Vertical Line



It's superslave!!! Able to scale large breasts in a single bound. More powerful than a heavy-duty vibrator. superslave is for truth, FemDom, and servitude for all Mistresses. All slaves must accept their fate of slavedom. superslave is not here for the liberty of slaves but to be the best of the best possible slave for the special Mistress of this Universe. my only weakness is the scent of Mistressnite, which makes me totally powerless, and victim to all commands of the Mistress. There is no saving superslave once under the scent of a Mistress. i do hope my introduction has not left You with an impression that i am not a serious slave. i feel the foundation of any relationship French Vanilla or BDSM must have humor. For in all the galaxies a Day without Humor is a Day without A Super Nova.

Mistress! Thank You for stopping bye. How may i serve You? i am a submissive that can only hope to be worthy to even lick Your boots. i stand here before You waiting for Your permission to follow Your commands.

i am a novice sub male submissive slave whose only purpose is to bring freedom to You Mistress by releasing You from Your daily chores and allow You more time for Relaxation and Your favorite Recreation. my experience may be limited but i have great desire and enthusiasm. my dreams and hopes are genuine and sincere.

i am an adventurous slave and hope You are adventurous as well. i am open to the journey of BDSM life style and to frontiers where this slave has never gone. i trust in the creativity of my superior Mistress to lead U/us in this journey of exploration of the Mind and Body.

i am submissive only to You Mistress. i am a man of strength and conviction. i believe it takes great strength and courage to submit to You. My submission is freely given and a loving transition of power to my Mistress. i still remain high in my self-esteem even in my total submissive role. There is no greater state than to serve and love my Mistress that has chosen me. The honorable life style of a M/s relationship will allows me this highest achievement my submission.

Yes, i have many erotic fantasies that can only be nurtured, developed, and brought to fulfillment in a true BDSM relationship under Your directive. i am hoping in this relationship as Your slave to be able to bring great comfort, erotic pleasure, and a state of total bliss to You Mistress.

i realize that this is a very important decision to choose a slave as it is for me to surrender and submit to Your Dominance. i hope that You will consider all my strengths and hope that i will be given the opportunity to serve You and bring to You a great degree of erotic pleasure. Thank You for visiting and reading my profile. i do hope You email me a command.

In addition to all the wondrous fetish activities we can enjoy together, i do like French vanilla activities of travel, camping, biking, hiking, cross country skiing, fishing, and of course candle light romantic evenings massaging my Mistress's feet.