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Pan Female Slave, 42,  Amersfoort, Dutch, Netherlands
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I am an owned slave girl, a female animal, and not looking for any new relationships. The Owners are Mistress Francien and Master Harold, known at the site as Hafra. They offered me their collar and marks, and this slave is proud to wear them. The new Owners marked the slave with a brand, 2 tattoos and gave it several additional piercings. Since May 2011 it has a split clit-hood and a huge clit ring. It is shaven bald and wears a nose ring too. Last year the Owners enlarged the udders of the slave from a C75 to a nice D75. In April 2011 the slave signed its latest slave contract. slave is very happy with that contract. The portrait picture in my profile is one my last normal pictures. The photograph was taken long before my slavery with these Owners. I am a bisexual slave girl, at this moment 43 years old and completely into rubber clothing. I am trained as rubber pony girl, schoolgirl and maid (among others, my ex-owners loved roleplaying). I also love age play. More and more I realize I am a slave, a born slave. I need the dominance, the strict rules, the Owners, the fetish, the torture and pain... That is what my life must be ... I am often asked how I became a slave. It happened long ago. If you would like to know more details perhaps we can chat one day. You see my story is a long story. I really don’t know when I first became a slave. Looking back, perhaps it started in childhood, where I suffered unspeakable abuse at the hands of those I most trusted. I married. My husband introduced me to rubber clothing and a bit of bondage From that moment on I was hooked. I realized I needed a Master. Actually I think I was more a lesbian. I want and need a Mistress also. I divorced, because my husband couldn't give me the level of dominance and strict rules as I needed. I met my first Owners and spent a period as their "call in" slave. That meant, I visited them at least weekly. Yet they took over control of my life, They decided the clothes I had to wear, what I would eat, how and when I would use the bathroom and when I had to come over fora visit. They bought me a Neosteel chastity belt and very effectively trained me as a slave. In a few years I learned how to behave as a slave, all without living in. The relationship grew to live-in status. I lived for about 4 years, from 2004 till December 2008 with my ex-Owners. They trained me to a 24/7 TPE slave girl. They established restrictions on just about everything: Eye contact, speaking, the use of bathroom, meals and drinks, clothing, walking upright. Often I had to crawl. I was under the total control by my ex- Owners and could only do what they permitted. Ex-Mistress is an enormous fetishist, She enjoyed turning Her slave girl into a rubber doll, a schoolgirl, rubber baby, a pony girl etc.. She dressed the slave in rubber, leather, corsets, high heels, chastity belts and diapers. She used the power of restraints to objectify the slave and mold the slave into a toy. The slave became the personal maid of the ex-Mistress. The slave was also used by the Master. He used the slave girl for His sexual pleasure. He trained the slave to be a masochist. He was a very sadistic Master, Whips, canes, needles, clamps, electrical torture and BDSM were the norm. He applied metal chains and cuffs and stored me in the cellar. The slave girl also had to work for Him as an escort girl for some of His business companions. Sexy and in nice clothes. Sometimes even in a rubber dress. But always stylish. One day They offered me the 24/7 TPE position at their house and I gladly accepted. I had thought I had been well trained before. I had little idea of the intensity that awaited me. The real training started when I became a live-in. I stayed for some years with them. I lived with my ex-Owners on a farm in the North of the Netherlands. On that farm I was confined in the cellar or in one of several cages. I also stayed in the stables when I was dressed like a pony. My ex-Owners were very strict and tried to achieve 24/7 TPE slavery. I was just what I wanted --- but as it turned out not totally prepared for just then. We were all very fetish oriented. Rubber, leather, straightjackets. I also had to wear a chastity belt (Neosteel). The slave girl was marked twice with a branding. I was complete satisfied with the slavery situation. But that changed in December 2008. They tried to get me at a higher level of slavery than I was mentally prepared for at that time. It was December 2008 . The new slave contract I was given that Christmas was too extreme for me. They wanted me to undergo complete body modification, including breasts, clit, voice and markings They told me about the modification and mentioned there was also be a possibility to I would be sold to a new Owner. They revealed that someone (a foreigner) was interested in this slave and wanted to transform it into a complete pony, without a voice. Sadly this was too shocking for me at my limited stage of development. Not ready for total ownership and more extreme slavery I left those Owners . It was a weak moment for me and started a dark and terrible period in my life! I was still the owner of my house, so I could get back there. But I wasn't capable of caring for myself independently any longer. My ex-boss, a director of the company I used to work for was wonderful to me. He took me back as his secretary, and he escorted me. He knew I was into BDSM. Although he is very vanilla, he helped me. He acted as my Master (Lord) for the time being. Through him I met my present Owners. Things have changed over the years and I am now better able to accept my place. In my time with him, he helped me find a new dominant Couple. I visited Them several times , and we clicked. We did some role play, some sex, and a lot of discussions. In April/May of 2009 we decided to give slavery a chance. First I served Them on a part time basis, but They controlled me and called me if They want me to use. When I was with Them I was in 24/7 TPE slavery.. My slavery grew. In about September 2009, I became their full-time live in 24/7 TPE slave. Complete slavery, They built a cell for me in which I still live. I spend my time in that cell chained to the wall, naked and alone. The hair on my head is now completely shaven. I have a nose ring and numerous piercings. I am past the point of being able to live in the vanilla world. So, I am not looking for a new trainer or Master anymore. I have grown as a slave and I am completely satisfied with my place. (the portrait picture in my profile is my last picture with hair, this one is taken short before my slavery with these Owners, the first picture is old.)

interests and trained into:
*Maid training
*Corset and figure training
*Bondage and rigging
*rubber pony play
*objectification / bimbofication
*sensory deprivation
*rubber servitude
*anal training
*erotic pain
*fetish training
*lifestyle spanking
*chains and very heavy (dark ages) chains and cuffs
*chastity (neosteel belt)
*whips and cane
*baby and age training

* animal (dog)

* watersports and more, toilet training

* Modifications











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 Female Slave

 Amersfoort, Dutch 


 5' 5"

 132 lbs






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Journal Entries:
11/25/2016 12:53:12 AM
slave realises it doesn't post many updates of it position in slavery. Slave sorry about that, but it seems to be more difficult for slave each day..slave doesn't get much time on the internet, why should the Owners allow that to a worthless, rightless, fuckable slave...
But for the moment, slave is happy in this life, it is good to be locked, chained and to be in a chastitybelt, working as a slave and be in rubber most of the time. If it is not used it is most of the time in the cell or in its cage. In summer more in the stables, in winter most of the time in the house in cell and cages.
the body has been modified as most as possible, the udders are extreme enlarged, the cunt as much as possible modified for use. slave is used to the extreme pain and whipping. slave is still Owned by Mistress and used and trained by Master and all Here and His Friends. 
so, slave is happy, slave is satisfied with its current life, as long its Owners are happy and satisfied it is good...

4/24/2016 4:19:19 AM
slave doesnt get much information from the outside world, it lives its live in slavery and pain. Which is good. days are often the same, work work work in slavery for Mistress, serving Mistress and being Her personal assistent with everything. When slave is not used it is locked in its cel or in one of the cages or stables. Master is using the slave for his sadistic things, He likes to torture and fuck the slave in many ways. 
slave is now used to be fucked by animals, used to eat like an animal, twice a day, just its simple feeding. 
Slave is used to this life, it is not possible anymore to life in the outside world, it will be a slave for ever.... which is good and this is what slave always wanted to be.... modified in a slave, body to the wishes of its Owners.

9/18/2015 10:22:15 AM
slave have had permission to open an account with Fetlife too, it is known there as slavinnummer30. maybe it is also allowed in the near future to use skype, same name
slave #30

9/13/2015 8:24:22 AM
Worked in the holiday: just cleaning the house, worked in the garden, cleaning all bdsm attributes, taking care of the other animals in and around the house. (dogs, pigs and pony)

Pee and shit, when slave is in its cell, it is allowed to use the bucket which is situated in its cell, but then is slave a long time in that smell. Outside its cell it is not allowed to ask, but the owners treat the slave the same way as the dogs, on a leash, some moments of the day, and shit and pee on the leash in the woods around the house (it is a large kind of farm here)

as a toilet slave used in all ways you can think of, pee is sometimes direct in the mouth, warm and nice. Sometimes they use a funnel, so slave doesnt spoil any pee. sometimes they pee in a glass or bottles, so slave can drink that during the day. 
With shit it is about the same. Slave is now used to swallow the shit direct from the master or Mitsress, but most of the time it is a mess after the shitting... so slave has to clean it and lick it from the ground. There for they sometimes shit in my manger and slave can eat it later. Not easy, but it has to...

slave is used several times by animals, it is used bij dogs, sucked ponies and horses, had seks with a goat, they did a slang and fish in the cunt of slave etc etc..

8/7/2015 8:08:48 AM
slave owners are back in town, slave is so happy....
slave is treated well, lot of caging, whipping, caning, pain and suffering besides the normal humiliations, slave feels like an animal and has more more difficulties to act human and to write about its life... but slave is happy, is wasnt a very nice time during the period the friends took care of the slave, it just worked worked and worked, and was daily used and tortered. which is good of course, slave is happy its owners are back now, so life is turned into normal daily routine and serving its Mistress and Master.

6/19/2015 9:22:20 AM
Summer started in the Netherlands, although, it seems, the wetter ain't that good yet, but for slave isn't that important, it is not often outside the house. Only for pony play, for peeing sometimes or do some work in the garden for Misterss. Slave is also allowed to company mistress for a walk in the garden, leashed of course and always chained. But master and mistress left the house now for a long holiday without slave. A friend of them is taking care of the house, the animals and slave. He is a cruel old man, sadistic and unfriendly to slave, but slave won't complain of course, it will be used and feeded which is all it needs. The new master has his own slave girl, a nice young lady, serving him 24/7, trained and beautiful... Slave will do its very best to serve the new master and make him happy.

3/19/2015 3:25:06 AM
slave is always in slavery, it is more severe than ever. Almost no posibilities for internet access. Working as a slave in and around the house, as a maid and a slave and the personal assistent (slave) of Mistress. uses and misused for sexs, pain and torture, seks with animals, p&p use. Slave body is now completed with the bodymods: no hair anymore, no teeth, huge udders, body tattooed, also around the nipples, the arse and cunt. Ringed everywhere: nose, clit, labia (what has left), nipples.
it is good, it is inpossible now to return in the normal world, something slave doesnt want at all, live is good this way, please leave slave caged or locked in a cell.
Dont worry about slave, it is happy now. excuse when slave doesnt respond quick on mail or questions, simple it has not much opportunity to do that...

12/29/2014 12:56:26 AM
as said before, when you live in slavery like this meat, christmas isnt really a thing, no christmas tree in the cell... so again another year past away... Slave is more then 5 years with its Owners now. Slave is not afraid anymore to be sold or given away... it has rest in its head and it knows the Owners take care of the slave. 
he slave is living its normal slavelife in 24/7 tpe again. it is used to a more or less daily routine: Master wakes the slave in the morning up, He on tights the slave from its straightjacket, lead it naked to the garden on a leash to pee or shit. Sometimes it is allowed to take the seed of Master or His pee if He likes to do that. Master feeds the slave from its dog bowl. Slave is feeded twice a day, like dogs and other animals... From that moment the slave has to clean itself and has to dress itself most of the time in its rubber maid uniform, or old fashioned maid uniform. It has to wake up Mistress and serve Her with bathing, clothing, make up etc. It has to prepare breakfast for Mistress and sometimes it is allowed to read the newspaper for Mistress. If Mistress doesn't need the slave, it is put in the small cage just waiting.  
Mistress has had problems with Her heart, and is not in very healthy condition, so slave has to take care for Her very much.
Then the slave has to do its housekeeping work. Slave has to serve the lunch for Mistress, and sometimes it is locked in its cell or cages. In the afternoon the slave sometimes is still trained by Mistress for the roleplaying things. That is always the great training slave still loves! To work and train as a slave for its Mistrees. In the first years of slavery with this Owners slave was sometimes allowed to join Mistress to do some shopping or to visit some (BDSM/ fetish) friends, but that is over now. Slave has had a lot of bodymods and is not very good-looking for the vanilla world, so it is not often allowed to leave the house. Except for the bdsm vissits to Friends of the Owners, but most of the time slave is transported in the trunk of the car.
In the evening the slave is most of the time in it's cell, naked and chained with metal cuffs. If master likes to use the slave is that most of the time in the evening, He loves to torture or have rough sex with it. Master helps the slave in it's straightjacket again for the night.  
As said, the slave is now used to get feed 2 times a day form the dog bowl, eating ain't still easy for the slave because it's food is sometimes mixed with pee or real dogfood, the slave has to eat fast and the complete meal, if not it is punished very severe. which happen a lot of times, but the 2 times feeding a day is very good for the shape of the slave, the healthy food and training keeps the body of the slave in a nice shape.... although it is getting older and older...  Slave is wearing it's neosteel chastity belt often, slave is not allowed to touch its pussy of course. 
summer is the best part of the bdsm for slave because of the pony training, winter is more extreme with pain and tortures, but slave wont complain, this life is very good for slave and it is so proud it still serves this Owners. 
for all of You who reads its journal, slave wishes You all a great and very Dominant and sadistic 2015 in great health.

