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*i am not seeking at this time. i am owned by my Master, and I live with Him.His name and profile are cross referenced on my FL account. LrdSoth is His FL name and Profile. If You have further questions, please check that profile for information.*

i have been in the lifestyle for 7yrs real time. If this is a game or play to You, if You think conversation has no place in a D/s relationship, if You think it is going to be phone or cam sex,or if You have a problem becoming friends first.....please pass my profile on for the good of You and me. Yes, this may make me sound like a bitch, but the amount of these types is very high here on CM.
Note:::: If You have no time for having a girl, then please do not waste Your time or mine. Please pass me by. i am not seeking games or a part-time once a month deal. i am seeking a real full-time relationship.

If You do not take the time to try to know my heart, mind, and soul...please do not decide it is a good idea to request any special pictures be taken of me doing anything/wearing anything/or such just for You.You have not invested in me, and investment creates returns. my profile has all the naughty pictures of me that anybody needs, as far as i care to provide, to do whatever with. Feel free to go there to see more of me if You wish.

i am not seeking a real D/s relationship at this time. Friends first is a must. If a being out there thinks i will hand over my whole being to a stranger, they are foll-hearty to put it nicely. However, if You believe a D/s relationship is only about sex or causing pain, please move passed my profile. It is so very much more to me than that. It is much more about the power exchange and feeling safe enough to allow myself to be weak. If that cannot be understood, it will likely not workout in the future.i am still working on personal growth.
i am a survivor, and i have walked through much in life. i am not the door mat type. i am known as tigerkitten on FL.

i believe love is the greatest power that exists.

i have a tiger kin spirit inside of me. i am a Therian. i seek only friendship.Therianthropy, derived from the Greek therion (Θηριον, meaning "beast,") and anthrōpos (ανθρωπος, meaning "human,") refers to beings that are partly human and partly animal.

Hello A/all. my name is alexbeth. i am a submissive.i have had the honor of learning from a handful of Dominants so far, but i have much still to learn about this lifestyle. i have an IQ of 133. i like country music, and i love to write poetry. i am a deep thinker, and i am very honest.i am a non-smoker. i have no children and no want to bear children. i could see me more as a favorite aunt type of person. i seek friends from this site at this point in time. i seek continued learning, guidance, and understanding from my stay here at Collarme.
6/23/2013 9:45:41 AM


 Male Switch





 195 lbs





wow  saggy tits and cunt lips    and you are only31    sure



Many disagree with Your view, and if You did not like it, why stop?. Just move on, and enjoy someone else's pictures.


Yes, i am 31. Since You have no picture, how is anyone even able to decide upon Your great looks and turn their nose up at them?

5/18/2013 3:03:09 PM

   After being away from school for 13yrs, i took the entrance placement exam for Ivy Tech, and i did so well that i tested right into college level classes. i am super excited.

4/25/2013 7:59:11 PM

From:  Male Dominant,  Connecticut to me


reach back and spread your ass cheeks so I can fuck my meat in deep in your asshole


my response



and this approach really wins You females, Sir?




Enough said.....................

4/22/2013 10:05:03 AM

Oh my pictures...i will explain part of the logic behind my pictures here. Not only are they here to help me feel better with myself,but they serve a purpose too. What could that be,You may ask??


Some on here only come on CM to get off to pictures,&everyone here more than a minute knows that.So,i offer up pictures for them to look at,&my FL profile has even more.This is with a simple unspoken understanding that they can look&shake&whatever without feeling the need/having to truly pester me by asking for more pictures or making true contact with me at all.


Now,i know the shakers have no want to read my profile text,but at least just do thing&more on like most the others.Do not think my pictures mean i am offering any fool in cyberspace more than a chance to shake yourself on own side of the computer screen.


Read the text if think You want to message me.i am trying to have a working agreement with this group,but if i am too pestered by those who cannot handle it,i will pull everything fun down.


The choice is yours.

4/11/2013 7:07:53 PM

To the prize being in New York who wrote this to me.................




How about a diet and exercise before you post anymore photos?  I almost threw up.


Over-weight, uneducated, poorly-dressed...AND a classless slob.  What a prize...





No one made You look at my profile. No one made You look at my every picture, and no one made You read it. You have no picture on Your profile. So, who are You to judge anyone?


submissive does not equal door mat, and it has taken me a Hell of a long time to get my self confidence up enough to post the range of photos i have posted here. i know there are small, smarter, and more beautiful people in this world, but i guess what, at least i know 100% who i am, what i want, and i am willing to let the world like me for me or hate me for it.


That shows grow in me that You could never understand and a strength You only have the ability to dream of every having.


So, thank You for showing me how weak some people in this world still are, but also thank You for testing me. i feel no less about myself. So, if that was Your goal, You failed.

3/7/2011 9:12:52 PM

Happy Birthday me....

2/28/2010 7:35:19 PM
SCREAMING silently but loudly in print at the acts of a person i thought i knew somewhat but who is showing another side all together. Where did honesty go?
1/6/2010 12:02:10 PM
The New Year is Here. Let it be better than the one before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/25/2009 11:25:18 AM
Happy Holidays & a Very Merry Christmas to A/all
10/10/2009 3:49:43 AM

All of me

I write these poems as part of all of me.
Multiple part of who I am will be easy to see.
I am an intelligent, strong, caring person.
My world is ruled by fact, logic, and reason.
I am a stubborn, hard-headed, good-hearted woman.
Every man that is close to me is a strong man.
I have seen, felt, and been exposed to many things beyond my years.
I am no stranger to hard times, struggles, injustice, or to tears.
My will is stronger than any type of steel.
This has allowed me to carry on, try to grow, and to continue to try to heal.
Deep inside, I have the spirit of a tiger kitten.
About me, playful, wild, and mischievous could all be written.
I am the type to always strive for doing what is right.
I am always prepared to fight the good fight.
Lastly but still important, i am a submissive.
Many will read that and think that line is dismissive.
All of the above combines to make up a whole me.
Through my poetry, I offer an honest glimpse of me to Thee.
9/30/2009 11:16:58 PM

i took a Purity test and here is what it said.

Your 247 Point Purity Test Results You answered "yes" to 108 of 247 questions, making you 56.3% sexually pure (43.7% sexually corrupt); that is, you are 56.3% pure in the sex domain. Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 20%, based on a comparison of your test results with 114110 other submissions for this test.

The average purity for this test is 69.3%. The first submission for this test was received August 16, 1997.

7/4/2009 7:56:16 AM
 Age: 25
 Warner Robins, Georgia