and pleasures both... this is what you seek, what you need. You fear it, loathe it yet must have it at the same time. You crave it, crave the control, domination and abandonment to your Mistress. You crave Me.

I am here for you.

busy busy busy. Its nice to feel wanted... even if it does involve hands grabbing from all sides.
Make sure you show the respect I am due, as the hand that strokes your submissive wants and needs can soon turn to the hand crushing your balls then your windpipe.
I will ensure it is a good long session of fun, for Me, as I bathe myself in the melody of your pain.
I do love wearing red.. it suits Me, so if you do not wish it to be YOUR blood I choose as My evening attire accessory, watch your manners, cunt.

kisses as always
Mistress Cara x
Dark Seductress - Erica Ivory

She is beautiful..

Yet her touch is cold..

Her eyes flicker like fire..

Yet she consumes human souls..

Empty people walking towards her..

Open arms..

Craving her cold hard touch..

One more time..

Then they slowly stop living..

Begin to die..

No longer seeing the fire

of warmth in her devils eye.

They are only shells to her..

Crack the shell..

Take what is within..

Look for the next victim..

Her beauty always wins.
how would you please Me? Please let Me know, I dont truly believe you subs have anything to really offer.... from a disappointed Mistress in search of a real slave to Her needs whims and fantasies x

...but baiting Doms is just SO much fun!! LMAO

feels guilty over treating Sally so bad, the poor little kitten xx
no submissive can impress me. ever. I trust none of you. nobody is good enough, true enough, submissive enough. you are all failures, liars and disappointments.
Heart Of A Man
  Behind the eyes, heart of a man hides
Does it beat with evil intent?
Does it pulse grace unfurled?
Consumed is it, with lust?
Or tempered by love’s wondrous desire?
Wretched is he, behind sonorous eyes?
Or delicate soul, hidden in spitfire?
Heart of a man, hidden from sight
Evading revelation from all,
But for thine.

Ridge Cahill
A Word to Husbands by Ogden Nash
To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up.
Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It's the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can't touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them
They say they still can't see.
I say,
It's in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I'm a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It's in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.
What's a Man?

** A real man gets in your heart, not in your face.
** A real man takes time to listen.  He values communication and respects the needs of
** A real man sets priorities.
** A real man researches all his options, lists his choices and thinks before making a decision.
** A real man never makes decisions when his emotions are not under control.  He would
rather wait three days than risk overreacting.
** A real man uses logic, compromise, and negotiation to solve problems.
** A real man chooses his fights and knows the facts before he takes a stand.
** A real man uses motivation rather than intimidation.
** A real man doesn't offer excuses or blame others for his choices.
** A real man knows that not everything in life is a crisis.
** A real man doesn't need to raise his voice or upgrade his personality when company is
around.  He is consistent.
** A real man doesn't brag.  Time reveals what matters.
** A real man accepts the challenges of being vulnerable and intimate.  He knows the depth of
his maturity and the length of his attention span are the only real measurements that count.
** A real man values good manners.  Humility is a strength not a weakness.
** A real man is clean and guards his health.
** A real man uses humour to enrich rather than ridicule. He can smile.
** A real man uses his strengths and admits his weaknesses.  He can ask for help.
** A real man is honest.  He neither creates delusions nor false hopes.
** A  real man is loyal.  He values the trust people place in him.
I wish this poem were pixie dust
To throw into your eyes
And make you see the loveliness
Beneath my sad disguise.

And I would take you in my arms
And weave a magic spell
That I could utter anytime
To make you love me well.

But alas my simple words
Are like summer rain
That drums on hills and fields and hearts,
Then vanishes again.

And though my love might make you bloom,
You turn with fragile grace
To gaze in aching loneliness
At someone else's face.

We lust for what we cannot have,
A long, unbroken chain
Of lovers who remain unloved
And loved who love in vain.

While I'm near mad with wanting you
As trees must have the sun,
You cannot help but find a love
Who loves another one.

Handy Tips

If a small child is choking on an ice cube, don't panic. Simply pour a jug of boiling water down its throat and hey presto! The blockage is almost instantly removed.

Before attempting to remove stubborn stains from a garment, always circle the stain in permanent pen, so that when you remove the garment from the washing machine you can easily locate the area of the stain and check that it has gone.

Don't waste money buying expensive binoculars. Simply stand next to the object you wish to view.

