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In-person, Skype and phone sessions available

I'm a FemDom with many years of experience.
As a hypnotist and a dancer, I love to explore various states of mind in my work. As a sadist, I love to torment and tease, abuse and violate, beat, bruise and humiliate. As a lover of humans, I nurture and facilitate a person in just being themselves.
Pain and Pleasure: I am both fascinated and turned on by our relationship to pain, particularly from a neuroscience perspective. Having that said, I am very sensitive to the pain tolerance of those that I am topping and start of quite light, unless requested/signaled to do otherwise. Hypnosis: I'm a certified hypnotherapist. Hypnosis has many applications. To name a few, it can be used to enhance eroticism, a sense of power dynamic, promote sexual freedom or to calm your nerves. It can also be used to transform you from one state of mind to another(eg. human to puppy, male to female, adult to child).
Bondage and a Lap-Dance: Having many years of training in a number of dance styles including belly and polynesian, erotic dance is by far my favorite. Bondage and a lap dance will flow seamlessly into any scene and can last as long as you wish.
Ball-busting/cbt: I've Kneed, punched and kicked balls since I discovered they are a weakness. Hand yours over. Role play/parts expressions: Pet play/training, punishment for bad behavior, ABDL Over the Knee: Let me bend you over my knee and give you a nice, long, hard spanking. Foot Fetish: I have beautiful feet. I enjoy teasing people with them. I've been told that I am a "submissive foot fetishists dream". Feminization: I love to dress you up. We can go shopping, find sexy clothes(the perfect pantyhose), do our make-up and maybe even go out dancing, or stay in, talk and play. Couples training: Do you want to dominate, or be dominated by your partner and would like a little help? I happily offer my services(whether it be for educational, comfort or enjoyment/exploratory purposes) to couples wishing to enhance the intimacy of their relationships. Rates:
  • Session: $300/hour
  • Consultation: $75


Yourself in a world where you feel completely relaxed... safe... light... and free ...

Free to explore and to nurture your fantastic dreams and your living sexuality.

You have before you and all around you, so many choices and so many possibilities...

You can indulge in one over and over to your hearts content...

Or you can have them all one after another.

You can enjoy eroticism temporarily through guided trance...

You can explore your secrets...

And you can invest in your long-term sexual wellness.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your willingness...

To go for it.

Anyone interested in lactation fetish should message me.  My tits are officially open for business.  I soaked my favorite pansy boys face earlier today.  Wanna try it?


"Would you prefer to talk a little or would you just like to start making out with my feet?"  I said with a smile. 

He said that he wanted to talk about making out with my feet, but truth be told there was very little talking.  I was wearing black, strappy high heels and a short skirt that didn't bother hiding the thong underneath.  I removed my shoes and allowed him to take my feet in his hands.  He proceeded to slowly and sensually kiss them, making sure to cover every single inch of my soft skin. 

After he had finished giving me a thorough tongue massage, he laid back.  I rubbed my feet all over his face and body.  Sometimes I instructed him to open his mouth and stick his tongue out.  And sometimes I shoved my foot so far in, he would gag on it. 

Afterward, we thanked each other for a lovely time and parted ways. 

This was just one interaction that I had at this party.  I highly recommend it.

I have beautiful feet

Come join me, and perhaps play with me, at Foot Night

at the Sanctuary

on August 6th from 7-11pm!  This will be an opportunity to meet me and other dommes in the Portland area.  It is a very comfortable and welcoming environment with a full bar and private rooms. 

Location: 33 NW 9th Ave. Portland, Oregon. 

Buy tickets here


Come play with me! 

I enjoy and appreciate service submission, and am posting this in response to a request.

Service Submission is an expression of ones self and is a gift. It is intended to appreciate the involved dominant, be it a person or an entity. Service is a vital part of healthy communities and healthy relationships. If you do not have a worthy cause or person to serve, I would suggest looking a little harder, or seeking out the assistance of someone you respect and admire. Please note that among the most important elements to this dynamic are respect and chemistry.

What to expect:

  • You are responsible for your own expectations and to communicate your own needs and desires
  • Anticipatory service is very much appreciated. Good luck. ;)
  • Do not expect discretion. I do not brag or advertise, nor do I hide.
  • Expect the work you do to be useful, appreciated, and please have something useful to offer. I do not hand out "busy" work.
  • If receiving service becomes work for me, I will lose interest.
  • The more thorough your skill set is, the more useful you will be.
  • Be prepared to meet with me in person upon contacting me.

Some typical tasks:

-Car cleaning + maintenance: Interior, exterior and undercariage
-House projects: Hauling, remod assistance, yard work, constructing small structures
-Tech support: Website/computer maintenance
-Domestic: Sweeping, moping, organizing, laundry, dishes, ect.
-Pampering: Manicures, pedicures, facial, massage, ect. I also occasionally enjoy being read to, and to be told how lovely I am. :)

I may modify or add to this later. Thank you.



Don't be discouraged if you do not find what you are looking for.

Do value and treat each other well.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect even if they haven't earned your trust, and by doing so, you are good to yourself.