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Hetero Male Dominant, 45,  Georgia
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Attractive accomplished classy educated brutal kinky nasty sadistic hung hardcore demanding goodlooking charming successful black sugardaddy, who is firm believer in total female sexual inferiority. I like to spoil to pamper to romance a woman like a lady in public, but for me, for men like me, a piece of pussy is meant to be owned as property and a woman's place is on her knees. I just like to take her shopping dress her up and show her off as Sometimes a piece of pussy needs to be used hard. Spend an hour or two just beating the shit out of her not because she was naughty or disobediant, but simply because i enjoy the sound of her crying. her weeping whimpering beggging can make my dick rock hard. Piss on her; use her mouth and tongue as a man's asswipe and rub her nose in it like a bitch dog being house broken. Degrade her mentally humilate her emotionally. Use her mouth, use her pussy, use her ass. Then dress her up, take her out, show her off. Knowing that she is broken owned property who knows her place is on her knees. Classy educated successful accomplished very experienced black man on the prowl for a woman who understands her cravings to serve a sadistic superior man. And ladies i adore smart elegant refined pussy. So much more fun to











 Dominant Male


 5' 7"

 175 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

 Lives For:


 Mental Bondage (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Spanking you (Expert)

 Watersports (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining



 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolding you (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Corsetry (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Gags (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Placing you on a leash (Expert)

 Sensation Play (Expert)

 Maid / Butler Service

 Role Playing

 Sensory Play

 Speech Restrictions

 Suspension Bondage



 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping


 Flea Markets


 Musical Theater



 Anal Play

 Cages (Expert)


 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Housework Service

 Outdoor Bondage




 Garage Sales

 Going to the Opera

 Renaissance Faires


 Erotic touch


 Bird Watching





 Electrical Play

 Local BDSM Community

 Masks (Wearing)

 Public Play


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Journal Entries:
8/23/2013 7:33:35 AM

I don't participate in prearranged role playing “scenes.” Play rape was fun and exciting for a while, until I met someone who would actually violently rape me whenever the mood struck him. After that, play rape just seems sort of silly.


I don't just offer up my submission to any man who demands it. I don't offer it at all actually. If a man were to want my complete submission, he would need to violently break my will and force it on me.


There are very few things that a man could give me that I would enjoy more than a good bruise.


I'll likely fall in love with you if you can make me cry.


I like men who are selfish in bed, who use my body to pursue their desires. Nothing turns me on more than being pinned to the bed face down, with my arms held behind my back, and used like a little sex toy.


I don't enjoy being hit. I especially don't enjoy being hit by men who do it because they think it's what I want. The kind of man I'm looking for would get physically aroused just from hitting me and hurting me; watching me cry would elicit a visceral reaction from him.



