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Passionate, natural submissive desires strong, capable, naturally dominant man. YOU: Strong of spirit, enjoying a playful battle of the sexes. Value and cherish and the true, divine differences between men and women. Understand, value and prudently wield the power of your masculinity. Share opinions, likes and dislikes freely. Treat others with respect, kindness and courtesy. Have integrity, good character, dignity, patience, passion, backbone, and a good, open and forgiving heart. Appreciate critical thought/differences, freedom of expression, have an honest intellect and can laugh hard. Desire to be respected, encouraged, loved and rewarded for being a man. Desire a woman who will NEED and lean on you, who applauds and is grateful for your noble desire to love, guide, protect and provide for her. Will honor your woman as your mental, emotional and spiritual equal, yet desire to wield the lion's share of power, responsibility and decision making. Are generous with authentic praise and understand my pleasure comes from pleasing you. Are invigorated rather than intimidated by a sharp mind and quick wit, and value a woman of strong mind and heart. ME: Strong, soft, vulnerable, mutable, open, loyal, resilient, generous, intuitive, communicative, playful, sensual, independent and will always find ways of showing my love. Would rather compromise than argue, favor cooperation, teamwork, conflict resolution, a mature outlook and understand that communication makes or breaks a relationship. Deeply respect, admire and trust a man who owns his mistakes/imperfections and wishes to correct/improve them. Desire a man who wants to give and receive deep love and nurturing, can hold his own in any conversation but knows when to simply hold me down. Love to touch and be touched. Desire a man whose touch, feel, passion and scent will overwhelm my senses and defenses, and understands that what makes a women feel the most girlish; the most aroused with desire, is to feel the strength of her man's love and protection.
IF YOU ARE MY MAN, I PROMISE TO ALWAYS: Be your best friend, lover and confidant, treat you with respect, love and kindness. NEVER try to change, but love ALL of you, just as you are! Earn your respect, trust and love. Devote myself to your happiness, health and well-being. Support your ideas, dreams, hopes and endeavors in good or hard times, and whether successful or not. Be honest, open and available to meet your needs/desires. Make home a clean, comfortable, safe, peaceful oasis. Be generous with my love, body, laughter and praise (VERY stingy with criticism), forgiving and forgetful of flaws. Be a soft place for you to fall. Keep what is between us ONLY between us. Be accountable and willing to wisely share your power when given it, seek your counsel and guidance, trust in your wisdom and leadership, and defer to your decisions and instruction, unless it threatens me, us, or others with harm. Work with and NEVER against you. Gently speak my truth and be up front with my needs, feelings, thoughts, desires. Fill your life with love, joy, laughter, delicious food and fun. I wish to be the brightest jewel in your crown and if I fail, I expect you to call me on it. In exchange for the joyful surrender and passionate heart of this woman, you need bring to the table fair amounts of good character, integrity, strength, vulnerability and compassion. For that, the kingdom is yours! Those wishing to know about my more personal tastes and pleasures are welcome to make further inquiry. BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME FOR FRIENDSHIP OR MORE, MAKE SURE:

You are well mannered, positive, generous, uplifting, and are capable of intelligent conversation.

Are not expecting to get your gratuituous kicks from my kinks, which will only be shared after a bond is formed.

You bring to the table much of what I have specified I require in a man. You know whether you're a close match or not, just by reading my profile.

I'll be happy to consider a "friend request," providing you have written about yourself in your profile so that I may know who you are, like you, and want to be your friend, and we have connected and developed some kind of a bond.