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MARRIED MONOGAMOUS CHASTITY DOMME??MAINE, USA?I am currently seeking Service-minded male submissives who enjoy a D/s dynamic which includes Chastity,Protocol, and Rituals, or would like to learn about it first hand. APPLICANTS MUST HAVE PROOF OF MAINE RESIDENCY TO BE CONSIDERED. ALL submissives are required to?Serve on?My PROJECTS LIST (scroll down to?journal, "Projects List")?Viable candidates will know how to behave in a gentlemanly manner, have clean habits, and a willingness/yearning to yield control to a Dominant female. Having valuable "vanilla world" skills is a definite plus, but not required. ?NOTE: As I am MARRIED I am only interested in long-term NON-sexual D/s friendships (My husband has FULL DISCLOSURE, but since he is strictly a "vanilla" has nothing at all to do with My subs outside of casual conversation). NON-sexual means there will be NO cuckolding, NO oral,and NO masturbation during our interactions. All subs shall wear Chastity devices when visiting here, and function essentially as?EUNUCH

This snow storm is supposed to last several days off and on, right through Christmas. I just made it back from the shops about 6PM. It took Me an entire hour to drive home, even with new studded snow tires. Traffic is nuts in Waterville. Everyone is bumper to bumper, people are driving up the wrong lane to cut in line, sometimes driving the WRONG direction. Holy shit. I sat in the Kmart parking lot for awhile, just watching the fiasco. Shortly after I left there I came upon an accident, which of course was no surprise. These people are all idiots. Why do they think they need to come out on the road during a storm and cause trouble? Is it really worth it to wreck their own car and someone else's? What a great way to say Merry fucking Christmas, and even ruin someone's life perhaps. I made a couple stops on the way home and sold five dozen eggs to a few of My egg customers. My hens are still laying eggs even though the days are so short, some lay special-colored eggs, and several of them lay jumbo sized ones, which people who buy from Me can't get elsewhere. I love animals that help pay their own room and board, lol. Finally I made it home, the woodstove was out of course, and the house was cold enough for the stupid furnace to be running. Damn, I hate supporting oil companies, that's why I love having a woodstove...well, that and the fact that the heat it gives off is pretty nice after a day out in the snow. I try not to let the furnace run too much because I feel it's a waste when I can usually get free wood from My own property. There was no kindling in the kitchen rack (an oversight), and the kindling in the rack outdoors had gotten snowed on. I changed into My barn clothes (so very glamorous) and brought in an armload of that to let dry, then grabbed the splitting maul and went back out the door to split some big dry chunks into new kindling. With that and a wadded up paper bag the fire lit with a soft wuuf and quickly roared to life. After the kindling was red hot I added some larger firewood, adjusted the flue, and headed back out into the heavy snow to tend animals. What some don't appreciate is the fact some of us enjoy the outdoors. We don't like to be cooped up. We move to the country to get peace and quiet, and to be around wildlife. I certainly have that here and I enjoy sharing this experience with My in-town friends. I have pretty much every type of wildlife here, and outdoors at night we can hear them moving through the woods surrounding this little homestead. Having livestock comes naturally if you have adequate land. I don't have cows or pigs (yet), but poultry and two small horses are nice to have around. They give activity to the yard and an excuse to get outside every day. The eggs are certainly appreciated as well. After feeding the horses and securing pens of all the chickens and ducks for the night, I'm now inside. I had bought a steak at Hannaford earlier ($2.15/lb, how could I resist?) and some asparagus. I COULD cook them inside...but the grill is just outside on the patio, so I went back out, brushed the 4" of snow off the grill, and fired it up. Minutes later the metal was hot and the steak hissed loudly when I slapped it onto the grill, then I added five stems of asparagus beside it and brushed them with olive oil, crumbled some rosemary across them and closed the lid. I watched it cook from the kitchen window. In the patio light I could just make out thin tendrils of smoke drifting off toward the road. There isn't much traffic here on a dry day, and there is even less traffic tonight in the storm, but I wondered briefly if the few who did drive by could smell My grilling steak and felt hungry. HAH, it's MINE and I'm not sharing! Well, the asparagus is tender and My steak is now done, a lovely bloody-rare with a little singe along the fat side, just the way a steak should be done. The kitchen fire is now roaring, the kitchen is toasty warm, and I've made Myself a big mug of hot spicy chai tea. I'm going to change into something fluffy and soft, take My plate and mug into the other room, and maybe I'll do some online gaming.
Well, we finally have snow as of last Sunday. It's not much, but it's enough that My strange new summer resident has finally left to fly south for better grub hunting. Hopefully he will return in the spring, as I always enjoy new additions to My flora and fauna here. He's a strange bird, rather creepy looking in fact, completely camouflaged with eyes that appear wrongly placed, almost on the top and back of his head, like something created in a weird dream. Looking him up online makes it no better, "prehensile upper bill, a unique bone-and-muscle arrangement lets the bird open and close the tip of its upper bill, or mandible, while it is sunk in the ground". Ew, an upper bill that splits open? Great, I have an alien mutant creature that has chosen to inhabit My yard. Common names: timberdoodle, hokum poke, woodcock. Yeah, I knew you'd like that last one, you penis-obsessed perverts.
102, 69, 28, 19, counts of Canadian geese flocks flying overhead toward the lakes in the past ten minutes.
Mowing the meadow went much better this time. The tractor didn't end up tipped over in the brook, and nothing got broken (that I know of). Getting rid of the tall grass eliminated hiding places for foxes and rodents, and should help my hawks and owls hunt more efficiently. If their bellies are full of rodents they are less likely to consider my poultry. I still have alders that need to be cleared in a few spots the tractor couldn't reach, but that's minor and can be done even after it snows. It might actually be easier, since pulling a full cargo sled is easier on snow than across muddy, uneven terrain. Alders are "junk wood", but they make great kindling. "Waste not, want not", as the saying goes.
This past weekend's wind storm was NUTS. We had 30 mph winds with predicted wind gusts of 55mph (that's EXCESSIVE for Maine) but some areas experienced 70mph gusts. Our region was hit hard with large trees down on nearly every street, many are still across the road and hanging on power lines because the crews are busy in more populated regions. I could hear trees breaking and crashing in the woods all around the farm non stop, but amazingly none of the big ones in the dooryard fell. The roofs of both house and barn took a beating though, and there are torn shingles all around the yard along with sheets of plywood, many of which had flown 30 + feet of where they had been placed. I was upset to see My lovely new swimming pool fence distorted and leaning after the constant wind pushed at it, but thankfully none of it is actually broken...uprighting it is just ANOTHER project to add before the ground freezes. 

