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Hetero Male Submissive, 46,  Marlboro, Massachusetts
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Seeking an understanding lady to encourage me to dress in feminine attire.

Suggestions for Lingerie, high heels, cosmetics and outfits dearly appreciated.

i love serving Mistress in lingerie, high heels,and cosmetics.

Heterosexual not into males except as a friend.

i am very loyal, sensitive, docile, slender and fit to serve.

Love to dress up in lingerie, feminine attire and high heels.

Love to cook, clean, wash and fold laundry.

Seek a special friend to share interests, online training, shopping adventures,and possible meeting.Would love to serve the right female. Please understand I am NOT interested in males.Please reply.humblyyours,holly high heelsAvailable to serve as obedient maid and chef ette to females for use at social events.References available upon request.

See more of me on my Holly Heels Facebook account!

Fav bondage gear


Fav ball gag


Fav sissy maid serving tray












Last Online:


 Submissive Male



 5' 9"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Friends Only

Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:




 Bar Hopping


 Fine Dining

 Garage Sales





 Body Worship

 Breast Play



 Foot Worship


 Housework Service



 Obedience Training

 Serving as a Butler

 Pantyhose Fetish


 Role Playing




 Online RPGs

 Role Playing Games

 Web Surfing

 Female Supremacy



 Art Galleries

 Flea Markets







 Scuba Diving




 Wind Surfing

 Anal Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Domestic Service


 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage


 Orgasm Denial

 Rubber Fetish


 Speech Restrictions








 1950s Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Body Building




 Canes and Crops

 Curious About:


 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

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Journal Entries:
9/11/2015 10:37:41 PM
One of my favorite sites:

Find me on FaceBook at Holly Heels

8/2/2014 8:37:41 AM
ohhhhh so frustrated by chat sessions that end suddenly ...

Now i am all dressed up and excited and no place to go!

1/4/2014 5:44:32 AM

i am seeking an understanding dominant female who will help me to dress in feminine attire.  i would luv to be your maid or cocktail girl.



10/24/2013 4:50:44 PM

Woman have the pleasure of dressing in exquisite lingerie, high heels and fashion attire.

Imagine having the desire and need to dress in feminine attire, but no way to do so.

10/1/2013 11:14:47 PM

i'm so naturally submissive..  i desperately need to be dominated teased humiliated controlled and cross dressed by a dominant female.


please help me.


sissy holly

8/22/2013 8:43:57 PM

Sometimes i feel helpless, vulnerable and very needy wishing to be dominated, teased, and humiliated by a superior female.


Thank you to those who have granted me the privledge of being friends.


humbly yours,

sissy holly high heels

6/16/2013 12:45:59 PM

i'm hoping to find an undestanding dominant female to encourage me and help me pick out my new outfit.  


i've thrown all of my feminine attire away out of guilt. 


i thought i could escape my desires but once again am back feeling submissive and needy.

Please feel free to say hi or contact me if you would like a  special friend.


sissy holly

5/13/2013 7:27:53 PM

Is there an understanding dominant female who could provide a safe location in Mass. and help me to dress up in feminine attire?


Please reply.


i am sincerere and trustworthy.


sissy holly

5/9/2013 8:57:32 PM

i would love to be fully crossdressed in panty hose, waist cincher, 7" platform high heels, bullet bra and mini skirt, nail polish and glossy lip stick.  An understanding Mistress would also strap my elbows behind my back, ball gag me, strap a serving tray to my waist and order me to serve cocktails to her girlfriends.  Comments and suggestions welcome.

5/1/2013 10:58:38 PM

i fantasize about taking a bubble bath in hot perfumed oil, painting my toe nails glossy red, being dressed in panty hose, 7" platform high heels, tight waist corset, mini skirt and silk blouse.



4/8/2013 9:50:54 PM

Dominant Females, 


Could you please contact me to sign me up for online training sessions?

i'm sooooo needy and hoping to find an understanding friend.


sissy holly



3/3/2013 8:21:00 PM

Hi again,  i've been hoping that there is an understanding lady who may have a sincere interest in encouraging and helping me to dress in feminine attire. 


Please reply i'd love to hear from you.


sissy holly

3/3/2013 8:17:41 PM

12/21/2012 8:11:29 PM

Shopping at the malls is so exciting!   Wish i wasn't so shy and had enough nerve to buy sexy lingerie and high heels i admire so much!

11/25/2012 7:24:12 PM

From my humble lowly perspective  i admire and worship your superior nature and beauty.  

11/6/2012 11:01:24 PM

Dear Females who understand the nature  of a male who needs to explore submissive needs, to be dominated and dressed in feminine attire.


Please reply.  Hearing from you is so very exciting. 


Imagine what you can do to control me as your dominant whim desires.

10/5/2012 9:01:48 PM

It's the lovely confident ladies that make me feel so wanting and submissive.