9/22/2014 11:10:04 PM
Not a lot of changes, cage, cell, extreme rubber, serving as a personal slave of mistress. Still training for pony play and lot of other role play things. Master is still the one who train the slave by whip and tortures. No new body mods, bald shaven and complete hairless, ringed, the sceptum ring is really very large, so slave can easy leashed by its nosering. Same with the clit ring, it is a large ring, not much feeling anymore in its clitoris, just pain when the ring is used, no pleasure anymore there.. Slave often wears the chastity belt, complete steel and locked. So, slave is well, happy to serve, ready to suffer for its owners

6/26/2014 12:39:49 PM
slave is okay, life is hard but good. slave is trained to obey in all times, serves now as a full trained slave and ponygirl. no limits anymore, body is modified and serving te owners at best as it is possible
slave is less allowed to spend time on the internet, the laptop has been removed from its cel, slave is spending just time as a slave, working, being humiliated, in pain and to suffer. The reason slave was allowed to the internet was that slave could learn from other dominant people, learn to be polite to owners and masters and accept its position as a slave. Slave has no own decisions anymore, so just obey and wait what will come next.

slave #30

3/12/2014 3:15:27 AM

a very short update, slave is okay... but the slave has rarely access to a computer. So live the life of a 24/7 TPE pain and sex slave. Fully owned and save kept in a cage or cell. Complete voluntary, and very very happy to live like this. My owners take care of me and give me the right education and care. It is all complete safe. 

No more new bodymodifications, i feel very healthy. 

slave #30 

10/31/2013 1:33:11 PM

Slave is used again by the nazi friends of master and mistress. It was sent to that torture house for several days, spent the time as their prisoner. They are terrible sadistic and cruel. Lost two nails, have been beaten with whips, cane, bull whip etc, they used electric on me, used a knife, used breath play. I am exhausted after these days, no idea how long I stayed with them. Happy back again in my cell, naked and cuffed to my own metal cuffs and restrains... Happy again and trying to recover... It is good to be a slave, love this life.

10/8/2013 12:04:47 PM

slave is doing fine, getting used to the daily routine. Most of the time serving Mistress, in the morning making her ready for the day, bath, make up hair clothing etc, preparing Mistress breakfast, feeding her. Reading the newspaper for Mistress, have some training ot sadistic fun, when She doesn't need the slave its is locked in one of the cages or stable, or stored outside in the garden. 

slave is normally clothed in its full rubber maid uniform or just naked and chained.

Not often allowed to the laptop, so chat is hardly impossible.  

actually slave is living a real live like an old fashioned slave form the roman days... work, serve and suffer... Mistress is still into the full rubber enslavement and bondages, also with pain, she can be very sadistic. 

Master is using the slave body for sex, pain, sadism and torture for Him and His Friends. Slave likes these sessions, although it is hard and rough. 

Then slave is used with animals and slave is very proud it is trained for full toilet use...

8/29/2013 12:17:48 AM

slave gets some more time on the internet last weeks, that feels good, to be in contact with some Dominant and Sadistic Masters. It is good to be able to talk about its situation. Which is still the same: body is modified now: hair permanently removed, so very bald on the entire slave body, no eyebrows, nothing at all. Slave its udders have been enlarged 3 times now and are really hugh, a EE size, the nipples pierced which large permanent rings, also wearing a nosering, which still feels very humiliating, strange why that part feels so special, it confirms me I am like an animal, they often leash me to the nose ring.

I am also pierced through labia, 6 now, and clit, they split my clithood, which was very painful, but now used to that modification, the clit is less sensitive anymore.

slave has been branded twice and also two tattoos, a barcode in the neck, like objects in a shop has... and its number 30, above the cunt, large and bold written.

they removed the teeth of the slave as well, but slave is most of the time allowed to wear denture.

I read on a profile about slaves who craves being taken, abducted, tortured, raped, put in isolation, kept and daily reminded of the piece of fuck meat they are? Yes that is me, trained and forced, but this is my life, this is what i want and how I can serve my Owners. I hunger even darker areas, deviance and taboo.... strange, yes maybe, but my life turned in this direction, and I am proud I can give my Owners this devotion.  

I am property, I am treated as an animal, they tried forced lactation thru milking two times daily, but that wasn't succesfull. 

Now I am a well trained ponygirl, an object to be tortured in roleplay and in real rape and kidnapping, slave is trained as a perfect maid in the house, slave is used to be in full rubber, corseted and hooded, long time bondage. Its is trained as a full toilet now. 

It is good to be caged or locked in its cell, where it usually is kept naked and with metal cuffs and chains locked to the wall and most of the wearing the dildo chastitybelt. It is allowed to eat twice a day, like a dog from a bowl with real healthy, but tasteless, food.

The weekly punishment is still there on the Friday,  of course beside the normal punishments after misbehavior of the slave. During the weekly punishment slave is whiped, caned, clamped electro etc, and often locked in a dark box afterwards  so it can think about the misbehavior of that week. 

This is a short update of the life of slave #30, still the only slave in the house of its Owners, although the Owners are looking for a second slave. And when that young new slave girl is there, this one probably will be sold....



5/24/2013 2:29:36 AM
Slave is fine, she is living a full time slavery time. No escape, no freedom. Just living in its cell, its cage or dark box if the owner so decide. The slave body is now complete modified. Don't know what else they like to modify, but slave thinks they reached the edge... It feels good, don't want to live in an other way. It is good to be obedient, to serve and offer my holes and body for use by the dominant and sadistic owners. they trained me to be a full toilet now, which still ain't nice, but slave can handle it. It is not allowed to be often on the Internet, which slave can has to live a slavery live, no need for luxury or comfort. Slave #30

4/18/2013 11:53:33 AM

mag soms van mijn Eigenaren met Nederlandse Doms chatten via een nieuw adres:


1/28/2013 10:26:58 AM
Unfortunately is slave not often on the Internet, it is most of the time forbidden. Slave is still bald shaved, teeth less, in the cell naked and chained, in the house working in service for mistress in several layers of rubber, and training to work with three hoods at the same moment, hardly impossible, but as said, training, and punished by mistress and master to act better. Slave can tell you, the whipping and caning helps the slave to practice more. And better..... Slave is this year also often rent or lent out to friends of the owners for several role play bdsm, which is very very hard and extreme most of the time. But it is good for slave to learn from others to become a better slave. Slave was lucky, it didn't spend much time in the dark punishment box, so slave is very happy with that. It still acts like a human full toilet.

12/1/2012 12:02:50 AM
the slave gets a lot of questions about its live and it is often asked if the slave is happy in its live. Yes slave is proud to serve these owners and is happy in its training progress and very proud it came this far. Slave is trained to serve complet, to act like a full toilet, to suffer in pain and to be alone in bondage, cages or cell. It is used to be in several layers of rubber, slave is happy to be in full rubber, enslaved, please give me the whip, the cane, the clamps and needles, so slave can suffer for them... slave is happy here, has signed a full contract, if the owners decide to sell the slave, it will be happy to serve the new owners. it should be happy to give its body for pain, sex, animals and full toilet. It will be happy to breed for the owners, if needed.

11/4/2012 1:26:47 AM

slave is living a sever slavery life. It is stored and cuffed in its cell, cage or box. It certainly is less then a dog, it is a slave, an object. It hardly speaks, just cry with tears and suffer in pain. Which is good... If lucky it is in full rubber working in the vila of the owners. 

It eats the shit now, most of the time it keep it inside, some times, in rare situations it gives up, which will be punished of course. And slave has to eat its own stuff again...

slave doesn' t know why it is so masochistic, it doesnt have any choice either.... it has to suffer under the whips and canes...


10/1/2012 11:52:21 PM
Just Slavery, pain and torture, no freedem anymore, just used for sex, torture and fun for its owners... Living in full rubber or chained in the stables

10/1/2012 11:51:54 PM
Just Slavery, pain and torture, no freedem anymore, just used for sex, torture and fun for its owners... Living in full rubber or chained in the stables

9/18/2012 3:48:29 AM
The Owners did a great trainings job with this slave. It feels much better to be objectivied as slave is. strange but slave made realy progress, the Master and Mistress were proud by its progress. These things happens in the head and mind of a slave, but asks a lot of patience and practrice by the owners. Slave is proud to serve these wonderfull Owners. Last weekend was slave lent out to Friends for heavy and sever BDSM, sadism and humiliation, ageplay, nazi play and torture. it wasn't easy but slave enjoyed the sever treatment and humiliations. As slave wrote before, it is compete happy with it's slave situation, for sluts like this one, slavery is the ultimate feeling.

9/5/2012 4:49:40 PM
Last 3 weeks objectivation was the keyword. Nothing else, just bound, rubberized, gagged, caged, no speaking at all, twice a day feeding (slave food of course), once a day a restroom possibility, fucked more times a day, by Men, Women with strap on, dogs, twice a day a whipping or canning, excercize each day to stay in shape, enemas, dildos. These things were slaves live last weeks..... Nothing else.... No idea of time, day, place or who slave is.... Just nothing but pain and rubber and cuffs with chains. It was a hard time, but slave made a next step in objectivation to a 24/7 TPE slave.

7/23/2012 8:58:39 AM
Slave life goes on, more and more objectivation. Slave has no worries at all.... Just obey, life is simple, isn't it? The normal punishment keep the slave in shape, cannot live without the whip, the cane, it just need the power of that leather and wood on its body. Rings through. The nipples and nose are enlarged. Slave did some role playing with friends of the Owners, still like. The excitement of these sessions, to be a good slave, pony, schoolgirl or baby, just give that the renter likes to have... To feel that need asks some training, but slave has reached a level it can handle almost all situations. Mistress is getting better, slow but better. In the meantime Master takes the whip and education of the slave. By the way, master locked the neck of the slave with a very old fashioned, extreme heavy metal collar. So slave is now wearing 24/7 this terrible heavy device. He loves to see the slave struggling with this 13 cm high and some kilos weight around its slave neck....

7/12/2012 11:02:55 AM

slave didn't got much time to be on the internet, so excuse slave for not updating its journal. Because Mistress still has to deal with Her heart problems slave is used in a different way. Yes it has to serve Mistress for Her convenience, so slave helps Her with clothing, dining, toilet, make up etc.  But no sex and no punishments from Her hand. But don't worry, Master takes care of slave. When it's not used slave stay in it's cages, dark box or stable. In the cages most of the time wearing clamps, stretchers and dildo's, in the stable turned into a pony with hugh tail, harness, bit and hooves. in the dark box with pins and holes of the slave filled with dildo or gag, always suffering pain and loneliness...

Master continues the toilet training and roleplaying training. Of course slave is used again for sexservice and torture for His fun and for the fun of His Friends. 


6/21/2012 4:31:51 AM
Slave is used very well last week, master took over the daily training and discipline. Painful, but much better then the dark box or the small cage. Bottom is bruised and a bit blody, cannot sit, but that is a slave life as it should be. Master also continued the electro and toilet training. Mistress is at home, she is quit but okay, so is told to the slave. Did also a roleplay with a friend of master. Slave had to act as a prisoner of war with a nazi couple. Believe slave, they know how to torture and have fun with a slave in sever pain...,

6/21/2012 4:31:33 AM
Slave is used very well last week, master took over the daily training and discipline. Painful, but much better then the dark box or the small cage. Bottom is bruised and a bit blody, cannot sit, but that is a slave life as it should be. Master also continued the electro and toilet training. Mistress is at home, she is quit but okay, so is told to the slave. Did also a roleplay with a friend of master. Slave had to act as a prisoner of war with a nazi couple. Believe slave, they know how to torture and have fun with a slave in sever pain...,

6/18/2012 8:13:17 AM

short update, Mistress has some heart problems, so she has to keep very quit now. 

Slave is serving Mistress to keep Her comfortable. No training at the moment by Mistress, But Master is using the slave more often now. 

6/15/2012 3:12:49 AM

slave is not used very often last days, spend most of the time in the cell or cage. Mistress is ill, don't know what, but it seems she is really ill and they are very concerned about her.

