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Is it me, or is there a distinct lack of people who can't be arsed to read these days?

Well at least you made it this far :)

Be many things. Be strong, be submissive, Be thoughtful, Be carefree...

... But always be yourself.

Looking for a unicorn in a world of ponies.

I'm a Switch/Domme TV looking for naughty people to play with (Females and TV's welcome... men... not so welcome)...

Into corsetry and rubber as well... and a lot of play things... including deep intense tactile touchplay (and a qualified massage therapist to boot!). I'm also a pro photographer as well, specialising in alternative and fetish work.

I'm also interested in people who can use their own minds, their own brains, who can make their own decisions in the world, but cherish the input of another to help in the daily journey of life. I'm not interested in the "Yes Miss, No Miss, Three Bags Full Miss" person. I like a challenge...

I'm looking for you to be you.

For those who indulge in their darker sides (forced type games, pain, interrogation... I do practice them both as a top and a bottom.. these can get intense so be careful...)

I do travel a few times a year to the states to keep up with friends (you'll find me in Chicago at Kinky Kollege or Sinsations normally), so travel is not a problem for me ever....

I am also fiercely protective of my friends and those who I have the honour to call family. Otherwise, to others, I am Auntie Kelly... here to help and listen... and dispense discipline as needed ;)

Perhaps I should really say those who are prepared to discover themselves on a journey with another are welcome :)


Unicorn hunting is such fun here ....
So. This place hasn't changed much apart from a new URL.

Oh For fucks sake. What now. "Student Sponsorship Opportunities?"


If you're like me, report, block and hide the thieving little gits becuase unless there's proper documentation to prove what they're doing, it's just another form of scamming


If you're silly enough to fall for that line... well you're on your own.....

Gung hei faat coi!

A Ways of avoiding "Princess"/Money Dommes.


Try playing with the age ranges. Say from about... 22 they sort of disappear. Such a shame.


But remember if you do - would you give your money to a faceless person with little risk of return... I wouldn't.....

Is it me or is the amount of "Princesses" demanding "Amazon vouchers or Buy from my Amazon List" is going through the roof?


Remember people, there's a strong chance if you "tribute" these people, the only satisfaction you'll get.... is the satisfaction of an empty wallet. 


Lets be careful out there!

December's BBB is cancelled due to snow...
It seems lots of things are breaking in my life... first my foot, now my camera.

What's next eh?
Feck.. broken again.
I forgot the most wonderful function this site has - a HIDE USER Button.

A small purge and suddenly.. the site is a lot easier to read...

Hides fakes and some money grabbing people QUITE nicely.
I'm getting close to the end of my tether with Collarme.

What was a very nice community has seem to descended into a mix ProDommes, ProSubs, Tributes and fakers, and of course, there is no way to filter these out (like a flag to indicate you're pro so you can be exculded from a search)

And it does get annoying.

Whilst I respect you wish to make a trade, other sites will happily suit your needs.

And I've got to admit I'm nearing close to enough with it now... so I'm on the edge of closing this account and marching off with the horse I rode in on.

Sometimes... a tiny bit of good programming to help filter through lists isn't a bad thing..
Packing. No matter how many times I do it, it still annoys the heck out of me.

Ho hum. Only a few more days before I invade the americas :)
Valentines day. Meh.
Argh! I've fecked my foot again! :(

Bleeding tibulus forceis and tendons. That's anohter 3 months of low action ... and minimal heel wearing :(
Happy 2009 Everyone... both old and new friends :) 
Happy Chrimble to all :)
Well.... yet anohter year on this rock...

Lets see if I can do some more fun things in the coming year :)

(or do less interesting things. Birthdays. Arbitrary days if you ask me.......)
Happy turkey day to all my american friends :) 
New picture loaded.... go and perv ;) 
Almost time to head home.

Seattle was relaxing, with the wet spot living up to its name as normal.

Chicago was good fun - stressful moving studio equipment around, but I managed to make two of my long held ambitions - topping on particualr lady and being topped by anohter.

And now - the trip home tommorow :(
And I'm off stateside again.

It never gets any easier packing a studio, clothes for 2 and everything else.

I'll blog more as i get the chance :)
Oooh.. New toys at the BBB this weekend.

I've got some lovely new stuff... inculding enough items for mummfiying naughty girls...

Anyone want to experiance the restriction of mummfication, and pleasure it can bring?
Three months to go before I'm off again to annoy the americas...

Gotta love Kinky Kollege ;)
You know, some days I feel like why I'm supporting people, or why do I help them on their way...

I then realise I just care.

I then wish I can beat the candy ass of a victim them move along happily.

Now... to find some happiness somewhere alas :(
To Number 21 Red - I'm glad you hada wonderful weekend! xxxx

Any other photo victims avalible?
To number 21 red .... your number is up soon young lady! *nip*
New picture loaded  - more to come!!
Anohter great weekend at the BBB.  Was good to meet new faces, and catch up with older ones.

Now onto the nasty matter of packing.

Its fine when you have to pack for one person, but when you have to pack for a male, a female, and a studio... you wonder if a 46kg allowance will be enough...
Not long till I'm off again. This time i'm off to perv in Seattle as well as Chicago.

If you're at the Wetspot in mid Feb, or at Sinsations in Leather in Chicago, I'll see you there (Where i'll be doing my photography again)
Don't just be a reason... become the reason I will belive in you..
KK is over for anohter year.. what a blast (both working at it and partying). I hope to see some of you at Sinsations in Leather.
4 weeks till I'm off to the states... and 4 weeks and 5 days before Kinky Kollege begins.... !!!!!
See me at KINKY KOLLEGE this year (2-4th November)

If you're going - Email me!
If UPS were disposed of and companies used better delivery companies, the world be such a better place.....
Thought of the day:

The greatest gifts a submissive can give (and a dom) can give is not money or material things, but the love and trust of each other.

Money certainly is no way to push a relationship.
** Semi Community Annoucment **

As some of the UK residents know, coming up in the Queens speech is proposal for legisation to kerb the types of images that you can view.

For example... a LOT of images on this site of say a subbies red bottom could be deemed illeagle under the new legisation.

Does 3 years in the slammer and an unlimited fine sound right for that... or is it a lunatic descsison... brought about by a tragic incident which has gone back to retrial?

Please visit Backlash's website (i can't type the URL for it - against side AUP). 

If you wish to support Backlash, I am producing a calendar to raise funds. Please contact me directly, and i will send you a link to it.

** sigh **

If there is one thing I would ask of the world, is look beyond the picture, look beyond the text, and look into the person....

Never judge a book by its cover.....

Please read carefully.  I am looking for a Muse... someone to inspire me.  I am slowing turning into a professional photographer, but  sometimes I need help and ideas. In other words ... "a muse".  A sense of humor is needed, and a willingness to go infront of the lens is always good.

If you can help, email me please!!