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HELP! MY ISLAND IS ON FIRE!!! We are being evacuated! ALL relocation offers considered--these are dire times and many of us have lost everything!
Hot! So very very hot! And you know what Mama wants, right? A sweet boy to take good care of do my bidding--no matter what that may be...If my pleasure can become your reason for living (and not just sex, cretin), then maybe we can create a fabulous relationship like no other. I believe in the rewardpunishment system and I demand loyalty, honesty and submission. Come to paradise and live the life of your dreams!!! I will only relocate if theres plenty of incentive...but I will explore all offers to change my life...

1/29/2018 4:55:59 PM
Why is it men like to post dick and ass pics?  They are gross and unappealing and I think disrespectful.  You need to get to know a person before you show them your "stuff".  RUDE!  Nobody wants to look at that shit unless requested.

9/28/2017 2:30:57 PM
I get so many time wasters with no real intention to follow through on anything and they are not what they advertise...I am very clear that I am looking for a "forever" SLAVE. In order to weed them out I usually give them a certain task.  It works every single time!!!

8/10/2017 3:15:10 PM
I am so grateful for the part time boys who have been devoted for years, albeit on a limited basis.  They have truly elevated the quality of my life in innumerable ways--blessed be

4/8/2017 5:18:01 PM
It totally amazes me that so many read my journal, but even more, some of the comments I get baffles of the most often asked questions: what do you do to scare these men off?  How anyone can jump to such a conclusion based on what I have wriiten...what I have noted are the incidences of "false advertisement"--men who are not what they claim...these assumptions tll me a lot about the one's commenting.

Another assumption/question I'm asked: do I have any good experiencs?  Well, of course I do--but why would I share these?

10/10/2016 11:22:48 PM
I  am sooo tired of men who are delusional and women who are the flakiest of flakes!  Why contact me at all if you have no intention to meet me?  Are ALL of you just seeking masturbatory fodder?  This is why I cannot abide long drawn out prattle--I know what you dickless asswipes are doing... 

8/5/2016 4:13:30 AM
Well for my latest weird encounter:  I met a man who calls himself whipping Boy.  He sends me videos of severe beatings, offers to buy me bull whips and all sorts of gear designed for whipping--describes various scenarios he has been involved...then he arrives...hes starts off by telling me he's no longer in to BDSM, but still wants to meet me... WTF?

1/13/2016 12:52:42 AM
the latest misogynist update Smtreply is this very minute verbally abusing me (the vilest names) with violent messages because I dared to tell him that I am not interested in a man who cannot afford a ticket to do these losers expect?

10/15/2015 9:19:58 AM
I haven't written here in a while--mostly because I feel its an exercise in futility, but also because many sickos use my remarks as fodder for their verbal assault...Yes can you believe it? Many misogynists use this site to vent their failures and attract victims to blame for their inabilities with decent women.  Having been a champion of battered and sexually assaulted women, both publically and privately, for many decades, I have been standing up to these dickwads for many years and I am not the one to challenge--they stand no chance, but they still keep trying.  The impotent bullies  have no power in real life so they take pot shots in the cyber world because they are too cowardly to do it in person. 

8/3/2015 11:44:37 PM
Hurricane heading this way!!!!

7/31/2015 10:35:59 AM
I am always blown away by the number of people who read my journal. I get so much free advise...I'm laughing at the idea that I only enter very little about my life into the journal, but the drama seems to entertain some...imagine if they knew ALL of it! Yes, I do live a rich and savory existence and with that comes many Friends, a few enemies, never a dull moment and lots of fun...I squash the cockroaches as they present themselves...

7/31/2015 3:51:14 AM
Ok here I am eating crow--It was not Tonny stalking me-- it was Junglemaster! He has been trying to bully me for a decade think he would get it that I am SUPERIOR and save himself some the meantime I challenge him to a duel...Come on out you smelly old pervert---fight me out in the open instead of sneaking around like the coward you are!!!!