6/4/2012 10:39:04 AM

slave is getting used to its new slave life. it feels more and more like a bimbo. Its good to be in this fetish and slave life. The mouth is getting used to the new false teeth, it looks nice to have teeth again, it also looks nice to have teeth like a very young child or like an animal such as a pony....

Lives and stays a lot in its cell, its cages and the feared dark box...

Mistress turns the slave in a rubber object, almost daily in several layers of rubber included dildo's and gag, bound and clamped on its high heels.

a living like a slave is good. 

5/18/2012 11:19:17 PM

not much to report, slave wasn't hardly?allowed on the internet, just locked and stored in it's cell, cages and dark box. The mouth of slave is recovered complet. It wil will have several false teeth next week, just for the pony play and all other role play scenes. The mouth is health and that feels good.

They also?tattooed?the nipple courts of the slave... ?they are now dark and hugh courts around the ringed nipples of the slave, that huge, when slave wears a shirt with a?decollate, people can see the courts already... ?very humiliating in public, but a next sign people have to deal with a slave. It looks nice on the huge udders of slave.

during last weeks the normal training continues, again, toilet and full rubber service, maid training and also a lot of ponytraining, so slave was being bussy when it wasn't stored.?

Yesterday the week punishemt with master was not easy, but okay..... THe botten hurts after 75 strokes of a sever cane, the tits and niplles are tortured and the cuntlips tortured with electro. Master knows how to punish the meat.

5/5/2012 7:05:43 AM

didn't have any time to come online or to write in my diary overhere... slave has been modified further, so it starts to become a real bimbo slave. For that reason the Owners held the slave long time in its cages, cell and worst, dark box. Still cannot use to that long time pain-imprisonment-bound and gagged... slave has to try to turn off its mind during the long time in the box, just relaxe and wait.... endure the pain and loneliness...

in trainings period Mistress did a lot of pony play again, which slave enjoys, its great to live like a pony and be in rubber pony outfit or in leather restrains... 

4/13/2012 10:59:07 PM

slowly everything is turning normal again. The body is healing, no bra is need anymore, although slave still has to get used to these big boobs... strange, a smal body with these E75 in front...The rings are enlarged, so that is all in perspective. Mistress told the slave will be tattooed on the udders, the areolas will be painted and will be much bigger, so with a cleavage the slave has to show its areolas... let us see and wait...

At Easter the owners had a bdsm party at their home. 4 Couples were invited and stayed some days with my Owners. In total, 5 Dominants and 4 slaves. It was scheduled to do a crucifying on Monday, second day of Easter. Two male slaves and this slave should be hanged to the crosses in the garden. But the weather was that bad, cold and rainy, so They skipped that part of the program...  but a alternative program came up...

this slave was treated very harsh..

The slaves were with 2 in the small cages, while the owners were having breakfast and coffee, after that first they took the slave one by one. First one was me, glad to get out the small cage and the annoying male slave who was fidgeting me all the time. First I had to greet all Dominants by kissing and licking their feet, licking their shoes and suck the high heels of the Ladies. Then they test me one by one, feeling my holes, slaping my face, spitting etc etc. When they all were done slave was leashed by a choke (strangle?) chain (normally used for hugh dogs) , it was bound to the sealing, not possible to move, because the chain was short and every movement make the slave more difficult to breath...  slave was naked only wearing very high heels. Not so stable...

slave had to wait for all other slaves, who had a simular treatment. 

After that the slave was brought to the wooden horse, bound on the sharp shelf, cunt lips spread wide, arms high above the slave, bound to the sealing, feet bound afterwards to the horse, full weight on the cunt on the horse. To warm the slave it was whipped, not much but enough to get red on the body. They gagged slave and nailed the cunt lips with 3 mails each to the shelf... then a more sever whipping started, don't know how long, but it felt endless... the pain when the nails were removed was even more sever...

to get some rest, slave was locked in a small cage and was feeded.

later They bound the slave to a table, standing in front of the table, legs spread wide, hanging with the udders on the table, so the bottom was high and the arse was accesible. then the next whipping started, they used several whips and canes and even a bull (!!) to torture the bottom till it was purple, bloody and bruised... he upperlegs and the bottom was a mess...

then the fucking started... all fucked the slave in the arse, also the male slaves.... First the Masters, also the Mistresses with huge strap ons... and then even the slaves, which felt very humiliating.... dont know how long, dont know how often... from time to time the slave got a cock in its mouth to clean or to suck it hard... then the fucking started again and again....

when they all were done, slave was untight, got some rest, and was locked in its cell to recover.... 

please understand, slave neede this week to recover fro this treatment, it still cannot sit without pain....


3/30/2012 11:56:08 PM
Back home deels good, although the cell isn't very comfortable, it is slaves home and it feels safe. The wounds round the udders are recovering slowly, still lot of pain, but slave can have it. The results of the surgery are wonderful. Slave doesn't have to work much, in the house it is almost duty free. But it gets much time to recover. The recover time is given in its cell, the cages, or worst, in the dark box. Slave loves to be back in duty again... Mistress already bought some new rubber clothes for slave, but it didnt wear it yet because it is too tight for the recovering udders. The niple rings are replaced by more large rings, very nice... They also replaced the ring through the clitoris, which hurts now... Slave visited the dentist on Friday, wasn't that nice... But that is suspected, who likes the dentist.... Next time will be the last time with the dentist, the rest will be done in the hospital, from that moment slave will like a complete bimbo... Master is using its whips and canes again on the slave, slave has to know the whi and cane keep it in shape, it flesh is for torture and satisfaction of its owners. Still strange, slave fears the bull whip and cane, but it needs the pain of the hit and results of that toys... Oh yes, forgot to say, slaves holes are used again for sex...

3/24/2012 7:09:48 AM
Slave is recovering as result of the surgery, it will take some time. Slave will have to do some light house work, but slave has very much time now, during recovering... Master caned the bottom of the slave last Friday bloody and purple... Slave has to realize it is still meat to torture and give sex, also during recovering.... So beside the normal torture, slave is locked in the cell, naked and chained, sometimes in the dark box again and also in the cages. Slavin is geopereerd en heeft een behoorlijke vergroting van de uiers ondergaan. De cup maat is nu een stevige E75, slavin is trots op het resultaat, hoewel zij wel moet wennen aan de enorme voorgevel... Het past nog niet zo bij het ranke slavinnen figuurtje... maar grote uiers zijn fantastisch, zwaar, dat voel je gelijk, ook wennen aan de omvang en de napijn maar aan pijn ben ik wel gewend... Heb wel veel nieuwe kleding nodig... Vooral de korsetten die over breast zijn lijken te klein... Veel BH's heb ik niet, dus dat valt mee...mag wat nieuwe rubber jurken met Mistresss kopen, we gaan naar Amsterdam deze week. Volgende ingreep staat ook op stapel: de speen ringen zijn al vergroot, passend bij de enorme uiers, maar ook de restant tanden en kiezen zullen op korte termijn getrokken worden zodat de verschillende kunstgebitten aangemeten kunnen gaan worden.... Spannend, wordt nu echt een bimbo slavin... Meester heeft mij een week rust gegeven, maar nu terug in het gareel: slaap weer in de dwangbuis, vastgeketend in de cel, hoef alleen nog maar licht huishoudelijk werk te doen, maar wel weer in rubber en maid uniform en geketend. Wordt wel alweer voor normale sex gebruikt, en heb bij de wekelijkse vrijdagstraf een enorme caning ondergaan, de kont is kapot geslagen, tot bloeders en purpelpaars.... De uiers worden zorgvuldig nog ontzien... Alles wordt dus langzaam weer normaal, de kooien, de kist, en de cel, het hoort bij mij..

3/22/2012 9:34:01 AM
Yes, it happend! Slave has been to a privat clinic and it's udders are enlarged to E75! Some dominants don't think this is big enough, but for the time being, slave looks much better with these udders. The owners are satisfied with the result. Pain is okay, wasn't very nice this surgery, but slave is getting better and better and looks more like a bimbo... It needs some time to recover, but is doing fine, tonight the normal weekly punishment with Master, the normal whipping etc in the dungeon, it is good to be back.... Hope He is careful with the new udders....

3/3/2012 1:52:19 AM

time to update the journal of slave. the weather is getting better, so slave is also used more and more outside again. made some walks with Mistress in the woods near the house of the Owners, always leashed to the clitring and walking behind Mistress, a slave leashed to that ring will follow, believe me.... quit humiliating too,its is subtil, but the small chain disappears under the short skirt..

Master was on business trip for some days and slave spent much time with Mistress and Her Friends, the dog was also there... so slave learned its place much better... also much toilet training.

Slave is now used to 2 meals a day, healthy food... 

The loneliness in the cell or worse, in the dark box, is something slave never get used to. Now master is back again the more cruel and sever torture is also back again. Master ought a very long and very mean bull whip, he like s to practice with it when the slave is naked bound to a tree in the garden, the sound of that whip is so terrifying... the pain when the whip torture the slave flesh is extreme. Slave doesn't fear many whips, but this one, in the hand of Master... brrr... An other new thing of Master is to crucify the slave. thanks God he didn't use nails so far, but he bound the slave to the cross, started with short times, but he is building up the time, so slave hang long time to the cross, naked and whipped... arms full of pain..  

2/18/2012 4:49:46 AM

a short update of the slavemeat. It is doing well, doesn't get much internet time, so don't have any contact with the world outside the cell...

Slave get more and more used to the severe and harsh slave life. Experiences of last weeks: lot of bondagetime in several layers of rubber, Mistress loves to have the slave in 3 or 4 layers rubber clothes... then holes filled and clamped in tight bondage, ears and eyes closed, so the meat feels like meat...

master stored the slave in the dark box, very painful, very exhausting... Master first whips and canes the slave and locked it up.

Dayly use: dressed in rubber maid uniform for housekeeping, serving mistress in all ways. Also more and more full toilet. Now the better is better we also started again with the pony training outside. Did 2 times BDSM escort last weeks, once to the NAZI Master and his wife  and once a long pony weekend with Friends of Mistress.

Hope to get some internet time again so slave will be able to speak to You privat again..



2/3/2012 8:05:48 AM
Lot of people ask slave how the pig is doing. Well, hard to say, but the pig is doing very fine... It came from 120 kg and lost about 28!! So it looks like pig is turning into a real slave girl. It also starts to be very obedient... The whip and cane helps it very much...

2/2/2012 11:43:29 AM

some quit weeks, slave visited the private clinic with its Mistress and discussed the enlargements of its tits, it will be in surgery at the end of March. Looking forward to it, it will be a better slave with more big udders...

last weeks were not very exiting for the slave, lot of time in bondage in several ways: long time stored in the dark box, clamped, hooded and filled... nothing to hear or to see, don't know how long, but it aint easy...

also a full rubber bondage, the fetish of Mistress, to dress the slave in sevral layers of rubber and rubber... filled and gagged and bound in difficult positions... she loves it...

daily live was as usual, serving as a rubber maid, some pony training, some other role playing things, some house keeping of course. Further training for the full toilet.



1/19/2012 11:15:47 AM

a new slave year has been started, slave is getting more and more used to its life. the normal routine is good, slave noticed it is getting better and better when it has a routine in its daily slave life.

Some new things added to my slave education: they did crusify me, have to get used to hang at the cross for a long time, not easy, while being whipped. 

They also used bardere wire to bound me to a tree in the woods, very painful too...

The full toilet training continues, the visiting the dentist too, hate that part, but have to get through... In March or April my tits will be further enlarged, we already visited the clinic and all seems to be ready for the next step.

Normal day work in my rubber maid uniform, Master back to work, Mistress in the house and using her slave. Lovely....


1/7/2012 8:26:38 AM

for those who didn't speak to me yet, Happy new year, a very heatlhy and a whipping bdsm year! please learn the subs to obey and help them to suffer and give pleasure to their Owners/ Masters/ Mistresses.

slave had to serve on december 31.January 1 its owners and 1 couple, slave was lucky, it had to act like a rubber maid, just serving food and beverages, nice dressed and cuffed (of course..) Around midnight slave was stored in the bird cage, which is hanging before the garden window, so slave was able to watch the firework in its very small and uncomfortable steel cage. after some time, hours (?) slave was released and had to offer sex to the  guests and Owners. It was very nice. They started the year with sex, some whipping and clamps and my champagne came direct from the Dominant bodies.... not cold champagne, but warm nectar, its was good...



12/27/2011 2:15:50 AM

Wouw this has been some fetish Christmas days over here! The Owners invited 4 (BDSM) couples in their villa during Christmas. The Friends arrived on christmas evening and stayed 2 nights till the second Christmas day. Most of the guests are Dominant, only 2 extra slaves. So we were with 4 slaves (pig had also to serve as a slave) and 8 Dominants. 