Clumsy? Avoid cutting yourself while slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold them while you chop away.

Always poo at work. Not only will you save money on toilet paper, but you'll also be getting paid for it.

Weight watchers. Avoid that devilish temptation to nibble at a chocolate bar in the cupboard or fridge by not buying the fucking thing in the first place, you fat bastard.

Save on booze by drinking cold tea instead of whisky. The morning after, you can create the effects of a hangover by drinking a thimble full of washing up liquid and banging your head repeatedly on the wall.

Thicken up runny low-fat yoghurt by stirring in a spoonful of lard.

Anorexics. When your knees become fatter than your legs, start eating cakes again.

Olympic athletes. Disguise the fact that you've taken steroids by running a bit slower.

Smokers. Save on matches and lighters, by simply lighting your next fag from the butt of your last one.

Vegetarians coming to dinner? Simply serve them a nice bit of steak or veal. Since they're always going on about how tofu, Quorn, meat substitute etc 'tastes exactly like the real thing', they won't know the difference.

Give comics that 'Pulp Fiction' feel by reading the last frames of cartoons first, and then read the rest in random order.

High blood pressure sufferers. Simply cut yourself and bleed for a while, thus reducing the pressure in your veins.

Heavy smokers. Don't throw away those filters from the end of your cigarettes. Save them up and within a few years you'll have enough to insulate your roof.

Nissan Micra drivers. Attach a lighted sparkler to the roof of your car before starting a long journey. You drive the things like dodgems anyway, so it may as well look like one.

Windows: Layers of dirty film on windows and screens provide a helpful filter against harmful and aging rays from the sun. Call it an SPF factor of 15 and leave it alone.

Cobwebs: Artfully draped over lampshades reduce the glare from the bulb, thereby creating a romantic atmosphere. If someone points out that the light fixtures need dusting, simply look confused and exclaim "What? And spoil the mood?"
(Or just throw glitter on them & call them holiday decorations.)

Pet Hair: Explain the mound of pet hair brushed up against the doorways by claiming you are collecting it there to use for stuffing hand-sewn play animals for underprivileged children. (Also keeps out cold drafts in winter.)

Guests: If unexpected company is coming, pile everything unsightly into one room and close the door. As you show your guests through your tidy home, rattle the door knob vigorously, fake a growl and say, "I'd love you to see our den, but Fluffy hates to be disturbed and the shots are SO expensive."

Dusting: If dusting is REALLY out of control, simply place a showy urn on the coffee table and insist that "This is where Grandma wanted us to scatter her ashes."

General Cleaning: Mix one-quarter cup pine-scented household cleaner with four cups of water in a spray bottle. Mist the air lightly. Leave dampened rags in conspicuous locations. Develop an exhausted look, throw yourself on the couch and sigh, I clean and I clean and I still don't get anywhere." As a last resort, light the oven, throw a teaspoon of cinnamon in a pie pan, turn off oven and explain that you have been baking cookies for a bake sale for a favourite charity and haven't had time to clean... Works every time.

Another favourite. Always keep several get well cards on the mantle so if unexpected guests arrive, you can say you've been sick and unable to clean.

GCSEs are the Exams which English Students take at age 16. The Results of these exams can determine what the future holds for the students involved.

This is a compilation of actual GCSE exam answers. They are funny, hilarious, humorous, but worst of all, they're true!

1. Ancient Egypt was inhabited by mummies and they all wrote in hydraulics. They lived in the Sarah Dessert and travelled by Camelot. The climate of the Sarah is such that the inhabitants have to live elsewhere.

2. The Bible is full of interesting caricatures. In the first book of the bible, Guinessis, Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree. One of their children, Cain, asked "am I my brother's son?"

3. Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea, where they made unleavened bread which is bread made without any ingredients. Moses went up on Mount Cyanide to get the Ten Commandments. He died before he ever reached Canada.

4. Solomon had three hundred wives and seven hundred porcupines.

5. The Greeks were a highly sculptured people, and without them we wouldn't have history. The Greeks also had myths. A myth is a female moth
6. Actually, Homer was not written by Homer, but by another man of that name.
7. Socrates was a famous Greek teacher who went around giving people advice. They killed him. Socrates died from an overdose of wedlock. After his death, his career suffered a dramatic decline.

