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I am a dominant male and sadist.

I believe in safe and sane. Everyone has hard limits, but your limits can be pushed to accept more than you believe, in time. I am not into children, animals, or anything illegal. I am looking for those that crave and need physical and or mental use, mild to extremely severe. You will tell me how severe you want.

I prefer masochists into extreme play. Prolonged bondage, whips, canes, crops, clamps, gags, plugs, fisting and more for those who want it. I vary the sessions to keep from being dull and boring for both of us. Dont confuse sadism with harm. After discussion, my session is very intense for someone whodesires pain or the extreme of your fetishes.

I am not looking for a long term relationship, long distance , live in, or online.

I will session with new people. As much as I enjoy the intense, everyone starts somewhere. We dont know what we want when first starting out and all of us can still and shouldlearn, both Dominants and submissives.

Do you need a good flogging? Want tight bondage! An ass made red or striped by paddle or cane? Do you want to cum from being used and taken to subspace? Are you wanting to let yourself go and not be in control, but feel safe? I will try my best to do so. This is through BDSM, sexual activity is not my main objective.

I love a submissive in leather, rubber, pvc and all erotic attire. One of many of my fetishes.

I do believe in two way communication. The communication continues aswe learn about each other from the first email through all sessions. Ask questions, I will, it is the only way to learn.