The Owners made it a great fetish party. First evening and night the theme was "old slave markets". The slaves were chained, exposed, tested, they made a bit and the slaves were sold to a new owner. Al guests were clothed very nice in old fashioned dresses, corsets and suits. The new Owner used the slave, sexual and tortured the slave. They also exchanged the slaves... so it was a never ending night...

The slaves got a very short sleep and had to take care of the guests the next day, of course the slaves are used and tortured during the day, but they also are used for personal help with make up, feeding, serving drinks, but also toilet use. During the day the slaves were dressed in full rubber with tight corsets and high heels and rubber hoods, but the holes of the slaves were ready for use and accessible.

That second evening and night was full rubber for everyone. So all Dominants were in great fetish rubber outfits, uniforms, dresses, corsets, boots etc etc... They looked lovely and very very sexy! The slaves were already in several layers of rubber and this evening the slaves had several duties, always serving the Masters and Mistresses, just how They liked it... so a lot of bondage, electro, fucking, whips, canes, clamps, needles, humiliating, pain.... it was great, but this slave is exhausted... bruised, purple and wounded on several places of the slave body... it has to recover.... but this is the real slave life, this is why this slave loves this life! so it will take the pain.... 

12/23/2011 2:00:04 AM

last days before Christmas. Strange, but when you live a 24/7 TPE life, Christmas isn't in your system at all. But it will be soon probably, slave noticed the Owners organized some fetish party days... A lot of Friends will be staying with Christmas with the Owners. Slave will be used, work as a rubber maid, a rubber whore, and of course as a slavegirl, as it is just a slave and nothing more.

This week the slave was locked most of the time, had to stay some days in the stables, naked and chained. The Owners had the pig slave some days in the cell of the slave to see how it will react to the cell, the straightjacket and the loneliness of the cell. It was strange for this slave to be back in the stables some days and nights, naked and chained with heavy cuffs and short chains, They milked me again, painful, but this slave didn't give any milk again... Slave was fucked, tortured and used by several people, sometime it didn't even know who it was using while it was wearing a dark hood, eyes shuttered...

So, slave is happy to be back in its cell again and allowed to work for its Mistress again, so it can enjoy its straightjacket and rubber clothes again...

happy Christmas to all Dominant people! 

12/10/2011 12:09:00 AM

I am often asked how slavery started for me... well this is my (short version) story:

that happened  a long time back, If you like to know more details, maybe we can chat one day, because this is a long story. when it really started I don't know, but you have to know my father used me sexual from my early age, my mother watched... i am sure, many years after that, it was the beginning of slavery...

i maried, my husband started one day with rubber clothing and a bit of bondage, from that moment I realized i needed a master, (actually I think I was more a lesbian, love and need also a Mistress) I divorced, because my husband couldn't give me that dominance and strict rules as I needed.

I met my first Owners, lived for a period as "call in" slave, that means, I gave weekly my weekscedule, in that schedule They took over control of my live, They decided the clothes I had to wear, what to eat, how and when to use the badroom, when I had to come over etc etc. They bought me a neosteel chastity belt, trained me as a slave. And in a few years I learned how to behave as a slave, but not living in. One day They offered me the 24/7 TPE position at their house which I accepted. The real training started at that point. I stayed for some years with them, but They tried to get me at a higher slave level, I wasn't that far at that moment. Not ready for total owner ship and the more extreme slavery. I left them (a dark period and weak moment of me), which was a terrible period in my live! 

I was still the owner of my house, so could get back there, but wasn't used anymore to take care of myself. My ex boss was so good to take me back as his secretary, and he escorted me. He knew I was into bdsm, although he is very vanilla. He helped me and through him I met my present Owners. Things have changed in this time... More and more I realize I am a slave, a born slave, I need the dominance, the strict rules, the owners, the fetish, the torture and pain... that is my life...


12/9/2011 3:09:11 AM

a short message, wearing several layers rubber, nice of course, and it makes a slave a bit more to view... it hides the worthless naked, bruised and tortered body... the slave is used to wear rubber, but strange sometimes you still get the feeling of heath and the body starts to sweat extreme, last days that happened often to me.. what is happening to me??

This will be a sever weekend, that is for sure, several Friends of the Owners will stay this weekend with them.. wouw, that will be bdsm.... Going to make them happy and I will serve with my complete body and mind! 


12/4/2011 6:07:02 AM

some rather quit and easy days for the slave, also nice so now and then... but of course still the sever training and storage of the slave, please don't think the owners give the slave much space... which is good, slave knows that. But as said, not much sever pain, just the normal whip and canning. some time spent in the cages and in the box, but it looks like the slave can handle this storage time better and better.

Mistress continued the role playing things: some pony, but more the 1950 household training, maid training, schoolgirl and of course the toilet training. 

Had also to work this week during several bdsm sessions with Friends of the Owners, lent out or rent, it doesn't matter: just obey and take care for the best performance for these Dominants, so the slave doesn't disappoint its owners.

11/23/2011 8:56:13 AM

have had a hard time last week. Lot of loneliness, lot of pain. Ofcourse that is my faith, a slave has to suffer and obey, but sometimes this life is hard and rough.

Master used the dark box to store me, holes most of the time filed and with clamps etc and also in the very small, uncomfortable "bird" cage, a small cage hanging at the sealing, only with bars, so very tough to stay in. In the cage I am always naked, which I am not used to very much... You really feel like an animal, caged... 

The pig slave is doing well, it is getting more and more obedient, it gets used to its slave life and feeding...  it lost about 10 kg, so the Owners are really doing a great job. Of course, the pig need to be whipped to obey, but that is normal, isn't it?

beside the loneliness Mistress is still working at the toilet training and the other role play things. Had bad nights too, sleeping in the rubber straightjacket, something I cannot get used to... Master choose that very tight, warm, heavy rubber jacket each night....


11/13/2011 8:44:18 AM
Not much to write, slavery can be so boring... Sorry don't want to complain ofcourse, but I spent a lot of time in the cell, the cages, the box... , and working for mistress. Not much of role pay training or even better working in roe play. Because that is my favorite thing to do as a slave. Many people ask me about the pig woman in the house. The girl lost already 7 kg! It is realy doing a great job, trained by my Owners. It stil doesn't behave very much as a slave, but getting better day by day. Realy don't know how long it will sy with my parents, but think it stays till it is in slave shape...

10/28/2011 2:40:33 AM

The Owners build an own "cell" for the slavepig, it is build of wood, so you can see it is not permanent, but okay to store that meat..

the mistakes of the pig are taken care of with the whip, the cane etc, this slave receives the same punishments when the pig doesn't eat properly, is obedient etc, it is caned and whipped so the bottom of this slave is so painful and bloody, also the tits, the legs and the back...

Because of the pig still talks without permission it is punished with a leather hood, tight and gagged... so this slave is also wearing that hood.. bah

Beside of the training of the pig, the normal things are continuing, housekeeping in rubber maid uniform, pony training, toilet training etc. Nothing heard about more body mods, so quit at the moment at that point...


10/23/2011 2:34:10 AM

the pig is here for almost one week now, it has had a very hard time... by the way, it is about 120kg and 1.74 meter, so you can imagine it has to loose some weight.... the Owners started the training, but it need to be trained first in obedience, behavior and get used to real slavery. It came from a Dom Daddy situation, the slave is just 22 years old. 

The owners started with learning it the slave rules here in the house, it has to get used to the chains and cuffs and whip. It started with 3 meals a day, a diet specialist gave it the rules for the meals: 2 shakes a day and normal food in the evening, just that. The evening meal is the same as this slave gets, the normal dinner of the owners, blended and supplied with some slave ingredients.

the pig is punished a lot, and one of the new rules: every punishment the pig earns, this slave also receives...

so I am punished extra for the bad behavior of this pig... i hate it already, i get caned for her.... auw..


slave #30 

10/17/2011 10:57:07 AM

didn't update the journal for some time, excuse me for that. So much happened last weeks. have had feeding problems again, so the usual punishment was done, painful again, no mercy....

Have had an exciting experience for 2 weeks with Mistress. She took me in a sunny, but cold weekend afternoon with her into the woods for a walk.  The slave was dressed in a short black and dark red rubber dress, very tight and nice, but not very suitable for public use... slave had black stockings, a garter belt and high heels. Most exiting thing was, Mistress lead the slave with a leash to its clitring. I can assure you, that hurts.... when she pulls the leash the slave will follow, believe me. Just the pressure of the skirt to the leash is already hurting. it wasn't crowdy in the wood, but some people were walking, slave walked behind the Mistress and just looked down.... after some time Mistress met a guy, setup of course... she handed over the leash to the guy and the slave had to follow the Master. he put the slave in the trunk of his car and after a short ride, while the slave was hooded with a leather mask, nothing to see anymore... and he used the slave in his house. It was exiting and very humiliating.. it was good.....

Last weekend slave was used by Friends of the Owners while the owners were there too, long and painful sessions.

Some new things: the Owners bought some electro devices, which is complete new for this slave. A collar with electro which can be used from a distance... they also practice with electro dildo and a cattle device, very painful, have to get used to that...

And the biggest event for the end: This afternoon a new slave is brought to the villa. It is a very very fat slavegirl, still young and need to be trained. The slave belongs to friends of the owner and have to loose weight, much weight... The owners of 30 will train this slave for some weeks. The fat slave is called pig and sleeps in a cage beside the cell of #30 or in the stables. very exiting....!!  


9/25/2011 3:51:35 AM

Have had a week full of problems, slave problems... Last weekend slave had to recover from sever pain (whips, canes, clamps, electro, burning, extreme bondage, very long time extreme rubber bondage). The body was bruised and a even a bit bloody. So it got after the weekend some time to recover, that was on Monday and Tuesday, The Owners didn't use the slave that days hardly, it was locked away in its cell, the slave body recovering in the tight rubber corset, the body chained to the wall with the heavy chains. So the slave waited and was enjoying its "free" time in its cell, alone and a painful body, but okay.

But after that short period the slave was brought to Friends of Master and Mistress. The slave has visited these People before, and wrote about them in it's journal too it guess. These People are some older (above 60), both very sadistic, cruel, fetish and into bdsm role-play. This couple rent the slave so once a year for some days... The things They like is NAZI play, torture, prisoners, rape, Victorian style, 50's household etc... most of the things in rubber, corsets, chastity belts etc...

It was a tough week.... slave returned yesterday, please believe it, the body and mind is exhausted. But the  slave has done its job, served, didn't complain and did the best it could... suffering under the whips and chains, pleasing its Owners and Friends. It s good to be a slave!  

9/11/2011 12:20:08 AM

almost forgot, today its the birthday of the slave... not a party anymore...

but now the slave is 39.... too old?? hope not...

9/10/2011 6:45:37 AM
Last 2 weeks a continuing story... Reds last journal, much of the same. But also some extra things: worked twice a a hocker, one evening, night in antwerpen, Belgium. Had to work behind the window and pleased the guys who visited the neighborhood... Earned that night 440 euro with my body and holes, but master wasn't very satisfied about this result, so a rough punishment afterwards. Second event was a club in Amsterdam where I had to work as clubhocker, nice guys at the bar, dance a bit and fuck with them in the private rooms. Don't know what the slave earned that night but think it was okay, no complains that time... So hardly mo punishments... (that time...) as a hocker I feel humiliated but also great.. strange feeling... In the cell most of the time restrained in the old fashioned middle age cuffs and chains, master always find sow new ones... Heavy and cruel, painful and sadistic too, but I don't complain, am proud master gives me this opportunity to suffer for him. He didn't find the second young slave for mistress, so I am still owned and used by mistress Francien. So still her toilet, rubber slave, maid and pony... It's good to be a rubber pain slave....

