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Pan Transgender Submissive, 57,  Temecula, California
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Before I say anything I just want to the dominant men that view my profile that I can relocate so if you don't live in California, or even the US for that matter, that if I seem like the kind of "gurl" that you seek, don't let distance stop you from contacting me.
I have updated my journal since updating and posting my profile back in 2012. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It's been a long time since I've revised my profile but a lot has happened recently so I'm almost starting almost from scratch. The date is now 27 January, 2012. In January 2012 I spent two weeks as Randi with a true dominant Master that I met here on CollarMe. After a two week courtship via E-mail and phone, I flew from California to the East Coast to meet him and over the next 14 days I spent 100% of my time as Randi in a variety of public (vanilla) and intimate situations. It was an eye-opening experience and has given me cause to look inward to see what it is that I want.
First and foremost, I desire to live 100% of the time as Randi. This is easier for me than for other T-girls given that I have never been married, thus have none of the family baggage that many transgender girls have (I fully identify with being transgendered).
Here's a photo of me taken in January 2012. It shows my current level of feminization better than any of the photos I had posted before I revised my profile.

Conversely, as I have never lived with someone, I am very set in my ways, and this is not always condusive to being a good submissive or slave. But I know I have the potential to change, because I want to and I now recognize that it's necessary to becoming the best girlfriend, companion, wife, and ultimately slave possible. I know that I can grow in this area, something that I learned during my two weeks together with the Master I met here on CollarMe. As I evolve and develop in this area I believe that a TPE (Total Power Exchange) is possible.

As I am ultimately seeking a live-in, long-term relationship with a dominant man, I want to be up front about two things that won't work for me. First, I am seeking someone that is single or otherwise unattached. Being in a monogamous relationship is important to me. Second, I simply can not be around cigarette smoke (I have never smoked) so if you're a smoker, it's best to pass by my profile. (I wish that CollarMe could put in a filter for marital status and if you're a smoker.)
I am at a crossroads in my life. My professional career needs to be retooled as my ability to do what I have done over the past 15 years is no longer possible. Chalk it up to the Internet. I need to do something different, I realize that.
Given that I can relocate -- I have little tying me here to California -- so if you have an interest in me, don't let the fact that I live in California stop you from contacting me, if just to say hello. In fact, if you are a Master living outside of the US, I want to tell you that I have the desire to live overseas, especially in Europe.
I'm pretty much an open book so if you have questions about me or my goals, just ask. I'll be as honest as I can be.
I'll use my journal to update my profile as much as I can. I'm going to try to post something at least once a week but I suspect that it will be more like every other week or once a month.
I'm a sincere, well educated person and I know that I will bring a lot of positive attributes to a Master/submissive or Master/slave relationship. While I have some experience with BDSM, it is limited compared to many here. But the bottom line is that I'm a doer, not a player. I have met two men here on CollarMe and if they were to tell you anything about me, it's that I'm for real. When I say I'm going to meet you, I will.













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Journal Entries:
7/19/2017 7:22:33 AM
About my newest photo posted, the last one. 

In 1985, more than 30 years ago, I considered myself a crossdresser and like many of us, I put a camera on a tripod and using a self timer, I took photos of myself, to see the look I presented to others. This is my very first photo, that I scanned before it disappeared in all the moves over the years.

At the same time, in the pre-Internet era, there were many magazines published for men to find crossdressers to date, one of the best was Female Mimics International or FMI.

Fast forward 32 years. I found issues of FMI archived online and with my image editing and page layout skills I took that first photo and made it to look like an FMI cover with me as the cover girl.

Today I see myself as transgendered, not a crossdresser. Currently I'm Miranda part-time but want to be in a relationship with a dominant man who wants to have a live-in Tgirl like me in his life. 

Might that be you?

7/8/2013 10:12:37 AM

I just wanted to make it known, especially to submissive T-girls on the East Coast, that the Master that goes by the handle "throatyogurt" is for real and is an exceptional Master. I met him last year and can only say the most positive things about him. Please feel free to message me if you need more details.

3/17/2013 8:25:43 AM

Why is it that we can't seem to find the right person to share life with? It seems more difficult than it should be. I think every day on how much easier life would be if I was locked in a chastity and was fully feminized. Waking up each morning in sexy lingerie, with my boyfriend/husband lying next to me, knowing my obligations as his submissive sissy. That is to attend to his needs as he pushes me under the covers and when I'm finished, getting up to prepare and serve him breakfast. This isn't much to aspire to? Don't you agree?




3/10/2013 3:02:07 AM

It seems that many of us who post here on CollarMe are disappointed at what seems to be a lack of sincerity and honesty (putting it mildly) on the part of many members. 