The animals are all fine, and that's more important than the mess. Half of them were out playing in the torrential rain even with the wind nearly knocking them over (chickens and ducks in the wind, I'm sure there are funny videos of that somewhere), they seemed to really enjoy it (we built you nice warm houses, you bozos!) and the horses of course were out sleeping in the rain dispite having a dry run-in shed to snooze in. At least the weather was warm during the storm so no one caught a chill. 

I'm told the power outage may last for days. We are fine here with a nice hot woodstove, plenty of water stored, and a camp shower, but some people are flipping out. It's not the end of the world, folks. 
Well, it looks like the bald eagle who originally flew over the farm a week ago has decided to make this place a daily check point. The past few days since his original visit he has been coming back around mid day. I knew it meant bad news last week when I saw him circling low over the ducks' pen, head lowered to check them out, the fucking bastard. In 20 years of living here in relative peace with all the local predators that hunt on the property (except for that one raccoon in 2001) it just figures the one predator that shows a serious interest in My animals now is the ONE predator I cannot SHOOT. The birds will need to be surpervised more for their protection when they are free ranging. It's a good thing most of them like to stay nearby and "help" with Projects.
Awww, damn it. I'm going to MISS that troll. 
Bush's all fun and games until somebody tips the tractor sideways into the brook.
Everything here needs painting, and today is a lovely hot and breezy day, so I'm attacking a few things with My paint brush. It has taken the entire summer, and I know I'll be working on outdoor Projects until snow flies, but DAMN IT, THIS PLACE WILL RETURN TO ITS FORMER BEAUTY.
Sunday night was mild weathered and I did a lighthearted "kidnapping" of a man many in the Maine BDSM community would recognize. We have conversed for a few years online, so it was nice to finally meet in person. ^_^ We had several good conversations and although he's BDSM and I'm more D/s or TPE, it ends up we have many of the same philosophies, especially in regards to Safety and Consent, the importance of endorphins, submissives' "headspace", etc. I enjoyed his visit and since he spent the evening "Un"-burdocking My pastures, the horses can now graze without getting tangled manes and tails! Time constraints limited his ability to enjoy the Reward I had in store for time W/we'll have to plan things a little better, LOL.
I had a new submissive here on trial this past week. I had him pulling up a huge mass of Touch-Me-Nots that had grown up where My farm tractors are usually parked. ("Touch-Me-Nots", such an appropriate icon flower for My farm, don't you think?) The day was hot for Maine, with high humidity and temperatures in the 90's, yet he labored like a true slave despite his discomfort, pulling the stems up, piling them high, and carting them by wheelbarrow and sled to the compost for hours. He is a very tall, lean man, usually well-dressed, with no fat at all to spare, and sweat was pouring out of him in such rivers his white shirt was soaked as though from a garden hose, so I worried over his safety. Dehydration and heat stroke are risks under those conditions. One may USE but should never ENDANGER One's slaves and I provided him with Poland Spring bottled water (some frozen, which I had him stick into his front pockets next to his locked chastity cage--THAT was amusing, LOL), and I made him take several breaks. I thought for sure he was going to pass out a few times but he would have KEPT WORKING if I hadn't forced him to rest. The barn floor is cool cement, so I had him lie there...the resulting sweat stain on the floor lasted until well into the next day, looking like one of those crime scene silhouettes they draw on the floor when people are murdered! He did a lovely job, and afterward tidied some of the clutter in front of the barn that I have been trying to sort for storage. Had I allowed him more time I'm convinced he would have tackled the entire Project. All in all, a very good boy, and a great set of clean teeth I might add...teeth are one of My pet peeves. So many people don't take care of theirs, and sometimes their smiles are disgusting. It seems a small thing but he remembered Me mentioning it and made the effort to arrive clean and presentable, knowing that a good boy takes care of his Owner's property. Yes, this one is a VERY GOOD BOY.