8. In the Olympic games, Greeks ran races, jumped, hurled the biscuits, and threw the java.

9. Eventually, the Romans conquered the Greeks. History calls people Romans because they never stayed in one place for very long.

10. Julius Caesar extinguished himself on the battlefields of Gaul. The Ides of March murdered him because they thought he was going to be made king. Dying, he gasped out: "Tee hee, Brutus."

11. Nero was a cruel tyranny who would torture his subjects by playing the fiddle to them.
12. Joan of Arc was burn to a steak and was canonised by Bernard Shaw. Finally, Magna Carta provided that no man should be hanged twice for the same offence.

13. In midevil times most people were alliterate. The greatest writer of the futile ages was Chaucer, who wrote many poems and verses and also wrote literature.

14. Another story was William Tell, who shot an arrow through an apple while standing on his son's head.

15. It was an age of great inventions and discoveries. Gutenberg invented removable type and the Bible. Another important invention was the circulation of the blood. Sir Walter Raleigh is a historical figure because he invented cigarettes and started smoking

16. During the Renaissance, history began. Christopher Columbus was a great navigator who discovered America whilst cursing about the Atlantic. His ships were called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Fe.

17. Later, the pilgrims crossed the ocean, and this was called Pilgrim's Progress. The winter of 1620 was a hard one for the settlers. Many people died and many babies were born. Captain John Smith was responsible for all this.

18. One of the causes of the Revolutionary War was the English put tacks in their tea. Also, the colonists would send their parcels through the post without stamps. Finally, the colonists won the war and no longer had to pay for taxis. Delegates from the original 13 states formed the Contented Congress. Franklin discovered electricity by rubbing two cats backwards and declared "A horse divided against itself cannot stand." Franklin died in 1790 and is still dead.

19. Soon the Constitution of the United States was adopted to secure domestic hostility. Under the constitution the people enjoyed the right to keep bare arms.

20. Abraham Lincoln became America's greatest precedent. Lincoln's mother died in infancy, and he was born in a log cabin, which he built with his own hands. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves by signing the Emasculation Proclamation. On the night of April 14, 1865, Lincoln went to the theatre and got shot in his seat by one of the actors in a moving picture show. The believed assassinator was John Wilkes Booth, a supposedly insane actor. This ruined Booth's career.

21. Meanwhile, in Europe, the enlightenment was a reasonable time. Voltaire invented electricity, and also wrote a book called Candy.

22. Gravity was invented by Isaac Walton. It is chiefly noticeable in the autumn when the apples are falling off the trees.

23. Beethoven wrote music even though he was deaf. He was so deaf he wrote loud music. He took long walks in the forest even when everyone was calling for him. Beethoven expired in 1827 and later died of this.

24. The sun never set on the British Empire because the British Empire is in the East and the sun sets in the West.

25. Queen Victoria was a the longest queen. She sat on a thorn for 63 years. She was a moral woman who practised virtue. Her death was the final event which ended her reign.

26. Louis Pasteur discovered a cure for rabbis. Madman Curie discovered radio. And Karl Marx became one of the Marx Brothers.
answers children give to questions:
Q: Name the four seasons.
A: Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar.

Q: Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink.
A: Flirtation makes water safe to drink because it removes large pollutants like grit, sand, dead sheep and canoeists.

Q: How is dew formed?
A: The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire.

Q: How can you delay milk turning sour?
A: Keep it in the cow.

Q: What causes the tides in the oceans?
A: The tides are a fight between the Earth and the Moon. All water tends to flow towards the moon, be cause there is no water on the moon, and nature hates a vacuum. I forget where the sun joins in this fight.

Q: What are steroids?
A: Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs.

Q: What happens to your body as you age?
A: When you get old, so do your bowels and you get intercontinental.

Q: What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty?
A: He says good-bye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery.

Q: Name a major disease associated with cigarettes
A: Death.

Q: How are the main parts of the body categorized? (e.g, abdomen.)
A: The body is consisted into three parts - the brainium, the borax and the
abdominal cavity. The brainium contains the brain; the borax contains the
heart and lungs, and the abdominal cavity contains the five bowels,
A, E, I, O, and U.

Q: What is the fibula?
A: A small lie.

Q: What does “varicose” mean?
A: Nearby.

Q: Give the meaning of the term “Caesarean Section”
A: The Caesarean Section is a district in Rome.