I've tried to make my profile as honest and as open as I can. What I seek is a dominant man or Master who has the real desire along with the means to collar a submissive sissy like me. So often the men here, who say that they are dominant are anything but. Sissies like me want to be taken, to be forced to accept what we are – failures as males – and submit to true, real-time, live-in training, feminization, and control by a man. A Master who knows what he wants and takes it. Yes, sissies like me might resist but in the end we will submit as the true dominant will give us no choice in the matter. 

We want to meet men/Masters that will say to us "Your days of pretending to be a 'man' are over. When you walk through that door leading to my life, it will be as a sissy. Everyone who knew you in the lie you lived as a male, will see you as you truly are, a fully feminized sissy. You want to wear lingerie, dresses, and high heels? Now you will, each and every day. You want to be a French maid and serve me? Now you will. You want men to see you as a femme? Now you will. You want to be forced to take a job like a secretary or waitress where men will see you feminized? I will make that your reality." 

What I seek in a dominant man/Master who will strip me of any residual masculinity and male pride, and who will enjoy the process of transforming me into the best sissy I can be.

Might you reading this profile and journal to turn my fantasy into a reality?

3/7/2013 9:32:41 AM

Why is it so hard to find a Master whose desires as a dominant match mine as a submissive? 


Like many sissies, I desire that my subjugation be forced. After all, what fun would it be if we submitted without a struggle, that up until the time the collar is secured around our neck, that we still have a free will? After we lower our neck or kneel before a Master to have the collar applied, we lose that opportunity, that we become your owned property.


Like many sissies I desire a Master who will put me on display, showing other dominant Masters seeking a sissy, that I have been enslaved and am now serving my Master/owner as his 24-7 live-in sissy. I want so much to feel that level of subjugation and humiliation, that others see me as my Master's sissy.

Is there a Master here on CollarMe for me? I await your response.

11/12/2012 6:41:19 AM

I am still seeking "the one," a dominant Master who seeks a live-in submissive sissy to collar, train, and fully feminize. 


My 40th high school reunion is scheduled for the spring of 2013 and I want to meet a Master, one who will enjoy the process of stripping me of all residual masculinity and male pride, taking me to the point of no return, where I can no longer present myself as male and who will force me to attend my reunion as a female, much like the classic, one-time-only Holiday Inn Super Bowl commercial shown here.


I am not currently living full time as a female but am planning to start right after the first of the year. It's going to be my 2013 New Year's Resolution and I think that the process would be so much better if I was collared by a dominant Master, who once I start the process will keep me on track and never allow me to present again as a male. 


Here is a link to a short Photobucket slide show so that if you are a dominant Master seeking a live-in sissy, you will see my current level of feminization.


I believe that I have potential but it would be better realized under the guidance of a dominant Master, especially one with real-world experience in training a sissy like me.


If you think you have the necessary experience and tools to see me realize my full feminine potential, I invite you to contact me. I've already picked a little black dress to wear to my reunion. Will you be the one who will force me out and have me face my classmates as Randi? 


10/10/2012 12:48:28 AM

I am confused. Twice in the last 30 days I have been contacted by dominant men interested in me, one through the other through Flickr. The initial contacts, via messages, invited me to contact them in return, which I did, which in both cases, led to promising phone calls. Then after more positive E-mails, exchange of photos, and more phone calls, both simply vanished and have not responded to follow-up E-mails. Can anyone explain this to me? 

From reading others profiles, I know this is not an isolated incident. I understand that trying to make a match online, especially among those of use who are transgendered and have specialized interests, goals, and agendas is hit-or-miss at best.  

What I don't understand is why, after going through the effort of me posting a detailed, honest, and sincere profile, and have someone contact me first, that without warning, the conversation simply stops. That doesn't make sense to me.

To make it clear, I want to be collared and be a pat of a D/s partnership. I am serious about this and at this point in my life, with little holding me to any given location, I can easily relocate. If you are seriously looking for a submissive, live-in T-girl who understands what TPE means, that you will contact me. We can't see if we are a good match if there isn't an initial contact so I look forward to your introductory E-mail, excited at the prospect of where it might lead.

1/31/2012 4:29:59 AM

In the week since getting back from my East Coast sojourn, I have reassessed my situation (at the suggestion of the Master who had me visit him) and am starting to get myself back on the right track. It starts today with a phone call to a company in my field who might have a job opportunity for me. While it is a long shot, it is an opportunity and I would be foolish at this point to not follow through on it. 

But the dilemma is that should something come of it, it might derail an opportunity to put myself in the position to restart my transition, especially if there is a dominant Master out there, interested in me as Randi.

And since getting back, and revising my profile and uploading all of the recent photos, I have attracted interest from several dominant men here on CollarMe. Some have questioned my slave credentials and I am looking inward on this. Two things are certain. First I am transgendered and that I am submissive with a bit of a rebellious streak, a holdover from the male life I've led for most of my life.

