Single englishman who in my day to day life, I am a successful professional, and I cherish my time off work. I have seen a good part of the world and lived in a number of countries including Indonesia and Brazil. I feel like I found a place for me to stay long term in the USA and look forward to establishing roots. I enjoy theater, movies, reading, anything with a cultural theme of a visual nature. Cooking is a great method of relaxation, which is much more fun when performed for 2 or more people. I am interested in many scenarios right now and not actively looking for a long term relationship, but I am definitely open to the possibility. Eventually, I want to be in a relationship where BDSM can play a role, where we can be together, be ourselves, grow, learn and develop a deep understanding for each others' needs, wants, and desires. I clearly have my limits, but many of those can and should be tested and pushed
 Age: 34
  New York