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I am a real sissy with real tits great legs love very tight bondage, humiliation,will never say no .Dont care what size you are or what you look like but you must know how to use a sissy need you to Invade controlling my mind

Looking for the new and unusual
I put out a request out on the net Sissy needs new and painful session one limit you cant kill me. In no time i receive a few request it was hard picking one i went with the one close to where i live.  We talked for about a week on and off he told me that i will be used and all the crying would not change what was going to happen to me . We picked a Saturday early morning so he would have me all day . I was told what to have on i was told to dress in a low top nipples must be showing through my top black stockings short skirt just covering my limp clit i always have red lips 5" heels it was 45 degrees out i was not permittee to bring a coat . We meet in a mall parking lot my heart was pounding he walked over to me i never saw a picture of him  he handed me a release saying that i agree  that i wonted everything that was going to happen to me the problem is i dont know what he was going to do to me i signed the release and he made me walk through the parking lot to his van some people were staring but no one said anything  before i entered the back of the van i was felt  up his hands all over my body i dont know what he was looking for. The van door open there was a man in side he said get in  the van it had no windows i was cuffed my hands behind my back and a gag jammed in my mouth my journey was just starting and i was fearing the worst and i was cold and my nipples were rock hard . We drove for about a hour had no idea where i was going i started crying and they started calling me a sissy fag .I was told if i said no to anything i would be whipped till i could not stand then whipped till i could not crawl then whipped more so i said thank you sir and i am a sissy fag and i started crying .They held me down and put drops in my eves  every thing was like seeing shadows  could not tell what i was looking at .In front i could hear like a barn door open and hay on the ground i was stripped of every thing except my stockings my hands were tied above my head legs tied together and raised on my toes .I could only hear but i know that sound it was a cow milking machine i was on on one time it had a lot of suction making my nipples huge at the same time i was given a soap enema till there was nothing in me .Then it happen something was licking my limp clit and balls if i tried to get off my toes it started to suck my cock the tong was like sand paper i was up and down tits being milked and on my 5th huge enema and so far i came 3 times my legs shacking and it would not stop sucking me My nipples were taken off the machine and fishing string was placed on my huge nipples then the pain i screamed as loud as i could he was jamming a needle in my nipples filling them with saline the pain was intense between crying and screaming and getting a enema my mind was going into  overload my nipples are the size of a strawberry and leaking every time you touched them . i was washed off with a cold water from the hose that was giving me my enema i am now frozen you cant find my clit and my nipples are now larger than a few seconds ago from the cold water. They put my heels back on and tied them to my feet  I was then dragged   to the van there was a bench that i was tied to my legs up in the air and spread super wide .  I as told i must say yes no matter what was going to happen to me then they put me in the van and we drove off i was naked except for heels and stockings  We drove along the river to meet his fishing boys i could hear him telling them what was in the van and they could use me and cum as many times as they wont but each time they were to use me they had to whip my limp cock  as hard as they could  do you know the pain .I was taken out of the van and one by one they asked if i wonted to be whipped i said yes crying  being tied i almost passed out and this was the first one i  was used over and over all day my nipples were whipped sucked squeezed bitten and drained of any milk they were fucking me pissing on me fishing   and peeing more  then it happen where are there minds they caught 2 eels  screaming twisting crying  doing every thing i could then cam the question do you wont these i  had to say yes they opened me up and inserted them in me they were moving around in me everywhere   the  cum was leaking out of my clit then they said good luck getting them out now i was frighten but excited what a feeling they put me back in the van it was now night time they took me to my car open the door and pushed me in my car just in heels and stockings  my nipples were leaking down my chest if i squished them liquid would shoot out that was new  for me i was crying hysterical  because of what was moving around in me i just need to get home a hour drive took 2 hours because of my eyes  some cars saw my tits some beeped but they had no idea what was in me .It was not until the next day i was able to remove them i am back to not being aloud to cum  but that day was everything i ever wonted  any ideas let me know