Can I be a true slave? Not sure but my recent two-week experiment on the East Coast has given me some cause for hope (but I'm not sure my Master friend back in NJ will agree). I am set in some ways but believe that under the mentoring of the right Master, that I can be broken.

In an ideal world, I'm hoping still to meet a dominant Master who would have me as a girlfriend/companion/wife in public, vanilla settings, and keep me as a slave at all other times? Does this make me less of a slave? Possibly, but what I've learned with my limited experience with BDSM relationships (but I suspect I have more experience than most here, after all, who would fly cross country to meet a potential Master and spend two weeks serving him?) is that I am adaptable and these situations are dynamic and evolve over time.

I know I have great potential to serve and it is much more important to find that special person with whom I will mesh in more ways than I conflict with. Then it's integrating the practical and being pragmatic about the possibilities to make the relationship work.

Am I making sense? If you think so, please write, let me know what you think.

1/29/2012 6:01:13 PM

If I have a pet peeve it's when someone looks at my profile, and I look at their's and send them a message, that they don't respond. I think it's a bit rude to not respond to an E-mail or collarme message. It would be polite to respond saying thanks for writing but not interested. How many of you agree with me? If someone writes me I try my best to respond, even if not interested. The exception being if the E-mail or message is in some way offensive, such as including a photo that is in poor taste, especially for an icebreaker message.

1/29/2012 5:13:34 AM

It looks like the photo issue resolved itself. All of my previous photos have been removed and have been replaced with the photos taken when I visited the Master mentioned in the main portion of my profile. All of these photos were taken mid-January, 2012 and best represent the current state of my feminization.

Chat here for me is hit or miss, most of the time it is slow or will freeze up my browser. If you would like to chat with me online , as a prelude to speaking on the phone, send me a note here and if you have Yahoo Messenger, we can set up a time to chat. My Yahoo Messenger handle is randitg. From there we can exchange direct E-mail addresses, hopefully to set up a time and place to meet if you live in Southern California.

If you live outside of Southern California, and you have a serious interest in meeting me, we can talk about how best to make it happen. As you can see from my profile and photos, I am serious about this, not a flake or a player. I am actively seeking a dominant Master who has the ability and means to have me as his feminized slave.

1/27/2012 10:11:12 AM

I'm not sure what's going on but I went in to edit my profile and in doing so, tried to remove all my old photos. In the profile editor it shows that I have, and that I have uploaded a new profile photo and two additional photos but after updating the profile, three of the old photos still appear to be posted and the new ones -- all taken within the last two weeks -- aren't visible. Maybe it takes some time for the changes, but I don't know what more I can do.


The photo embedded in my profile text was taken while I was with the dominant Master I mentioned, the third week in January. It shows that I colored my hair brown with some auburn highlights and that I had it cut in a feminine bob. And I'm smiling in the photo, something that usually didn't show in my older photos. I look happy because in the photo I am happy. I'm happy with the way I look and the way that I am presenting myself to the kind of smart, articulate dominant men that I hope will be attracted to someone like me.


I know I can be a handful (I proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt over the two-week period that I was with the dominant Master) but I feel a fundamental shift in the way I feel, the way I see things, both as a transgendered woman as well as a submissive/slave.


I'm not stopping my search to meet someone who will push all of my hot buttons and hope that at some point that I can be the kind of person who will push his.


Are you out there, waiting for me? If so, please write.

12/23/2011 4:46:36 PM

Happy Holidays to everyone.

It's been a tough year but I remain optimistic that things will turn around. My goal for 2012? To find Mr. Right first and foremost, a dominant Master who is looking for an older, dare I say mature and submissive trans, especially if that Master is looking for a live-in T-girl who he can control. If so, please read my profile and listen to my audio greeting.

I've used some of my newly developed skills as a graphic artist to design what I am calling a brochure that tells a lot about me in words and photos and what I am looking for in a Master. If you would like a copy -- it's a PDF so it can't be attached to a CollarMe E-mail -- send me a message here with your E-mail address and I will be happy to send you a copy. I've put in a lot of effort and I'm hoping that a dominant Master will see it and the potential to serve that I offer.

With that now said I want to wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a safe New Year and look forward to hearing from you. If you are looking for a date for New Year's Eve, especially if you live in Southern California, here's the little black dress that I hope to wear when the clock strikes 12.






12/13/2011 3:47:59 AM

I can't believe that it's less than two weeks for Christmas.


Why is it so hard for a submissive T-girl like me to find suitable dominant men to date? Locally has been a near zero. I've contacted many men via Craigslist, most never bother to reply, if just to say "not interested." I find that to be a lack of common courtesy, something I try to avoid as I respond to almost everyone who writes me. The exceptions? When someone is married as I'm clear about that in my profile, and when the message is short and obscene.


