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Vertical Line

Please, do us both a favor, and take the time to READ the profile BEFORE emailing me.
Not looking for anything here other than witty repartee', visiting with friends....yada yada yada...

Unless of course the unimaginable comes along. A slave that really wants to get from behind the computer!

Please note: I suck at remembering if I've called or written, and who. Sometimes I am busy....driving....working......whatever, think "I need to get back to **whomever**, then get where I am going, get involved in work or horses or whatever, then later when I have time to actually DO it, I think I already HAVE. Simply because I had thought I need to. So, if you are going to think I have lost interest, didn't have interest, are probably wrong. As those that work for me know, you need to keep your face in my face until I tell you to get out of MY face! Or, I do what I needed to do......

I juggle a lot of balls and don't have a secretary/slave to keep handing them to me. I occasionally drop a few.

About me......just for your information.

I have a wicked sense of humour and love life with all that it offers. I do my best to not take myself too seriously. I believe in constant growth and education. This is reflected in my daily life and activities. For some that may be boring as hell, too bad. I know myself and my priorities. If they are not yours, no harm no foul. I do a lot of hiking when time and weather allows. I am a total rock geek. I am always looking for interesting rocks to drag back home. They are a huge part of the 'art work' of my life. I am also photographer and tend to drag my bag of gear around with me most everywhere. Much of my free time is spent sorting and editing photos. Occasionally someone actually pays me to do this!


I live on a farm in SE Iowa. Rather boring if you like an active nightlife. I also share that house with a male of the species. He is about as vanilla as you will find. No, you won't serve him sexually. Not his bag. You would have to be courteous and respectful of his space. He is a wonderful human being and my best friend AND HUSBAND. We have a long history. Sooo, if you can't stand the idea of being around a guy, I am not the mistress for you.

As for what interests me in a woman. Yes I said woman, because submissive or slave, she is a human being and woman first.

I need clear communication. I don't want to have to make assumptions or try to read between the lines. A few emails or phone calls only tells me you enjoy visiting. It does not tell me you are interested in belonging to me. Communicate communicate communicate!!! She must be willing to continue to move forward in a timely manner. I refuse to play the internet game indefinitely. Ask me questions, whatever you want to know to begin to trust. Offer me more personal, personal email, IM contact info, phone conversation. I understand safety issues, I understand fears. Communicate them, I can work with them, but always moving forward. Remember, trust works both ways. If I feel I am being bullshitted, I will withdraw. I don't particularly care to hear about your fetish interests immediately. Trust me, outside of a few major things, I am probably open to most. What matters MOST to me is the inner person, what drives your submission and what brings you to me. I want to get inside your head. The submissive or slave for me will belong to me in ways far stronger than just physical bonds. Yes, those are fun too, just not my primary focus. If your unsure of something about me, what I want/expect, write me and ask me. I like questions. I also like new ideas, things that make me go "hmmmm..." One thing that will turn me off immediately is sending me your wanker material. A shopping list of "I want you to do *** to me" Screw that! I want to know what you have to offer as a submissive or slave. What makes you unique? What made you want to contact me? What makes you want to continue to communicate with me? What are your hopes and dreams, fears? Deepest darkest secrets.... I repeat, do NOT send me shallow "do me" bullshit. On a good day you will just get ignored. I value a good sense of humour and intelligent conversation. Expect to use both. If you are sitting there thinking.....SHEESH!! what a bitch!!! Why yes I can be, thank you very much. Move along and save us both the hassle of debate though my temper has such a very long fuse you cannot possibly anger me, I would just be toying with you like a cat with its prey...Ahhh TIGER!

NOW: If you have gotten here and still wish to communicate with me I think we will get along splendidly. If you put the words "lady tiger" in your your first message to are a treasure already!

4/29/2017 1:00:48 PM
Happy Birthday to me! Gorgeous rainy day. Yes, call me crazy, but I love thunderstorms. Drove into town and found my birthday present. I asked for, and got, a wonderful bigass punching bag. This year I got more heavily into fitness. Not for vanity but because IT'S GOOD FOR A PERSON! And.......I still like Oreos and ice cream and Sunday morning cafe au laits with croissants So running, and now wolloping, is a good way to be able to enjoy my favorite foods and still be fit and healthy. And my horses won't give me the evil eye when I hop on...