7/7/2013 6:11:48 PM
Question 1: What was the most erotic kinkiest thing you had done sexually before meeting him?
Erotic and kinky - you may not think of them as such. I had been tied up, whipped, fucked in the ass, been pissed on.
Question 2: How did you meet him? how did he pick you up? How early into the relationship did you know he was dominant and kinky sexually?
I saw him walk through the door of the bar I was in and he took my breath away. He left me absolutely speechless. - I was there on a date with his colleague, but I couldn't stop watching him, and we flirted silently across the bar all night. When he finally came to introduce himself, I couldn't say anything more than my name. I knew he was my forever. He thought I was drunk, and left laughing. But he came back for me. I was on another date, with the project manager he was working for. I spent the whole evening talking with him. I gave him my number, and he called me before I got home and asked me for dinner the next evening. I knew the moment I looked at him that he was strong, sure, confident, dominant. The first time he kissed me, he pushed me against the wall, pinned my hands over my head, bit my lips and made me cum. I suppose after that it was just natural progression. It was never a discussion. I just wanted to give him everything he wanted, and he was willing to take it. He gives me the power to be what I am, and I give him the power to be even more what he is. It is a fair exchange.
Question 3: A woman is naturally normally innately instinctively sexually submissive. It is how women are wired. She just often needs a dominant aggressive authoritative man to release it out of her. Did you have thoughts fantasies feelings of sexual submission prior to meeting him? Do you recall the first time, the very first time he dominanted you sexually? What happened and more importantly afterwards when you were home alone thinking about what had been done to you? Did you you play with your pussy thinking about being dominanted for the first time?
I have always known what turned me on, I just didn't realize that there was a name for it. I first came when I was about 4, thinking about getting spanked. I've always been a freak! ;) He has always been sexually dominant, even if it was just a quick fuck. It is how he wants it, and I like it. I like him taking it the way he likes it. The first time we made love - yes, that is what it was, he fucked my ass, and left bite marks all over my tits. I left with bruises all over. It was the most incredible sex I have ever had. I don't know what the bruises came from, but I loved having them. For a long time after we first got together, my girlfriend would laugh when I came into the office, because I would have bruises. To be honest, I masturbate often, but when we got together, I didn't often have a moment without him when we weren't at work. We both went straight to our regular hangout to meet after work, and were pretty much inseperable.
Question 4: The first time, the very first time he dragged you into the bathroom and forcefully used your tongue to lick his ass clean after he scat and pissed on you. Degraded you as his toilet maid. The first time he was brutal hardcore sadistic with you. Share it, and describe your thoughts feeling emotions afterwards when you were home alone.
I suppose to me it was just the way things were. He sat on the toilet, then he pushed me down to my knees and I instinctivly began sucking his cock. I sucked the piss from it, and it got harder. He was calling me all kinds of names, and twisting and pulling my nipples, then he kind of relaxed, I think he was smoking a cigarette. I had licked and sucked his ass so many times, I knew how much that turned him on, so when he stood up and told me to do it, I just did. I didn't think about it as being anything then. I wanted to please him. He really liked it, and let me lick and clean him for awhile. Then he used me further. He called me more names, whipped me. He refused to kiss me. That was when I felt humiliated. Used. I think if he wouldn't have let me clean up and then make love to me, I would have fallen apart. I don't know if I could have continued. But he knew what I needed, and I realized that is what he needed, and that he does love me.
Question 5: As he dominanted degraded you bringing out your hidden secret inner bitch from within you, did you fall deeply and more in love with him and did your natural desire to serve to please grow even more?
Well, I never hid myself from him. He allowed me from the moment I was first with him to be just as I am. He gave me the freedom to be what I was. He loved that, and encouraged it. It definitely made me more devoted to him. I want to do all the things that please him. He and I are so much on the same path, the things I find abhorrent are the things he finds abhorrent. And the more we are together, the more I want to please and love him.
He has the perfect balance of love and care, and humiliation and degradation. mmm. Did I answer your questions satisfactorily? If not, let me know what needs clarification.
6. Enemas - I think you told me that he broke you by giving you....not one but even two or three enemas back to back. For me gettng into a cunt's mind her emotions..bringing out the slutty side of her...not just dominanting her but making her feel dominanted..degraded....tell me the first time he gave you an enema..and then the first time he gave you multiple enemas back to back and the effect the emotions running thru as he did so.
Actually, I didn't tell you that. Sorry! But he has at times given me multiple enemas. When he gives me multiple enemas, they are usually small and I do not hold them very long. He is careful with things like that to maintain safety. The first time he gave me an enema I think it was because he knows I love having my ass full, and he was playing with that. But he also knows that I HATE having to defecate in front of someone, so he made me hold it for a few minutes, while he spanked me. Then he made me release it while he stood there. That was really hard to do, and he grabbed my face and made me look into his eyes as I did it. Even after all this time I despise this more than anything. He always comments on the sounds and smells - yuck! I just don't like that. When he gave me several enemas in a row, the worst part of it was repeatedly having to evacuate with the audience. Having to hold an enema for a length of time, or having several in a row tend to encourage the urge to evacuate several times in a row. You will think you are finished, but then you are not. Having to ask for permission to release more is humiliating. And sometimes I have to wait, which makes me feel ill. Because it can affect your electrolites, I am often ordered to drink pediasure or gatorade while holding it. That is difficult, and makes the need to evacuate even more desperate.
He has used the enema in so many scenarios....he likes them.
You know, I am a lucky girl. My One has always used my tongue for his pleasure - riding it, allowing me to use it to probe his ass, pushing against the ring, seeing how far I can insert it, tasting him...sucking gently, enjoying being beneath him.
One morning, my One was using the toilet, and as usual he called me in to suck his cock as he evacuated his bowels. He pushed my head down, impaling my throat, filling it, taking my air, causing me to choke, tears flowing from my eyes. He was really enjoying using my mouth, and i was luxerating in being used, having him honor me by taking his pleasure from me. After sometime, he pushed me back and told me to lick his ass. I didn't even stop to consider that he had just shit. As he leaned over the counter in the bathroom, i knelt behind him, worshiping his most hidden spot, kissing, sucking, licking, absorbing.. I was in a place very few women would ever go, and it was heaven. His flavor filled my mouth, his scent invading my nose. I inhaled him, adoring the act of pleasuring him. I know I knew i was licking his dirty ass, but, all could think about was pleasing him, as he pressed his ass against my face, resting his weight on the counter and on my chin.
It wasn't until he decided I had had enough, that it really struck me. I expected him to kiss me, hold me, but instead, he pushed me back and told me he didn't want to kiss a toilet, or words to that effect. i cried. for all the fulfillment sucking and licking and kissing his ass gave me, i felt as if i were nothing. I felt so low, so worthless.

