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Hello there. First off, where the hell am I? I am no longer a full time resident of NYC (as of Sept, 2017). I have moved out after almost 20 years. Loved NYC, but it was time to move on. So, where am I? I'm moving around - looking for my next place to call home. Exploring where I want to live is my job for the next 12 months or so. In essence, I'm technically homeless (except for tax purposes, I will be a resident of FL). So...... I could really be anywhere these days. I am likely to be home-basing in Wisconsin and/or Chicago during this exploratory period (as I have family and friends there and used to live in both places). Have now landed in Denver for a year....let's see what kind of fun we can have in Colorado! I'm a sissy pants and am interested in meeting and talking to anyone that has an interest in taking advantage of a sissy.

I'm a likable guy and happy. Trying to find acceptance in being a sissy which is not always easy.

Why do I need to be put in a cage and laughed at? Silly sissies should put put on display for people to see, poke, prod, and humor themselves. To see how the pathetic are living their lives and be thankful they are not a sissy themselves.

Does anyone like to be fit here? Bike riding, working out.... really really hard? Does anyone like the burn... the feeling of being alive in this world where all we do is sit around for our jobs? Speaking of jobs. I suggest that most of the people here should be focused on their jobs. The overwhelming focus here on money tells me that people just need to get out there and get jobs. Oh, but you say, it's not all about the money. Yet, money is NECESSARY (I suspect that in some cases, it is sufficient as well) to do what people want to do here. So, in fact, it is all about... the money. Lie to yourself about that if you wish (I am not adversely impacted by others living in denial). Anyway, I have a job and a lot of money. I also get that there are no free lunches in life. I feel bad for anyone that can't get decent work in this economy for it is not easy out there. I consider myself fortunate and count my blessings. Another thought that occurs to me -- my time is more valuable than anyone's here. Just saying. So, keep your "don't waste my time" comments to yourself. Only YOU control your time. Stop blaming others for wasting your time. That's not possible. Only YOU can waste your time. If your time is wasted on this site, and that bothers you, then don't come here. Ugh.... I am not a fan of negativity in profiles - but I feel compelled (I'm only human!). But, this site seems to have evolved to a place for people to list all the things in their life that they hate and don't want. That seems most unfortunate, but as usual, humanity shrinks to the lowest common denominator. I will chat with anyone (not that that willingness has anything to do with this site). Always cool to meet new people where the risk of being who I really am is low. More pics available upon request.
Have a nice day! I'm looking to meet new friends in Colorado and/or along the West Coast.....
Pardon the negativity and bad attitude that comes through in a lot of my journal posts.   I get tainted by the crowd here -- a low discipline response to which I seek to correct!   Ok... so, on to the positive!   When I think of something... I will post it, but no longer shall I dwell on the negative (unless it's tongue and cheek - can't help myself!).  

On the positive side... my life is back to being my own!  I'm free..... (until someone claims me!  lol).  

So, I'm no longer in NYC.   I'm mostly in the midwest these days (where I grew up and started my career) trying to sort out where I really want to live.   Time will tell!   

But, I'm very flexible - no longer held back by a traditional job.   I'm single, jobless, homeless and able to do what I want!  So...... a good time to experiment a bit and explore alternative living arrangements and new places.  

This is clearly a site for unemployed/laid off people.   LOL.  


Just wow.  

So glad I'm rich.   What a burden to not be able to get a job.   
Time for a few translations for the low IQ set which often wanders around aimlessly on the internet.    

Time waster:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
Loser:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
Fake:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
liar:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
Not looking for real time:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
Greedy:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
I don't need your money:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
Useless:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
clueless: Does not send money in very first contact attempt
no cam verify:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
send pics:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
blocked:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
scam artist:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt
pathetic:  Does not send money in very first contact attempt

Easier if people said what they meant, but the translation is pretty easy to memorize.   

Your welcome people!  

Whatever you do.... DO NOT READ my profile.   If you want to contact me... just fire off whatever is coming through your brain assuming that I will be up for whatever you are suggesting.   I'm finding this works best for me.  I have no real knowledge of myself, so I'm generally up for whatever anyone else is up for.   The one thing I know that I like though it sending money to strangers.   So, hit me up if you want some money.   
News flash:

Your time is not precious.   Really.   It's not.  If independently evaluated by a neutral 3rd party, your time is most probably valued at or near the minimum wage, probably less.   Wasting your time, is not the massive, colossal waste that you claim it is.   Anyone that has time to write "do not waste my time", over and over again...... well, go read that first sentence again.  YOU are the only one that can waste your time.   Nobody else can waste your time.   

If you see participation and interaction on this site as something that needs a monetary return per unit of time, then you either need a new job or a new hobby. 

For the record...and to be clear, I make no claims about the value of my own time.   I don't work by the hour.   And, I don't think anyone on this entire planet gives a rats ass about how I spend my time or what silly value I think my time has.    I would never be that ..... what is the phrase I'm searching for..... um.... "self absorbed" to think anyone would care about how I value my own time.   


Why do guys think anyone wants to see their dick?   My operating hypothesis is that nobody (and I mean.... NOBODY) ever (and I mean EVER), ever wants to see a dick... at any time for any purpose.   Your doctor doesn't even want to see your dick.   Ever.   As in .... NEVER.   Not your gf, not your wife... not your gay ass bf..... none of these people want to see your dick.   

So, what do we bump into all over the internet?   You guessed it... dick pics.   Ugh. 

Nobody is gonna see my dick.   Nobody has asked..... amen!   

wtf is wrong with all these fucking men?
I'm not looking to by your used TV.   I'm not looking for apples here.   Also, I don't like multicolored shoes or grey underwear.   Additionally..... if you want to talk to me, don't try to sell me your house -- I'm not in the market to buy a house at this particular point in time.  

Ok.... got that stuff off my chest.   I wanted to be like everyone else here and fill my profile up with some things I don't want.   Not sure why that is cool, but judging from the frequency with which I see it, it's very popular right now.   And, well, since I'm insecure, I want to be popular and part of the 'in crowd" if nothing else.   So, if being super negative and all that is cool, i'm getting all over that shit!  
If the word "Tribute" is part of your vocabulary -- do not contact me.   WTF is a "tribute"?   Well, lets find out....

Tribute:  an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

So, if you ask me for a "Tribute" -- I will make a statement to you that is intended to show gratitude, respect AND admiration.... ok?    

so.... if this is not NOT what you want but you ask for a tribute anyway.... then you are not a very bright person.   

On the other hand, if you want CASH and you are asking for CASH -- I understand.   That happens.... from time to time.   Feel free to contact me.   Not that anyone EVER contacts me here, but just saying!  lol... this is my place to vent - even if nobody reads is.  
Start of Feb.... light at the end of the tunnel beings after Feb!    Bring on Spring! 

If you need someone else to "keep you happy" or "make you happy".... let's chat.  

It need not be that way.