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OK...Let me say this from the beginning! For those of you sending compliments, or a lifestyle question, please do so...BUT If you seek to develop an ongoing relationship with me in any form, YOU WILL READ MY ENTIRE PROFILE AND RESPOND IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL WITH THE INFORMATION I REQUEST! I hope I have made that perfectly clear. I try to answer every email even to say no thank you! But I am a busy woman. In addition to my lifestyle time, I run and am half owner of a multimillion dollar company. Currently, I am NOT actively seeking to add new people BUT I never close that door! You never know when an incredible match may come along! I already have a real time submissive boys I own and regularly play with. I have a girlfriend and her boy I spend time with as well as a sexy submissive woman who serves me. I do keep a couple online boys from the past...but they gift me generously to reward me for my time that they if you are not local you are expected to gift me regularly...if you cannot afford me, do not ask or email me for a relationship. So you can see time is limited. Thus the need to have you follow my directions here so I can quickly see if you fit what I seek. This profile will tell you a great deal about my and my style, what I desire, what I request and it is a damn good read. If you cannot be bothered to take the 5-10 minutes to read and digest my profile then I DO NOT have time for you so please just pass me by! Yes I can be very demanding, yes I require submissives to have patience and obey and this is a first test so to speak...and trust me, I am worth the effort if you are lucky enough to earn a chance to take me to dinner!
My primary partner is male and a switch...well let me define. While he submits to me...and maybe a girlfriend or two at my a couple we tend to be dominant and he is mostly dominant to others. He is VERY open to me playing and fucking others at my discretion so that is not a concern. he actually very much enjoys it! He will be there for any meetings or playtime and he will be involved in some way, shape or form. He is there for my safety foremost but also to assist me if I need it. I will have discreet (no face) pics of our encounters as I enjoy that. We do this as a couple...period! We will certainly negotiate everyone's comfort level prior to any meeting but you do not like him there or pics of some sort, do not email me!
What is it I generally seek in any submissives? I am highly educated (PhD) so I typically prefer educated and intelligent people. I prefer those who can have intelligent discourse over dinner. Those traits do not necessarily mean college educated but that seems to be where I gravitate. I only play with non smokers and while a few extra pounds do not bother me...I am turned off by obese people...sorry my preference! I require someone with a high self esteem who comes with little to no drama and be well groomed...yes that must be said! You MUST be able to handle a poly type of relationship, for men possibly cuckold as I DO and will play with others and those already with me would have an "alpha" status over you in my house! Your place is earned with time, talent and service to me. I love those with a talented mouth that love to pleasure a hot woman orally. VERY FEW of my boys get the pleasure of getting fucked by me. you earn that as well... I am a very sexual person. I will say I am good at what I do. I love getting into your head, make you crave, lust and desire me.. I am creative, intellectual, sexy, experienced, smart and most of all fun. I am VERY Dominant but do not take myself that seriously. If you are looking for a stereotype, or a cliche of a Domme that yells and screams and dictates commands like a drill sergeant, I am NOT that person. I find those "FemDoms" boring and predicable. They watch way too much bad porn!!!!! *LOL Most of them are just girls faking...pretending to be dominant to take money from you in a charade to be honest! My favorite "FemDom" is the 20-21 year old girl with 3 or 5 or 7 years of experience...yeah right bitch *LOL. What I crave is control, control over you in the bedroom. I am not a micro manager, picking out your clothes daily or daily tasks, managing your life etc. You need to be in control of yourself and your life in that respect before you can even consider giving me control! I am not going to fix anything wrong in your life, but will we will seek to enhance each other in this journey! But...I do love that control, over your cock, over your pussy, your orgasms, your pleasure etc. I also have a sadistic streak. I like hurting gets me very wet to hear your groans, grunts and outbursts as I whip or beat on you, no blood just some sensual pain..I love that! I love to tease and you up to a frenzied state and keep you there on edge. Maybe you cum maybe not...or maybe then force orgasm after orgasm as you are bound at my mercy! So let me tell what I am not very interested in. I do not do intentional cutting. I am not into scat (shit) at all! I am not interested in "travelers", I.E. people traveling to my area on business. I seek something more ongoing and where I can meet on at least a semi regular basis so a relationship of sorts can develop and I get to know you well. The scenes are so much better that way! In addition if you are planning on "relocating here" I am not interested. Wanting to me my "live in, Moving for me, or anyone is just a bad idea. Not interested in the least. Chances of me liking you, or you clicking with me are not great. You do not want to do that *LOL I know it is a nice fantasy for some of you! I will not do kids, illegal things or be your mommy!
So you are aware, VERY few get the chance to even chat with me much less meet me! so do not bother to send a chat request, and expect that to happen immediately. If you think after an email we will meet this weekend....That is not going to happen so move on! but if you get that privilege...I use yahoo messenger to chat. If you do not have it download it, do so now. Put your contact information in your introduction email! My best time to chat is mornings but I do make time in the evenings for boys when I can....
With all that said....let me be more gender specific now!

