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I am a seasoned lady dominant in the area of Washington, DC with a fondness for men who are obedient, honest and the mindset of the "old ways."

Although I am single, my time is spent most often taking care of relatives but, for the right slave material may open more time. Might even open my heart and entertain a long lasting relationship. But, be warned -- I am not easily impressed, not easily manipulated, not easily pleased. If sex is expected, look elsewhere. Sex is treat-not a right for a slave. I prefer males in their 50's but will not consider younger. Single men a must, I don't share slaves. Hetero-
sexual and bi-sexual men appreciated. Note: Will consider bi-sexual male or gay male couples.

I am a sensual to sadist, skills include florintine flogging and caning, CBT, genital torture, training to serve meals, drinks, teas, butler, chauffering, major domos, positions, wardrobe care, bath slaves, all purpose service, which are known as "universal slaves." Universal slaves are skilled in many areas, serving in a ritual, etiquette and protocol manner.

I have invested my time and efforts into novices long enough. I therefore seek seasoned slaves only.

Please--No social butterflies, no gamers, no players, no grazers, no lazy bones, no subbie types which have so many limits they're more "do me" then serving. No smokers or alcoholics please. No cross-dressers, age players or 'sex driven slut types.'

I look for LOCAL MEN PLEASE --nothing more than 10 miles from DC

Dear readers of my profile and journal--

Please do remember, that I am a "lady" and not a 'slut.' -- I am a person who seeks a slave that serves in all ways--not fantasy roleplay sex in a slave capacity.

I have enough play partners to pick from to take care of the BDSM play side of things.  However, this is not the total summary of being a slave.

Anybody who becomes my slave will have to be at ease in public as well as private.  Please keep that in mind.

Thank you!

I am disappointed by the men who contact me on, as when they do contact me via the email messages, it lacks a lot of details, lacks information and lacks anything to strike up any interests in the individual writing.  Those who put little into their messages to me will not be of interest to me.  I also am not a dominant who is impressed with "notes." -- Treat any message to me as if you were interviewing for a job --I want to know more and see more than smutty pictures, I am not interested in cock size or how many dominants you laid and satisfied.  I am seeking slave material not whore material.

I will also mention, that those who claim to have had interests in meeting me, I've invited to a local BDSM club, have failed to show.  No notes were left as to why they would not be coming or why they didn't come at all.  That is rude.  I think anybody who gives an invitation should be given a RSVP back.  I have made time for you, setting others aside only to be sitting alone, will never get consideration again, unless there is an explaination that is reasonable.

Gentlemen - Pay attention to detail please- Treat others as you wish to be treated.