So.....Life is good. I cannot tell anyone that bothers reading this, how much gratitude and joy fills me at this point in my life. 

8/3/2016 6:37:46 PM
While I make no guarantees as to how often I will log in here or if I will again......I do realize it's been a really long time since I've been around. There were emails from a good year ago I hadn't read. A couple from people who've long since disappeared. My photos are old and I don't really care. Other than being more fit, weighing less having long hair which apparently, despite the 'rules' of being an old broad (aka not supposed to look good with longer hair) looks pretty damned good, even if I do say so myself. Yeah, if you look closely there are a few silver strands hiding but hey, I earned those motherfuckers. 

When I changed jobs 3plus years ago, it changed a lot about my life. For the better. Less free time to sit in front of the computer. More free time to get off my ass. I hike more, ride more (horses and bicycles) garden more, live more. Life is really very god damned good at casa LaT. Really good. Generic dude also changed his career and his doing fab. 

All of that being said........unless you are female, physically active, honestly submissive with a very strong desire to serve AS I WISH to be served....unless you are willing to come to me, in person, not drag this internet bullshit out for months, years, etc etc etc....sane, not a nutjob stalker, druggie, stripper, the boiling bunnies way......are willing to submit to a barrage of tests that I will insist on to protect all I hold dear......just really don't bother trying. I don't NEEEEEEEEEEED for anyone or anything. I've got it good. Very good. 

Yes, I really would love to have a slave serving me. Not gonna lie. But in all of the years I've been cruising the internet I have yet to have one. single. person. I've met online, follow through with their online promises. Sure, I've had a few meetings, a few half assed attempts, but only one was the woman she said she was, through and through. And she decided some other things were more important to her, with my blessings. She is now a mother and lives a few thousand miles away. Happy being her, and a dear, life long friend. 

I am married. Have been for over 26 years. My husband is my knight. He really is. He's not kinky but yanno, he lives to spoil me and see me happy. He helps balance me and keep me grounded. He is the Felix to my Oscar. Cleans la hacienda waaaaaaaaay better than I do and puts up with my grand ideas, art projects, fur babies. Also, he puts up with the occasional hot chick curled at my feet. He offers an additional measure of protection if my people reading skills broke and an s-type ever got batshit but has zero interest in playing with my girl toys in any way. I don't share my slaves, ever. So girlies, if you've gotten this far, want my time and attention, just because I am married, you can't be. Like I said, I don't share. A gig with me is full time, at my leisure. Aside from your job, your life would be MINE. Not kids, not my husband, not a boyfriend....alllllllllll mine. Nope, not gonna be 'fair'. Aka....Me dominant bossy bitch, you slave bitch. 

That's all for now..........toodles!

3/19/2012 11:12:51 AM

I really do refuse to take responsibility for another person's choice to not read. If you do not actually READ my profile, it's on you when you do not like the facts within.


YAY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/20/2012 12:39:53 PM


1/10/2012 11:37:28 AM

I love love LOVE Google image!

12/31/2011 8:02:34 AM

I sit here in my favourite spot of the house, soaking up the sun streaming in the window to my left and a beautiful southern view to the south over the top of my laptop.........i saw a bald eagle soaring over the valley in the blue sky. So thankful the way nature has a way of making my troubles so insignificant and fleeting. The bills will get paid, my stomach will recover from the holiday food, life goes on.

12/9/2011 5:48:13 PM

911 No chocolate, espresso or red wine in the house!!!

12/6/2011 11:44:00 AM

I am considering something. So tired of being asked for photos of my ass.......I don't get it.......WHY?!?!?

It's an ass. We all have one. As asses go, mine is okay. Bigger than many, much smaller than many. Jigglier than a lot of similar age and occupation. Much fitter than most of similar age and occupation. I've always been complimented on it but's just an ass.

There will never be a nude photo of it online. Not on my profile, not on a forum and not in anyone's email in box.

If I get bored, maybe I will set up my camera tripod and snap a photo of it, crop, fill up the image with nothing but ass. So much so that it's nearly unidentifiable. Entitle it 'My Ass'. Maybe even make it my main profile photo.