Women...I am bisexual and love playing with girls. I am open to a wider age range in my girls. Obviously you need to be bisexual or bi curious. *LOL you are looking to explore your submissive side, with a woman and couple. I do adore a feminine woman, one that likes to dress sexy and tease. I like confidence in my women...a confidence that when you submit means something to us both! Please be well proportioned and have an open mind and willing to try different things. So much we have to share with you if you are willing!!! We can teach you and mentor your submission...refine it to an amazing place. a place I am sure you have only imagined...or maybe not even fathomed yet!
If this is you skip past the men's section to the last paragraph and questions at the bottom! *S You have some information to send me!!!

MEN...I see that I still have your attention....Are you a good boy wanting potential service and control by a sexy experienced Goddess! So you think you have what it takes to be used, controlled and locked up by me? Trust me I know how to control a boy and his cock!!!! I know what you need but do you??? Do you have the obedience and patience to endure my tasks? Do you have the fortitude to do as I say? Are you intelligent enough to intrigue me and complete assignments? So you have the money to buy the things I will need to use you and things for me that I want to cuckold and tease you with? If you are, then you will find great pleasure and reward in serving me!!! This is the first step any boy takes to gain my favor. Call it the first step of an application of sorts, meaning I want you to impress me! I can get what I want with a smile, and a look! *S That is the kind of boy I that craves to please me! I do not take on many boys. I want to have time for each of them so keep the number at a manageable number. In addition to my two real time boys, I have anywhere from 3-5 online boys at a time. Right now it is three and they have been with me over 2 years now. I find that impressive! *S That low number allows me to know them well, what makes them tick. Some would disagree but even online I consider I am in a relationship with those boys. Yes it is different and online but a relationship nonetheless! As I said above, I said, love control....controlling a boy is what I enjoy most. It may be humiliating for you but you are there to please and amuse me *S Part of that control is occasional gifts - shopping *S . I am NOT in this for money and I am NOT a ProDom (I have nothing against Prodoms BTW!). So you know, I make exceptional money at my job and can afford anything you could buy me...but I love gifts, shopping with my boys occasionally to buy things we both like. outfits, toys, and you should desire to please me with outfits to wear for you a toy to use on you, wine to share, something to cuckold you in. It is fun!! ...and of course a girl always likes to be spoiled and appreciated from time to time!! ...Buying dinner for me...whatever it may be!! And if it is going to be something primarily will show appreciation with gifts! Your sexy Mistress is worth every penny, trust me. It is a concrete way to show your commitment to me and is a another way to show your Mistress appreciation in a tangible way and of course pleases me! That is what you want ...right?
I have MANY specific interests. You will love being bound, helpless and vulnerable. You will love a hot woman fucking your ass with a strapon. You will be open minded and willing to explore my other interests. Tease and denial, I adore cuckold boys and I love feminization....and that can take many forms. Seeing a masculine man in panties of a garter and stockings framing a nice cock gets me VERY wet!
Final Paragraph (congrats you made it here!)
So if you have read this far, you must still have a desire to please me, to serve me and be considered as one of my very few permanent boys. If that is the case you now have the form of an email to me. Please begin your intelligent and long introductory email with "Thank you Goddess Jasmine" as that is how I prefer to be addressed from now on. Answer ALL the questions below! I expect complete sentences, gratitude, and a well thought out email. IMPRESS ME! One liners will not get you much response if any! I desire you to answer the questions below... Be direct and deive. elaborate on points when needed and feel free to give me more info than I asked. I have much to offer you if chosen prove to me you have as much to offer back!
Good Luck ! *S
Intro Questions:

• To help me keep people profile name a site we met? Your kik/yahoo name?
• Why I should pick you...?
• What about my page caught your eye...?
• What are your experiences (online & Real time)…
• What things do you enjoy vanilla & BDSM\What things are off limits!
• What things turn you on kink wise?
• Your skills, biographical information, are you married, are you looking real time, online.
• Physical stuff - age, height, weight, endowment ( both length ns girth (measured around) often do you masturbate, what is your best physical feature? What is your worst?
• Do you smoke?
• Where do you live, generally if you do not want to be specific
• Do you work? What type of work...Do you go to school? What is your education? HS, College, post-grad??
• How do you feel about forced bi activities and serving me with another male?
• How do you feel about another male tying on you and assisting me?
• How do you feel about being bound with rope and teased, used and beat on?
• Describe your body type (Athletic/extra padding/thin) and describe your flexibility?
• Describe your exercise habits (what activities, how often etc)? Ever done yoga? Would you consider it on a regular basis if needed?
• Any medical or heath issues. Claustrophobia, seizures, surgeries, diabetes, circulation issues, history of blackouts?
• Are you available on weekends? What is your availability? Are you seeking something ongoing or a one time thing? Able to attend events with us? Have you attended any kink events, name a few if you have. How do you feel about being tied in public?
• Do you have references I can email and call?
• Tell me your three biggest/darkest fantasies....

• Any questions for me...feel free to ask. You may also talk to Raiden if you would like and I can supply references as well.

GREAT collarspace just deleted my long and lengthy profile...ugh
Jan 2015 - update pics...not n easy task on this site! *S

Took some time yesterday to update my pictures....I have so many pics to share and only 14 little entries allowed here *S Hope each of you enjoy!!!

Well it has been a long while since I updated pictures. So i decided to have my boy do it today for me...I had forgotten what a slow, cumbersome mess uploading and changing pics at Collar me can be. have to find the pic, select the correct one from a number...not the pic...browse the pic you want then put in a string of characters for EACH pic...come on lets to bulk was invented for the web about 10 years ago! No wonder I only do it once a year...or two! *LOL  Besides the terrible pic upload can only put up 15 pics or so??? No wonder many have moved on to !!!

January 27, 2012


Just swapped out a few pics....Yes Every pic is or a submissive I was playing with at the time......Faces blurred to protect the "innocent"  *S

Latest pet peeve....


I just love it when a "Master" sends out his slave, sub, slut, find other women to join him...Like he is Gods gift to humanity....Tell you what asswipe...if you are that good, then do it yourself...but my guess is it is some pathetic man faking he is a sub woman....Think i have run into that here way too many times!!!


Rules for contacting me

1. READ my fucking has specific instructions. It is obvious 80% of the jackwads on here cannot read.

2. Follow my instructions. do not Think you are more special than the 200 other people who emailed me that day and feel you do not have to follow them.

3. DO NOT send me a chat request without prior permission...that is just being a stupid shit!!

4. Tell me what you seek, if it is online understand my demands for online use!

5. If you are more than 200 miles from me, do not tell me you are relocating to me, I am your Best dominant, that you cannot live without me.