I make no secret that I'm ultimately looking for a live-in relationship and that I am willing to relocate for the right man. The right man? A dominant Master who will enjoy stripping me of all masculinity and molding me into the perfect woman. Is that man out there for me?

11/24/2011 5:09:07 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!


Job prospects not improving... no surprise. I remain hopeful, especially to find a job where I can present myself as female and re-start my transition. I've been really honing my graphic design skills in page layout programs in the hope that it will make me more marketable, beyond being a secretary, receptionist, maid, or waitress. I've updated my resume so if you think you might have a job, please drop me a note via CollarMe E-mail and I will send it off to you.


The plan is to get through the holidays, see my family, and afterwards start living again 24/7 as Randi. I feel it will be so much easier if I could meet a dominant man who sees my potential, can help me reach my goals, and not let me backtrack.



10/10/2011 3:56:28 AM

My job situation hasn't improved much over the last two months. I have started looking for a secretarial position in the Riverside, California area. I would love to start my transition and having a job where I would be expected to present myself as a female, would be ideal.


I type 50 WPM, have excellent skills in Microsoft Office, and have started becoming competent in page layout and graphics programs so I can be a valued and versatile member of any team.


If you would like to discuss an available opening, please write me direct at If you are outside the area, and like the idea of a submissive, transgendered secretary, contact me as I can easily relocate as I am living in a 30-foot motorhome.

9/5/2011 10:30:08 AM

I changed my profile photo this morning, will be curious as to what my friends and admirers think of it.

8/31/2011 11:38:45 AM

I have met a wonderful dominant trans here on collarme and she's taken me under her wing. She sees potential in me and there's the possibility that i could become her live-in domestic, something that will keep me in my randi mode almost 24/7. This will allow her to work on my feminization so that I will become more feminine and passable which has always been one of my goals. And I've made it one of my goals to be living and working as Randi, 24/7, by the end of 2011. I now have four months to make that happen.


Best of all she has no issue with me dating men... in fact, if I have read her intentions right, she will encourage it.

8/27/2011 8:23:39 AM

A trans dominant has expressed an interest in me and i have responded in kind. It's exciting because i have always thought that a traditional dominant Master would be best for me, especially if he had experience in feminizing and training someone like me.


But it seems that those i've had contact with and have met, have not turned out to be the match i hoped. Maybe this trans Mistress will be different -- i certainly hope so -- and will lead to the type of TPE relationship that i feel is right for me. Wish me luck.

8/21/2011 8:24:49 PM

i'm sitting in my motorhome tonight, en femme for the first time since i started moving two weeks ago and i'm thinking to myself how this actually simplifies my situation. If a dominant, after reading my profile, wants me, it's now so much easier to relocate.

i really feel that it is time to surrender and put myself in the hands of an experienced dominant who will know how i should be collared, trained, and feminized. While i think that i am presentable, i know that i can do so much better if i am living and working -- if just as a maid or domestic -- 24/7 en femme.

8/21/2011 5:17:50 AM

I have revised and updated my profile to reflect changes in my life and my ability to relocate. 

8/20/2010 6:17:43 AM
It's time to update the journal.

I'm increasingly asking myself why is it so hard to find a compatible match, here and on other BDSM and fetish websites? One person here says that I'm too controlling in that I want to "script" my subjugation. In a way he's right. I think about how much I risk giving up to be collared, I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation to want it to happen a certain way or at least have some say in the process up until the collar is secured around my neck and I cease to be a person and become my Master's slave and his property. Am I making sense?

There is a very fine man here who over the years has expressed continued interest in making me his sissy slave. Four years ago I went to meet him in Texas, with every intention of being collared and for a number of reasons it didn't happen. We've continued to flirt since then but we have fundamental differences in what it should take to collar me.

He has made it clear that he wants me to beg for his mastery and I've made it equally clear that I want to be taken, to be forced to to be his slave. Other issues are that he wants me to be a sissy in the classic sense -- frilly pink silk uniform, that sort of thing -- while I see myself more as a totally controlled submissive wife. To the outside, vanilla world we would appear to be a fairly conventional couple. Behind closed doors...that's another matter entirely.  <SMILE>

I guess I'm looking for a truly dominant man to see me, my good attributes as well as my faults, see potential in me to be that fifties-style submissive housewife, and simply say that he's going to take me and make me his, no matter what I might say or how I will feel about it.

So many so-called Masters back away at the first sign of my resistance. I just don't understand this. If something is worth possessing, it's worth fighting for. Just for once I want to meet a man that says "Randi, you're not perfect but you're a smart gurl and you deserve to be taken, feminized, and trained to serve me." And that will be it, the collar will go on and I will become his property. What's so hard about this?