8/28/2011 3:32:34 AM

the slave now realizes it has had a very easy slave time... but times are changed.. Master ordered for sever slavery, hard times, work work and work, always in more layers tight rubber, full rubber too... gagged and holes filled. Chained and cuffed. When the slave doesn't work (maid, housekeeping, service to Mistress, take care of the dungeon and all sm materials and supplies) It is used for sex, for training (pony, full toilet, bdsm role play) or just locked away... (in cages, cell or most scary the dark wooden box). The only other possibility is the time being punished and tortured.... 

now slave knows what suffering means and what real pain can be....

slave #30, (NB Hardly getting internet time)

8/12/2011 12:17:40 PM
Realized the slave didn't write it's journal for some time. Didn't have much time to do it.... Well time enough, but most of that time not in the possibility to get access to the computer. Master keeps the slave on its chain in the cell, that chain is mostly to short to move far away... Or the owners keep the slave locked in the wooden box or one of the cages when the slave isn't used... Master bought or build a new metal cuff system, looks like middle age enslavement, hate it... Cannot move, it's heavy, very uncomfortable, pain in all mussels and bones when it has to stay long time in it.. Locked and sucured.... The rubberisation is going well, Mistress trained the slave last weeks constantly in several layers rubber with the hood and corsets. When the slave is serving mistress it is always in full rubber, most of the time much heavy rubber. It feels good, the slave realized it is maid for it... Always in rubber, no human body anymore... Just a rubber bimbo. Of course pain, humiliations, sex and torture werre part of the slave live too. Same withbthe animal sex and toilet training, these aren't the favorite things to do for this slave. Don't think this slave ever get used tothat part of bdsm and slavery. The weekend starts tonight, always heavy and busy times for the slave. Let us see what will happen these days.....

8/1/2011 8:35:41 AM

didn't got much internet time last week, stayed in my new rubber doll uniform, get used to it, although it aint easy to be very long in several layers, heavy and tight rubber... but it is getting better every day, the heels are extreme high, a kind of ballet heels, so that took some training as well. The slave was lucky with the wetter in Holland, it was cold and rainy... not nice, but great in my rubber uniform. 

Also spent some time in the new cage in the garden, but as said the weather wasn't that good, so slave wasn't enjoying the large cage very much in the  wet grass...

Also done some new toilet training, still not my favorite, but also making some progress... slow very slow... 

Master didn't succeed in finding a new slave girl so far.. so i am still the one and only slave in the house. That also means Master used me very rough and tortured me a lot. 

The doctor came this week again to look after the slave body, he did a long examination of the slave body and mind... he told me the slave is still very healthy, so that is good!!


7/26/2011 9:37:03 AM

Most part of the slave body has recovered of the whipping from last week.  After this punishment the slave needed some time, but came back as a much better slave.. the whip helps this slave to realize its position. 

This week Master build a huge cage in the garden, about 3 by 3 meters, only 50 cm high... it is a place for the slave to stay in the garden... very nice. (the Owners has also 3 other, very small cages in the house) stayed already some time in it, locked to a chain, enjoyed my freedom..

Mistress also bought a great new rubber costume for the slave, a complete rubber bimbo uniform, from head to tooth, have to get used to the extreme collar, whic is so big... cannot move the head.... no place of the body is without rubber when wearing it...

i am lucky...

7/15/2011 11:38:38 PM

some time past away and everything tuned on to be normal again... what is normal in a slave life, so strange people get used to this kind of slavery. Worked most days in my maid uniform, serving Mistress and sometimes Her Friends. Last weekend we had a role play happening, I turned into a ponygirl from Friday evening till Sunday Morning...  it was great but not easy, it was a competition between several pony owners, I had to fight against some male ponys, which were much stronger then I am. I lost the competition... Mistress and Master weren't pleased that much... Sunday evening a severe corporal punishment. A caning (75) and a whipping (single tail). The body did hurt a lot and needed this week to recover a bit, but the slave still cannot sit on its bottom... Of course the slave deserved this punishment, it disappointed its owners... 

7/5/2011 9:15:43 AM

some days past away, slave is feeling more comfortable now... strange, but it's own cell feels good and save.... 


the slave is proud it has done this slavery period..., as far slavemeat can have feelings... The owners had to store the slave for 16 days or something like that... because they were out of the country for business.

the slave has had a very rough time, but it has to take care not to complain, meat has to be used as meat, and that happened... it was just a meat storage these 2 weeks. Most of the time in complete darkness, bound and heavy cuffed with metal cuffs and chains. hooded and with hugh dildo's and gags, just left for meat in a cage. Most of the time ignored... If used, it was rough and sever, and very long time use with whips, canes, paddles, bull whips etc. Also long time sex giving to several men, long time gang bangs, just for leaving sperm in the holes of the meat. 

Every day corporal training, like military training, naked and cuffed and chained, the whips helped the meat to lengthen the running and training time before it felt down, exhausted....

some days the meat was lucky while saddled like a ponyslave and locked into the stables, living like a real pony, giving sex to other ponys and feed like a pony.. sleeping standing and bound to the stable, on 4 hooves...

the meat had no idea of time, of day or night.... of being a human or an animal or just meat, the last thing is what left in its mind... meat, to fuck and torture...



7/3/2011 11:20:51 AM

wouw, have had a very bad time... but what is bad for a slave, well , let's say, have had a severe and difficult period. Back again in the cell in Amersfoort, Netherlands... which feels good, and save again. Need some time to get back. To feel the slave home, Master locked the slave for a long time period in its black wooden box... didn't know how long or how bad, but, yes the slave feeling is complete....

6/18/2011 12:01:17 AM

The Owners have a business trip, Mistress is joining a lady program, so the slave will be with friends of the Owners for a period, don't know anything.... 

don't know where, don't know how, but They will take care of this slave. Don't know if I will have access to the internet, but don't think so...

6/7/2011 11:03:07 AM

have had some rest for recovering, but now we are back in business... Master is back in charge and tortured and used the slave again.

Had some bad experiences this weekend, had to help a Friend of Mistress on the toilet, She ordered me to serve like toilet paper, but didn't do my job very well, You will understand, She wasn't very pleased.. Mistress was terrible angry about this misbehavior... ofcourse.. 

an other problem slave had was the feeding on Sunday, it has very clear feedingorders (eat like a dog from a bowl on the ground) and the slave wasn't very happy with the supplied food... it was very slow while eating, Master hates that behavior... 

so the punishment was there, it started with a severe whipping and caning, the arse of the slave is blue, red, purple and bloody.....

The slave is also punished by the bull whip on the naked body, hanging on its arms, the body free for the touch of this whip...

slave is also punished with long time bondage with several pain situations: clamps, dildos, weights etc, and while bound some toilet training was done too...

slave learned to behave again.... hope this is it, but has some fear there will be more punishment.


6/2/2011 11:52:55 AM

this was a very painful hurtful humiliating and slavery period.... but that is how it is supposed to be... a slave need objectivation, humiliation, pain, sex giving, torture meat etc... well the slave had it all... now the clit is healed complete  the slave is used complete again... it is good, not easy, but its okay to be a slave and to be cared for. so the slave will give everything to be obedient and nice fuck and pain meat for the owners. 

have some rest if given and the slave will be back again tomorrow in full condition.... (well, without the whipmarks, the wounds, the blue and red and blooded flesh...)


slave #30


5/21/2011 1:36:54 AM

Some strange weeks for the slave, the clit is healing very well, it looks a bit strange now its not swollen anymore and wounds are healed. Have to get used to the huge clitring, don't know what to say about that... it irritates a lot, it is painful most of the time, but it also stimulates... it's always there... When the slave has to wear the neosteel chastitybelt its hurts a lot because of the tight belt. slave noticed it's has to get used to a new humiliating thing at its body, it is proud to wear the ring through the clit and the split hood. It was afraid it will have a spontane orgasm when stimulated so much, but that didn't happen so far.. slave is so thankful for that...


Laste weeks slave has had the change to recover, although slavery was sever of course. but the cunt wasn't used much and the slave spent a lot of time in the cages and box and also in its cell. But now everything will be normal slave guess. Mistress bought some new pony equipment, a new bridle and bit, a steel bit in the mouth which pushes the slave tongue down so it cannot make human noises, just hihihi... (or aaauuuuw, which aint allowed for a pony of corse...)

This weekend slave will spend a lot of time being a pony, slave saw the pony equipment, so it will turn in a ponygirl soon it guess... great training, will have to get used again to the high pony boots and of course the pain of the riding crop and the bull whip. pony hopes it will be in the leather restraines only, but fears it has to wear the rubber pony suite under the leather belts, it will be warm this weekend in Holland...  

5/6/2011 3:32:15 AM

yes it happened, they didn't remove my clithood, but split it.... that is quit different... it hurts but will be great when all recovered, my clit with the hugh ring is free with y split clithood on each side....


5/2/2011 8:41:08 AM

 ashort new entry of the slave. It is told, the clithood will be removed next week! hat will be done in a small private hospital by a friend of Master and Mistress. so exiting... the hugh clitring will be free and the clit will be stimulated all the time, how to handle that with my denied and forbidden orgasms? 

The clitring is about 4 cm, which is large and the biggest problem at the moment is when the slave has to wear its neosteel chastitybelt, which is very very painful. But no complains, it is good, the slave is ringed and humiliated further and further to become an object, or in the best way, an animal.

Slave didn't get much internet time last week, it worked o lot in ponytraining and was bound most of the time very secure and very tight, it has to get used to all time bondage, when not used, the arms of the slave will be cuffed tight to the back, upperarms, wrists and dumbs all chained and bound together.

slave is used on private fetish party this weekend and got a new collar, just for transport of the slave, very tight and no movement possible at all. Th party was very fetish, sadistic and humiliating for the slave, it learned a lot again, so it will be a better slave once...   

4/21/2011 12:42:03 PM

the weather in the Netherlands is great at the moment, 25 C degrees, which is great for all people who can decide to wear what clothes by themselves... which aint a privilege for  owned slaves. This slave has to wear each day a maid uniform, which is a rubber dress, most of the time with ribber gloves and a rubber hood. But under the dress the slave always wears a rubber corset, to fix its body in shape... it also wear stockings to the garters, sometime silk, sometimes rubber stockings, always on nice high heels.  You can assume this slave uniform feels warm and is very sweaty.. but the slave cannot complain of course and has to learn and accept again the heat and the rubber, it has to be proud it is allowed to wear this nice costume. 

The ring through its clit is replaced by a more big ring (3,5 mm and about 4 cm, the clithood will be removed soon, so is said... 

Further the normal slavery, lot of whippings and canings, the slave flesh was bloody this weekend, it recovers slowly. Master loved the whipping with his friends and used the slave for its duties: sex, torture, humiliations, just meat... and when it isn't used, it stayed most of the time in its cell or small cages, it get used to it...  Most painfull thing was this time: they locked the slave in wooden box, very small and complete dark for the slave. Only the udders of the slave were free out of the box through 2 holes. They gave the udders a very tight bondage and clamped it out of the box. Then they tortured the udders on several moments, the slave never knew when and how, it just suddenly felt the terrible pain... that could go on for minutes and stopped also suddenly.... and started again and again... slave thought it became crazy in the  box..... maybe it is already turned on crazy in its mind....

4/8/2011 8:56:28 AM
Slave noticed the journal need an update, time flys... When you are having fun, or when you are caged and locked away... Still not a new slave in the house, that gives me some good feeling, which ain't right, but sorry, it's my feeling and as long this slave is the only one in the house it still has some use for it's owners. Although it also has the feeling it is time for a next step in slavery, out of this comfort feeling and accept and learn the slave will have a new situation, fully owned by master, who is more sadistic and has other limits (maybe no limits?) Saying this, the slave almost forgot to write about it's renewed slave contract. Which was signed on April 1. A very simple contract: no time schedule, no limits... Fully owned and accept all wishes and orders by it's owners...the slave learned to trust it's owners complete, and accept Their wishes and commands with no comment, it will obey all orders and commands. Body modifications are in the hand of the owners, they will decide what is necasairy for the slave to be a good and proper slave. This trust in it's owners feels good, it gives the slave a quit feeling, no pressure, just obey and have trust. Slavery last week was: serving Mistress as usual, lot of latex uniform clothing, several layers rubber, which is normal and accepted complete now. Because of the nice wetter in spring, a lot of pony training again, which feels great for this slave, probably it could live like a pony now, it is one of the favorites of slavegirl. Also the normal training in role-play, maid, schoolgirl, rape, nazi torture, animal sex, whore and escort, etc, etc.. Slave is also pierced again, it has a huge ring through it's clitoris, Mistress loves to have a leash on the clit ring and lead the slave on bdsm parties with this short leash... Yes, very painful, and humiliating, and yes, the slave has attention and will follow... Last thing, the slave makes excuses to everyone for not being online very often... It is simply not allowed to go online very often... It is often locked, caged, cuffed or in a wooden box... Just whit itself... Just being a slave...

3/12/2011 7:28:13 AM

last wednesday slave received its punishment which was necessary because slave had bad behavior and didn't obey during feeding. It was important for Master to show the slave its position and to learn it some lesson. The slave thinks Master succeeded in this, the punishment was humiliating and very painful, so the slave remember it's position and role again and more better. It is a shame this kind of treatment is still necessary. 

Last 2 days slave had to work much in the house in several layers rubber clothing and was locked in the cage often so it could think about the behavior and the punishment. 

It feels good.....   

