Vertical Line


Hi there, I am a firm, intelligent and sensitive Dom. I expect certain things, and have the patience and understanding to teach you. I have many interests in the BDSM life style. I will respect your hard limits. Soft limits will be tested, stretched and expanded. I read people very well. I understand the gift of submission. It is important that both my partner and myself are getting what we both need and want. I enjoy mixing pleasure and pain, till an increase in one allows for an increase in the other, and the two mix till they become indistinguishable, and my sub reaches the height of sub space and is flying higher and higher. I am 32, 6'3 and very creative. I enjoy making my sub perform wild things for me...Ever had a remote vib in your during dinner..hmmm its quite an experience! Anyway, that is just the beginning, if you are up for the challenge please email me, you will not regret it. Regards Rick