Vertical Line



i am an educated, man with a very well-developed, creative submissive side focused on the exchange of power. My ideal Mistress is physically striking (perhaps tall, but not necessarily) with a busty, curvaceous form. She does not have to be thin, but her curves should be well-defined and real. i am enraptured by large breasts and they help to induce the spell/trance that my Mistress puts me under. She is kind and nurturing, but at the same time Her power over me is complete and understood. i do not have the option of disobeying her because she controls my mind and spirit.

The power of Her mind is much more important than anything else. i have recently discovered HYPNODOMINATION and it is amazing. i am extremely suggestable and it works quite intensely on me. i would like to explore this world with my Mistress and help her learn how to use it on me. i am familiar with a number of websites and other educational resources on the topic.

as stated above, i am highly enraptured by the female form and find myself instantly worshiping the sight of a woman's body. I fantasize about women using the beauty of their bodies and the power of their minds to strip me of power and to control me. Once my "weak spot" is discovered, I enter a hypnotic trance and become a very passive plaything of my Mistress.

I am very eager to engage in role-playing fantasies via email, online chat, telephone, or even in-person if the situation is right. the best (and most devastating way) to make contact with me is by "intruding" in on me on icq. other Mistresses have done this to me, and when it is unannounced, it is intimate, live, and by interrupting me in my everyday life, throws me into an instant confused and submissive state.

i seek a powerful, dominant, beautiful, curvaceous woman for erotic email exchange or phone fantasies. i am looking for an inherently powerful Woman to explore the art of HYPNODOMINATION with me and once She masters it, to use it on me. i have been to a professional erotic hypnotist in the past and found that i was extremely suggestable. once my new Mistress sees how i turn to jelly at the sound of her voice, i am convinced she will delight in my torment and her Power.