2/27/2011 2:34:34 AM

A short update in the slave life of #30. Slavery aint always that romantic as some slaves think... Please, don't understand this slave wrong, it isn't complaining, but it gets many messages from slaves who thinks this kind of imprisonment  is nice, romantic and easy to handle. Let me tell you: it isn't. Toyu need to be trained like this, your mind has to be broken, give up all your own things... never decide to do something... just obey and feel the whip and humiliations, the pain and sex which is given by your Master or Mistress. That said, this slave has to say it is quit happy with this lonely slave life.. it is good to be in restrains and to be locked away in the cell in this basement, it is proud it is marked as a slave and is Owned by these fantastic people who knows what is good for the slave. Never the problem for this slave what clothes to wear, what to eat, how to react, when to use the bathroom, to have sex, to date or how to look... The Owners decide it for it.
Last weeks Mistress trained it further in the complete rubber bondage. Several layers of rubber, ears, mouth and fuck holes filled with several things... so no light, no sound, pain in the filled fuckholes, laying down, or standing on balletheels, for a long time, bound in a difficult positions, no power to do anything...  just feel the slavebody and give over your slave mind.... knowing this is good for its development for total slavery.
Also again in the neosteel belt with all supplies. Don't know why, but Mistress  found all neosteel things and slave is wearing the steel bra, the belt and the chains and cuffs... it looks nice, but aint nice to wear all day, especially when the slave is out in public... 

The second slave isn't found yet I believe, Master had a female slave and also a male slave for a weekend over here, but i believe they were not chosen to start the slave training here.. so for the time being, this slave is still alone...


1/24/2011 12:16:24 PM

Some quit weeks, Mistress is back again and slavery normal again. ?Back in my rubber tight corset, with the nice rubber maid uniform, it is normal again.... Several layers of rubber is warm again, but with this weather you can have it...?

Mistress uses me to take care of her complete, I dress Mistress, I take care in the bathroom, I read Her newspaper, I serve Mistress tea and coffee etc etc..?

It is great and nice to serve this way, It feels good too in my rubber every day again. Beside of that simple and normal maid work Mistress trains me again in the role play things, which is fun, even for a slave like me... I love the fetish with uniforms and kinky play. It always ends with whips and cane for the punishments, but that is okay, i love the feeling and strength of the whip....

She also trained me again with the Pee & shit things, not easy but i have to learn it.?

master also used me some evenings again and also last weekend was cruel again. He was with friends and They just tortured and used the slave like it is an animal.?

An other thing what keeps my mind busy: Master is looking for a second slave. That is what i heard these days. Master thinks about taking an other, younger slave for Mistress, so He can take me and use me as his personal torture and sex slave... let us see what happens.... it felt good to be the only slave in this house.... strange feeling....

1/7/2011 7:08:02 AM
A new year started, a new slave year I assume. Have had some very painful and rough sm days. Master had some time off with new year and used the slave sexual and sadistic too. Mistress wasn't at home, she stayed with friends. So master used me and caged me. Now I know what it means to serve a sadistic dominant master 24/7 ... And I thought I have had it all, but this can always be harder and harder. Mistress will return this weekend so the normal slave life will be back soon. My body needs some rest for recovering... Yes it hurts over my complete slave body. Life is good when you are a slave and used this way, although it ain't easy all the time.

12/27/2010 1:53:42 AM

From here, in my cell, the slave wishes all Dominants a Great Xmas and a happy, dominant and sadistic New year. Slave served both Christmas days it's Owners. On Christmas evening the Owners visited a BDSM party with Friends, slave was used as a sex and pain object. Both Christmas days the Owners stayed at home with Friends for dinner and a small fetish party on the second Christmas day. Slave served in it's new leather corset dress. The arms were bound on the back with a glove and later the tits were naked and a server with chains and clamps to its nipples. The slave served the drinks and dinner. And of course the slave is used for sexual services and it was used in the dungeon.  

The slave had the feeling it was a pleasant Christmas for it's Owners and Friends.



11/27/2010 1:15:32 AM

A quit week after a painful and humiliating bdsm private party last Sunday, the party started nice for this slave, it was dressed like a whore, black stockings, red garterbelt, extreme heels, much to short skirt and much to tight blouse, so the Dcup tits are pulling out. Ofcourse the slave was collared as well. Master handed the slave over to the host and told him I was the promised whore for his party. They gave me a position at the bar and I was shown a bedroom where I could have sex with the guests. I had a great time, but busy...
Around an hour after midnight They gave me an other duty at the party, They chained me naked in the bathroom and locked me to the urinal, which I became from that moment, They used me for quit a time that way.
Some hours later, i was tired already the real sm started for me... They took me to the dungeon room and bound me, from that moment the torture started and i was whipped, caned, clamped, They hang me, They used needles and pins on me, i was exhausted from pain and suffer. They were very sadistic and gave me very very sever torture and pain. I faded twice... At the end, it was already 6 in the morning, Master and Mistress took me home and left me in my cell. I was very pleased They gave me the Monday to recover, rest of the week They gave me some time to get my slave body in shape again. Master trained me this week again in the wooden box and lonely enslavement in cages and full rubber. It was good, I love to be this slave...      

11/14/2010 3:53:52 AM

a short update of the slave life. At the moment the training has 2 sites, which ain't easy for me to combine. It also makes me a bit insecure. At one site they train me more and more in the roleplay things. I love that part of slavery, it aint easy, and sometimes it is very strange, but as a slave you can act and react in this roleplay. It is my thing also, I am allowed to wear beautiful rubber clothing, dressed up in all kind of things, tight in corsets, humiliated in public in fetish wear, or in uniforms and tight bondage. So this is the easy site of my slavery, combined with the punishments and torture and sex, it is the normal slavery things, it why i am born...

The other site at this moment is the bimbofication, the objectivation, the dehumanizing. Master trains that part very intensive. As told before, this slave always sleeps in a tight straightjacket and bound to the bed, so it is used to be long time in one position. Master is expending this part: he locks me in a very very small cage or wooden box, tight and with clamps and painpoints all over my slave body, leather mask over my slave head, ears filled, mouth filled, eyes closed, so complete dark and no noise at all. No feeling of time or place, just the slave body in box, tight and waiting and pain all over the body. Sometimes that long I am in my own shit and pee, it makes me scarred and uncertain. I have to trust my Owner and wait till he gets me out of the box...

Master trains me to learn I am his complete property, he decides what and when will happen to his slave. And He decides in ll part of my slave slavelife, my body and soul belongs to Him. The "freedom" in the roleplay and the long time enslavement in the objectivation training gives me different feelings, I noticed the 2 different things gives me a hard time...
In the cell everything stays the same, but more and more Middle Age things: metal cuffs and chains. Master looks for these things on the internet and sometimes He finds new cuffs or very old fashioned slave things. Last thing He brought into my cell is a wooden shelf with locks which is bound to my arms and shoulder and neck, so I have to stand with the shelf on my spread arms and  all that kind of heavy stuff... I noticed in the Middle Ages They knew how to torture a slave....

10/12/2010 12:07:44 AM
the slave is living its normal slavelife in 24/7 tpe again. it is getting used to a more or less daily routine: Master wakes the slave in the morning up, He on tight the slave from its straightjacket, lead it naked to the garden on a leash to pee or shit. Sometimes it is allowed to take the seed of Master or His pee if he likes to do that. Master feeds the slave from its dog bowl. From that moment the slave has to clean itself and has to dress itself most of the time in its rubber maid uniform, or old fashioned maid uniform. It has to wake up Mistress and serve Her with bathing, clothing, make up etc. It has to prepare breakfast for Mistress and sometimes it is allowed to read the newspaper for Mistress. If Mistress doesn't need the slave, it is put in the small cage waiting. Then the slave has to do its housekeeping work. Mistress feeds the slave during lunch and sometimes Mistress locks the slave in its cell or cages. In the afternoon the slave sometimes is trained by Mistress for the roleplaying things. I love that part of the day!! If it is very lucky it is sometimes allowed to join Mistress to do some shopping or to visit some (BDSM/ fetish) friends. In the evening the slave is most of the time in it's cell, naked and chained with metal cuffs. If master likes to use the slave is that most of the time in the evening, He loves to torture or have rough sex with it. Master helps the slave in it's straightjacket again for the night. The slave is feed 3 times a day form the dog bowl, eating ain't easy for the slave because it's food is sometimes mixed with pee or real dogfood, the slave has to eat fast and the complete meal, if not it is punished very severe. which happen a lot of times, but the 3 times feeding a day is very good for the shape of the slave, the healthy food and training keeps the body of the slave in a nice shape.... Slave is wearing it's neosteel belt again, now it touched its pussy by accident. The Owner saw it touching its cunt... Master was very angry and caned its pussy with 25 strokes and also its fingers, which terrible hurts.. From that day it's wearing it's chastity belt again when it is alone or not used..... bah...

9/27/2010 10:34:31 PM
Slavery can be hard for slaves. Probably a slave needs that, so the owners decided to kee this slave in chains, long tine lonely enslavement and rubber bondage. Master tortures the slave daily and use it very oft for fast and hard sex. It works fir mistress in the morning and it's trained for bdsm roleplay in extreme ways again. But since it has been in surgery for it's tits it isn't used for escort or external roleplay anymore. Slave hopes that part of it's live will be back soon....

8/21/2010 6:47:32 AM
I am back with my Owners in Amersfoort and stay again in my cell, which feels very good by the way... It is good to be back and I am glad I longed for this return... Yes I have been in the clinic and yes They gave me silicon implants in my tits!! I stayed two days, one night in the clinic. The surgery took about 1,5 hour, they gave me drains and removed the drains in the evening. Everything went very good, but They thought it would be better to stay a night in the clinic. My tits are re sized, enlarged to a large D cup, not as big as the first ideas were, a DD.. but the doctor thought it wasn't wise to enlarge too much in one time, so he suggested to enlarge to a D cup and maybe later an other surgery. So it was decided to take the advise. After the release  out the clinic I went to the Friends of my Owners and stayed for 2 weeks with them to recover. I have to wear a sport bra for some weeks, but I am so far recovered i am able to do some easy housework as a slave as I should do. So nexr Monday i start again with my normal slave work in the house and to serve Mistress again, but She already told me to be very careful with my new tits or should I say udders... They look lovely, the pain is and was very manageable, although the first days after the surgery were not very easy... I am very proud with my new performance and very happy. I get a lot of questions of Dominants who like to see pictures of my new tits, but I am not in the position to show them, it is up to my Owners of course. But I hope They will allow me.... let us wait what will happen.  

8/5/2010 1:23:35 AM
Yesterday evening my owners told me what will happen next 2, 3 weeks... Next Saterday They will bring me to Friends of Them, my Owners will have a 2 weeks holiday. Their Friends will guide me through the surgery period... She is a professional nurse and They are both also in extreme bdsm, i know Them from BDSM parties. My surgery will be on next Tuesday, I will stay 1 or 2 days in the private clinic, then They will pick me up and "pamper" me in Their house.  Which will be a period of rest and healing although i will live in my normal 24/7 tpe slavery with them, with normal rules, but free of duty.... so I don't think I will be online next period... but i will be back my new udders in a nice DD... it's so exiting!! 

7/27/2010 12:18:43 PM
almost a month past, so time for a short update. They gave me some rest i noticed, probably for the surgery next month.. They didn't torture the tits anymore, but more attention to the cunt and arse of the slave... As told before, the slave has been trained with heavy rubber, and strange, yes it is getting better and better, of course it aint easy with the warm weather, but it seems to get normal for me... I usually wear a tight rubber corset every day and a next layer or rubber: a maid uniform in the house or normal rubber skirt and blouse out the house or when I am not working as a maid. We also did a lot of roleplaying things, especially ponyplay which i still like very much..
some other things I had to do (which i don't like..) I had to have sex with a dog again, i have to get used to that..
Well next month it will be the day, I have heart the date of August 9, which is very exiting for me: the enlargement of the breasts.
Meanwhile master is thinking about much more extreme things with bondage in my cell, but i really don't know what he is up to... let's wait and see what will happen.

