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Pan Male Submissive, 39,  Bolton, United Kingdom
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My Diary: N.B. Group Fun Only.(North West Unless Stated, weekdays far easier than weekends to arrange, they are rare!)

w/c 7th April: 9th & 10th April, London

I will update as things progress....

I also have a profile on other sites as profile uktvmaid.

Thank you for looking at my profile, I appreciate it and hope you like what you read and see.

I am urgently seeking Mature Dom People, Groups or Couples to have me serve them sexually,
and anyone else they wish me to. I am based in the North West and Travel the UK extensively with work, and stay over, which gives me ample opportunity for fun and exploration. I can't accommodate, unless we do a hotel/motel/club, which I do often enough, especially for Group fun, but I can and will travel, and yes, I go dogging, hotels, yours, clubs, adult cinema's, sauna's, glory holes etc. etc. Yes, I meet the fairer sex and couples, of whatever flavour and age. I am most definitely not racist sexist or ageist, life is too short. I assure absolute discretion, if required. I'm sexually VERY Submissive, Slim, Dark Attractive. Effectively a Horny Slut who seeks mature guys, Couples, Dom's, FB's, Groups or exceptional's for good fun, I love Glory Holes, Clubs, Saunas, Cottaging, Dogging, Car, Outdoor, Hotel, Adult Cinema, Role Play, yours or other reasonable offers I haven't listed. Stats: 5 ft 9, 12 stone, 32w, 40c, and my "Clit" He's 7", Medium thickness and I am smooth in all the right places, the rest I get around with my pvc / rubber / costumes... Apparently I "Scrub up nicely" and dress to impress, have a considerable wardrobe that includes plenty of PVC, Latex and Rubber, including Uniforms. I have a good job, a brain, I'm slim, attractive, in good condition, have a vgsoh, I'm dark complexion, brown hair and I'm regularly told that I am a "VERY Nice, genuine, good looking / horny, RELIABLE and fun", Although I am adventurous, willing to experiment / learn, rigidly flexible and have a good, ultra clean body, which I like to work out thoroughly, in the pool, on my road racing bike and of course, Sexually... Week days, and weekday evenings, are easier for meets. Weekends take a bit of organising but are possible, and do happen. I would be willing for Master to lend me to other Masters / Mistresses / Groups for fun, or strangers if Master requires it of me, I'm especially interested in being accompanies / owned at Club meets. I have been as honest as possible with my fetish list entries, and I would be very pleased to explore some of these with you and your friends. Kind Regards, x Dee











Last Online:


 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 10"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Switch Men

Domme/Dom Couples

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Femdom Couples

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A Poly Household


 Anal Play



 Crossdressing (Expert)


 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Serving as a Butler

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pantyhose Fetish (Expert)

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish




 Vibrators (Expert)



 Begging (Beginner)

 Body Worship (Beginner)


 Breast Play





 Masks (Wearing)


 Curious About:


 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Masks (On Partner)


 Obedience Training





 Vacuum Stimulation


 Canes and Crops

 Speech Restrictions



 Hard Limits:




 Electrical Play

 Genital Punishment

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play

 Gas Masks

 Housework Service


 Knife Play

 Needle Play



 Wax play



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Journal Entries:
3/2/2014 7:20:25 AM


Attending a TV club in London this Wednesday, Called "Sweet Wednesday"


I'm meeting several Mature guys there, one inparticular has permission to collar and chain me and have me used.


It is by far the horniest and seediest club I have ever been to!



3/2/2014 7:18:45 AM

Well, been a really busy last few weeks, I was loaned out to another master in Liverpool 2 weeks ago, if you have a or tv chix account, if you check under my username, uktvmaid, you will see all the pictures of the gang bang with 4 Mature Dom Guys who really put me through my paces, it was a truly great time and I loved every minute of it.


I was told I had to on the M6 and M62 to the destination, dressed and plugged, ring the owner of the house (Who had been vouched for by several friends) when I was outside I texted him, he replied back, confirming the house number, he told me to move my car slightly further up the road, under a street lamp, so they could watch me walk to the house, scary but exhilerating!



10/26/2013 3:16:17 AM

Northampton / Milton Keynes Area This Tuesday Night, 29th for fun, my hotel, your's club, dogging, cottage etc.


Hertforshire on the 30th for the same.



4/3/2013 9:05:50 AM

These are true tales of my escapades, I hope you enjoy them:


This happened near Lancaster which is in a lay by and behind some trees and a car park, and, shockingly, it's all true!

I'd arranged to meet a known reliable mature dominant guy called Steve at the site, before I left the North East hotel I was at previously (And had made special arrangements to stay late checkout) I'd cleaned (Internally & externally) and shaved.

I got their early and completed my change in the disabled toilets, I put some normal (Drab) clothes over the top of my black satin blouse, black corset with my fake boobs in, a purple and black PVC slut boddice number with suspender straps and a studded collar, my latex maid gloves and corset


I also had on my black seamed fishnet stockings, a very short hugged skit and (In my rucksack) my 6" high heeled black PVC high ankle boots.

I then texted my master as I awaited dusk, which is when most action occurs, and, as the weather was rubbish, it wasn't long before it came!