I know what you might say, "Be careful what you wish for." I'm just hoping that by putting my thoughts here that just one dominant man here will read my pleas and decide that I shall be taken and that I will spend the rest of my life in lingerie, dresses, and high heels, completely controlled, humiliated in so many ways, but happily serving him as his fully feminized slave.

7/2/2010 12:01:26 AM
Finally...a photo with me smiling! After taking it I went back to and gave myself a virtual makeover and and am happy with the results. I think it shows the potential I offer a dominant Master to be fully feminized. I hope that those of you who read my profile will agree as I am now ready to be a Master's live-in 24/7 sissy wife.

1/24/2010 6:13:36 AM
Because the chat client here causes my browser to crash, if after reading my profile you would like to chat one-on-one with me, my screen name on Yahoo Messenger is "randitg" so feel free to page me there. If I am on, I will respond promptly. If I am not, as I leave that app running even if I'm not available, I will respond as soon as I return to my computer. I remain sincere as ever in my desire to meet a compatible dominant, especially one living in Southern California but as my profile states, I am willing to relocate if a great opportunity is presented to me.

12/7/2009 8:41:20 AM
Hi. It's been a while since I've added to my journal or updated my profile. While I've had some interesting contacts here on collarme, I just haven't met the kind of man I'm looking for.

First off, two criteria are important to me, single/not married/available for a long-term relationship if the chemistry is right and a non-smoker. If you're married and smoke, please don't contact me; it's a non-starter.

Beyond that I am looking for a successful, self-assured dominant, one who would enjoy taking from me any remaining vestiges of my masculinity in pushing me forward to becoming the submissive woman I know I can be.

While I am interested in meeting any dominant men, being that I am now in my mid-fifties, I think that I match up best with men who are about my age or even a bit older, so long that they think young and are active.

If you're reading this because you look at recently posted journal entries, I invite you to take a look at my profile and drop me a note and let's see what happens.

5/2/2009 5:06:19 PM

Again i thought that i found a dominant man here who would take me forward to the next level of feminization. But again i have come away disappointed by something that should not have surprised me, an abrupt ending of direct communication. That he continues to log in here disappoints me greatly; all i would have wished is that he would have sent a reply saying that he's no longer interested in me rather than have me call him at a specified time, not answer nor return the phone call. Is this too much to ask?

While it has always been my desire to be "taken" by a dominant man/Master, this may be an unrealistic expectation on my part. What i now seek is a dominant of either gender who desires to have a 24/7 submissive feminine partner. Ideally this will be with a man who wants a traditional wife who just happens to have been born male rather than female. i am willing to be totally feminized to whatever degree required.

Something that i have long thought about but never seriously explored, at least not with the same vigor that i have in trying to find a dominant male partner, is to find a dominant woman, one who literally wants to "wear the pants" in a relationship, who would have the desire to take from me all masculinity and male pride, and transform me into her "wife."

i know that role-reversed relationships such as this are rare, i have spoken with two fully feminized males who have been lucky enough to have found suitable "husbands." Not wanting to offend any gay women reading this, in both instances the genetic females were both what could be characterized as very butch and i now want very much to explore the possibility of such a relationship.

With the new capability to zero-in on recent journal updates, i now hope one or two circumstances will happen. First is obvious, a dominant of either gender will read this journal entry, read my profile, view my photos, see my potential, and will write me initiating contact.

The second scenario is that someone will read my profile, knows a dominant for which i would be a good match and either contact me with their screen name so i can contact them, or alternatively, give that person my screen name so they can review my profile and contact me.

i think that there are a lot of good people here on collarme that like me are looking for something real beyond that found in the vanilla world. i welcome all to contact me as my profile may seem quite specific -- my three requirements are being single/unattached like me, that my potential partner be a non-smoker, and lastly, not be a drug user -- beyond that i am increasingly open to almost anything.

Thanks for reading this and i hope that by posting it that someone will contact me in return.

8/12/2008 1:31:24 PM

i have made a decision today, one that will have far-reaching ramifications. i am totally dedicating myself to being claimed and collared by the end of the year. i know it's possible, that there is a dominant man out there for me.

i know in the past i have been somewhat selective, having set very high, possibly impossible standards for Masters to meet. In an ideal world, i would like to meet a man near my age, a bit older preferred (i'm 53, going to be 54 in November), taller than me (i'm 5'8"), and a man who is very successful and well-educated in his own right. 

The man that i've dreamed who will take me will have some experience with feminizing a submissive male who craves to have his male life taken, a true Master that will enjoy the process of enslaving a submissive sissy. i am also hoping that he'll have little interest in my male bits, preferring to lock them up in a proper chastity device so that they are rendered useless.

