Tight. Tighter. Tightest? As in ropes of course.

Hope that got your attention! We're an amazingly happy and kinky couple looking to raise the temperature of our bed! We're playful and fun, and looking to take it to another level.

I'm in my early 30s, blond, 5-9, 140-ish lbs., 36c and long legs. He's late 30s, cropped brown hair, a tall 6-4, 230-ish lbs. and well endowed!

We've enjoyed bondage from almost the first moment we saw each other -- it's a classic 'how i met my husband' story with lot of twist. Maybe if you get to know us I'll tell you about it! I've spent 1000s of hours in ropes, chains, cages, name it! And now he's spending a little time in restraints, too! I love to see my guy strain against tight bondage -- especially when I'm right beside him in my own set of ropes!

We've always played together, and that's what we prefer. We might play separately with the right person(s) but not likely.

We both love bondage for the sake of bondage at times. It's partly the absolute control -- or loss of it. Sometimes it's the 'freedom' of being able to let loose and struggle like crazy -- hopefully against inescapable ropes. And then there's the aspect of putting all the decisions in the hands of another. We both work in jobs that require us to be in charge. Sometimes it's nice to be the ones to have to follow orders!

We each have our special little fetishes that make our hearts pound. For me (female) it's cages. For him it's pantyhose and chasity devices!

6/16/2013 10:49:30 AM

Having fun with our new kinky friends in NYC! We're going to try to see them once a month if possible. About 5 days before each meeting I'm instructed to lock S's cock up to get him horny and ready. And I'm instructed to keep my hands out of harms way and stay chaste for the same length of time. It certainly focuses us on serving our new 'owners'!

5/27/2013 6:05:32 AM
Locking S's cock up in our new friends' chastity device tomorrow to keep him horny and motivated until we meet! Can't back out of meeting because they will hold the key!
5/16/2013 1:11:31 PM

Back to square one with our search for kinky playmates. Hopefully this summer will bring forth more fun time for us both. We've found it's not easy to find the right people to 'click with' as a couple. Many of them just want to play with me -- M, female -- and that's not the point of our existence here. (Not to mention putting S's nose out of joint -- and rightly so). So we're going to continue to be selective.

5/8/2013 1:37:57 PM
We decided to part ways with the Domme we were playing with. When you lose trust in a partner, the fun quickly comes to an end. Limits are limits!
3/29/2013 4:58:41 PM

Things are a little rocky between the three of us these days.  Big changes may be coming down very soon.

3/3/2013 5:33:56 AM

We're signing off at CM. Have found a very satisfying play partner so: Mission Accomplished.

2/17/2013 12:44:28 PM

We've opened up an account on that 'other' fetish site with the initials FL. We're under the same name there. Stop by and say howdy....

2/10/2013 11:58:47 AM

It's not that we don't like to chat but this site's primitive chat function doesn't work on our devices. Plus S and I have made an agreement to never do chat/phone/cam without both of us being available.

1/24/2013 7:48:51 PM
Very happy to say we've found a very fun, demanding and sensual Domme to guide us. Wish she lived a bit closer but driving 3 hours to see her does make for time of nervous anticipation. Especially as I'm bound and blindfolded for the trip.
12/31/2012 7:20:29 PM

We've received so many nice notes and messages about our "Sandy" troubles. Am happy to report that we're back in our house, almost good as new. In fact our situation was really quite minor compared to so many others on the NJ and NY coast. Our prayers go out to those who are still recovering -- and will be for quite some time. My husband has now spent three weekends out on rebuilding work parties through our local community.

11/3/2012 1:37:27 PM

Sandy brought unwanted guests to our home. Three of them in fact -- huge, 200+ year old trees crashing through the roof of our home and barn. Luckily we were on the first floor -- we knew something like this could happen. So that's the good news -- we're safe and sound. Now we're living in a hotel until we can figure out our next move. It will be months before we can move back to our home -- if at all.

10/7/2012 12:43:44 PM

S's travel schedule has gotten busy this fall. Still anxious for us to find our collars and cages. 

8/26/2012 2:11:40 PM

Wow a whole year since we've updated. Been a long boring summer for us both. S is away on work assignments way too much of the time these days and it cuts into our time to be together AND explore. Maybe this fall.

7/9/2011 8:03:13 PM

We've decided to focus more on each other for the next few months. We've had fun meeting with a few interesting Dom and Domme couples and have made some lasting friendships. 

6/6/2010 6:18:26 PM
Glad to say we've worked through most of our issues. If there is one key to a successful marriage, it's communication. Pure and simple. Not just saying what the other person wants to hear. Simply sharing information. Hopes. Dreams.

We're cautiously exploring ideas with a couple of folks on here. We're learning new things about each other, and have decided we want to devote quality time exploring bdsm with each other first and foremost.
1/28/2010 6:46:27 PM
We've hit a rough patch lately and have decided not to pursue anything other than friendships. The last thing I want to see is CM come between us. It's led to some miscommunication between the two of us, and that's both of our faults. Honesty and openness is a must for succeeding with this site. Right now we need to refocus on making this a priority in our relationship.
4/2/2009 3:03:42 PM
We're back on Collar Me after trying this for a while last year.

We're not going to respond to one-line messages. If you're not motivated to tell us about yourselves from the get go, we're not inclined to respond.

Same with your profile. We've taken a few moments and listed what we want, need and crave. If you haven't taken the time to fill out your profile, it says something about your energy level, abilities and creativity.
 Age: 20
 Manchester, United Kingdom