I just don't understand people...

12/4/2011 8:35:36 AM

My grandmother used to say "Patience is a virtue". I, however, am not virtuous.

9/12/2011 11:29:52 AM

I am often, not nice.

7/18/2011 9:36:51 AM

I've been crazy busy trying to get a website up and running, doing photo shoots to pay for said website (and a few new lenses I just haaaaad to have...:)) working on a major landscaping project, all when I am not working a 40 hour a week job.

SOOOO.........If I've ogled you, I MIGHT be VERY interested. But in all fairness, beginning a relationship via this medium takes an awful lot of time typing, that I feel I cannot dedicate right now. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........unless you are verrrrrrrrrrry interested in ME, and verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy patient, you would likely become upset with me, assuming I was not interested.....something.

That all being said, I am just not going to actively be hunting for a bit. Feel free to contact me, just keep the above in mind.


Hope you all are having a faaaaaaaaaabulous summer!!!

4/25/2011 11:07:16 AM

A small request.


My birthday is nearly here and yes I adore getting gifts........but please, I already have so much, I am so very fortunate..........there is nothing I need.


I would love if people would give to a local food pantry rather than do anything for me. Please. Help your neighbours who are suffering.

2/21/2011 8:45:31 AM

Spring is slowing springing.........YAY!!!


I love spring!



2/15/2011 5:41:37 PM

Potentials come and go....only cheating themselves. My friends are always around and much appreciated.

10/20/2010 6:57:50 AM

There hasn't been much here to interest me lately.

I haven't spent much time here and might not be doing so for awhile.

I do check in about once a me and I might answer!

8/6/2010 2:08:10 PM
My life is faaaaaaaaaaabulous....... but very busy.

I have many responsibilities. I take them seriously.

I won't travel to meet you unless I happen to be passing through your area and have some free time. In other will have to come here. Fair? No, but I don't care. It's either my way or not at all. Too many fishies in this sea. You will have to make an effort and be a special little mermaid. Or some such something or other!!

2/4/2010 7:00:36 AM
Please take the time to read and write me something worth reading... laziness does not impress me.

11/3/2009 7:19:25 AM
No one needs to get their panties in a wad because I am not replying in a timely fashion!

I am working, A LOT, regular job which takes approximately 12 hours a day,trying to get prints framed and displayed here at the shop, trying to get a gallery website up and running before the holiday shopping frenzy passes, and trying to get winter prep stuff done at the farm.

A full time female slave would be devine....but do not expect me to have a lot of time to 'romance' you right now. Now, I need action, not a lot of pretty typed words.

11/2/2009 9:21:55 AM
Yet another wonderful weekend!

That time change thing though....I am all discombobulated. 

10/25/2009 4:21:27 PM
What a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous weekend!!!!!!!! I am going to be SO SORE!

10/24/2009 6:20:44 PM
Having a VERY good weekend!

10/17/2009 2:45:08 PM
What a day! Gorgeous weather and all two ton of the wood pellets for a winter of warmth neatly stacked and ready to burn.

9/29/2009 11:27:49 AM
Wonderful lunch with a lovely young lady.....thank you!

9/2/2009 12:16:56 PM
Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like there is something more/bigger/more important/ something, you should be doing?

Like the daily routine of your life, the mundane stuff, is so inconsequential, you feel like you are cheating at life?

I have them a lot. I know, it sounds like a fat headed ego thing to think/say. Maybe it is. But I still feel like there is something more I am supposed to be doing. Like I am not living up to my potential (whatever the hell that might be).

Meh! Bleh! Whateverrrrrrrrr....

I need a new challenge.

8/31/2009 7:03:45 AM
I have come to the conclusion that training young horses at age 47 is harder on the body than doing it at age 27.

But I would do it everyday if I could get away with it! And paint, and sculpt, and write, and garden, and cook, and torment pretty girls, annnnnnnnd......

Bugger all! Having to work for a living!

8/19/2009 9:00:27 AM
I wanna sing "Monday Monday......" but it's Wednesday.

If only the fun hobbies I have and would prefer to be doing, paid the bills....

