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Before you send me mail, read my profile! We'll be both a lot less frustrated!

I'm still very much into BDSM but only accept sessions from selected people I've come to know and like.

For those of you who hate Pro-Dommes, I'm not one but I used to be one on a part time basis for almost 10 years, and I still can't thank the Ladies who trained me enough for the thorough training especially when it comes to health and safety issues, so if you got a chip on your shoulder about that, don't contact!

I'm not looking for slaves, and I especially don't have an interest in 24/7 especially not if you think I should support you.

And NO, I do not switch and I have little interest submitting to anybody, if you're not able to read, don't bother me.

Oh and I also don't need anybody in a maid's outfit running around pretending to clean, I have a cleaner, thank you very much.

I'm also happily partnered, my profile says "friends only" - it's really not that difficult, is it?

Instead of asking me if you can buy me a persent, buy yourself this and WEAR it
The proceeds of this goes to organ transplant research and support. A cause very dear to me!

3/31/2014 8:33:53 AM

In case you're looking for me:

3/1/2014 7:11:29 AM

I tend to get a lot of questions here about how you can meet somebody online, why women don't reply and all that. Over the past 2 years I've made a lot of blog entries dealing with all of that, how you can grab the attention of somebody at a fetish party, a bunch of stuff from the female D perspective. Feel free to browse:


Another thing that I find very important is stalking, so many women are victims of this (and even some men), I tried to collect some resources to have them all in one place, if anybody knows better ones or more, please hit me with them:


Don't let it be the elephant in the room where nobody talks about it and the victims feel alone and afraid.


We also had a pretty good discussion about it on the CM forums (called the Message Boards, I recommend them if you want to get to know people)


Have a nice day!

2/12/2014 2:59:05 PM

Been really really busy with a bunch of charities and helping them along, I guess use your brain or lose it.


Now if anybody really wants to please me, one charity is especially dear to my heart (adopted a pet from them and they are fantastic people) please spread the link all over your networks.


Extra cudos if anybody actually donates to them. Seriously I've been considering offering cam chat or something like that to help them out, but I guess I prefer to not let them know about my "hobby"

7/23/2012 10:12:13 AM

For some weird reason I started blogging, well mainly just ranting.... I find it therapeutic

5/9/2012 9:02:09 PM

OK, so if you need to ask me why I am on CM when I have a spouse, chances are we won't get along anyway. Some might see it as a kinky dating site, most seem to view it as a meat market, but there is actually also "the other side" with Message Boards where people just talk, sometimes argue, but you meet pretty cool people there.


So if you don't get that and you are into a quick hook up, sorry dear, not a kink delivery system, just buzz off!

4/30/2012 12:34:17 PM

I have to admit there are worse ways to start your day than going for a swim... The weather is so great here, I always seem to be on the move and the sun seems to give me a lot of energy. I can't really believe that the Angelinos complain about the heat...

4/27/2012 8:39:57 PM

Wow, been in LA now for a few months, I fear Californication is settling in...

12/25/2011 5:48:37 PM

Time for a lengthy break from CM, seriously not happy about guys referring to women as skanks and this is apparently "on topic" - I find it insulting and disrespectful to my sex.

8/16/2011 9:07:32 AM

Heavens, what is up with people? Random dude compliments me and then gets all pissy because I'm not receptive... So apparently I am not dominant because I don't want to be friends with somebody who has a toilet bowl as his avatar, oh well. I shall pretend to be heartbroken.


He had a proper foot stomp and wahahahahahaha moment, I guess that makes him dominant? I can only imagine how bad his life must be if he gets upset that a stranger on another continent doesn't want to be instant best buddies with him and found his "compliments" a bit cheesy.