Q: What does the word “benign” mean?’
A: Benign is what you will be after you be eight.

[no copying without permission from author]

Fragile slave

A glass figurine

Trasparent fragility, aged and brittle

Tossed from wave to cursed wave

Choking on the white spray cast by the ocean of life

Thrown full force on to the jagged cruel rocks

A thousand splinters rush through the heart

Dinsintegrating the smooth veneer, laying bare

Piercing sharpness, contact is pain

My hands seek to rescue you from the snarling waters

I drink and feed upon the bitter blood cut and drawn

To know of existence, of desire

you are fading away, time is erosion

Shrinking away to anonymity, insignificance

Farewell to the air, the wind and the sea

Close your eyes, sink exhausted to a long awaited rest

Join your many brethren of sand upon My soft sea bed.



The feel of the cut

Sharp tugs of skin as I slice it through

Then a slow trickle of the juiciest red

A small network of rivers begin to join

and drip onto the freshly laundered bedsheet

In the cold unfriendly room

Below on the street the pass unknowing of my pain

Mocking laughter sent to drift up and through the closed window

So many different empty lives

Each and everyone lacking sense and meaning-

They say I am unstable.

The world turns and the sun still shines

(though to me a distant memory)

Maybe on day I will happen upon this thing



I wipe the red and it blotches to create a pretty smear.

Now the day is complete and I am once again at peace.

except Mine :)
Im almost certain no male sub on here can impress Me
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let's hope you turn out to be loyal obedient amusing entertaining intelligent and submissive and stick around and who knows one day we may all faint in shock that a male who calls himself sub actually IS.

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subs on here are a WASTE of time

1.      "Fine"
This is the word Women use at the end of any argument when they feel they are right but can't stand to hear you argue any longer. It means that you should shut up. (NEVER use "Fine" to describe how she looks. This will cause you to have one of those arguments.)

2.  "Five minutes"
This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so Women feel that it's an even trade.

3.      "Nothing"
"Nothing" means something and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a Woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with the word "Fine."

4.      "Go Ahead" (with raised eyebrows)
This is NOT permission; it's a dare! If you mistake it for permission, the result will be the Woman will get upset over "Nothing" and you'll have a "Five-minute" discussion that will end with the word "Fine."

5.      "Go Ahead" (normal eyebrows)
This is NOT permission, either. It means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care." You will get a raised eyebrow "Go Ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by "Nothing" and "Fine" and she will talk to you in about "Five Minutes" when she cools off.

6.      "Loud Sigh"
This is not actually a word, but is still often a verbal statement.
Very frequently misunderstood by males. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are a complete idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing."

7.      "Soft Sigh"
Again, not a word, but a verbal statement. "Soft Sighs" are one of the few things that some men actually understand. It means she is momentarily content. Your best bet is to not move or breathe in the hope that the moment will last a bit longer.

8.      "Oh"
This word-followed by any statement-is trouble. Example; "Oh, let me get that". Or, "Oh, I talked to him about what you were doing last night." If she says "Oh" before a statement, run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. She will tell you that she is "Fine" when she is done tossing your clothes out the window, but do not expect her to talk to you for at least two days.

9.      "That's Okay"
This is one of the most dangerous statements that a Woman can say to a male. "That's okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding what the penalty will be for whatever you have done. "That's Okay" is often used with the word "Fine" and in conjunction with a raised eyebrow "Go Ahead." Once she has had time to plan it out, you are in for some mighty big trouble.

  10.     "Please Do"
This is not a statement, it is an offer. The Woman is giving you the chance to come up with an excuse for what you have done. In other words, a chance to get yourself into even more trouble. If you handle this correctly, you shouldn't get a "That's Okay."

11.     "Thanks"
The woman is thanking you. Don't faint and don't look for hidden meaning. Just say "you're welcome."
12.     "Thanks A Lot"
"Thanks A Lot" is dramatically different from "Thanks." A Woman will say "Thanks A Lot" when she is really ticked off at you. It is usually followed by the "Loud Sigh." This signifies that you have hurt her in some callous way. Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the "Loud Sigh," as she will only tell you "Nothing."

Now we have that sorted there should be fewer problems communicating...


