I'm a single female who's been in the lifestyle many years, too many of those spent in the shadows, not pursuing my journey as true to myself as i should be. In recent years i have stepped up, pushed myself forward (with some helpful hands pulling along the way ;) and am reaching out more though i'm not always sure of my pathway yet ~soft smile~ I consider myself caring, intelligent and love to laugh although i catch myself all to frequently caught up in the minutia of everyday life. I'm looking to get out more, enjoy life more, let go and let myself continue to come out. In the lifestyle, i enjoy a variety of toys and tools and have some definite areas i'd like to explore further should the right person come along. I have in the last year discovered the most delicious sting of the singletail and know that the person i choose to serve will capture my mind first and foremost. I have some wonderful friends whom i trust to play with but it's just not always what one seeks in 'playing with other people's Dom's' ~soft smile~ There are so many roads that are unexplored, matters of the mind, one needs a special One to explore with...

Outside of BDSM, i've been wrapped up with work and some service activities i enjoy so i haven't spent much time pursuing those things that i enjoy such as reading, theatre, dominoes and other card/board games, cooking/baking, etc. In the summer i spend a fair amount of time at the Lake and traveling.

Oh, everyone always wants to know the physical. No, i don't have a pic up here, i'd prefer to get to know others from the inside out and hope you will too. I think the basics are in the profile, but if you are uncomfortable with a large lady, please save us both the time and heartache.

As for what i seek, not so sure i've clearly defined that yet, although i know that He will definietly be Dominant, intelligent, caring, have a good sense of humor and a bit of playfulness as well ~soft smile~ Someone who can stimulate my mind, body and soul...

If you've made is this far with me, thank you! :) One other thing i would like to add is that i am active locally in the scene and would like you to at least be open to that idea.

 Age: 28
 Zamboanga city, Philippines