Oh yeah, he's also been dominant since his balls dropped, this is who he is, yeah right, that's fine, LOL. Why do I just fail to be impressed? And why the hell did he write to me anyway and why the hell did I bother to be polite and answer? I think in the future the standard reply with "Thank you and good luck in your search" followed by a block should suffice. Mind you his first post was mainly complaining that the slaves don't cyber with him and he can't even get a reply out of them. Hand me an onion, I wish to shed a tear for him

8/9/2011 7:06:38 AM

Somebody tried to make a meal out of my journal entries, apparently I am such a negative person, that's fine by me, I feel amazingly happy strangely enough, I just don't want to deal with random spam, guys sending me naked pics (for the record, like a lot of other women here do, I report them) and I would like to point out (again) I am not looking, I am in a relationship and while some guys keep telling me they are special and can change my mind, trust me, the guy I'm with is special to me and I have no desire to leave him.


I know, I know, it's such a negative and terrible thing to be in a relationship you are happy in and to be honest about what you really don't want to see in your inbox. So go and knock yourself out. 


Oh and latest approach with "Can I buy you a present...", come on, of course everybody likes presents but from random strangers it would be a bit creepy, if you're serious about wanting to do something that makes me smile, donating something to a charity would be nice. RSPCA, Heart Foundation, Homeless Shelters, Red Cross... All great stuff! Think about it this way, would you recommend to a female relative or friend to give the address out to a random stranger on the internet because he promised a present? That would be quite stupid, wouldn't it... 


If you still insist on a present, what do you expect from it? Because as I said, I'm not going to leave my partner, chances are I'm not even going to meet you (location, location, location) and I won't be your kinky girlfriend. Still sounds like a great idea? OK, I love to read, I can afford my own books but if you absolutely want to give a present, yes a paperback would be nice, I promise that one day I get the Amazon wish list together. I know, terribly disappointing, I don't ask for your car, house and don't plan to ruin your life with financial domination, even worse, I don't plan to entertain you with talking about it for weeks and weeks.


I guess it's all that negativity and stuff ;)

5/27/2011 3:32:57 AM

New try:


Naked pictures will not get my attention, they will only get your message deleted and you blocked.


It's wonderful that you think your genitals are so amazing but trust me I REALLY don't want to see them! And I'm pretty sure most of the other females on CM don't really care for the dangly bits of a stranger....

12/18/2010 8:14:48 AM
I haven't updated for a while, but to be honest there is not much reason for it.

I usually respond to a friendly letter, but let me stress again NOT LOOKING and I'm mainly here for the boards and to stay in touch with friends. I might play with some people on occasion, but that's going to be my choice, if you keep pestering me about it after I told you that I'm not interested, chances are you find yourself blocked.

11/8/2008 4:55:42 AM
I have been sort of amused that some guys consider themselves dominants and send me little messages (usually their spelling leaves a bit to be desired) that I would be their slave. Oh damned, my life long dream to be the slave of some overweight guy who's typing with one hand (where's my sarcasm button?)
I'm not sure which part of "I don't switch" you don't understand, but please please stop sniffing glue, it's not good for you....
10/27/2008 8:11:13 AM
RANT: Sorry, but it gets OLD to delete about 10 messages every time I log on from guys who want to be my slave "forever" - funny how most of them seem to come from rather remote locations.

I am NOT looking for a slave or sub, I like people who are interested in BDSM, I like to get to KNOW somebody without strings, if we like each other and at some point should decide to have a session, fine, but do not count on it. It's not why I am here and if you can't be bothered to actually read a profile, please do me a fave and don't mail me.
10/24/2008 2:14:31 PM
I haven't been on the site for a long time, the first time I sign on some guy PMs me and suggests activities with animals because he is bored, sends me pics of different people (all not him), so I block him and he sends me insults from a another account where he is apparently female... WTF?

Sorry, not here for cheap thrills, why do you think I have FRIENDS ONLY as an interest?
1/3/2006 10:55:30 AM
It has come to my attention, that another user has stolen my picture s/he is claiming to be a lesbian Mistress from Hampton Roads, Virginia.
I would like to thank the people who told me about this scam!
4/2/2005 11:19:02 PM
Back home again, a bit worn out and jet lagged but it felt good to sleep in my own bed again - but I do miss NYC!
2/24/2005 2:50:10 AM
Just getting ready for my trip to the US, all a a bit stressful with packaging, sorting out stuff and all...
 Age: 21
 Lansing, Michigan