This site is over run with people who are pretending to want this life style. I get it, you are so insecure and your self esteem is been run down to the point where you need someone to compliment your poorly executed risqu pics just to validate your existence.

Look we are ALL self conscious to a certain degree, but some of us are genuine with our intentions. Some of us understand the different layers within the rapports we try to create with our person of interest.

Im married to some people that is a red flag, and that is your right to not want to deal with me. But to the brave few who understand that our relationship is a different dynamic than what is present or lacking from my marriage I say reach out to me. We have an entire play ground to explore.

My urges are many, they include ice play, impact play, insertion, orgasm denial, micromanagement, gags, wardrobe restrictions, caging, clamps, figging, restraints, toys and other devices, choking, public play, consensual non consensual, vehement protocol and much more.
 Age: 22
 New York, New York