8/5/2009 10:44:35 AM
Back home and beat. It's awesome when you go on vacation and visit family, have so much fun you don't want to leave. It is also awesome to be back home. My bed, my shower, my coffee...and most of all, my furry babies.

7/30/2009 8:50:37 AM
Drove 14 hours yesterday. If I had a dollar for every mile of road construction I went through I could pay for the trip.

Saw an awful car accident. Itty bitty car ended up rolling and on it's top in the middle of the freeway. Two life flights for the two occupants. Was definitely more blood and gore than I wanted to see. Kept us at a standstill for about an hour.

Then, rain rain and more rain. I took a route I'd never taken and wow, driving a windy mountain road in pouring rain, rush hour traffic out of Denver, then heavy fog. My eyes were so bloodshot by the time I got here I looked like I'd been partying for days.

It's 9:48am here and the clouds just now gave way to sunshine. My sister lives in the most beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. This morning I am enjoying hanging out with my  7yo nephew and then the three of us are going riding.

7/28/2009 10:44:53 AM
Getting ready for vaca, leaving early tomorrow morning.

Please forgive me if I don't reply to an email right away. My brain is going 100 miles an hour, 10 different directions.

7/26/2009 1:17:01 PM
Getting excited about my vacation next week.
Packing and already worried about my furry babies that will stay at home. If only I had one of those sexy Airstream motor homes so they could come along.

7/5/2009 6:48:47 PM

I just love how, with most online, when you do not give into their little cyber fantasy world, they tend to drift awayyyyyy. Silly little girls and boys, missing out on so much.

The awesome, and not so awesome, real life stuff.

Wednesday evening one of my most favourite, less than healthy meals (breaded pork tenderloin with fries and coleslaw) gave me food poisoning. One of Iowa Cities greatest old restaurants. One of the best breaded Iowa pork tenderloin sandwiches you will EVER eat in your life.......just one teeny tiny little problem included. Had to have been that as all I had the rest of the day was fresh fruit and a Kashi bar. The other person I ate dinner with was fine, but BAM I got clobbered. Up all night doing terrible things to my bathroom. Couldn't go to work the next day, just slept.

Mostly all better now, minus much of an appetite (no loss there).

I am spending a wonderful, loooonnnnnggg, holiday weekend with two of my favourite people in the whole world. I took Monday and Tuesday off work. My daughter brought my son's two little boys, ages 5 & 6 down on Friday evening. My daughter, her husband, and their baby girl spent the night also. Generic Dude made us all some of his awesome, famous, pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then my daughter and her little family headed off to bigger celebrations with her husband's family.

We, here at the farm, spent the rest of the day playing with Tonka trucks, running into town for supplies and to tidy up my offce as I have Monday and Tuesday off to do my grandma thing also. Came back and made cheeseburgers and watched a neighbouring town from accross the river valley to the east, fireworks  display from the patio. No driving, no crowds.

Have spent today alternating between watching animated movies, hiking down to the river and back, doing art projects with the boys, and playing with Tonka trucks.

Now this old granny is relaxing while they guys watch Indian Jones save the world.

Seriously, I am selfishly, SO GLAD I was a teen mother so that I can enjoy hanging out with two high energy little boys. I love that I can really DO stuff with them instead of just supervise.

Tomorrow we work more on the clay projects and, if the weather allows, swimming!

5/28/2009 12:47:56 PM
I am grumpy. I don't know WHY I've been grumpy but I have been. Not my norm for sure. No real reason. Just grumpy!

Maybe I need a reason to be NOT grumpy.....?

I think I need to go home and ride (horse, you gutter brains) till we are both exhausted. Hot shower, good night of sleep, maybe my attitude will be adjusted.

5/20/2009 7:59:13 AM
Please excuse me if I lose track of getting back to you via email, not returning phone calls...... seem to be ignoring you. I'm not.

It's just a little medical issue, messing with my body and brain.

All should be back to normal in a few weeks.

5/14/2009 12:01:10 PM
I have to laugh. I log in to check email here and see on my home page a profile of a person that contacted me earlier this week or last week.

In her profile she is griping about fakes or players....yada yada yada. Different than when she had contacted me. So my fat head wonders, "Is she talking about me? Simply because I was trying to be nice in my blow off, am I now a "fake" in her eyes?"