My most recent slave alita the c*nt has been released and therefore there is a place for a slave who knows how to please me. make sure you bear this is mind in your messages. I have more than enough attention to warrant extensive use of the delete/block buttons... and being sadistic by nature it will take a special slave indeed to avoid them.
IF you want to add me to your 'public circle of friends' on here, then make sure I am your friend first... otherwise its just a case of the usual jerk off retards trying to collect pretty pictures. Any friend requests from people I do not recognise will be summarily dismissed and refused instantly.
Same goes for chat requests. I do NOT LIVE CHAT ON HERE. firstly it doesnt work. secondly I choose who I want to speak to on an instant messenger after a certain process and then move them to where I, yes thats ME, where I, want them to be.
looking for a true slave. Is that too much to ask>??>
from a story written for me by a slave.


What the hell was going on?! I had answered an ad from a website that i had gotten involved in.Mainly out of curiousity. Now i have bitten off more than i can chew. Lured by a picture of an attractive, sweet looking girl with a wicked sense of fun and clearly up for exploring things. I decided to say hi. Make friends and see what happened. Before i knew it i was being seduced into a game that i could not stop because i was both excited and curious about this interesting girl i had gotten to know.

Having had limited experiences with my long term ex partner i now craved to explore my submissive side like i never had before. Cara shared the same desire and wanted to probe the minds of submissive men to see how far she could take them. Cara was interested in the Mordsith, something which i had never heard of until now. I was intrigued by her profile and what she had written about the Mordsith. It was clear Cara had some interesting thoughts and a wicked imagination. Having surpressed my feelings i now had an outlet and someone to listen to me.

Cara wanted to play a game to see how far under her spell she could  get me. She knew that i had submissive feelings and she could tell i would be an ideal candidate to play with. I had told Cara that i was interested in Erotic hypnosis having dabled with my ex and knowing i was i was open and susceptable to this kind of play. Cara liked playing mind games with her prospecctive submissives. She decided to implant triggers into my mind through playing with me. Talking to me and emailing me. Making me weak and submissive and open to her desires. Cara's ultimate aim was to make me submit and to playout her Mordsith fantasy. Just like she had written about in her profile.

She had ideas about what she wanted to do once she had me where she wanted me. She knew that she was capable of winning the game because she weilded all the power and control.  

After a few months of getting to know each other Cara had worked her magic and had made me submissive to her triggers and key words. She knew i had a big thing for girls in sexy boots and she used this to her advantage knowing it would make me submissive, weak and complient.

Cara decided it was time for me to submit. She wanted to take her game to the next stage and see what we were both made of.

I met her in a hotel room. We had decided to meet as friends and have a coffee and chat about life. When i got to the room Cara was inside. She had told me over my mobile to knock twice. She opened the door and walked back into the room. I stared in awe at a stunningly attractive girl dressed in high heeled boots and a long dress and gloves. " come in Jay, close the door". Cara stared at me with her big pircing eyes. Grabbing my attention immediaely. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs. Her long heels dangling as she seductively moved her foot. Her soft voice saying " are you going to by a good boy for Cara Jason", come kneel on the floor in front of me. I want to play with your mind. I'm going to use you and turn you into a slave just like the Mordsith.

Cara began to run her gloved hand gently around my cheeks and around my neck. Occassionally grabbing my throat and thightening her grip and laughing at me as i choked. She put her hand on my chest and could feel the intense pumpning of my heart. She knew i was in awe and under her spell. Excited but scared. We both knew what she was capable of and that anything could happen next.

Cara made me turn so i was sitting on the floor facing away from her. She stated to talk softly to me as she gently massaged my temples. "relax Jason, feel my power as i begin to draw all the energy from your body, feeling weak as Cara becomes stronger. Can you feel it Jason?". I could feel myself falling into subspace. Then without warning Cara grabbed me and. I felt her soft gloved hand shove a cloth over over my nose. It was soaked in chloroform. I never went completely under; just far enough that i couldn't fight what was happening to me.

I then realised that i had met someone differant. Prepared to take risks to get what she wanted. Pleasure from controling and probing her submissive friend. I was scared, i could hera and feel everything. But i was to weak and turned on to do anything about it.

At this point i knew it had only just begun and Cara was about to take things a lot further in this hotel room.

Justin motioned toward the bed and Jordan moved, sitting upon the edge of it as Justin stripped out of his clothing. Jordan’s body began to shake; small trembling shivers that raced across his skin. He did not want to do this. Justin must have seen the hesitation but he said nothing. Instead, he walked over to join Jordan on the bed. “Lay down.”