Is all this too much to ask?

i've come to the conclusion that finding all these attributes in one man may very well be impossible, that i will have to lower my standards in some way or another. While i hate to do this, i must be pragmatic and realize that time is running out for me.

i hope that the men reading this, you potential Masters, will go back, re-read my profile, download my photos, and think about what i've written and see all the potential i offer as a female slave. i promise, once you take me, to demand little and to be very obedient and to accept my new feminine role with class and dignity even though i know it promises to be very humiliating.

i have been a failure as a male and recognize the fact that i am now fit only to be collared and enslave, feminized and trained to serve a dominant Master. Please, i am ready, willing, and able to accept the right Master's collar and serve.

7/27/2008 4:04:01 PM
Would those of you who are subscribed to my journal drop me a quick note here? I would love to know who among you is possibly interested in me. If encouraged, I will try to be more diligent in keeping this updated. 

5/23/2008 7:04:09 PM
With the change in the law in California allowing, for now, same sex marriages, is it possible that a man, who has chosen a submissive male to be his "bride," could they get married? i am thinking that this would be a perfect opportunity for a Master to claim and collar me, then get married. In my case, i would hope that he would allow me to wear one of my wedding gowns and be married as a traditional bride.

3/18/2008 12:27:06 PM
i decided to change my profile photo, i want the first thing that men see when the view my profile is me, standing at attention, dressed in my French Maid's uniform an high heels, smooth and hairless, fully feminized, ready to be claimed, collared, and ordered to serve. 

3/14/2008 10:40:39 AM
i continue to find it interesting that i can go weeks here without getting any serious E-mail contacts, then other times i seem to be overloaded with E-mails. In my case, this week i find it strange that i have been contacted by several dominant Transgender women. i'm not sure why this is the case and i'm certainly curious about it. While i am flattered from all the attention, i am struggling what to make of it. For me at least, i feel most feminine when a Master has me dress in pretty lingerie and high heels, puts me in restraints, rendering me helpless, then orders me to my knees to serve him. To me there is nothing more feminine than to be dressed this way, subjugated, and forced to suck his cock. i know that after speaking with other T-girls that so many of us feel this way, that it validates us as women. 

3/6/2008 6:44:10 AM
i really like the fact that CM has added the ability to view those who have viewed one's profile. In my case i am especially intrigued when dominant men who are looking for a  submissive T-girl view my profile. If you are for real, are not married, a non smoker, and looking to have an equally for real, live-in, passable, single, non-smoking T-girl  willing to relocate (if you don't live in Southern California), how about when you read my profile, drop me a note. i will respond promptly. i am ready to be claimed, collared and become your full-time girl. If you write you won't be disappointed. i have more, recent photos that i will be happy to share upon request; just include your direct E-mail address when you write me.

2/27/2008 6:05:28 AM
Just want to say hello. It's a busy time of the year and i don't have as much time as i would like to spend on or get out as randi. i remain committed to finding a Master who understands my needs as well as my desire to be collared, enslaved, feminized and trained. If you're reading this journal and the rest of my profile and see something you like, write me, let's see what develops. i am for real and am seriously looking. i have little holding me down, thus i can relocate for the right Master who has a collar with my name on it. 

12/25/2007 4:22:38 AM
Merry Christmas a Happy Holidays to all here on, especially to those dominants who are here looking for a live-in slave girl to make their 2008 complete.

One potential Master has E-mailed me i sound desperate. Such is not really the case, it's that i tend to be pragmatic and recognize the fact that i am not getting any younger, and that men, by their very nature, are hard-wired to want younger women and i see nothing wrong with that but it does make it harder for us older girls to find a suitable Master with a collar with our names on it.

At the end of the year it's a time to reflect and it's been an interesting year. It started out with me coming very, very close to being enslaved. The Master, and he knows who he is, remains in my thoughts almost each and every day and i often think of what might have been, and where i might be now had it worked out. In some ways i feel worse for him than i do myself as i know he has so much to offer the right "girl" but now he seems so soured on sissies that he's chosen to look elsewhere for his next slave. If you're a sissy and are looking for something real, contact me and i will give you his name. He is for real and you should be as well.

The year ended on an equally sour note as i was contacted by another dominant and after a very heated exchange of more than 40 E-mails, the profile disappeared on collarme with the note "I've found what I'm looking for" which seemed innocent enough at the time, but then the Yahoo profile disappeared three days latter and there has been no contact since then. Thus from here moving forward, the cynic in me is going to require verifiable proof from someone before i engage in anything more than an introductory E-mail; i have simply promised myself that i'm not going through that again.

My timetable remains resolute...get all the loose ends tied up by March 1 so that i am totally unencumbered, so that if i am lucky enough to find a dominant who has a collar ready for me, that i will be in a position to accept it without reservation.

