Vertical Line


I've recently had my 3rd child, so I am not actively looking for a submissive right now, but always welcome new friends.

40 yr old happily taken Domme in Northern NH semi-actively seeking a female submissive playmate to befriend and perhaps more. I'd like to find someone compatible that will mesh with my life and lifestyle.

Ok, I just read something in someone's profile from here in NH and it's pissed me off.   Why can't a D/s relationship that has S & M incorporated be a loving relationship?  The way this chick has it written, only those that don't have "violence" are loving. That's BS.  Grrrrrrr
We're moooooving, so I'll be without internet for *gasp* 2 weeks... so if you write and I don't answer, and you then get pissed, it's your own fault :)
As a sidenote... there's plenty of other things I'm interested in that collarme doesn't list. Someone needs to let them know that there are more than what seems to be FemDom/malesub interests... yooohooooo.  What about good, old fashioned genitorture?  Floggers, paddles & whips Oh My! 
  Bored bored bored. All dressed up and no one to spank. LOL  I used to think that maybe, once I had a properly equipped play bag, I'd find play partners easier. *NOT*

I've come to the conclusion that there is a large contingent of people here that live only in their little fantasy world.  While that might be nice for short amounts of time, I wonder why they waste everyone else's time while at it?