Jordan eased himself down, his eyes closing against the glare of the light. With quick hands, Justin tied a black blindfold over his eyes. Jordan was torn. It seemed right, as if this was something he should be doing. Did that mean he no longer loved or needed Larissa? He shook his head slightly to dislodge that thought and then gasped when he felt the first electric contact of Justin’s mouth on his chest. Justin’s mouth was warm and soft, the slight abrasion of a five o’clock shadow creating friction on Jordan’s skin. Jordan struggled to maintain his silence, but it was difficult… so difficult. He concentrated on each new sensation. The stroke of strong hands cupping his dick, teeth biting his nipples and nibbling down his belly. It was all a bit much.

The bed moved. A few moments later, Jordan felt Justin by the head of the bed. “Open your mouth, Jordan. I am going to teach you how to suck a dick.” Red lights exploded in Jordan’s brain. He did not want to suck a dick. That was for fags. Jordan turned his head away, but Justin reached down and yanked his head back to the side before slapping him, once, across the face. “Open up.” With a whimper, Jordan did as instructed. That first taste of velvet cock head made him gag. Justin buried one hand in his hair and withdrew from Jordan’s mouth.

“If you vomit on me, I will make you lick it off of me. Try it again.” Inch by inch, Justin invaded Jordan’s virginal mouth, fucking his face with slow even strokes. Jordan wanted to believe that he felt nothing but contempt and disgust. There was no use in denial, as he could not lie to himself. His own cock was hardening in response to what he was doing to Justin. There was a moment of emptiness as Justin pulled away from Jordan and climbed up onto the bed. Then, he sucked the head of Jordan’s cock into his mouth. Jordan arched up, his hips a piston of heat. It felt as if he were on fire! Jordan could not contain the moans or gasps. It felt too good.

With a tug, Justin rolled him over and moved them both into the sixty-nine. Jordan latched on and began sucking like mad, as Justin brought him to the edge of orgasm, repeatedly. There was no more room for thought, no more time to doubt. Jordan just went with it. A few minutes later, he came. Justin followed not long after, thrusting his cock into Jordan’s face and filling his mouth with sperm. Off came the blindfold. “I want you to fuck my ass, Jordan.”

Jordan’s brain screeched to halt. ‘Fuck Justin? In the ass?’ He looked over at Larissa, but she said nothing. It was to be his decision. He thought it over for a few moments and then he spoke. “What should I do?”

Justin explained. Jordan stood and went for his own tub of lube and his stash of condoms. Then he positioned Justin on all fours, before dipping a hand into the lubricant. The process was painstakingly slow, as Jordan had never attempted this before, but Justin was patient. Soon, there was more than enough wetness for easy access. The soft rip of condom paper broke the bated silence of the room and then Jordan placed his dick at the anal entrance. One short thrust and Jordan had to stop. It was too tight, too hot, too much. Justin slid backwards, pulling Jordan deeper into his hot ass.

“Now, fuck me.” That softly spoken command goaded Jordan into action. With one hand, he gripped Justin’s hip while his other reached around to stroke Justin’s dick. It took a few minutes’ to get the right rhythm, but once he had it, Jordan fucked Justin with all of his might, pounding away at the tight ass before him. Their combined moans and gasps seemed to edge it along until Jordan felt as if he could go no more. One thrust and a slow deep grind took him over the edge. Justin whimpered beneath his hand as he shot his load all over the bed. The boys collapsed, Jordan’s dick still snug inside of Justin’s ass.

There was no noise for at least fifteen minutes and then Jordan got up and moved away, scooting over to the other side of the bed. Tears ran unchecked down his face as he looked for, and found, Larissa’s gaze. “Have I pleased you, Mistress?”

It was all too easy. There he was, perched on the horse, in obvious pain, with his hands tightly cuffed behind his back, his legs straddling the hard, sharp edges of the beam, his penis bolted to the beam. His feet were pulled up behind him, and his body weight was impaling him onto the very large vibrator that violated his tender, tight ass. His sensitive nipples were tightly and savagely clamped, and his breathing was heavy and labored as he tried to adjust to his punishment, to find some way to bear the pain and pressure in his rectum, and make the cutting edges of the horse somehow less awful. It was perfect, from where I stood.

