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Gay Male Slave, 54,  Melbourne, Australia
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laceywelts whitewitch56 RachelPassiontiedandusedleggymastress

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faggot / poofter what ever they want to call wants man dominant to use him in anyway they want. No limits will perform a0nything required pain , sleaze , humiliation . Sex. No no's what told to do will do. My mobile - will serve in all ways required. only exceptions being NO underage No blood. AM DESPERATE TO SUCK MALE COCK, ANYONE AGE NO PROBLEM OLDER BETTER I WILL SUCK AND TAKE CUM, ANYONE WANT COCK SUCKER HIS MOUTHIS READY also need someone who wil make me a human animal like a pig or dog if you want a faggot who will only crawl like a animal. Who you can feed or will be a dog or pig for master i will live life as human pig or dog ring me and i will be yours my hope is to be taken or made to be taken overseas for a life of real slavery in a middle eastern or african country to live life as a real slave. Also any modifications or changes to my body i fully agree . also i will state here 4 things. 1 - profile photo is me, yes dressed up,but let me state im not into dressing up its a old photo, so im not into dress,im completely gay, so no transexuals, or woman reply, I DONT HAVE ANY INTEREST IN WOMAN ONLY MEN,im a complete cock lover and could not want a woman, so NO WOMAN !. 2- Im serious so even i know there is a lot of false people ONLY MASTERS THAT WANT A REAL SLAVE TO OWN NO PLAY OR SEX TURN ONS,AS FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO ME IM OVER THE AGE SO I HOLD NO LIMITS TO PAIN, HUMILIATION AND WHAT EVER IS REQUIRED. 3 my number is real if dont answer IF YOU ARE * REAL * leave message and i will get back or leave instructions. 4 i give full permission to who ever takes me, but as ive stated this is real so not interested in sex fun or play or ones that are false, ONLY the real master that wants a slave in the real sense, as i said im not playing and of course ill answer your call or your instructions, and to end as ive said my profile has me dressed but its old and im not into that, im male slave, and will be male unless im forced to dress but thats up tp my owner,also NO MISTRESS OR FEMALES need even consider contacting me im not into woman and well dont even consider replying for delete you straight away, not bi im GAY so i will wait and hope there is a sadist or master who wants a slave for real slavery for life,no release, I WILL OFCOARSE RELOCATE ANYWHERE












Last Online:


 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 83 lbs






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Journal Entries:
4/12/2012 1:37:11 PM

have jock strap now need send photo to trainer and should i put on my profile so master sees will contact and ask him

4/12/2012 6:12:40 AM

today thursday went into town and ordered pair of leather jock strap at sex shop . Contacted master and told doesnt want me in leather so tomorrow going to town and cancel and by normal jockstrap. 

4/12/2012 6:00:59 AM

Wed !! Ì wore black pantys , i did as required i put sock over my cock and balls as my master required i contacted trainer who my master has arranged to train me.

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