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Pan Transgender Submissive, 39,  California
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xxxcd4uxxx MistressDivinyl shannonleerandimichelleallison24

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I'm a cd who loves the do dress up and try and look and act as femme as possible while being Krissy.  Love to dress up and play with other gurls and take pics.  I'm looking for a mistress to lead and guide me along  to make me as femme and girly as i can be.  I'd also love to meet tgirls or other cd's to make friends with and chat and maybe play together if local.











 Submissive Transgender


 5' 9"

 155 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:



 Fine Dining


 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Chastity (Beginner)


 Corsetry (Beginner)

 Genital Punishment

 Rear End Play

 Foot Worship


 Massage (Giving)

 Orgasm Control


 Whips (Beginner)




 Begging (Beginner)

 Cages (Beginner)

 Canes and Crops (Beginner)

 Enemas (Beginner)

 Exhibitionism (Beginner)

 Local BDSM Community (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling


 Housework Service


 Obedience Training

 Sensation Play (Beginner)

 Stockings (Beginner)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Vibrators (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Masks (Wearing)

 Wax Play


 Fire Play

 Modern Primitivism

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Journal Entries:
8/1/2010 6:39:27 AM
I think it was time for a profile update.  I added some new pics to replace some of the old ones.  Also updated my profile a little too.  

2/23/2008 6:37:45 PM
Well its been a long while, but I figured now would be a good time to put some new pics up...they should be up in the next couple days.  Hope you like them

9/3/2006 7:16:40 PM

I just changed all my pics around on this site so I hope you enjoy them.

Well I tried to add some and they didnt approve them, I dont know why...there not vulgar or anything.  But oh well I guess thats there choice.  Its funny some of the ones they approved I think show more than the ones they didnt approve.  Well if you want to see more you can always ask I have a bunch more photos that I cant put on here. 

You can always try and look me up on my my-space I have a bunch posted there too.  If you got to look for me you might want to remember socalkrissy...

4/14/2006 9:20:29 PM

What a long day, thank goodness I'm home.  I think I'm gonna get dressed up tonight, I hope I find some nice people to chat with when I get finished.

4/13/2006 10:02:46 PM
I'm always open to meeting new friends with simillar intrests, so feel free to drop me a line and we can chat sometime.

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