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Pan Transgender Submissive, 41,  Plainfield, Connecticut
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Today, march 27th until the 30th I am in a hotel in providence hoping to find and give myself to my top daddy. If Daddy does not find me, then I am for all the men with no limits.

I have decided I love being bad, dirty, nasty. I like top top men who are not shy. I want to meet a guy that loves one on one, but does not have a problem if another guy is coming to join.

I have a lot of very hot outfits and all I want to do is be an erotic dancer for a roomful of top dominant men.

So, I need dirty, nasty, kinky, no limit guys who want to party with only me. On occasion I could have a girlfriend join us, but to begin it will be me alot of other men.

What to say, to start, physically I am tall, kind of thin, and middle aged, thin as in thin framed.

Tall and a fake blonde, but being tall does not stop me from wearing 5 heels, I love my heels.












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 Submissive Transgender



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 165 lbs






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A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
1/15/2017 9:59:01 AM
A response to a message; I would look much sexier collared, used by men? Are you the man to prove this. Are you going to leash and collar me and take me out, as sex bait for men. Where would that be, a sex store.where demented perverts who need sexual release are there to stalk and prey on the pretty. Will daddy master have a phone full of carmen eating daddy's seed. To show these men I am a serious slave. Will my pink skirt be so short the men see that my daddy master spanked me untill my cute bottom is red. Will daddy master's girl smell of sex semen and erotic perfume. Yes, used by men while collared would be extreme erotic art, to be filmed and photographed.

9/24/2016 3:22:11 PM
Maybe I have found a pathetic man to take as my pathetic slave. He is so pathetic he has promised to do anything I say. I can be a dominant mistress, but first and foremost, I do desire to be with a strong alpha male that is mr. right. I may of found him, as well, I will see in the next month. But absent mr. right that makes me dreams come true, I will simply be a slut, a whore, a piece of meat used my men, maybe in front of my pathetic slave. Can I be the dream girl for guys, your erotic stripper at a mock bachelor party, My pathetic slave filming, or tied in the corner if one of the men films that action. For some reason it sound hot and dirty, to entertain guys while my property pathetically watches. I am many things, and I do want a guy, a strong man to own me, but until he steps up, I can be many other things, from a whore on backpage to some pathetic worms dominant mistress. If anybody is interested, let me know, how you fit, of if your mr right. Guys are easy to find, horny guys, mr right is a little harder to find. so?

2/22/2016 2:26:11 AM
So hard to move, transition to a new area where one knows nobody. I have much freetime, at times, that I hope to fill with part time work. Dreaming I meet a man that I could maybe work for if we find we want to build some sort of life together

2/2/2016 4:17:13 AM
You know what eles is dumb, people who approach the internet in complete seriousness. I know 95% of the people contacting me have no intention of ever meeting, but I play along, knowing that maybe you are not one of the ones who is just playing. Yes there are flakes and assholes, but why, is there only o e reason that fits all? Could it be a bit deeper, if you think not you are the person who is shallow. Until we meet I am dreaming, dont destroy all I have, my dream. Now quit pounding your pud to my pics and save me!

2/2/2016 3:58:16 AM
I just had a foriegner call me racist in so many words, without realizing it was he that was the bigot. If anybody thinks bigotry is limited to one race, nationality, or country, you should look in the mirror. People are the aame everywhere, bad, good, bigoted, and just born stupid.

1/27/2016 11:54:42 PM
Friday will be first night going out in charlotte

1/22/2016 1:36:26 AM
I am now in north carolina. Now I need to make this home unless someone else sweeps me off my feet and I find myself moving elsewhere.

12/30/2015 12:02:10 PM
Hi, I am traveling, moving, not sure where but most likely charlotte, so I am relocating. I wish I could meet a man who is well off, who could have me and my crazy 2 sided life

10/25/2014 1:15:13 AM

10/11/2014 7:59:02 AM

9/14/2014 3:11:30 PM

9/14/2014 2:45:29 PM

9/13/2014 8:18:56 PM

9/13/2014 7:52:45 PM

9/13/2014 10:28:34 AM
It is the weekend and I am alone, I could be in atlanta this evening or come tomorrow which is sunday.

it does seem there is much to do in atlanta, maybe go to a club I will, I see there is a place called inserction where a lady can change, freshen up.

I think dreaming I meet three and four top dom men from this site in atlanta, for like a sort of crash course teaching me lady like etiquette.

but for now, off to buy a cell to move my dreamy side forward, maybe a little shopping for something hot, something pink.

in atlanta I would like to shop for something that is leather or latex, maybe I need more black in my life

9/10/2014 11:36:56 AM
I am dreaming of this weekend.

I dream of Daddy flying me to meet him, maybe in florida, he knows a hot beach I can tan in my bikini. Daddy brings his camera and some wine. I wear a hot wild leopard and rose print B Swim Bikini, tiny hot denim Abercombie and Fitch booty shorts. I like to cuff the shorts legs, to show off more of my bottom, and I turn down the waste band to make them even hotter. I saw a young girl wearing them like that, very hot. I could see her panties, the back the front, very bad. So that is how I wear mine, now.

I think I would look cute and hot in Daddy's beach photos.

But, no time now, I must go to work.

But I will be dreaming, maybe I will meet a man here in Chattanooga with a pool.


9/1/2014 11:24:28 AM
Time to dream, and how I dream. I have not been out in so long, all I can think of is guys, how I will meet, who I will meet. I do need a hot strong daddy to keep me out of trouble, or be there to get me in trouble. My newest dream is new outfits, I do not know why, but its like shopping always leads me to guys. Like I have the hottest, cutest, tiniest shorts and a very hot bikini, and that is the outfit I am going out in, next.

It is too dreamy, so little on my smooth tanned body, being in a hot club with lots of men so I can show off my long legs and cute bottom. I love my tiny "Almost Famous" booty shorts. I have spent a lot of time shopping for the hottest bikini to go with it, maybe I will finish my outfit with garters and stockings, either way I like guys to know who I am by how I am dressed.

Is that too much? Too crazy.

I am going to see how much trouble I can get into, the more men, the better.

8/21/2014 11:22:15 AM
Just saying hi, 
I am around and need to find some kind of wild erotic situation.

3/11/2014 9:45:26 AM

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