Vertical Line


I'm a 41 yr old college educated white male. I work remotely and splitting my time between Tennessee and Indiana. I'm looking for a high level 3 to low level 4 female led relationship that hopefully becomes a female led marriage. I will say that I probably have different views, beliefs, and demeanor that most submissive males. I'm only looking to be a sub bordering on a slave for 1 person. I'm a people pleaser and submissive by nature so in most cases I will acquiesce to someone else's desires if they express them, however I'm not going to try to be the most openly submissive person in the room especially if I'm with someone. I find it to be disrespectful to her and if you're willing to give your submissiveness to anyone, it makes you the equivalent of a submissive whore, diminishing the value of your submissiveness... That being said if we are at a function and she instructs me to be openly submissive towards others, I will obey her wishes.

From my list of "into" fetishes it's fairly obvious that I enjoy kink. However, I'm looking for someone that I can enjoy vanilla activities with that is also extremely possessive and controlling. I tend to drift towards happy energetic people with dominant personalities. I have been told I'm the perfect codependent and enabler (I'm not sure if that's good or bad). So if you happen to be a happy go lucky control freak please introduce yourself to me.

My ideal partner would let me maintain employment and create regular intervals for me to check in with her while at work. Outside of my work schedule she would create both daily and long term agendas and itineraries for me to follow. She would spell out her goals for me, our relationship, and her personal goals. She would understand that I do have family and set aside time and resources for them as well as networking opportunities for work and the occasional interaction with friends. However, she would focus the majority of my time and energy on her needs and happiness.

Some more pertinent stuff about me... I like to cook, I'm not great, but I'm not horrible and I'm always looking to improve. I also like to do laundry. I like to cuddle and prefer an intimate night in versus a large night out. I will admit that I am slightly socially awkward, but I make up for it by having a twisted sense of humor... Okay, it really doesn't make up for it, and in many cases makes the situation worse. However, you've now been warned. I will continue to add more information as I go, but I think this is a good starting point.

Football is over so what do I do for fun on Sunday... Biofreeze on my bits, why because I was cleaning and found a packet lying around. Never tried it before and it was absolutely horrible. Now I just need to find someone who would enjoy applying it and watching another person helplessly writhe in pain. Any takers?

My life and search is currently on hold... Dislocated my kneecap this morning. FML!!!

The most recent update to my profile was Nov 2023. I am currently 41 yrs old.