6/28/2010 1:40:54 AM
a short update of this slave life: The bimbofication continues. The lips are filled with botox, now several times already, i get used to it... But also another decision has been made: they stopped milking the udders of the slave and They decided to enlarge the breasts by surgery. So I visited a clinic and spoke with a doctor who will enlarge my breasts wit about 2 sizes, which is quit an enlargement for 1 operation... the breasts will increase from a C to a D or small DD. After that a second operation will be suspected... At the end Mistress loves to have Her slave with a EE or even bigger... Master did agree with it, but it wasn't His idea... He likes the opportunity to torture the slave tits... So if You ask me are you glad with this thing... i don't know, 1 i think it would look lovely, nice big new tits.. but 2 will it be painful to have always such a heavy tits? especially when they are further enlarged to a EE or bigger... but it make me more pretty i think. Next month, early August this will happen!! Mistress turns me more and more in a rubber slave doll... That is my problem of this moment, it is extremely hot in the Netherlands at this moment. For my Owners, and Mistress loves it, a reason to train me with the rubber clothing much more. I have to learn to accept the rubber in this heat and also work in it. I have to get used to be in the tight rubber clothing all the time which aint easy... but I wont complain, excuse me if it seems i am complaining, i just wanne tell you what i am making through all time, all day...

6/6/2010 12:09:40 AM
time flies, even for a slave in full enslavement. it feels good, this slave gets the inner rest in it's soul, it feels good to be here, to be in enslavement and to be in the opportunity to serve it's Owners. Of course it has still problems sometimes and also tears, but my body belongs to my Owners and They take care of it. It is strange you can feel this kind of live as satisfying, but it is. It is great to be a slave and trained and educated, it gives me a good feeling my Owners take care of me in all aspects of my slave live.
Some experiences of last month: lot of time spending in the cage... most of the time with cuffs and things inside the slavebody. The cage is small but okay..
lot of time in the cell, most of the time naked and chained with the metal cuffs, some times i get a lon chain so i can  move in my cell, sometimes very very short...
daily routine: still to take care of my Mistress, i serve Mistress complet, most of the time in my rubber maid dress or my normal maid uniforms. The afternoon Mistress spend a lot of time in training with roleplay things such as pony, baby, schoolgirl other age play etc. In the evening Master uses me normaly with His sadistic things... last things He is doing with me is breathplay and sever whippings because He loves the whip... In the night i usually are in my cell in the straightjacket, i will never get used to that terrible thing... Very occasionally i am allowed to sleep in the room with Mistress, but in that case Mistress uses Her favorite thing to me: She give me a full rubber enslavement: from catsuite and corset and hood and high ballet heels in full bondage so i am rubber thing on the bed, filled with dildos and gags and no movement possible anymore... She loves that and allowed me in that position on Her side in Her bed.... As You can read, a slave live ain't that bad.... but not always that romantic as slaves think..

5/16/2010 1:14:16 AM
I didn't write in my journal for some weeks, so an update. But there is not much to say, slavelife can be a bit boring.. which is good for me.. I need the clear rules, the cages and captivity. I need the chains on my metal cuffs and collar. Some things changed a bit: I have to wear a gas mask sometimes, i didn't have any experience with that, I don't like ot, but that is of no importance.I wear my chastitybelt, the neosteel belt, very often again. The milking of the tits continues, but have not much effort on the breasts, they don't grow very fast. I heard my Owners talk about surgery. Mistress is pro, Master against...
And something new: I have been with a botox doktor who made my lips bigger, which looks great!! It is something I was afraid of, but in the view of bimbofication it looks great for the slave! wouw the view of the slave with the hugs lips and a ballgag is very sensitive.
So all the other things are the same: rubber clothing most of the time, ponytraining, 3 times a day milking and feeding, cages and cell and of course: worship Mistress and Master, and the normal punishments with the whips and canes and clamps..

4/18/2010 3:52:43 AM
a short update, this slave stays almost all time in cages or in the stable as a pony girl. Master is abroad and Mistress keeps me as her pony... lot of rubber clothing, which is nice... but warm with the present weather in Holland. So a bit of a strange time without Master and almost no internet time.... Some people think it is strange I have internet access at all, but again, I love the possibility of communicating with Dominant People. Some people try to offer me a position as Their slave, which confuses me. I am owned, I have no choice anymore, this is my slave life. i choose for that and have to wait what happens. At the other side it is good to hear people wants to take you as Their slave and educate you further as a perfect slave.
last time i am milked and getting hormons for larger breasts, it is painfull and the tits are growing very slow...
Last days I read something about bimbofication, which attracts me... i don't know why, but it is interesting subject of slavery. Also again the subject of modification of the slave body seems to be something what keeps me busy.... I love the attention i get her on CM, thank You all for that. I am sure, i become a better slave of communicating with You, Dominant Masters and Mistress.. Believe me, i think about the things You tell me and write to me...    

3/25/2010 1:27:04 AM
last 2 weeks my owners decided to experiment with my breasts, They try to get them some bigger (from a European C to??) So They gave me medicines and They try to milk them twice a day with a goat milk machine.. how humiliating and painful... The tits are very sensitive now and give some milk, not much... I don't know where and when this ends, but I feel like an animal, which I probably am... Beside of this the normal house routine: Mistress, housekeeping, caging and dungeon with Master. I hardly leave the villa, always naked in chains in my cell or tight clothed with corsets and rubber clothing. It is good to be a slave and I am proud with my Owners.
By the way, I have my new tattoo in my neck, a nice barcode, which shows my objectivation is in progress! 

3/7/2010 4:59:18 AM
The slave doesn't get much "freedom" last weeks. The daily routine of the slave is: work for Mistress in the morning, wearing a maid uniform, most of the time rubber. Lot of cage time and time in the cell. Master uses the slave hard and sever in the dungeon. Lot of whips, lot of humiliation, new ponytraining, and lot of cuffs and chains... so hardly time on the internet...   

2/17/2010 3:46:22 AM
As a slave I am not allowed to speak without permision, so I have to wait if a question is asked to me, I have to answer, polite and with 2 words speaking. That is clear and understandeble. But sometimes gives me that some problems ofcourse... Last week I wad so stupid to ask my Mistress a question about Their plans with my tits (enlarge and if yes when, how and what size... ) not so clever of me... Mistress became very angry, She was alone with me because Master was on business trip. She gagged me the rest of the time till master returned. Believe me, They punished me so sever... I won't talk again without a question. A punishment is always related to the offence. So my mouth is punished and my breasts. I am very quiet and obediant now...

2/3/2010 11:33:50 AM
I am often asked why I still have access to the Internet while I am in 24/7 slavery. Many owners would never allow their slaves.
My owners told the slave she gets (occasionaly) acces to the Internet to have some contacts with dominant people. This is the only way of communication which is given to the slave with the world outside her slavery. It is not said the slave keeps that contact, she will be more objectified and dehumanized each year of slavery. This is a way for the slave to share some of her submissive emotions with others who might understand slavery and tpe.
The slave is very happy with this communication because she can learn from this kind of communication. By the way the slave has only occasionally access.
The slave still has some other contact with the world outside, but not more to do some shopping with Mistress or when she has to act in a roleplay outside her dungeon.

1/23/2010 12:09:59 PM
Just returned from a wonderfulyl exhustive weekend with a wickely sadistic couple whole used every bit of my being until I could take no more and uttered my safeword, thank you Sir & Madame for the time spent.

12/20/2009 4:07:01 AM
the slave is complete.. yesterday the slave has had a branding, the initials of her Owners are burned in her bottom. The H and the F, in a brand on her slave bottom. The pain was terrible, but the slave is so proud she was allowed to suffer for this mark and she also signed her slavecontract, so the slave is in 24/7 real TPE slavery, no way back.. what rests is obey and wait what will come... this is the life this slave wants to live!
A very respected Master wrote me:
" The smell lasts just a short while.   The pain lasts for a few days.   The joy of being owned, tortured, fucked and used lasts forever and gives the slave endless pleasure and fulfillment ... as does her rubber and her cell ... protecting her, keeping her in slavery, depriving her of freedom or the least hope of release or relief.   Only then can a slave truly focus on her purpose ... to suffer for the pleasure of her owners and to submit to their smallest demands."
That is exactly how I feel and my slavery feel en enjoy.  

11/27/2009 10:59:21 AM
I got it... yes today i received my name marked on my body! I am tattooed with my name, a big fat mark, number 30 above my cunt.
I am very proud i received this slave name in order of my Owners. Next will be the branding with the mark of my Owners.
This kind of tattoo hurts, but it was a great time to get it.. let us see how it is when the little wounds are health!   

11/3/2009 8:17:33 AM
Today the slaves old brand marks are removed. This removing was very painful, They did a new branding over the old brandmarks. (the slave had 2 marks: 1 on her tit, the other on her arse.) Both marks are destroyed by the new blank marks. When the body has been recovered, it is ready to get her new marks from her present Owners. That will be one brandmark and one tattoo. The slave suffers now, and needs some time to recover.

10/22/2009 9:46:56 AM
The slavery begins more and more to become 24/7 TPE slavery which feels good. The only escape and "free" contact with the world is the internet. Sometimes I get much access to the www, sometimes hardly, it all depends on the freedom my Owners give me. For me it's good to have online contact with Dominants and submissive's. It gives the slave the possibility to exchange experience and to speak about her weakness and her success. Some people think it is strange I get so much access, but I don't think about that, I enjoy every moment of this present of my Owners..
Last weekend I had to train for several days as a pony. It was a long time ago  for the slave, that was clear... I had to get used again to the hooves and boots, the bit in the mouth and the behavior of the animal like i had to be. So Mistress and Master had to use the whip a lot, the slave was exhausted after these days, but it felt good. She loves it to be a pony, especially to be the rubber pony again...

9/26/2009 1:12:26 AM
an other 3 weeks in slavery. this slave gets used to her new forced live.. the daily routine is very nice, the cell, the work for Mistress, the feeding of the slave, the cages and punishments, the rubber clothing, the uniforms, to be the whore of Master, to offer the slave body to Them who learn her to be a good slave. The straight jacket in the nights are still terrible, i never get used to that i think...
last weekend I was allowed to join my Owners for a long weekend to Berlin where we stayed with BDSM friends of my Owners. They did't have a cell, so i had to stay in a small cage, beside of that They all used me several times a day... it was great to visit the Berlin fetish and BDSM scene. The German people are great with a lot of rubber and BDSM fetishes... 

8/31/2009 7:50:14 AM
yet, an other week in slavery. I am turned in a maid and sexslave. This week I did a lot of small housekeeping jobs, beside of serving Mistress, which i love to do... In day time i am clothed in a very nice fetish maid uniform, most of the time rubber. I haven also to serve the Friends of Mistress and serve the visitors of the villa of my Owners. Sometimes very humiliating, but great... not everyone is in bdsm... it is strange to explain and to show yourself in rubber uniform. Mistress enjoys that kind of humiliatings.. Master uses me as his sexslave, which is hard but good... he also trains me with his whips and his sadistic torture, i really hate and love that sessions...
In my cell I am naked most of the time, which feels strange after the long period in rubber clothing. In the cell I am always chained to the wall, sometimes with a long chain, sometimes a very short one. Most of the time I am also cuffed and chained in other ways. In the night i always sleep in a straight-jacket, which is awful... I am also chained, so cannot move at all, so i have to get used to that kind of bondage and sleep together... it was a tough week, but i learned a lot....

8/23/2009 5:21:31 AM
the slave has been for 2 weeks in slavery with her Owners. She is locked in the cell when she hasn't to work for Master or Mistress. The cell is small, uncomfortable, complete stone, no window, in the cellar, with metal bars, a small bed, sometime with sometimes without a mattress. In her cell she is usually naked and always cuffed and chained to the rings in the wall and floor. The chains are sometimes long, but most of the time very short...
In the day the slave works for Mistress as Her personal servant in a maid uniform, mostly rubber. She has also to do some housekeeping, sometimes she wears very old fashioned cotton dresses. When she is alowed to sleep in het cell the slave gets her cotton or rubber straightjacket tight on her slave body. She is chained and can get some rest.
For Master i have to work as a whore or escort girl, i have to give very much sex, which is still a problem for me. But i am working on it... i have to!
I get some daily whippings and torture, that is good and feels great, as i told before here, i need that strict discipline and pain and whips are very good to remember the position of the slave...
They told me They will offer me a slave contract in some weeks, I am allowed to think about things i think is important for me to have in the contract.. so i will think about that part.. time enough when i am alone in the cell or cage...

8/8/2009 7:46:51 AM
the slave had to stay for some weeks in het own house in Almere, the potential owners of the slave are rebuilding Their villa, a cell has been build in the celler and 3 cages are placed in and around the house. This night the slave is ordered to come and she will be introduced to her new cell and cages.. last weeks the slave had to work often as a whore and escort, she missed the perverse and hard hand of the whips and torture, but it will all be back from now.. the slave noticed she needs a hard and strict hand... why isn't she so far she can handle the strict slavery without the punishments and the whips?? she has to learn so much....

