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petbrian - photo 1

My Mistress asked me to post here. One of my jobs, as Her pet-slut is to find others to play with Her, and or me, so if you are a bi, curious, or gay female or male sub, �. or even (heaven forbid) straight, in the NW Indiana or Chicago area contact me. For both females and males, you may be used by Her either with or without me. She is a kind, but firm Mistress, very bi (I think she likes women better than men� but She does like me!), so help me in my duties, write me, and let me introduce you to Her.

i make my "home" at Her feet... Her pet... for Her to use as She wants.. i am experienceing the real joy of a sub-pet-slave-slut r... to virtually anything and everything.... bondage... humiliation... pain.... Her house... messaging Her as She wishes...Her servant...Her toy....wanting Her to control me.. use me... teach me ... to provide the ultimate pleasure of being used for Her pleasure..

I am height/weight proportional, 5�8�, 150 lbs. Have all the proper appendages and all functioning as designed. Have all my hair, and a mustache too. Regarding sexual orientation, basically heterosexual, love oral... love the taste of a woman, but have performed oral sex a couple of times on males (and have enjoyed that)� and will joyfully comply