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This girl has served her Master faithfully since 8th June 2008 and will continue to do so for as long as she is able.She is here for frienship with other like minded individuals and general relaxation.The girl is free to be used in the rooms but users should not forget she belongs to another and will not go beyond the rules her Master lays out before her.Please do not waste your time and this girls by making attempts to claim her.
she has decided to put all future journal entires on her website as she has been posting them in a few diffrent locations.

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Eternal Servitude

Most girls if asked will eventually admit that they spend their life dreaming of the day they get married, planning out every little detail of their idea of the perfect wedding, even this girl will admit to having such dreams as a child.. However long gone are such thoughts and dreams. The girl was about 15 when her dream of a white wedding changed, in its place the girl found a new dream, one that for the next 10 years would never truly be realised. The dream was a simple one, she dreamed of one day finding herself wearing the collar of her Master, wearing a collar that had been bought for her by her Master and that He placed upon her in a small ceremony, nothing too fancy just a few small points, her first Master choose not to do this and its really where the dream originated from, her first collar she bought herself under the instruction of her Master, when it arrived it was not really given to the girl as a sacred item to be treasured but more as a prop, part of her outfit for around the house, girl always found that a sore point, her 2nd Master was no better in that respect, he choose not to buy her a collar, instead she wore the collar of her previous Owner  in her new Masters name. It would be ten years later that girls dream would come true.

It was the 14th of August 2008 the girl came home from her course with a box from the post office that Master had sent her to collect in His name, the girl suspected that it may be her collar, Master had admitted in a talk a few days prior that he was waiting for one for the girl, that it had been delayed, He had intended to collar the girl on the 8th of Aug, would have been a good day, 1 month into the relationship, alas they couldn’t get it to Him in time. In any case the girl arrived home with the box which she was almost certain was going to be the long awaited collar, she of course could not open it, instead she positioned it on the couch that is visible as you enter the home, an obvious attempt by the girl to try and persuade Sir to open it when he arrived, girl went about her chores as normal, putting her cloths in the dirty was bin, cleaning the house, starting the dinner, it would be two hours before Master is due home, she washed herself, finished her chores and when there was nothing left to she waited and waited by the door for Master to arrive, finally he arrived only 23 minutes later than expected which was to be expected, it’s difficult for Master to keep a regular arrival time due to the nature of his job but girl knows he never too far off his expected return time at least not without calling the girl to advise her.

In enters Master, He strolls past the box, unbuckles his trousers and sits down, girl moves to her Master and does her ‘welcome home ritual’ she starts with the stress relief technique most men tend to favour, a deep slow blowjob, followed by complimenting Him and thanking Him for allowing her to receive him, next she moves to the kitchen fetching Dinner and presenting it on the table, ensuring its laid out neatly, the table having already been set as part of the girls chores, finally the girl drops to her knees nearby, in a spot easily visible by Master, her legs parted, breasts pushed out and up, presented and arms neatly folded out the way behind her back, eyes looking down at the ground. The girls heart is racing by this time, she is gagging to see if what she believes is in the box truly is there, she wants to see it, know what it looks like, feel it against her neck.. Master eats slowly, so slowly, the girl little more to Master at this point than a pleasant display piece to look up as he eats his meal, after what seems like forever has passed he finally places his knife and fork down on the plate, the sound the girl has been waiting for, she stands and tidies the table, taking the dishes to the kitchen and begins to wash them.

The girl has just finished washing the dishes and is about to return to her Master when she hears him approach, he is quick to blind fold her and then she is lead into the living room, she is stood before the fire, she can feel the heat of it beating down upon her, it’s so hot, the girls heart is racing, she is perspiring, he guides her down to her knee, the raw heat from the fire blasting into her face, she moves into her standard kneeling pose, legs parted, breast pushed up high, eyes down. Master raises the girls head by placing a single finger under her chin and guiding her up, once her head is at a suitable height she hears him raking through the box, the girl is feeling dizzy, she is sure its happening, she wants so much to rip the blind fold off and look, she doesn’t she remains still, held in place by nothing more than the knowledge that’s where she was put by her Owner, she feels it, she feels Master place around her neck something, it’s a collar she is sure it is, she is trembling, she hears a soft nose, like a ‘snap or a click’ followed by Masters hand caressing her cheek, she is shaking, Master loops his finger under the collar, by this time there is no doubt in her mind what it is, it’s cold, it presses against the back of her neck as Master pulls her to her feet by it, he removes the blind fold, the girls eyes are watering, tears rolling down her face, he leads her to the mirror, for the first time she sees it, Master standing just behind her, his hands holding her shoulders firmly, she trembling so much, he holds her tight stopping her from falling, her legs turned to jelly, she blurts out an attempt to thank her Master but it comes out as little more than a squeak, she is speechless, unable to move, speak, tears streaming down her face, He turns her to face Him and wraps his arms around her, pressing her body close to Hiss, he kisses the girl upon her forehead and whispers gently “Your Welcome”.

- A slave in love.

Cane and the girl

The first time the girl felt the string of the cane was on the 29th of July, the day before her birthday, she had been bad, failure to complete her duties before Master returned to work. Master arrived home on time, instead of been met with dinner on the table, he was met with disappointment.

Never before had Master had any reason to punish his girl, so Master had to choose how to go about punishing his girl for her behaviour, he selected the cane, a ‘tool’ that the girl had never experienced before when he told the girl what was coming, her instinct was to flee, to hide, but she knows better than to run from punishment from her past owners, she remained, awaited her fait.

Girl was tied, arms bound securely behind her back, leashed to the bed like a dog, made to present her self, and it begun, first the girls bum, until that first stroke the girl never new pain, it hurt so much, by time Master had finished his second swing the girl was already in tears, Master continued, after a while, everything was just a blur, her heart and mind were racing, despite the over whelming pain the girl was excited. After the girls bottom was well marked Master moved onto the girls breasts and did those, this hurt more than her bum, but she was thankful that he was no longer hitting her bum, she had been struck so many times that each stroke was hitting a stroke that had been hit several times before.

Once Master was done in Caning the girl, he moved onto ‘after care’ the girl was crying uncontrollably. He cradled the girl in his lap, held her, comforted her, he just held her while she cried her self out, it was so wonderful, the girl had never felt so close to her Master, to any one girl would later learn a new word, sub drop, such a powerful thing, she felt so loved, safe, warm, nothing else mattered but Master holding her.

It wasn’t for a couple of days the girl was able to really come to terms with that night, but now she looks back and she finds her self longing, craving to be caned again, the desire is over whelming, when the girls Master asked her for her feelings on been caned she was truthful, open and honest, she told him how she didn’t really feel that the cain was a punishment that she finding her self craving it, he laughed and held her tight.

The girl finds her self looking at her marks in the mirror and smiling, a reminder of her Masters love, and a reminder of the girl’s devotion to him and his happiness.

Now because of the girls honesty, because she was upfront about her true feelings she doesn’t have to be bad to feel the cane, now she just hast to be her self, caning has become just another of the many things Master likes to do to his girl.

- longing to be cained.