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So what is everyone up to I have a feeling very few people take the time to read ie every guy on this site. I do not want to serve anyone of the male gender. Hi is not a good enough way to make me talk to you. Be interesting, if your old enough to be my grand parent probably not looking to speak to you either. So I guess the new british trend is being pissed off because I see no point in sharing pictures of myself with people in another country who have like zero chance in actually owning me. First your across the Atlantic if I have to leave the country to serve you on a two message demand your on crack. I don't know you, it's not like sending me a message saying i want to own you strip naked take pictures of yourself and send them to me shows me that your a domme. No that is you wanting to look at porn your already on the internet go hit google. If I am going to take the time for that I get plenty of offers to get paid to do it. Not doing it for you when there is zero in it for me.

So in the about me/what im looking for section why is it that so many people just have nothing to say. I think that that is the vital section to spell things out and yet so many people leave next to nothing there and then get annoyed when asked if you have no likes and you cant spell out what your looking for then what is the point in you being on here?

I love how guys think that how much they lift is suppose to have some effect on the world. I mean really I simply said I am not looking for a male dom so he jumps on a fake profile ie "female" I mean really tried to show respect, he got mad. Thanks tard.