His mouth was gagged and taped. Although not apparent, I relished in the fact that I had stuffed two large turds in his mouth before taping it tightly shut, my special gift to him. Three pieces of duct tape made the perfect gag, just like he showed me. One horizontal piece was applied across his lips, and then the second piece was applied at a slight angle from horizontal, and the third piece was applied at just the opposite angle. Although I could not see the tape, I knew that his mouth was securely fixed. The leather hood was laced and zipped in place from behind. The front flaps were open now over his eyes, nose and mouth hole, but soon would be zipped shut for the duration. The eye holes in the leather frontpiece revealed his widely open eyes. I could hear him struggle to breathe normally beneath the leather hood. He was swallowing the saliva, stimulated by the contents of his mouth, and I remembered how he had described the awful taste once before, and the sensation to gag or vomit that had to be controlled, as my precious gift to him slowly dissolved.

I felt the tingling between my legs, and the sense of satisfaction at bringing him right to the limits of his ability to cope. His limits had been stretched so far by now, and he was truly my total slave, a pain and humiliation slut, a cuckold, and a sissy. I gently drew my fingers down to my delicate labia, and began to massage my growing clitoris. I was hot, and I watched his eyes follow my fingers to my moist, swollen pussy. I saw his penis begin to grow and swell inside its steel embrace, and I knew just how much it hurt as he became more and more aroused.

I did this to him. I brought him to this abyss. He was mine for all time. I could do with him whatever I wanted. I smiled as he writhed in agony. I put my wet fingers to the nasal openings in the hood. He drew in my pungent scent desperately. It was the scent of pure sexual ecstasy. His penis throbbed, and the pain was surely unbearable. He was overwhelmed, and the torment and pleasure took over. I could feel him quiver despite his rigid bonds.

"Goodnight, Baby," I whispered softly. "Sleep tight." I zipped up the front of the hood deftly, leaving him in total darkness, to concentrate on his pain and pleasure.

The Perfect Man

The perfect man is gentle
never cruel or mean
he has a beautiful smile
and he keeps his face so clean

The perfect man loves children
and will raise them by your side
he will be a good father
and good husband to his bride

The perfect man loves cooking
cleaning and vaccuuming too
he'lldo anything to convey
his feelings of love to you

The perfect man is sweet
writing poetry from your name
he's a best friend to your mother
and kisses away your pain

He has never made you cry
or hurt you in any way......

I love the way it rubs against the soft, pink flesh & creates a creamy foamy liquid as it thrusts in and out, up and down.
I can't wait for the next time.
God I love my toothbrush.
For the stupid subs on here:

I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!

I don't think you are a fool. But then what's MY opinion against thousands of others?

I hear the only place you're ever invited is outside.

I hear you were born on a farm. Any more in the litter?

I heard you got a brain transplant and the brain rejected you!

I heard you went to have your head examined but the doctors found nothing there.

I know you are nobody's fool but maybe someone will adopt you.

I thought of you all day today. I was at the zoo.

I would ask you how old you are but I know you can't count that high.

I'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in?

I'd like to leave you with one thought...but I'm not sure you have anywhere to put it!

I'd love to go out with you, but my favorite commercial is on TV.

I'll never forget the first time we met - although I'll keep trying.

I'm busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?

I've seen people like you before, but I had to pay admission!

If I ever need a brain transplant, I'd choose yours because I'd want a brain that had never been used.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive.

If we were to kill everybody who hates you, it wouldn't be murder; it would be genocide!

If what you don't know can't hurt you, she's invulnerable.

If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean.

If your brain was chocolate it wouldn't fill an M&M.

Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent.

Learn from your parents' mistakes - use birth control!

Pardon me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.

So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey.

Some day you will find yourself - and wish you hadn't.

There is no vaccine against stupidity.
Domme: doctor doctor my slave has swallowed a pen, what should i do!?!

Doctor: use a pencil til I get there..
Tampax have anounced today that they will be replacing the cord on their tampons with a piece of tinsel, this will be for the Chrismas period only
hear about the new Divorce Barbie?

comes with all ken's stuff....