Yesterday, on Las Vegas Craigslist, i encountered this post, which i think reflects what i seek as well. "Ok here I go. I am a 41 Caucasian cd/tv I really want to just change my life. I want to walk away from everything that I have here and disappear to be the woman I dream of. I have only a few days to make this decision. What has happened is that I need someone to bring me in. I will have no finances and want to get rid of my identity of who I am now, (seems like a lot) Basically fall off the face of the earth and change who I am. I will forever be with you. I want and wish to be transformed into a female and maybe from that point we can change my life then if you want change my gender completely. I will be forever indebted to you and I know my loyalties. I have great legs and used to look really good dressed I know I have work to do in that area again but together we can make this happen. I am not really concerned with your looks, I am more concerned with whether or not we can make a partnership out of this. I will wear whatever you desire, whenever and look however you want me to. I just want to change, and hopefully we can do it together. Pics on request..."

Reading this post i could feel her pain, her desire to be claimed and owned, the desperation in her words, even more than in my own posts. i hope that she found what she was looking for as to be alone, without a loving and caring Master can make life feel so empty.

After reading her post, i feel far less unhappy with my lot; i know that i have so much to offer the right Master and i remain ever confident that he's out there and is looking for me, as i am seeking him.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and best wishes to everyone for 2008.

11/20/2007 12:12:47 PM
It's been a while since i've posted here as i have been quite occupied with work-related obligations.

i remain as frustrated as ever in my quest to find a suitable dominant, but i haven't given up hope; i know there's a Master out there looking for someone just like me.

A few things that i would like to state here. First, i know that i am a true submissive but i have this vision in my mind of who Mr. Right will be for me. He is seeking a submissive male ready for full subjugation and complete feminization.

He knows of, and is willing to take advantage of my situation while at the same time he admires my intellect; he is looking for a submissive to enslave that still has a brain and is not a mindless bimbo.

That's part of the appeal, that he knows that he's taken away any residual masculinity and i fully acknowledge that i was once a priviledged male and now i am forced to accept a life as a female who lives to please him.

i have set a timetable for myself. i have some obligations that will take me through March of 2008, but after that i will be unfettered and free to relocate. In the meantime, i want to meet as many potential Masters as possible in the real hope that he is looking for me and will find me between now and then.

As i've stated earlier, i have a CB2000 and believe that i should be chastised and never again enjoy any sort of release as a male. i long for the day that i stand at attention, my head bowed down in shame, dressed in designer lingerie and high heels, my CB2000 in place. i can see him walk around me, laughing, seeing this feminine being, who was once male, and cutting off the nylon lock of my CB2000, replacing it with a padlock. As i hear it snap shut i shudder at the symbolism of my surrender as he photographs me to full document my humiliation before ordering me to my knees. Who out there is willing to turn this fantasy into reality? If you are the one, please, i beg you to write me as i am now ready to be claimed.

9/23/2007 12:25:53 AM
i just wish i knew what it takes to find a true dominant here that is serious about taking custody of a willing submissive. i've tried to do everything i thought possible to to explain my situation and clearly outline the type of dominant and the type of situation i seek. Thus far, with just two exceptons, i've been completely unsuccessful in meeting the kind of man who i think will be good for me. One of you Masters, just tell me what i'm doing wrong.

5/31/2007 5:03:31 PM
i just noticed that members have the ability to subscribe to journals and i'm wondering if i post more often here, if more people, who are subscribing to my journal, will write me. If so, and especially if you are a dominant Master seeking a R/T, 24/7 submissive T-girl, please write me, tell me what my life would be like under your mastery.

5/19/2007 12:42:08 PM
Just wanted to say hello, and to see if there are any dominant men interested in meeting me. In the past i know that i've had the tendency to rush into things; i've decided from here on out to move a bit slower, be a bit more deliberate in how i move forward.

 i realize that i may have let a great opportunity pass me by when the Master interested in me decided to not move forward, it was the right thing to do. He seeks something very specific, a sissy, which is not how i see myself. If you are a sissy, and want to meet someone that has very clear desires in this regard, E-mail me directly and i would be happy to connect you to him. He's serious, experienced and most of all, is credible, not a player, as so many online are. If you desire to be a sissy slave, you should talk to him.

5/17/2007 7:48:49 AM
Unfortunately the situation that i was exploring, didn't work out. The Master involved has very specific requirements and after thinking the situation through, i am not well suited for his needs.

If you are a sissy and seek real-life enslavement, please contact me and i will give you infomation as to who he is and how to contact him.

As he had asked me to pull down my profile and journal, i am reposting both (my previous journal is below) so that those interested in me will have a clera idea of who i am and what i seek.