10/1/2012 8:07:53 PM

i hope to hear from dominant females willing to train me online and in person.

6/2/2012 4:31:21 PM

i'm sincere, honest and gentle.  Are there any understanding females who could help me pursue my desire to dress up in feminine attire?  i am able to clean and serve with respect to your help.  humbly, holly xdresser

5/11/2012 7:58:27 PM

i would luv to shop for nylons and high heels at the mall but am too shy to go alone.

Please, is there an understanding female in Mass area who can help me?


i am honest and sincere,

sissy holly

3/30/2012 9:15:23 PM

Hi   i luv to shop for vintage lingerie online.  Is there a dominant fashion minded sensitive female who can help me with online bids and purchases?


sissy holly high heels

3/26/2012 8:26:42 PM

Would love to find a dominant female who can help me find a new girdle corset, nylons, panties and high heels.  Luv retro style but Fitting, fashion design, colors ect. are so difficult for me. 


Can any dominant understanding females Please help?

3/26/2012 8:16:20 PM

i've been training and soo ready to serve! 

3/19/2012 7:57:50 PM

p.s  i'm used to being rejected.  it always hurts since my intentions are sincere.

3/19/2012 7:55:40 PM

Is there an understanding female who might take me out for a day at the beauty salon and then shopping for lingerie and high heels at the mall?  i will be in the Boston Mass area this spring!

2/15/2012 8:13:50 PM

i keep searching and hoping.   i realize that i need to be dominated by females because i am so naturally submissive.  i look and hope every day.

humble, needy and obedient,

sissy holly

1/28/2012 11:44:49 PM

Would love to hear from a sincere understanding femdomme. 

i'm sooo submissive it hurts.  Please

9/8/2011 9:00:10 PM

I would luv to run shopping errands for understanding females in the areas around Boston Mass. or local suburbs.


Would luv to go clothes shopping with a small group of understanding females.


sissy holly

4/19/2011 9:22:05 PM

Are there any understanding females who would encourage me to transform myself?

I'd luv to hear from you.



2/18/2011 6:37:28 PM

Please, is there an understanding female who can help me with my shopping?

i'm such a sincere and gentle person in need of some direction and a gentle touch.

i love lingerie.





1/22/2011 10:27:00 PM

I threw my entire wardrobe away.  But now i'm soo in need to express my feminine desires.


It would be so nice to meet an understanding female to help me aquire new lingerie and a new outfit.


i am sincere and trustworthy.

8/15/2010 10:18:42 AM

Ladies,  i'm sooo in need of your help. 
Would you please consider allowing me to clean your home while i am dressed in sexy lingerie? 
i am sincere and honest.
sissy holly

5/28/2010 5:54:03 PM

Fem Dom Ladies Only ...

What's wrong a with sub TV wanting to have fun as a sissy maid?

5/18/2010 5:12:24 PM
Lately i have been thinking it would be exciting to have DD silicone breast implants. 

Can any females provide me with encouragement please?

sissy holly

5/9/2010 10:11:26 PM
Are there any women who truely enjoy dominating a submissive shy crossdresser?

Luv to hear from you especially about your bondage techniques!

3/15/2010 9:19:26 PM

Is there a female out there who would enjoy placing a submissive male crossdresser in tight bondage?

Luv to hear from you about your preferences...

1/23/2010 10:29:36 PM
Hi, are there any female's out there who would enjoy feminizing a submissive male tv crossdresser?

Would just luv to hear from You.  No apron strings attached..

sissy holly 

12/14/2009 8:26:19 PM

Interested in genetic Females ... for adventure.

11/25/2009 6:49:24 AM
Is there a genuine understanding female domina from Massachusetts who needs a sissy maid to serve Her?

11/17/2009 9:57:58 PM
Visiting Houston this week.  Would love to dress up and serve a Dominant Woman from Texas who is ready to show me the ropes.

11/12/2009 9:35:51 PM
Please is there a genuine real genetic female Mistress out there from Mass that a sissy girl can meet with?

10/23/2009 11:26:05 PM
i'm gong for my first makeup lesson at a beauty salon next week. 

Ladies, if you need a beauty salon girlfirend take me along and i'll treat you to a full makeover along with myself.

Please keep the exciting messages coming! 

8/31/2009 4:41:00 PM
Is there a genuine caring understanding Domina out there?
Many of the so called Fem Doms are just trying to get a credit card number.  As if it is a rehearsed script.

5/13/2008 1:13:16 AM
Is there a dominant female who would enjoy crossdressing a submissive tv sissy?

i love to shop and go out on the town as Your special girl friend.

i'd love to be your special maid and serve you.
Would ecpecially love to serve a Tall Amazon Goddess at a social function with prominent lady friends.

All replies welcome. 

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