I wonder because, if she is the age she says she is in her profile, it's been a rough 4 decades. Nothing about her profile gave me a reason to believe we were a good fit. A few emails only confirmed it. Yet, despite the obvious discrepancies, I would never call her a fake. I would have to meet her to know this.

The humour is that, I wonder this, after several emails this morning, from a girl that has spent time with me, wanting to visit again. Because I am the most "real" person she ever communicated with on here.

One person's real is another person's fake.

C'est la vie!

5/5/2009 1:03:32 PM
A huge thank you!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people on here, that write me notes and bring a smile to my face.

5/1/2009 11:49:51 AM
You guys that think you look cool having your picture taken in sunglasses.....well....not so much so.

BUT....thank you for the laughs every time I see one of you!

4/29/2009 7:14:12 AM
Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

4/27/2009 12:36:37 PM
Yvette number two.......thank you for the entertainment. You have provided a few really amazingly wonderful belly laughs. 

4/21/2009 3:56:14 AM
Just one, that's all I really want.

I am open to more than one, but one will suffice.

Just one girl that gets it. One girl that honestly wants to serve. One girl that really wants to belong to someone. Not the fantasy, but a reality.

Just one...

3/26/2009 6:43:10 AM
A friend of mine, a very sweet submissive gay man, sent me flowers. My office is full of daffodils!!! I am just overwhelmed. It was so unexpected.

3/25/2009 7:44:06 AM
It's spring!!!

As reflected by my inbox lately, there must be an awful lot of spring fever going around.

1/18/2009 3:57:56 PM
I have not been this effing sick in ages. Almost passed out just feeding my horses.....TWICE!

Makes me feel like the biggest whimp.

1/2/2009 5:46:18 AM
I had a girl that was supposed to visit for a trial period next week. That has been cancelled.

Soooo, if there are any female slaves out there looking, talk to me ladies, talk to me!!! I do bite, but I promise you will like it!

12/8/2008 3:42:30 AM
It has been a bit crazy busy in my world lately. If I don't answer an email right away it is for one of two reasons.

1.) I think your a putz and I probably will not EVER answer.....or

2.) It is important for me to answer with alot of thought and consideration.  Something I may not have the time or brain power, to do right away.

Often times I am online here, while doing something else. This means I am not very focused on being "here". It may be several days before I have the time to do that.

Soooooo, chilllllllllllll!!!!!!

3/21/2008 8:37:39 AM
Spring is here!!! I love spring! It is my favourite time of year. Migratory birds are back, baby animals being born. Buds on the fruit trees and flowering bushes looking ready to burst. Love love love it! No slaves, no submissives at the farm. To those looking for someone online, I wish you the very best of luck. Based upon the quality of women I have talked to and how they play out, I've no expectations. I don't do fantasy online domination. I won't spend hours typing kinky words for anyone's pleasure (unless your paying me to write a book). I do have several that I know from other venues, (friend of a friend, etc) that are coming to visit this spring/summer. We shall see.

3/2/2008 2:34:13 PM
Great quote from an old old movie.....

"Listen kiddo, when your commander suggests something, it is a command."

It is exactly how I prefer to lead. I ask/suggest, someone do something. I expect that it will be done.

11/10/2007 7:57:56 AM

A relatively easy word to speak or type. Yet, I wonder more and more, is it really such a challenge to actually DO?

Very recently I was contacted, through another site, by a young lady in Chicago. Now, given her age and so forth, her experience is very limited. Not necessarily a bad thing to me, but something to consider.

Upon coming to the conclusion, through several emails and some time on the phone, that she was indeed sincere, I tossed out a few of my expectations. Simple things really. Things to help me get to know her on a more intense level. To begin to understand what makes her tick.

Well, it appeared that what I asked was either not taken seriously or just far too much to expect.......snort laugh inserted here. And then a promise broken.

End of beginning.....

Against my better judgement, it seems, after a few more brief bits of contact, I gave her another chance. Thinking that perhaps I shared some fault, perhaps had not communicated the importance of my expectations, why I asked her to do what I did, etc.

So, I explained myself a bit. Why it was important. Still, nothing.