I then got a text to tell me to take myself into the main men's toilets and await a knock of a certain pattern and then my "Masters" instructions from there on.
So I went into the toilets, there were 2 people at the urinals, neither was having a pee for sure!
I went into the end cubicle, took my "Drab" clothes off and put them in my rucksack, out of the rucksack I had got my water, lube (Which I applied), condoms, mouthwash, handy wipes etc. sorted on the window sill in the cubicle (You have to be organised you know!) and waited for that knock...

At this site you can hear the traffic and see their lights as they breeze by, you can't see the toilets from the road and you can hear people coming, the glory holes in the doors are unfortunately blocked by steel though (More's the pity, I loved them)

Anyway, footsteps were heard, as were some greetings and then some whispering, the knock on the door actually took me completely by surprise, and  it took me a few seconds to compose myself, I'd wager only TV's and real females will really know what stimulation, trepidation and worry you actually feel when opening a toilet door in this scenario!

I could feel every heartbeat as I slid the bolt across and opened the door, my master was stod their (Thankfully!) however, so were 6 others!


Only 1 other did I recognise. Now my master knows I have a thing for mature guys, sizes and being sexually sub, he did not let me down, they were all mature apart from one guy, a lorry driver (Also got a thing for, don't ask why) who was a monster of a man, height and width!

There were several comments by the group, and several others, combinations of swear words and the word's horny amd slut!

I was snapped out of this moment by my masters voice and hand as he dragged me out of the cubicle and said, "Good slut,  Take the skirt off though", so I did, "That will just get in the way"


I placed my skirt in my rucksack in the cubicle and walked back out, my master motioned me further away from the cubicle and told me to bend down and suck my cock, so I did, I then received several compliments and several hands in several places.

My master was complimentary about my sucking skills and then told me so stop and stand up, so I did, he asked that I turn round slowly, I did, he asked the others if they wanted "A go" which they all confirmed they did

I was then told to suck the oldest guy their, he had a bit of a beast of a cock and I lapped him up, my master was behind me encouraging me and the old guy, from the noises and compliments, wasn't going to last long.

He didn't, but he came loads, withdrew, but didn't leave, he was replaced by the lorry driver, his cock was slightly out of kilter with his immense size, but it was sizeable and girth was considerable, he just smirked, so you know he's not going to be quick...

Master had encouraged one of the other guys to come behind me and I heard the familiar fumbling and rip of a condom packet, more lube was applied, I don't know by who, I presume master, and then the exhilarating feel of a cock at your entrance, whoever he was, he was masterfully gentle (At first) and very good!

He rode me slowly as first to many many compliments and swear words, even the lorry drivers grin disappeared! He was struggling to contain himself, I saw this and re doubled my sucking efforts taking him all the way down and sucking very hard.


This appeared to do the trick as he grabbed my face with his hands and literally started face fucking me, my master was egging them both on with instructions about fucking me harder and swallow his cum you slut, I was in my element!

I think the lorry driver came first, it was a close run thing but I he gave me too much to take and it ran out of my mouth, my lover at my rear came very vocally, leaned over, kissed my cheek and said "We need to meet again next week!"

My master then confused me by telling me to get back into the cubicle, sort myself out and await a text.

So in I went, there were some moans and some more whispering and then some acknowledgements, silence and some footsteps...

After what seemed an age, more footsteps and then a txt appeared on my phone, it read:
"You will pack up your stuff, staying dressed as you are, you will come out, hand your rucksack to me and then we will walk outside, as you are."

Bloody hell! I thought!!

Then another one arrived (As I was still taking the other one in!) "When we have had a walk, I want people to have you on your own in the disabled loo's, you will be safe, I will stay and look after you, master"

So, being the good little sub, I packed my stuff up, slid the bolt open, only too find about 10 people their! Jesus my heart was going! Again I was snapped out of it by my masters instruction and him taking my rucksack from me, there were lots of enthusiastic noises and comments, and again the words slut and whore were used.

"Walk in front of me" My heels sounded unbelievably loud as I clunked across the concrete floor and the oustide air hit me, as I walked past the crowd hands were all over me and some followed, my master said "No, the long way" and make me walk into the car park (There were lots of cars parked)


When we got round to the loo he told me to go round again!!!

I was stopped by another big guy who declared that he was the lorry drivers mate and he was having me first, he grabbed me and forced a finger up me and placing my hand on the bulge in his jeans, he was pretty big! He sent me on my way with a slap on my arse and I walked round to my master.

He ushered me in and then was my stuff laid out on the new window sill, the door is a sliding one and he then instructed me to suck his cock, which I did, then the door was slid open again and there was my lorry drivers mate with a big determined look on his face, suck it bitch was the tactful way he instructed me.

I sucked him to full size and he then asked my master if he could fuck me, my master said "You are going to let this guy fuck you now, you will take his cum" so over I bent...
If you want to see more, let me know, and if your mature or dom or part of a group, get in touch :-)

x Dee


4/1/2012 3:18:17 PM

Have started looking for a master who wishes to use me sexually for himself and others... Hoping to find some genuine people soon xx

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