3/24/2007 3:02:13 PM: Just a quick update. About a week ago i saw a lovely wedding gown on eBay and since it wasn't very expensive, i went and bought it. It just arrived and is even prettier than i expected. i just tried it on briefly as i am very busy with other things at this time but it fits beautifully. It's just a bit long when wearing 4-inch pumps, maybe an inch so i'm keeping my eyes open for a nice pair of white satin pumps with at least a 5-inch heel. All i can think is how pretty, feminine and submissive i'll look and feel dressed in it for my collaring ceremony, if and when it happens. If you are a dominant male and would like to see some photos of me in it (and locked in my CB2000 at the same time) please E-mail me here.

3/11/2007 11:37:41 AM: This entry just got pulled from the forums as being a being a personal ad so instead of letting the words go to waste, I'll post them here in the hope that one of the serious dominants will see it and write to me.While i really love the wide variety of opportunities that i've found here on, and i've met three dominants through contacts here, i haven't yet found the right one. Part of the blame lies with me. i'm very selective and know what i am looking for and am guilty of wanting to have it all. i need to understand that it's not about my needs; it's about the dominant's needs. If my needs can dovetail with his, then fine.With that being said, i am looking for that special man whose needs and desires match mine. i have come close, twice but in the final analysis we both knew it wasn't right.i am going to post here in the hope that one of the men on will read this and say "That's the kind of 'gurl' that I've been looking for." So here goes.i've been told that when en femme, i'm passable. i know that i'm no supermodel but when things are right i'm confident that i can be taken anywhere, including places that are totally vanilla.My dream situation? Living with a dominant man who wants a trans-girlfriend or wife kept in a CB2000 24/7/365. When at home i would want him to have me kept completely feminine meaning that i will be shaved completely, wearing makeup, hair done up properly, wearing female clothes (often dressed as a French Maid if desired), high heels and lingerie. At all time i would be expected to assume the role of a woman in the relationship; i would have not opportunity to experience release as a male as i would no longer be one. i would prefer this relationship to be monogamous but i am open to discussing alternative situations.Outside the home, i still need, at this point, to function nominally as a male but with restrictions. While being allowed to wear pants, they would be required to be woman's trousers mated to female blouses with lingerie underneath (i would be allowed no traditionally male clothes in my wardrobe save for one suit for absolute emergencies, which would be kept under lock and key by my Master). I would be required to ear trouser socks with low-heeled woman's shoes at the start such as penny loafers that could go either way. i would also have to wear clear nail polish and pink, transparent lipstick close to my natural shade.As time would go on, i would expect to be progressively feminized in small steps that at some point, maybe six moths down the road, would be increasingly difficult to conceal. This would include but not be limited having my ears pierced (they aren't currently) having to wear increasing amounts of makeup, having to switch from wearing a camisole to a bra (possibly necessary if put on hormones), wearing increasingly feminine pants and blouses until i reach the point that it is obvious that i am being feminized. The litmus test will be when someone notices it and comments on it to me. At that point, in consultation with my Master, i would make an announcement publicly acknowledging my feminization and that at that point the trousers and low heeled shoes would be removed from my work wardrobe, replaced with dresses, skirts and high-heeled pumps with heels at least two inches high so that for all intents and purposes i will be living and working 24/7/365 as a female.If you are a dominant man and this scenario sounds appealing to you, i invite you to read my profile (it is down right now, Sunday, March 11 as i have updated my photos) and journal and write me directly here at i know you will find me sincere in my desire to be taken, claimed and ultimately collared. i have to believe that somewhere out there is the perfect dominant man for me.Thanks for letting me post here. randi michelle truesdell

3/11/2007 10:20:07 AM: i just wanted to tell the dominant men here that are interested in me, that because of the recent changes in the kind of photo content that can be posted, there are no photos of me in my listing that show me clearly locked in my CB2000. If you are a dominant man that wants to see photos of me humiliated in this way, please contact me and order me to send you the photos.

3/11/2007 9:59:23 AM: As things at work have calmed down a bit, i now will have a bit more time to dedicate towards finding a match here on i think that my profile clearly outlines what i am and what i am looking for but to summarize i'm a submissive, passable (so i've been told) T-girl with a very feminine heart with the desire to be fully feminized (currently part-time) by a dominant man. You, a tall (5'10 or taller) dominant man living in Southern California who enjoys the company of a submissive T-girl who knows her place and loves to serve. If you live outside the area and would like to meet me at your location, then you should be prepared to provide transportation as i've bought too many airplane tickets only to have so-called dominants flake out at the last minute after non-refundable tickets had been purchased. Sorry, but that's a non-negotiable issue which is why i prefer to meet local men but don't want to rule out anything. This also insures that you are as serious as i am about all of this.I hope that by blogging on a regular basis my profile here will raise and that interesting men that meet my criteria will contact me.

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