  1. The Female always makes THE RULES.

  2. THE RULES are subject to change without notice.

  3. No Male can possible know all THE RULES.

  4. If the Female suspects the Male knows all THE RULES, she must immediately change some of THE RULES.

  5. The Female is never wrong.

  6. If it appears the Female is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the Male did or said wrong.

  7. If Rule #6 applies, the Male must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.

  8. The Female can change her mind at any time.

  9. The Male must never change his mind without the express written consent of The Female.

  10. The Female has every right to be angry or upset at any time.

  11. The Male must remain calm at all times, unless the Female wants him to be angry or upset.

  12. The Female must, under no circumstances, let the Male know whether she wants him to be angry or upset.

  13. The Male is expected to read the mind of the Female at all times.

  14. At all times, what is important is what the Female meant, not what she said.

  15. If the Male doesn't abide by THE RULES, it is because he can't take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp.

  16. If the Female has PMS, all THE RULES are null and void and the Male must cater to her every whim.

  17. Any attempt to document THE RULES could result in bodily harm.

  18. If the Male, at any time, believes he is right, he must refer to Rule #5.

amusing :

Q. How are husbands like lawn mowers?
A. They're hard to get started, they emit noxious odours, and half the time they don't work.

Q. How can you tell when a man is well hung?
A. When you can just barely slip your finger in between his neck and the noose.

Q. How do men define a "50/50" relationship?
A. We cook-they eat; we clean-they dirty; we iron-they wrinkle.

Q. How do men exercise on the beach?
A. By sucking in their stomachs every time they see a bikini.

Q. How do you get a man to stop biting his nails?
A. Make him wear shoes.

Q. How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail?
A. Rename the mail folder "Instruction Manuals."

Q. How does a man show he's planning for the future?
A. He buys two cases of beer instead of one.

Q. How is Colonel Sanders like the typical male?
A. All he's concerned with is legs, breasts and thighs.

Q. What do most men consider a gourmet restaurant?
A. Any place without a drive-up window.

Q. What do you call a handcuffed man?
A. Trustworthy.

Q. What do you call the useless piece of skin on the end of a man's penis?
A. His body.

Q. What makes a man think about a candlelight dinner?
A. A power failure.

Q. What should you give a man who has everything?
A. A woman to show him how to work it.

Q. What do men and mascara have in common?
A. They both run at the first sign of emotion.

Q. What do men and pantyhose have in common?
A. They either cling, run, or don't fit right in the crotch!

Q. What do you instantly know about a well-dressed man?
A. His wife is good at picking out clothes.

Q. What's a man's definition of a romantic evening?
A. Sex.

Q. What's a man's idea of honestly in a relationship?
A. Telling you his real name.

Q. What's the best way to force a man to do sit ups?
A. Put the remote control between his toes.

Q. What's the difference between Big Foot and intelligent man?
A. Big Foot's been spotted a several times.

Q. What's the smartest thing a man can say?
A. "My wife says..."

Q. Why can't men get mad cow disease?
A. Because they're all pigs.

Q. Why do men like smart women?
A. Opposites attract.

Q. Why do men name their penises?
A. Because they don't like the idea of having a stranger make 90% of their decisions.

Q. Why do men need instant replay on TV sports?
A. Because after 30 seconds they forget what happened.

Q. Why do men whistle when they're sitting on the toilet?
A. Because it helps them remember which end they need to wipe.

Q. Why do only 10% of men make it to heaven?
A. Because if they all went, it would be Hell.

Q. What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night?
A. A widow.

Q. When do you care for a man's company?
A. When he owns it.

Q. What do men and sperm have in common?
A. They both have one in a million chance of becoming a human being.

OMG I think I love Pink lol

 Check it on You Tube U & Ur Hand

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Check it out
Going out
On the late night
Looking tight
Feeling nice
It's a **** fight
I can tell
I just know
That it's going down
At the door we don't wait cause we know them
At the bar six shots just beginning
That's when dick head put his hands on me
But you see

I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh

I'm drunk
I don't give a ***k
Wanna dance
By myself
Guess you're outta luck
Don't touch
Back up
I'm not the one
Buh bye
Listen up it's just not happening
You can say what you want to your boyfriends
Just let me have my fun tonight

I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Break break
Break it down

In the corner with your boys you bet 'em five bucks
You'd get the girl that just walked in but she thinks you suck
We didn't get all dressed up just for you to see
So quit spilling your drinks on me yeah

You know who you are
High fivin, talking ****, but you're going home alone arentcha?

Cause I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight
It's just you and your hand

I'm not here for your entertainment
No no no
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
Just take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight
Yeah oh