So, as far as I am concerned. No more. No harm, no foul. Just a few days of my life spent, nothing important in the big picture of life.

Yet, I kept having some weird nagging feeling that somehow I had failed. It kept bugging me. So, I looked back to the three submissive women in my life that ever got past that point, that mattered/matter, to me. What was different?

I realized that it was communication. Each one of them immediately began to open themselves to me. Good god there was one I almost wanted to duct tape her mouth shut at times. But I didn't. Because what she was telling me was important. Important in getting to know her. Not the "her" that the rest of the world knew but the woman I needed to know.

If I am going to "posess" a woman, not just taking control of her body but, all of her. Then I need to listen to everything. The written, the spoken, and even more importantly, all of the stuff inbetween. What her eyes are telling me, her body language, just everything.

And this particular girl just wasn't giving me any of that, even at my prodding.

I suppose I could attempt to drag it out of her, but I don't want to have to. I don't want to MAKE someone submit, I want them to WANT to.

Sure, there have been times that I have had to dig a bit to get the "rest of the story" but I have never had a time where I just felt that there was nothing there.

Interesting experience for me.

What this girl's story is, I may never know. Or, perhaps one day she will tell me. I think she is unsure what she wants, where she fits, still finding her way. And, busy with her life. Maybe unwilling to get past a computer screen. Or, maybe it was just me. I am not so egotistical to think that all submissive women, looking for a dominant woman, are going to think I am perfect for them. Which is fortunate, because most of them are not perfect for me.

So, I will just be here, hanging out on occasion. Enjoying the awsome life I do have until the one that is perfect for me comes along.

11/7/2007 7:15:56 AM
The girl from LA flaked.....I am not surprised. It's funny how, when faced with reality, so many bunnies turn tail and run for the briar patch. C'est la vie! On another note.... life has been very busy for me lately. Just vanilla things. Work is finally occupying most of the day, cutting in on my computer, goofing off, time. And that really is a good thing. Then, at home, this time of year is also busy....cutting into my evening and weekend computer, goofing off, time. Not necessarily a bad thing either. Soon, winter will be here and I will be stuck in the house more, and on the computer more.

9/24/2007 9:06:24 AM
I have to admit that I have a fetish. Bangles. Yes, lovely golden bangles jingling on my wrist. I have 5 slender handmade bangles, 8 inches around, so I can slip them on over my hand. Each one is slightly different, unique and made of that warm precious metal. They remind me of the people that bought them for me whenever I hear them or look at them. It is like carrying those I love with me, the faint music they make like a voice from the past, whispering to me. I wonder, when I am very old, will my arms be full of weathered warm circles of gold.... Reminders of a life full of love. I hope so.

6/11/2007 11:53:27 AM
I love life! It never ceases to amaze me how it constantly rejuvinates. Thinking of my inner self and all I have been through the last 10 months. For the longest time I have had no interest in anything M/s. No play, no relationship, just nothing. Instead putting all my energies to my creative stuff and family. Then, some small thing, a few words, a visual, sparks something. I begin to feel the hunger and desire grow again. Like a pleasant ache way down deep. A power that has not died, but lay dormant. Ah yes, I remember this. It brings a smile to my face. To know it still exists.

5/7/2007 12:00:22 PM
Doing much much better. Life goes on. It is too short and far too amazing to spend it mourning what could have been.

4/24/2007 3:28:36 PM
I've just found out one of the worst ways possible, that someone I love very much has died. It just so sucks, and hurts. Sometimes life just isn't fair at all. I always loved this poem, found it very touching, but I never thought I would have reason to say the words from my heart. It is just part one but it fits the feeling so very well. Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead, Put crêpe bows round the white necks of the public doves, Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves. He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong. The stars are not wanted now: put out every one; Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun; Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood. For nothing now can ever come to any good. W.H. Auden

1/6/2007 8:44:02 AM
Please do not waste my, or your, time. I don't have any need for cyber relationships. I refuse to have long wank cyber discussions about sex or kinky play. If good "getting to know one another" communication is beyond your scope, just admit it and move on. If you cannot imagine giving me a phone number AFTER a few emails and/or chats, go find someone with more patience for long drawn out games. If you have no intention or ability to travel to spend time with me sometime in the near future (not after you graduate college, win the lottery, decide what you want to be when you grow up, etc etc....) don't even consider contacting me other than as friends. I mean, why bother? If you are contacting me as friends, cool!! But don't expect to try and sneak some kinky, wank inducing chat in there. I won't take the bait, trust me, quite a few have tried. And last but not least, if you do contact me, we become friendly, and it becomes apparent that you didn't pay attention to the above...And I quit replying to your emails, IM's, etc......don't be terribly surprised.

