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PeterDK - photo 1

To all of you rich orphans WHO just need someone to help you I only can say one thing KEEP LOOKING!! I dont give a shit about it.

Those of you that hope for a Master paying everything WAKE UP!!! Life is NOT a free ride!! I am NOT here to look at endless series of Photos of tits, cunts, and asses. I would rather see some good facial Pictures, to see what a sweet person you are!!

And those saying you have read my profile, and ask me to contact you by mail, or some other site that is BDSM-related,because you NOT are so much inhere, and I cant see it on my WHO viewing me list Keep on dreaming. I dont care how honest you say you are.

Those I chat with and have on my list of friends Let me tell you this I like each and everyone of you, and you are all VERY special to me, even we maybe dont chat daily!


My GFsub is aware of I am inhere, but will NOT take active part in the play.

I talk to a very sweet girl that I really hope one day wioll become RL.

I have just today collared this lovely girl:isabellv She is a really beauty girl.

I do NOT use Yahoo Messenger after their last update!!!! It has becomm so crappy that I don't find it funny to use anymore!! So I have switched to Trillian that still support Yahoo.
If you don't see your likes checked in a box it is simply because I havn't been able to find it so I can check my likes. But even I havn't checked it I like most stuff!!
I am wondering how on Earth it is possible a slave have been able to grow to the age she states in her profile, if the first thing she asks for is Money to buy food, or pay for other things.

Do all other Masters have a secret fund somewhere who is marked to feed poor slaves Worldwide? Financial crises have Struck both high and low. Thanks to the ever growing population on earth, and robots taking the few real jobs being left.

An old saying here in Denmark says: Smile to the world, and it knocks you down.

It is so true. But I prefer to smile, rather than be sad, at least at the outside, cause the scars in my heart NOONE can cure. I am me, a straight forward, pushing, Lion. Take me as I am or say NO. I would rather be hurt by the honesty, than 1000 bad lies.


But if you accept me, accept me for what, and who I am, and not what you think I am!

Random pepole that add me to their YIM will be blocked unless they say more than: Hi I am xxx add me to your list. You must come up with something good!!

If you not are interested in I am sending you messages, and I by accident have done it, feel free to block me. I don't care. But then do NOT come crawling back when all have given you up.

I know I have a lot of friends on my "Friends-List". But every one of you mean something special to me. And my "List" shouldn't be seen as a sign of I have loads of girls.. Cause as things are I'm presently living alone with my Girlfriend, who know about I'm inhere.

Hugs to all your wonderfull girls out there.