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67 y o shemale... Needs housekeeping preferably young trans in need of Live in accommodation. Feminization is required. Inquiry here. American only.Any race o k.. must have hs education minimum . No special needs individuals please, as I am not taking care of you for those conditions.
8/10/2017 5:50:30 AM
 hi things did not work out with lady amythest I am free of her .  she was 300 miles away and online never made it to reallife... ..  I had taken in a lady I knew 15 years ago with her child ... and we have an open relationship lifestyle 

we do not play with each other except on rare occasions    we do not see others in a group settingor threesome. .
  we both like guys ... she is into very straight sex to please herself ,,  I am into pleasing others more ... such as men or some women ...  I do require some pleasure but I do not function asa male anymore  too many pills ....estrogen and anti androgens   not permanently sterile.    

  As a trans lady  I need to be asked out on a date ... yes just like any other girl...  I do like to meet others ..  so please ask me out ... I will ask others out too, but that tells methat if I have to close the deal onadate that I am the more dominant party and I will take it that I will need to act on that dominance.     I have liked many gals here but just because you are 100 miles away like in Columbus cinncinnatti Cleveland marrieta Ohio , wheeling WV Pittsburgh or Washington Pa   or even Morgantown WV or Charlestown WV     I do sometimes travel to see special people .   ... hopefully when I complete my private pilots licence I will be able to travel even further to meet a nice date.     remember to invite me on a date!!!

  it seems so many here just want to talk and not get involved in seeing one another .   I want to see meet and hold and touch,, I am a snuggler.   online is helpful to many   but a date  is great.  I am not concerned about being molested, or kidnapped  or abused on a date   and you should not fear that from me either   I am not that type ,  At 65 yo   I am not the highly desireable type to keep at your will  aas I am high maintenance ..   you couldn't force me to do everything you can possibly imagine it has to be done at will. my will..    and I do have wills do attitude .  . 
  you wont keep me away from my planes .... so do not consider me a slave to be kept in a small room and or dungeon for any long time ... it is not my will ... I have heard many say they want a slave but that is relative.. some want complete control without any rights and some use the velvet ribbon of love ...        I like the submissive/ love respect model.     as I am highly educated  and self sufficient in my retirement I do not need to be their slave to survive .  remember that respect is earned ,, it is not there just because you are a man or a woman   it is there because you have done something....... you have provided something to be appreciated ,,, I do not respect those who are saying I have the cunt so I make the rules   or I have a dick so I make the rules ...  that is a sign of mental weakness to me ..   I could say I have tits and a sissy cunt so I make the rules ... but that does not work for me either .
  I appreciate your reading this  and I hope you see where I am coming from .  if this is not your attitude then you can move on. or you may want to reconsider and change which likely you won't . this will help me withweeding out some folks that have incompatable attitudes ... hopefully  ...  I do often answer questions that many young t girls or older t gurls have as I did doa trans support group in Cleveland for 4 years...   I love to see tranies come out and develop into the women they need to be. 

I am an atheist and all this god bless you stuff means nothing to me  .. to me you might just as well pray to a rock... you will get the same results... except that of self agrandisement and self fulfillment which in itself in not a realy great thing. 
  be humble   there is a huge world out there . and it needs your help and mine  ...    Dianne 
1/24/2012 8:28:46 AM

 I have been asked by a number of gals to have my lady ad them to her stable .

 some of yourrequest do not fit what she is interested in , so i will pas on some advice here .  if you do not want to really get beateb and bruised up by a bunch of losers here then think .

  we need to find you a sissy mistress


 girls are feminized since they are children


  they are told what to do what not to do

  how to wear cloths   this is to revealing this not enough

 this is whata guy likes this is awomans job  girls make homes  girls make babies    and so forth

  the thing to do now is to tell yourself you ant to do everythinga girl does and what would the girls say   and do your very best to act as a girl would be told to do to go into self girly training untill you can make yourself the best full time girl you can be


  find a lady who will treat you like a girl

    girls are viscioys about other girls who they see as real competion

  if you are no where near being like a real girl you are no threat to their femme wishes

  if you are hot and sexy then look ut

 ..they will degrade you and hurt you

   I suggest if you do not find one here you use a regular dating site and state  you like to dress femm and wisha n understanding lady to ddevlop aclose relationship with

  . I would love to help you , but  i think i found a soulmate in Oregon

..   hugs dear 

    miss dianne

4/27/2010 5:09:34 AM
1, please do not ask me to shit on your face , it is not gonna happen,
2,  I prefer to hold my gals or sissies with velvet binds ,  psychologically i hold my girls or sissies and they know i love them , and i am interested in their well being. i can chain you up, but i would get less service from you.  I can tie you up for fun and domination, no problem its as a show that you can trust me .
3,  some of the gal dommes here are not gals but guys using a fem pic  not themselves . Be real and I only accept dommes with live cams . 
4 i am concerned with a few people here that may have diminished capacity.  If you are not rightin your mind or developmentally disabled i feel you may not be capable of consentual relationships and i will dismiss you as nicely as i can.  
4/23/2010 6:09:09 AM
if you are a young tranny between 21 and 30 you see i have breasts and i am interested in traing wannabees into shemales and transexuals. if it is your desire to be transformed
 copy and answer these questions and return the form to me. 

hi dear..

 how far do you want to go with being feminized ?

will you be


Will you contribute to maintaining the household? by housekeeping or paying for utilities etc?

D you understand that in agreeing to be my slave servent i do not have to take into accont you "desires"  for such things as desire for sex , tv time, smokes , drugs or certain foods. ?

Do you understand that i will/may  restrict your access to the internet while in training?