 All of My submissives shall participate in some way*

I have been getting emails from many subs asking Me how I wish to be served. Obviously I've no interest in you sexually (instead I enjoy what's going on in your mind, tinkering with your "headspace") but a clever submissive makes himself useful in many ways. Well, as it ends up, I have SEVERAL major Projects on the drawing board which I need submissive workers or even slaves for. In the old days the Mistress of the Manor House had indentured servants, gardeners, stableboys, groundskeepers, carpenters, and domestic servants. Foot massage is nice, but it really doesn't accomplish anything productive. I want to have something I can look at proudly afterward and say, "My wonderful subbies did this for Me." I want something that actually SHOWS your devotion to Me.

So, I am providing you boys with a PROJECTS LIST. These are the things I NEED from you:

I have a NEED for your hands and bodies for some D/s "DIY" Projects I have in mind. Prior experience helpful but not a requirement. I want your willingness to Serve and your urge to feel useful. I am offering you a place to experience this.


Protocol, speech, eye-contact restrictions, etc. will be observed during Projects. as will be the wearing of Chastity devices, and possibly uniforms/costumes.
I need:


  • Farm slaves to mend horse fences (replacing posts, running wire lines)
  • Stable groom to tend to My horses (brushing, feeding, cleaning stalls, cleaning tack)
  • Carpenters for home renovation. This includes installing drywall, flooring, and a door. If you can use a screw driver and tape measure, you can do this.
  • General handy-men to do odd jobs
  • Electrician and possibly a plumber to run lines in renovated sections
  • Painters (outdoors and indoors)
  • Gardeners to tend My 2 vegetable gardens (25'x100' and 25'x30')
  • Landscaper/gardeners to recover My poor neglected small heirloom flower gardens
  • Pool boy to keep My inground pool tidy and chemically balanced. This takes only a few minutes so other duties would be expected.


---Also looking for BUILDING MATERIALS, 2x4's, 2x6's, etc. I want to see if we can do the renovation project for next to no investment such as left-overs from other construction sites, etc. It's rather fun to "treasure hunt" for these things. We have already begun to collect some materials. *Submissives who cannot be here in person are allowed to contribute by providing funds to cover some of the costs in exchange for online Play/mentoring. Every little bit helps toward the Projects List. I will count financial contribution as Service. Whether you prefer to call it Service, Tribute, or Financial Domination is up to your perspective. I prefer submissives Serve Me with their sweat and blisters, but those that cannot do so I'll allow to Serve by providing funds for the materials we will be using. I certainly don't NEED your money, My house was bought and paid for with My own money, and I've owned several businesses. However, it's nice to have evidence, "tokens" to SHOW for My submissives' Devotion to remind Me years from now. Call Me sentimental.

For the select boys who prove themselves Trustworthy doing the above Tasks I will eventually allow them to Maid/butler to clean & organize indoors, once I trust him/them to do the job right. If you wish to be a domestic, you must first earn the position by working on the Projects.

*Setting is quiet, rural, with thousands of acres of woodland surrounding it. Wildlife, birds, etc. This is a great place to take a deep breath and leave work/family stress behind. Excellent area to hike/birdwatch/bicycle in. Private setting means costumes, shackles, caning, flogging are a possibility during work. We shall see!
*Inground swimming pool as a reward for good boys

**Some FUN D/s Projects are also on the drawing board, but those will be reserved for private discussion with those who sign up to work on the ABOVE. One of these includes converting My roomy hayloft into a Dungeon/fitness gym for us to Play in!




I am Thankful for My boys.  You are My friends. You are family to Me. You give Me reason to look forward to the day, and I feel warmed by the friendships and love that we share. I am Thankful that our paths have crossed, and that we took the chance of getting to know one another.

I am also Thankful for the new friendships I've formed since coming to CM. I hope that ours continue to grow.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

It has been a five day marathon of reading subby letters...many of you are lovely...but My brain is FRIED sifting through so much text. I am badly in need of a change of scenery...and some SLEEP!

I shall return to My laptop in a day or two...





You have worked hard toward your Goals and achieved what you told Me could not be done. I am very proud of your growth, and I Myself have grown better having you in My life.