6/25/2013 12:31:56 PM
The sex I like is intense, to put it mildly.
The sex I like is demanding and challenging. On me and on my partner.
The sex I like is, in actual fact, brutal, abusive and violent. It involves force, assault and fear. I like to be physically overpowered. I like to relinquish control.
The sex I like is consensual non-consent taken to very extreme levels. It's rare for me to fight back physically during sex like that. I submit. I whimper. I beg. I plead. I scream. But I don't want it to stop. I don't want to fight.
For the sex I like, safewords are not only necessary, but essential. I know that my safe word is the only thing allowing me to maintain any semblance of control. However, I will only call red if something has gone wrong, pain wise. Otherwise, I won't. I'll take it until the bitter end. I want that. I want to be broken.
My partner will see real, visceral fear in my eyes, because that's what I want. I want to feel fear. To not know what will happen next. To be afraid of what will happen next.
My partner will drag me along the floor by the hair as I hold his wrist and beg him to stop. He will fuck me hard and viciously and he will make me hurt. He will tell me to shut the fuck up and take it. And I will shut up and take it. Until I no longer can, when he will cover my mouth with his hand and continue. He will slap my face, hard, and he will see my eyes glaze over with desire.
My partner will position me at his whim, how he likes, when he likes, whatever he likes. He will hit my ass over and over with his open palm and tell me I deserve it until I am Incoherent with physical and sexual exhaustion.
My partner will hold me down, restrain me, subdue me. He and I both know that any attempt I make at resistance will be futile, and go badly for me. He will tell me to do only as I am told and that it will be over quicker, if I obey him.
The sex I like continues until my partner is finished with me. I am not in control, I am utterly vulnerable and submissive.
The sex I like occasionally ends in tears. Sobbing.
The sex I like pushes my physical and mental endurance to my limits. It is sex that can take days for my body to recover from.
Now comes the important part. The necessary part.
The sex I like can't be faked, my partner cannot just “do it to me” just because I like it. For someone to attempt to do the things I've written about above to fulfil my desires simply would not work. To do that to someone, you must not only enjoy it, too, but understand it. And that's not easy. I need my partner to be aroused and excited by the idea of controlling me, forcing me, hurting me, choking me, damaging me, breaking me, making me cry. I need him to love it as much as I do. My submission, my whimpers, my cries, my pleading, my screams, my tears. All of these will all make his cock hard. It cannot work otherwise. It's a rare connection.
The sex I like includes aftercare, definitely. But the aftercare that I need, that is essential to me, is not reassurance that I am worthy or deserving or whole. That I am not a slut, not a whore, not worthless. I know those things. I always know those things. My self-esteem is always intact. I am a submissive little slut who enjoyed every minute of what just happened, otherwise I wouldn't do it.
I do need reassurance, though. Every gentle touch afterwards, every kiss, every caress, every stroke of my hair, him holding me close, wiping my tears, is reassurance that my partner has also not been damaged by what has just happened. He is telling me that he understands the ordeal he has put me through. He's letting me know that he enjoyed it, too. Just as much as I did.
And that when I am healed, we will do it again. And again. And again.

I desire, I crave, I need... Romance, passion, intensity, connection, brutality, pain, ecstasy, challenge and authentic dominance. Nothing else will suffice.


What I am, and what you are, cannot be explained with simple words.

It's a look. A feel. It's a tone of voice. A subtle touch of a hand, a possessive embrace, the connecting and electric charge of human skin on skin. It's the merging of minds, melting into one another effortlessly. It's communication without the need for words. It's intensity and desire bursting at the seams, possessing your every thought and kidnapping your sanity at that moment. It’s incandescent moments of primal lust and desire, a primitive abandonment of inhibitions.



Naturally and unobtrusively dominating, yet leaving no doubt in my mind that you are more than capable. Confident, competent and in control.

I have no time for arrogance and fragile egos. I have no time for being kept at arms length, but pulled in tightly when the mood suits. I am not your emotional punching bag. Know who you are, know what you want, know how to get it.

It's not enough that you are kinky. It's not enough that you are dominant. You must be more. A lot more.


Rare and unique.



5/9/2013 9:22:22 PM



..mature safe sane and a gentleman.... thought your inferior pussy would enjoy reading about the degradation debasement enslavement of other submissive pussy.....from the words, desires, fantasies cravings of other sub female profiles ...reading this should make your panties soaking wet cunt.......I am very real and serious sadistic sugardaddy.......firm believer in absolute female submission to Men..

