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I am a kinky fucker! Specifically I have a fetish for bondage and power exchange. Physical restraint make me instantly hard. Having sexual control over another person gives me a heady rush. Giving up control to someone else makes me feel quiet and comfortable. Without these Im never really sexually satisfied. Im proud of my communication skills, I maintain continuous consent and always have established safe words.

Its my lifelong dream to have a relationship where my sex drive and fetishes arent in the way but are accepted and bring joy to the relationship.

Im working in Portland OR, if you live near by and want to have breakfast sometime let me buy you a fried egg. -)
2/12/2011 1:51:09 PM

Ask and you shall receive right? - I've been wanting some time to finish various house projects, and to really start turning this house into a home.  Well guess what I've been laid off. 

My employer has some work on the horizon; but right now - zilch.  So most everyone got laid off for a month or two.  Getting laid off isn't something I wanted, but I'm going to make the best of it.


So I get to update the ol' brag sheet, and look around a bit.  Ideally I'd like to find some temporary electrician work.  In addition to looking for work though, I'm going to spend some time painting, welding, cleaning, etc... and it will be wonderful.

1/16/2011 11:47:09 AM

So I bought the steel and some welding wire to make my new bed frame with.  But there are several projects that I've got to finish up before I'll let myself start on that.  The cat house is so nearly done, I have to mount a gate, fix a door, and there is still a lot of painting left to be done.   -- Life goes on..


Catsmell is in Florida for most of the week; I miss her.

1/11/2011 9:06:37 PM

Started my final semester of my electrical apprenticeship yesterday.  We are in a new classroom; and the class before us in a basic acting class!  Some of the girls in it are fairly cute.  I wonder if that will make getting to class on time easier.   I'm finishing up my homework for tomorrow night now.  I'm looking forward to studying something else after I've gotten my electricians license.  I'd really like to take some classes on web design; maybe get closer to what I'd like it to be.

1/8/2011 2:05:23 PM

The bedrooms that I've been working on are coming along just fine.  Unfortunately there have been other setbacks...  


The cat situation exploded!  A cat we had been caring for started fighting in earnest with our cats; and one of them started peeing!   A cat that pees once is forever a pisser.  It had to go; but the reason it was in my house was that it had no where else to go!   So I'm building a cat house for the garage.  It's heated, and should be quite comfy; especially when the thermostat I ordered from Amazon arrives.  


Another set back lies in our new furniture.  We bought a new bed and nightstands from IKEA.  My visiting father and his sig-o slept on them fine, and on new years girlmouse and I crashed on it; no problems.  Later that afternoon I leaned on the bed and, the frame broke; the box-spring and mattress went crashing to the floor in one corner.  So now I have another opportunity to use my new welder.  I'll have to go buy some steel and weld up a bed frame; or at least a structure to reinforce the new broken one.  Good news is I'm definitely going to add on a few (dozen) tie-down points.

12/17/2010 3:50:50 PM
So I do a fine job of installing sheetrock, I'm not particularity fast; but I don't do it professionally so that's not a problem.  But I can't tape and mud to save my life.  I finally gave up and hired a professional taper.  Hooray! It's done and looks beautiful.  Now I'm off to prep the area for painting!

I might even finish this weekend!
12/15/2010 10:54:38 PM
I do seem to be most active in the BDSM community this time of year.  I had heard from a professional dominatrix that BDSM commerce was an extremely seasonal industry.  I guess this is the season.  I just put Girlmouse to bed; she was doing some Christmas shopping.

To everyone who is struggling financially this holiday season; I hope you find time to struggle in other much more pleasurable ways as well!
1/2/2010 8:35:10 AM
Happy holidays to everyone on!!

Girlmouse and I have been spending some time lately getting to know the local community, specifically the under 35 SLUT-TNG people.  Hopefully we will meet some more groups soon.  With all the excitement of the holidays we haven't had a wealth of time, but it's been fun.
10/11/2009 10:52:52 PM
Wow, I haven't been on in a while the last female to view my profile did so in March...

.. of last year.  ;(

For reasons that are beyond me there are a lot of men viewing my profile.   I guess guys will look at anything.
10/11/2009 12:50:16 PM
Going to in Seattle at the end of this month with some friends.  I'm very nervous about my costume.  I've never been good at making costumes.  I'm working on it today. 

I don't think girl mouse is going with me this time though.  ;(   She is going to enjoy some time to do what ever she likes with me out of the house.  
9/20/2006 1:14:20 AM
Wow nearly a year since my last post!  My slave and I are reunited, and married.  Suprising? I hope not I really love her; and I will be the best master that I can be for her. 

Unfortunitly the job that I currently have takes up a very large amount of my time.  This is the next problem for me to solve.  It will not be a straight forward solution however.  There will have to be many compromises and changes of habit.  Not things that come easily to me.
10/12/2005 10:13:30 PM
I'm so far away from my Kitten. Wait strike that. She's my slave, it's her fault: She is so far away from me.

Unfortunately she is where I want her to be. It's the distance that is the problem.

So I move to her. In less than two months I will be leaving, so that I may arrive. I do hope that she hasn't picked up too many bad habits. ;)
5/26/2004 7:30:50 PM
It is done; I will not go to Shibaricon. Instead, I will ride my bicycle, and cook, and ride my bicycle; in preparation for the Trek 100 Ride For Hope ( ). That and spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend, she has, like most of us, Memorial Day off. I highly recommend using this opportunity to do something BDSM-ish, I know I will.
5/20/2004 10:15:32 PM
I am so annoyed! I have been in serious need of a vacation for the past few months. Now I finally have a vacation approved, and the plan has fallen through. I was hoping to go to Shibaricon in Chicago. I thought it would be so easy to go down there for the weekend and have fun. Unfortunately, registration is $150.00, and the hotel rooms are $100 per night. To top off the cost, I didn't request Friday off and all the really cool events are happening on Friday. -- So I'm wussing out and not going. Can you tell that doubts are plaguing me? - Because they are. $400.00 is just too much for me to spend for half a Conference, which I would have to go to alone. (What's the use of play space from late afternoon till 3AM, if my girl friend can't make it?) This is horrid... It seems that Shibaricon will ruin the beginning of my vacation whether I go, become broke, and feel an outcast - or whether I stay at home and wonder about how much fun I could be having.
5/2/2004 10:12:33 PM
What a fun day today! It snowed in the morning, and I mowed the lawn in the afternoon. Wisconsin can be funny that way. , Aries
4/27/2004 7:25:28 PM
Testing Testing.... Damn this journal software! That's the second time since my first post that I've written a long journal entry and that it's been disregarded when I pressed the "Save Changes" button. Be warned! There is a time limit when entering your journal. If you don't press "Save Changes" in just a few minutes, your changes will be the opposite of saved!! This is very annoying for people like me who like to go eat dinner in the middle of writing a journal entry. - Aries,
4/13/2004 8:52:43 PM
Wow! Finally a free BDSM personals site. I'm very glad this exists, and very happy to have found it. I'm very busy right now getting ready for a trivia contest, but I had to take a few minutes and make profile here. Wish me luck this weekend, last year we got second place. It's the worlds largest trivia contest. I'm very pleased to be a new member of a very strong team. Bicycle training log: None, but going to bed early so that I can excercise tomorrow morning.
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