You have seen my pictures and know that i do have access to female hormones. I can instruct you on where to obtain and how to obtain these legally.

i live on a farm and do have access to calf castration devices which can be used on yourself.

i will not require you to do so but use of these things is optional to you and is only for you to decide to use.

Is this what you truly desire?

 answer all the questions .

feel free to ask more questions.

 I can and will feminize you ... to my specifications...

 sincerely Dianne

4/21/2010 11:08:46 PM

I am looking for someone to play with... or to fall in love with... Ive never really ever fallen in love witha guy but i think it is possible. 

  I have been with a few men and i have found it enjoyable.  I have never been actually fucked in the ass and i am looking forward to it.  i have used dildos and strached some and i have had a fe w guys try to enter me but i was too tight then and we had no ludbe .  or they were not really attracted to a shemale and lost it. 

I want to suck cock and taste cum in my mouth again .  it has been a long time since i have gotten a guy and off .  A few times i picked up a few johns on the streets of Wheeling by the porn store  just to get some . 

  I enjoyed the guy i had over once who put his belt around my neck and took me to bed and made me suck

 ..I sucked for several hours and he did not cum till he wacked off and made me lick it up. He was nice and brought me a nice pair of 5 inch heels... which i couldnt wear because of a wide foot and hammer toe. ... he disappeared ..i think he was afraid i would turn him in or something.

I have met a few guys who wanted to master me.   One just tied me up and gaged me and took pictures .. the other got off on me sucking him and caning me .   i have been warned away from a few that just beat girls and scare them shitless to do anything they want.. which usually isnt much. 

You wanted to know what i want.  I want a guy to cum in my shemale cunt. it may take some streching or lube or patience ,  I want to feel an orgasm from a man inside me fucking me .   Pulling onmy breasts and nipples , taking me by the hair and pounding a cock into me .. i want him to want my tight shemale pussy. and i want him to want it several times a day.  I want to be able to enjoy a man in me .  I want to suck cock.  i want to be able to getmy man off . . i want to learn to suck better and longer and deeeper .  . I want a man to wrap his legs around my head and pull my head on him  till i gag and stuff his cock deeper down my throat.  I may need some time to adapt as i have been known to gag a lot. and i understand that this takes a lot of time to learn to deep throat. 

 I want a man or sister to help feminize me.  I have been unable to keep up my Female  hormones because i have not been working and i lost my health care when my former emplyer went into bankruptcy. I used to have 40 C breasts .. now they are a 40 A+ THEY HAVE SHRUNK. 

 I would like to regrow them , but if i could have implants paid for i would really like that too'  .  I am distressed because my facial hair need more electrolisis. and my waist is too big.I would wear a corset , but i find it vrey uncomfortable to sleep in and i take it off.  I would need to be restrained at night to keep from removing it and have it locked on somehow.  I was concerned in the past because i had a gallbladder problem and i would get a lot of pain when i wore one too.  but now my gallbladder is removed and i still have some abdominal upset but it is much less then b4.  but i cannot do it to myself.  I would love to have my nipples streched so that they are more appropriate.  I do not think piercing and pulling would be good at this pointas the nipples are too small, but using suction cps overnight would be a good alternative.  I have used a cupping device in the past, but only for several hour ata time with pleasing results .  I would like to have my penis placed into a chastity device. and locked , so that  i could not play with myself and i would be at the mercy of my man or mistress to recieve pleasure from the touch . or be forced to seek pleasure in other ways , such as through anal penetration.  I would consider it a training tool to prepare me to recieve all my sexual pleasure from pleasing my man, and being used in a feminine capacity exclusively.

 I would like to be able to associate with other women to help me with my makeup and learn better feminine hygene .. i tend to get rather rough here in the wilderness and i do not keep myself up well. I need to get out of the habit of doing highly masculine things like build darbed wire fences and take care of farm animals which kep me here and do not let me see other men.

 Im tired of writing so i hope this helps you know what i am looking for ..  

3/13/2010 2:04:43 PM
 Well, from my pics you see i am not the prettiest shemale, but i am full time and out there . i am self suffucient.   i would like to have a tranny girl sissy to live with me  as a loving partner / servent sisssy maid or girly  boy. which ever she chose to be .  I am not into meteing out harsh punishment , just plenty of mild punishment should work just as well.
I can be controlling and i will help you curb your appetite for smokes , drinks and or pot..and junk food.  my place is rural and with limited visits to town that is easier accomplished then in the city.  Many things are possible out here in the country.  lots of outdoor bondage opprtunities too.
8/4/2005 11:41:42 PM
This is an addition to my profile. I am a poly amorous person and i would like to get into a poly family or group. I am free not owned . i also am a shemale at present who tends to favor dommes but i have not had much experience with men but what i do, i like. I do identify as sub but i do get my moments when i will not do things. I do get stubborn about a few things. I am not a slave but am willing to try and see where that leads me. Having transitioned to shemale over the last fifteen years i am willing to do whatever it takes to be a more complete woman and i was looking for some dom help. I might be switch with a very submissive person. My genitals are optional. I used to be able to use my 9" dick very often , now my 6 inch clit works once a day if i am lucky . I would not mind going post op if i found the right couple. Take note i am a girl poly and free , but i need some work . I am still horney as hell and extremely oral for both women and men. I can be multiorgasmic in a dry sort of manner and i think that i may be good as a warm up act or for the main course if you know what i mean. ( i can do the hours of foreplay if you can do the consumation. ) but there are other ways to finish too. I would also consider an open arrangement with a commitment. I would consider relocating if i were to sell my 50 acre estate. It is too much work here for one girl . I hope this helps you know more about me. 
I recently signed an oil lease on my property . hope they start drilling in the spring... 
 Age: 27