3/28/2006 3:39:11 AM
If all you can come up with to begin a discourse with me is.....hello Ma'am..... don't bother. I can get that at the grocery store. Use your brain, write me something that makes you stand out, that makes me want to get to know you.

3/20/2006 11:09:51 AM
just a brief note, if you email or have emailed me recently....I do try to respond to all emails in a thoughtful and somewhat intelligent manner. My time is however, limited. Sometimes I begin to respond and get interupted and don't get the opportunity to finish. Leaving me with the feeling I have replied and didn't. Other times it is totally obvious to me that I would have nothing in common with the person and given their lack of thought and effort in emailing me....why bother? Do not take my lack of response personal. I recently lost a dear friend to breast cancer and it has thrown me for a bit of a loop. Witty and empty repartee' is not high on my list of life's priorities. Most importantly. I cannot seem to let go of the love for my "one" ...she haunts me yet. .... Be fearful of drawing too close lest you be hurt by the refusal of that love to die... I seem to carry alot of emptiness in my heart and soul...not knowing what will fill it if ever....

3/9/2006 12:58:54 PM
I must say, some of the emails I receive....just leave me shaking my head in wonder! To help curb the male enthusiasm, and the occasional male wanting me to marry him for money and his aquisition of a green card.....I am already married to a man. He is EXTREMELY vanilla, does not want any part of this lifestyle, will not participate, does not want ANY of his parts serviced...Nor does he have any part AT ALL, of my relationship with a woman. IF you are female and need to know more, ask. IF you are male, understand that IF I wanted sex involving a penis I will avail myself of the one that is already at my disposal. I prefer women and have no need for men other than as friends or "what can you do for ME?", be warned I have expensive tastes and not alot of free time. If you are male and want some of MY time, be prepared to do something for ME that does NOT involve anything sexual.

2/19/2006 9:23:25 AM
Hellooo!! Please note that if you cannot have comunication about topics that do not involve the D's lifestyle please move on. While I am passionate about that part of life, there really is alot more to living....yes REALLY!!! I like to get to know all the facets of an individual and will expect alot of that type of comunication. Not only does it allow us to get to know one another better, it weeds out the less than serious. AND if you start asking me for photos right away...byebye.

2/6/2006 12:21:25 PM
I fully understand the need for privacy and caution in loading a photo onto your profile. However, I have been generous enough to show you what I look like for better or worse. If you are going to write me wanting my attention I would greatly appreciate seeing who I am writing to. No nudity is expected at all, just a nice pleasant clear face photo.

2/5/2006 6:39:30 AM
Note to all non US citizens.....If you are contacting me please realize I live in the middle of farm country USA and am NOT looking for an internet-only relationship. If you say you are willing to move here, have you checked to make sure that you can? I do not know the imigration laws do you? Are you willing to travel here to meet and take the chance one or both of us may have no interest in the other? These are questions you need to ask before wasting both of our time.

2/5/2006 5:40:23 AM
Please note: If you categorize yourself as a slave, this does not mean a free ride in my home. Let me explain more clearly so there are no misunderstandings.... Everyone that lives here, works. I am not poor by any means but I am certainly not wealthy. I have been working and earning a paycheck since I was 13, while I would love to play all day and not worry about paying bills that is not my reality. That being said, unless you have some money, or alot and want to share (smile!) will be expected to have earn an income like most adults. I am not saying that will always be the case but for right now, it is.

2/3/2006 11:41:07 AM
I must note, though I do not hate men, I am not in any way sexually attracted to them. I find the penis an ugly part of the body and would appreciate not recieving a photo of one. I am more than open to friendships with people having them, I just do not want to SEE them.

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