7/31/2015 2:27:54 AM
Well I have finally hit rock bottom...I hosted an aspirant who was really horrible--whiney, needy, smelly and complained about the coffee I served LOL!!!! I sent him packing, but now he's hell bent on stalking/slandering/bullying me...He thinks if he tells everyone I have a criminal record it will embarrass me.  I am not ashamed of this--I went down for my child and would do it again...I am not guilty of any crime except stupidity that I even agreed to train this and learn....Leave it alone Tonny--I know where you live lol!!!!

7/27/2015 2:11:48 AM
Some really sweet aspirants have recently contacted me...I am breathless at the possibilities....

7/24/2015 3:03:04 PM
Having a great birthday so far....

6/13/2015 10:32:46 PM
So I'm thinking about just giving up.  I am very hot and a great Domme'--but still no boys booking a trip over...just too afraid to make needed/desired changes or simply jerk off phonies...I am most certainly worth the effort--where are you my special man? For some reason women don't often try to connect with me...

3/30/2015 2:03:50 PM
I am simply blown away by the garbage contacting me lately...I seldom block anybody (except for Kids) and I've had to block THREE abusive dickwads.  I can't believe the sickness that seems to be infecting this site and polluting it for those of us who are seriously seeking a relationship of our choosing...

3/7/2015 4:15:24 PM
All of you who are congradulating me on my "new" boys are way premature--one has already bitten the dust (feet of clay) and one has yet to prove himself...Otherwise its the SOS...Will I NEVER find the brave slave I crave???

2/14/2015 5:43:58 PM
I have noticed I get email from guys who use more than one profile and name.  Its funny, they are losers no matter what they call themselves...I have a feeling I'm getting closer though-I'm really an optimistic person

1/19/2015 3:36:54 PM
Anyone trying to reach me by yahoo mail: email at the same address using No excuse not to follow orders

1/19/2015 10:23:05 AM
At the risk of inviting another barrage of unsolicited email from those thick browed dickwads, who seem authorized for an unfathomable reason to offer their input about how I conduct my own busines concerning those ignorant mutants who have dared to waste my time: DO NOT CONTACT ME with your passive aggressive bullshit! I will NOT lower my standards or expectations for anyone. I am NOT responsible for all the wrongs you have suffered at the hands of other women.  If you are worried about your oerson or your money because somebody ELSE cheated you--DON'T WRITE TO ME about it!!! I didn't do it to you!!! I am an ethical woman and I honor my word and take responsibility for my contracts.  I NEVER contact potential property--they are the ones who approach...I state my intentions and requirements--up front always--take it or leave it.  End of story

1/14/2015 10:07:22 PM
Another one bites the dust...

1/10/2015 6:19:40 PM
I have gotten a lot of sympathy from journal readers. I didn't think anyone bothered. I hope I don't sound like I'm whining.. As it is I've only mentioned a very few of the absurd email...Just minutes ago comet10 screamed at me because I told him that I didn't have time to chat with him....

1/10/2015 11:02:16 AM
Today I got dumped by a sub who begged to marry me two days age. His reason: he can't get past what other Domme' have done to him..and again, I am too scarey. Are there any subs out there with the balls to walk their talk?

1/5/2015 8:34:16 PM
I am just stunned--I was told by a slave aspirant that I was too scarey!

1/2/2015 7:31:02 PM
I offer Paradise and an opportunity.  I keep getting:"lets get better aquainted" or" I need to know what you want me to do before I can come for an interview?", or other such drivel. There's only so much you can learn about a person through email, No matter how many times you go over the same old shit.The excitement of NOT knowing, the adventure and the thrill of risk are all part of the process...what's the worst that can happen?  A vacation with a beautiful Domme"? Geez. I can't stand cowards....

1/1/2015 9:20:51 AM
I find it ironic that people I liked on this site were offended by my comments. Lighten up ya'll.  Surely you can relate to the HOURS/years spent fruitlessly? Tons of endless delusion and disillusion..

1/1/2015 12:30:47 AM
Got a lot of emails--but what the hell? Same old tired shit....

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