bimbo sissy

On 10/23/2013 around 10 pm  went to a adult book store i was dressed like a sissy slut heels stockings bra short skirt low top blond hair red lips i got a hand full of tokens and went back to where the boots are went in the last one and just knelt on the floor with the door open men would walk by and look at me some felt my tits in about 5 min a big black man came in and sat in the  booth he said here bitch and removed his pants he was huge i could only fit half of him in my mouth he whispered in my ear i am going to fuck you the door was still open and men keep looking in watching he pulled me up turned me around put something cold in my hole and then impaled me i could not breath he was huge my hole was being stretched wide as the men looked in he told them i would blow them and i did it was over 10 men that came in my face or in my mouth my top had cum all over it and my pussy ass beyond open i dont think it ill ever close again after the last blow job he fucked me till i was crying and he came in me but i was so open it would run down my legs i have no idea who he was and he told me that we were getting out of here and that i had to thank the clerk at the store  my top was soaked with cum my nipples were sticking out i was so degraded when he pulled me over to him  i lowered my head and said thank you and walked out side with my new friend he said he had one more thing for me to do  i was so imitated by him i could not say no  we drove down a dark street to a intersection a few cars were on it  when we stopped he told me if any cars stop i was to walk over and tell them i am a slut and they could use me any way they wont  it was dark so i said ok  no one would see me anyway  little did i know  i was made to stand on the dark corner he pulled his car up behind me and put his lights on me i stood out no hiding no cars came down the street stayed about half hour i was made to play with my self with the car lights on me  he then drove off and i was standing there all alone  i got in my car and went home my hole was still open and i was still leaking cum

bimbo sissy



i meet this man on line told me to go to a park sit at a bench and never look around


i was at the park had heels stockings bra tight dress red lips  was told to sit on a bench and never to turn my head  he came up and put a hood over my head tied my hands behind me  talking in my ear telling me to walk forward and that i was going to be tied in a bathroom i was sacred more then ever that i would get caught my dress was pulled up and my tits were pulled out was tied to the urinal and left like for ever heard all kinds of sounds door opening the closing with nothing going on for a while  i thought someone came in saw me and was going to report it  but about 20 min later the door open and i heard a lot of voices calling me names they pissed in my mouth and in my ass i was so scared my dress was full of pee about 3hrs later i was untied and told not to leave for 15min or i would never be used again did as i was told had to walk 15 min to my car my dress and ass full of pee it was not what i expected but i was so scared of being caught tied in a public bathroom


bimbo sissy


Master with cow milking machine


Meet new master on line put on all my makeup red lips short skirt red top and tits  that need some attention 


As soon as i got there my hands were tied behind my back and a ball gag was put in my mouth was told that i would be on the machine for 4 hrs and no matter how much i cried i will not be taken off it  i was striped of my top and bra he then put some lubrication on my nipples

and put the tubes on my nipples they had a lot of suction on them  he set a  up timer and put it in front of me set for 4 hrs  i was bent over my ass sticking out in stockings and heels only the first 20 min it hurt but i could tolerate it  he was playing with my ass sticking things in it  i was jerking him off with my hand  then i noticed some liquid in the clear tubes on my nipples something was being sucked out while this was taking place he was trying to fist me never had that before my nipples  were hurting i was crying could not stop crying the liquid in the tubs was getting darker had no idea what it was  i was fucked at least 3 times and a butt plug was put into me and the last time he came was on my face and was not aloud to wipe it off by the time i was done my nipples were really long black and blue blood coming out of the nipples i could not even touch them even to day i am in a lot of pain cant even put a top on  i was made to walk out to my car with cum on my face heels stockings and short skirt on and bare chested

he told me to come back in 2 weeks and i will


bimbo sissy



I survived My
New Years Party I was 1 of 4 servers 1 other CD and 2 girl slaves .We served drinks and food until 11:30 pm .We were dressed in half bra, black stockings and 5inch heels and when we arrived at 6 o’clock our nipples were sucked to get them hard and bells were tied to our nipples. By the time we left our nipples were black. We had no other clothes.
All night we were felt up, ass smacked, tits pulled made to do what ever they wonted.
At 11:30 our hands were tied above our head and our legs were spread open .We did not know that instead of noise makers each person had a small whip. When they did the count down for the New Years We were whipped very hard the bells tied to our nipples made a lot of noise and we had to beg them to stop. I have marks all over my body. Got home around 3am.Had a Great time. Wont to wish you a Happy New Year

Bimbo Sissy

my trip was great  i was dressed as a whore my hard nipples showed through my top my skirt was short had 5 inch heels on i turned heads when i went in i took a seat in the first row so i had a lot of room every body started to move closer to me had like a group around me first they were just looking at my tits they started to call me names like whore slut pig do you fuck wont a large dick i will cum in your mouth i just smiled then one put his hand on my leg they started to put there hands on me next my top was taken off my tits were hanging out they started to suck them they pulled my skirt up and started to play with me next i was sucking men were jerking off on my tits next my hole was open and they start to fuck me by the end of the night i had cum all over me and i had to walk out to my car when i got home i gave my self a large enema  and a hot shower and went to bed

I am going to a xxx rated movie theater tonight will be dressed as a slut with 5"heels .I wont to tease all the men in there hope there is a lot of cum

i am a real sissy with tits but i think a sissy should never get hard during sex but i do just touching me or playing with my tits i can cum .I need something to stop my dick from getting hard and to make it very small .I am looking to see how i can fix this problem .I need help