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Pan Male Submissive, 50,  Norman 73069, Oklahoma
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I like to chat and play and if you live close then I will meet and play. -- I am a nice looking white sub sissy cd that likes to suck cocks and being f-k. I will walk into your house and get naked and get on my knees and suck your cock.I like a female with a strapon. Send photos and how you would play with me.Robbiewillsucku











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 Submissive Male

 Norman 73069 


 5' 10"

 200 lbs






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Journal Entries:
7/9/2015 3:54:12 AM
July 2-2015 -- I got my brains fucked out last night I met up with the older gentleman that fucked me a few months ago --- he really did a good job on me after he fucked me for a long time - we went upstrairs to a bedroom that has a sex swing - he fucked me with a toy --- made me cum over and over mentally and made my cock cum without touching it.

Just makes me crave to be fucked more and more.

6/30/2015 4:22:35 AM
June 30-2015 - I have some free time this week and hoping I can find a cock to suck.

I shaved my legs last night and craving to suck and play.

5/30/2015 7:32:36 AM
May 30-2015-- fantasized this morning that I was not in the mood for any type of sex but my steady dom bimale friend would soon be here expecting at least a blow job.

He rang the front door - I told him I was not in the mood for sex but that did not stop him - he started playing with my tits and talking smut to me about how a slut should always be ready for sex.

Soon I was on my knees sucking his cock while he kept telling me that I needed sex everyday.  

Yes he is correct - I do need to suck cocks everyday and I need to be fucked everyday regardless of the mood I am in because I wanted to be a sissy slut and now I am a sissy slut.

5/20/2015 5:08:46 AM
wish I had a steady fuck buddy that I could suck once a week.  Sometimes I need to be bent over and just fucked like a pussy - give it to me - take me - fuck me will you cum.

9/16/2014 8:50:31 AM
years ago, I was chatting with a couple she was the dom and he was very sub.  She told me I would be expected to lick his cum from a plate while I was on all fours.  At the time - that was a turn off but after a week - I called back to say yes I was willing.

When we did meet - she fucked me with a strapon and made me suck his balls only.

5/28/2014 4:37:59 AM

May 26-2014, woke up craving to suck cock. Yes I ask you to put a collar me and I will crave across the room to show how submissive I am and how much I want to suck cocks. Yes I will beg to suck your cock and yes I will beg for you to fuck me with a cock or a strapon cock.

1/1/2014 4:40:07 AM

January 1-2014 - Happy New Year - first thing this morning - put on a new bra and female shirt to wear this morning. Start the new year feeling sissy.  I need a female to use a strapon on me.

11/25/2013 6:27:59 AM

Nov 25-2013 - I think about sucking cocks every morning.  Different cocks - lots of cocks - being told to swallow his cum.  Some cocks cumming on my face and tits then letting me suck the last shot of cum from your cock to swallow.


I crave being bent over and just fucked and used - any time of the day.


Now I am starting to fantasize about being a girlfriend - to be held and kissed - I never liked being kissed before but now I am more sissy fem and should expect it.


how would you make me more sissy?  I like a female to dress me up and us have two males for dates.  Both use her then me.


11/2/2013 9:41:42 AM

I am a sissy.  I could be a totally sissy with the right female.


Yes I would like to wear bra and panties and panty hose and dresses and I would like to be used as a sex slave for sucking cocks and fucked like a pussies and fucked by females with a strapon cocks.


I do not think I could say no if a male – any male just pulled out his cock in front of me and told me to suck his cock.

10/25/2013 4:20:47 AM

it is exciting to know that you can tell me to get on my knees and lick your pussy till you cum without playing with my cock or letting me fuck your pussy.  To know that I would suck your BF cock hard so he could fuck your pussy while I watch or suck your tits then suck his cock clean then lick his cum from your pussy till you cum again.  You kinkda like the thought of fucking me with a strapon.

6/22/2013 6:58:48 AM

June 22 - 2013 - I meet a dom female yesterday and she fucked my man-pussy mmm so good.  Any sub males or females want to chat or meet with her - let me know.

3/15/2013 8:48:08 AM

March 15-2013 - Exciting to me that I am getting more and more sissy - craving cocks more than pussy.  Craving being used more than pleasing myself or my cock. 


With the right dom female - could be trained to be more sissy - caged my cock to control me and keep me sub and horny.  Make me suck lots of cocks and let lots of cocks fuck me.


I have been fantasizing about being fucked bareback.  I chatted with female that said I would like it alot more and she wanted me to put a butt plug in me to keep his cum inside me for as long as I could.


My one number fantasy which I have done before is to suck a woman tits while another cock is fucking her.  Now I want her and I to suck her other tits while two cocks fuck both of us.

8/21/2010 5:33:50 AM

robbiewillsucku at yaho -- I am a nice looking white sub sissy cd that likes to suck cocks and being f--k. I will walk into your house and get naked and get on my knees and suck your cock. I like a female with a strapon. Send photos and what you like. Robbiewillsucku

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