.First profile is.... love a young man whose cock gets hard at the thought of a female standing in front of him, naked, her legs apart, hands behind her head, eyes demurely fixed on the ground, as he runs his hands over her body, painfully pinches her nipples, runs his hands down her sides and across her belly, cups her cunt in the palm of his hand, slaps it, thrusts his finger inside and gives the cunt a deep and thorough inspection.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of turning that female around, grasping her buttocks painfully in his fists, leaving deep bruises, ordering her to bend over so that he can inspect the ass hole, spanking her ass, using his belt on it to test her pain threshold, ordering her to straigthen up again when he is done.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of hearing a female call him `Sir', `Master', `My Lord', acknowledging him as her Boss, her Owner, her Conqueror.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of a female kneeling naked between his legs, kissing the crotch of his jeans, eyes begging him for permission to suck his cock, just before he grabs her head firmly in his hands, forces his cock down her throat, deep-throats and skull-fucks her, making her struggle to please him as she gags, chokes, fights for breath, cumming in her mouth, making her swallow every drop.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of dragging a female over to the bed, throwing her down on it, raping her cunt, turning her over and raping her ass while she begs for mercy, making it bleed, then forcing her to use her mouth to lick his cock clean, licking his scrotum and kissing his balls with reverence, licking the skin between his balls and his ass, putting her tongue up his ass, rimming him, licking his ass clean.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of a female kneeling in gratitude afterwards and thanking him for the beating and the fucking, lifting her head in submission as he puts a dog collar on her, ordering her never to remove it, in private or in public, until their next meeting, for only he, the Master, can remove that collar.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of a female kneeling naked by the door of her own house, as he pockets her spare set of keys, kissing his boots in total surrender, as he takes his leave of her ... until the next time, a time of his and only his choosing, naturally.

 i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of a female body in chains, who understands that a  man + a female + a riding crop = the natural order of things, who is unapologetic about asserting His right to own and control a female slave.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of really hurting a female, taking out his frustations on her, beating and whipping her until every second seems like an eternity to her, then locking her in a cage while he rests with a cold beer, replanishes his energy supplies, and plans a no-holes barred sexual assault on that bitch's body.

i love a young man whose cock grows hard at the thought of every man in the country giving every bitch in the country a right good seeing-to with whips, riding crops, rattan canes, beating every last drop of feminist and `gender equality' nonsense out of us, restoring absolute male supremacy.


.Two.I Don't Like Pain. Please Hurt Me. I don't like pain. But please give it to me if it excites you to do so. And I don't mean in the ordinary, "Hmm, this is kind of exciting" way. I mean if it gets to you down deep, makes you hard, makes you ready to come, viscerally moves you, emotionally satisfies you. I don't like bruises. But please give them to me if you look at them and find them beautiful on my body and it excites you to see what we have done together. I don't like to be "wrecked", make-up smeared, face down in a puddle of my own tears, but please wreck me if it rocks your world to wreck me and build me up again—so we can do it all over again. Yes, building me up again is part of you creating me. If you don't get that part and get off on that part, too (as in, you prefer to just break your toys and throw them away or don't understand the difference between "hurt" and "harm"), please don't give me pain. I don't like pain. If giving me pain doesn't move you, isn't a part of how you fuck and love, but you are just doing it because you think it will please me—please don't. I don't like pain. If you see my littleness and love me fiercely and would protect me from the world if you could, yet you still, unapologetically, need and want and get off on making me hurt and cry for your pleasure—then please, please make me cry and hurt. I don't like pain. But if hurting me sends you, please hurt me. I love to be your pleasure....


ThreeIf it pleases Him to have me kneel before Him I will kneel reverently. If it pleases Him to bind me I will gladly offer my arms to Him If it pleases Him to touch me I will allow myself to be touched If it pleases Him to teach me I will learn all I can If it pleases Him to discipline me I will accept it without a sound If it pleases Him to allow me to serve Him I will serve Him with loyalty and devotion

At the time of my journey, I can say I am more drawn to the authoritative, and dominating personality. What that means, is, I am very willing to understand that my body would be theirs to use as they wish. I am just not at a point where I want to be caned until my body is bleeding. I (thus far) enjoy slapping, spanking, hair pulling, name calling, or anything animalistic to remind me of the Natural Order.


Four, That is until I recieved this Manifesto ............................... A woman must be continuously physically dominated. A man should be unafraid to use his biologically given superior strength to assert his ownership over a woman's body at any and all times. Of course, physical domination comes in several forms --- it comes in the form of reprimanding a woman when she misbehaves (slapping her, pulling her hair, twisting her arm, beating her ass or cunt, torturing her tits); it also comes in the form of using a woman sexually (fucking her throat, ass, and cunt whenever the mood strikes a man). Second, a woman must be continuously mentally dominated. A man should constantly be reminding a woman of her proper place --- reminding her that she was born to serve a man, to be property, to be owned and used. The more a woman hears the truth, the better she is able to come to terms with it and fully embrace it. Lastly, a woman must be practically dominated. By this, I mean that steps must be taken to practically limit her ability to free herself from ownership


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