7/23/2009 7:07:19 AM
ruim 3 weken in complete slavernij geleefd, extreem zwaar en extreem harde sm ondergaan. steeds maar vastgebonden, geboeid of ledematen afgetaped. Vrij bewegen is nauwelijks mogelijk geweest wanneer ik niet gebruikt werd, beetje kruipen voorzover de boeien het toelieten, ook veel in een kist en kleine kooi opgesloten geweest. Daarnaast heel erg veel sex  en hard werken als slavin. Alles kwam aan de orde: vernederingen zoals pis, poep, kots eten en drinken, enorm veel pijn: zwepen, cane andere stokslagen, maar ook naalden dwars door de uiers en schaamlippen. Natuurlijk ook veel rubber kleding en bondage gehad, dat schijnt hier standaard te zijn, ook met gasmaskers en luiers om.. Tenslotte natuurlijk dagelijks veel sex geven met het slettenlijf. Fantastisch... nu weer even bijkomen en op naar de volgende sessies en wie weet ooit definitief... 

7/23/2009 7:01:34 AM
a long three weeks period in complete slavery. Wouw, the slave has suffered a lot, but it was great to be the complete slave again. This feels very good, the slave needs her TPE so much, I hope I learned a lot and I hope my Owners are satisfied about the progress of this slavegirl..

6/2/2009 1:01:42 PM
I have signed the slave contract some weeks ago, it looks like years ago...I still doesn't live all time with Them, we took some time to get used to each other and They order me to come every minute when possible. So i think i stay most of the time with Them. They train me again complete to become Their full rubber pain and humiliation slave..
it is all great, a bit different, but we enjoy.

5/20/2009 11:34:42 AM
My Owners train me in a very strict way. I have to get used again to cages, bondage, torture and humiliations. I have been free for too long. It feels great, but I have also some difficult moments when I am alone in my cage in a sever bondage with pain in my body. It is hard to be a good slave... But it is also great to be.... 

4/17/2009 9:00:46 AM
we are getting better everyday, i am so happy. Everything is talking his place. Yes, we need some more time, but it feels very good. It seems I found my new Owners...

4/7/2009 11:41:46 AM
I visited my potential new Owners in the Netherlands again. I had some meetings with Them. We talked a lot and did some BDSM to look for my capabilities as Their slave. It was great... What will be next?

3/31/2009 11:07:23 AM
I am a bit confused and don’t know what to do. I met a Dominant Couple, older, but Their lifestyle seems to fit to me. I met Them once now and will be soon back for a second visit. At the other hand I meet some very Dominant Masters her online on CM. Some of Them in the Netherlands, others around the world. It looks like I have to make a choice… but that will be my last one. Because when I am owned, everything will be decided for the slave.
I think I need more time, it is so difficult to choose when You  hardly know These Dominants… it sounds all good, but how will the daily practice be??

3/16/2009 1:53:24 PM
I visited this weekend a Dominant Couple in the Netherlands. They were older and not very good looking (not pretty), but extreme fetish and Dominant and Sadistic… My Lord had already contact with Them, and I was allowed to come over this weekend, from Friday till Sunday. It should be training and examination, so I was very nervous.
They lived very nice in an house in east Netherland, very quit and comfortable. I took a lot of clothing with me, especially corsets and rubber, that is what They ordered me. I have had some great days. They have a living of BDSM, I primarily joined the Mistress, but the Master used me also several times.
As said, it felt all very good, so I hope this will work for me, it gives me hope for the future, small steps…

3/10/2009 12:43:50 PM
I am back in my own house, working again in the office of Lord. Everything is quit and easy at the moment. Just some rest... which feels good... I met some very interesting people over here, which whom I am mailing and chatting, that feels good and They give me nice reply on my experiences and emotions. I didn't met the Dominant Couple I am looking for yet, but who knows.. I will take my time, that will be my last choice, after that I have to obey again complete.... 

2/22/2009 1:45:50 AM
I have been in Canada for some days with a Dominant Couple, lived as a 24/7 TPE slave. I don't think this relation will match. They are looking for a younger slave, our preferences didn't match. I had some great days, but the circumstances and Their way of treating a slave were not what I am looking for.  

2/7/2009 3:47:22 AM
With the help of my Lord I met a new Dominant Lady, who is married and who wants a new fetish slave. I did some solicitation and She likes to try me as Her and His slave. So i am back in a training I am allowed to visit Her occasionally. That will make me  less active over here.  

1/24/2009 5:44:37 AM
I am doing fine, My Lord and I found our way to control the slave. I get used to the new situation, and I like it (for the time being). I can talk with my Lord about the things what happen to me. He ordered me back in my chastitybelt, also when I have to work at the office or in public. He realy controls me, and that is good.

1/16/2009 5:26:04 AM
I receive so much mail, it is impossible for me to answer all mail, excuse me if I am not polite to answer Your mail... I do my best and all I can...

1/15/2009 9:47:22 AM
Today I met my former director of the company I worked for. For 4 years I worked as a secretary with them. We talked for a long time, and it was quit surprising.. he offered me a job (part time), but we also talked about my situation in the last 4 years. He offered me to be my Master to guide me and control me, just for the time being. He will try to help me to get me in a new BDSM relationship. This could be in the Netherlands, or in a foreign country. I have to obey Him complete, but will live in my own apartment. (He is married..)
He will take control over my live.. and help me back in a fulltime 24/7 TPE slave position. I think this is great!
Love, laura, slave and owned again..

1/13/2009 8:56:11 AM
The slave receives a lot of mail and messages. she is really a bit confused about her situation. She receives a lot of understanding messages. I appreciate that, but what I am a also looking for is to talk with Domiants or slaves who understands the position of my ex-Owners and agree with that.

1/9/2009 9:11:03 AM
This week was a week of recovering, the slave is getting better every day. The strange feelings are still there, how to handle your submission in a free environment… I made some decisions, told me by Dominant people I talk to over here on CM: I bought 2 jeans, but decided this is nothing for a slave, nothing for me… it doesn’t suites me anymore.. so I only wear skirts and dresses. I also wear my simple garter belts and stockings, it gives me a female / slave feeling and that feels good. (although it is very cold in the Netherlands at the moment…) Some Dominants suggested me not to wear any panty.. that is what I was used to, an other one suggested just to wear rubber or leather panties… So I took both suggestions… if I wear a panty, it will be rubber or leather… At home I wear a collar, not locked because I am not owned, in the evening and night, when I am alone I wear my nosering again..
Further I am looking for a job, hopefully I succeed with that, it will be good for me for the time being… And I went to sport school and try to keep my body fit!!
I receive very much email and chat request, excuse me if I don’t answer all, it is rather impossible for me, but You are all very kind, thank You for that. I also get many offers to start a new BDSM relation. That is too early for me, I still don’t know what I am looking for exactly.. I still thinks I like to start a new relation with a Dominant Woman/Lady/Mistress. The slave is very bi-sexual and probably lesbian. She probably would be happy with a Dominant Couple… but the Woman has to be in charge… Female power! And back to the 1950 Household situation… or earlier… so I have to wear my old fashioned tight corsets and stockings… to be humiliated and held as a slave… mmm love that situation…

12/30/2008 4:26:35 AM
I'll take a break for a while.. I am overwhelmed with nice words, lovely email messages and great words and several offers... but it is to much for me at the moment. I cannot answer all these mail, it will cost me a daytime.. so it is not i want to be inpolite, but it is simply to much for me... thank you all... I am doing fine, believe me...  

12/21/2008 3:49:10 AM
I am doing fine, everything is okay with, please don't bother about me. I am not lonely at the moment and I am very happy with all attention I get from you. I wont look for an Owner in a short time, I'll take a sabbatical year....  

12/20/2008 5:27:28 AM
thank You all for these warm words. Let me be clear, I am okay.. but need some time and I am not in for any new relation at the moment. I have some friends with whom i can talk and that is enough for me.
thank you all.

12/19/2008 4:27:20 AM
terrible news.. I cannot stand it anymore.. the new slave which was showed to me to sign with Christmas was to extreme. They want a complete free hand for bodymodifications, including (among others!) breasts, clit, voice and marks. They told me I will be modification and there will also be a possibility I will be sold to a new Owner. Someone (forener) is interested in this slave to transform to a complet pony, whitout a voice.. This is to far for me, so I quit... I will be back alone in my appartment..  I am very sad and feeling lonely, this will take some time.. free again.. but disapointed, what will happen to me?? 

12/13/2008 6:49:22 AM
What I thought happened... the cruel doctor treated me sever.. two days suffering, but great BDSM.. a roleplay with nursery and a lot of medical things: catheters, enema's, klisma's, nails and pins through my slave skin in breasts and labia.. also saline injections and I had to sleep in a straightjacket. The cane and crops were also there.. it takes some days to recover, but it is it worth.. 

12/6/2008 6:10:09 AM
Master is back, so I am back in my own cell and sometimes in the cage. It is good, I like the place, I like the humiliation and to be locked. master used me sexually for quit a while. He also liked to play again with whips, clamps and cane, so i have suffered in the dungeon. This next week I have to visit the cruel doctor again, He will do an examination of my slave body and He will treat me cruel afterward, so I can expect a lot of pain, They warned me I may expect an extreme tit torture.. we'll see.. 

11/30/2008 1:40:32 AM
This week the slave was alone with her Mistress. MyLady treated her very nice, the slave had to wear rubber dresses and was allowed to sleap in the bed of Mistress!! There she was clothed in full rubber and chained. During the days of the week the slave did her normal work as a rubber house maid, some days in Victorian style also, which is great but the corsets are so tight....

11/22/2008 3:19:35 AM
This week was great foir the slave, she had to serve her Mistress ofcourse,but she had also two great other days. she had to accompany her Owners to a restaurant/hotel. The Owners had a dinner with several Friends. The slave had to rent a room in the hotel and was fucked by the men, one by one.
The next day the slave was punished by her Master in the Dungeon of the farm, she received about 100 strokes of the cane on her bar ass and 25 on her tits. The slave suffered and cried from pain because this was very very extreme to her slave skin.. now she got some time to recover...

11/16/2008 12:57:20 AM
a very quit week, mainly houshold tasks and take care of the Mistress. Two days in the stables to live like a pony, it is always great to give you complet and forget all your human things...
The slave had also a great day when she was allowed to go shopping with Mistress in Amsterdam! Mistress bought several clothes and lingerie and the slave got some new rubber outfits bought with Demask and Absolute Dany. A nice long skirt, a dress a neck collar and a new rubber hood.... it is too much for this slave, but she loves it...

11/11/2008 12:58:48 PM
the MSN virus is solved... the slave is back again om her MSN account

11/9/2008 12:15:09 AM
slave will try to edit her journal weekly. Last week the slave has been used by her Mistress for personal use, let us say, the normal tasks: to take care for the Mistress in all ways: clothing, Her meals, toilet, make up, complete personal services.  Master was  gone for some days on a business trip. The weekend before was filled with a pain session followed up by a (long time) rubber bondage, done by Mistress and Her Friend.
When Master returned last Thursday, He used the slavegirl mainly for sex,  Satyrday He spend  all day with the slave in  the Dungeon, she was whipped, caned, bound naked and used sadisticelly.. Today, Sunday, the slave may have some rest... her slave body needs it..

8/3/2008 3:29:50 AM

Slavegirl has been with her Owners to the States, Miami. The Owners rent a luxury villa over there. The slave had to serve the Mistress, it is her main task. Besides of that she had to take the sperm of the Master. My normal tasks in Miami was to be the maid of Mistress, I served Her complete and helped Her with bathing, clothing, using the toilet, make up, serving breakfast and dinner etc, I served Her in ALL WAYS...

Further I had to work for Master, He used me for His pleasure, He fucked me in all my holes. He also used me as a escort girl for His holiday friends.

In the villa I slept in a small dark room without windows, most of the times I was naked and always chained. I am not used to be naked, because usually I am fetish clothed in rubber and uniforms etc. But in the States They kept me chained with metal handcuffs, chains and metal collar and nosering. I also wore my Neosteel chastitybelt (with 2 dildo’s inside my both holes) when I was alone. If they went away They left me most of the time in the villa, sometimes locked in my dark room, sometimes chained at a long or short leash… so I could move a bit.

Sometimes I had to fuck the friends of my Master and Mistress, but it was a great time, lovely weather, beautiful villa, nice slavery and humiliation.

Now we are back, and Mistress trained me again hard and heavy to get me back on the place I belong: the maso slavegirl. The whip is back again… Last weeks I am most of the time locked up in my cell and have to learn to be back as a 24/7 TPE house slave...

6/28/2008 12:56:50 AM
my Owners take me on their holliday form Juli 1 till... I think 3 weeks, don't know where we go, I may serve my Mistress and Master on a sunny beach... I think... I hope.. Chastity Belt is in the suitcase, so less sex for this girl

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